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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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323-461-phil. 323-461-7445. you can find me on facebook and twitter. we'll see you next time. [applause] >>talk about right now was some of the year roni over warning that we're seeing out there right now. >>the fbi warning today that it's really too early to speculate on a motive for the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. good evening, everybody i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the crucial question of why is still an answer tonight as federal investigators are now clamping down on reports the sentinel again was a white supremacist. >>some of the reporting that's coming out of there is >>fbi special age i in gilroy do
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they are winning one way or another bennett was commenting on reports that investigators found both white supremacist and radical muslim material at the home where le guen state in walker lake nevada. he also dismissed the significance of finding a knife in the home. >>i think everybody's house has knives and so we're we're really concerned of things that we found that department and bennett had more cold water to throw on the significance of league and instagram post right before the shooting referencing a manifesto cited by white supremacist groups the book that you're referencing is something from that the team 96 i'm not sure that's really a high-dollar reading right now. >>so are you ruling anything out at this point we're not ruling anything out obviously that's why we're asking for here is science. units us experts out. >>the behavioral science experts better known as profilers will assist the physical evidence teams already on scene based on what
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no accomplices. >>pretty high confidence that he is is the only percent. >>the fbi says it's profilers will be looking through again social media. his e-mails his phone records to try to find out who he was talking to and what he was thinking before he did what he did. and we have team coverage tonight of the shooting kron four's dan kerman is taking a a closer look at how cities are preparing for upcoming events given what happened in gilroy but first let's go to kron four's theresa she is live for us in gilroy tonight. >>at the family assistance center teresa. and heard on thi sunday after now also behind closed doors just right behind me in this auditorium, the fbi is setting up a center so the people can come here and get their personal belongings that were left behind in all that chaos. >>carrying boxes meeting behind closed doors, fbi
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agents working on a plan to get all of those personal belongings back to their rightful owners. santa clara assistant district attorney adam floors. >>soon there will be a release of personal property, a property, personal facts things of that nature. that will be soon and the fbi will be providing the exact that would be a curse that will be at this location, but it hasn't been determined exact date time. >>i spoke with 88th floor is about the importance of keeping the fall out of sunday's shooting centralized is kind of a nice aspect of having the family assistance center as well as having this reunification of personal belongings, some people may find an emotionally traumatic to get their stuff and so this will provide some counseling service. >>right absolutely so when when properties are leased they may. we re traumatize or they may find himself reliving what they had experienced on the day. the shooting. this is
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perfect for them to be in this location because then they can also at the same time if they need to they can seek counseling make him we'll victims services we don't want to read traumatize them we want to help them move on. >>so far florida says hundreds have been helped already here at record elementary school which is serving as a temporary family assistance center. giving much-needed guidance in such an unnerving time also want to make sure that it's clear that. >>a victim in this case is very broadly to find it could be someone who saw the shooter where did not see the shooter. we could be someone that was wa all of those people can come here to receive services s at the family's just some. >>again a lot of activity going on behind me i've seen about a dozen fbi agents go in and out they are working on that plan we will let you know when that. unfold as soon as
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it is released to here gilroy stasio back to you guys. >>all right teresa meantime in the wake of the gilroy tragedy any large public event gives rise to concerns and it just so happens the next one of the bay area begins tomorrow. the 75th. annual santa clara county fair on first in kerman has been looking into security measures there he joins us now live with the latest and. >>what we can tell you that authorities have revisited those plans since the gilroy tragedy and they've made some changes to it they've enhanced that they're not releasing specifics. but they believe the 60,000 people expected through these gates over 4 days starting tomorrow should be safe. at the santa clara county fairgrounds wednesday, carnival operators were getting their games and rides in order vendors were setting up their boots. the livestock was having a bite to eat 60,000 people are expected to come through these gates over the four-day event and with the gilroy tragedy so fresh.
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there's a renewed focus on security. we have a number of enhanced numbers sheriff's that will be on patrol throughout the grounds as well as our private security. officials say in the last few days since the gilroy tragedy. security plans have been revisited and enhanced we're going to take every precaution to make sure that people have a safe enjoyable time with their families. >>the details of those plans remain confidential. but county supervisors have seen the specifics. >>we need to make sure in in this teenage ossible risks are and that's really what we're doing and i'm really confident that both the sheriff and the county executive of put together a plan that makes me feel secure and i'm going to be they're cutting a ribbon and i'm going to be there with my family. >>now the county fair kicks off at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon it runs through sunday night at 10:00pm live
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in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news. >>our dan and the service just go police department is reassuring people who plan on attending outside lands that public safety is their main concern the three-day music festival takes place a golden gate park that's next weekend starting on friday august 90 police department says it is working closely with event organizers as well as local state and federal partners they say that they're taking the gilroy shooting into consideration and will adjust their security plan accordingly last year over 200,000 people reportedly attended the festival. we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting on air and online and during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service on kron on you can download our kron on app get the latest push alerts street here phone as new developments come into the newsroom. >>developing news tonight, 12 jurors have now begun deliberations in that go ship fire trial in oakland, the final closing argument,
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triggering lots of emotions for people in the courtroom and kron 4 says he doing was there. >>the ghost ship fire trial has been turned over to the jury but not before the prosecution got a second chance to make their case. >>alameda county deputy da audrey james did not hold back when wrapping up his rebuttal argument, raising his voice when he asked the jury if this place is so safe like those people said why are those 36 people here with us today because it was a ok exception. >>final argument of the prosecution. was an emotional chi rea. emotional tirade is the last. we refuse. and the dying call us. >>it was clear the prosecution took notes on the defense's closing argument that came back the following day aiming to dismantle it point by point starting with playing a video
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of a jailhouse interview of derick almena telling a reporter that the whole structure of his defense is pointing and blaming others. the da told the jury that it is not a defense that the defendant did not know that he was breaking the law. he told the court and allied everyone created the deadly conditions and was indifferent to the consequences of his actions. he also said that call defendant max harris allow people to come in knowing the hazardous condition of the warehouse and was also a different to the consequences of his actions harris's attorney disagrees it is relevant that they we >>trained to understand the fire d ctated the jury finally having the evidence in their heads is a day that family members of the victims say they have long on they have taken notes. it's in their hands now side about retribution revenge being out for blood or any of that i jus open way that. >>is it just us.
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>>both derick almena and max harris faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter if convicted on all counts they could receive anything from probation up to 26 years in prison. in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>another big story tonight for the first time since the great recession in 2008 the federal reserve has lowered interest rates. policymakers voted 8 to 2 in favor of a small cut in the federal funds rate interest rates which affect the cost of borrowing for credit cards and mortgages loans or now set to hover between 2% and 2.2 5%. the fed's rate cut follows months of pressure from president trump. on monday, he criticized the fed in a series of tweets from making quote all the wrong moves. adding quote a small rate cut is not enough. end quote, policymakers in their statement said they would continue to monitor incoming data and would act as needed to support the economy. local
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woman says she was drugged and raped at bay to breakers but it's what happened once or case got to the police department that now has her most upset. her alarm in contention. after the break. >> president of the trauma raptors after he's accused of assaulting an east bay deputy right after the raptors won the nba title last month we'll have an update and what caused all that smoke at sfo is people were driving to work today. little fog showing up around our skies right now, but a rare sight to be had around the bay
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>>yes an sfo this morning after a fire broke out at the united airlines maintenance yard, the smoke could be seen as people community down highway one oh one kron four's sarah stinson brings us. the latest. >>the fire was quickly put out here at united airlines maintenance operations center this is on self airport boulevard at one point is parking lot was packed with employees as they evacuated the building and take a look at these pictures, lots of people send them to us as you can see the smoke from all around the area. the fire broke out at united airlines operations center just after 7 30 this morning as a fire responded to the second alarm sirens sound and air conditioning in ventilating unit on fire on the 5th floor in the building 84 people from all over could see the smoke so that's why at first they thought it could be at the
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airport or aircraft is hard to tell from different vantage points as fire crews work to quickly put out the flames as a full officials made it clear it was not impacting the airport at all and it remained open. fortunately, no one was injured in that fire was very quickly put out. hundreds of employees evacuated the building can see in the video for about an hour they stood there as fire crews investigated the scene trying to figure out how this fire sparked airport officials say the fire is believed to be accidental. they do know that that age back unit was on when it sparked a fire as a foe sarah stinson back to you. >>a senate committee put top officials at the f a a in the t dema 8 grounding. after those 2 disasters crashes. they killed. some 346 people the boeing 7.37 max has been grounded worldwide since mid-march after the crash of an ethiopian airlines, 7.37
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max. if a was also criticized over how it handled the aftermath, a lion air flight that went down in october of 2018. face top safety official says the pilots actions in that crash, especially played a significant role. >>it in line case, charlotte action plated a significant role and because of that we felt that the most urgent thing to do until we have the appropriate faces in place to pull wide. the pilots we'd the appropriate procedures to focus on and going forward while we developed this. >>the f a a has no timfowhen is demanding it be kept in the loop. a big story tonight, a rape victim who uncovered thousands of. >>untested rape kits is taking her case against the san francisco police department to the us supreme court disturbing accusations here kron 4 sanaz to hernia spoke with the victim and her attorney.
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>>and you're outside of the lgbtq center on market street san francisco. we're a little earlier rape victim and activists heather marlow and return you were speaking to the media about a petition that they filed with the us supreme court we're getting a lawsuit against the san francisco police department marlow says the shoes at bay to breakers a years ago where a stranger gave her a drink that she says was drugged she was drugged and then subsequently rate mission reported that read with the san francisco police department. they told her that her kit was tested, but that they didn't have the results because of a backlog at the lab. eventually found out that her kit was never tested an faa not the law doesn't even backed up instead. the police department never even rns out s there are thousanas you cause a number of audits to be done to various facilities, they found that all the untested kits were kept it off site warehouse facilities she filed a lawsuit cla ming a violation of equal ction rights claiming
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that rates are not taken seriously at the sfpd routinely fails to test rape kits after a lengthy litigation process the last month 9th circuit court of appeals and that court ruled against marlow. >>it was dismissed. i'm happy with the pleading stage it was this mess on the basis that the complaint failed the state. a claim they dismiss at the at the complaint stated it's been even get allow it to go to discovery so that she could have her case heard in the she checked back in the marlowe persists he took that case to the 9th circuit. the mease rt's last week they filed writ of certiorari which is basically just a request to the court to have the judge's review her case and san francisco santos to kron 4 news. >>and late todaypwe reached out to the sfpd to get their response to the allegations so far we have not heard back higher.
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>>has to talk about the weather now taking a live look outside from our sutro cam a beautiful shot of a blanket of fog over the city of san francisco yeah, who knows where you are there chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us that is quite a sight and we're in for another one tonight. >>yeah this almost sounds like the beginning the song the black moon rising above the bay area tonight we're going to see that out there's we've got a very rare moon indeed, this is the second new moon of july making it a black moon effect this a moving up overhead you only see that happen about every 32 months or so it also is in close proximity europe also making it a supermoon so hey if you have the clouds of the show have to deal with the moon you megan eyesight of the stars outside for tonight. out there right now we certainly do have a lot of cloud cover out there at fog moving on shore right now looking for out the trash you see some of that in the san francisco right now that the smooth blankets in out there as well you see kind of hugging the coastline of backed away for a little while along the coastline. but now started to surge back on shore that will probably see some
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drizzle overnight tide along the coastal areas, the sea breeze is kicking in again all the way to the valleys again to 14 miles per hour in the concord to get the idea that nice breeze can the temperatures from getting too hot of those pretty warm in some spots and that is still 80 degrees in concord 87 live more 70 san jose, 69 degrees in oakland, 62 degrees now in san francisco overnight tonight we will see some patchy drizzle up toward the coastal areas tomorrow. a few morning clouds then mostly sunny skies, high pressure likely return for the weekend. that means warmer temperatures may get a little hot spots inland but a look at the gulf of alaska still kind of act about their we've got a couple of systems out here one year another one right behind in the to bring some rain in that direction as we head into the next couple has been a for the bay area, but it it will help to kind of carve out this trough here you see us in on the west coast right now and that will stay in place that's going keep the temperatures down a few degrees but over the weekend you can already see it here here that big ridge of high pressure that dome is going start to slide back in our direction as we get into the weekend and that is going to heat up the
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temperatures outside all right. i will see the fog low clouds surge back inside the bay and the and little grave spots a little wet along the immediate coastline that giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon. it's a pretty comfortable temperatures too. highs will be in the 80's. i most spots inland. you see a lot of 60's and 70's inside the bay and clouds of 50's and 60's and fog at the coast. >>still ahead, yeah, it's getting hotter and drier across the state which of course is fuel for wildfires to prevention efforts governor newsome just announced today and a community in crisis. we'll show you how one man is determined to fight
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>>the trump administration says migrant family separations have stopped but new court filings show nearly a 1000 children have been separated in the past year kron four's washington dc correspondent alexander lemon has details and reaction from lawmakers on capitol hill. >>the trump administration is ignoring a court. >>order a new court documents filed by the aclu show the trump administration separated more than 900 migrant children from their families. despite a federal court order to stop the family separations the aclu says 20% of the children are under age 5. 2 weeks ago, acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan assured lawmakers dhs was obeying the court order separations of parents and guardians of the children the cross with are rare. oregon senator ron wyden visited the border last week, what.
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>>i saw over the last day is. >>does not indicate to me. dead in the separation of the families rare. the aclu is asking a federal judge to once again step in and make it clear. >>when my grandchildren can be taken from their parents dhs says children are only their pa parents are criminals or endangering the children but the aclu says its documents show some parents had their children taken over traffic violations or misdemeanor property damage. nevada senator jacky rosen. >>the culture of cruelty that this administration continues to pursue in regards to my grandchildren is absolutely wrong rosen says she'll continue to block confirmation of to dhs nominees until conditions at the border improve in washington, alexander lee mount. >>next at 5.30 a disturbing story to babies found near a
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dumpster in fairfield with or what we're learning tonight about their mother. >>lawmakers want to keep your information safe. th
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>>welcome back to our top story at 5.30 today is the 4th annual as have homeless projects where 30 media outlet serve covering the issue it impacts all of us certainly kron 4 is committed to reporting on this community crisis kron four's maureen kelly took a stroll through
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some of the city's toughest streets with one man who's taking to twitter. >>to bring attention to his neighborhood to try and make it safer. >>i happen to think that there needed to be some awareness brought us some of the challenges and. twitter seem to be the best avenue. >>item as nick is taking me on a tour of the streets around his south of market neighborhood where we find tense people passed out or not doubt. he's documented similar scenes in other squalor on his twitter feed under the handle better soma for some time most of them have turned far more graphic over the years. >>but this is something that i've been spouting about for about 5 or 6 years now. >>in fact earlier on the day we took this tour, he stumbled into what turned into the site of a fatal overdose at 17 mission, some of it is so alarming in some of that is so graphic. >>and it's really it's a sad fee. there's no question about it. >>he feels the main issues are drug abuse and mental illness driving this crisis in his
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small par of the city, it's sad to watch people. >>deteriorate really the drugs on the street, harder than they've ever been coming through borough when he encounters things like needles or feces kill tweeted the mayor his district supervisor. >>and 3, 1, 1, he's not alone. there are several others documenting these gritty streets, including one called fed up as seth. as nick says he's seen some changes a result of their tweets there's definitely a. >>you know clean is down here. i think that san francisco amaz the hundreds. >>despite his efforts the problems still persist. >>some of the problem has been


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