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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 28, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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if there is a reunification center set up at the gavel in college parking lot be that's bees and boy gambling college of marine biologist. >>local news station. >>it gets crazy stuff never this. >>chase dekker was the marine biologists, a photographer for sanctuary cruises when he got this spectacular image, let's see light inside a humpback whale's mouth. >>there's a lot of people but never even seen a whale, the fact that they could see some so amazing something i've never seen in all my years of doing this thing. my blind. >>sanctuary cruises out of moslehi was watching a part of humpbacks on a feeding frenzy when the freak act of nature happened. >>and i was hoping that the photo you know is looking behind the lands i was a kid. i hope i got it and then i look i was just so static images capture the moment, i never see again. >>decker posted the picture on facebook for all to see and
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it's gone viral. but there are some internet naysayers. >>that people keep saying well this is clearly fo chavez's career clearly taken on a dock or somewhere else then. the seal on to spend the whale's mouth to get a lot of that humpback whales don't eat sea lions, a crail plankton and small fish decker says are also hundreds of sea lions and the feeding frenzy and this unlucky see line didn't get out of the way quick enough when the. >>we just know as you mentioned this all started around 5.30 that is when police were called to the festival. reports of a we have several eyewitness photos and videos that were sent to our newsroom. we can show you which shows people running away from a potential shooter. well again a little information here and from my vantage point i cannot see anything other than this police tape here blocked off at your way high school and all these i can actually show you here try to get you a better shot there's a lot of fire trucks as i mentioned from santa clara county. all
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here just staged here. as we know we do not have a suspect or suspects be don't have a description. the suspect or suspects again little information here but we are waiting to hear more from police and again we just got here so we will try to talk to these people over here and just find out what they know if they were there i did as i did have time now some people as some people just live in this neighborhood. some people were actually working at the time so again they're still so much to find out. but that's all i can tell you for now we will be here through the night and try to gather more details as it becomes available, we're live in gilroy hope in the back to you so gail from where you are you're at the high school ok we'll go back to go later let's go right now to the tweet from gil were police. >>saying our hearts go out to the entire community and to the victims of today's shooting at the garlic festival. the scene is still act if you're looking for a loved one. they're asking you
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to go to gavel on college into parking lot be using the hashtag gilroy active shooter so gavel on college. that's where they're asking people to go meet up with their loved ones because we were talking to witnesses when we were on air during kron on our live streaming service and we are talking to several witnesses and they said that it was frantic as people were trying to leave the area after they heard what they thought originally were firecrackers a following some, but some said they thought they heard an argument then these firecrackers and then confirming that it was gunshots. we do have a witness on the phone with us. right now who was there. her name is and turner thank you for joining us here on kron 4. you are at the festival tell us what you heard and what you saw on how you're doing. >>can you hear us tonight. >>we are alive right now on kron 4 news we're just trying to find out if you could take us through what happened today. yes, us isn't i can you
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hear we're just asking what happened today.
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>>yet the sun i were having a some phone difficulties, a little bit but we're going to try to continue this interview. so see you it took a while to get out of the festival. you said you are sure exactly but then you heard those shots. you know people in some of the witnesses have described. it as confusion thinking it was fireworks then gunshots, what was your thought at that point did you see anything any commotion or was it just running at that point. >>have to come back to this interview that there's a lot of important information to pass on to 2 people says a nice day with our producers will see if we can work out a little bit better of a connection but again we are reporting now some information about a shooting that happened at the go or garlic festival. this afternoon. festival that's packed hundreds of thousands of people over 3 day period. it's been going on for 41 years this was the last day of the festival place for a lot of families. take the hair
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and their friends to go and have a good time and from witnesses that we were talking to earlier, what sounded like fireworks quickly turned to a shooting and lot of them running for their lives. we do have some information of from the get where police department as far as a phone number that witnesses can call and also it's a family a reunification line i'll give that number out now it's 4, 0, 8, 8, 4, 6, 0, 5, 8, 3, your police want you to call that phone number if you happen to be a witness to the shooting because it would be a festival on a popular sunday, the last day where there could be thousands 10's of thousands of people there and if it isn't active. a scene in there trying to talk to witnesses and preserve the integrity of this investigation and as we talk about this, i know you know so many people want to know will. >>how many people were hurt. what was it worse than just injuries. but at this point gilroy police have not yet we do know. there are a number of ambulances dozens of
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ambulances that respond to the scene because witnesses actually described that when they were leaving. the festival. they could actually see all the ambulances headed in the other direction. other reports out there as well. that that the ambulances initially got the call that there could have been at least 11 cases, but we don't know the severity of those cases and so you know they responded at that 0.1 of the witnesses even described when she left they were they were in such a rush to get out that they actually had to hop a fence. let's go right now kron four's dan thorn he is also live on the scene with us he just got to a christmas help park. >>where the garlic takes place tannery there. >>what's the latest information that you have seen him actually justine where a college right now which is the reunification center where people can come and find their loved ones they may have gotten not displaced in the fray. right now joined by christian christian is on i'm a part of a rock band that was
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actually on stage in tell me what you saw on what what was going on we're on the vineyard stage we were the last manned up for the day. we're in the last song i 30 was the cut off. well we've just been told that this is an and we heard a couple about 3 and there was a delay. you know not sure what it is you know and and then all of a sudden there was a whole a lot more shooting and everybody knew we ran. went under the stage in a new stage and you know you could smell the gunpowder. and you could hear the screams. were you seeing from the stage wasn't happening in in the audience it was it was just to the left hand side of the stage is you fans we were facing a out into the audience why guitar player actually saw the guy he's reported to the police what he looked like,
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and it seemed to him that he was just shooting indiscriminately into the crowd. wait until the came and found us under the stage. you know we were the ban with them and i'm molly were looking for anybody else we you know that she people on earth shirts. i saw people that were down. and then we were escorted out of that. one of your band mates actually saw. gentlemen, what would have what he looked like it. and he says he white was wearing a green shirt, all capped and the race card. he thinks in he doesn't have a lot of expertise with weaponry but he thinks it was an did you see how many how many people may have been can you. you have any sort of estimation. i understand it's one of those situations where
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we're just trying to figure out exactly what is going on obviously you've got you know fears and so on and so forth what. what did you see you know i was more hearing smell. for me guitar player. you know saw the guy if we've heard that maybe more than you know. they you know it's it's a large area that they have to sweep i get it. they moved us all out. about what time was on this happened 5.30 at 5.30 then maybe 5.33 because literally we got told with 5.30 cut off. and the audience wanted us to play one more song. they gave us the okay to more song in we got about halfway into it and that's cut short and then. and then again you you're looking out in the crowd here may be focusing on on what you're doing in terms your performance and everything just it's and it's
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mayhem. and all of your band mates are ok today, everybody got were were all accounted for. and i'm sure that being here at the reunification center was speaking with with some of the other people have gone through this experience what they've enjoyed everybody's in shock. you know you don't expect something like this and lee friendly event figure out what happened, i mean it's just one guy is before. and the tory a i don't know in terms of the police have even talking with them here. yeah we've we talked to them several times we talk to security and several police and mostly they want to hear job story because he had a ap even giving you any any information about what was going on or what. i'm not
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really they uh you know they're pretty tight-lipped about that sort of thing until they know what is going on. heard rumors as we were walking out of the park of. multiple shooters i mean he didn't seem from the police that we saw begin to sweep that they really seem to be looking for somebody but you know maybe that was a rumor that they are from and can you estimate the sort of scale no service on all this was happening well you know this thing was over within 2 minutes. you know, you know we knew the place is filled with police and security. so they very very quickly and very so you and you know we were probably under the stage or maybe 10 minutes total, when you know the places around it while you're under the stage other than what was going through your mind what are you
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hearing was what what was and we are hearing screams we were hearing. you know people same. they had been you when we. pulled out from under the we could see some mounted police to work seen you know the police escorted us. 100 yards away and personnel from again to move this to another location. you know we're hoping that you know we get a chance to get back and get our equipment and all of that and we just told and in terms of of ah what was happening on at the time where you are being taken out of there. was their understanding that somebody was in custody that there was still just a really active scene there. you know again room you we've been told several times at least that
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singular individual. and that being the shooter. yeah, the the shooter that a look at our players. and when you are leaving work did you see any victims down did you see anybody that that was out there or was it just. i mean personally i do not see i saw i saw some blood on his shirt and things like that. that was about it question i want to thank you so much for filling us in with what you experienced him, i'm sorry you had to go through this, you know it's the fipal day of a huge festival at their china stage and then something like this out so wrong. thank you for your justine and jr weird scene with kristen here is a part of on the group called and they were on stage as he was telling us pay. they were performing and here. they believed to be shots bond gunshots going off. people
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with blood on their shirts. i just a horrifying scene again if you're just joining us we're gavel on college right now are where people like christian are coming here to meet with with others who are trying to find the loved ones or friends that worked so i don't you know i don't know if you guys have any questions that you would like to ask her a question that i might be able to to send to him. absolutely so dan you're there. >>and the reunification center were friends and family are trying to meet up with are you seeing anyone that is injured are with blood on them or what's what's the mood like there. >>so far we haven't we haven't seen that tonight maybe even asked christian christian. how long have you been here at the reunification center. what we just got 10 minute. within that 10 minutes of the scene people that were coming in here that may have been injured and there's that they
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brought part of that and your crew. we kind of stuck with the sound guys in that the people working the festival think in can we get back in. that's all same. when you got here where there are a lot of people that are already here were you the first group that are pretty much and no there were there seemed to be a couple 100 people here already. and i'm guessing that the main conversation has been. what do you know what do they know you know we we've talked to was several officers. so just seen a as you're hearing here right now they haven't been seeing any victims or or anybody coming in in that manner right now it's mostly people are just coming here lking about what went on here today and just trying to see if they can find anybody that may have gotten this place and the right. >>on the scene for gathering new information and talking
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more witnesses police thanked him for a his time. >>they will come back to dan later in the show we want to move along because we do have another interview with sanya sanya turner calmly so i knew we were talking with you earlier and broke up. can you describe in can you take us from the start as to what happened today. i think we have a better connection with >>in the beginning lot of loud noises that everybody thought it was. started getting out shooting. they're shooting in the end he hurt guns. got it. and we
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should think hard spending would >>and gunshots to think that you heard total. you see anyone that was hurt. >>decided it sounds like and we've talk with witnesses for the last hour and a half tonight. all of the people that we've talked with described the kids area that was nearby. how close what
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were the sounds from that kids tonight. >>and what was it like as you were you are running were people in panic where they were not aware that it was not fireworks. >>because we're showing some video we were sent from some convert your some people were there and it seems to be some confusion people are of walking. this is video from you and told from one of the cruisers you shot this video of people sort of walking out they're looking back trying to see that what had happened. so can you kind of go through the motions of what people were
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we're feeling and what were they were saying that it feel like people were looking for loved ones. you just describe a little bit about what people were saying and doing is after they heard and they were confident that they were gunshots, not fireworks. >>was what everyone quite high. but they were. a kid. a kid. for my grandmother, he >>so glad that you are ok that you were not hurt and we appreciate you sending us this
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video will work to try again to get a better connection but again a witness again telling us that the the shooting that they heard what's happening in the pavilion sort of near where the children's area was and also from the witness that we heard from dan thorn who was there sort of the same. the city near a children's area, they thought they heard an argument than what they thought were fireworks, she said she heard definitely what she believes to be 3 or 4 shots and then people start saying there's a shooter. there's a shooter and people started running and people described that shooter to us as who's wearing camouflage who had green on. >>that one witness that we talk with was pretty specific and that they just saw one shooter. but certainly certainly at one point knew that it was gunshots and your police have put out information as far as a a witness line for people to call and also information about where you can go. >>meet up with loved ones that's we're down thorne is that got one college parking lot bbc on the back from there. a lot of people there waiting to meet up. after the
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shooting today. >>we're going to continue our coverage we're going to take a quick break but we did talk with 2 witnesses. earlier this evening we're going to take it to those interviews before the show after the brea
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>>you initially thought was firecrackers how many of those did you hear or over that area and not long after that. >>we heard a shot and then we people running we thought it was a fire we would like it. why are they having fired but for now and then all of a sudden we correct. >>remaining and the crowds were planning and then my husband but. >>home and on and it worked
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>>information and what we do know, we've been to a we've been hearing from witnesses all night long we've been describing the moments of hearing those gunshots and even in certain circumstances. seeing injured people had this happened about the festival is about to wrap up the 3rd day. >>this very popular event that happens at christmas hill park every year right now kron gayle ong is live for us she's that good or high school which is nearby, that's the closest that she can get to the scene right now gale are there a lot of people out there who were looking for loved ones or have how many ambulances or fire trucks. i know you're not super close to the scene but what can you tell us. >>well stena were about half a mile away from christmas hill park where the gillray festival was so as you mentioned this is as close we can get over a high school. now i am here with that sharma you are working now we're sitting down because he got
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hurt as he was fleeing the scene what can you tell us where were you and how did you hear about the gunshot. ok. a staff was how live and by the on for them and the both wbs like to be able to vehicle into the these guys and and the first i heard 2 shots at the same thing the music started in the concerts i thought it would like opening act for the also without the feels like a you know. so many shots weighing in people on the ground, i'm so 5, 6 people falling down and and people in front of me i jumble of them that's whether might be i just wanted to get the level to make sure everybody's safe. there. and at my. >>that video. king and under the table that everything >>man was helpful he was ready common that and all of the situation and sure that everybody was >>how long have you been waiting here you're still waiting get to your booth unpack gre apple back up.
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>>and cars are there behind the walking into parking so we don't let get there we have to get >>well thank you so much for your time the field better. so that was sharma he is one of the vendors he had a boot. i think you're right festival and want to show you guys a better shot over here. a lot of these people i did get a chance to walk around and see what their situation is a lot of them are vendors as well so they are just all here in limbo waiting as you just heard sharma say that his we think that their their cars are out there they have no word of it when they can cut back. as i mentioned we're here about half a mile from christmas well park so what seeing from my vantage point and is seeing am s ambulance, heading. route so it would be half a mile down the street over here and there's also. more than a dozen of them. santa clara county. we better just staged out here we have not yet officially heard from gilroy police about the
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update. now we just have a lot of people here a lot of vendors and as some people who live in the neighborhood just been ringing and water and it's as we know which is the fluid situation here so we would continue to gather more information and talk to more people out here to stay here. eyewitnesses here as well just like sharma well back to you guys in the studio. we're going take a quick bre%k here on kron 4 news we'll be back
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all to stay there. volunteer hub. with mike sharon. >>and describe what your with your sister, what did you hear did you see and what did you do. >>well we were just sitting down >>o c.
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>>alec festival and kron four's dan thorn is live for us now he's at the reunification center at gavel on college and parking lot be if you're trying to meet up with any loved ones. that's where police are asking people to meet up and dan is there and dan you spoke with a. a member of the band who was there and he really was able to describe the shooter a little bit to you and the the panic and the witness that you have now what did they see in here as so many witnesses told
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us they thought it was fireworks and then it was shooting and that was just panic as people were literally what they thought running for their lives. >>absolutely just with joining me right now is sean he was a stage hand for that band. the vineyard stage and i he was explain to me what the scene was like they're sean tell tell our viewers out there. what it was like for you you told me it was around 5 30 this afternoon this evening when everything kind >>yeah you can see that you could hear bullets and ah the the bullet the ground you can see him go up and that's why called out it's a real gun and so the crew and the band. brandon had army that's the stage. so we are the stage weekends, hear more gunfire happening. eventually some gunfire happening in were hitting the stage. hiding underneath and then with eventually it stopped there was people just calling out looking for 3 people came out and i could see that they were or if there were someone down
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in. they were performing cpr on them in later, i heard it was the gun. how quickly was was all this happening because we've got a few things we've got and i second that that situation there how quickly was all this going on. >>i think the whole thing took maybe 15 minutes. very fast very fast and you said that you saw bullets that were dropping from from a eun from personally i while you wait, it sounded like firecrackers going off but then there's dirt. pops going up inside in unison. so that's that's a gun to me describe to me exactly you were and where you are looking out in order to see all of this out was very far stage right and looking out on looking over the audience piazza stage and thing to do other than wait for the man to finish and so we're just about ready start cleaning up and clear out of the day. they're in the middle of their song and you're looking out in the audience and that's when you started seeing the heard it first and then i saw the bullet okay on
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in terms cousin know that you joined the band underneath the seats that are absolutely ok. did you see victims what it what did you see other than just you know. they're pop sitting around well like i said i came out later on i was looking around i was worried about a fellow crew members and i saw it they were they were moving hay bales and the police are moving hay bales in front of some things i drew my attention there and i they were performing i could see somebody performing cpr and later on i heard someone else told me that it was a gunman and there was the gunman that and the same direction where the bullets were coming from would you see a i never saw that for you told by anybody that there may have been more than just one shooter. i heard there was more than one shooter. people covered blood. so the sides one of when i saw they had blood splatter all over him and hand printed on them. so they were standing next to somebody who got shot. and where there are emergency crews that were
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helping these people are what what was that time still there are people just area. there was a police presence there thank goodness so we didn't last very long. what was it like for you when you're under the stage and was it was very scary. i was texting my family in telling them, i love them because i had no idea what was going we weren't sure if you're gonna make it out alive. when that see what all of that is going what are other people that run to the stage doing rethinking possibly we have to find a way to get out of here was it just pulled out everyone was just being quiet and if he did not want to draw any attention to and once you're able to get out from underneath what is what was going on and was for their police officers there are police officers there are clearing out the and the area that we had there was a tarp hiding us wondering if the money ice are coming to clear out that area and so they told us to get our hands up and to come out one of the time in and make sure that everything was clear in saying and then what happened from there. we are
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escorted to a parking lot in this word to another meaning it's 5 and then we had the told we had to leave the park. now we're at one of the evacuation during that time when you're when you're coming over here were were you being informed of anything more emergency responders telling you what happened is that where don't very telling us to stay calm and not to speculate and not to use their cell phones too much as we wanted to keep the airways clear for police communication and in terms of not being believed you know being told that you can use your cell phones here at the same time thinking i need to let my loved ones no clue, going on what was that like for you i was it was stressful because we had to i was texting people i wasn't trying to have a prolonged phone call conversations so yeah, it was was pretty harrowing. you know, but uh and just stay calm and cause panic doesn't really help anybody and we had to start cleaning up i was there working. well sean we're glad that you're ok and i mean we do thank you for sharing that
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i'm here in terms of about coming here did did were you here looking for anybody did everybody get you came with are you waiting for anybody here, everyone is here now and we're talking about trying to find what's what's the next step might have everyone's cars still erin's going to be closed for the next 24 hours. so we i i'm not going to access to a vehicle for a while so we're all trying to figure out how to get home. and even told as to whether or not there is still somebody that's that's out there and that's what's preventing you from getting in i believe so we and i wasn't all that. i wasn't necessarily told i overheard people talking about another shooter. i don't know anything else from that point. again in terms of the people that were i'm there with have you been talking anybody that might still be in there that as for mo no no no one i know is left everyone everyone i don't know anyone that's left in the in the festival that and just going back to national moment, it was you know that the fans getting
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going through their their last song when i die. i believe it was an encore that was happening and yeah, yeah, something or out. it sounded like fireworks and andrew meyer with loud fireworks a drew my attention in the nice that. up some dirt conjunction with the loud fireworks told me that that's a that's a weapon and we don't need to be there. it's actor shooter situation. and you tell me how many shots you you may have heard 5 or 6. and it happened very relatively fast and i saw only a handful of pop sit there for me to be able to figure out that it was a weapon so we clear out from that point and so apparently the guy had a handgun at one of the people as we were being evacuated is said that i had and okay, you never saw the gun but some people believe that may have been a handgun direct you aren't sure how many shooters might hav% been out there but what you are certain from from what you what you gathered on a you know looking out there, but it
8:39 pm
was definitely somebody that was shooting and that he was hitting people. yes, was there anything that might have seemed like there was an argument or a fight or something that might have provoked this came out of nowhere. i was on stage with the band playing so i would never heard anything beyond that stage anyway, it would have taken something very loud or to take over the p a system. well sean thank you so much guen sharing with we're glad to see that you are ok and that your friends are doing ok sorry that you had to go through something like this and we're just going to keep getting as much information you know we appreciate the people that are here at the reunification center. i'm taking the time to really share. what happened here today. thank thank you for that um i do want to toss a door anchors real quick, i'm not sure if there's anything that you might be interested in and asking shawn about that we may have missed. >>we do have some questions that we want to move on to a few other witnesses that we have also some new information that's coming to us from the
8:40 pm
go right to the storm and and thank him so much for us as come back later you bringing us some really powerful stuff time and texting his loved ones from hiding underneath the stage thinking that he he might be injured in the shootings here to the latest make it out you know, here's the latest from go or police as a reminder please do not com to christmas help park this is still an active crime scene. we will be sharing information with the media soon again we are waiting for confirmation exactly how many people have been shot and whether or not a suspect is in custody. they're thanking us for their patience during this rapidly evolving situation again it is rapidly evolving and again also that witness telling dan that the area is going to be closed for at least the next 24 hours because there were so many vendors of people who left they left on their belongings their car keys, i'm sure people left their purses on tables and just trying to get out of there. it's all going close for the next 24 hours we've and talk with some of those vendors earlier who actually had to jump over people. >>to get out of that area and then came back we're trying to wait to get back into that
8:41 pm
jumping over fences to try to get out of christmas help are exactly what we have a guest with us right now. russell you are at the gilroy garlic festival today, thank you for joining us. describe where you were russell and what happened. >>oh thank you do i guess between the page. it took place. towards the exit which will be our right here and we are what we thought were firecrackers will talk about the 4th or 5th shot we saw the body learning a new bill is up. it was a >>so you realize it was a gun you hear the shots. you're on from obviously there. are you from from that person described that moment. >>they can and then more than 20 or 30 feet are was loud toppings. we just ran straight
8:42 pm
ahead of both on one of the vendors. what is screaming any on her run to come in and take over. so i did that. >>and how many people were with you at that time. >>why my mother at the time so we all just ran straight outside. i think about 50 other people all of this. i want to turn to one years old. >>how did they handle all this. >>just ran you listen everything i say listen everything the mother said. >>you were telling them to run. >>everything's going to be ok. >>that's hard as a parent to try to go through such a frightening situation with your kids. >>to another parent was trying to look for job as well so
8:43 pm
that was the scary and frightening situation. >>so how long were you there for and then what happened when you're able to finally leave in and what did you see at that point. >>holding down everything was vendors are put away there. the quiet man told about maybe 5.36 somewhere between our times. everybody wanted rent. i don't think we left for another hour we're trying i stay low and then we're out doing another family as well try to find her 2 children. >>it has to be tough russell because i don't know how how many years you've been going to the garlic festival. first time this your first time and people talk so highly and it is a very fun festival and with great food and great entertainment. and then for something like this to happen.
8:44 pm
you must have been in such shock as well what kind of thoughts were going through your mind and what kind of emotions are going through your mind right now. >>the lady that we know she say, but during that time i was just talking to myself because. make so we get my family out and so yet the other women and children out. just calm as possible. >>and so after you are all in this area you and you say about 50 other people and your family, what was everyone talking about and doing and how did you go from there to being able to evacuate. >>we waited i think it was an officer. want to exit. the street all the way to the parking lot as quickly as possible.
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>>could you make out if there was just one shooter or there could have been to more than one shooter. >>so the minute we cannot say there was more than one definitely star like one shooter. i'm a little bit familiar with what been so definitely an and it was about 44 i rounds fired on. >>you heard 4 to 5 is that what other people are saying they heard about that 4 to 5 rounds inside as well. >>same thing it's on election law being almost like a fire. >>some of the witnesses that we've talked with discussed. there being a disagreement but before some of those shots were fired. it was unclear if that was in the same area but i didn't know if you saw any sort of disagreement or argument that happened. in the moments before hearing those shots.
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>>argument didn't see a group of people we just. think it didn't seem right now is a time of fire. >>well russell we thank you for sharing with us your we're glad that you and especially your young kids, your wife and your mom that you're all safe. thank you so sorry that this happened to today and what should be a fun family event. >>thank you so much for us as one of the many stories we're hearing today we're going to continue our coverage after
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me.
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see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. it's a phone number that they have provided a it's on your screen right now 4, 0, 8, 8, 4, 6, 0, >>welcome back to kron 4 news we continue to follow the breaking news in gilroy this evening, a a shooting that appears to be a mass shooting at that yeah we are still working to confirm with
8:49 pm
authority is the exact amount of people who have been shot whether or not. >>there is a suspect in custody or if the suspect has also been shot. still trying to get confirmation from police who have put out information saying that there trying to pass along some information to the media and our producer just now telling me breaking news about the shooting. they're confirming now 3 people have been shot and killed at the gilroy garlic festival today. this happened about 5 30 on the last day of the festival during a very popular time for families to be there. so many witnesses telling us they first they thought they heard fireworks, then they heard what they were believing to be. gunshots and then people started panicking and running one of the witnesses that dan thorn spoke to at the reunification center that's a gavel on college told him that he had to hide underneath the stage and began texting his loved ones thinking that this was going to be his last day on this earth and texting them that he loved them because he was so afraid after what he had gone through and they all
8:50 pm
waited there about 50 people or so under the stage until police and told them to come out one by one with their hands up and you can see there are breaking news 3 dead. 12 injured. in the shooting today at the go or garlic festival when we talk about those those are. >>our people went to the hospital. you know we saw during one of the live interviews, a short time ago one of the vendors who heard those gunshots ring out and said he had that actually jump over people and out of the way to get out of the way didn't want to be near there and that had come back to see if you can get back to some of his items we heard from another witness who was talking about the moments whether those gunshots rang out they had no way out because there are only a couple entrances and exits that they ended up hopping a fence and she actually lost a shoe in the process running in panic. we do want to go back now to kron four's dan thorn. he's at the. >>reunification center he's been talking to some witnesses today, dan who have frightening stories to share with us. >>definite fng
8:51 pm
stories on unfortunate stories and day where people are supposed to be enjoying themselves and are having to deal with a situation where they may be running for their lives had been seen as joining us now. she is the owner of 4 miles you import, she's one of the vendors that was at today's garlic festival vinci know tell me what you saw. >>i was out in front of my dear. actually very good friend of the bears. i was giving out samples of my cheese. continuous pop pop pop pop pop pop pop and at first, we didn't know take it serious were like well as maybe somebody was saying was fireworks but it was and to really sound it was. it was just senior wasn't fireworks. and so i saw people running and dropping and i don't know if they were shot at that point i saw people drop in the year it happened so fast. iran behind my band because i didn't know where to go and there was people there. 2 ladies and my cousin and calm
8:52 pm
and rain and we all hid under the table and you could just hear right behind my beer. you could just hear now pop so they were right behind and it was on a nightmare was the most scariest thing we'd ever been thrilling we judges come for him because they were just shaking we're all shaking where was your. >>your stand set up here where that came you heard it, she said it was continuing the ice. gun was was continuous is like mean it was just and it wasn't like i handguns intellect hot and this continuous very fast and you said that you saw people that were hitting the ground running and they were just falling down and i don't know you know because at moment, you're just you're just wondering what's going on you're just in shock. i don't know if they were here i all i know is they were game. what did you do it that at every
8:53 pm
mine i jus iran eye to eye on life. no man from share shook up so i just behind my birth i saw 2 people. they ran and jumped behind the table and so there was a total of 3 of us we got as close under my under my table and the far either as we possibly could get my cousin got in there. and when it was a total of 4 of us and i we just prayed and that noise was very loud behind my belief i honestly we were going to get shot. so you are thinking at that point this might be a i honestly thought it was it was so bad it was. this sounds were so close. and then i come to find out that the i just reunited with one of the crew members in the next next to me. actually saw the shooters. there's my booth was and and then there was a bit of a gap and the end of the aisle and then there's a bit of a gap and it was like this said
8:54 pm
candy or something that's like somebody had made a you know as a vendor showing it. so there was some space between mine but you could easily walk around there. so they said that they actually saw. and shooting from there so that's why i know think that's why heard it so now they were right there at my right next to my and you're saying one of the shooter, yes. i heard there was a total of 3 shooters. maybe about a minute minute and half. i heard the sirens i felt a little relief but then that was i don't know if that was still noise uh minus still been popping. and maybe about i don't know many to later. they use someone was coming down screaming run as fast as you can run. so we just all got out and started running and i we didn't know where any with the syrians great to the right 9. i don't
8:55 pm
know where we ended up debt. it was it was chance. >>so you you actually grab some people you went into the your food. you hit our neath the table you start hearing these increasingly right behind my or to the side of that i can tell i is like now we're why it was so close i was just praying to god we will not get shot in the head or the back i mean i back when their head and i just i just come for them and just told him that you know we're we're with this we're going to be ok we're going to make it you don't know you know if you're going to make it out alive, what's going to happen and then you feel trapped because you can't really get up and as the shots are still fired. so it's a. very very skinny and comfortable situation. and we want to thank you for we're sharing this information with us what i do want to get into how much time there was that you are underneath the table and it eventually we're able
8:56 pm
to get out from underneath and run with everyone else probably he may be right. we can't go and it was just you know like continuous and then it seemed like it stopped and then it would start and then that was and then it just stopped and then we weren't sure we were still staying there. and you kind of want to get you want to get up and you want to run, but yet you're afraid you don't know who's good, you know are they still going to shoot at you. thank god. i did because apparently they were right right next to my boots on the site. did you did you see anybody now got a good night. when you decided she wanted actually get up and run with everybody because you you are pretty much. >>told by someone hey you know we we've got to go get it would you of the people that use of the use over dropping did you see anybody on the see i did not look i did look i i
8:57 pm
just want i just ran. that was separated from my cousin and my friend that is working in the boat with me we all separate. >>can find each other i just found and now >>this center is it has really come. it's a great use of you in in such a troubling time so you able to get back with everybody and what was that moment like relief knowing that you know my cousin was it. what's going through your head at the time when you're underneath that table you're in the know don't you don't know what to process right because you're years we're trying to understand exactly what's what's happening. you know of the people that you are separated with they weren't underneath the table with your and my cousins like president area. i'm sorry we will i guess have to do that have for it's an injury where we're live on the air right now i apologize immediately the area okay will do ok. well we have to clear the area on
8:58 pm
you know we do want to thank god and cnn for joining us. thank you so much for being able to join us share your story with us unfortunately we have to move out of the area. we're being told by authorities that we have to relocate to another place. the media are. everyone that they're just the media. it seems as though. >>and seems as though everybody is being being told to move out now there are some media here to the right and they're being informed that we're going to have to have be located to a media area where their press conference update will be given. >>over a those details as soon as we find that out thank you so much and certainly our our hearts and prayers go out to everybody affected by this. but you could really feel what she went through. during that interview with in siena you know the fact that she just didn't know like so many people what was going to happen. >>people are were afraid for their lives and that's very clear from talking to witnesses dan has really
8:59 pm
brought us some very powerful interviews from people who were there at the gilroy garlic festival today, the latest information that we're getting now 3 people are now confirmed dead 12 others 12 others have been injured at the gil were garlic festival we are going to be continuing our coverage now here on kron 4 during our 9 o'clock hour of usually have a sports show now but we're going to stay with this breaking news story as a tragedy has happened in our community today, a shooting at the gilroy garlic festival witnesses saying that they her what they initially thought were fireworks then it became clear that it was gunshots and people were also telling dan there. the people who were there we're also telling dan how they. were hiding under the stage under tables, i'm running with their children to places where they thought that they could be safe and then waiting for police to sort of tell them that all clear and they could come out coming out one by one with their hands up. >>and we've heard you know when they talk about running from the area. there were
9:00 pm
limited entrances and exits and so people have the run and oftentimes some of the witnesses describe running a very long way one witness even describing having to climb over a fence and get to the other side and then there was a creek and had to go around the creek you talk about that let's show some new video now. >>but just sent in to the kron 4 news room this is showing us the massive police presence that is there. we do know that gill warren police are the u we assume right now the leading agency also says some sheriff's deputy vehicles there as well with their weapons drawn and as you might atf is also from san francisco responded to the scene it is still an active scene and you can see that some of this video because these are areas that are closed off to the public these are areas. >>where their officers with all that you know they are aimed they have rifles and hand and they are monitoring these areas we have not gotten any descriptions about and a possible


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