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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 22, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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thanks fojoining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm robin winston filling in for james fletcher and we have breaking news to tell you about crews are mopping up a graph. >>this fire that broke out along the outer not pass near livermore get pretty close to the freeway, let's check in with kron 4 sarah stinson who is live at the scene sir do they have this under control yet. >>yes they do have it under control and we say near the freeway it is right next to 5.80 read by grant line you can see just how close it is here and we do know that they have 100% contained. acres so that's good news, but this is cause a white hot spot. literally and literally like the fire, but also a hot spot for everyone driving on 5.80 west. it just broke out around , 5 in the morning. it just sparked up very fast chp was here as along cal fire. and they went to work and they got it under control fortunately they do have a country under control now and they do believe that it was caused by
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a car somehow but right now they're trying to figure out what the cause is and they're continuing to mop it up this is right in in between the up side 80 east and 5 in the west it's a huge dry grassy area that just right now they have tractors down there trying to get it under control. because they're going to leave here they want to make sure that the wind pack picks back up. it's not going to spark that. we're trying to figure out what caused this crash fire. and here on the walls, not asked sarah stinson followed. it takes a lot sarah. >>and a 71 we also want to get a look at weather and traffic points we head out the door. it's an soon john yeah we're going get a dose of sunshine today, guys a lot of it in fact as we move into the afternoon this morning as you noted, though it is foggy there's that. >>shadow of the sutro tower shining out over the fog this morning, definitely one of those days that you want to give yourself a touch more time to get to work,
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especially if you're crossing the golden gate bridge is we've had dense fog advisories through much of the morning along that route now skies will be sunny before we know it and then temperatures are going to rise pretty quickly under all that sunshine from the 50's and 60's where we're sitting right now already to some low 80's by noontime for some of our inland areas and by the afternoon ahead and are these mostly sunny skies a few of our inland areas all the way up into the 90's i've got more about this hot forecast ahead of us still to come rob and house traffic. >>traffic is a little slow through the east bay coming through conquer and pittsburgh and they point we had a grass fire that popped up near to 42 at highway 6.80. so we had a special traffic alert in place from a chp and the fire department because they had several lanes closed on 2.42. that is no longer the case they've clear whether they're still on the scene but they've opened all lanes of the freeway and that's just adding to the backup, it's spilling over to for highway for jam through pittsburgh bay point just be on the bart station
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there so you're looking at 27 minutes from antioch to 2 42 in concord know that 2.42 is jammed and still crowded but by the time you make it to 6.80. it's back open so add on another 14 minutes from highway 4 out to danville here's a really quick peak at the bay bridge to us is calm and quiet but also slow now that it's backed up through the maze you're looking at 19 minutes to make it into san francisco. in the east bay police are looking for the driver whose truck, a man and kept going in concord and their surveillance video showing when this man a motorcyclist was hit by a toyota prius sunday morning. and then a pickup ran over the body and kept going. the motorcyclist was speeding trying to pass asked the pre us when there was the crash eastbound on conquered boulevard and then a pickup truck was going westbound and hit the man's body lying in the street. the pickup kept going. we spoke with a witness who did not want to be on camera. >>anderson and like that in my
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life that and i don't ever want to see unlikely to get out it was crazy. i'm probably never forget that honestly. >>and while the truck driver did keep going the driver supriya state it is cooperating with the police. well to the peninsula. now deputies arrested 20 year-old jacob care of all the for trying to break into several cars. this happened in half moon bay was the 800 block of 3rd avenue. adorable the faces suspicion of attempted vehicle burglary and also vehicle tampering charges. well to the south and now the ashes of a 3 year-old girl that were stolen from the south san jose cemetery. they've been returned, the family discovered that are it was missing last thursday from the calvary catholic cemetery. the thief also took a golden cylinder containing lots of the girls hair. so the little girl she died about 4 years ago after a battle with cancer. >>we are really really gloves. in his face this happened. >>well an anonymous person
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return the urn to the family yesterday they are very happy. happening now sheriff's deputies are looking for a man was involved in a theft at a hardware store in petaluma it happened last night. 2 men stole power tools from the friedmans home improvement store on mcdowell boulevard and after they drove away from the scene police pulled over their car just northwest of petaluma one of the fees ran away. but the 70 year-old driver john silva was arrested and here's a picture of them and they're still looking for he's 28 and his name is eliot malone. also from pamela money items stolen were returned to the store. the to the east bay now a deli shop owner and claim this facing backlash after making a controversial comment on facebook. >>and it included the term send her back and he offered free food to any customer who said it kron 4 bellow has that story. >>meatballs let's beef today in case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters
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writes john knesset on his facebook page friday. the post continues quote a free side when you say send her back. >>is very hurtful and and races to be honest anybody's entire to say whatever they want to you they want i don't know why somebody would say something like that. >>the deli owners post comes just days after president donald trump suggested for congresswoman of color, go back where they came from. her back was enchanted at a rally for the president in north carolina. i doubt it. >>ideologies that have come about through some one that professes to be a leader. but in the same breath. the one quite the opposite can brooklyn heroes facebook page now has a stream of new comments. >>some in support telling visitors not to believe the bad reviews. others are hoping the backlash will be a wake-up call for the business.
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>>the millions will you somebody they just they were from. >>you know the business owners is only hurting yourself, you know if a business standpoint because now he's taking away money that he could have had from other americans you know and he's limiting himself. >>clayton's mayer trio catalano posted on her facebook page that she was saddened by can assist post and while we all have a right to political and religious opinions quote when hateful comments are being promoted as part of a local business. they reflect on our communities reputation. >>no racism rally was being planned by the east bay human rights advocate. however according to their facebook page they have been receiving threats and decided to postpone at that rally in clayton noel fellow kron 4 news.
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>>and on the kron 4 morning news, a man is arrested for trying to kidnap and rape a woman on the peninsula we're going to tell you how she got away. and the school district sends letters to hundreds of parents saying that if they did not pay their child's lunch debt, their child could be taken away from them can they do that. after the break the trump administration has a new plan to help fight wildfires in california. but some say it will do harm to the environment and we're looking at a hot weekend ahead of us this morning though we're off to a comfortable start 60's and 50's for your current temps. >>i'm talking the warm-up still ahead. >>i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area, here's a live look at the bay bridge if you need to use it you're going to be sitting in traffic from the oakland maze, so we'll update some bridges and we'll also update the heavy traffic through com occurred after a grass fire 2.42, those details after the break. >>pretty it was just a little is. >>kron four's award-winning original documentary people haven't if you going to worry
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about earthquakes don't live in this area, a must-see earthquake special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls. the fell. >>where the fault lies saturday you try hard,
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>>right now looks like the foot 7 11 7.11. a 7.11 baby
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coming up, but you have to wait a while a son. we'll get pretty do on that down is the midst of the lines are always long. yeah they are and you can only get a small now the you whatever you want. but then people ruined it they started in bringing in that bath towels and stuff restrictions. look for the next 3 days something other than a slurpee although slurpee what some good on a day like today. some free sunshine, free i always this morning, no sunshine just yet but we'll get there, you're look outside at the bay area is still showing some foggy conditions there's that. >>shadow of the sutro tower on some of the foggy conditions we're seeing over san francisco. not so foggy for those of us down in the south bay over san jose time looking out over the east bay can see still some cloudy skies
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hanging out so that's where we're starting this morning. that's not the way we're going to be for much of the day today. once t e fog begins to clear out skies will also the offering up plenty of sunshine and under the sunshine, some warm temperatures tomorrow going to be just a touch cooler we've got this low sliding into our north and that's going to help to keep temperatures down just a couple of degrees come here tuesday. after that low passes over though we are going to see noticeable rise in temperatures for the remainder of your forecast today tomorrow and wednesday all going to be nice and clear the site despite some morning fog. afternoons are going to be nice and clear and offer up all that sunshine that's going to help these temperatures to rise warmer than they did last week or the also this weekend which stayed fairly cool, especially friday and saturday. 60's from daly city down to half moon bay today. and a range of 60's and 70's along the bay foster city at 77 with same carlos in redwood city to 82, south bay now checking in with numbers in the upper 80's very close to
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90 in saratoga campbell los gatos in morgan hill think about where we're at on friday. we're in the upper 70's and some of these areas. this is a solid 10 degrees warmer in just a matter of days. union city and hayward upper 70's for you with near 90 degrees temperatures in pleasanton dublin in livermore oakland berkeley and richmond mid to low 70's while conquered checking in the low 90's has also will some cities in the north bay like pittsburgh. fairfield vacaville, andy on film napa at 86 filet whole ride 80 degrees. santa rosa nearing 90 not quite getting there today and likely not to get there tomorrow because temperatures will be just one to 2 degrees cooler on average for your tuesday after that though we skew back on up into the 90's on average for inland highs and that's where we'll stay not just through the remainder of the week but into the weekend to this will be one of the most persistently warm forecast. we've had yet this season with daytime highs in the 90's for 5 solid days inland on average bayside in
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coastal areas will be nice escape if as a scape set those 90's are too warm for you, 60's and 70's can be expected. a little bit closer to the water that's your warm forecast. robin we've had a couple hot spot. goes to yeah it's getting better. we have a grass fire that says out and under control and conquer this was a hot spot. >>because we have 3 lanes of traffic blocked on southbound to 42 right of the 6 80 split the fire is burning close to the freeway. it's all lanes are open this the traffic alert was canceled, but there still some slowing which is normal for this time of morning. so we have a little bit of residual delay from the fire mixed in with typical commute traffic and that that that spills over to highway for a pin over the heel to pittsburgh bay point almost to the bart station there. so 27 minutes antioch to concord in this low again on to 42 also slow as you roll into san francisco. we're checking out the bay bridge toll plaza which is fine you know we don't have any big problems are big trouble spots here so
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it's heavy from the bottom of the maze, so it's just the typical crowd here at 20 minutes off to fremont street here's 92 a very crowded commute leaving hayward we have a trouble spot on the nimitz a crash northbound and their tenants and that's gone, it's heavier going south through hayward union city and then the usual crawl from 8.80 on 92, that continues all the way over to the high rise so keep that in mind so we haven't had any problems leaving the north bay heading into san francisco, the only issue is the fall and it is dance. you can barely see that span and can even see the towers here there's a special fog advisory issue from chp for those of you working your way across the bridge this morning so be careful don't forget the headlights and wipers are at 23 minutes here nevado to san francisco will look at some more slow downs coming up in just a bit. the macarthur tunnel in san francisco's presidio is finally back open after a car caught fire right inside the tunnel yesterday, filling it with thick black smoke look at this photo. the fire department had to evacuate
7:17 am
everyone and site they closed off to traffic for about an ho. no one was injured. a fire that was burning in contra costa county is now 100% contained it started burning at the top of mount diablo on for a viewer sent us this video of the fire and it burned about 4 acres near summit road. no injuries or damage to any structures have been reported. well the trump administration is proposing a plan to slow wildfires by bulldozing in clearing out large areas of land to act as fuel breaks so the fuel breaks would run along 11,000 miles and parts of 6 states including california while fire experts say that the program could help slow down fires but it will do anything to stop the most extreme fires. they also say that those breaks would also jeopardize wildlife i tearing up natural habitats. in pennsylvania is telling parents to pay up their children i pay up for their children or their kids and of in foster care. they're trying
7:18 am
to collect money for the student lunch debt and so they sent out this letter to about a 1000 parents saying your child can be removed from homes and placed in foster care if you don't pay the lunch bill. the district says it is owed about $22,000 in lunch debt. county officials have sent that letter to the district saying that the foster care system is not meant to scare families and to paying their lunch bill. the school district to has admitted that maybe they went a little too far with that letter. for your money this morning, there is a new diaper that will tech shoe when your baby's diaper is wet and payrolls surged in california in june jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi jane hi, good morning to die and we're also watching equifax today it will pay potentially. >>up to million so this is to settle all of the various claims related to that data breach couple years ago de facto 145 million people. some
7:19 am
of this money will go to 48 states the district of columbia puerto rico will get some cash as well and also they'll be lawsuits related to a civil penalties as well to the consumer financial protection bureau's are going to keep an eye on of more details on that as they come out later today that california hiring surged in june powered by especially strong growth in residential and commercial building as mortgage rates dropped announced a doubt it about 46,000 jobs or almost 12,000 in construction as employers in 9 of the state's 11 major sectors grew their payrolls as 20 employment development department, golden state payrolls average 29 added every month when an 1000 in the 1st half of this year. well target has unveiled wheelchair friendly halloween costumes one of the costumes transforms a chair into a purple princess carriage the other turns the apparatus into a pirate ship with the jolly roger flag and waves for the wheels. there are also new costumes with flat seems and no tags for kids who have
7:20 am
sensory issues. well it's official avengers endgame has surpassed avatar as the top grossing movie of all time happened over the weekend in game click past avatars 2.7 8 billion global box office this weekend. marvel and disney made the announcement at san diego's comic-con last night and the smart diaper is just months away the lummi diaper by pampers since a text message. when the divers wet there's a sensor on it uh the diver also tracks maybe sleep and how often the diapers wet. the come in sizes 0 to 4 no price. yes on the diaper live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king back to her and we should add. >>it does not sense when there's a pope. knows no app for just wet just as your nose, thank you just thanks. see that up next on the kron 4 morning as we take a look at a terminal at sfo that's honoring san francisco's. >>harvey milk. plus a look at the bills governor, newsome
7:21 am
could sign or veto once he's back from vacation. how about a little peek outside we're checking in on the bay bridge you can see the traffic creepy along here at the toll plaza, it's stacked up from the oakland maze but trouble free and you'll also notice the cloud cover. we're dealing with a lot of fog this morning, but we are in store for sunshine and a warm up 90's in your forecast, we'll tell you when after the break. lowe's knows you do an update right. and save the best for last. we do it right, too. with the latest samsung family hub™ refrigerator featuring family board. so, what you bring home brings home together. they say at a certain age you just stop caring. i wonder what age that is.
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>>welcome back a foggy start to the day across a lot of the bay area that includes parts of the east bay, your view out from berkeley is showing that foggy blanket sitting over berkeley and oakland right now it is in the process of burning off though now this afternoon you can expect the sunshine to return and temperatures for parts of the east bay, especially back into the 90's. tomorrow's going to be slightly cooler some of those areas in the 90's may just fall into the upper 80's just briefly on your tuesday before as we roll into wednesday, a warm up yet again now as i mentioned a few 90's out there today conquered among them right up at 90 degrees antioch in the mid-eighties with livermore today in the upper 80's. morgan hill at 88 while hayward in oakland, not bad at all in the mid to upper 70's, robin. all right, thank you john. >>governor gavin, newsome will sign or veto several bills once he's back in office from vacation this week. so one of the bills as a b 3.90 to change its language in the law requiring police to use deadly force only when necessary instead of when reasonable. so
7:25 am
the governor earlier this year express support for the bill won several civil groups and police came forward and came to an agreement on this proposal. another is s speed 27 now it will require residential of squeezing presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release their tax returns in order to get their names on the california ballot. >>well >>the governor has already signaled that he had signed the safe affordable drinking water fun. it will put one billion toward clean drinking water projects 4 million californians who don't have it. >>a family in north carolina is grieving after a wave broke a man's neck while he was playing at the beach with his kids 37 year-old lee. dingell
7:26 am
broke his neck when the wave pushed him to the ground. his wife says that the swelling from the injury cost her husband to suffocate he leaves behind 6 children. >>he saw the child on for who they where you just supported them in mad and encouraged and that was always there percent i feel like anyone who knew him was a better person from their interactions with him. >>the community has rallied together to support the family. >>right now cal fire's mopping up a 5 acre grass fire off 5 80's. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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you can't fake the goodness the crunch of real almonds. how chocolatey chunks taste in cold milk. we keep it real. because you can't fake... delicious. special k. >>back in a 7.29 look at weather and traffic on a monday morning holy rolen rolling very well we have to hawks they're gone we'll talk about some residual delays but i'm ready for a woman all right on the cost of unleaded let's get to know this. >>you're getting a warm up for sure warmer week ahead of us that we had for last week even with the touch of a cooler day tomorrow. for this week is definitely going to be a toasty one highs back into the 90's kind of hard to believe when you're looking out at the golden gate bridge and all you see is the cloud cover and you can even see the bridge out in the distance we've had dense fog for parts of the coast all morning long and that fog does continue across the peninsula even out into parts of the east bay happen basing the
7:30 am
lowest visibility of the morning so far at this point so take it slow or if you're driving up and down the coast we're going to see some rapid clearing fog will start to burn off right over the bay itself you're going to see some sunshine peeking back out in oakland and berkeley by the time we move make our way towards 8.39 o'clock this morning and then it sunshine into the afternoon and speaking of warm conditions around the corner we're going to work our way out of the 50's and 60's where we're at right now all the way up into the low 80's just by noon and then into the upper 80's if not 90's by the afternoon ahead of us even warr temperatures around the corner towards the finish of the week which i'll get to still ahead robin. and we want to check in on traffic now. >>take a look at the bay bridge commute into san francisco where we still have a full house in the cash lanes on the fast track lanes so yes it is crawling from the maze this morning be prepared for heavy traffic from that point right up the incline and then even a after that in pockets over to fremont street we're checking in on 92, we want to
7:31 am
take a peek at west bound traffic. it's at a crawl from hayward over to the peninsula. it starts back on the nimitz so that's going to be jam 2 and they want to make it to the san mateo bridge just off and on slowing heading o one oh one in san mateo here's the richmond sandra fell not. and we haven't had any big trouble spots that you need to worry about, but know that it's jail in from richmond parkway right through the toll plaza. it's going to be roughly 15 minutes that's that's decent i'll take it 15 minutes from the tolls out one on one. >>07:31am breaking news this morning. crews are mopping up after a grass fire off of the all-time up. >>asked their livermore came pretty close to the freeway to we want to check in with kron 4 sarah stinson who is live at the scene. activity there i can see the traffic backed up for miles ailes leading up to that scene. >>our slow going here the traffic is slow but that is because i think a lot of people are staring at the charred area behind me to try to see what happened here all lanes are open now this grant live. and right near the
7:32 am
altman. >>now we heard from cal fire crews now when they got here around 5 o'clock this morning that the fire had already sparked a one acre and it was just moving completely fat so they had get moving quickly and get it under control. the good news is that they were able to get it under control contain it. it comes up here in oman has it's very windy up here every single day and then you have dry grass 2 things that will create a wildfire so this guy's fire is under control. mopping up the last bit of it making sure that they get the dozer along the line and make sure that they leaves here sure that it will spark that up again they're also investigating the cause it's most likely caused by a car a spark or something like that. they're still looking into it. as of now they just
7:33 am
want to finish up mopping this they have had some major assistance from chp we'll see you up here on the 5.80 west side and down below on the 5.80 seconds this is in between this is the center divide full of the dry grassy area and cal fire crews tell me this is this is fire season and it is sparking up and it's only going to get worse for now live here in alton has sarah stinson see the traffic gets back to the to tracy darya from la. >>to this is the late and 7 33 is the time and on the peninsula. the man was arrested police say he tried to rape a woman at a park, but she did manage to office was friday night at creekside park in mountain view. >>police arrested 30 year-old sergio martinez they say he's the man who snuck up on this woman while she was listening to a pod cast show she wasn't aware of what was going on until he had his hand over her mouth lift off the ground trying to carry away but she started kicking and screaming that caught the attention of
7:34 am
people nearby and then the man ran off police found martinez at the park the next morning. >>i hope it doesn't cast a bad light and all the people around here know there's a lot of transients are just down on their luck and i think are pretty benign and this has been a very safe trail. to safe community and most people out here including the transients you know they're they're good people down there i doubt that hurt anybody. >>the 29 year-old woman was attacked is going to be ok. police in fairfield are searching for someone who hit a bicyclist and just drove away police say that a 58 year-old woman was just riding her bike she was in the bike lane on sunset avenue near daniel street. what i've read 2003 saturn suv just ran her over the victim is in critical, but stable condition. here's a picture of the vehicle that police are looking for this is the suv that hit her license plate number 5 c g a 0, 8 one if you see that vehicle you are asked to call police.
7:35 am
>>a well known skate boarder in san francisco is in the hospital she fell and fractured her skull and was not wearing a helmet nobody usually does in this race and that's what the tomoko cali l a skating in the city's dolores street held bomb is called and the skaters they fly down that hill high speeds, no helmets. it was nothing new for her she's completed several sucssful runs before this happened. >>she is so sweet loving hines and we're just raided taker. >>i know it's going to minds from now before that happens but that optimistic. and thank everyone again for all the light and prayers. >>a week allied is the skate boarder who created the popular custom grip tape company called skate co the proceeds for her online store are now going to help to pay for her medical bills. >>later this week a
7:36 am
redeveloped terminal will open at sfo and it's named after a san francisco icon and harvey milk so over the weekend. thousands of people were treated to a little sneak peek of the terminal, including kron 4 sweep to call he has a look. >>a few steps in the harvey milk at san francisco international airport. the lengthy tribute to the late san francisco supervisor. and stalwart of civil rights some really impressed by the billion project to redevelop this terminal is broken down into 3 phases. tuesday when the first 9 of 25 gates open in the boarding area and the restaurants and security checkpoint are operational the first phase will be complete the remainder of the terminal will fully open by 2023. brendan smith appreciate how the airport is honoring note and his contributions to the lgbtq community it's impressive. it's a huge amount of real estate they devoted to him. >>and i feel like they're port is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to. honoring his legacy.
7:37 am
>>airport is seemingly always under construction this specific project broke ground in 2016 the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously voted to remain the terminal after midnight when plans to rename the entire. >>for over 40 years has been given help to so many people. and just members of our lgbt community but people from around the world who sometimes felt as if they didn't have a voice and i really hope that his message of hope. >>resonates with them long after their visit here is kind of the rights pioneer in this country. services to set the tone for the rest of the country. and so i feel like to me to be impacts the airport is also getting ready for its on site hotel the grand hyatt to start booking reservations it's located next to the international terminal. >>and is scheduled to open at the end of september at san
7:38 am
francisco international airport fleet of all kron 4 news. >>coming up after the break a look at how a very community is honoring its fallen officers. >>and looking outside this morning temperatures are in morning temperatures are in the 50's and 60's and are on buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. >>and 40 in the north bay, the nleanup of the sausalito mudslide has been delayed again city leaders found out staffers skip this step.
7:41 am
>>required by fema when they put the project out to bid and that means the city has to reopen the job to better is pushing back the clean up until at least mid september. the mayor says they're making sure that they meet fema's requirements to make sure that the city gets fema's money they want reimbursement to the million dollars is expected to cost to clean up the debris. >>we're on the same page is our residents. it's hard for us to accept this set back. but seen the big picture and knowing what we need to protect overall both financially environmentally and for the good of our community. we're we're thankful that our staff has done what they've done what they've been able to catch and where we're going. >>crews won't know the true extent of the damage done to the road in the storm drains until most of the debris has been cleared away the mudslide on valentine's day destroyed 2 homes and left one woman injured. the san mateo county
7:42 am
sheriff's office continued a tradition over the weekend that honors fallen officers, the 7 tail cold 30 foundation held a fundraiser saturday to raise money for the families of injured and fallen officers, the department lost one of their own just last week correct russell correctional officer, jr cause a he drowned tuesday while in lake tahoe with friends. the organization has already donated nearly $40,000 to help the officers family. nearly 500 people came out to show support. >>it's very family oriented. as much as this is a fun event to be at all. >>officer cause is expected to be laid to rest this week. coming up on the kron 00:04am morning buzz so you're saying is that chance as the closer we get to the last call the
7:43 am
bed, giants and the a's look and soon you won't have to look to see if your baby has a wet diaper there's an app.
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok?
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great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set as yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. been a very foggy morning so far san francisco still sitting under that dense fog which is pushing in on over the bay. >>it's a pretty thin layer fog so once that burns off it's going to be a quick process in doing so and eventually those like a lot like san jose as
7:46 am
this morning which is nice and clear it's been clear all mornieg long for the south bay and then parts of the east bay when she headed east to the hills anyways looking out there from berkeley you can see not much of a view down below just yet as that fog a sitting very thick right across the day once fog burns off it's all about the sunshine later on today and sunny skies will continue for much of the week folks on this low pressure to our north is going to be making its way just to our north helping to moderate temperatures into tomorrow tomorrow or actually going to see a slight drop in temperatures ahead of what will eventually be a boost in temperatures taking us to the rest of your forecast. so today, a warmer one then the weekend tomorrow you're most comfortable day of the forecast after tomorrow though we work our way into wednesday. and temperatures work their way up into the 90's widespread inland. so today already going to see a few 90's out there if you don't like those 90's 60's and 70's along the coast of the peninsula are the places like to be half moon bay at 68
7:47 am
today millbrae at 74 south san francisco at 71. redwood city in palo alto not bad but warmer and 80 to 81 degrees now are starting to see that heat in the south bay saratoga campbell was gatos in morgan hill all up near 90 degrees at 88 each and near 90 degrees as well for livermore and pleasanton 70's from hayward union city on up through oakland berkeley and richmond while in concord 90 degrees today just the first of many more 90's to come yacht bill vacaville fairfield and pittsburgh all in the low 90's with a and few near 90 degree day time highs up around santa rosa, at 87 today. today into tomorrow that's like cool down i mentioned, but after that we only warm-up and will be on average in the 90's from wednesday thursday friday on through saturday and sunday one of the most persistently warm forecast we've had so far this year. >>rocking all right, thank you john now, let's take a peek at the morning commute around the bay area back to being hot spot free free the slow traffic. it's going to take
7:48 am
several more hours to thin out and improve here 80 west slow from the maze and busy across the upper deck to fremont street. here's 92 it's going to be pretty heavy leaving hayward for you starting back on the nimitz continuing in stretches all all the way across the span you're averaging 23 minutes to make it to one o one. we're checking in on a foggy golden gate, it's been like this all morning, you can't even see the towers but we can see some crwding there in the southbound lanes approaching the toll plaza right now you're at 25 minutes also keep in mind that a special fog advisory remains in for the golden gate that's healing bridge that's under fog advisory drive times look great 6.80 per taken the danville 21 minutes and i just got word of a new crash at the bridge right at the tolls so 21 minutes from 80 to bayfront expressway. the giants puts
7:49 am
the mets to bad the giants have gone from wake me up when it's over to so you're saying there's a chance, san francisco fans who stuck it out til the 12th inning saw the giants 3rd walk-off victory against the mets in the last 4 days, the giants win it by a final of 3 to 2. they have now won 5th dean of their last 18 games and are just 2 and a half games back in the wild card race with a bunch of other teams now so their playoff hopes improve. probable so yes lloyd i am saying there's a chance. the oakland a's already out handle on a wild card and if you'll see in a second a picture with quite the handlebar mustache. us this game to the twins 76, but split the series and now have a one-game lead in the second wild-card spot. irish
7:50 am
golfer shane lowry weather this storm to win the british open. maybe that's because the irish cause severe weather weather in ireland, but the rest of what they say well i can barely make it out. >>it's not going to sing in a couple of just incredible that we sat there with a trophy of on edge of the names and yeah, i just come come believe like i said the ball and then it and i just couldn't believe that those that was me and all of them believe it was happening and they. i thought about it all day. but i didn't really let myself think about and liam i teach on 17 and the san jose at that age i knew i couldn't really does evolved from there to come to that's how i so. >>you just have to really pay attention and i know he said because i listen to his press conference 5 times so let me tell you the first thing is going to do the first drink will be out of the cleric drug is a guinness beer and then the first person he's going to show it off to his granny. >>sometimes things are just
7:51 am
meant to be like this 7.11 poster child born in louis, not only is her birth date 7.11. she was born at 07:11pm and wade, 7 pounds 11 ounces. a coincidence. yes, an inconvenience for the store. they pledge $7,111 to the baby's college fund, not enough for the mom to make slurpies gems middle name, gm is french for i love get it jem slurpies gem slurpies you know what jane m pa changing diapers nobody likes changing diapers but it's going to get easier to know when you have to do it. pampers is coming out with a smart diaper it has a sensor connected to an app so you get a text when the diaper is wet. you know we had when my kids were little i. here's the alert. we said honey she's got a swinger your turn. but now you know before the diapers actually hanging down by their knees plus the
7:52 am
sensor tracks. the baby sleep as it will not send you a pope alert but then you can smell that a mile away though huggies does have a duty sensing diaper it's only available right now in korea and seriously. that most babies will give you that to be o g enjoy your breakfast that's the buzz. just when you thought you were done painting...
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7:55 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>there's a new king of the box office, the lion king made million in its opening weekend david daniel has a look. >>yesterday state in 5th place to the tune of million crawl fell to 4th place biting off million toy story 4 is up to 376 million domestic after a 3rd place weekend worth million. >>asked me to come up here and share your do and he just he felt bad about snapping spiderman far from home healed at the top spot, but $21 million gave the web slinger a mestic total of 320 million. >>the lion king made quite a roar. >>a million the best debut
7:56 am
ever for an animated feature. it's also the biggest july opening weekend ever and tops beauty and the beast as the best debut for disney remake in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>coming up in the next hour we're following breaking news. we have 2 grass fires that broke out both in the east bay. we have team coverage coming up the top of the hour. it's another pedestrian killed in san francisco, this is the second time in less than a week. and police in the east bay are looking for a driver following aeadly hit and run the entire incident was caught on camera. humira patients, you inspire us.
7:57 am
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humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your doctor about humira citrate-free. here's to you.
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>>with us and darya folsom and i'm robin winston filling in for james fletcher happy monday. we say happy friday would never yes we should business in the low. john yeah, you know it's never. start that we think friday are just that i have and the attitude start the week this is your look outside at those foggy conditions sitting out across the bay area if you look really close you can see the shadow of the suture tower right there. >>you know maybe a little bit foggy maybe monday. but we
8:00 am
still do have some really nice weather ahead of us today that should get your spirits up as you're getting back out the door to head to work 50's and 60's is where we're sitting for current temperatures great morning jog whether livermore at 67 dublin at 66. both of these areas under some sunshine and like much of the rest of the bay berkeley can see the effect of some of that cloud cover will still only in the 50's san francisco is now after this morning fog afternoon sunshine can be expected in san francisco, oakland and san jose into the mid 70's to upper 80's in a few spots back in the 90's today, i'm talking this warm forecast. still ahead robin all right, thank you john now, let's check in on traffic. >>it's getting a lot a better on the bay bridge heading into san francisco, mostly on the suspension but not behind the toll plaza if you need to drive and yes you're going to be sitting in traffic and it does feel back to the maze so be prepared for that it's low from the shore slow from the 5.80 connector and then little stretches after that across the


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