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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 31, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>it has tonight on former vice president joe biden in the race to the white house thanks for joining us at 10, i'm can way and i'm pam moore. the second group of 10 democratic candidates took the stage tonight in detroit for a contentious presidential debate, joe biden the front rant runner did not shy away from the fight tonight. karen caifa is reporting live from detroit with the highlights care and. >>coming into this debate all on as we're on center stage in the front runner joe abided whether he could rebound shaky performance last month and there will be a rematch that of his clash with senator kamala harris last month in miami. diversity on full
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display as candidates take the stage >>percent of donald trump is an asian man who likes matt. >>president joe biden standing front and center and feeling that he's you want present united states. you need to be able to answer the tough questions. >>especially from senator kamala harris with whom he clashed in the first debate. harris and biden sparred eyes on health care. >>the senators had several plants oh 4. >>you can't the president trump. we don't talk on this plan. >>and first lady vice president biden you just simply an end. to be running for president. i think is without excuse senator cory booker deflecting by tabs on his criminal justice record your defended the coup lay didn't you don't even know the flavor. >>and representative tulsi gabbert setting her sights on harris, you are in a position
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to make a difference in an impact in these people's lives, you did not democrats also debated issues like climate change too little too late is too dangerous. >>and we have to have a bold plan in mind it's been called the gold standard racial injustice and it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't stopped find it fascinating. >>everybody's talking about how terrible i am on these issues barack obama knew exactly who i was and immigration kids belong in classrooms, not k >>as those in the back of the pack tried to make memorable moments that may boost their poll numbers and keep their campaigns outside the first thing that i'm. and among back of the pack of candidates, generating some buzz. marks again for his turn on the debate stage and tulsa gabbert the white congresswoman. the most googled candidate in tonight's debate. she took aim. california attorney
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general and also on her own experience as an iraq war veteran in a conversation about foreign policy. live in detroit tonight, i'm karen caifa now back to you. >>looks like president trump was watching the debate he tweeted about an hour ago quote the people on the stage tonight and last were not those that will either make america great again or keep america great. our country now is breaking records ir almost every category from stock market to military to unemployment. we have prosperity and success like never before it will soon be time to choose to keep and build upon that prosperity and success or let it go. we are respected again all around the world keep it that way i said i will never let you down and i haven't we will only grow bigger better and stronger together. tonight's debate was a must-watch for many people across the country san francisco, hundreds of people crowded into mandy's in the mission in order to watch. >>kron four's taylor bus aqi was there she joins us now with reaction from the people who were watching foles
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definitely entertaining to watch not just the debate but just to see how people reacted now. >>many voters were interested to see what happened and again we had some claps we had some laughs and a few boos but more importantly we learned more about candidates who was make or break for tonight. >>a night full of surprises jabs 100 to and was in san francisco's mission district on wednesday. >>much of the into patient and focus on a square of between joe biden kamala harris not been a contention between the invited and california senator kamala harris among the crowd favorite going into the night o'hare some pretty strong tyner right now so many were disappointed wednesday like refusing answer that >>the he's like instead.
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>>people here at manny's were surprised by some of the candidates that well. as it a raise really it just i like that anyone down the performance added i think know kids doing extremely well tonight. >>maybe any some false. >>i think name is now a conservative. >>now many of the candidates, we saw tonight will also be making stops at manny's in the mission next month, reporting live from the studio telling sec econ 4 news. >>taylor. thank you also closely watching the debate our own catherine heenan and a
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panel of political experts say agreed tonight's debate was a do over chance for former vice president joe biden. >>but this was frightened by it he came back and i think that this is going to be really inching the sea. how this plays out in the california border is with us live a little bit i think he restored a sense of balance he he didn't quite go joe six-pack this time he went more. joe i'm the candidate you can take out trump and he got a little loose from tulsa gathered to to the role person again succumb lawyers. you know. >>i agree that it was a good. it was a good comeback if you will i think for for the vice president. but i see it for different reasons first of all i don't see any polling really changing tonight, maybe some of the also rans can move up ahead. but she overturned to show malarkey biden and i think he got his assist tonight from jake tapper petition tapper was the one who of course made the comment above democrats seen joe biden is the one who is most likely to be donald trump so find was
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more the moderate fine and i think a lot of people attracted going into the cycle as opposed to the guy who was starting to really try to pander to the far us more the thing is clear that he was signing to be really the obama. >>i mean you you can the so we were made that remark you can't it was interesting he had an opportunity at one point. i think this through president obama under the bus on the immigration to britain deportation issue. he didn't do that that's going to play really well with the people who still speak angry finally by biden and that's going to be the african american community. >>you can catch catherine heenan on inside bay area politics, the shows on our news streaming app kron on it airs just after 11:00am on saturdays and sundays. >>a big story we are following in the bay area, the question remains tonight why would someone opened fire on families who were enjoying the gilroy garlic festival we may not get an answer soon grant lotus is here was. >>possible reasons scrapped.
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>>investigation could take weeks months maybe even a year that's the way the fbi works and they're involved assisting gilroy p d and other investigators in the south bay and in the absence of an official comment regarding motive. some media outlets have called the shooter centeno again a white supremacist or even a muslim extremists in today. the fbi went out of their way to warn reporters that some of them have gone too far. >>some of the reporting that's coming out of there is is wrong. >>fbi special agent in charge john bennett says material seized at the shooter's apartment in nevada. and at a home in gilroy do not point to one particular ideology just because somebody has a look at their house doesn't mean that they are winning one way or another bennett was commenting on reports that investigators found both white supremacist and radical muslim material at the home where le guen state in walker lake nevada. he also dismissed the significance of finding a knife in the home. >>i think everybody's house has knives and so we're
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concern of things that we found that department and bennett had more cold water to throw on the significance of league and instagram post right before the shooting referencing a manifesto cited by white supremacist groups the book that you're referencing is something from that the team 96 i'm not sure that's really a high-dollar reading right now. >>so are you ruling anything out at this point we're not ruling anything out obviously that's why we're asking for here is science units us expert self. >>the behavioral science experts better known as profilers will assist the physical evidence teams already on scene based on what they found so far bennett says there were no accomplices. >>pretty high confidence that he is easy on him. >>and those fbi profilers will be going through the 19 year-old against online postings checking his computer. his phone his tech still be interviewing friends if he had any people who knew him in order to try to build some sort of a picture of his
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mindset leading up to the shooting, pam and ken back to you ent, thank you new tonight, we have a statement from stephen wroe merrill's school district and the 6 year-old boy from san jose is the youngest of the 3 people killed in the garlic festival shooting he was. >>in first grade at rocketship spark academy rockets, a public schools co-founder and ceo preston smith wrote in part. our hearts are broken for the romero family stephen was taken from us far too young in a senseless horrific act of violence. we ask for privacy for the family, his teachers and our entire rocketship community as we grieve we are currently informing staff and families and have grief counselors available. it has now been more than 72 hours shooting and those who are there are recognizing. >>first responders tonight witnesses saying as tragic as everything turned out gilroy police did save lives club for say are stone is following this part of the story he joins us live from gilroy
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tonight with details, jr. >>well pam it has been a very difficult few days for everyone here in gilroy. but tonight i talk with a couple who was in the melee, they were at the garlic festival. they heard the gunshots. they were so proud of the police response. >>we're percent their heroes gals is referring to the officers who responded to the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival was just shooting her husband jason referring to the nearby shooter. the couple had a wind booth at the garlic festival and just as the day was about to wrap up things took a turn. >>right after the last on this song serve plane started hearing gunshots. >>instead of running the opposite way jason actually went towards the shooter in hopes of trying to stop him. yelled at her husband jason could take even 15 steps. >>gilroy police were there. >>well they weren't tight formation guns drawn straight.
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>>definitely had a calming effect on me because i knew. people that are supposed to take care of the situation where they're taking care of the situation. so that to me when i saw you know, i felt like helpless there. there's take care of us and they were there so it was. coming to me even though i was. >>the 2 say it was unlike anything they have ever seen. officers going straight towards the shooter with no hesitation just focused on stopping the threat because they were so calm and so professional and. everybody's moving. >>crazy and they're just in this perfect formation and they saved one knows how many more lives that could have them taken around more people been injured. they were there responded the way they did just makes me feel really proud to be a pretty good all right, p t jus. an amazing job and i feel safer. they're the ones protecting us.
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>>now you may recognize she is a former web because weather caster that is the kron 4 news. health why she is okay jason is ok from a physical standpoint emotionally. it's going to take both of them some time they also wanted to get it out there. they are hopeful that people we'll give money towards the gilroy foundation to help so many of these families reporting live in gilroy j r stone kron 4 jr. thank you for that the family assistance center in gilroy will be open through the weekend to provide support for everyone who was affected by the shootings soon it will also be the place where festival goers can reclaim their personal property. >>fbi agents spent much of the day today working on a plan to try and get personal belongings back to their rightful owners. >>assistance the center officials say getting their belongings back could remind people though of the tragedy when. >>when properties are leased
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amy. we re traumatized they may find himself reliving what they had experienced. this is perfect for them to be in this location because then they can also at the same time if they need to they can seek counseling make him we'll victims services. >>officials say so far hundreds of people have received assistance from the center is located at rucker elementary school. no word yet on when the personal belongings will be available to the public. the fbi will provide that information. >>in response to the shooting in gilroy security is a top concern of the santa clara county fair an estimated 60,000 people are expected to the at that event starting tomorrow. organizers say they've been holding meetings since sunday to talk about security. >>we reviewed our security plans for the 4 days and you are working closely with. our county execs office board of supervisors in our county
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sheriffs to enhance the security. during the 4 days. >>details of the security plan remain confidential, but officials at the fairgrounds say additional law enforcement will be patrolling the facility. the fair runs whose fronts thursday afternoon through sunday night. >>and san francisco police also say the public security will be their top priority at the upcoming outside lands music festival. this is video from last year's event when more than 200,000 people attended the police department did not give specific information about nor security for the festival and the department says it works closely with event organizations and local state and federal partners planning for events the three-day festival is set to begin on august, the 9th at golden gate park. the headliners this year include paul simon childless can be no and 21 pilots. we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout this newscast. coming up tonight at 8.30 meet
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a san jose man who went towards the violence in order to help others escape the chaos. you can always get updates on this story straight on your phone. download our kron 4 app in order to get push alerts, let's take a look outside and see how things are shaping up on wednesday night on the embarcadero in san francisco. >>all right lawrence karnow standing by with a look at you know we've been talking about the black moon tonight right did you guys go look at it. so it can you didn't get but you know it's out there right but is moving in overhead tonight at thickening up in spots in the san francisco, you see the fog out there right now certainly the black moon that is the second new moon. >>of the month that is now moving overhead today temperatures so warmed up in fact 90's in the little more in concord today, 60 degrees in san francisco, 75 in oakland 84 in san jose it 79 degrees in santa rosa, but that fog. yeah, certainly hugging the coastline today a bit now start to make its way on shore in fact it's been a stronger push this evening and
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i think as we head toward tomorrow we're going to see the result of that lee temperatures coming down maybe just a few degrees nothing to be cold but to be a little bit cooler than what we had yesterday sea breeze certainly blowing all the way to the value see to 14 there in concord so byron even check in with some 2023 mile an hour winds. so idea of just how strong that sea breeze is continuing to bring that cooler ocean air further on shore. so some mild temperatures inland, 70 degrees and conquer right now 66 in livermore and then you feel the effects of that marine air 59 in oakland, 57 in pacifica 50 up at 7 in san francisco, 56 in half moon bay. we are going to see that fog. pretty patchy early on tomorrow morning, maybe some jurors along the coastline then becoming mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon. a lot of the weekend looks nice high pressure building in those temperatures should begin to warm up in fact maybe getting a little hot spots. we had a couple storm systems out here in the gulf of alaska, one right here one right behind it freshly some of this moisture to work its way up the pacific northwest bring some rain possibly the seattle may be down to portland to for us the
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effects will be just to see low kind of carved out along the west coast and that will keep the temperatures from getting too hot over the next couple is right about average. but over the weekend you see the big h their the distance well that is going to start to build in our direction again not going to bring that scorching heat no triple digits. but certainly chance to temperatures in the 90's still pretty low, it's still pretty all right. thank you lawrence. a jury artist is asking for the public's help to try to find her stolen merchandise, it's worth. thousands of dollars for is gail on. >>is live in our newsroom tonight. she has details on this story, gayle. >>pam and ken the merchandise worth about $20,000. the artist says about 600 pieces were stolen. and now she is down to less than 30 pieces. >>they are handmade jewelry made would visits caught in an wristwatch dials there are only sold in various markets around the bay area, this is a great singer bridge. backing
10:19 pm
over to this post about $65. the last time they were seen at treasure fest on treasure island last weekend is a lot of work making all those scenes. a lot of work because i'm really fessy how i do it. but it feeds stole 650 pieces of the vintage jewelry, it belongs to jewelry artist sarah kester and she wants it back to pay my bills with this you know so know i was i was i was standing to make anywhere from 8 to $1200 of that sunday. the jewelry was stolen saturday night from testers vanna she had parked at about 5 houses down the street from her home in emeryville but when castor went to her van sunday morning. >>the driver seat window was smashed. she said the thieves had stolen her phone cds and jewelry but they left 2 boxes of jewelry behind. these are the 2 boxes they missed. >>are they left behind maybe they didn't have enough room in that car has admit she was exhausted after a 15 hour day from selling her goods at the treasure fest market she left 6 boxes of jewelry and other
10:20 pm
items in her van locked up. this is what the boxes looked like they took that have been an impact you can if they hold a lot of weight the artist is unsure if the thief knew what they were taking. but if you see these around town this is an art deco dial article now i think are down. notify police. that that happens sometime saturday night or early sunday morning on 44th and adeline streets in emeryville. >>kester is asking the person who took the jewelry. her message is to please bring it back. no questions asked reporting live in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news thank you. >>napa county airport is getting $281,000 from the federal aviation administration to rebuild a taxiway. today the fda announced more recipients of its airport improvement program grant. in total the agency is a warning for million to 232 airports across the country. 23 and a half
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million of that money is going to airports here in california. he is the first of his kind in san mateo county tex with south san francisco police can sniff out guns. >>and joined the department in february and recently became certified in the detection of firearms. his handler officer adam kerrigan says it he's always wanted the canine partner and as gun violence and crimes continue to rise is important to have tax on the team. >>cops and you'll still right at it you'll just look at me and that's his cue telling me that he's found something and these are real guns that we use these are not these are all guns that have been taken off the streets. >>though texas primarily use in search warrants to sniff out residences and cars publisher kerrigan says techs can also find missing persons and help officers in the arrest of suspects. >>be wouldn't. >>fairfield council woman responds after police say a homeless woman gave birth to twins on the streets leading
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to the death the one of them her push tonight to prevent another tragedy. plus the federal reserve. >>slashing interest rates for the first time in nearly 10 years. what that means for your wallet and you'll be seeing these electric bikes around san francisco. why lives suddenly decided to pull that off the streets woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. >>lyft has removed its electric bikes from san
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francisco. the company says its to investigate and tpdate its battery technology now four's michelle kingston went out in the city today to see of riders are missing them during their commute. >>we asked to lift why they pulled their eve bikes, but they didn't answer that question. we also asked how long this investigation may take but they didn't answer that either. >>yet fun i jumped on it right here this morning. >>no shotsere chesky rights list bikes to and from work every day in on wednesday morning. he took bike i love hewitt your guns. >>they make it a little easier. you get an actual work goes on in these i guess so to add to the election funds or their but you wrote a classic lift bike home instead of any bike after lived pulled their electronic fleet while they investigate and update their battery technology. they think their riders in a statement for their haven't been able to make new ones were. >>but these are good they a good exercise
10:26 pm
>>live says the newly bike said already gotten 100,000 rides since they launched in the bay area last month they say it's unclear whether the bikes and batteries for tampered with or vandalized they also say they've had no reports of any injuries here like ours can recall a time. >>i think it's a difference. their news that ryan teams but. yeah, i know where i want to get their here. >>in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news. the white house is monitoring a sudden escalation of chinese forces gathering along the border with hong kong that's according to a number of reports tonight. >>this congregation of chinese forces follows another night of unrest and clashes between protesters and police in hong kong china has accused the united states of inciting the often violent pro democracy demonstrations. the recent protests actually a couple of months ago over a proposed
10:27 pm
extradition bill which would have sent hong kong citizens to mainland china. much of the hong kong government is largely pro-china but many of its citizens are against chinese influence in there relatively autonomous region. >>coming up a hero among us meet the bay area man who rushed to help others as a gunman was opening fire on families at the gilroy garlic festival plus jury deliberations begin in the ghost ship fire trial. how the prosecutors made their last case today in hopes of getting the verdict. they want. >>and a couple of hurricanes headed toward hawaii. now we'll take a look at those. >>and could we see some more heat coming up in the not too distant future your 1010 i
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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>>it's now up to the jury to decide the fate of 2 men in the ghost ship fire shrine there come and max harris, each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in the oakland warehouse back in december of 2016 today, the the prosecution's final closing argument triggered a lot of emotions for the people who were in the courtroom. >>kron four's haaziq madyun was there too. >>the ghost ship fire trial has been turned over to the jury but not before the prosecution got a second chance to make their case. >>alameda county deputy da audrey james did not hold back when wrapping up his rebuttal argument, raising his voice when he asked the jury if this place is so safe like those people said why are those 36
10:31 pm
people here with us today because it was a death trap. outside the courthouse. the defense team took exception. >>final argument of the prosecution. was an emotional chi rea. emotional tirade is the last. we refuse. dying call us. >>it was clear the prosecution took notes on the defense's closing argument that came back the following day aiming to dismantle it point by point starting with playing a video of a jailhouse interview of derick almena telling a reporter that the whole structure of his defense is pointing and blaming others. the da told the jury that it is not a defense that the defendant did not know that he was breaking the law. he told the court and allied everyone created the deadly conditibns and was indifferent to the consequences of his actions. he also said that call defendant max harris allow people to come in knowing the
10:32 pm
hazardous condition of the warehouse and was also a different to the consequences of his actions harris's attorney disagrees it is relevant that they weren't. >>trained to understand what the fire could dictated the jury finally having the evidence in their heads is a day that family members of the victims say they have long waited for. >>they have paid attention they have taken notes. it's in their hands now side about retribution revenge being out for blood or any of that i jus open say that. >>is it just us. >>both derick almena and max harris faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter if convicted on all counts they could receive anything from probation up to 26 years in prison. in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>city leaders in fairfield are speaking out after police say a homeless woman gave birth to twins near dumpsters one of those babies died. we first brought you the story as breaking news yesterday,
10:33 pm
investigators found the babies in the parking lot of a business. the woman is now at a hospital city councilwoman, kathryn moy says this could have been prevented she wants to reopen a shelter for homeless families that closed almost 2 years ago. >>this is where the pregnant women come. she would not be on the streets. be wouldn't. i'm going to advocate to have it reopened just can't sit like in vacant for a year that woman and those children. she should have been here. >>neighbors who have seen though woman around town say they believe she suffered from mental health issues police say the woman will likely face felony charges for child endangerment. >>new tonight, we are learning that this man who police say is responsible for the deadly mosque shooting in power way was inspired by the mosque attacks in new zealand. a judge ordered 338 pages of search warrants on john
10:34 pm
earnest to be released today. the documents show ernest express. >>progress. >>in a text message that he misses seen the live stream video of the new zealand killings in march and he prays that shooters writings as quote spot on with everything. the documents say days later on a set fire to a mosque near san diego and planned the synagogue attack in poway the shooting in april killed one woman and injured 3 others, ernest pleaded not guilty to federal and state charges a woman from fresno is in a hospital infected with the west nile virus right now she said to be too weak to walk. >>and can't even feed herself. no one knows exactly where she got infected better husband says she got some mosquito bites while celebrating the 4th of july in clovis around the 7th. >>she started getting symptoms of being tired and have malays didn't want to do anything and i just progressed and then on the 11th the morning of the 11th we broader and when she
10:35 pm
was out of she was out of collapsed twice in the r. >>coming in. >>investigators say they're now looking at a few spots in clovis and fresno for the potential source. more firefighters will be on duty this summer as the weather gets hotter and drier across the state governor gavin newsom announced more fire prevention efforts today kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>governor gavin newsome checking in on one of the 35 statewide high priority vegetation projects, a work in progress to make fire from communities, safer. visiting call facts for the second time this year the governor alongside cal fire leaders say 33 of the 35 projects are expected to be finished by december despite some obstacles in the contract and contractors, you need partnerships a unique commitments. you also need the consent of the private sector. we have one projects on highway 17 where 700. >>in 19 permits. now we need
10:36 pm
before we start the project. >>the governor today also signed an executive order for the hiring of 393 extra seasonal firefighters each will be distributed on fire engines across the state one additional body. >>gives you an additional body to carry hose swing a tool reduce the workload stress on all of the other 3 that are typically on that engine. >>the governor renewing his calls for more help from the federal government with more than half of california, wild lands on us property. >>they were running these massive deficits. they seem to be spending more money on everything except on this which is remarkable. >>state leaders say california is pouring more resources into preventing and fighting fire this year than in recent decades in colfax ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>time now to check in with our chief meteorologist to find out what's happening outside saint laurent's we've got some hurricanes brew and employ a plan and that a vacation but looking forward to hawaii. but watch as
10:37 pm
forecast we've got a couple of hurricane spinning around out there now and certainly they could impact the wind islands where we go there so here we go we've got him out there right now things get very active getting warm enough for the pacific now to get the storms churning and certainly. briefly a category 4 storm system eric the scariest one so far you can see this put itself together pretty well sustained winds of a 105 miles per hour. flossie is weak and it became a category one for a while now a strong tropical storm sustained winds of 65 miles per hour. but watch the track. first eric we can see it swinging by the southern half they're getting near the hawaiian islands by friday morning with sustained winds of 60 miles per hour making it tropical storm now. the heaviest winds could be right near the core that storm system extending about 30 miles out. tropical storm force winds a 125 so certainly could impact the island maybe some flash flooding on the big island there as well behind that it looks like it's going swing to the south and then here comes flossie and then by late sunday in the monday that storm system getting very close possibly making landfall as we get into early next week
10:38 pm
we've got to keep our eyes on that one for you as that one is going to get very close to the line islands. outside right now we do have some patchy fog that is going to give way to some sunshine for tomorrow, but it's a little bit thicke out there in fact you got the system that's approaching the coastline you see right there mostly energy headed up in the pacific northwest. they're going to see some rain out of it up there in the next couple of days. it will help to keep the trough along the west coast now to keep the temperatures down but high pressure does begin to build in over the weekend and then a little monsoon to guess roll back up in the bay area you have to watch that closely as the weather can get very interesting to get the monsoon going in california with that being said, here's your 10 a 10 as we close out the month of july and look for dog us we're going to see a temperature staying out just a little bit that heating up some 90's, the warmest valleys over the weekend and then cooling back down it looks like a stay below average through the middle of next week. thank you for your money tonight federal interest rates are down for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, policymakers voted today for a range of between
10:39 pm
2% and 2.2 5%. >>interest rates of course affect many of your monthly bills, including credit cards car loans and other activities kron four's graham lotus joins us now with a closer look at what the change means for your wallet. >>percent camp and down about a quarter percent and kind of a risky move according to some analysts most of the times these rate cuts happen when the economy is in real trouble like what we saw in 2008. but that's not the case right now, but there is turmoil with the trade uncertainty in china, especially and the goal here is to make the cut t make borrowing less costly for consumers and businesses the idea is people will spend more. but experts say some of them for most americans the rate cut really isn't going to have that big of an impact financial experts saying the cut was already anticipated in factored into long-term interest rates like mortgages. home loans, but it is good news little bit of good news
10:40 pm
if you have credit card debt. check this out this is a chart by the federal reserve bank of louis it shows credit rates have been going up significantly since 2015 when the federal reserve raise interest rates as of a week ago the credit card rate was almost 18%. but today's announcement the rate will eventually drop by a quarter percentage point. it will not drop nearly as fast as rates went up. on say a $5,000 credit card balance would lower the minimum payment by one dollar a month so fraction of the $9 increases already enacted the federal reserve has raised interest rates 9 times since late 2015 ken pam back to you. >>thank you grant as we continue our coverage on the garlic festival shooting we're also learning about those who ran toward the violence to help others only kron four's justine waltman talks with a man from san jose who in the face of all the danger rushed to help others. >>i thought com. but there was
10:41 pm
chaos. >>as people got away. the gilroy festival. >>we're not keen now has ran towards them, he's been volunteering at the festival for the last 19 years. 19 minutes left in his shift on sunday. >>everything you can see everybody running out. so it's time to be that different very yelling at everyone to get on a bus a bus is then shuttled people away from the danger. >>also the stars aligned as to doctor is looking to help victims ran into willie and since he knew the layout of the festival really well he got them to the tree area immediately hospitals treating patients from the shooting have credited that quick medical care for saving lifes may have. >>they i i just try to help. >>willie has no professional experience helping emergency situations but he has stepped up one other time before. he says he stop someone from
10:42 pm
driving their car towards people we're standing on the gilroy high school athletic field, willie tells me he just feels this calling to help those in need. >>i know people need help not everyone can easily get away or whatever fearsome there's any help and i can provide that help. >>will we still cannot get his car it's on lockdown as part of the crime scene so friends and family have been giving him a ride to his job at a digital forensics company where he works in i t while the experience of being so close to violence will stay with him forever. >>like to see all out at the next >>as nothing will keep them away from the place, >>the video you will want to see tonight how wildlife officials got 10's of thousands of these fish to jump out of the river all at plus an ice cream sign controversy. >>why the store owner may have to paint over the mural on the side of his business for stays
10:43 pm
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10:46 pm
>>there are no cuss words no graffiti just a family run business with the mural that simply reads. >>eat meat but it was i just joked about it. most customers we spoke to shared the be on a sentiment she asked fox 40 to protect her privacy play hard in the i didn't think anything bad about it i just thought it was hilarious maybe they're add more to it. however not everyone is fighting this message so sweet house of ice cream cone tyler says lodi city planner had a chilly response when the city kind of came in. >>yesterday. first time i had heard anything, good or bad across the alley from the painting is heritage elementary school. a spokeswoman with the lodi unified school district says at least 2 parents have voiced concerns tyler says his own daughter goes to the school. i wasn't like how can i. >>how can i mess up these kids lives i wasn't thinking that i was in the mail has been there for 3 months they've been open
10:47 pm
for 2 weeks and they got the first complaint about it tuesday. the city planner told fox 40 over the phone, the side violates the city's municipal code taylor says he was told the sign is too big. >>the painting has caused some shak up taylor plans to paint over the mural i've been paid no heart into can you >>so is not going to be a. and most of the decisions taken down he says all his family wants to do. it's served sweet treats ice cream is my destiny so like. >>e. >>adversity that happens it's not like it's going change much a directory in lodi key receipt. >>as some you know see everyday. wildlife officials are calling this getting the jump on asian carp the kentucky department of fish and wildlife resources used an electro fishing used electoral fishing equipment eo stun and collect the fish for
10:48 pm
population sampling study this to me stunning rather only last a few minutes and then the fish are released back into the water asian carp are considered an invasive species in the department is during with federal officials to try to combat the problem. part of the process is examining the species population and condition. >>they're set to install a bio acoustic fish fence in an effort to keep asian carp out of sensitive waterways and take a look at this dozens of goats flooding a neighborhood near seattle washington today, the states homeowners association have the animals around to help each of the ways and the vegetation overgrowth but today the goats well they get out of their enclosure and they ended up in the neighborhood streets and they're just all over the place it to several hours and a lot of help to gather them all up once again. >>brought to you xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home.
10:49 pm
>>what's happening with the home baseball 10 hours moving past the goat rodeo to mad bob oh, yes and no news was good news for the giants farhan zaidi navigating his first trade deadline with the giants and right now fans are police now the giants have been red hot for weeks which made this question even more difficult buy or sell today. we got our answer they want to make a run and madison bumgarner isn't going anywhere. the ace has been a subject of trade speculation for months, staying with the giants the san francisco front office sending a message that it wants to keep playing meaningful games late into the year. the giants are in fantastic position to back in the wild-card race bumgarner has long been the anchor of the rotation, are a 140 punch outs of this year. and a history of playoff success. they'll want to point to note the giants were entirely quiet today. the dell drew pomeranz of the brewers sam dyson to twins and former closer mark i'm a lance in is on his way to atlanta. giants and feel
10:50 pm
checkout bumgarner pre game all business and watch out there talking on the phone a little distracted motel. this one was decided on 3 swings of the bat assist buster posey to left field off vince velasquez. 2 nothing giant next batter as pablo sandoval takes out a mortgage deed to the opposite field that what is on 3 nothing giants. 16th home run of the season. stand for he found his fan in the stands and 2 batters later kevin paul are now morgan hangs it a large bangs it to run, jack is 13th of the season, a far i've run giants lead final score, 5, one san francisco. jeff some marjah it's 6 innings shut out states hosting the brew crew moriyama will miss at least 18 months left with a stress reaction in his right shin second pitch of the game lorenzo cain that well leaves things off with a solo homer brett anderson one nothing brewers. 3 one
10:51 pm
milwaukee. jurickson profar at the dish winds one into right center field. chris hermann sport. on the rbi double. for 2 milwaukee mark can i can tie the game with a home run. tonight, but again couldn't capitalize 2 brewers your final the last ph fall out of the lead for the second wild-card spot they now trade trail the tampa bay rays by a half game. >>earlier today, oakland helped out its starting rotation in treating force tanner from the cincinnati reds history, 32 year-old righty has posted a 4.2 earned run average to his 21 started since eaten see is the 3rd significant trade acquisition for the a's see added relief pitcher, jake diekman sand starter homer bailey right and you're right now oakland is in the wild-card conversation a's rash, you know for a deep playoff run again.
10:52 pm
>>for 10 or rather me in this position and then the other side of it it can be. you know a dark day knowing that when you're giving guys a way to organization's basically given up on the season so you know we're still here in late july we got too tough months left to be good to have this kind of pitching reinforcements is terrific shows a team front office definitely believes in us. >>finally tonight while the a's made their transactions. the teams, they're chasing in the division pulled off the biggest deal of the day zack greinke going from the arizona diamondbacks to the houston astros the all-star pitchers joins a stacked rotation that already includes justin verlander and gerrit cole. in addition to now having to cy young winners with breaking verlander the astros also have 4 pitchers in the top 15 apr a this season might houston is now favors to win the soon start so what a day yeah well tyson is are in the hot air in the house all you want in conversation. thank you mark, thanks mark all right lawrence.
10:53 pm
>>get closer to the weekend now and yeah we got that fog rolled back but change is headed our way out to be like for the weekend and next week to will talk about that 1010 is next.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>but you always wondered which came first the chicken or the egg according to this art installation, both came at the exact same time the ar display just popped up in northeast. washington d c.
10:56 pm
>>they are designed by an artist base in california, the chicken and egg design is symbolic for the community's history as a center for transportation goods and people the colors represent all the printing houses that the neighborhood had at one time. >>i let you know that weather outside is certainly got that fog in place already a little bit thicker than it was last night i think to lead to some slightly cooler temperatures as we head in toward the afternoon still tomorrow morning. we'll wake up a little more cloud cover leon 50's and some 60's by the middle of the day. that fog is going to linger out toward the beaches. i think longer today and you'll see some cooler temperatures but still pleasant a middle the day lunch time talking 70's inland, lot of 60's inside the bay and then in the afternoon we may just queens out a couple of mid 80's. so instead of the upper 80's temperatures going to be a little bit cooler but warm in many of the interior spot. so here's how breaks down around the bay area tomorrow we'll keep you cool out toward the coast of the fog kind of a former the coastline all day long about 61 degrees in half moon bay, 60 mill valley about 85 on the warmer spots in santa rosa, 85
10:57 pm
also in livermore about 76 degrees in san jose little breezy and the a word in the afternoon. still about 70 in the afternoon over the next couple of days here we go your tenet and we've got temperatures staying down just a little bit but over the weekend high pressure going to start to build back from the 4 corner states and that is that big dome the desert they're likely to settle in to bring some 90's back to the valleys but then after that looks like a cooling trend going to kick in so the first part of august looking unusually cool by the way you guys just if you want to know you still got a chance to go see the black right after we get out you're really selling you're not able see it but you got a in these go look going strong. have a good night everybody will see them.
10:58 pm
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