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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 24, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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customer service training reporters were not allowed inside this training took place at 183 offices with 5,000 front line employees across the state is so low logical first step to rebuild that you're led the governor steam that spent 6 months sorting out how the dmv can do better first priority was to address statewide inconsistent season, how employees handle department processes so this is just let's all get on the same page one day all at the same time. >>and with a consistent training, so you can consistently carry out. >>your service to the customers moving forward the dmv is bracing for millions of customers seeking a real id before next fall matter says the department is cutting down and consolidating parts of the real id application process to make it faster. >>literally the movement how long it takes and employed to go check the authenticity of the document it's where we're changing we're different and equipment is and how it's being used so that there are fewer steps literally. >>wednesday's training a first
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step in what state leaders say they hope is a renewed california dmv experience in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>california may be a leader in many fields but more than a million people in the state don't have access to clean drinking water. governor newsome says wants to change that today, he signs a safe and affordable drinking water fund. the fund is expected to receive a $130 million this year for projects focused on providing access to clean water. the governor talked about the fun during a visit to a small community near sanger in fresno county the community currently doesn't have access to safe drinking water. many of the families received jugs of water for drinking and cooking through a grant program. as we step outside around the bay area.
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>>wednesday our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is standing by to talk about some triple digit temperatures already showing up on already hot today. i didn't think you'd get to that point these numbers on a good 3 maybe 4 degrees worse. i think this coming weekend everything need equal probably even hotter than this and it was hot enough a 102 degrees today in conquer one oh one in livermore 94 98 manioc 87 degrees in oakland 92 and napa 97 in santa rosa and 92, even a san jose so big contrast on those temperatures look at the coastline 63 degrees. the official high in half moon bay, so right now the water's edge going to stay fairly cool. but this big dome of high pressure now building in going to be one little weak system right over the top of this for tomorrow that will keep the temperatures down a little bit but then this ridge really strengthening i think over the weekend as temperatures. i've crank them up a little bit even hotter over the weekend maybe get near 104 degrees in some of the spots inland, maybe even a 105 temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow may get knocked down just slightly
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we're going to see a return of the sea breeze little more fog along the coastline and also some mid to high level clouds some of that monsoonal moisture going to move overhead and that may just be enough drop the temperatures down still some hot 90's well inland but the heat yeah expected to get cranked up again as we get the weekend. we've got excessive heat watch posted for the entire central valley as these temperatures now expected to hear from a 103 to maybe a 109 degrees in land that gives you an idea of some of the heat that we're going to be playing with as we head into the weekend. even tomorrow going to be hot one oh 6 and present a 100 and sacramento, one oh 4 in bakersfield that you know is keeping things fairly cool out toward the beaches, south there right now gorgeous look out over the bay right now you can see mostly clear skies think it stays mostly clear for tonight. interesting though today again the monsoonal moisture get all that heat and the monsoonal moisture comes in the afternoon all these thunderstorms erupting over the sierra nevada just beginning to minister little bit we're going to see kind of replaying itself right on through the weekend and some of that monsoonal moisture coming our way back to make things a little interesting. i think maybe tomorrow night
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maybe good chance of a lightning strike here in the bay area outside right now it is still toasty 96 degrees in hot live more 93 in dublin 88 in san jose, a cool 60 degrees in pacifica but yeah these temperatures getting even hotter for the weekend. thank you are as facebook will have to pay a record breaking billion fine for violating user privacy that summit. >>experts say that fine does not go far enough of the multimillion-dollar tech giant our grant lotus joins us now he has details on all of this grant can they say everything's relative it's all about perspective right will $5 billion is a ton of money by most standards but when you talk about is just about a month's worth of revenue for facebook is it really that much money it is the largest fine ever imposed by the federal trade commission. the washington post reporting that the ftc originally plan to find facebook 10's of billions of dollars and hold ceo and founder mark zuckerberg accountable. but now after
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years of privacy concerns facebook has agreed to the deal of vogue, lesser amount 5 billion this including exposing up to 87 million users personal data of the political analysts from cambridge analytica facebook according to the fcc. also allegedly broke the law by using that data to target ads to users. >>facebook betrayed the trust that users and deceived them about their ability to control their personal information. >>we do not have the legal authority to remove mier zuckerberg from the driver's seat. but we have imposed a robust system of checks and balances that extinguishes his ability unilaterally to chart the path for consumer privacy. >>in a statement zuckerberg said in part these changes go beyond anything required under us law today. the reason i support them is that i believe they will reduce the number of mistakes we make and help us develop and deliver stronger
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privacy protections. critics of the settlements 8 and poses no meaningful changes to the company's structure. an ftc commissioner who voted against the settlement said it does nothing to curtail the company's quote mass surveillance or advertising tactics. meanwhile, former chief technologist at the ftc called it a sweet deal for facebook shares of facebook rose several percentage points today after the news, pam and ken back to you all right grant, thank you. if you're going to have san francisco's new chase center for a concert or a warriors game you can get there for free on you in a deal between the lawyers and the sfmta will allow ticket holders to ride muni. >>for free on event days. the lawyers have agreed to pay for the program which covers all events at the chase center just have to show your event ticket is proof of payment. the chase center set to open this september in the mission bay neighborhood of san francisco just in time for the new basketball season. there
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are also a number of concerts scheduled at that new venue. >>he just might be a little smarter than your average bear what the big critters smell that led to try to make off of the stores garbage coming up. also ahead, certain local communities doing everything they can to lower the fire danger in their areas. >>the low tech solution one bay area town of savings and service.
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>>in the north bay grass fires burning near interstate 6.80 and solano county. this is video from the scene this afternoon. it was happening southwest or fairfield near lopes and march few roads the fire started just after 10 this morning. so far as per their earned a 183 acres and at last check was 50% contained. more hot weather on the way becomes even more wildfire danger in this kron four's charles clifford tells us in one town it's all who lives on dec. >>well here in marine county every day that passes without rain the hills in the grass gets a little drier a little brown or and that of course increases fire danger now a hot weather in the near future forecast. there's a lot of work going on across the county to try to reduce fire danger through defensible space working also weed abatement and right behind me here. they actually have some goats out on this hillside working to clear some of the grass if you were to try to go up in here with tools or law moore's it would be an almost impossible task but they can turn these goats loose here and they can get in there and
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just trim all this crest down thus reducing the fire danger. now these goats put here by fire safer in which is a fire safety council here in the north bay made up of a agencies and government agencies private individuals and businesses the kind of work on projects to reduce fire danger they also do a lot of outreach a chance to talk with the executive coordinator on wednesday who says this isn't some random hill that they're on they are here for a specific reason ever and has a long history of wildfires in fact what some of the locations where the grazing the curry right now are intended. >>2 separate areas that have historically seen major wildfires of 50,000 acre fire and burned from nevada to fairfax almost 80 years ago in dissipate that that fire will happen again. so this this goes grazing is specifically intended to create a few will break that would interrupt the path of another fire like that. >>now the other great thing about these goats as their great public relations tool, you know neighbors and homeowners here see the goats and they call a fire safer and they say hey i'd love to have the goats come over and a clear the grass on my
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property, so it's a really good way to get the word out and get some extra attention to the importance of reducing the danger of wildfires. in the north bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>have an update on that breaking news out of the east bay, the lake merritt bart station is now open that's after a person was hit by a train earlier this afternoon. bart says to expect residual delays at the lake merritt stations, especially affecting the dublin president line the warm springs, daly city enrichment lines. >>one day after hawaii's governor visited protesters promising to keep a proposed telescope off of land they call sacred a group of the bay area protectors petition, a company here to stop its involvement with that project.
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>>and so much to do right here in the bay area that we sometimes forget that there is a great big beautiful golden state out there full of things to explore lot of variety for tonight's installment of our summer road trip series. we take you on a relatively short trip to central california for a look at the region's culture and agriculture. fresno the state's 5th largest city with the metro population of around a million. >>easy to spot from the city streets are the towering sierra nevada mountains place outdoor enthusiast's michael paradise. you find the iconic half dome and instagram or the water falls in yosemite national park. the tallest trees in the world in sequoia
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national park and breathtaking views over in kings canyon national park. all these national parks are just about an hour from fresno hope that people come here they want to see all 3 because you can really do all 3 in less than a week. >>kristy johnson is the president county tourism manager. she says people flying to fresno yosemite international airport or drive through to get the assembly that park alone attracts 4 million people years in the foot hills below yosemite you can find the town cursed travel back to the gold rush era on how a 49 named after the 49 ers stop in mining town and you can pan for gold in some locations like they did back in 1800 below the hills and mountains you'll find a whole lot of agriculture in to central san joaquin valley we i think we're the best agricultural county in the nation in fresno county you can tour the field to learn more about where your food comes from we were home to the fresno county for trail. the president county blossom trail. you can also taste local wines from dozens of wineries on the big error and fresno wine trails when the field is outside the city to
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the downtown streets. there's even plenty to do right here in fresno you can see the force year underground gardens a sicilian immigrant and citrus grower turned uses farmland into a vast network of underground tunnels and gardens to grow crops. fresno is also known for the chaffee zoo, you can see some amazing animals from all over wondering african adventure is our local produce is as fresh as can be so as you can imagine that makes it pretty easy to find the places deed around also what is better than a baseball or soccer game at church and the park located next to president growing brewery district downtown. it attracts people from all over the valley. so next time you think of the road trip in fresno in fresno i'm joe miller reporting. hawaii's governor met with protesters at mana can this week making him the highest ranking public official to visit the large the big island protest. >>the demonstrators are blocking construction equipment from the for the 30 meter telescope from ascending to mount a k a summit. the
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protesters say the mountain is sacred and they do not want the telescope to be billed. the protests have been going on for more than a week now and today in palo alto there was a solidarity protest. kron on's ryan o'donnell spoke with one of the event's organizers today. joining us now to talk about the preservation of the sacred lands is brit brit thank you for joining us here on this wednesday. >>tell us about your association with this movement. >>well i mean if a lion i live in the bay area now i have a business year my family's here. and you know when the call goes out when the out for help and on i really wanted to be as helpful as i could beat everybody back home. and he wanted to organize here because our garden and many more and more foundation. the are the biggest investors in the teens, the project and they're headquartered here in palo alto we delivered a petition of a 167. 1000 signatures of people demanding that they put a halt to the tnc immediately. in all that
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were there. for our city. i'm just you know hearing our voice and helping educate people. this is more than just a telescope for us. if we can't protect our secret police are secret model to know what else can we protect. lines have been through enough, why all the way back to 1893 when are you know dome was illegally at and our queen abdicate her throne, so i mean we this is enough this is our final stand and i don't see there being a compromise honestly. on the first day last week i mean people were making down in front of the roadways so that equipment trucks and going up, i mean. this is our last and i and i don't it happening. >>that interview aired for sand in its entirety on kron on now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials you can get caught up on the latest breaking news and weather any time of day just visit kron on dot tv to
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start watching now. other breaking news story we are tracking at this hour, a fire in the south bay is growing cal fire says the swiger fire has burned 50 acres you can see in this picture, the fire is near some homes. firefighters are working towards containing the blaze burning in the community of spring valley and that is in santa clara county. >>jason will set you up for bay area sports night was a baseball talks, mostly a's and the giants have turned their seasons around they have playoff aspirations that's coming up. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible.
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>>want to show you a pop shop. >>burglar you have to see to believe a bear caught on camera dragging a dumpster out from behind a marijuana shop. but as actually michael's found out it seems those bare prove dumpsters really live up to their promise. >>it's a place to pass through. but one you don't want to pass up. lyons colorado. rocky mountain national park way past those mt and that is on today's agenda. we're taking you to work with nico of because i so we'd the bud depot locals only spot we're gon but behind the building they go see the garbage because one man's trash ash his boxes, it's not of the fun stuff like you would imagine is another bears
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treasure is all into the rocky mount high and i don't blame him. he knows the good stuff and he sees it are says a smells of their security camera caught this guy breaking into the dumpster. this is the door blew open housing, this is like something out of a horror film. >>at little lock was no match. so he crafted busted through like the signing which is ironic because the family hotels like 20 minutes about what their sightings around here aren't uncommon cnn probably about 10 times over the past couple weeks. >>they don't usually do this. is no tiny dancer, but he's a dancer cheeseburger as the staff calls him couldn't get into the bexar proof they totally work yes, so he tried to take it home than river. >>i wasn't 9 counts of this is a factor not without no way. >>way out here or maybe he was just trying to take it out everybody wants to work at a cannabis shop. >>this shown some >>and that's pretty funny
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line. we want to talk about the giants in the sports world tonight mark and jason up there on the set of various course night guys. >>well the giants can with all of the 2nd right now you are the ball today you got to see this giants team in person got to see the atmosphere at oracle park now they have been one of the best teams in baseball since the all-star break a both a giant eni claimed a game today. >>probable teams lt been seen the giants stand watching this team do you get a sense. they have the makings for long term success and can see can continue this. throughout the rest of the season. yes, you know i was in the locker room postgame and i thought steven vote and he told me that they are well aware of their most recent success and he said quote success brings chemistry in chemistry bring success and they have a lot of both a big right now they're not paying attention to the trade deadline coming out of course they hear all the outside noise, but they're just paying attention to game by game and
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winning by winning and he said they. >>we get a much-needed day off tomorrow they played every day since july 12 you know it will be a a it will be a good day off and they'll get right back but i am confident that this team. >>truly believes in themselves yet really an amazing story and they've played 14 games in the last 13 days so a much deserved day off tomorrow on the a's lost in houston will be talking about both the giants and the athletics bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. so back to uganda just all. >>all right, thanks you guys see later. lawrence. >>they guys, yeah we are tracking the fire conditions right now in the south bay. we're seeing some of those winds now to 12 miles per hour come out of the just these to milpitas you see the fire conditions there so blown around a little bit. not a real big wind right now those winds will begin to subside over the next couple of hours that certainly can be pushed around by a breeze like that outside right now we do have a little bit of haze not much in the way of fog in fact skies will stay mostly clear as we head through the night tonight patchy fog along the coastline
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early on tomorrow morning. then we start to heat things up again in those temperatures soaring into the 90's again in some of the valley so going to be hot again away from the coastline. these temperatures going to be very toasties land the 90's watch out for some the monsoonal clouds tomorrow they should be a neat site above and some patchy fog along the coastline. and then it's going start to get hot of today was hot enough these temperatures over the weekend, maybe a 103 maybe a wouldn't be surprised even a little bit warmer than that even dangerous students are starting dry i thank you life, thank you for being with us tonight. >>yesterday's in an hour i do this again just to get see at 8 o'clock.
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it's mueller time. >> america comes to a stand still watching robert mueller's testimony. >> the tv fireworks, and the mockery. and bison attack, the two ton bison flipping a little girl. plus, ew, delivery dude caught on camera. was he putting his mouth on the drink? did he sip from the customer's soda? then, who is laughing now? >> a new arrest on the water et


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