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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 22, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>but ice agents. they have been a very busy nonetheless. cns paulvercammen rode along with ice agents and southern california to see what a typical day looks like for those officers. >>the ice field director in the sector emphasizing to us again and again this is a routine operation not connected to any threatened raids and they said they did not do anything special for the cnn camera. they had 4 targets they abandoned one of them due to time and distance but they arrested all 3 of the other ones and 2 of them sort of had a sense of resignation, one of them had reportedly then removed 6 times before they also brought in a woman who is a legal resident had a green card, she has 3 children. but they said that she had a criminal conviction for drug charges. she was extremely sad. we caught up with her inside a downtown detention facility. >>i have 3 kids born
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>>they go to school and the word. >>in light of your separation from your family. >>that i mean my kids and i got her bite from them. >>david marin he is that ice field director he explain why they arrested this mother of 3 children. >>she's been convicted of narcotic are narcotic trafficking crimes that make are subject to removal she's in tears. she has 3 children. what is it like for you when you know that a family could be divided separated. so that's where the human element comes right our officers, they're human beings, too and they understand, but we have a job to do and we do it professionally we do it with
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compassion. so understanding the challenges that there's children that there's and other other family members i will do everything that that we can to make sure again that that that person is treated with that with the respect and dignity that they deserve, but again knowing that. >>they are criminal aliens and have to answer for those crimes. >>maren says a huge reason why people are seeing more ice agents on the streets making arrests in california is throughout california. many local authorities do not allow ice agents to go into jails to arrest criminal suspects. paul vercammen reporting from los angeles. now back to you. >>it is probably considered the most anticipated congressional hearing in decades, former special counsel robert mueller set to testify publicly before congress on wednesday and we're learning that not even the justice department is getting a heads up about exactly what mueller will say in his opening statement. >>mueller will speak before 2
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house committees, a spokesperson says he's been preparing with some of the aides who work with him on the investigation. he is expected to mostly stick to his report during the testimony. we will be streaming robert mueller's testimony live you can catch it on. >>all at kron 4 dot com and continuing coverage of the hearing will follow on the kron 00:04am morning news. let's get a check of the weather around the bay area on this monday afternoon time for the 4 zone forecast group a chief meteorologist lawrence karnow you guys say you know how weekend around a good part of the country to now they're going to feel. >>little he really for that some hot 90's was almost triple digits in d c they can see temperatures in the 70's tomorrow, but the concentration, the is going to begin to move out west and you'll see that huge dome of high pressure will be developing here so as we take you through time as we get into wednesday starting to see some of the triple digits 105 in phoenix, even 90 in los angeles and you see the purple in the future begin to develop in the central valley, those temperatures likely going to soar a 100 degrees as early as tomorrow. the faa goalkeeper
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the numbers down outside right now, especially when anywhere near the coastline. and that will be the case i think even as we see a little bit of a heat wave. the temperatures going to be along the coastline maybe 40 maybe 50 degrees cooler than some of the valleys. i'm about 64 degrees very comfortable in the san francisco tomorrow, 71 in oakland, nice there as well 81 degrees warm and san jose will begin though some changes those high pressure begins to build in actually going to see some wraparound thunderstorms some of that moisture little monsoonal moisture kind of get wrapped around and making his way across the sierra nevada, so if you're traveling i country you're doing camping this week be prepared. you may run into some thunderstorms, especially in the southern half. the sierra nevada over there next to 5 to 7 days as a high pressure begins to build a new seymour that moisture across the high country as well so that being said i'm going to get hot in the central valley, starting tomorrow about a 105 degrees in fresno one oh 3 in bakersfield and nearly triple digits in the sacramento valley and you get the idea those temperatures going up from there as average want to start to builin around the bay area you're saying what heat wave along the coastline
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57 degrees at the sunset, 64 in san francisco downtown 59 pacifica 60 in half moon bay inside the bay, the temperatures warming up that some 70's popping up along the peninsula, 77 redwood city, south a look at the 70's 80's will hold off. well the that big heat up until a lot of part of the week still some 80's and 90's inland by tomorrow afternoon, 91 in concord about 84 raga but 88 degrees in pittsburgh, 80 in the napa valley near the fire 89 degrees now to about 82 and up about 74 in san anselmo about 89. in santa rosa now over the next few days a couple of weeks system's going to slide through right across the northern part of the state and that will keep the temperatures down just a little bit. but then things begin to change so it's starting to get a little bit hot on wednesday, the most temperatures really get cranked up, maybe some triple digit heat as we head in towards saturday and sunday. thank you lawrence thousands of puerto ricans filled the streets today than shutting down a highway in san won for another day of protests. >>against puerto rico governor
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ricardo rossello protesters are demanding his resignation after a series of offensive messages between the governor and some members of his inner circle were published omar jimenez has the very latest. >>it's a scene some are describing as unprecedented thousands of puerto ricans marching in the streets and demanding their governor's resignation. the heart of these demonstrations are leaked messages between governor ricardo for sale and his inner circle, many of them profanity-laced homophobic and misogynistic in nature at one point her sale responded to a message that threatened to shoot san juan mayor carmen yulin cruz by saying quote you'd be doing me a grand favor. >>the crimes committed by the governor or so and and us that it cannot wait intention is just it is impeachment. sale isn't backing down he's apologized and says he won't run for reelection next year.
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>>but has also said he plans to continue serving as governor. >>i need to work beyond so that we can address some of the longstanding problems of corruption here put the recall and fix that problem. >>this protestor close to entering a second week. >>rewind. >>and calls sales impeachment grow, he may not get that opportunity. >>the measles outbreak has now spread to 30 states. the cdc says alaska and ohio they've been added to the list. the number of cases is up by 25 from the previous week that's the biggest outbreak in the us since 1992 signs and symptoms of measles they include high fever, cough runny nose, watery eyes. health experts say the measles rash appears about 3 to 5 days after infection. results of course can be dangerous, especially for babies and young children.
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>>a group of good samaritans rushed to the aid of a driver inside that pickup truck that flipped over it happened today on an l an illinois interstate near chicago. the truck flipped onto its side after a tire blew out who was and struck by a passing vehicle and then as you can see
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several people got other cars and work together to flip the truck back onto its side they then broke the windshield and freed the man who is trapped the driver was actually able to walk away from that crash. >>even if your baby has eczema or egg allergy a they might still benefit from eating peanut products that's according to new research in the canadian medical association journal. the baby studied they either had an egg allergy or they had moderate to severe eczema some of them were fed tiny amounts of peanut protein every week only about 3% later developed a peanut allergy but more than 17% of the at-risk children who avoided peanuts altogether went on to develop an allergy by the time they were 5. experts recommend a testing children with any of these risks before introducing peanuts to their diets next at 6. >>oregon students can now take mental health days, why some critics say this move is bad for kids and if you're streaming us on kron on the
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news continues during the commercial break,
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>>and will now allow students to take mental health stays the same as they would sick days it's part of a new law that experts say is the first of its kind in the u s the law expands the reasons for excused school absences. the students behind the measure say it's meant to change the stigma around mental health. in a state that has some of the nation's highest suicide
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rates mental health experts say putting the policy in place is healthy. >>talk about mental health. we normalized having a mental health needs. it's not something to be afraid of it not something to be an issue >>so opponents have said the law will encourage students to find more excuses to miss school in a state that also suffers from one of the worst absenteeism rates in the nation. the students behind the bill say criticisms miss the point they say students are going to take the same amount of days off from school with or without the new law but they might be less likely to lie about why they're taking a day off if schools, formally recognize mental health in their attendance policies. >>a big story tonight equifax is set to pay up to million and a nationwide settlement for that huge data breach it exposed the private information of millions of americans kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how the settlement affects california.
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>>state officials say many californians are likely eligible for compensation in the equifax data breach that compromised sensitive information nationwide companies have a legal responsibility to secure it and to protect the 2017 data breach exposed names, social security numbers birth dates addresses and in some cases drivers license numbers of about 15 million californians nationally the company will pay out about million in civil penalties and million total in restitution for those who had to pay out of pocket for any related costs from the breach. >>you'll also be able to request reimbursement for your time and money spent trying to avoid or to recover from identity theft. such as money you paid out to freeze freeze your credit report. so i highly encourage everyone who may have been impacted by the equifax breach to sign up for the alert and to get the relief you're entitled to have you ever said i was one of dozens of state attorneys
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general who sued the company the sea will get million from equifax. >>money that will go toward fighting future cases like this money we receive in penalties gives us the opportunity to get ready to deal with future violators so this way it's not just on taxpayers dime that we do the work. protecting consumers, it's on the dime of those who violate the law california is entitled to compensation can visit equifax breach settlement dot com or call 1, 8, 3, 3, 7, 5, 9, 2, 9, 8, 2 in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the settlement is expected to affect millions of californians. >>we're going to talk about this with erica. samberg our finance a consumer finance expert, it did seem erica like half of america was affected by this so what is the settlement mean to them. well, it means that you may be eligible for some money and how much and how long it's going to take to receive it's a whole nother story. the settlement does agree to pay out people who have been
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damaged by by the breach and it could potentially some some decent funds for kind of damages are we talking about that a lot of us had our. they have the credit reports available to us because we had been compromised, but not necessarily thing happened from that, but some people may be something did happen. yeah, i mean that's the point if there was some fraud that was associated with it and you didn't get reimbursed, then that will be reimbursed as part of the settlement, but it's the same thing if you spent a lot of time on it or any time you can be reimbursed for that as well as fees anything that any monetary value that you have put into this process. you will be reimbursed for it. and it's up to $20,000. we'll see if anybody actually get $20,000 word, some where the average would probably be more like 250 based on what i don't know. >>but do they make it hard to fun to go through this process but that's the point right now there's not even a way to file a claim because there's nothing there's nothing set up right now. the point is if you
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did if you were affected, start gathering your documentation. now because you're going to be using it later so i mean it's going to be a little bit difficult you're going to go through some work but if it's worth it to you in the and then certainly do it, that's just the monetary aspect of this. what's the other aspect. you're entitled to 7 free credit reports from equifax every year so that's great that's a live available to everybody wellstone and people this is obvious i guess that even if they get that they really still have to be diligent about checking their credit and keeping track of stuff it's really on you it is absolutely on you and will always be a new that will never change however, 7 free credit reports per year so that you can get them get them. every month every 6 weeks. you know they're going to try and make it easy for you as well as they can get some free credit monitoring as well was going ask how how do you make sure you get that how you sign up what do you have to do to get those 7 free credit reports that you're going to have to sign up go on took on 2 equifax's. >>a web site there's going to
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be a tool you're going to download the tooling you're going to use it and kind of start there. >>the new york attorney general said that equifax put profits over privacy. >>so they just a lazy or was this we know a little more now about what they did and didn't do yeah it's hard you know we're not privy to that kind of information as to exactly what happened. >>but let's put it this way. no company wants this to happen. none. so certainly they had measures in place where it wouldn't have happened, but it did but it's happening it happens all the time i think the bigger problem though was that the delay they were aware of it a lot of companies are aware of these things we've heard about this for many companies that they get breached to get hacked. >>and then they sit on this information while the rest of us are vulnerable because they're trying to mitigate the damage on there and they're trying to figure out what are we going to have are going to address this and you know you want the right information out you don't want to just kind of jump in and start you know making apologies without having anything to give in return. so we do know obviously that millions of people had information exposed
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but just to clarify that we have a better idea. >>of how many had their information used in some way 9. >>so far so far ere is not one documented case is not any aspect of this. so in a way they're kind of like wiping about on will really know how big a settlement going to be for the you know the funds are out there. but you how many people are actually going to receive a claim so for most of us, i mean you know we all got the free credit reports we didn't see any unusual activity from this. >>saying so for us to come up with this ok why it took me 8 hours to look for this and i don't have documentation but i guess i can write something down this idea is to try to get. let the couple bikes. it took you a few hours. >>and some in fees in order to do it it's going to be worth it to you to throw in a claim. if it was purely out a few bucks. oh they're giving are going to what 10 years of free credit monitoring is that different from what they initially site is so you get
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all this credit monitoring as well and if you already have a credit monitoring system in place that you pay for they're going to $150 credit toward it so it's something and then. and on top of that you're probably safer. now because this inspires positive change right >>amber thanks for joining having america. or set to to tell you what's coming up on sports night live to talk right now in the bay area baseball's the giants news or both. actually in the thick of playoff races for to break it down coming up. >>and a lot of fog moving in along the coastline right now but clear skies in the valleys, the heat it is go
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>>it had a lot to talk about in the sports world tonight there always is for some reason jair stone can't run a joining us from the senate bay area sports night. >>thanks catherine can. yeah we've got a lot to talk about because area pays baseball teams are still hot giants of the wild walk-off win last night 8 heading into a tough series with out, astro's both of those games are in progress. we're going to break it down tonight on bay area sports night, the jr after that incredible giants win last night. what do you think they have to do to keep this momentum going again just to it's really been one incredible game after the next when you talk about the san francisco giants. >>but if us the highest right now. what's going to happen
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within the next 10 days. i think there be questions from the high. will we trade this will we trade this play i think there are a number of questions that are still out there. i think there are a number of answers that fans want but i don't think they're even ready to give those that's why i think this series over the next few days with the cubs is going to be huge because of the test of how good this team is how well they can play and should they keep them together or should they start rebuilding. but you after what we've seen the last couple of weeks you think yourself. well maybe we keep them around so it will be great to say. >>i'm days remaining until the trade deadline july 31th we're going to down a little bit more coming up on bay area sports night at 07:00pm on the kron on. >>and we are enjoying in the meantime all right. thank you, let's check in with sorts and see what's going on. >>believe anything be hotter than the giants we we may find something a little hotter by the end of the week as the temperatures going to toast
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these spots are going to be wishon it yet some fog like this outside of this coming in very think right now along the golden gate bridge about that yeah for really kind of just moving in the bay right now we're going to see more of that tomorrow morning just inside the bay along the coastline as we head toward the afternoon. temperatures going to be heating up probably some 90's again showing up in the valleys, mostly sunny skies, but yeah, these temperatures not bad around the bay area tomorrow but things are going to begin to change as we get in toward a lot of part of the week watch this those temperatures expected to soar yet 90's even some triple digit heat by next weekend. >>thanks very much. answer in the 90's are not quite triple the 90's are not quite triple digits, not trouble there buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese
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the heartbroken parents of the little girl who fell off a cruise ship speak out. >> i just kept saying, take me to my baby where is my baby. then, runaway school bus. the driver suffering a medical emergency. he's driving down the wrong side of the road, and he can't stop. plus, tom brady uproar. was he endangering his six-year- old daughter by leaping off the cliff? ,then, trump versus the squad. the forgotten confrontation from three years ago. ys are crazy! and murder mystery on the desolate stretch known as th


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