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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 31, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i am more kron four's justine waltman just talked to a san jose resident who in the face of danger. >>tried to help other people. she joins us live now with his story just saying. >>and can willie mocking alice has been volunteering at the gilroy garlic festival in the communications 10 for the past 19 years with 19 minutes left in his shift on sunday. he says that he heard gunshots and new that what he had to do was run towards where people were running away. he just felt this calling to help that what he says that he did was help people who are panicking get on board buses so they could evacuate and that includes members of the queen's court. in to him and since he knew the layout of the festival really well. he was le to get them to the tree ash area immediately and hospitals treating patients from the shooting have credited that quick medical care for saving
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lives really tells me he has no law enforcement or any type of medical background. but he says what he saw and felt on sunday will always stay with him. >>seeing the chaos in the tree area where. the firemen and paramedics were coming together to to help all those involved even the 2 doctors, jumping in to help out. it wasn't a good sight to see but you know horrifying at the same time that there was so much bloodshed. i know people need help not everyone can easily get away or whatever there somebody is going help i can provide that help. >>willing to take a few pictures after the shooting of the crime scene but it is really focused on helping more than documenting the moment, willie also tells me he does not know the 2 doctors that he helped usher in he believes one is a surgeon and he does
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have some experience was stepping up in an emergency situation last year he says he stopped a man from driving a car and to the gilroy high school athletic field in after hero and today again he's being called a hero now his car though is still on lockdown at that crime scene so friends and family have been giving them a ride to work here in i t company in san jose. he's hoping he'll be able to get his car back really soon. he does say though. possible again next year of course he will be volunteering he will not let the shooting scare him away. live tonight in san jose i'm justine waltman. >>thank you just seen and continuing our coverage, the fbi taking the unusual step today of accusing some media outlets of distorting the significance of evidence gathered on the shooter so far well for grant lotus has that part of the story. >>morgan is coming out of there is is wrong. >>fbi special agent in charge
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john bennett says material seized at the shooter's apartment in nevada. and at a home in gilroy do not point to one particular ideology just because somebody has a look at their house doesn't mean that they are winning one way or another bennett was commenting on reports that investigators found both white supremacist and radical muslim material at the home where le guen state in walker lake nevada. he also dismissed the significance of finding a knife in the home. >>i think everybody's house has knives and so we're we're really concerned of things that we found that department and bennett had more cold water to throw on the significance of league and instagram post right before the shooting referencing a manifesto cited by white supremacist groups the book that you're referencing is something from that the team 96 i'm not sure that's really a high-dollar reading now. right >>so are you ruling anything out at this point we're not ruling anything out obviously that's why we're asking for here is science. units us experts out. >>the behavioral science experts better known as
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profilers will assist the physical evidence teams already on scene based on what they found so far bennett says there were no accomplices. >>pretty high confidence that he is is the only first of all. >>i'm grant lotus kron 4 news. the family assistance center in gilroy will soon be the place for festival goers can reclaim their property of course so many people dropped everything and ran for safety when sunday shooting erupted fbi agents spent much of the day working on a plan to get those personal belongings back to the rightful owners. >>and officials say they are prepared to vote to provide emotional assistance for anyone who after seeing their belongings is reminded of the tragic day. >>when properties are leased amy. we re traumatized may find himself reliving what they had experienced on the day. the shooting. this is perfect for them to be in this location because then they can also at the same time if they
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need to they can seek counseling make him we'll see victims services. >>officials say so far hundreds of people have received assistance from the center which is located at rucker elementary school. no word yet on when the belongings will be available to the public. the fbi will be providing that information soon in the wake of the gilroy tragedy. any large public event now is getting even greater scrutiny and it just so happens the next one of the bay area begins tomorrow, the 75th santa clara county fair. >>kron four's dan kerman has been looking into security measures for that event. >>obviously security is of top most concerned and law enforcement officials as well as for management. every visited their security plans since the gilroy tragedy. an estimated 60,000 people are expected through these gates beginning thursday for the 75th. >>santa clara esday carnival op for getting their games and prizes in order vendors were setting up their boots and livestock was beefing up. but
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in the days since the gilroy tragedy meetings have been underway to talk about security. >>we reviewed our security plans for the 4 days and you are working closely with. s off supervisors in our county sheriffs to enhance the security. during the 4 days. >>details of the security plan remain confidential. but officials at the fairgrounds to say there will be additional law enforcement officers patrolling the facility, i feel very confident in the plan that they put forward for our entire community county supervisor. cindy chavez has seen the specifics of the security plan and is pleased with them. she plans to attend the fair and bring your family and hopes the gilroy tragedy doesn't keep others away. >>but we want to make sure of is that people don't stay home out of fear like we can't let one. really unhealthy mad. insane person stop us from
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enjoying our community. >>their gates opened thursday at 1 o'clock the fair runs until sunday evening at 10:00pm in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news. >>we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting on air and online and during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service kron on you can download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight your phone as new developments come into the newsroom. in other news tonight, 12 jurors have now started their deliberations in the ghost ship fire trial in oakland 2 men are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in the g a music event back in december of 2016 the prosecution's final closing argument triggered a lot of emotions for people in the courtroom today kron four's haaziq madyun was there. the ghost ship fire trial has been turned over to the jury. >>but not before the prosecution got a second chance to make their case.
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>>alameda county deputy da audrey james did not hold back when wrapping up his rebuttal argument, raising his voice when he asked the jury if this place is so safe like those people said why are those 36 people here with us today because it was a death trap. outside the courthouse. the defense team took exception. >>final argument of the prosecution. was an emotional chi rea. motion tirade is the last. we refuse. and the dying call us. >>it was clear the prosecution took notes on the defense's closing argument that came back the following day aiming to dismantle it point by point starting with playing a video of a jailhouse interview of derick almena telling a reporter that the whole structure of his defense is pointing and blaming others. the da told the jury that it is not a defense that the defendant did not know that he was breaking the law. he told
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the court and allied everyone created the deadly conditions and was indifferent to the consequences of his actions. he also said that call defendant max harris allow people to come in knowing the hazardous condition of the warehouse and was also a different to the consequences of his actions harris's attorney disagrees it is relevant that they weren't. >>she trained to understand what the fire could dictated the jury finally having the evidence in their heads is a day that family members of the victims say they have long waited for. >>they have paid attention they have taken notes. it's in their hands now side about retribution revenge being out for blood or any of that i jus open way that. >>is it just us. >>both derick almena and max harris faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter if convicted on all counts they could receive anything from probation up to 26 years in prison in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news.
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>>high time for weather check it turned out to be a warmer day around the bay area with things begin to change a look at that blanket of fog city across part of the bay area right now you see how flat of this gives you kind of an idea just how stable the atmosphere is but we're seeing that beginning to move in along the coastline you can see that toward the marin headlands they're beginning to push back on shore and moving into the base own earlier run of low clouds and fog kind of sign it. yeah we're probably the cool things down just a little bit for tomorrow afternoon today actually stuck back up and low 90's in livermore in cocker running a little bit above the average 79 in santa rosa 60 degree slightly above the average in san francisco 75 in oakland, 84 degrees in san jose, but yeah out there right now still warm in many spots away from the coastline, we've got 85 in concord 83 in livermore 72 in santa rosa 60 in san francisco said 67. in oakland still very nice 76 in san jose tomorrow morning we wake up some patchy fog early i think will be a little more extensive maybe some drizzle along the coastline, 50's 60's toward the middle of the day most that fog will retreat to
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the coastline. temperatures could be running up to the noontime still the 60's inside the bay, maybe sthe mid 70's of the valleyr tomorrow af warning people about a spike in art tests investigators say since july 20 us. there have been at least 14 cars that have had their catalytic converters stolen. police say in most cases these targeted toyota prius us policing criminals are taking advantage of the lighter weight of the car which makes it easier to live for the jack berkeley police are encouraging people to park in a garage or use motion-sensor lights of parking in the driveway or park in a well-lit area if you have to park on the street. >>coming up as community in crisis we take a closer look at the issue of homelessness and left one man is doing to bring attention to the plight of those who live on the streets equifax settled for hundreds of millions of dollars after a massive data breach why federal officials are warning. you might not get the money you're hoping for the governor defends california's response to wild
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. newsome is defending california's wildfire prevention efforts while criticizing not only the federal government but. >>california's democratic leaders for poor forest management is sought. >>all while the weather is getting hotter and drier across the state. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the new efforts announced today.
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>>governor gavin newsome checking in on one of the 35 statewide high priority vegetation projects, a work in progress to make fire-prone communities safer. visiting call facts for the second time this year the governor alongside cal fire leaders say 33 of the 35 projects are expected to be finished by december despite some obstacles in contract and contractors, you need partnerships a unique commitments. you also need the consent of the private sector. we have one projects on highway 17 where 700. >>in 19 permits. now we need before we start the project. >>the governor today also signed an executive order for the hiring of 393 extra seasonal firefighters each will be distributed on fire engines across the state one additional body. >>gives you an additional body to carry hose swing a tool reduce the workload stress on all of the other that engine. u
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>>they were running these massive deficits. they seem to be spending more money on everything except on this which is remarkable. >>state leaders say california is pouring more resources into preventing and fighting fire this year than in recent decades in colfax ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>smoke was visible from quite a distance this morning after a fire at a united airlines maintenance operations center at sfo the fire did not disrupt airline traffic. the airport did remain open. but hundreds of employees had to be evacuated from that building. firefiout the fire quickly and they said they believe it was caused by an accident today is the 4th annual asset homeless projects that's where 30 media outlets are covering this issue which impacts all of us. >>force committed to reporting on this community in rough som city's toughest stree who is has twitter to bring attention to s igorhood to try to make it safer.
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>>depending on the day you never know what type of activity though be. >>adam as nick is taking me on a tour of the streets around his south of market neighborhood where we find tense people passed out or not doubt. he's documented similar scenes in other squalor on his twitter feed under the handle better soma for some time for twitter feed. >>is graphic. it's remarkably sad earlier on the day we took this tour, he stumbled into what turned into the site. >>of a fatal overdose at 17 mission, the drugs on the street, harder than they've ever been. he feels the main issues are drug abuse and mental illness driving this crisis in his small part of the city, it's sad to watch people kind of. >>deteriorate really. >>coming through borough when he encounters things like needles or feces kill tweeted the mayor his district supervisor. and 3, 1, 1, he's not alone. there are several others documenting gritty streets, including one called fed up as seth. as nick
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says he's seen some changes a result of their tweets there's definitely a. >>you know clean is down here. i think that san francisco police department done an amazing job, they're arresting people by the hundreds. >>despite his efforts the problems still persist. >>some of the problem has been moved around. i think that the problem has evolved i don't think that this is a. >>a static challenge. >>he says his intention is not to shame the people living in desperation but to bring awareness and hopefully solutions that will help make his streets. a safer place. maureen kelly kron 4 news. that huge fog bank over the bay but embarcadero sites include for our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us about the black moon and whether or not we'll get to see it well that's kind of the interesting thing about the black moon, we know it's there we know passes
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by but we're never going to see it it's it's a new moon, but it's a rare thing that's happening up above right now you've got the black moon hasn't happened in quite some time. not since 2016 so about every 32 months you get a black moon that's the second new moon of the month and so that's the second newman, a moon of july rising up above it is also a supermoon meaning that its closest. >>its proximity to the earth in its rotation around our planet so very interesting side out there for tonight. there we've got the fog that has moved overhead you seeen ove raz ick down a g at sea breeze breeze carrying the winds and the air. well inland again tonight and that will bring those temperatures down a little bit more so still it's going to be warm away from the coastline are still looking at 80's and a little more right now it is 80 in fremont 76 right now in san jose 57 patchy fog in pacific over the hill though 70 degrees in san mateo 59. in san francisco, 81 in nevado 72 in petaluma also santa rosa
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and 72 degrees in the napa valley. low clouds fog will thicken up a likely going to see some patchy drizzle along the coastline tomorrow. morning clouds then mostly sunny skies so this weekend though things are going to change high pressure start to build back in. i think we're looking warmer temperatures ahead too. a couple storms off the coastline of the gulf of alaska, one right here this one likely going to bring some rain up in the pacific northwest of you head up to seattle portland in the next couple days plan on some raindrops grab your a jacket if you're headed that way and then another one right behind you can kind of hang off the coastline, but they're both helping to keep that trough a a coast and that's way it's going to sit for at least the next couple of days, but it's not far away. you see that ridge that's a continuing to hover this the one that brought us that hot triple digit heat. this last weekend that is going to start to nudge its way back into the bay area not going to be as hot this weekend still because temperature move back into the 90's. all we'll see some that patchy fog lows will be in the 50 some drizzle along the immediate coastline. i think tomorrow we're looking at a nice afternoon becoming mostly
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sunny away from the beaches, those temperatures should be comfortable in spots in fact a lot of 60's 70's inside the bay and you'll find some 80's in the warmest interior valleys. >>as you know overnight, she does went downhill on new fast down. >>she was tired and then one day she collapsed coming up at 6.45 a california man warning others after his wife gets a dangerous virus. way to next equifax offering millions to settle a massive data breach but if you were hit while you might not get as much money as you think. elve in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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>>regulators telling consumers who were hit by the equifax breach they are unlikely to get the $125 they are hoping for last week you may remember equifax rees to million settlemeoffer credit monitoring or up to $125 in cash money.well the federal trade commission says the public response has been overwhelming and millions visited the claim site in the first week alone, however, those payments come from a fix of money so if more people applied then there are funds for the amount each person will ultimately get will drop. >>it is night 2 of the
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democratic debates hosted by cnn and 10 more candidates to take the stage health care was the first topic debated again tonight. here's an exchange between california senator kamala harris and former vice president joe biden on her plan for health care. >>and first lady vice president you just simply inaccurate and what you're describing. the reality is that. and we'll bring health care to all americans under medicare for all system. our plan will allow people to start signing up on they babies our plan and right now 4 million babies almost are born every day in america every year in america and there are. we will ensure that everyone has access to health care your plan by contrast leaves out almost 10 million americans vice president biden response. >>the plan no matter how you cut it cost 3 trillion dollars when it is in fact floor number one 10 years from now after 2 terms of the senator being president after hurt, secondly it will require
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middle-class taxes to go up. certainly it will eliminate employer based insurance and fourthly what happens in the meantime. >>stay with us for full coverage of the democratic debates and watch tonight at 8.30 as inside the area politics host catherine heenan we'll be joined by a round table of political analysts will break down tonight's debate again and that's tonight at 8.30 right here on kron 4. >>and still ahead he was hunted for years of his peers who will follow and it loves what steps. el bulli comes up bin laden is dead. >>she's just a sign a ticket from a police officers and things escalate quickly when she fights against being arrested and next at 6.30 as leaders in the hot seat in washington at times clashing >>and know i guess what we've got a couple of hurricanes out there right now and they're both going affect the islands we will talk about that. >>take a close
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safety federal aviation administration officials defended their close relationship with boeing. >>following the 2 deadly crashes of the company's 7.37 max airplanes. maine senator susan collins suggested the f a a and boeing were too cozy safety concerns seemed to be be meet its own timeline its but f a a acting deputy administrator karl burleson says the f a a stands by its safety certification process we do not. >>and never have allowed self


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