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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 23, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston filling in for daria full so i'm james fletcher every weekend fun times at comic con over sharing a ton of those pictures coming up later on in the 7 o'clock hour so stay tuned for that i'm pretty excited to share hear about i. a a good time. yeah we will have all the details and trying not asked everything was exactly those good. so weather wise way was beautiful down there what about here what i miss yesterday and today a yesterday warm one it was a really nice weekend. what we had yesterday was the warm-up the start the warm up him to keep going. and it's maybe getting a little too warm for a few of us come the latter part of the week where we're sitting right now though isn't too bad, you can see out their sales force hour in the distance a lot like yesterday. >>making its way through some low lying clouds here fog is very patchy this morning, not nears intrusive as it was yesterday which as you remember it was seen all across the peninsula for quite a lot of your morning this
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morning it's on the patch, your side not resulting in too many visibility issues happened at times later on this morning will fall below a mile from his abilities to do watch a few spots along highway. one there that could be causing you just a couple of problems, 50's and 60's our temperatures to start the day 60's and 70's by noontime and by the afternoon ahead of us we're talking some upper 70's upper 80's. i should say again upper 70's to why not but i temperatures nearing if not hitting 90 degrees very similar to yesterday before on average our daytime highs inland do reach those 90's out all across much of the day tomorrow, i've got the rest of your forecast still to come. robert. >>all right, thank you john now, let's check in on your morning commute is filling in and quickly we have a crowd at the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes are stacked up the fast track lanes are filling into and it's already spilling back just beyond 8.80 over crossing, it's still very quiet were still hot spot free. so it's a great time to get out there, you know it's
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going to be backed up through the maze within the next hour or so so you still have time to beat the rush for checking in on 92. it's a little busy, but it's not bad. the brake lights are heading out of hayward over to and so far you are holding out a quick 12 minutes off to one o one checking in on the richmond center fell are roadwork finally picked up we have some cones in the cash lanes not clear now it's a smooth trip from the pay gates out a one on one. and here's what i want to cross the golden gate. no problems a quick 18 minutes rolling south nevado to san francisco. >>news now and happening now in the north a crews are still on the scene of a brush fire in napa county and that fire forced families out of their homes kron four's taylor sacking has the latest. >>flames smoke in families evacuated as nearly 200 firefighters battled this scene in napa county you're steve irwin 28 in red canyon road the graffiti and thick brush. >>the winds just that the winds were very strong but with the graffiti. this was a
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graphene driven fire and did make her with the thick brush made the effort a little a little different. >>9 homes were evacuated in saint. in addition to the sick brush. cal fire says the steep terrain made firefighting efforts challenging on monday. they called and 15 engines and 6 screws along with air tankers, helicoptprs and water tankers to tackle the area known as the canyon fire with the aircraft in the >>fire crews on the ground they did really good progressive work to save those structures when they initially got here at the latest check the fire now sits at 55 acres. >>with 60% containment firefighters say it's a wake-up call to be prepared when fire season hits full force to do their defensible space at home. clean in the roof off the gutters and so forth is all really makes a difference keeping the lawn cut this reduced in the fields between your home in the forced. >>a developing story that we're following for you this morning all lanes of
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northbound 88 you're finally back open after a freeway shooting. so the shooting was just south of 98th avenue it happened just after 6 30 last night. and police say there was a man in a dark colored sedan he started firing and another car with 2 men inside. the driver was hit both he and his passenger were taken to the hospital. the injuries do not appear to be life threatening at this point, but the shooter is still on the loose. >>happening today, the new terminal on during san francisco icon harvey milk will open at sfo yes, we're excited about this kron 4 sarah stinson is joining us live now from the airport with a look sarah. >>yeah, you know and just minutes into terminal, one being open and people all are already flooding into security. >>you can tell from the outside even though it looks just absolutely gorgeous brand spanking news, it still smells like fresh painting here. but let's take a look at the video we went over the weekend to get a good look inside give you a preview a few steps into
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the harvey milk terminal and you can see it's a lengthy tribute to the late san francisco supervisor. and you know a huge advocate for civil rights, the billion project to was to redevelop this terminal and break it into 3 different phases so this is phase one it's complete now. this is he first 9 of 20 5 gates to open in the boarding area with restaurants and security check definitely in operation right now, but the remainder of the terminal fully be open by 2023 you can see in there there's a lot of history people can catch up on well before their flight before they have to catch a flight go inside their learn more about harvey milk and what he did for civil rights and the lgbtq community now we did catch up with some air london breed this has been a huge process and she talks about the harvey milk terminal, one. >>for over 40 years has been given help to so many people.
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just members of our lgbt community but people from around the world who sometimes felt as if they didn't have a voice and i really hope that his message of hope. >>resonates with them long after their visit here. >>now outside the secure you can see they do have some cool art, a light fixtures a. look pretty cool many fancy and that's where you can see outside and then inside as you saw just lots of history. no. the airport is also getting ready for its on-side hotel, the grand hyatt and that's set to open by the end of september so another. cool and exciting addition for the airport. i love you seen it, but it's right when you drive in, especially from international section you can see it's very big hotel slogan is for people to uh to to go to say me too. they're waiting for hotel wait for their flight or get delayed or something like that for now live at sfo sarah stinson kron for news, good enough, thank you very much sir.
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>>well over to the east bay now an east bay city at the center of the sanctuary movement now finds itself possibly in conflict with its own policies. so new research from the university of washington's center for human rights shows that ice chartered flights out of the oakland airport to deport nearly 27,000 people in transfer. another 16,002 detention centers. so this happened from to 2010 to 2018. oakland is one of 9 cities in california that has been used by federal immigration authorities and i says it decided to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. now as far as the port of oakland which runs open airport. they say they knew nothing about this until a week ago. >>for the port of oakland to not know that this is happening is an issue of transparency, it's an issue that the city of oakland specifically mayor shaft should look into. >>well a spokesperson for mayor libby schaaf says that
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they are reviewing the matter and will address it if the city's policy was violated. saying in the city of oakland one person is dead and another injured after a shooting. now the shooting happened on 66 avenue near ben cross avenue that's not far from eastman town center. police say that they found 2 been shot both were taken to the hospital, one of the victims died and the shooter is still on the lose. >>police are also looking for a driver who they say nearly hit officers and pedestrians near lake merritt police pulled over a 2019 chevy camaro with racing stripes on the hood and roof along with temporary plates but the driver drove away sped off narrowly missing officers and other pedestrians in the process. investigators later found that car in fremont but at this point police don't have a detailed description of the driver. long bay area train tracks has investigators now looking for answers. 2 people were struck and killed by trains well trespassing on tracks yesterday. the first incident happened in
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burlingame investigators in crews responded to that seen near california drive and north lane. every time you have to cross who you have to look both ways because sometimes. either it's they're not saying that changed come in. >>oh they're just not here. >>now. >>the second deadly caltrain accident happened just a few hours later in mountain view. the victim in that case was on the tracks near castro street when a train with more than a 100 people on board hit and killd him and a man was killed when his car was hit by a tree a strain in livermore video from a passenger on that train shows the car wrapped around a pole as you can see there near junction avenue and old for street. passengers were later transferred to another train. following at least 8 violent attacks in san francisco's chinatown this year police say that they're working to improve safety for charles clifford has more on w at they're doing. >>well right now i'm standing in san francisco's chinatown this is a bustling part of the city full of tourists and locals pretty much every day of the year unfortunately they
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also see their share of crime here and sometimes it's violent crime. since the beginning of the year there have been at least 8 high-profile violent attacks in the chinese community here in san francisco, including an attack just last week were 2 broad daylight here beaten in in chinatown neighbors here want to do something about it today community leaders city officials and the police department held a public meeting talk about what's being done answer questions. the police department said they have beefed up foot patdols in the area also working on improving our response times they also say they need the public's help basically if you see something say something. >>please reach out to us. the police department so we can establish those lines of communications for the police department also talked about surveillance cameras have been installed along stockton street and that they hope i will deter crime and catch those who are responsible. in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>well 2 of san francisco supervisors want to ban natural gas from all new municipal construction and
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major renovations. so the supervisors plan to introduce the legislation in september and hopes to get it signed by the new year the supervisors say that the proposal would reduce emissions in new city buildings to 0 and also demonstrate the city's commitment to leading the transition to all electric future and all electric future. so berkeley recently became the first city to ban natural gas and new buildings. on the east bay, the woman whose where did the famous bbq becky video says that she would like to speak to the woman who called police that day on her family in lake merritt so you may remember t s move in the second annual barbecuing while black event happened this past weekend at lake merritt in oakland and it was successful. michelle snyder, the woman who recorded the night now viral video. she says she's happy that something positive for the has happened in the wake of what was really stressful event for family and friends. >>i don't have any hatred or anger or anything and i would love to know what she thinks nowadays you know has she
5:12 am
changed has she changed her perspective a little bit does she know that a lot of people have also brought awareness of taking care of the lake as well and the environment. >>well close to 2500 people showed up at lake merritt to celebrate the food they had music and also to celebrate the culture of oakland, the town. >>the morning news crews are making progress in repairing the richmond sandra fell bridge. but the work is far from over. plus some bay area priest is accused of spilling. 10's of thousands of dollars from the collection plate. also after the break a warning from the deal j just a day before special counsel robert mueller is set to te shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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>>coming up on 5.15 we got john talking about the forecast and the warm up i guess for the week ahead, yeah, big warm-up guys one of her most persistently warm forecast so far this year too by the time it's over with we'll all be use to write. i'm looking for anything above 78 nice start going 75 to 78 that's k nd of the goal the hot >>but when you're talking 90's so comfortable anymore and that's what we do have ahead of us which is great cool weather. but you know if you are i'm planning on getting outside the next few days maybe plan your activities for earlier in the morning or into
5:16 am
the afternoons are skies are pretty clear compared to yesterday over berkeley, this is going to be one of our biggest changes today. >>as compared to where we are after your monday because today we really are pretty leveled out compared to yesterday skies are going to be nice clear and dry again and we're avoiding the core of this high pressure system sitting to our south and east. thanks to this low which continuing to make its way to our north so we're warm certainly warmer than we were this weekend. but the hottest weather is yet to come continuing to look at high temperatures in the 60's 70's 80's for most of the bay today, a few spots in the 90's under the sunny skies this afternoon skies were him a nice and clear as we move into tomorrow and as we push into tomorrow itself that's when those temperatures will be on the rise. so today one of our cooler days compared to where we're about to be 60's and 70's for san francisco's daytime highs and some 60's as you would expect to ride along the pacific shoreline now granada at 66 degrees today millbrae 73. well south san francisco right at 70 80's and
5:17 am
saying carlos redwood city of palo alto while mountain view 83 degrees south bay mid to upper 80's for your highs campbell, and morgan hill back in 88. that's exactly where you were yesterday livermore also back up 88 union city hayward on up through oakland and richmond in the 70's while conquered and up into the north bay pittsford fairfield back a villain yacht bill we're all in the 90's yesterday and guess what the whole back into the 90's today, same exact spot sitting that's a mark. now tomorrow, you are we're going to be joined by a lot more cities in the 90's in fact on average are in lynn daytime highs, we'll be in the 90's not just on wednesday. but thursday friday saturday all the way into sunday so a very warm weekend and a very warm finish to the week. it's also going to get warm alongside the bay with daytime highs near 80 degrees if not at that mark for the weekend ahead. so get ready for a warm summer forecast. before eventually
5:18 am
cooling down and monday of next week. robin all right, check in on the morning s commute which continues to fill in. >>around the bay area getting busy and crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza so prepare yourself for some slow traffic here. it's not a terrible driving its already a jammed up from west grand and so you're slow from west grand through that hold up the incline and then the bridge itself the suspension looks good and no problems on the skyway we're checking in on 92, we also have heavier traffic now leaving hayward there's a crash now just west of the toll plaza. but overall these folks are behaving so 12 minutes to the peninsula. checking in on the richmond sandra fell bridge. no big problems here west bound 5.80 wide open and still an easy trip into the north bay at 7 minutes off to one o one, and they were checking traffic tracker looking at some more freeways and they all look good highway for nice and smooth going west. 6.80 wide open from highway for leaving the che cohen martinez on out of danville no issues to want to alamo. the nimitz is a
5:19 am
great commute and so as one on one in a smooth right now leaving san jose heading north on one oh one less than 30 minutes to make it to menlo park. thanks. >>in national news special counsel robert mueller is getting ready to testify, it's one of the most highly anticipated congressional hearings in decades. tomorrow, he'll speak before 2 house committees about his investigation into a possible truck shun of justice by president trump and possible collusion with russia. democrats will press him on 5 areas where they believe the president obstructed justice and they'll also try to dig into details about contacts between russia and wikileaks the department of justice did send mueller a letter saying that his testimony quote must maintain with it must remain within the boundaries of your public report because matters within the scope of your investigation were covered by executive privilege. and we will have complete coverage of robert mueller's testimony right here on kron 4 tune in to the morning news starting at 05:00am will also be streaming it live on kron 4 dot com.
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>>the white house and federal lawmakers have reached a budget deal president trump announced a two-year budget deal in a tweet yesterday. so it would raise spending limits by billion and avoid a looming fiscal crisis by suspending the debt ceiling for 2 years until after the 2020 elections. house speaker nancy leader mitch mcconnell say their chambers will move on the legislation before lawmakers leave for recess on friday. the deal still needs the approval of the full congress. well police in puerto rico had to use tear gas and break up protests in san won thousands of people filled the streets last night demanding the resignation of governor ricardo rossello now this comes after release of profanity-laced homophobic end massaging the stick messages between the governor and members of his inner circle. so yesterday protesters blocked a major highway and launched an island wide strike. the governor says he's not stepping down and he's not
5:21 am
running for reelection next year. >>college football team near sacramento is grieving the loss of one of their own chancellor feels colbert was shot at a party in fair oaks early sunday morning. he was later pronounced dead at a hospital colbert attended sera college in rockland the coach says he is giving the team now time to process their emotions during this tragic loss. >>told them. you know will return to football activities when this team is ready to not when we say, but when when you guys, she'll and your hearts that you want to be back out on this field he has are bad. >>he's been talking to us trying to get us hope with the counselors if we needed. it definitely makes you special more of a man. police are still looking for the gunman. >>in georgia all for the 3 month-old baby died after it was dropped by its mother during a fight the video may be hard to watch. it shows the moments when the fighd started outside of a beauty supply store in moultrie and you can see the mother there in the
5:22 am
red shirt. yep she was holding the baby when she is hit by another woman had happened so quickly but the baby as you can see is suddenly no longer in her hands police near byron to pick up the child while others tried to break up the fight. >>and it is very disturbing know that you know the 2 a bill, so what would fight in a public place, especially will hold a 3 month old trial. and arms. >>here's the vio again. the mother is facing a number of charges, including felony murder and child neglect police have not charged the other woman involved in the fight. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a speeding tesla hits a couple killing the husband. we have new vides of that deadly crash that's now prompting organizations to demand safety for pedestrians. also after the break the very first ad against teenage vaping is out and it features 5.25 a look outside
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at the golden gate bridge shows a little bit of sunlight out there in the distance if you look just passed angel island and up into the marin hedlands but. >>overall definitely some overcast skies hanging out right above the core of the bay itself. fog not hanging out low enough to be blocking out your view of the bridge to going get a nice view that today. now as we work our way through the next few days fire weather is going to be something of concern now the reason for this is we're going
5:26 am
to have a big warm up in temperatures for inland spots and then we're also going to have some very low humidity. so this is something you're going to want to be aware of as you do make weekend plans. temperatures are already heating up in land a look at those triple digits for the central valley, sacramento. fresno bakersfield each at or above 100 degrees for today's daytime highs back to you. all right, thank you john. >>now let's check in on the bay bridge. so we have a full house here at the toll plaza cash lanes fast track lanes all stacked up and it's spilling way back to west grand so 13 minutes and growing to make it into san francisco. i have another check in just a bit chait's 5.26 the time. >>the us food and drug administration has released its first tv ad focused on the cigarette prevention. it's a million ad campaign was launched last year the goal is to reach more than 10 million teenagers who might be at risk of vaping are having already started and you can see her in the ad features a man performing illusions he's taking people's vapes and
5:27 am
apparently turning him into traditional cigarettes right before their eyes. last year the fda revealed that vaping had increased nearly 80% among high schoolers and 50% among middle schoolers. >>at the francisco is protect our. court is group has demanded that the city the demanded that the city the buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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>>back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us time to check in on the forecast now we are in store for little warm yeah, it's definitely going to be a warm forecast ahead guys and not just for a day or 2 we says the long haul but that gives us a chance to get used to it ok who's going to look at the positive side right, we're just going to be really still weather after this. and today is a going to be a bad day at all if you liked yesterday, you're really like today and a with a sunrise like this a campy too bad looking outside from rc church tower got a few clouds up there aloft and then. >>just some also low lying clouds sitting right on top of the bay to look at mount diablo in the distance it's not charted by any sort of cloud cover really a nice start to the day get a light jacket ready to go got a touch of fog and you'll be fine for your morning i'd say get your jog out of the way this morning with our temperatures in the 50's and 60's by noontime today will already be in the upper 70's, inland still very comfortable at noon
5:31 am
by the afternoon ahead you're getting warm for inland spots near 90 degrees. and our and when daytime highs in the days to come will be on average in the 90's some warmer temperatures just around the corner and i'm talking those still ahead robin all right, thank you john we have some heavier traffic now heading into san francisco we're taking a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza. you see all. >>the headlight their this goes all the way back to west grand so slow from west grand through the tolls a heading toward the incline of the eastern span. but still a pretty quiet commute into san francisco. so it's good. 92 is also good to drive t of hayward over to the peninsula. no problems on the san mateo bridge, it's crowded a little busy but not bad at 13 minutes to connect to one on one. we're checking want to want to cross the golden gate. it was so foggy yesterday we couldn't see the bridge couldn't see the towers. there was a fog advisory yesterday we don't have to deal with that this morning a very easy 19 minutes from nevado to san francisco giants. thank you very much.
5:32 am
>>all right happening. now crews are still on the scene of a brush fire up in napa county it forced families out of their homes for a time it broke out right near highway one 28 and grand canyon road. in all 9 homes were evacuated. the firefighters were able to save those homes, some of them were damaged. firefighters say that fire is a wake-up call now for homeowners to be prepared when fire season hits in full force at last update that fire had burned about 55 acres at the moment, it's about 60% contained. happening today local organization is planning to gather following the recent deaths involving pedestrians in san francisco. >>and this comes after we learn new details about that crash that killed a pedestrian in the tenderloin district kron four's will tran is joining us live now will. >>i'm in front of the san francisco police department in this group the san francisco police officers to step up patrols issue more citations to try to make the streets of san francisco. safer this after this horrific accident that happened over the weekend
5:33 am
marking the 21th pedestrian or bicyclists. fatalities so far this year involving a vehicle. it involves a woman according to investigators who ran a red light slammed into another car, bounced off that car and then slammed into 2 people from clovis a couple who they were in town celebrating their anniversary the 39 year-old man died the wife in the hospital with life threatening injuries. this comes 4 days after another fatality involving a man who was hit by a big rig and that big rig driver kept going the initial a collision happened in the tenderloin kept going several miles and then that man was arrested pretty much right in front of the kron 4 station and we rushed out there to cover that for you live last thursday, so back to back fatalities in the span of just a couple of days has this group demanding that the city declares state of emergency.
5:34 am
they will hold a rally at 9 o'clock this morning in front of city hall, hoping that mayor london breed steps up that effort to force the police department to crack down on speeding motorists to it have more camera red light cameras at intersections and the meantime as far as this latest fatality, according to the san francisco police department, the investigation continues. right now we can say at this point alcohol or drugs or any type of impairment does not seem to >>part of the collision right now. based on witness statements ah it sounds like the suspect was speeding prior to the collision. but there's only 2 things we can confirm right now everything else is going to be under investigation. >>and speaking of the investigation the san francisco police department they say that the woman 21 years old she's from vallejo her name is kelsey cambridge and she actually rented the tesla she was arrested and she faces charges of vehicular manslaughter as well as running a red light back to you. thank you very much well.
5:35 am
>>well drivers on the richmond center fell bridge might be week the monthlong repair work is finally wrapping up so caltrans crews have been replacing those falling pieces of concrete from the bridge's upper deck, 31 expansion joints needed to be replaced in between february and april of this year. phil joint was blamed for causing several pieces of concrete to fall into traffic in some cases, right on top of cars. now all that upper deck sunday been replaced crews are starting to look at the joints on the bottom deck that's the next step. >>at the end of the year will put out another contract for richmond center fell bridge will replace the bottom 30 joints and out just at age perry r. >>well crews still need to put says seals to the joints on the upper deck that will
5:36 am
require some nighttime lane closures for you, but it's expected to fully wrap up by the next 2 weeks. well to the north bay now santa rosa priest was caught stealing $100,000 so first responders they found more than $18,000 and father oscar to use his car. it was following a crash last month. so the bishop says that that money came from the resurrection parish just off a stony point road. we're ds serves as pastor. the discovery prompted an investigation that uncovered additional cash totaling in excess of $95,000. so there is evidence said the us was sending at least some of that money to family and friends in mexico. >>it's upsetting yet because i mean you come to church thinking the money's going to go to what is supposed to so for this to happen any kind of you know. >>it's it makes you think you know have second thoughts and whether you want to. >>give money or not because you know where the money's going. >>well the bishop says the us has admitted to taking the money the diocese has since
5:37 am
suspended >>when the university of california has admitted to a record number of freshmen at all 9 of its campuses more than a 108,000 freshman were admitted for the upcoming school year including more than 70,000 californians and nearly 15,000 were accepted to u c berkeley. well in southern california police chase involving a man dressed like a dc comics joker take a look you can see the man wearing a green wig in a clown mask, writing on the sunroof of a car times. the chase ended on venice beach where the man took a stroll even helped bury him in sand. there is a kid bearing his dad and a guy came over to help out very strange. you can hear the excitement among the fans as the san francisco giants do it again. they rally from behind to beat the chicago cubs last night
5:38 am
with joe panik getting the game winning hit. the giants winning at 5 to 4. they have won now 16 out of the last 19 games. the 2 teams play again tonight first pitch set for 6 45 at oracle park and as for the a's are going to be hosting for they were in houston. i should say taking on the astro's and it was not a great day for oakland. the astros took the lead early and never really looked back. >>houston beat the a's by final of 11 to one. the 2 teams will use duke it out again tonight first pitch at 5.10. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning a 150 million americans including 15 million californians. in the equifax data breach now the company has settled. how you can get some of that money and the payout coming up. plus we'll hear from the man who stopped a pit bull from attack packing a little boy.
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>>welcome back it is for 5 41 this morning and looking outside there is just a touch of fog streaming in past him are on this morning for the most part though are pretty pretty fog free you do have some cloud cover hanging out over head though. >>that will make for some gray skies to start once that cloud cover clears temperatures will be on the rise under some abundant sunshine temperatures already rising in areas like livermore pittsburgh and dublin. right now in the low to mid 60's 50's elsewhere such as in oakland berkeley and san francisco and compared
5:42 am
to yesterday we're really not much different. one degree warmer in some spots overall this is the way we're going to stay into the afternoon to a carbon copy of your monday. for the forecast ahead. this summer, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a $50 gift card. because when your business is rewarding yourself... ...our business is you. book direct at you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up.
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>>we are back equifax is set to pay up to million in a nationwide settlement for a massive data breach exposed the private information of
5:45 am
millions of americans kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how the settlement affects california. state officials say many californians are likely eligible for compensation in the equifax data breach that compromised sensitive information nationwide companies have a legal responsibility. >>to secure it and to protect the 2017 data breach exposed names, social security numbers birth dates addresses and in some cases drivers license numbers of about 15 million californians nationally the company will pay out about million in civil penalties and million total in restitution for those who have to pay out of pocket for any related costs from the breach. >>you'll also be able to request reimbursement for your time and money spent trying to avoid or to recover from identity theft. such as money you paid out to freeze around freeze your credit report. so i highly encourage everyone who may have been impacted by the equifax breach to sign up for the alert and to get the
5:46 am
relief you're entitled to. >>have you ever said i was one of dozens of state attorneys general who sued the company the sea will get million from equifax money that will go toward fighting future cases like this money we receive in penalties. >>gives us the opportunity to get ready to deal with future violators so this way it's not just on taxpayers dime that we do the work protecting consumers. it's on the dime of those who violate the law. >>california is entitled to compensation can visit equifax breach settlement dot com or call 1, 8, 3, 3, 7, 5, 9, 2, 9, 8, 2 in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>we have john here now talking about the forecast getting us prepared and ready for what's expected to be a very warm week. hot one ahead of us today about to be the coolest day out of the rest of that we ok so enjoy it a lot. >>mode this morning and that's scary because you said coolest a but we're expecting 80's and
5:47 am
90's today in some spots to do put that in perspective. so high that really is about to get guys. today, already a warm one but not as hot as we're about to be. >>you look outside at a center tower out looking towards mount diablo what a beautiful start to the morning. definitely a touch of fog and cloud cover out there some fog cloud cover aloft and then that fog hanging out right around to suture tower this morning, not looking at any cloud cover fog down in the south bay though a san jose beautiful in crystal clear and also some clear skies looking out from berkeley this morning really nice conditions overall so we're starting this morning off on a favorable no no fog to worry about temperatures are pretty comfortable 50's and 60's and winds overall fairly calm to we're in the midst of this low to our north high to the southeast. this is kind of broken record pattern right here. this is where we've been so much this season and one of the reasons that we actually haven't seen a very hot summer comped to some of
5:48 am
the warm-ups that we typically do have this low is about to be departing though, and that's going to give this high-pressure a chance to build in and the hot weather going to replace today's warm weather so do enjoy today, even though it is warm, it's not as hot as it is about to be skies will remain nice and clear throughout the course of your day to day and that's something that you can get used to in the days to come that's not going to be changing of like our temperatures which will be on the rise for today, 60's and 70's for san francisco and our coastal areas are going to feel as much of a difference in the days to come as our inland areas are those are the spots that are really going to feel the warm up in temperatures would sign up to 85 today mountain view at 83 very similar day to yesterday in the south bay with campbell in morgan hill back to 88 san jose you're 87 yesterday today, 86 and not really much of a difference. hayward in union city 77 for your highs and 70's as well through berkeley oakland, san leandro
5:49 am
our same spots that are in the 90's yesterday, those will be in the 90's again today conquered pittsburgh fairfield vacaville in the out bill while the nation antioch each 85 in santa rosa. back up to 87 degrees. so today we repeat yesterday and really not a bad day. it certainly is warm but not as warm as it's about to be come wednesday thursday friday saturday and sunday inland daytime highs will peak on average in the 90's and even our bayside areas will be looking at warmer temperatures with near 80 degree highs for some parts of the bay as soon as tomorrow and then especially into the weekend skies will remain sunny and dry during this time if you need an escape from the heat had to areas like oakland, san francisco, half moon bay. these will be great places to escape the heat. they are going to be feeling further inland. robin all right. thank you john let's check in on the morning commute which is picking up filling and every time i look at the bridge traffic just get heavier and heavier. >>so if you need to use 80 and make that drive into san francisco know that it's now
5:50 am
backing up to the bottom of the maze earlier it was just west grand. but now it's spilling over to the 5.80 connect or the east shore freeway connector. he will be jailed from that point right through the tolls and making your way up the incline. todd friesen no major accidents to report we've had some fender benders and 92 will be a little busy for you as well, mostly west of the toll plaza on the flat section. but a great trip making it over to one on one. we're checking in on west 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell bridge, it's looking good filling in but not bad and 8 minutes to the north bay, here's a look at traffic tracker and some more freeways check out 5.80 livermore to dublin. if that is your commute is wide open 11 minutes for vasco to the dublin interchange leaving dublin rolling south on 6.80 we're now at 17 minutes to make it to the free month side. the minutes trouble free and to 37 looks pretty good to only 7 minutes milpitas is something about james all right. thank you very much. >>national news, a memorial service for former supreme
5:51 am
court justice john stevens will be held today house speaker nancy pelosi stood in line to pay respects to justice stevens yesterday, he is lying in repose in the great hall at the supreme court about 80 of his former law clerks are taking turns standing over his casket. justice stevens died last tuesday of complications from a recent stroke, he was 99 years old. stevens will be buried at arlington national cemetery. >>this was bitten by a dog several times after he was caught on camera saving a boy from being attacked. so the 6 year old he was outside and just playing with 2 neighbors in his driveway. you can see the dog comes up, it's a loose pit bull uh just runs up and starts attacking them. a 19 year-old grant brown he heard the child screaming. he ran in to help them out that's when the pit bull term his attention on brown. that gave the child chance to run inside. >>i look back in my shoes came off i tripped and fell the dog was on top of me cry know it.
5:52 am
and i knew that i had to keep is not the way for me i just want to give the guy had you know like that there's nothing i could do. but just. >>say thank you. i had a quick thinking on his part good thing he stepped and brown suffered a laceration to his hand. >>the child was treated for a cut to his head. the dog us now with animal control and its owner given a citation. >>the breakers quick live look outside of you the golden gate bridge here with the low clouds clipping the tops of the towers warn your for right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
5:53 am
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>>5.54 looking outside at sfo there's a touch of cloud cover in the vicinity but still a lot of sunlight making its way down to the airport yesterday we were delay free this morning could we be so lucky. well so far no delays so so far so good hopefully we hold just that way, your current temperatures those are in the 50's and 60's with antioch at 65 oakland and hayward egypt, 58 while for san francisco in half moon bay, some mid 50's at the current time. rob. >>all right. thank you john checking in on the long line at the bay bridge toll plaza. it going. it's a spilling all the way back to the bottom of the maze on to the east shore on to 5.80. but it's still quiet and we like quiet, no trouble spots to worry about us a lot of commute traffic here at the toll plaza and then will thin out west of treasure island on the
5:56 am
suspension, 92 citizen commute as well, no big problems leaving hayward to the peninsula. but there's a crowd on the flat section 14 minutes and growing to san mateo and the golden gate looking good traffic nice and light from the north bay to san francisco. we'll put it at 19 minutes highway 37 to the toll plaza chains. >>the chp officer in oakland rescues a from interstate 80. the chp posted this photo on social media, it was the officers first day on the job actually officer carroll and his training officer stopped traffic they surrounded the kitten rescued safely now it's up for adoption. guy. >>are ready to take a quick break time now 5.56 and up in the next hour to kron 4 morning news, the new harvey milk terminal opens at sfo we're live with a preview. and firefighters are working to contain a brush fire that for several families out of their homes in napa county will have an update on what the situation is this morning. and the warning from the department of justice just one day before special counsel
5:57 am
robert mueller is set to testify in front of federal lawmakers. here's a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge where traffic. let's move on ok here again robin with more on your commute check and john we so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok?
5:58 am
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this tuesday, july 23th, i'm james fletcher mind, i'm robin winston filling in for daria fall so before you start to plan your day we need to get a check of the weather because it looks like you're going need some shades maybe and some. >>sunscreen is some ready for one of their own good condition, it would be this is one of those days like how could need to go see a movie happier talking about that earlier. >>yeah we are warming up guys going to be a hot week ahead of us today is actually about to be our coolest day. but by no means will it be cool. it's just cooler than the rest looking outside this morning. it's a good chance to get outside before it does get too terribly high skies are actually pretty inviting looking you do have some low clouds that are hanging out right across the bay a few clouds out the distance beyond about diablo it you can see pretty clearly overall this is a much clearer start to the day that we had for yesterday a couple of spots. we'll find some patchy fog but overall it's not going to be affecting


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