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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 24, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>tonight a violent robbery at a concord bowling alley turns out to be an inside job. that's according to police good evening, everybody thanks for joining us. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis concord police have arrested 2 men in connection with the crime. they say one of the suspects was a security guard at the business and facilitated the whole thing conforto well below joining us now live outside the concord police department with all the details know l let us back here. >>definitely something you would expect to see in a tv show or a movie of vicky and grant the concord police to tell me that both the suspects are behind bars right now are between the 2 of them having served time in state prison for assault with a deadly weapon robbery and kidnapping. they say is that the security
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guard in all of this actually used a fake id to get his job and once they figure that out they were able to crack this case. >>you've got city of it and the violence of it. >>was shocked as it was right around midnight on may 12th when the round one entertainment venue at sun valley mall. 2 fright and the trail. >>and it was definitely scary knowing that i worked there and knowing that my co-workers when i had to go through that thomas shelton has been working here for nearly a year, everyone here was on and basically you know like not knowing what's going to happen next you know who was it was you know was that in fact. >>that they did after 2 months of investigating the concord police department's major crimes unit, arrested 43 year-old gary delahanty the security guard that was on duty the night of the robbery in the course of the investigation we learned that when a security guard. >>had obtained his guard car through false. i d we dug into that we fund that that he was
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a parolee and he was on parole for assault with a deadly weapon conquered pd believe dillahunt he helped 37 year-old parolee vincent timmins. >>and another man gain access to round one to run normally secured employee entrance. >>at gunpoint push 2 victims inside and the zip tied their arms behind their backs to better control them and sat him down while they took all the money with the help of the san francisco police department and the us marshals fugitive task force we were able to take both subjects into custody employees say hearing that at least 2 of the suspects have been caught. >>gives them a big sigh, it's really. >>that's that's excellent that's what everyone wants to hear you know. going through some like that you want to make justice is served and those guys get caught. >>now we do want to know the security guard was working for a private company that round one was using they are no longer using that security company and they say they've
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definitely updated their security measures there round one as for the 2 suspects are being held on 75 $45 million bonds. concord police tell me they do have a lead on a 3rd suspect and they are expecting to make an arrest in the near future live in concord noel bellow kron 4 news. well thank motorcyclists killed in a hit and run crash in concord has been identified. police say 28 year-old joshua mortensen from clayton. >>trying to pass a toyota prius on eastbound a. conquered this is a video from that scene he collided with the previous of them was thrown into opposing traffic. a pickup truck struck him and then just kept going westbound that pickup i'm struck and there according to police morgan said was pronounced dead at the scene police are still looking for the driver of the >>homelessness drugs crime it's all surrounding oakland home depot on alameda avenue
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here. you can see from this video a city council member says the store home depot's fed up they say they're losing so many customers so much revenue. it's threatening to close for good unless the city does something about it. well today, the city started to clean up the area kron 4 sailors sackey was there she joins us now live from the newsroom with details to love this place is a mess. >>you said it just exactly it is a mess in the city councilmember noel says there's a lot of homelessness and crime to tackle but the city's taking it one step at a time now today crews began at 37th avenue street right behind the home depot or are these bikes push carts and more litter that street but as of tonight, it's now cleared in the city's moving forward with the plan. the sense in the area so the streets only accessible people live there and emergency crews. >>this is the ghetto was home people and they said that on record. in writing that this is the worst home be put in the nation that they have. >>city councilmember noel says
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this open home depot in the city's fruitvale neighborhood is surrounded by people living in homeless camps doing drugs in stealing from the store expenses have been torn down this with them. >>special cameras and security in the bag. not only with a losing customers of the other thing is we will break it into their car, but on a daily basis inside the store. they iere getting like 29 robberies. >>says it became so bad at home depot gave the city an ultimatum either clean up the area for the national chain will take away its oakland store as well as its emeryville store. >>at the city of opelousas extremely important. the 300 jobs that they're creating here and then there are there when their taxes are paying the city 5 to $8 million per year. that we can use for services. >>to keep the home depot here. as the city began cleaning up the problem at 37th avenue just behind the store on wednesday 32 days now clean.
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>>so here we're going to create offense at home people spain for everything going to create offense where the neighbors can get in and where their trucks and the police and the fire can get in and out into aisle says this is only the beginning with time. >>we are going to clear there is a street over there that we have the money to connect 42th avenue the city already has said no we have home was there. >>and the light on the other side is a private life. >>now says the city is meeting with home depot and its attorneys tomorrow to discuss clearing that perimeter of the storm moving forward right now the city is looking for new places to really oak to relocate the homeless people in those areas, reporting live in the newsroom. tiller sackey kron 4 news. thank you. taylor crews are getting close to containing a brush fire burning in santa clara county, it's burning east of milpitas and ms. >>scorched some 50 acres alreadc we're told the fire came dangerously close to homes at one point but crews were able to keep the flames from causing any damage. the
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word on what started this fire to the north bay now the marsh you fire it is burning near interstate 6.80 and solano counties video from the scene this afternoon. >>it's happening just southwest of fairfield near lopes and marsh few roads that fire started just after 10 o'clock this morning and so far it's burned 183 acres it is 60% contained also in the north bay fire crews continue to get the upper hand with this canyon fire in napa county started monday right now containment is up to 95% it has burned 64 acres just south of lake berryessa some residents were forced from their homes highway one 28 was closed for a time, but everybody's back home, the highways back open. no structures damaged and nobody was injured the cause of this fire also under investigation right let's go outside. at san francisco's embarcadero kind of scary times right now with all the high temps up there. it is hot, it's getting hotter nce karnow joins us now and you don't
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have to look too far to fight triple digits here in the bay yet today actually a little surprised at how we get the upper 90's but we took it over to a triple digits, some spots inland. >>and forget that hot today, the atmosphere going to set up to be even hotter as we head of the weekend so it cranked up the temperatures high pressure overhead. it's going to be building in may be cooling just slightly tomorrow but not for longer see that ridge really get things cranked up and yeah a lot ac going to be needed around the bay area, the temperatures boy just going to smoke and hot out there a 102 in concord today the official high one on one in livermore 98 degrees in antioch 88 in hayward 87 degrees and open 89 him out 91 in redwood city 92 degrees in san jose and then you look at the coastline and boy what a difference 63 degrees right out the beach in half moon bay. and that's the place you can find the cool temperatures all week long. high pressure after couple systems roll over the top of that will start to build back in that ridge will be the dominant feature bringing us the hottest temperatures of july and even some rain that's right. we've
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got some rain associated with this ridge is we've got some monsoonal moisture get a kind of getting kind of sucked up in the circulation pattern and they'll roll back into the sierra nevada and we'll see some movement so clouds here too. temperatures around the bay area tomorrow 90's again inland maybe just slightly cooler but still hot 70's 80's inside the bay and much cooler 60's along the coastline. heat yeah, big concern not only here but around much of the state an excessive heat watch has been posted for saturday and sunday across much of the central valley extending all the way from reading through sacramento, all the way down to bakersfield going expect to see some temperatures there between a 103 and about a 109 degrees. advisories for he continuing towards santa maria and san luis obispo tomorrow going to be hot enough a 107 degrees the forecast high fresno 100 sacramento 102 in reading one oh 4 in bakersfield out there right now not much in the way of cloud cover back we're going to keep things nice and clear in the bay in the valleys tonight, just a couple of patches, a coastal fog. we will see a few more clouds but it's going to the monsoonal
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clouds that will likely start to move in across the skies you can see him popping up over the sierra nevada to bring some thunderstorms there. boy it's still very warm out there this evening, some of these temperatures still easily of the 80's in the even inside the bay you've got some 70's boy looking berkeley right now at 70 degrees very comfortable outside. we'll see some of that he continued in fact this weekend. those temperatures likely to run up to near 404 degrees maybe even warmer than that the hot spots that thanks large speaking of fire danger by now most people have heard these warnings that during the high fire danger season. pg might be shutting off power for several days in a row. >>now barry a water districts are trying to figure out what they're going to do if the power's out for a while for his justine waltman tells us how with no power. >>companies still plan to keep the water flowing to your home and for firefighters. >>high fire danger pg e has warned it could turn off the power. >>and no water districts are preparing. the water from shutting office.
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>>the east bay municipal utility district now has a backup plan that includes filling water tasted cassidy during a red flag warnings and making sure there is electricity to move water up to people who live in the hills we about 30. >>portable backup generators that were staging a critical poppy plant facilities throughout our service area. >>generators like this what would go in cities like berkeley castro valley moraga and san ramon starting on august 1st. >>also make sure that the water slow it during a long power outage. >>water agencies are also asking customers to do their part and conserve water during a power outage. >>all of its drinking water treatment plants with dozens of generators in place northumbrian water district just purchased and rented additional backup generators that can be deployed during shut offs. but customer should be ready for possible water service interruptions.
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>>we're not ying that they're not can have water but we are saying that they need to be conscious of their water use so that we make sure we have. >>in the east bay justine waldman kron 4 news. >>the berkeley police sex-crimes unit says officers have arrested 37 year-old joe donnelly pow junior in connection to 3 sexually batteries last week in the area of fulton and bancroft investigators say all 3 cases involve the suspect approaching on a bicyclelelelei appropriately touching the female victims below t waist and then writing off. ahe faces charges of sexually battery and violation of probation. >>berkeley police say a this arrest follows the arrest of another sexual-assault suspect who allegedly used a gun during the crime. police say a woman was out for a morning walk with her dog when she was attacked. police say the suspect also took her phone so she could not call for help. >>so in this incident, a suspect told the victim that he had a gun and forced her to a secluded location where he sexully assaulted her.
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>>police say 36 year-old demetrius arrested him a short time later he has been charged with robbery kidnapping within 10 for rape and forced oral copulation. >>months after the charges against him were dismissed in court a palo alto man is now suing the city and the police department and several officers for the way they handled his arrest her first collegiate all reports of the man's lawyers says the police didn't know that they were being captured on surveillance video. >>the crux of a federal civil lawsuit filed against the city of palo alto its police department its chief and at least 5 other officers. this interaction back in february 2018 that left the stable alvarez battered and bloodied it makes me angry. >>it's shocking it's disturbing as disgusting. alvarez is represented by cohn the south end of the south and law firm who also had the criminal case against alvarez that started all of this. >>dismissed in court late last
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year. the civil case alleges excessive use of force these officers have engaged in the highest form of misconduct. the highest form and dishonesty and they have absolutely no business wearing a badge and pretending to be individuals who are on us to protect and serve i want to come over my car right here on the night in question south and says pao well to police officer christopher condi confronted alvarez in the front of his mobile home using alvarez of driving with a suspended license though he couldn't verify for certain alvarez who's behind the who you know those driving i get it over as refuse detention and goes inside his home. >>the officer calls for backup. and a police report sergeant wayne benitez admits to breaking down the door and pulling our as out which a judge later found was leaving to drop charges in the criminal case this time though i was punched in the back in
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the kidney. none of the officers refer a reference. the fact that son was slapped in the side of the head south and admits his client has a criminal record but not for violent offenses. he also believes the officers treated him unfairly partly because he is openly got the palo alto city manager released a statement that says in part quote the public should know that the police department has procedures to investigate allegations of misconduct thoroughly and to hold officers accountable if misconduct is determined to have occurred all of this conduct by the officers makes it very clear and they were motivated by their discuss for this >>and for his sexuality or his race and for his social economic status south and says both sides are due in court next month surgeon to meet as is the only person from the police department placed on leave. collegiate all kron 4 news. a federal judge in san francisco has blocked a new
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rule restricting asylum protections for immigrants. the judge issued a nationwide preliminary injunction against that new regulation. >>he was put in place last week by the trump administration and it prohibits migrants from seeking asylum if they have traveled through another country in order to get to the u s the judge says that the rule is likely inconsistent with current last unless it is overturned on appeal. the order will stay in place until there's a full trial on a lawsuit by berkeley based group. and one of the most anticipated congressional hearings in decades, the star witness former special counsel. robert mueller refused to say the president committed a crime his testimony frustrated both democrats and republicans at times as he continuously referred to lawmakers. >>he referred lawmakers who is 448 page report, the president told reporters this afternoon after the hearings were done those hearings were a disaster omar jimenez has the latest now from capitol hill. >>we are on the other side of the day that many people had
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marked on their calendars for a long time and president trump for one is very satisfied. in fact in his words on the other side of these hearings. it's over in regards to the hearings themselves there was a lot of information to digest one. robert mueller characterizing trump's interaction with we can leads in 2016 as quote problematic and also reiterating that his report did not exonerate the president and while there was a lot said was also a lot that wasn't set. >>the best again our elected robert mueller testified before congress he did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime will some democrats seeing the testimony has a chance to build the case for impeachment i believe result person looking at these facts could conclude that all 3 elements, the crime of a social justice have been met, but mueller says his investigation could not indict the president in part because of justice department guidelines in special counsel did assert his concern over
9:18 pm
election interference and when the single doing as we sit here. >>and they expect to do and during that the next campaign. this as republicans push to close this chapter in american history, it's time for the curtain to close on the russia hoax. >>the conspiracy theory is deaths. >>the president hoping to move past the investigation. this whole thing has been 3 years of embarrassment and waste of time for our country. >>democrats argue they still haven't seen trump's finances and they want to interview former white house attorney don mcgahn we have our subpoenas in the court for and the subpoenas are for information and we and when we get that information and make a judgment. >>and one of the biggest questions for democrats really and this was whether this would push the impeachment needle for in short. >>they answer that question is specifically speaker pelosi says she wants to have the strongest case possible if they take that step and right
9:19 pm
now they're just not there place where we already are something that mueller him to that during his testimony saying that the russian interference in american elections is among the most serious threats to our democracy that he has seen and one that every american should be taken seriously. reporting from capitol hill. minutes. >>we have some breaking news and puerto rico where the governor has been forced to resign. we have video that shows an enormous protests happening as we speak this has been the case. all week these are actually live images coming to us to see flags waving something of a celebration. and vicki the 40 year-old has been trying to hold on to his post he announced earlier this week under pressure that he would not seek reelection. but that was not enough for the people of puerto rico, you know. >>this is the first governor to resign in modern history of errico so high very big news will be continuing to follow this throughout the evening, the whole issue here leaked
9:20 pm
chat said federal corruption charges. that have exposed. the 40 year-old ricardo resale and he has tried to weather the storm but the protesting has been relentless hundreds of thousands of people in puerto rico valley to remain out on the streets until he resigned and just tonight. he made the announcement that he will step down effective august 2nd, so we'll keep you posted there, but again the 40 year-old governor. ricardo it's of puerto rico stepping down amid public pressure. >>we have some more breaking news here tonight to this just in from daily mail of reporters say that jeffrey epstein was found injured in his jail cell from possible. from a possible suicide attempt the 66 year-old is behind bars, he's accused of sex-trafficking miners. a federal judge denied him bail after prosecutors argued that he is a flight risk and the danger to the public.
9:21 pm
according to the daily mail epstein was quote blue in the face and found in a fetal position with marks on his neck. the new york daily news reporting it seems injuries were not serious and wonder if you might be trying to get transferred to another facility. a teen along with several others are being held hailed heroes tonight for their quick action to save a life. coming up we're going hear from someone who risk their own life to run inside a burning home update on that shellfish safety notification issue will tell you what health officials are. >>now saying locally. and people under the age of 18 will now have some restrictions on facebook and instagram more ou cnges coming up
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>>for your money tonight, amazon has a new partner in the real estate business to amazon stake over continues. the online retailer joining the real estate brokerage company. realogy holdings in a new program called turnkey they say turnkey will connect homebuyers to agents in their area and once the buyer closes on the house amazon that promises to help that person move in the retailer says it will give buyers up to $5,000 in smart home devices and free services like unpacking help cleaning and furniture assembly to help start up their whole. well there are a few changes coming to facebook and instagram starting today. >>anybody under the age of 18
9:25 pm
will not be able to see anything about alcohol all tobacco or e cigs on either platform. a spokesperson says that they are can't be any content about private sales trades transfers or giving alcohol or tobacco products as gifts and if there are well that content will have to be restricted to folks 18 in this also applies to any facebook groups created to sell alcohol or tobacco products. >>snapchat is making a comeback after have been losing users snap added 13 million daily users in the past 3 months in late 2017. a poorly received redesign of the photo sharing app costs nap. chad millions of users since then the company has been working to try to make things right again as it battles its big rival instagram now snapchat is showing new signs of life with more than 200 million daily users for the first time ever it attributes use the heat is so europe what could happen to
9:26 pm
us. no saddam's ceil national autism association is now offering free. >>help a new kit to help him and in case their child wanders off. >>and the vaping company jewel is now facing a lawsuit why the plaintiffs in
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>>breaking news out of puerto
9:29 pm
rico the governor of puerto ricardo or seo and now says that he is going to resign as of august second stepping down big news here the eyes of the world. >>have been on puerto rico for. >>the whole week really as protesters have storm the streets were looking at 2 different things here on the left side of our screen a live picture showing protesters. >>this 99% of them may be a 100% of them celebrating. >>that announcement, here's reporter. local in puerto rico getting ready to file a live report on the right side of your screen that is video from earlier today. this all came to be because of public outrage really over an obscenity-laced online chat that was leads by people close to ricardo resale it showed the governor and close advisers of his really insulting women mocking constituents, including victims of hurricane maria, so this is obviously different video we're back to the video from earlier today. but that
9:30 pm
pressure. from hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans eventually force the 40 year-old to step down and he just made that announcement about 20 minutes ago tonight, protests have been going on for several days now and uh. >>people celebrating that fact tonight. >>so we'll keep you posted there in the meantime we move on to other news back here. >>seen the antioch community, including a 14 year-old girl are being praised for their quick action after the house caught fire on mission drive last night her first michelle kingston spoke to the man who ran inside the house in iraq. >>to the disabled residents to safety. >>but i walked into that. so have limited >>m ke right just happened to be driving by his neighbor's house when he saw i was on fire. this is a picture he took just a minute after pulling 2 women to safety who says full smoke. right ran
9:31 pm
inside through the smoke to save 2 women. one in a wheelchair. the other with a walker both struggling to make it out the smoke was really bad. >>and the fire was starting to like spread to the house more the rescue was a community effort 14 year-old abigail rice week who didn't want to show or phase heard what she thought was a loud explosion she ran toward the flames helping the 2 women down this ramp. >>i had a rush then i was russian and chinese you to the other side of the sidewalk because we heard a popping noises coming from the house and i was scared it was going explode i mean honestly is have eased adam. >>mike wright doesn't consider himself a hero, i mean i think that with people with i believe that most people are good people and we'll do that if they have the opportunity that is god blessed to be able to we're right there at the right time never told the family is doing okay, staying at a relative's house in nearby and that their dog also made it out safely.
9:32 pm
>>an antioch michelle kingston. >>story tonight, a lawsuit has been filed against san francisco based in jewel abs claiming that people who use their products to vape developed a severe nicotine addiction. the lawsuit was filed in san francisco today names, 3 plaintiffs all under the age of 21. they say they started using jewel devices when they were teenagers and they say it caused their nicotine addiction. the lawsuit claims jewel created a new generation of nicotine addicts while leading customers to believe their products were safe. the plaintiffs say if they had known about the dangers of vaping in nicotine. they would never have started using jewel, the company responding to the lawsuit saying in part our product is intended to be a viable alternative for current adult smokers only we do not want non the continues. there's especially hughes to ever try our product. these cases are without merit and we will defend our mission throughout this process. the company also noted that it's
9:33 pm
developing technologies to restrict under-age access. new questions tonight at 9 about just who will be running pacific gas and electric once it emerges from bankruptcy. >>critics are saying that the current leadership does not value safety but what about others vying for control kron four's dan kerman has more. >>faced with an estimated $30 billion in wildfire liabilities pacific gas and electric filed for bankruptcy in january. but they have yet to come up with a restructuring plan. now a federal bankruptcy judge is considering allowing other proposals. one from a group of bondholders and the latest from a group of insurers who say pg neos the more than billion the ad hoc group of suffered a shin claim holder says its proposal would hold pg me accountable for wildfire liability maintain price stability for pg e ratepayers contribute billions of dollars to california's wildfire
9:34 pm
recovery fund and preserve jobs. but that proposal would also give the insurers a stake in running the company once pg any emerges from bankruptcy. >>someone is going to come up with money to basically get the victims paid and when they do that they're going to take that for that money they're going to take back equity that is it going to take back shares and they will if not completely control the company be a major player major stakeholder in pga going forward. >>attorney mike danko represents wildfire victims. well he says they would benefit from having competing proposals. he says putting someone primarily concerned about profits in charge of keeping the lights on is not a good thing. >>i think it's good thing for anyone to be controlling the company whose primary a a goal is making money because it's it doesn't go along with safety. a federal judge has pushed off any decisions for 2 weeks this will allow
9:35 pm
can evaluate these competing bids to restructure n kron 4 news. >>it is now safe to eat scallops and clams from sonoma and marin counties, the state department of public health and just lifted the shellfish safety notification in the 2 counties. it went into effect last month because of dangerous levels of naturally occurring toxins that can cause illness or even death. recent tests show the toxins in the shellfish a decreased 2 safe or undetectable levels. however, the annual muscle quarantine that started may first remains in effect. >>we've got low clouds and fog forming along the coastline, not much else where and it is going to get hot take a little temperatures coming up. women today are it having as many children the alarming message from experts about why the nation cannot replace the population and in sport giants, the hottest team in the majors tries to ke
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>>and starting tonight with the giants what a summer winners of 17 of their last 20 in in possession of the top record in the majors since the all-star break going for a sweep of the nl central leading cubs. the sights and sounds of oracle park good day for a ball game. a giant inflatable swan the centerpiece of mccovey cove top 3rd one zip cubs kris
9:39 pm
bryant takes tyler be knee deep to left center. >>don for a 2 run homer gave up 4 runs and 5, 2, thirds. top of the 8, 4, one chicago albert almora lights went to the opposite field that austin slater. we made numerous web gems today slides and snags it probably saved iran, however, giants still down 3 to the drama on the bottom of the 9th 2 on 2 out brandon belt can tie with a home run gives a right to left. the giants just before the warning track kyle schwarber with the final out for one cubs win. the giants take 2 of 3 from chicago dropped to 3 games back for the second wild-card spot. bruce bocce but a giants team, that's looking forward to some rest after 14 games in the last 13 days. >>this day off school not a good time. and they were doing all they could to get this one is came up you know if i was there. so you will. off
9:40 pm
tomorrow see see if we can keep this thing going. now paulson single to right josh reddick can handle at markets simians takes full advantage coming all the way around from first be a stake an early one nothing lead. so bottom 3rd. still one mill oakland, george springer. winds one off chris bassitt deep to left lori can only watch it's well out for a two-run jack. a houston takes the lead in the bottom 5th to one astro's jose altuve it's all of this facet pitch off the embankment in straightaway center 2 run homer. castro's go on to win 4 to oakland drops 2 of 3 in texas the a's are now a game up for the second wild-card spot up next the a's come back home to host so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok?
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>>$5 billion with a b that is the penalty that facebook is going to have to pay for deceiving users about what the company was there with a private information. >>kron four's washington d c si correspondent trevor shirley explains what this means for mark zuckerberg and the website users. >>the ftc says facebook misled its nearly 2 billion users, misusing their personal information for years facebook betrayed the trust and that users. >>and deceived them about their ability to control their
9:44 pm
personal information. >>on wednesday ftc. investigators say facebook violated a 2012 settlement with the ftc by continuing to share user information to 3rd party app developers without consent. the ftc also says facebook collected users phone numbers telling them it was for security reasons and then use that information for advertising as part of its punishment facebook will now be forced to limit the influence of founder mark zuckerberg we do not have the legal authority to remove mister zuckerberg from the driver's seat. >>but we have imposed a robust system of checks and balances that extinguishes his ability unilaterally to chart the path for consumer privacy in a statement zuckerberg said in part quote these changes go beyond anything required under us law today. the reason i support them is that i believe they will reduce the number of mistakes we make and help us deliver stronger privacy protections, but some lawmakers like senator mark warner say a billion fine
9:45 pm
doesn't go far enough i think facebook knows just an obligation. >>to tell us what kind of data they're collecting how much that date is work. >>the billion goes straight to the us treasury, not consumers. but ftc investigators say new protections are worth more than money. >>this enforcement action provides immediate protections reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>the need is so bad in europe, notre dom's ceiling could actually collapse so the chief architect there says the record breaking temperatures could jeopardize the vaulted ceiling which was damaged by that fire back in april. the architect says the ceilings are still saturated with water. the firefighters sprayed on them during the fire and that the heat now could drive the walls too quickly, causing them to collapse temperatures in paris expected to exceed 100 degrees tomorrow. last month was the hottest on record this month could also be records. this is. >>several states been battling
9:46 pm
is on track to be the hottest month ever recorded on earth in fact, scientists say climate change is to blame noaa says the 2019 is likely to be one of the 3 warmest years on record. >>checking on the 4 zone forecast as we take a quick peek outside the embarcadero here in san francisco joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow and ah i guess we're living up to that whole heat thing right here we're going to feel in the heat, yeah, i mean israel was hot today, but these temperatures really going to soar think in the next few days. given the weekend right now little haze out over the bay, mostly clear skies around the bay area as we get ready for another warm day tomorrow though we may just cool slightly near the coastline temperatures right now we've got 50's along the coast, some fog trying to form in half moon bay right now, but it is still 84 degrees right now in concord 79 in livermore 85. in antioch so some of warm air is already working its way into the state may back off just slightly for tomorrow 60's in the san francisco mid 70's in oakland
9:47 pm
and some 80's in the san jose but after tomorrow i think we're going to see these temperatures go right back up again our quality will likely suffer a little bit to uh not too bad tomorrow along the coast of the bay. we're still looking good we'll see some haze and plumes building up in parts of the east bay and the south bay but over the weekend with that ridge gets really strong probably see a lot of out there lot of haze. overnight tonight we're going to see a couple patches of fog begin to form along the coastline, them you may begin to notice some of this. this is some of the monsoonal moisture begin to move up in the bay area of course we've seen that bringing some thunderstorms across the sierra nevada last couple of days going to see that once again, but we'll see some that move across the skies that always makes for some interesting weather is going to need to look at. there's a slight chance you could see a thunderstorm popping up by think tomorrow night and possibly into a friday morning but after that looks like the fog has been kind of settle in into friday morning. but then is that ridge builds in for the weekend that saw those temperatures get very very hot. numbers for the bay area tomorrow 1516 the san francisco, not bad at all 60 of pacifica you've got a little more fog along the
9:48 pm
coastline tomorrow afternoon 71 in millbrae 73 degrees in burlingame 79 in san carlos 82 in woodside south bay up in the 80's in the 90 so get a little bit hot there and then the east bay still on the hot side 95 degrees in pleasanton 96. in livermore 90 and son all 79 in union city 82 in fremont 76 degrees in castro valley 96 in danville about 95. it was creek about 75 degrees in oakland. and then those temperatures yeah, a little hot as you make a way in the valleys 96 in antioch 91 in pittsburgh about 97 degrees in vacaville tomorrow about 80 in the napa valley that's far going to move back in along the coastline keep those numbers a little bit cooler tomorrow but then yeah, not for long that big dome of high pressure is really going to start to build in and then those temperatures going to soar and moved him up a few more degrees as we had some triple digits today. i think even hotter for the weekend topping out a 10304 of the would be surprised to see some of those shoot as highs about a 106 degrees in some of the valleys. lawrence, thank you american women are having
9:49 pm
fewer babies than ever before a new cdc report says that the nation's general fertility rate. >>dropped to an all-time low last year a 2% decline last year. other studies show the fertility rate has been dropping for a while and it's now at the level where the nation cannot replace its existing population. one of the biggest fears of parents of kids with autism is that bill just wander off now those families can find a little bit of peace of mind, thanks to a gift from the national autism association. it's called a big red safety box and parents can have them shipped for free the box contains an alert wrist band and shoe id tag. that will sound the alarm if the kid walks out the front door or climbs through window. advocates say this not only helps with prevention but also response efforts and even education worry all the time we have. stickers as one on the door and there's one on each of our says. >>child with autism a wand or
9:50 pm
may not respond to verbal commands and to me that's not an hough. >>over the last 5 years the national autism association has shipped more than 40,000 of these big red safety boxes hot bath. >>could be the remedy you need to catch some z's yeah, the reason certainly make sense about an hour before bed our bodies start cooling off and researchers at university of texas in austin they found a hot bath or shower. speeds up and enhances this steam up between 104 and her 9 degrees fahrenheit help cool down and sleep tight. the team's data found that people who took baths about an hour or just before bedtime fell asleep, quicker and they slept sounder throughout the night. >>maybe now it's a 102. if nou go to san francisco's new chase center for a concert or worries game traffic could be a real problem, and the words know that so they're now teaming up with the uni and the let you ride for free. this is video of the new arena, thanks to our quad
9:51 pm
copter for this deal between the dubs in the sfmta will allow ticket holders to ride muni for free on event days games are concerts. the warriors have agreed to pay for the program which covers everything at the center just have to show your event ticket. when you get on immunity. the chase center is set to open this september in the mission bay neighborhood. >>somebody in san jose is about to be a million dollars richer california lottery says one lucky mega millions ticket sold in san jose matched 5 out of 6 winning numbers in last night's drawing. the winning ticket is worth just under one 0.5 $5 million it was purchased at the 7.11 store on alum rock avenue in san jose, the winner hasn't come forward yet and there was also winner of the big $168 million jackpot last night that person lives in hampshire. and teachers getting up labor's lead in a movie set to be
9:52 pm
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trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better >>one day away from learning if charges will stick against american rapper asap rocky in sweep, they're stuck in jail. the prosecutor will decide if a step would be released charge store kept in custody longer. this comes after an investigation into involvement in a brawl in stockholm. they say brown he was involved in that we're all president trump's been weighing in on the matter even offering to pay his bond but swedish
9:55 pm
officials have refused to accept that because well they don't have a bond or bail system. the rapper's mother is now thanking the president for his efforts. >>very grateful. the president even considered approach in a you know. in manner that he did so i'm grateful for that really and when they trying to build a case is no case. >>united things on video they tried to avoid it. but they kept being followed as well as >>celebrities have been weighing in asking for his release wests even went to president trump to get the president to support that cause. but swedish officials say that the judicial system there is completely independent and does not take into consideration pressure from outside politicians or anybody else martial arts teacher from wisconsin is celebrating his acting debut and it's a big one alongside brad pitt leonardo.
9:56 pm
>>dicaprio mike plays the role of bruce lee in the upcoming quentin tarantino film once upon a time in hollywood. most as a to prepare he master lee's unique style of martial his natural mannerisms that of course is humor. most is playing the part is like a dream come true for him. the film once upon a time in hollywood opens in theaters this friday got to be ready for that moves at crowd for news at night for prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore and can wait or hear it. the news at 10. >>thank you grant, thanks to you both next at 10 o'clock a violent robbery breaks out at this east bay entertainment venue and police say tonight it was an inside job. what we're learning about the 2 people arrested including the man who police say worked at a security guard at the business stand by for a live report plus home depot issues, an ultimatum to the city of oakland clean up the homeless encampment around the store. >>or risk losing the business altogether and tonight. the city is responding. and
9:57 pm
breaking news puerto. rico's embattled governor announces step down ha
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
>>operate this is paying her taylor and ben you allegedly turns out to be an inside job facilitated by a security
10:00 pm
guard. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore conquer police arrested 2 men in connection with a crime police say both suspects have criminal histories and may have been plotting the crime for months kron four's noel biello joins us live tonight from concord at the police department with the details noel. pam and ken a pretty wild story here almost something you would only expect to hear in tv show or a movie conquered police. >>say that both suspects are parolees and they have spent time in state prison for various crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon robbery and kidnapping concord police tell me the security guard in all of this actually used a fake id to get his job and one's police were able to figure that out how they were able to crack this case. >>of it and the violence of it. >>was shocked as it was right around midnight on may 12th when the round one entertainment venue at sun valley mall.


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