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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 22, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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it. waking up by darya folsom, civilian for james fletcher a little more coffee and i may be a normal person ok. >>stay tuned for that. split right on the wind chill was a rain i guess it was just thick fog. it was very likely. >>yeah i was walking to my car this morning and i could hear it just kind down the trees a little jump in here and there see of some dense fog this morning resulting in some misty conditions and a even a little bit of drizzle out there for some of us making visibility a problem at times if you're driving into work but making for really nice shot of the sales first our this is probably going to be my favorite shot of the morning. so far look at that sales creeping up through that low lying fog that is making for some low visibility on the peninsular right up and down the coastline to the golden gate. many even out into the
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east bay, so give yourseef just an extra few minutes as you're heading on into work this morning. now we're going make our way from a foggy and cool start to the day to a sunny and warm finish the day from the 50's and 60's where we're currently sitting already inland to the 80's by noon and look at where will be by the afternoon, some upper 80's expected for a lot of our inland areas and a few areas back into the 90's today. it's just the start of even more 90's in the forecast ahead of us too i'm talking that week on forecast ahead robin all right, let's check in on on traffic and. >>take a peek at the early birds that are out there heading to work starting off at the bay bridge. the drive into san francisco. it's looking good. there's a little bit of a back up here in the cash lanes mostly on the right it's cross the upper deck to always great when we can start off hot spot free no problems here on 92. this is your trip leaving hayward heading over to crowded, but only 12 minutes to make it over to one on one
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and we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell it's doing fine picking up just now filling in leading up to the toll plaza, but so far it's been a great trip all morning from the pay gates out a one on one of course, we'll check more freeways and drive times for you coming up in just a bit 5 oh 2 new this morning 2 pedestrians were struck and one that was killed last night in san francisco's tenderloin yes and this is the second deadly incident involving a pedestrian in just a week kron four's will tran is joining us live in has more well. >>i mean downtown san francisco once again it is a reminder for everyone to be careful when you're crossing the street in this particular case, nothing probably could have been done because this involved a car ricocheting off another car, let's get right to the video this all happened at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. police officers, they did arrest a 22 year-old woman they claim that she was actually speeding at the time when she went through the
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intersection of o farrell and taylor streets in the tenderloin area hit a mini cooper bounced off the mini cooper and that's when according to investigators she slammed into 2 peoplefrom clovis the woman is in the hospital this morning with life threatening injuries and this was just a second. deadly accident over the span of just about 3 days last week we carried for you, breaking news on the kron 00:04am morning news another accident in downtown san francisco involving a fatality a pedestrian in this case, a big rig going through the tenderloin area slams into a man but instead of stopping investigators say the driver kept going for a couple more blocks and all timidly that police officers tracked him down on front and broadway near kron 4 in fact we ran out there to cover that news that man has been arrested he was a
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65 year-old driver and they arrested him for vehicular might manslaughter so this is t they say they're a record breaking year. so this is just hit and run this would happen in concord yes, it was all caught on camera kron four's christina teacher has the details. >>here at the scene you can still see the aftermath of the crash now right behind me where this broken gate is is actually where a motorcycle landed in the middle of the incident and we actually have surveillance video of how it all happened. >>it was here at the intersection of concord a busy
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road in the city and the daughter of residential street. police tell us a motorcyclist was driving at a high speed behind a priest eastbound on concord you see it here in the video, the motorcyclist trying to pass the previous but crashing into it instead the man driving the motorcycle flying into the opposite lane of traffic on concord that's when a pickup truck driving westbound hit the man's body lying in the street, the pickup truck not stopping leaving the scene you can see the man originally driving the prius get out of his car and immediately going try to help the motorcyclists and the motorcyclist died on scene. we spoke with a nearby neighbor who saw it all happened in the early hours of the morning. she didn't want to be on camera but this is what she said. anderson and like that in my life. >>that's and i don't ever want to see unlikely to get out it was crazy. i'm probably never forget that honestly. >>members of the concord police department are still searching for the pickup truck involved in this case if you have any information please give them a call reporting in concord christina tetreault on for news. >>the to the peninsula. now
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deputies us to 20 year-old jacob garibaldi for trying to break into several cars this happen in half moon bay. in the 800 block of 3rd avenue. all the faces suspension of a attempted vehicle, burglary and also vehicle tampering charges. protesters took to the streets of san francisco to call for changes to the treatment of migrant families and children. they're calling on the government to improve conditions for the people being held at detention centers. they also want to see those facility shut down for good. >>if you come across them in the numbers of. of people coming across the border that the numbers of children the way that we treat them. and just the house is actually stuffing them behind bars. >>although those protests were led by churches throughout the city. time now is 5 oh 6 in the south bay, the ashes of a 3 year-old girl stolen from the san jose cemetery have been returned. the family discovered the urn was missing. last thursday from
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the calvary catholic cemetery. the thief also took the gold in cylinder that contained the locks of the little girl's hair, the little girl died 4 years ago after a battle with cancer. >>we are really really gloves. and in is rea said this happened. >>an anonymous person return the urn to the family yesterday. police in san francisco's tenderloin arrested a man of for robbing a tourist. they say he stole of the victim's iphone police chased him for 2 blocks before they caught up withi despite this latest robbery police say that robberies are actually down 25% from last year. and they say the decrease is partly due to increased police patrols. but to the east, but now a deli shop owner and claim this facing backlash after making a controversial comment on facebook. >>and it included the term send her back and offered free food to any customer who said
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it kron four's in well below has that story. >>meatballs made with beef today in case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters writes john knesset on his facebook page friday. the post continues quote a free side when you say send her back. >>is very hurtful and and races to be honest anybody's entire to say whatever they want to you they want i don't know why somebody would say something like that. >>the deli owners post comes just days after president donald trump suggested for congresswoman of color, go back where they came from. her back was enchanted at a rally for the president in north carolina. >>i doubt it ideologies that have come about through some one that professes to be a leader. t the one quite the opposite says brooklyn heroes facebook page now has a stream of new comments.
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>>some in support telling visitors not to believe the bad reviews. others are hoping the backlash will be a wake-up call for the business. >>the millions will you somebody they just they were from. >>you know the business owners is only hurting yourself, you know if a business standpoint because now he's taking away money that he could have had from other americans you know and he's limiting himself. >>clayton's mayer trio posted on her facebook page. he was saddened by can assist post and while we all we'll have a right to political and religious opinions quote when hateful comments are being promoted as part of a local business. they reflect on our communities reputation and. >>no racism rally was being planned by the east bay human rights advocate. however according to their facebook page they have been receiving
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threats and decided to postpone at that rally in clayton noel fellow kron 4 news. >>the macarthur tunnel in san francisco's presidio is back open after a car caught fire inside of the tunnel yesterday filling it with thick black smoke take a look at this photo here. the fire department evacuated, everyone they shut down to traffic for about an hour. but no one was hurt. >>mitchell fire that was burning in contra costa county it's now at 100% contained it started near the top of mount diablo kron 4 viewer sent us this video. the smoke that they could see this burned about 4 acres near summit road. nobody was hurt and no buildings were burned 5 10 and the trump administration is proposing a plan to slow wildfires by bulldozing and clearing out large areas of land that can be fuel breaks once they clear that out the fuel breaks would run along 11,000 miles in parts of 6 states including here in
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california. wildfire experts say that the program could help slow down fires. but they say it will not do anything to stop the most extreme wildfires. they say the brakes would actually jeopardize wildlife as well by tearing up natural habitats. it's 5.11 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a man is arrested for trying to kidnap and rape a woman on the peninsula. >>we'll tell you how she was able to get away. and a look at the bills the governor newsome could sign or veto once he comes back from vacation and outside this morning temperatures are in the 50's and 60's it's definitely foggy out there to start. >>but a warm and sunny afternoon ahead of us your forecast to come pretty it was just a little is. >>kron four's award-winning original documentary people haven't if you're going worry about earthquakes. i don't live in this area, a must-see earthquake special. >>the hayward fault definitely everyone living in the bay area all these falls to fail
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flooding. it's the heat 11 people have had to go to hospital for heat related illnesses. and and lots of calls about 70 heat related calls in dc over the weekend. this deadly heat wave blanketing much of the us is supposed to be coming to a close 2 deaths have been attributed to the heat wave. so far one in arkansas, and one in maryland. >>and john as you know bakkies when it gets hot and you have the humidity that changes you know 97 degrees to one 10 with the heat in the that we were seeing dew points as high as 80 degrees in areas like chicago which. >>for those that don't know is record breakingas not just really hot. it's humid and that's when youett or yeah they really need >>but season that always annoyed like it's on verge great when you got that heat
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index and and it and it's this you you know this bad. it says is coming to a close like today it will be easing off for the next day or today already easing off exactly this weekend was really the peak of it, especially in the northeast and now they're starting to see some relief for working its way in about >>thank goodness, even though we're actually about start our own we've got some 90's around the corner guys and not it's a speeding triple digits today at least, but we could see some by the end of the week so things are going to be getting a little hotter in fact some of the hottest weather we felt this year is around the corner the lick observatory this morning getting our first hint of daylight and looking clear up their atop the mountain ranges of the east bay, but you go down into the bay itself and it's a cool and foggy start to the day some areas of fog so dense that may be slowing you down just a little bit. so we do have high pressure built up to the south and east where it really has been all season long to our nor its way jurors directly just north of us and in the process will result in the slight cool
5:17 am
down tomorrow. but that is really our only relief in the forecast after tomorrow, temperatures kick back up into gear so today we are warmer tomorrow that slight cool down as i mentioned you will have some cloudy skies to start some clear skies into tomorrow afternoon and then us right back uphill we go with temperatures climbing back into the 90's for inland areas and staying that way all the way through the remainder of the week and eventually into the weekend today are going to be warmer than this weekend was 60's and 70's for san francisco's daytime highs a range of 60's up and down the pacific shoreline and the mixed in with some 70's in south san francisco millbrae and burlingame today san carlos in redwood city each 82 woodside 86 take a look at some of the south bay numbers getting close to 90 in saratoga campbell los gatos and morgan hill today all 88 degrees for daytime highs east bay upper 70's to upper 80's livermore and pleasanton near 90 degrees for your highs with concord up to 90 degrees today, oakland berkeley and
5:18 am
richmond still very comfortable in the mid 70's. if you do need an escape from those 90's that you'll be seeing today in pittsburgh fairfield vacaville and youngsville and close to 90 today up in santa rosa mill valley and i 78 today. today, the average daytime highs inland still in the upper 80's as they will be tomorrow with the even slightly cooler daytime high on average, then comes wednesday thursday and friday though, and you see those temperatures they will be on the rise back into the low 90's on average and they're going to stay that way round of hot weather just around the corner while the bay and the coast a nice and cool offering up good escapes from our inland heat. robin. >>all right. thank you john let's check in on traffic now starting off with the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. we had a little bit of a backup and the cash lanes so that's gone, it's clearing out for now, but it's going back up again to get on out there leave early while you can wear 12 minutes to make the drive to fremont street.
5:19 am
here's 92 we see a lot of brake lights here rolling out of hayward over to the peninsula. still no major hot spots, a big trouble spot story about so o clock it at 12 minutes from the nimitz to the bay show richmond center fell picking up and quickly 7 minutes, more cars here through the toll plaza, but no problems to report across the span. if you take the shore freeway there is an accident say to us that powell street that clear but it's backed up us through berkeley and albany also a new accident 80 west at 8.80 adding to that back up for you highway 4 looks really good from a any on through pittsburgh bay point want to make it out to 2.42 you're going to come to a crawl, they're merging for my way for on to 2.42. that's because of a new accident right around the concord avenue offramp minor injuries, what it is backing up the ramp. the nimitz looking good rolling south and no problems are one on one it's going to be a quick 27 minute trip from san jose to menlo park. a major protest is planned today after the governor of puerto rico announced that he is not.
5:20 am
>>it's going to resign governor ricardo rossello refused calls to step down. but he says he won't seek reelection next year. the protests are being fueled by sexist and homophobic vick chat messages between the governor and his inner circle, puerto rico has struggled with poverty dead and a painstaking recovery from hurricane maria in 2017. and there are allegations of government corruption too. some of the 2020 democratic presidential contenders have also weighed in on this issue. the corruption in his administration. chat scandal. the use of force against his own people all of those point toward the fact that he should resign. >>puerto rican lawmakers have created a committee to look into the messages and determine whether the governor committed impeachable acts. happening today, the body of former justice paul stevens will lie in repose at the supreme court. the 99 year-old justice died last tuesday, he
5:21 am
served 35 years as a justice before retiring in 2010, he's going to be buried at arlington national cemetery and a private service tomorrow. stevens is the 13th justice to be buried at arlington. 4 teens were shot during a graduation party in pennsylvania more than 100 people were. >>at that party near pittsburgh when police recall the 4 teens are in stable condition this morning. well a family in north carolina is grieving after a wave broke a man's neck while he was playing with his kids at the beach, 37 year-old lee dingle broke his neck on the wages pushed his head to the ground. his wife says that the swelling from the injury caused her husband to suffocate he leaves behind 6 children. he saw the child on. >>for who they where you just supported them in that and encouraged and that was always there percent i feel like anyone who knew him was a better person from their interactions with him.
5:22 am
>>well the community has rallied together to support the family. time now is 5 point a great white shark caught on camera leaping out of the water. right towards this little kid on a boat, massachusetts. the caught this close encounter they were a fishing trip on saturday. and that they were actually reeling in a fish when the great white jumped out of the water, i said they were really been a shark at first i had to watch as several times. it actually bit the fish in half that shark and then jump back into the water. a little more than during san francisco's harvey also after the break the reason fresh market in targeted are we calling
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>>i've on this monday morning heading back to work with a dose of fog and some cool temperatures. this is sfo this morning in it's pretty easy to see that line of fog streaming its way through the peninsula. that's what we're seeing across the bay area just some very low fog. you don't have to get a very high into the hills get above it this morning, 50's 60's for your current temperatures across the bay, san jose at 63 has also is livermore in dublin oakland at 58 right now berkeley and san francisco in the mid-fifties now compared to yesterday where right along the bay, we're a little bit cooler hayward in novato down
5:26 am
4 degrees some 24 hours ago at this time while the other side of the spectrum livermore fairfield in san jose. you're all kicking off this monday morning a bit warmer than he did for the day yesterday and into the afternoon we're going to keep on the warmer side a few spots back into the 90's back to you. >>all right, thank you john we'll check in on traffic, it's picking up philly and we have a line once again at the bay bridge toll plaza right down the middle that line stocking up toward 80 over crossing, but it's been a very quiet commute. all morning long into san francisco, a very quick 12 minutes for the drive. i want to take you over to conquer because we do have this crash on to 42 into the concrete ofamp you can see it's backing up traffic on to 42 on to the west for connector, so as you leave. that whole stretch is going to be slow because of that crash and take a look at the e sure it is recovering from 2 accidents one in the maze won in emeryville so it's already stacked up out of albany that puts you at 20 minutes and growing from crockett down to
5:27 am
the maze started. thanks a lot check your fridge, fresh market target are recalling some of their salads and sandwiches because of concerns over listeria the fda says there are 2 brands that you need to be concerned about archer farms and for a skit problems found during testing of their egg salad. we have a full list of the products and dates on kron 4 dot com. >>after yet another baseball fan was struck by right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard.
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>>right now we're checking out the weather on a monday morning and there's a fog and clouds to start with a clear job and you know what and get couple more hours and we will be good to go it's only some patchy fog this morning go where you are seeing it as they pots actually making for a pretty nice start to the morning over san francisco, their spots where you're seeing a little bit of the clear skies overhead their spots where you're not. but a beautiful, one nonetheless sales first towers been the rising up out of the fog all morning long and if you look out there in the east bay you can also see downtown oakland sitting under a layer that fog currently to looking outside fog tracker is showing that the densest a fog a sitting house south of half moon bay right along the coastline, then it's patchy over the bay itself and over the peninsula like i mentioned not going to last for too much longer by 06:30am you've got some nice
5:31 am
clearing skies over the core of the bay and then working our way into the latter part of the morning, some sunshine to be expected. do enjoy this morning too because it is the nice cool start to the day before a toasty finish to it already by noontime, some of our inland spots will be at 80 degrees and by the afternoon ahead of us nearing 90 if not getting to the 90 degree mark for a lot of our inland areas. and it's just the start of a very warm forecast in the days to come i'm breaking down this warm forecast ahead. i still to come. thank you john now >>we do have some slowing on the east shore freeway i told you about the 2 crashes that we had one in emeryville a man we had one down to the may so that left some slow traffic behind plus the morning commute speaking up so now it's stacking up out of albany through berkeley down to emeryville that's putting you at 22 minutes from crockett down to the maze so keep that in mind. here's 92 a busy commute across the san mateo
5:32 am
bridge. but no big problems we have more brake lights in the continues to fill in. but it's a very quick 13 minutes off to one on one, you're foggy golden gate we told you about the fog advisory, it's pretty picture across the span thick enough to issue a fog advisory from chp so 19 minutes novato to the tolls traffic tracker showing great numbers of the 24 looks good. no problems for 5 80 and the nimitz wide open it's only 10 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland, 5.32 and and today to major league baseball teams are going to be the first in the country to extend netting. >>from foul pole to foul pole as part of an effort to protect the fans from getting hit by3 year-old boy wit >>and it took a moment pausing to collect himself. because snow player wants to hurt anybody let alone a kid the boy went to the hospital he is doing well this morning, 2 teams extending the netting from all the way from one fall
5:33 am
poll to the next today are the chicago white sox and the washington nationals, and of course, yesterday's incident is sparking a new round of calls to make protections at ballparks across the country, including right here in the bay area. >>kron 4 sarah stinson is live at oracle park with well, the giants have done so far to protect the fans are. that's right and live your oracle park, this is one of 28 different mlb stadiums who have not. >>concretely decided to or done anything to extend that netting from foul pole to south pole. those 2 teams are making history. this is all to protect fans know bringing and trying to catch one of those foul ball, he also we don't want to get hurt, so it's caused a bit of y chicago ngton nationals they've decided to make this change after several people in the stands were hit and injured the most recent being yesterday just saw a young boy
5:34 am
was shot and t croyals game. the reason these polpoll. it could and the game experience for fans, but others say you know what we need is to protect them. all 30 teams of extended their netting to behind the home plate. but major league baseball is leaving it up to each team to decide if they want to extend it from that a foul pole to foul pole. giants have extended their netting about 3 sections pass besides dugout while the oakland a's and covers the sections just behind home plate. both teams have discussed extending that netting but nothing so far has happens we'll have to see if yesterday's a game and how that young boy was hit. that's going to make any changes but this debate just continues to go across the country as each mlb team decides what to do. for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah 5.34 and police on the peninsula
5:35 am
arrested a man for trying to rape a woman in a park she did manage to fight off her attacker. >>this happened friday night at creekside park in mountain view. police arrested 30 year-old sergio martinez they think he's the one who snuck up on the victim while she was listening to a pop a cast. he put his hand over her mouth lifted off the ground right to carry or away. but she started kicking and screaming at caught the attention of people nearby and he ended up running off. they found him in a park the next morning. >>i hope it doesn't cast a bad light and all the people around here know there's a lot of transients are just down on their luck in i think are pretty benign and this is very safe trail. to safe community and most people out here including the transients you know they're they're good people down there i got to hurt an body. >>and as we said in this case it looks like the woman is going to be ok she was able to fight off her attacker. well police in fairfield and searching for someone who had a bicycle us and just drove away police say that a 58
5:36 am
year-old woman. >>was riding her bike she was in the bike lane right along sunset avenue near daniel street when a red suv a 2003 saturn suv just ran are over the victim is in critical, but stable condition. and what you take a look at this auto. here's a picture of the vehicle that hit her and the license plate number so it's 5 c g. 0, 8, 1, if you see this vehicle you are asked to call police. well to the peninsula. now deputies arrested a man for trying to break into several cars as happened in half moon bay, and the 800 block of 3rd avenue authorities say a witness called in described the suspect who turned out to be 20 year-old jacob garb all day so garb all the lives in half moon bay. he was found and placed under arrest. >>a well-known skate boarder in san francisco's in the hospital she fell and fractured her skull and this happened when tomoko all week, how law was skating in dolores street killed bomb that's what this competition is and like a
5:37 am
lot of skaters they were flying down the hill at high speeds didn't have a ompleted s successful runs. before this happened. >>she is so sweet loving hines and we're just raided takers i know it's going to minds from now before that happens but that. >>optimistic. and thank everyone again for all the light and prayers. >>she's a skateboarder who created the popular custom grip tape company called skate co the proceeds from her online store are helping to pay fort homeowners medical bills. governor gavin, newsome will sign or veto several bills once he's back in office from vacation this week. so one of the bills is a b 3.92 changes language in the law requiring police to use deadly force only when necessary instead of when reasonable. so the governor earlier this year express support for the bill
5:38 am
won several liberties and lice groups came to an agreement on the proposal. another is s p 27 now it will require presidential and gubernatorial candatax returns in order to get their name on the california ballot. >>well >>the governor has already signaled that he had signed the safe and affordable drinking water fun. i will put one billion toward clean drinking water for projects for a million californians who don't have. and southern california was injured during a prank. we'll tell you what this little boy says happened that landed him in the hospital. >>also after the breawe at how you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh!
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back 5.41 on this monday morning back to work today in some foggy conditions for a lot of the bay area, your view from berkeley showing that blanket of fog sitting right across the bay do slow down a little bit as you encounter some of the spots now this afternoon do expect fog to clear out and temperatures back into the 90's for some of us. tomorrow's going to be a slightly cooler ones still plenty of sunshine. but a lot of her daytime highs in the 90's today, falling a little bit closer to the 80's now
5:42 am
come wednesday, we get even warmer yet. many of our daytime highs that had fallen tomorrow will rise back up even warmer and they're about to be today which is you can see for daytime highs on the map here are pretty warm already conquered up to 90 degrees with livermore not far behind at 89. morgan hill out warm high 88 degrees, i've got more on your forecast as well more on your forecast as well as more news in traffic with oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an incre risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms
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>>welcome back happening tomorrow. the new terminal, one honoring san francisco icon harvey milk will open at sfo. so we got a chance to take a look at the redeveloped of terminal over the billion project to redevelop this terminal is broken down into 3 phases so the first phase will be completed tomorrow when the first 9 of 25 gates will open in the boarding area. that's going to be right along some restaurants and a security checkpoint and then the remainder of the terminal will fully open by 2023. this specific project broke ground back in 2016 the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously voted to rename the terminal after milk when plans to rename the entire airport after him fell through. >>for over 40 years has been given help to so many people. and just members of our lgbt community but people from around the world who sometimes
5:46 am
felt as if they didn't have a voice and i really hope that his message of hope. >>resonates with them long after their visit here. >>well the airport is also getting ready for its on-side hotel, what you think about that the grand high. it is scheduled to open at the end of september. well the san mateo county sheriff's office continued a tradition over the weekend that honors fallen officers, the senate hail cold 30 foundation held a fundraiser this is on saturday to raise money for the families of injured and fallen officers and the department lost one of their all just last week correction correctional officer. gehrke has a he drowned tuesday while in lake tahoe with friends. the organization has already donated nearly $40,000 to help officers family. nearly 500 people came out to support. >>it's very family oriented. to be at all.
5:47 am
>>officer cause is expected to be laid to rest this week. now john trouble standing by tracking the fog and hopefully som sunshine right there robin, but it is certainly surrounded by a little bit of fog this morning are a since they were surrounded by the fog. so not necessarily seeing all the sunshine in parts of both the city of san francisco and out to the east bay, their sales first tower been sticking up out of the fog all morning long you can see some spots are a little bit clearer than others. but definitely a bank of fog this morning that is keeping conditions on the lower visibility side out the golden gate bridge and all the way into the south bay, where as you can see from snow right here a bit of fog for areas further south on the bay itself to know as we make our way through the day to see less and less fog more and
5:48 am
more of that sunshine which will help temperatures to be on the rise high pressure to the south and east this low to our north is going to start to our north helping to drop temperatures a couple of degrees into tomorrow. our only bitterly from the heat in this forecast because after tomorrow we're going to get even hotter in the days to come today already a warm up from this weekend. tomorrow will be a seasonably warm day and then those temperatures go above average for this time of year bhagat times to start your morning sunshine into the afternoon is ahead of us and today's daytime highs in the 60's 70's on the peninsula that includes san francisco. the pacific shore as well as areas on for all of these areas, although temperatures elsewhere in the bay are really starting to get on the warmer side down take a look at these numbers in the south bay saratoga campbell los gatos in morgan hill, each 88 degrees for your daytime highs hayward on up through oakland berkeley to 90 degrees and not the only spot getting into the 90's pittsburgh fairfield
5:49 am
vacaville in youngsville all be right there with near 90 degrees in santa rosa while 80's in petaluma novato and sandra fell today. let's break down the next 7 days as i mention tomorrow will be just a touch cooler all across the bay area. this is before the warming conditions into wednesday thursday and friday daytime highs on average inland into the 90's not just to close out the week but into next weekend too. so some persistently hot weather is just around the corner and it's time to just a get ready to get to a seized cranked up, especially if you're in mind. robin all right, thank you john now. >>let's take a peek at your monday morning commute it's time to roll out of bed and head back to work and sit in traffic which is never fun, we're looking at the commute into san francisco are checking out the bay bridge toll plaza stocked up already now you're back up spills beyond the end of a lot it's beyond 8.80 and it's all the way back to west grand so slow from west grand through the
5:50 am
tolls up the incline but still a great trip across the upper deck continuing to the skyway resybridge. we're checking in on 92, so it's going to be a little crowded on the 70 oh bridge right after the toll plaza you see the brake lights there, but it does improve by the time we reach the high rise, so 13 minutes and growing to make it over to one o one. so we don't have any problems or a major delays at the richmond sandra fell bridge, it's picking up, but it's not bad you're right on time at a very quick 8 minutes from the toll plaza to one on one and then traffic tracker showing you some pretty decent numbers here so far livermore to dublin if you take 5 of the west. you get there 10 minutes, dublin to fremont wide open up 6.80 south at 15 minutes. no troubles for the nimitz no issues for to 37 a very easy 7 minutes. milpitas to sonny bill. in national news former special counsel robert mueller is going to testify before 2 house committees this week set to testify about the findings of his two-year investigations.
5:51 am
democrats on the house judiciary committee will focus on 5 areas of potential obstruction of justice laid out in the mueller report democrats on the house intelligence committee plan to press mueller about the extent of russian interference in the 2016 election. republicans plan to ask him about whether his team was biased and they plan to raise questions about why the investigation started in the first place as the basic questions of understanding of you've got is and what sort of >>for. >>mueller's testimony is set on wednesday. it is 05:51am as we go to the break, let's take a peek if we can see much here at the golden gate bridge. you see some cars traveling in and out of the fog and that's the wa
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>there's a new king of the box office, the lion king made million in its opening weekend david daniel has a look. >>yesterday state in 5th place to the tune of million crawl fell to 4th place biting off million toy story 4 is up to 376 million domestic after a 3rd place weekend worth million.
5:55 am
>>asked me to come up here and share your do and he just he felt bad about snapping spiderman far from home healed at the top spot, but $21 million gave the web slinger a domestic total of 320 million. >>the lion king made quite a roar. >>$185 million the best debut ever for an animated feature. it's also the biggest july opening weekend ever and tops beauty and the beast as the best debut for a disney remains in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>coming up in the next hour on the kron 4 morning news, another pedestrian killed and san francisco, this is the second time in less than a week. we'll have the details coming up in a live report. plus police in the east bay are looking for a driver following a deadly hit and run crash and the entire incident was caught on camera. and protesters take to the streets in san francisco demanding changes to the treatment of migrants at the southern border.
5:56 am
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with us on a monday, i'm darya
5:59 am
folsom. g in this just hockey john just certain little fog handle some fog. seen the return of it the past couple months and it just kind of hangs out there in this morning's than the for goodness that all about a fog sitting out there this morning sales force tower, not being shrouded in that though rising up out of the fog you can see it there at the top left of the screen. a little nice little sunrise over the east bay hills over oakland and berkeley there in the distance but definitely in a fog because a new some visibility issues such as across the golden gate are traveling down highway one towards half moon bay. the fog is going to loosen its grip towards the latter part of the morning and then the sunshine returns this abundantly sunny and warm afternoon ahead of us skies are clear once you head above the fog uair that sitting across the bay this morning temperatures right now in the 50's and 60's. now the year at 63 along with livermore sharing that same number with you. berkeley oakland hayward
6:00 am
in the 50's right now nap at 55 in san francisco at 54 for areas right along the bay, this is a touch cooler than yesterday while inland concord livermore and san jose, a little bit off to a warmer start and warmer is the way we can describe this week in general aside from tomorrow which comes with a subtle cooldown temperatures are on the rise today, noticeably warmer than this weekend was with him when daytime highs in the upper 80's already at 81 degrees by noontime. i'm tracking exactly what you can expect the rest of the forecast all still to come. rob all right. thank you john now, let's check in on. >>traffic it's picking up out there getting really busy at the bay bridge toll plaza in fact 80 as one of our busiest bridge is right now. we don't have any crashes or major incidents to report here coming in and but it's already


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