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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 30, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got john and robin here to kick things off this hour robin had to track its of hot spots with situation i had 2 hot spots on highway for both are out of the way so i'm tracking the residual delays so up in the weather for this week, hot spots out of the way too good looking least for the next few days before we do get warm again on into the upcoming weekend. clear skies over signal as you're seeing over parts of the east bay. there's definitely some cloud cover hanging out for a lot of us though you can see if you look out to the horizon line from snow right there, some gray skies for some. >>crystal clear blue for others and skies generally are going to clear through much of the day today, you're still going to hold on to a lot of cloud cover right along the coast, though as you can see into the evening tonight. we are going to see another push of fog into the evening hours even into the late afternoon for some areas closer to the coast. now daytime highs today amid some of that afternoon sunshine will rise into the 60's for san francisco and
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oakland, western parts of san francisco only in the 50's because of that cloud cover closer to ocean beach. san jose and los 80's today with some upper 70's and areas like santa clara so really nice day ahead. i'm talking your weekend warm up then the rest of this week to still to come. rob. >>or let's check in on the san mateo bridge speeds look maybe a little bit better your drive time has reduced by just one minutes so we're down to 18 minutes here from hayward over to the peninsula still very busy and crowded as you can see just a little bit better compared to the last hour so this is just an ok commute over to the peninsula. the bay bridge traffic you can see traffic moving a little bit better for the fast trackers looks fantastic for the car pooler zones lanes are wide open. but your overall backup goes beyond 8 80 to the bottom of the maze and it is holding their so roughly 18 minutes into san francisco, we're taking a peek at highway for its recovering from that crash and i talked about the motorcycle accident in pittsburgh. so we're down to 23 minutes that's better from
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antioch to concord one oh one still high of 52 minutes, san jose to menlo park darya james. thank you ny know why. >>and our big story is the gilroy shooting and this morning, we know a lot more about the gunman and. >>potentially maybe his motives behind this attack looks like he had been leaning toward some pretty radical views online kron four's will tran live from gilroy now with the latest on the investigation will. >>interesting you said radical views because the fbi said that they're looking into possibly if he was radicalized by some white-supremacist group and at this point we do know that he dabbled into reading some fien white-supremacist teams but he was not radicalized at least not yet and that's part of the investigation. now i can tell you that look at behind me is still very much busy at the gilroy garlic festival. this is the second full day that investigators will be here as they continue to collect evidence. they're combing through this area with the help of the fbi and atf
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because of this man here in 18 years old they want to get inside his head. they're hoping the evidence as well as what he did on line we'll leave them to a possible motive his name is sent he know like gun on sunday afternoon he came in here armed with an assault rifle and started firing people firing at people at the festival killing 3 people and injuring at least 12 others. here's video from last night so they tracked down his car. but a mile and a half from this location. it had nevada plates. we do know that he did spend some time with family in nevada and that he did by his assault rifle. legally about 3 weeks ago from the nevada gunshot. they were fearful that his car might have been booby-trapped with bombs which is why they sent robots in there it took a long time for them to finally clear the area to realize that it was safe. the car was removed to an undisclosed locations of go through the card to see if i anything inside the car will lead to a possible motive.
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then there's other part of the investigation is there a second suspect well they haven't ruled that out just yet and that has the community still fearful this morning. >>nice to know they're still here a second suspect willie because during its no but to be inside should we be endorsing me what should we be time. >>let's talk a little bit more about look guys we talked about how he had white-supremacist themes that he was looking into it. well a recent post mean it instagram said that he said read might is right which is a famous 1890 manifesto this very popular among white supremacy neo-nazi groups so that part has fbi looking into that particular view as well and even though he was at least tracked down to that theme at this point they're not saying if this was an actor and they ruled out i should say at this point that this was an act of domestic terrorism they should they continue to unravel more
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things perhaps that is a theme that they will continue to look for as far as his family there, it's cooperating with investigators reportedly they're heart broken and has puzzled as to why he did this back to you. >>today to the victims the 3 young people who were shot and killed and then all of the people who we're able to escape the bullets but now have a lot of emotional healing to do they do in for part of that story want to go to kron 4 sarah stinson she standing by to. >>emotional support center. the now that's been set up. sarah. >>yeah that's right. i'm live here. rockers elementary school in gilroy this where they've set up a family wellness center. i just got to go inside moments ago it opens up at 9 o'clock what they want to give us a look at it basically what happens for everyone at home. you walk in you register and then you go through different costumes were they walking through provide and also says you may
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need. now you may be a person who was at the festival and dodge bullets or you could be a person who had been there saturday you just are shocked that this could happen at your festival. we could know a victim you can know someone who is injured for so many different variables with the whole point is that you can come here to rockers elementary school and you can get those services now there's different rooms, there's red cross. they can provide you with any assistance in getting medical help counseling help. and there's also they're working with the fbi the county da's office and they have lots of services for you to check out. so there this is the first step in you know dealing with grieving and all of that dealing with all your emotions. but also some of that healing process happened last night there was 2 vigils that happening gilroy and happening that was put on by the police department hundreds of people were their state and local leaders, the mayor talked about how difficult this all is and then there was a church service at saint
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mary's catholic church, where they held a special service for the garlic festival victims. as you know 3 people were killed. all young people just tragic tragic and it's hitting a lot of people very hard so people got together talk about their emotions and honored. those who were killed and then you know also talked about those who are still recovering there's 15 people were injured. some were shot. others who had injuries from just running from their lives. so basically. bit there's so much going on in gilroy and you know the the sayings going around is called gilroy strong and it's really true everyone here is standing strong together and it's amazing to see this wellness center here pop up. it's going to be here all week long so if you want to stop by every day from 00:09am in the morning until 10 o'clock at night. and even if you want to see if their face after such a traumatic event they can help you pay
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for it you can pick the therapist in making health you pay for it. if you have medical costs a few sprained her ankle lawyer running away. and that's scary tragic moment. they can help you get medical payments for that so a lot of great services here a lot of good organizations coming together to help people get through this and it's not easy and they want people to know that they're not going to be here only for you in the next couple days for the weeks they want people to feel supported and the next coming months and years because it does take time to get through this. again this is at rikers elementary school if you'd like to stop by the rest the week from 9 in the morning until 10 night for nelson, the back to you. >>ok, thank you sarah you think about all this weather was directly in their families at lead they lost someone or it was someone that they know are just being at the you know it's such a traumatic event so let's take a closer look. >>at the lives that were lost. in this shooting. first we have 25 year-old trevor be he was visiting the garlic festival. with his fiance he
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is from new york and graduated from college just in 2017 and he and his fiance sarah warner work looking towards building a life together they really just begun, you know he just moved recently from new york to santa cruz to be with her. and now she is coping with the loss. her fiance and then the youngest victim as we told you yesterday was 6 year-old stephen romero and his grandmother and mother were also shot the grandmother shot in the leg, his mother shot in the hand and in the stomach. so they're surviving and their child 6 years old has died. and there's 13 year-old kayla salazar she's from san jose she was with her extended family her sisters and other relatives there. they escaped the bullets she did not they say that she was moving more slowly because she was with a a relative who use a cane and she was hit by a bullet. she
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would have turned 14 years old this sunday. a local business owner when he heard the stories of these young people who were gunned down has decided to set up a go fund me page and a lot of people are taking part. bob mann is the one who's doing this. he has not bob dealerships for cars. and he also has a booth usually at the garlic festival which he did again as soon as he found out about kayla and about the little boy stephen he created go fund me pages for them. she's from san jose. >>she came into your town and celebrated life in. you know all the good things you do when you go to a garlic festival never expected to be one of the ones that don't get to go home we created 1, 4, and thank god, the people are seeing it responding the same way that they responded to little steven so their families also reached out to me and thank me in ankle there's no thank you it's it's something i think we're obligated to do. >>and if you want to show the
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family support not only can go to the go fund me pages but kayla's parents are planning on a vigil in the next couple of days will tell you when that is. >>we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout this newscast and also throughout the day as well on our 24 hour streaming news service kron on download that app will be able to send you push alerts too and if we have a new development in this case again we'll be covering it all day long. we want to show you how san francisco 49 ers pay tribute to the shooting victims. >>our community was affected by a a horrific tragedy last night out of our team our program it first started practice with the bonus. prayer it's given 30 seconds to think about the people affected by go right and this community.
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>>some 14 right now we are tracking the weather and it's sort of the sanjaya later pretty typical exactly the stuff they use to like those triple digits. i wasn't so used to >>yeah, this is your normal late july day guys. >>august 2 days away now i uh oh goodness working our way
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through a pretty seasonable july from start to finish. we've had warmups we've had foggy mornings we've had sunshine the afternoons and temperatures. all right where they should be for these last 2 days of the month, so really nothing about this july weather wise has been to remarkable here across the bay area. it's been pretty typical near look across the bay this morning near normal with that fog streaming on and you can barely see financial district out in the distance as far as san jose goes looking at some clearing skies overhead definitely clearing out of the east bay too a couple of lingering clouds out above mount diablo but skies are a lot clearer than they were earlier this morning now skies are only going to grow clear into the afternoon as you would also expect very typical this time of year high pressure is easing off now this is allowing us some cooler temperatures. i'm not just for today or yesterday but through much of the week ahead of us this week compared to where we were this weekend. a big difference 50's and 60's for your highs on the peninsula from san francisco southward through daly city to half moon bay 70's on the bay
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side south of burlingame and san mateo down through san matteo at 77 degrees. redwood city at 75 woodside hanging on to the low 80's while the south bay look at that a few more 70's and we saw yesterday and returning to the 70's as well for dublin on over into the tri valley you're at 80 yesterday for your daytime high 70's and 80's for most of the east bay, the exceptions being oakland berkeley and richmond. comfortably in the 60's napa and sonoma low 80's for you with a range of 60's at the coast 80's up in santa rosa and petaluma as for the next 7 days temperatures remain pretty similar. the next 4 days today tomorrow thursday and friday, not a lot of change here and i think to most of us are going to be i think that's just fine then come saturday sunday and monday temperatures will be on the rise taking us into the low 90's for some of our inland spots by the beginning of next week. robin. >>it is winding down and looking so much better are
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checking out the richmond sandra fell bridge we no longer have a backup here at the toll plaza remember like 1520 minutes ago was backed it will be on return parkway that is no longer the case that has stunned out this commute is over we're looking at an easy 10 minutes to the north bay, the bay bridge traffic 80 west does not look like that it's still stacked up, but it is slowly improving as well it's back to be on west grand this sea up the incline and the suspension to but we're down to 17 minutes to make it into san francisco, no hot spots, no major problems us a busy freeway is coming north on one oh one. it's at 19 minutes from brisbane to 80 in san francisco or maybe you're taking 2.80 that's clocking in at 18 minutes from daly city to the bottom of the 2.80 extension, not bad. >>time now to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black sharing his knowledge with us this morning. want to talk first about the big story in the news right now capital one yes with this huge breach we're talking about a
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100 million people's personal information now been hacked same thing happened equifax about a year ago. so if you haven't. >>you know they been active in act. capital one's as a 100 million americans us citizens plus 6 million. how do get a breach that includes their zip codes are dresses their names and social security numbers, phone numbers, email addresses tatum or self reported income. it's bad make accounts and about a 180,000 cases. i could cost capital one anywhere between a 100 $150 million to make right the customer notifications credit monitoring technology cost legal support. worthy of note this happened equifax their stock dropped about 1520% last year inside its all time high yet again today. so this is typically a buying opportunity on stocks but again it's reminder you should have some sort of credit monitoring service like credit karma. it's an app that tells if the credit has been open sadly the person who did is probably going to get up to 5 years in jail. that's not enough time. and on top of that she was bragging on on social media sites that she
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had a a capital one docks bomb tie towards her right eye toward her body and i she's threat an inch is bragging and its side of times. check your credit i highly recommend it annual credit report dot com. i do it you should do it. >>ok and then the next topic conversation we have a new home sales numbers come out for june looks like the market bit of a bounce from the months before that that's well said is the best number in 17 months in fact it broke a 17 month losing streak as far as new home sales show. >>these are people who are buying a home home sales are they're signing contracts tie this is existing homes not their homes. existing homes. one 0.6% higher year-over-year that's not great number, but it's a positive number job growth doing well stock market near all-time highs homebuyers continue to creep higher for most of america. low mortgage rates and all that kind of bruised together to say things are looking good for existing homes, the supply of homes for sale have been rising. but the
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demand is also rising short-term reprieve may be. homeowners equity in their homes have doubled over the past 6 years about 16 trillion to the united all things considered a get to go to prey good report card positive. >>all right you go and then speaking of a positive report card with a 6 year-old from south korea. yes is our 3rd topic today, yes. she's clearly doing something right because as a youtube sensation now she was able to buy. i guess her and her parents. a ion dollar home as a blowing my mind >>6 year-old can't a youtube celebrity if you well has pulled off a bye to million 5 story house. >>and i'm gonna style by neighborhood. she's got 30 million subscriber she does things like she drives her dad's car, she steals his wallet, she's a little bit of a deviant she fixes things she got a video blog and just as a toy review blog this one is
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when her eating noodles. 376 million views i don't i don't her eating noodles yes and it kills it. but like that video may be right there on oddly enough she's not the highest earner that goes to a boy named ryan kaji does toy reviews may $22 million last year on you too. this brings up a lot of questions kids who watch this they see some deviant behavior. they see kid acting out they see that she's precocious they want to become media stars. a youtube is blocked off comments. video, silly kind of cut down on the pedophile relationships or holding that could happen. my kid wants to get on you no way not going do it even outside of bullying to cyber bullying, maybe you can buy me an $8 million house going to have million the house for 6 year-old kid. this was it and that that was going talk and as you say only in america but only in south korea or cracked
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ok one quick your question that wrap things up the sun coming to us from jeremy. thank you germany for sending this one in and robbie wants to know what's happening 2 beyond meat's stock up and following it as it as it hit a. it had good numbers last night but it's wildly overvalued it's great story americans go to restaurants now and we order veggie burgers even though we are still mediators. >>we just need a day off for me speak this is going to be a great cross from its very expensive stocks down 10% today down at one point i 40 bucks per share. with that being said the stock's up 800% since its ipo and insiders are going start selling shares early they typically wait 6 to 9 months. but they're going to a secondary tesla to the last second areas to raise cash, it's typically short term bad thing long-term good thing. the trend kind of still there people like the alternative of protein. burgers not for me as an investment but i get it as a social trend and i get it as a long-term investment. keep my the campbell soup does 33 times as much revenue as a
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lower valuation so you're really paying for future growth interesting all right rob, thank you as always keep the questions coming in you can always find rob. >>online you can e-mail him directly facebook twitter and of course is always on our website at kron 4 dot com.
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>>happening today and other big story. the jury continues listening to closing arguments in the go ship warehouse fire trial in oakland. the
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attorneys will present their arguments for max harris he along with derek alamein are on trial for the warehouse fire that killed 36 people in 2016. the prosecution says the victims had no notice there was a fire no way to escape in time. all main is accused of not applying for permits for work to be done on the warehouse and prosecutors say that would have triggered building inspections. the judge's instructions to the jury where that a guilty verdict means that a crime was committed criminal negligent was involved and that the defendant's actions. cause of death. >>a legal and civil rights organization is now suing the city of daly city, the leaders anyway accusing them of violating the state's sanctuary law and handing him and over to ice. so the group is the asian americans advancing justice and they filed a complaint against daly city group says that the city's police conducted an immigration investigation into jose escobar lopez and then facilitated his transfer to ice as car lopez is currently
9:27 am
in ice custody in bakersfield, he's facing deportation to el salvador. >>we'll take a break time now 9.27 still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. we are just hours away from the next democratic presidential debate. well the preview of what you can expect
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. >>traffic and hopefully things are winding down hands, it looks much better my hot spots cleared the bridges have been proved the drive times are going down and traffic is standing out. and yes, it is
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not. >>wise we've got another mild day today was nice and cool and windy out in the east bay the airlines hope and yeah it was nice out there. i'd rather take a little bit of a breeze that no breeze and today really keep that we're looking at some nice clear skies this afternoon of the breezy at times but definitely cooler than we have been so no as one of the spots that will be a bit more exposed to some windier conditions but also already more exposed to all the sunshine that you're seeing in not saying for other parts of the day actually if you look really close at the horizon right there there's all the clouds that a lot of the bay is sitting under such as oakland berkeley, san francisco. another areas closer to the coast. 50's 60's for your current temperatures with oakland and hayward each at 60 degrees pittsburgh. one of our clear spots and up to 66 right now compare that with san francisco. only at 56 degrees currently now compared to yesterday were overall a little bit cooler around 2 degrees cooler for most of the bay area and this isn't just
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something we're seeing this morning. but we're also going to see that carrying through this afternoon temperatures just a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday's taking us into the 60's for areas like oakland low 80's for san jose. more your forecast is still to count. robin looking pretty 92 standout it's not completely smooth and wide open, but it's much better than the last hour. >>and we're down to an easy 60 minutes that is great to make your way from hayward across the 70 oh bridge and over to the peninsula. so that's a really good sign. i'm noticing that the fast track lanes are opening up at the bay bridge toll plaza so right down the middle you will get a little break as you get closer to the tolls but you still have to sit in this big backup which spills to the bottom of so yes, it's still there and it's slow and stretches on the upper deck to fremont street but no more major hot spots highway 24 down to 14 minutes wannacry to oakland and shore we're down to 19 minutes, not bad from crockett to the made starting james stays a lot robin in national news the
9:32 am
stage is set in detroit for the second democratic debate, yeah, 20 presidential candidates will be. >>facing off once again there to be broken in half 10 tonight and then 10 more. >>tomorrow night. 2 nights in all kristen holmes has more on what we can expect. >>good morning. well in just a few hours at 10 of those candidates will take the stage and this time around for some of these presidential hopefuls. it's do or die. >>things are revving up in the motor city, 20 democratic candidates for president taking the stage for the second time, i'm looking forward to sharing. >>the best of america on that stage because we're running to make sure that america can achieve her best i'm looking forward to being on that stage with people. that are vying for the most important job in our country. >>and with the democratic national committee setting stricter requirements for the 3rd debate in september. the stakes couldn't be higher one over next 2 nights top tier candidatee, eating just fuel their lead. well news, lesser known attempt to reverse course, we're east permanently
9:33 am
stalling out. >>my name id is still lower than for several of the other candidates, so i want to make sure that i continue to use myself talk about it is and i have for the future of this country tonight on steve governor steve bullock south bend mayor pete british judge john delaney and john hickenlooper. >>any closure are beto o'rourke tim ryan and marianne williamson, as well as progressive candidates and front runners elizabeth warren and bernie sanders we'll go head to head fon the first time i do not attack. my fellow democrat. >>vision of what we can do come 2020. >>and that more and sanders matchup is one you won't want to miss keep this in mind not only do these 2 candidates on the similar stance on the multiple issues, but they're also very good friends was going to be interesting to see how exactly they didn't differentiate themselves from one another with. reporting in detroit and kristen holmes
9:34 am
back to you. >>we get to see what questions come up, considering the panel it'll be on stage joining us with what we might expect during tonight's debate, we have political analyst michael yaki joining via skype mister yaki so we have again round 2 if you will for the debates broken up into 2 rounds themselves. field in really shrink much between the last debates and tonight. >>well you're in this is called the rematch in motor city for a lot of these folks but the field is going to shrink until the 3rd debate, this is still pretty much, i'm a very easy one to get into 165,000 individual donors and get about one percent in the polls. tonight is going to be focused on how burning elizabeth burnham sanders elizabeth warren, a spar kind of past each other even though as but this taking a lot of sports from bernie but i'm actually looking at to see which of the killer b's breakout tonight and by that i mean people to judge they don't work and the new it steve bullock the governor of
9:35 am
montana who i think we'll have an interesting question to answer and see what his answer is going to if he has a gun control issue. consider the a very pro-gun state in montana. >>that's interesting yeah and this will be the first time that we have bernie sanders and elizabeth warren both on stage together obviously both ofthem kind of tracking in the same lane, what kind of daylight how are they going to separate themselves. what you think's going to happen tonight. >>was interesting and i are they going to punch it. you know bass each other by done here. sanders has really going after biden on his health care plan. the past we mourn basically goes after everyone for their lack of plans. but the but the fact is when you look at the demographics. liz with is taking support from bernie and that the contrast between those 2 how she projects or energy. her intelligence. whether or not you can be more sharp and focus than than bernie way that certainly bernie was very
9:36 am
focused in the first debate is really going to tell the tale this could be the make or break for bernie sanders, if he does not perform well against elizabeth warren. he wanted to be against by and so did sort bored, but this is i think for warns chance is a very good opportunity. >>and it's interesting you talked about the killer bees let's talk about budaj edge and they both surged early on they both somewhat plateaued a bit in terms of making headlines. do they break out have they both stalled what your take is going have a better night. >>i don't know who's going to have a better net i both know i know that both of them have to have a better night and the first time, but the judge has been weighed down by the a police shooting in his in his hometown as mare has just not really find any traction that sort of folksy i'm going to stand on the bard waving my hands around hasn't really worked on the national stage and he was much too can it last in the last debate but really i want to see step i want to see. steve bullock i really want to see this guy
9:37 am
who says i want i'm a blue guy who wins in red states and what kind of message he has to bring he could be that he could be the breakout as well as i think someone else on the stage we're not talking to any clover very smart very were you know someone who's got. great credentials, but somehow hasn't really got past treading water yet. >>yeah club which are the last time around said that she sir pulled her punches a little bit didn't want to come out swinging, but that may change come tonight, you think. >>i do i think that she has to distinguish yourself and it's going to be interesting how much of this is going there. how much of these people go after biden biden is going to have a big number of people going after him on wednesday night. but how many of these folks are softened the ground and for them and start taking shots at and by 9 oh there's been a lot of opposition research being done on the former vice president and they're all geared up and they're going to do what they can to create their own to should know what they're calling a reference to him.
9:38 am
calm was a t shirt from the last debate. >>it will be interesting at race certainly a topic that will probably come up. tomorrow night with biden foes both facing up between kamel harris and cory booker to they smell blood in the water, so we'll see what happens with that and we'll have you on a marta not only recap what happened tonight. the maybe preview, what will happen tomorrow night. thank you all right, thank you and of course be sure to watch kron 4 news tonight at 8.30 we're going have in siberia politics host catherine heenan joined by roundtable of political analysts and they're going to break down what we see in tonight's debate again that coverage begins at 8.30 right here. kron 4. >>and we're definitely going to hear is gun control come up after what happened in gilroy we're going to talk also in just a couple minutes about what state lawmakers have to say they want congress to do
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>>another shooting is making national news it just happened this morning several hours ago in mississippi, a small town. >>walmart 2 people were killed before there was a gun battle between the gunman and an officer, they shot each other they were both wounded. and the gunman was arrested, there's a customer at the walmart who said that he walked out to the parking lot. a gunman shoots somebody in the parking lot that person died in the parking lot then the gunman sprinted into the store shot and killed somebody in the store was a worker that he killed and then and he got
9:42 am
involved in this gun battle with the police who are able to arrest him. the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest who was shot they're going to be ok. the gunman is in custody and in the hospital and it turns out that gunman had just recently been fired from that walmart. >>teenagers admit to killing a police officer in italy and now we're learning more about what led up to that attack.
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>>9.4 right now checking out the r isweathegoing to be another nice day once we get through the gray, theyre easy targets of hour in changed change colors little bit like a million at the end of the day from gray w. >>and a really nice day ahead of a definitely still of libya right yeah that's fine though that's july is normal kind of weather right there. definitely a cloudy to foggy start depending on where you're at as for san francisco on the gray side right now not so much fon jose though nice blue skies over the south bay and that's something you're seeing further east of the oakland hills, but when you're up in the hills, this is what you're looking at berkeley down below and sky still offering up more so cloudy conditions the not at this point gradually clearing already across the bay area it's been a very slow process and we'll see more and more sun into the afternoon, coastal areas are going to hold on to quite a lot of fog though so don't expect a whole lot of sun if you're right on the pacific. a hot weather further inland. but we have been definitely a seeing our
9:46 am
temperatures fall and fall pretty rapidly yesterday that difference was gigantic from sunday on into monday and today we're going to be just slightly cooler for some of our inland spots, but 2 degrees down from 24 hours ago so not much of a difference from yesterday. but that's fine yesterday was already really comfortable and today, we're just going to repeat it. redwood city palo alto san carlos in mountain view in the mid to upper 70's, falling into the upper 70's for santa clara and cupertino compared your low 80's yesterday, it's not going to be much of a difference you notice, but it's a difference in the right direction pleasanton and livermore in the low 80's, dublin falls out of the 80's to 78 while oakland berkeley and richmond are in the 60's danville walnut creek unconquered will be in the 80's to get today 70's and 80's from delay how up to vacaville and on over to sonoma with some 60's as you head out towards the coast towards point raise and stinson beach. here's your next 7 days temperatures remain very similar today tomorrow thursday into friday,
9:47 am
a good range of numbers to be into around out july and kick off august on thursday as we move into the first weekend of the new month temperatures will be on the rise, not quise as hot as last week was but back into the low 90's by sunday and monday. robin. >>thank you john off to the golden gate i saw the zipper truck just a few minutes ago slowly roll through switch around the lane. configuration that means this commute as over we have 3 lanes north and 3 line south. we're back to 21 minutes which is great from nevado to san francisco, so no problems on the golden gate, the bay bridge traffic, it's just ok. the backup goes to west grand. it's no longer through the maze and then we also had a hit and run crash. that was near treasure island that's gonna that's going to keep traffic tied from treasure island along the suspension and over to fremont street so we still have slowing in stretches here which is completely normal for the drive into san francisco. that's what want to show you 5.80 leaving livermore to little crew out of here westbound from 84 to about hop yard, you're back at the limit
9:48 am
by the time you reach the dublin interchange so we'll put it at 60 minutes from vasco to the dublin interchange which is not bad what i want is busy 3rd street to the 80 split in san francisco 2.80 slows right around alamein he threw the one oh one split and again cesar chavez to the bottom of the 2.80 extension so a lot of folks still rolling into san francisco, but no major issues just still crowded on north one oh one in north to 80. >>09:40am we know this morning more about the top story which is the garlic festival shooting we know where the gunman got that assault style weapon you have purchased legally in nevada but then brought over the california border illegally we've got or come anna. >>with more on the story. >>the gilroy california police chief says the 19 year-old gunman, but his achy 47 type weapon in nevada on july 9th. according to the san francisco chronicle league and bothersome out a medic rifle with a detachable magazine at big mike's gun and ammo in fallon nevada the store owner posted to facebook saying quote i did not know this
9:49 am
individual he ordered the rifle off my internet page when i did see him he was acting happy and showed no reason for concern. the fbi searched a home and a in walker leak, nevada, authorities believe le guen was there just days before the gilroy garlic festival shooting on sunday there are no details yet about what they found investigators in california searched the league and family home and a which is in gilroy and left the residence with paper bags and other evidence neighbors describe the league and has a nice family and are shocked by what happened the conversations i had with him. i looked into the gun laws here in nevada to purchase a firearm you need to be at least 18 years old, but you do not need a permit in are not required to get a license still both commercial and private gun dealers must run background checks on purchasers before sale nevada governor steve says the lack released a statement on the shooting saying the nevada department of public safety will provide any help is needed. he also said quote nevadans know firsthand the deep pain and suffering that you were community is
9:50 am
experiencing right now and we want them to know we offer our deepest and most heartfelt condolences, reporting or come >>and the garlic festival shooting is as you might imagine renewing calls for stricter gun laws at both the state. and national level with several state democratic lawmakers demanding action from federal lawmakers after the gunman used an assault rifle to carry out the shooting. yesterday governor newsome had some strong words as well for conservatives on capitol hill about the deadly shooting and the gun control legislation that he feels has to happen now. >>keeps happening over and over and over again and they're dam watch. so with all due respects their me that idea that somehow this is being politicized because people are sick and tired of this and don't want to go in and see a grandmother lost a 6 year-old or 3 year-old i've got a 3 year-old and a 6 year-old and you sit there as a human being for getting governor and try to explain away the status quo, we've got people that are complicit in washington dc on 2 and a damned thing on these issues,
9:51 am
a damned thing on these issues and their pundits that back them up and the money that's part of all of this shame on them. >>some are now calling on congress to take action but gun rights advocates don't think more regulation is the answer. we of course have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout our newscast and on our website kron 4 dot com and then also on a 24 hour streaming news app kron on can download that app and you'll get push alerts as new information comes out. throughout the day today. >>tumor in county teenagers are in custody in rome, italy for the stabbing death of a police officer, here's the funeral that was held yesterday for the officer 35 year old mario reagan. he had just returned to work from his honeymoon 6 weeks ago, he was married and yesterday he was buried 19 year-old finnegan elder an 18 year-old gabriel, natalie, yours are accused of killing that officer they're
9:52 am
both graduates of tamil pious high school in mill valley, they graduated in 2018. and they were going to a santa barbara city college. they went to italy on vacation during a break. and now they're in jail in rome and they're being questioned about what happened they're both telling different stories about a drug deal gone wrong long where they say that they were still sold crushed aspirin instead of cocaine ended up taking. pack and cell phone. and they say one of them says that one is accused of the stabbing says that he thought he was being attacked by the person coming to get their backpack. our that was as some related to that drug deal. one says that the other says he wasn't involved its elder who is accused of actually doing the stabbing the officer was stabbed 11 times and they found the knife police did. in the motel was hidden in the ceiling tiles of the room that the to 19 year olds were staying in right now
9:53 am
both families back here in the bay area have said they haven't been able yet to make contact with their sons. it's 9.52 and as we head to the big break, let's take a live look outside here at sfo. >>and you can see that cloud cap and fog over the airport, so you definitely want to call ahead to see if there's any delays if you're picking up for leaving. ibigger, tastier strips spicy chof juicy chickenbo. with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecasted going into the rest of the week we're looking for mostly
9:56 am
kind of the same you know fog in the morning and then mid 80's inland. 70's by the bay and 60's by the coast as we continue right through the week we don't see a real warm up until things start to get cooking in the latter half of the weekend. so it looks like next week might be the real quick. >>all right and as we end the show we want to share more from last night's vigil remembering the victims of sunday's shooting. we'll see tomorrow obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to the families were affected by this great tragedy and. >>i'm extremely i i'm blessed to left the scene so have left that scene in time it's been a shock over the last 24 hours. but to see all of you here tonight. i am just so proud to be your mare a 6 year-old boy. >>who should be splashing and sprinklers. learning to ride a bike. the 13 year-old girl.
9:57 am
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