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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 25, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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it's already backed up in both directions this morning but compared to the weekend at yesterday was nothing rises we've got a lot more and yesterday was quite literally the warm-up to that we social just very hot. a triple digit day time highs on average for inland areas come the weekend when yesterday we barely skirted the triple digits for just a couple of spots in the bay as of this morning skies definitely showing just a touch more cloud cover. >>thanks to this cloud cover temperatures today will be about one to 2 degrees cooler than yesterday which is it going to be anything that you feel because we really are going to feel almost the same as yesterday for those of you stepping outside downtown san francisco looking good as is the east bay out there in the distance 50's at the coast to 60's right along the bay in antioch even holding on to the low 70's as you have all throughout the course of the evening. later on today temperatures will kick back into gear and it's back up into the 90's inland with 60's and 70's closer to the water. so if you want to get enjoy
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some of those coastal areas this afternoon not so much those inland spots. i'd recommend taking it easy and finding some ac as we've been talking about even hotter for the weekend ahead. give you that coverage on that still the cops robin. >>thank you john we're checking in on the slow down you can include 80 on the bay bridge traffic is packed already from the maze heading into san francisco cash payers fast trackers we'll all be sitting in traffic at least from the bottom of the maze all the way up to the toll plaza. we haven't had any crashes or stalls this is your typical morning commute at 15 minutes and growing to make it off to fremont street over to the nimitz i'd say avoided if you can we have a crash southbound is 60 that's wrapping up. there's one northbound as well as 29th and we had an earlier grass fire. not related near 29th as well so you see the sensor that it shows you heavy traffic leaving downtown oakland going south in the northbound it's crawling from the coliseum sell 5.80 is your best
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alternate to avoid the nimitz freeway. it's almost at 30 minutes just to make it from san leandro to downtown oakland darya. >>thanks a lot breaking news from overnight several people are seriously hurt in this car crash that happened in san francisco. there's no front this car. it's amazing basically was 100 miles per hour through the city streets when it hit a fire hydrant then the impact sheared off as you can see that. >>entire front engine of the car pretty spectacular to wouldn't want to see yeah and there were witnesses who said that is just horrifying kron four's sarah stinson is live now in san francisco with the latest. >>just seeing that video it's surprising that just knowing died because it is such a horrific scene and we just couldn't with san francisco police. non life threatening injuries and that means that they're recovering from this crazy crash, let's just get to the video so you can see jusdam
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the silver mazda involved. >>was split in 2. after crashing into a fire hydrant you can see each person being treated by paramedics on scene on the ground and then taking in ambulances to the hospital water spewing about 40 feet in the air and continue to flood the streets several inches. you can see firefighters. wading through the water trying to you get to the car get to the victims and then also trying to get the hydrant to stop releasing water which the and eventually were able to do now this all happened at one 13 in the morning in the bayview area of the city on 3rd street in carroll avenue. and we do know that speed is definitely a factor. people on scene said. you know we think that this person was driving at least 8200 miles per hour. our. we haven't figured out where police haven't figured out it drugs or alcohol are
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actors but they it is all under investigation and speed is definitely a factor but still not the main cause they're still investigating this and those 4 people are still recovering right now in the hospital for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>6 oh 4. >>and the east bay, a teenage boy is recovering after he was shot in the neck. this happened yesterday afternoon he was in his home on chesapeake drive in pittsburgh. with some friends and they were handling a gun when it went off. the bullet hit him in the neck. he's in stable condition this morning. 2 people were arrested in daly city for a carjacking that happened in san francisco. it happened on tuesday, a man and his wife or attacked gunpoint and yesterday. the police found their car in broad more then they elder put the whole neighborhood under lockdown there is a shelter in place while they search for the carjackers and they did find and arrest those 2 people.
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>>new this morning, a san francisco judge is allowing the rideshare rapist case to proceed with dna evidence 38 year-old orlando. ville chaz lazo is accused of posing as a rideshare driver in order to target and then sexually assault women that we're leaving downtown nightclubs. protesters say he is linked by dna i should say prosecutors say that he's linked by dna evidence to 4 separate sexual-assault in the city, one back in 2013 3 more recently in 2018. losses defense attorney is filing a motion to suppress that dna evidence a preliminary hearing for the case has been set for next wednesday. new this morning police in livermore are stepping up efforts to track down a murder suspect, and they're now offering a $2500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of jorge to last. police say that he shot and killed 15 year-old emanuel moseby earlier this month near a taco bell restaurant on stan lee boulevard most be was a student at livermore high school police say the teen got into an argument with to lez before he was shot.
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05:00am and a violent robbery and east bay entertainment turned out to be an inside job the police think that the security guard said it up yeah so the suspects have been plotting to crime for months apparently kron four's no by law has the story. >>did i study of it and the violence of it. >>was shocked as it was right around midnight on may 12th when the round one entertainment venue at sun valley mall. 2 fright and the trail. >>and it was definitely scary knowing that i worked there and knowing that my co-workers i had to go through that thomas shelton has been working here for nearly a year, everyone here was on and basically you know like not knowing what's going to happen next you know who was it when you know was that in fact. >>that they did after 2 months of investigating t c crimes unit, arrested 43 year-old gary delahanty the security guard that was on duty the night of the robbery
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in the course of the investigation we learned that when a security guard. >>had obtained his guard car through false. i d we dug into that we fund that that he was a parolee and he was on parole for assault with a deadly weapon conquered pd believe dillahunt he helped 37 year-old parolee vincent timmins. >>and another man gain access to round one to run normally secured employee entrance. >>at gunpoint push the 2 victims inside and the zip tied their arms behind their backs to better control them and sat him down while they took all the money with the help of the san francisco police department and the us marshals fugitive task force we were able to take both subjects into custody employees say hearing that at least 2 of the suspects have been caught. >>gives them a big sigh of relief. >>that's that's excellent that's what everyone wants to hear you know. doctor some like that want to make sure. justice is served and those guys get caught. >>the suspects are being held on 75 million bond concord
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police tell me they do have leads on the 3rd suspect and are expecting to make an arrest in the near future in concord noel bellow kron 4 news. >>city council approved a proposal to look into developing a safe parking program for our v's. the proposal calls for the city to ask the state lands commission if they can have a temporary parking cited the berkeley marina. just last year the city voted to evict homeless people who are living in there are fees because of numerous health and safety complaints. the new plan also asked city staff to look for more off-street parking locations for our v's in addition to the marina the berkeley, a mayor is pushing for a safe parking site to help people transition into more permanent housing. in an effort to make san francisco streets safer muni plans add 20 miles of protected bike lanes over the next 2 years and here's a map showing you where those bi would currently 25 miles of
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protected bike lanes by 2021 muni plans to expand that with more the with 20 more miles of safer lanes for bicycle riders the proposed bike lanes they say would be an effort to educate the public about safe driving and making the city safer for cyclists records show there have been 10 deaths involving cyclists since 2016. >>the city of san francisco wants to add a fee to disposable food containers in an effort to reduce waste and littered throughout the city now san francisco supervisor aaron peskin introduced the proposal and it would require food vendors in the city, the charge $0.25 for disposable cups and food containers. the $0.25 charge does not apply though to purchases made with food stamps. it would also require all restaurants to provide customers who dine in with reusable food where if passed the new rule will take effect at the start of next year. a center for concerts or for warriors games here some good news. you can get there
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for free on new name. the warriors have struck a deal with the sfmta to allow ticket holders to ride muni for free on any event day your event take it unity ticket. that's all you have to show the driver. the chase center set to open this september in the mission bay neighborhood just in time for the new basketball season. and there are also several concerts scheduled at that new venue again so remember your event ticket is now your free ticket to ride. >>that that 06:10am these pay a 14 year-old girl and the man helped to save 2 people from their burning home it happened on tuesday in antioch this home. >>on mission drive caught fire and a man was driving by the neighbor's house when he saw was on fire. so he went in to the smoke and the flames to save the 2 women one was in a wheelchair. the other in a walker and a 14 year-old girl rushed into to help us court them away from their burning home. >>rush then i was russian and
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chinese you to the other side of the sidewalk because we heard popping noises coming from the house and i was scared it was going explode i think that. >>with people with i believe that most people are good people and to do that if they have the opportunity that is blessed to be able to we're right there at the right time. >>is managed the way he puts it to have the opportunity he was blessed to be there at the right time. they were blessed and he was there. he say these 2 women and they're doing ok right now they're staying with relatives nearby they don't know what sparked the fire. huge cheers after news that the governor of puerto rico is resigning coming up a little later we're here for some of the protesters who say what they expect next from their government and then a violent arrest caught on camera and now the lawsuit against a local police department. >>for the way that this arrest went down. and berkeley police have arrested 2 people shopping for backpacks...
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>>come back, it is 6.14 and we are ready ready for more heat, yeah. >>i'm glad we're feeling so good about >>and just put and i just as a nicely no surprise yeah, exactly yeah you had your day yesterday to really get used to it and now we're just sale and through it. although we have many gets really but yeah
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today it's a little cool off today than just a touch of a cool off actually out one to 2 degrees cooler we'll take it right now. yeah, that being positive with 2 degrees cooler. and look at the sunrise can start off much better than that even on the hottest today's at least we can enjoy the morning get out there and yeah i'd so enjoy the cool weather while it lasts and certainly enjoy the sunrise that is a hard one to be right there. >>san jose also looking really pretty this morning you do have a few clouds these clouds are actually going to play a part in that one to 2 degree cool that i've been talking about allowing just a little shading to occur in a keep some of that heat from developing like we did see yesterday still going to be hot though i mean one to 2 degrees when you're talking 90's isn't really that much of a difference you can see those clouds filtering in across the bay from the south. that's the high pressure a draw thing that man right into the bay area could see a couple of dry
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thunderstorms right along the coastline during your evening hours tonight that monsoonal moisture that has been seen over the sierra nevada, a dry thunderstorm doesn't come along with the rain so this there is that fire danger concerning those thunderstorms are possible. if you do see one or 2 of them likely not seeing any sort of rainfall from them, 60's and 70's for san francisco as well as elsewhere on the peninsula today, temperatures, nice and cool again for the ocean but not so much elsewhere with 80's and 90's continuing today much like we saw yesterday. campbell in san jose, maybe back into the loan. upper 80's but los gatos in morgan hill holding on to those low 90's today hayward union city in the low 80's while pleasanton and livermore in the 90's has also will be danville walnut creek oakland at mid 70's with berkeley and richmond in the low 70's. more so in the areas was vacaville up to 97
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degrees today today to tomorrow not a whole lot of change here get were just a touch cooler than yesterday come saturday and sunday though we're going to reverse that and are actually going to be quite noticeably warmer on average daytime highs in land will be near if not at the triple digits come saturday and sunday with bayside areas also feeling the heat up into the low 80's. this is before some really finally on into monday tuesday and wednesday of next week. that's your forecast robin with a look at traffic. >>lots of it to for the nimitz freeway i brought up the caltrans camera so you can see this heavy traffic on the nimitz passing the coliseum we have a couple of accidents still active. not too far from downtown oakland and they've been backing up traffic in both directions of i just want to show you part of the backup for you northbound drive which is just beyond the coliseum right now so we have one southbound at 16 that's causing heavy traffic beyond the 9, 8, emerge and then we have one northbound at 29th and the back of i just showed you spilling beyond the coliseum so stay away from the nimitz you've been warned 5.80
6:18 am
is your best alternate it's looking good in both directions and you can get arou t bh sides of the nimitz freeway heading north you're already at 32 minutes because of those crashes from san leandro to downtown oakland, we're checking in on 92 trip across the 70 oh bridge very busy right now, but we expect this right for this time of the morning. no problems the problem is just you're going to be stuck in traffic and it's just moving at a snail's pace 15 minutes here and growing from the nimitz off to one o one, but at least it's quiet quiet here too on the bay bridge into san francisco. but know that it's stacked up from the may 17 minutes off to fremont street, we're looking at some more numbers and they're not so bad it all depends on where you're heading livermore to dublin wide open dublin to fremont nice and smooth to 37 8 minutes, not bad at all milpitas to sonny bill started. thanks a lot robin 6.18 and crews are close to containing this brush fire in santa clara county. >>and that is burning east of
6:19 am
milpitas it's burned 50 acres so far and it did come. dangerously close to those homes you can see them on the right lower portion of your screen there but crews managed to save the homes from burning and they're getting a better handle on that fire in the north bay, the marsh view fire. >>that's the one they're interstate 6 80 in solano county. a southwest of fairfield their lopes in march new roads it burned a 183 acres lots of smoke as you can see. it is 60% contained right now and also in the north bay. there again, the upper hand on the canyon fire that's the one in napa county that broke out on monday. it is 95% contained but not before chewing through 64 acres south of lake berryessa. the threat of wildfires means pgd could turn off power for several days and now water districts are preparing to keep the water from shutting off the east bay municipal utility district has a plan that includes filling
6:20 am
water tanks to capacity during red flag warnings and making sure there is electricity to move water up to people who live in the hills. >>we about 30 portable backup generators that were staging a critical poppy plant facilities throughout our seice water but we are saying that they need to be conscious of their water use so that we make sure we have. >>the generators would go into cities, including berkeley castro valley and san ramon starting on august 1st other bay area water agencies are also planning on what to do in santa clara valley water has a backup power and all of their drinking water treatment plants and new and north moran, the water district there they just purchased and rented additional backup generators. they can be deployed in the event of a power shut down. >>well these goats are hard at work to prevent wildfires in
6:21 am
marin county. the animals are eating up the grass in the weeds on hillsides that are hard to reach with tools and lawn mowers. the goats are set loose by a fire safety council called fire safe moran. the council's executive coordinator says the goats are here for a very specific reason. >>it has a long history of wildfires in fact what some of the locations where the grazing zachary right now are intended. 2 separate areas that have historically seen major wildfires of 50,000 acre fire and burned from nevada to fairfax almost 80 years ago in dissipate that that fire will happen again. so this this goes grazing is specifically intended to create a fuel break that would interrupt the path of another fire like that. >>and we've seen various agencies using goats elsewhere around the bay as well the fire safe. moran is made up of fire departments and local government agencies and private individuals who work together to produce fire danger. take a break. one coming up the vaping company jewel is now facing a lawsuit. >>the plaintiffs in the case claimed jewel created a new generation of nicotine
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>>time now 6.24 breaking news overnight. the governor of puerto rico announced last night on facebook that he'll be stepping down after massive protests that have been calling for n. his resignat latest from san juan. >>crowds on the streets of old san juan cheering is puerto rico's governor announces his
6:25 am
resignation. ting the moment al erupting into celebration after governor ricardo rossello's announcement came down shortly before midnight the governor made the announcement in a video message on facebook oil is on the windshield. >>today i announce that i will be resigning from the position of governor effective friday 8/2/2019. >>at 05:00pm rosales indicating that staying on as governor was not a viable option. i said mickael got going on despite having the mandate of the people who elected me democratically today i feel that remaining in this position represents a difficulty to continue the success it's been reached the governor's resignation comes after more than a week of protests in puerto rico's capital those demonstrations erupting after the publication of hundreds of offensive group messages among rocio and his inner circle, the messages released with profanity as well as homophobic and
6:26 am
misogynistic language even jokes about vict rosales resignation couldn't come soon enough and lawmakers were poised to begin impeachment proceedings. >>justice secretary wanda vazquez is expected to take over as governor when rosales resignation becomes official. i read in your reporting. >>large grass fire here in of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real.
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>>28 we're looking at weather and traffic the road robin not so good for the minutes. there's an accident involving a cement truck and we need a heavy duty tow truck to cleared. hasn't arrived yet so cement ears it dry stuffy night was in the truck did ok but it's a big truck involved in a crash. so not know been ni for the truck i didn't have >>is ah yes, is going to thicken really quick on the pavement is where our cars rated and so it seems a little hotter exactly a a car thermometers, although they're pretty good at it bearing sometimes they usually a measure little bit warmer than actually is a other we're triple digits are just a few of them yesterday. >>most of us in the 90's which
6:30 am
i don't think any of us are will argue a is the war a not a not a high that there is warm enough for many of 60's and 50's this even a 70 for your current temperatures, san francisco at 57 right now and nevado at 55 will antioch sitting out 70 degrees. hayward and oakland each at 61 degrees here look across the bay this morning can't see much of it just because that sunrise is so bright out there, but san francisco is there in the distance and not a lot of fog to be talking about this morning just a few patches of it really hanging out along the coastline. already by noontime today our inland spots are well into the mid 80's. by the afternoon, some low 90's for the same areas. so another hot day for inland areas. very comfortable by the coast. i'm talking more and then even hotter weekend forecast still to come. robert. >>thank you john we'll start off with the good news and that is the bridges look pretty good. we have want to
6:31 am
want to cross the golden gate, not a problem traffic is smooth here from the north bay to san francisco. so for now your drive time will 20 minutes from highway 37 to the toll plaza in san francisco, the bay bridge traffic it's going to be packed, but it's a normal slow down from the bottom of the maze. again from scherzer island merging onto the skyway you're at 18 minutes for your average n and then we have 2 crashes on the amendment sort of lingering one southbound right around 16 so it's crawling from 9.80 and then we have one northbound north of high street little closer to 29. that's the one that involves the cement truck and some other cars they're waiting for a tow truck to get this out of your way it's going to take another 20 minutes for the tow truck to get there so be prepared to write the breaks from the coliseum approaching downtown oakland or just avoid it stay away from the nimitz take 5.88 is wide open. it's a great alternate will check more slow downs coming up darya james saying slot 6 31 of the south bay crews are battling a brush fire in santa clara county
6:32 am
that's burning east of milpitas it is sparking more concerns about fire danger in these hot dry conditions kron four's christina tape cho is live there. in santa clara county with more hi christine a. >>well good morning it's happening in the spring hill area in the county and built up here at the bottom of the foot hills and now the fire is happening right up those winding roads and it started around 5 30 last night and it is still burning at now now it's off swiger road off of felt her as well cal fire and spring hill fire have been working all night to help battle the blaze is currently around 80 acres and now luckily is about 45% contained. crews will be working through the day controlling securing control lines is what we're hearing. now luckily. no injuries have been reported and there have been no evacuations orders. yet it does look like crews are going to be able to continue to control the fire. but all fire crews we speak with say that this is a very important reminder of how
6:33 am
susceptible different areas are 2 burning and here in the state of california, truly they say that no longer there is a fire season fire season is all year round with the dry conditions we consistently have for now reporting live here in santa clara county christina tetreault on corning. thank you christina. >>and so we're here in the weather center now with team coverage of the hot temperatures will expect this weekend we've got john trouble here looking at how warm it will be and where it's going to be hot isn't really does depend on where you are this weekend exactly out towards the coast. you've got the cost of temperatures but even along the bay james is going to be toasty this weekend. but it's our inland areas that are really going to be taking the cake and again a lot like they did yesterday with triple digits were seen in concord gilroy to livermore at one oh one. morgan hill santa rosa and napa were not far behind at all in the upper 90's to mid-nineties in these areas so it shouldn't be a surprise that fire danger is also going to be a concern, especially for these inland spots as christina nas just saying
6:34 am
there's a lot of dry tender out there a lot of people are going to be out and about this weekend with the 5th day in a row now triple digit heat in the central valley. we do have excessive heat watches stretching from reading all the way down through kern county just to our do you see there's yet to be an advisory is for the bay area. but once we do heat up into the weekend. i wouldn't be surprised to see some red lighting up some of our inland areas right here in our own backyard. temperatures today in san francisco only in the 70's so staying, nice and cool as i mentioned out along the coast water inland areas look at that fresno up to one o a sacramento up to a 101 degrees today. and although a likely to be dodging the triple digits here in our inland spots today. not so much going to be so lucky on into the weekend with many parts of the bay area come the weekend likely in the triple digits back to you. all right, thank you very much john. now to the east bay where the berkeley police department arrested year
6:35 am
sexual-assault last week it was all in the area fullerton. >>or fulton and bancroft way. investigators say pow approached the women on bicycle to touch them below the waist and then rode off. he's facing charges now cycle battery and violation of probation. berkeley police also arrested a man who sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint that woman was out for a morning walk with her dog when she was attacked. the attacker also took her phone so she wasn't able to call police right away. >>so in this incident, a suspect told the victim that he had a gun and forced her to a secluded location where he sexually assaulted her. >>police arrested 36 year-old demetrius johnson a short time later he's now been charged with kidnapping with intent to rape. >>and man is suing the city of palo alto the police department and several officers for the way they handled his arrest in february of last year. and here's video of that arrest as officers confronted gustaf alvarez outside of his mobile home they accused him, i'm driving
6:36 am
with a suspended license. alvarez refuse detention when back in his home and then officers broke down the door and pulled him out a judge later found it was this this case was unlawful so the case was dismissed. now he's falling though a civil case alleging excessive use of force. >>sees officers have been gauged in the highest form of misconduct. the highest form and dishonesty and they have absolutely no business wearing a badge and pretending to be individuals who are on us to protect and serve. >>both sides are due in court next month only one officers from the police department who was involved in this was placed on leave. on the peninsula, san carlos man is charged with distributing child-pornography detectives from the san mateo county sheriff's office got a tip that led them to arrest 45 year-old richard hartman and they say he was found with child pour.
6:37 am
>>and said carlos sheriff's deputies are now investigating case of a theft and a strong arm robbery so investigators say both incidents happened in this area of el camino reale a woman got her purse stolen at trader joe's after leaving it in a shopping cart and then minutes later another woman was walking in the alleyway between trader joe's and walgreens and that is when she says a man grabbed her wallet from her purse. not clear yet if these 2 incidents are related but police are looking into it. 2 pedestrians in san francisco over the weekend was not in autopilot mode. investigators are now preparing search warrants and working with tesla to try and yet more evidence from the car. police say 22 year-old kelsey cambridge from ran a red light ended up running into that couple visiting from clovis the husband died at the scene the wife is in critical condition at the hospital. >>06:37am breaking news from overnight. several people were seriously hurt in a car crash in san francisco witnesses say the car was going upwards of a 100 miles per hour when it hit a fire hydrant we've got kron
6:38 am
city right now with more the video and pictures of what happened in that car sir. >>it's definitely a scary situation, especially since we have had some vehicle burst pedestrian crashes here in the city and now we're hearing this and someone was speeding that much going through city streets around one in the morning. let's look at%the video though it is pretty crazy to see you can see in the video. >>the car involved silver mazda and it was split in 2 pieces after plan going into a fire hydrant we know at least 4 people were being treated by paramedics on scene and then they were rushed in an ambulance to the hospital. we have learned from police that they have a non life threatening injuries and thank goodness because that scene is quite horrific water is spewing about 40 feet air and continue to flood the streets several inches. firefighters were wading through the water trying to get to the car help the victims and try to get that
6:39 am
high during from south. to stop releasing water which eventually they did get that success lose stop. now a san francisco police they told us they're still investigating this. the did tell us it happened around one 30 in the morning, this right now on 3rd street in carroll avenue. they said obviously speed is a factor. but they're still invest in there saying if drugs or alcohol also factors so still a lot more learn about why someone would speed up fast and then plowing into a fire hydrant and those 4 people are right now recovering in the hospital. a live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>it's 6.39 and there's now my to make sure that everybody in california has clean drinking water governor gavin newsome sign the safe affordable drinking water fund to provide $1milln t cus on providing access to clean water. >>the idea that we're going to
6:40 am
stay with people that don't have access to clean for a double drinking water is a disgrace. >>governor newsom also visited a site of a massive oil spill. >>in kern county canyon. chevron says more than 974,000 gallons of oil water mixture. >>have spilled in oil field since may 30% of the mixture is crude oil. chevron says it's working to clean up the spill. the company claims that there has been no impact to waterways or to wildlife in the area. >>on the kron 4 morning news that judge now considering new plans to bailout pga need from bankruptcy will explain what's on the table and coming up the vaping company jewel based right here in the bay area now facing a lawsuit and the plaintiffs behind it say that jewel has created a new generation of nicotine addicts. >>and stepping outside today, even though it's nice right now take a look at these
6:41 am
temperatures this afternoon livermore at 95 later today conquered up to 91 and even hotter into the weekend. your forecast accident on the amendment
6:42 am
6:43 am
>>welcome back 6 43 is the timeliness and gassy so last month was the hottest june on record now that the numbers are and this is according to the national oceanographic and atmospheric administration, this month could also beat
6:44 am
records. july right now on track to be the hottest month ever recorded. on how i was going to say because in california not like temperature last month blew mew away or so this is a worldwide thing worldwide saying continues to rise and when the temperature goes up you have you know more extreme weather patterns like heat, absolutely what we're experiencing. we heard a lot about you know the midsection of the us east week europe's now dealing with some triple digits to >>you're dealing with their own. so you add all that together. yeah. it happens that what happens all right we're going to shoulder our low drive in the next few days, you know are also rising in temperatures, especially this weekend. that's when it's going to be the hottest right here in the bay area, triple digits in our own neck of the woods to so time to get prepared for what will be such a hot next couple of days today, going to be one of those days that is a little too hot for many of us this is your look outside at the cloudy conditions filtering in
6:45 am
right along the coastline. all of us are is crystal clear as others are you can see out there in the distance the east bay in the north bay looking good but definitely right around the golden gate you do have a dose of some low clouds right now san jose, nice and bright just a few high passing clouds of these clouds that are very much so aloft are actually going to the reasons our temperatures today. just a touch cooler than yesterday only one to 2 degrees here not really going to notice much of a difference here. but nonetheless it's one to 2 degrees in the direction we like to see it which is just a touch cooler. high pressure builds up and the continuing to expand into the region as it is doing so we actually do have the potential of a couple of dry thunderstorms popping up tonight, knocking results in any chance of rain but what this does do is increase risk of fire danger. dry thunderstorms and dry lightning. that's definitely not necessarily good news. and all those dry grasses out there from the hot temperatures we've had 60's and 70's for your daytime highs closer to the coast
6:46 am
today. these are the places to be if you have a chance to head out to the coast and enjoy not going to be feeling too bad at all now elsewhere in the bay, this is where you're really going to be feeling the heat this afternoon, los gatos in morgan hill. each in the low 90's, san jose and campbell in the upper 80's while the east bay hayward down to union city low 80's. pleasanton and livermore holding on to the 90's just as danville walnut creek unconquered will as well. oakland berkeley richmond low to mid 70's with a delay, how in the low 80's. those aren't that bad of a place is to be youngsville fair field in vacaville. maybe not the best to be spending the afternoon outside specially not vacaville near 100 degrees yet again. now temperatures today may not be as close to the triple digits as yesterday but look at saturday and sunday on average inland areas, we'll be right around 100 degrees with many areas expected to be even above it. but by monday tuesday and wednesday of next week finally some relief around the corner as temperatures fall to have much more comfortable range of
6:47 am
numbers. robin thank you john want to take you down to campbell check out this photo. >>we got this from the campbell police department there on scene dealing with a major accident involving this white suv that crashed into a power pole. this is right along union avenue union avenue is close from campbell avenue to michael drive and it will be for the remainder of the morning. it's a pretty dangerous situation they have pg responding that power pole is down along with some wires and if you look over to the right you can see the transformer down in the road as well once again union avenue shut down campbell avenue to michael drive. they're saying 4 o'clock is the estimated time of clearing so just want to show you that we're over to the richmond sandra fell bridge. we have some heavy traffic here reot surprised the olls i know morning commute under way and it's packed but you're only got 13 minutes and that's good to the north bay from the east bay to san francisco, the drive here on oakland will be stacked up as well from the maze but still very quiet and it's under 20 minutes to
6:48 am
fremont street. it's not looking so good not cooperating this morning. we have a crash. so ibeen lingering for over an hour northbound at 23th involves a cement truck and part of the reason why it's taking so long to clear because they need a heavy duty tow truck, one of those large ones to remove the cement truck so hasn't arrived yet it's on the way but a nasty backup spilling beyond the coliseum so stay away from the nimitz take 5.80 instead it's almost at 30 minutes just to get from san leandro to downtown oakland and it's only going to get worse as more of you hit the road so just stay away from it. 6.80 not bad and the dumb barred and 15 minutes to cross the bay and make it to bayfront expressway daria thanks a lot robin 06:48am while taking out the trash a husband and wife are brutally attacked outside their home in stockton by a group of teenagers and now the police are releasing surveillance video hoping that somebody can help them find the attackers. here's says the group
6:49 am
attacking. the woman there she is on the ground in the man is thenow being pushed around as well by these teens. >>that just surrounded them. right there outside of their home and you can see that they were just you know rushed. they didn't suspect anything and take a look at what they say about it. >>my phone and i check my cameras and i see to neighbors on the right side of me just run across my driveway. she just comes right out and asking for help site of course letter into the house here in turn lights on and found it was not a not a drink. it was coverage was covered in blood. >>look at her. >>eyes. black ice 2 of them. that's incredible they say they're in a lot of pain after this and they don't want to stand to be bullied at their own home. but no arrests have been made. it's 6.49 a federal judge in san francisco blocked president trump's new asylum rule from taking effect the rul
6:50 am
try to issue last week would prohibit almost all migrants at the southern border from applying for asylum. but the judge said that the rule is likely invalid because it's inconsistent with the existing asylum laws unless the decision is overturned on appeal. this judge's order will remain in effect until there's a full trial of a lawsuit filed by 4 groups including one based in berkeley. >>well there are some new questions this morning about who will be running pg e once it comes out of bankruptcy utility is faced with an estimated $30 billion in wildfire. liabilities and that's what led pga to file for bankruptcy in the first place back in january to date though they haven't come up with a restructuring plan and now a federal bankruptcy judge is considering allowing other proposals on the table one fact coming from a group of bondholders and the latest is from a group of insurers who say that pg owes them more than roposal would also give the insurers a stake i the company.
6:51 am
>>someone is going to come up with money to basically get the victims paid and wheno that that for that money they're going to take back equity that is it going to take back shares and they will if not completely control the company be a major player, a major stakeholder in pga going forward. >>now a federal judge has pushed off any decision for at least the next couple of weeks just to give the state enough time to come up with a way to evaluate these competing proposals about how to restructure the company. a lawsuit has been filed against san francisco's juul labs claiming people who use their products to vape have develop severe nicotine addictions. the latest lawsuit here was filed in san francisco in ames, 3 plaintiffs all under the age of 21. they claimed they began using jewel devices when they were in their teens and say it caused their nicotine addiction. the lawsuit says jewel created a new generation of nicotine addicts while leading consumers to believe that their products were safe. the
6:52 am
plaintiffs say if they had known about the dangers of vaping and nicotine they would never have used jewel. the company released a statement saying that thca not meant ferna nicotine users, especially en. here's a quick check of the big board as we keep an eye on the markets this morning, the dow sliding right now kind of hard to make out there, but it's off by more than a 100 points down one 25 right now as ford and boeing shares are leading the way wall street right now trying to digest the latest batch of corporate earnings. in fact after the closing bell today, we have alphabet which is google's parent company is expected to release its earnings report, amazon intel starbucks mattel there are all scheduled to report after the close of trading today, we'll see how the markets react. all right and don't forget to join us all next week for kron 00:04am morning news summer road trip if you're looking for a quick trip to wrap up the summer vacation well and we're going to take you to some special places. >>that you can visit while on that road trip that's all next week
6:53 am
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6:56 am
after what has been a warmer start to the morning. so far robin. >>all right, thank you john heading to san francisco are checking back in on the bay bridge you need to leave early this morning because you're going to have to sit in a backup that spills into the maze and it's not going to improve any time soon only got to get heavier the longer you wait, so we'll put it at 15 minutes for your drive to fremont street. and i'm just getting word of an overturn accident north one oh one expressway traffic was already very slow leaving san jose to downtown so 41 minutes and growing san jose to menlo park james. >>thank you very much rob and coming up in the next hour here of the kron 00:04am morning news, several people hurt in a car. dramatic crash overnight in san francisco car cut in half. we'll have details coming up in a rt. and bay are looking for a 3rd person connected to a violent robbery and conquered now investigators think it was an inside job will explain. and it could soon be more expensive to eat out, we'll tell you about a new fee in one various city, a fee for
6:57 am
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>cut in half by a fire hydrant after a speech through the city of more than a 100 miles per hour. we'll have more this video coming up in a live report. fire and and 2 women are inside we're going to hear from a man in a 14 year-old girl who help save them. temperatures warming up
7:00 am
yet again today back to the 90's we go with the triple digits for the weekend. i'm talking your forecast. still ahead. >>thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher lots to talk about today and we'll get to all of that namely the weather it's going to be extremely hot. for that though any hot spots on the traffic from. >>we have some warm spots that could turn into hot spots all checked the nimitz an accident involving a cement truck to have an overturned on one on one, so it is quite busy out there that's exactly like the weather warm >>yesterday was really a warm up a leading us up to what will actually be the hottest of days. unfortunately, right there in the middle of your weekend now this morning conditions very comfortable, even a little bit foggy hanging out around parts of


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