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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 1, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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minute. so we don't need any more of those not the start of the gits anyways. it july was actually pretty nice life for a lot of the day and we're keeping that going at least this week's good weather stuff. we've had monday tuesday wednesday aedt carrier right on into had definitely some good news, especially if you like this week so far which i can imagine you haven't 6070's 80's a little foggy at times a lot of sunshine at other times all stuff that's pretty typical for this time year and all stuff that i think a lot of us in the bay area do enjoy and we're going to be in for more of it today, a lot of fog year this morning you are seeing some misty conditions out there at the golden gate bridge to kick things off and visibility, falling below a mile this morning. so do watch out for some spots where you're turning on the windshield wipers because of those misty conditions and also going to be seeing some low visibility oakland, san francisco nevado among areas that are susceptible to times of some dense fog that could be blocking out the sun. now into the afternoon today fog
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is going to stay pretty president right along the shoreline are not going to look at much sunlight making its way down into areas like the western side of san francisco along the coastline and even areas far out his mission district are going to be looking at a less sunny day than what we have been saying with fog staying a pretty in place a little bit later on this morning. now skies are going to remain dry today. this despite that coastal drizzle there's no rain out there. temperatures overall are going to be a little bit cooler today, 50's and 60's is where we're starting things off which is not much of a difference from yesterday. it's our afternoon highs where you're really going to feel just a subtle drop in temperatures this morning we're starting things off a little bit warmer, you can think some of the fog for that helping to keep some of that heat hanging out a little bit closer to us. this is early morning and evening last night now this afternoon though, as i mentioned not going to be quite as warm so from a slightly warmer morning to a slightly cooler afternoon ahead of us your daytime highs
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today backup back down i should say into the low 80's for some of our inland spots, 60's and 70's remaining for coastal and bayside areas, i've got more details on on a subtle weekend warm-up and little what to expect after that too all still to come in your full forecast back to robert. thank you john i've got the details on the slowdown. we're checking the drive into san francisco. >>there's a little bit of a crowd in your cash lanes so there's going to be a little minor weight but if you're fast. tracking are car pooling you will save a lot of time you don't have to wait 9 minutes from the bottom of the maze off to frpmont street that is a great average about 92, here's your trip across the 70 oh bridge and a little busy for you on both sides, but no reports of any major issues between the bayshore and the nimitz so you're in good shape here on the san s to connect between hayward and san mateo golden gate, one oh one looking good moving. well earlier we saw bridge crews northbound there doing some work there with some flashing
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lights. we don't have any big problems leaving san francisco are coming into san francisco. so you're good at 19 minutes novato to the tolls let's check in on more numbers here we go we have the east to shore 80 west from crew rocket right off the car keane is on down to richmond, albany berkeley. emeryville it's just wide open, 24 looks really good out of wannacry through the caldecott no issues right now from to 38 to downtown oakland if you're taking 5.80 west. and the same for the next it's from 2.38 to downtown oakland, it's only 12 minutes. we'll have more in just a bit. now to the jury to decide the fate of derick almena and max harris and the ghost ship fire trial. the prosecution presented their final arguments wednesday, which trigger a lot of emotion for people in the courtroom kron four's haaziq bindoon was there. >>the ghost ship fire trial has been turned over to the jury but not before the prosecution got a second chance to make their case. >>alameda county deputy da autry james did not hold back when wrapping up his rebuttal
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argument, raising his voice when he asked the jury if this place is so safe like those people said why are those 36 people here with us today because it was a death trap. >>outside the courthouse. the defense team took exception. >>final argument of the prosecution. was an emotional chi rea. motion tirade is the last. we refuse. and the dying call us. >>it was clear the prosecution took notes on the defense's closing argument that came back the following day aiming to dismantle it point by point starting with playing a video of a jailhouse interview of derick almena telling a reporter that the whole structure of his defense is pointing and blaming others. the da told the jury that it is not a defense that the defendant did not know that he was breaking the law he told the board that an allied every would created the deadly conditions and was indifferent
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to the consequences of his actions. he also said that call defendant max harris allow people to come in knowing the hazardous condition of the warehouse and was also a different to the consequences of his actions harris's attorney disagrees it is relevant that they weren't. >>she trained to understand what the fire could dictated the jury finally having the evidence in their heads is a day that family members of the victims say they have long waited for. >>they have paid attention they have taken notes. it's in their hands now side about retribution revenge being out for blood or any of that i jus open way that. >>is it just us. >>both derick almena and max harris faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter if convicted on all counts they could receive anything from probation up to 26 yea in prison in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>well this morning we're hearing from city leaders and fair feel after a homeless woman gave birth to twins near dumpsters. one of the babies
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died. the babies were found in a parking lot of a business their mother she's currently in the hospital and city officials city councilwoman kathryn moy she says that this could have been prevented she wants to reopen a shelter for homeless families that close nearly 2 years ago. >>this is where the pregnant women come. she would not be on the streets. at a b wouldn't. i'm going to advocate to have it reopened just can't sit like this been vacant for a year that woman and those children. she should have been here. >>well police say the mother will likely face felony charges for child endangerment. well as many people remain on following sunday's mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. the south san francisco police department is training its newest k 9 officers to better detect fire on. kron four's in well below shows us how.
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>>texas the first of in center county that is a gun dog. so it is very important to have you know that resource for not only saw census cover the entire county to use fully certified and ready to work the newest canine to join the south san francisco police department. >>is trained specifically to sniff out firearms so he takes all the smells of guns have the matters of classic the gun powder, the whales and you can smell those and tell me if there's a gun somewhere in the area. texas handler officer adam care again says he's always wanted a canine partner. >>and as gun violence and crimes continue to rise, it's important to have checks on staff approach that we are seeing the uprising illegal guns. >>they are readily accessible they're very easy to find and also they're very easy to hide. >>canine teams and train every wednesday for 5 hours in they'll do that for the entire working life of the dog which can be anywhere between a year and a half to 10 years depending on its health. >>he stops and you'll still
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right out at you look at me and that's his cue of telling me that he's found something and these are real guns that we use these are not these are all guns that have been taken off the streets, no taxes primarily used in search warrants to sniff out residences and cars officer kerrigan says he is a dual purpose dog so he can find missing children he can track people. he also helping apprehend people as well if we're going to house to look for gun it would take 6, 7, officers, maybe an hour to search the house completely it would take tex a 3rd of the time to completely searched that house. caution we've got a very good drive to him in south san francisco noel gallo kron 4 news. >>it has removed its electric bikes from san francisco, the company says its to investigate and update its battery technology. so in a statement lift thank their writers for their patients and lyft says it's unclear whether the bikes and batteries were tampered and allies but they've had no reports of injuries so far. >>haven't been able to make new ones were. but these are
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good they a good exercise >>well the bikes have already gotten a 100,000 rides since they first launched in the bay area last month. started on the controversial in barca daryl navigation center. despite a lawsuit filed by neighbors trying to stop it. now it's all a part of the city's effort to put a dent in the growing homeless crisis well. the city is building more bets. they also have to deal with the issues of drug addiction and mental illness. people that live in areas with a high homeless population. they're also trying to get things done by tweeting pictures of things that they see every day on the street slide, overdoses use needles a feces and more and then they tap. mayor london breed and in their districts, supervisors and others so that's their way of you know getting more attention shown to what's happening out there. >>there's definitely a you know as have clean is down here. i think that san francisco police department
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done an amazing job, they're arresting people by the hundreds. some of the problem has been moved around. i think that the problem has evolved i don't tnk that this is a a static challenge. >>well he says his intention is not to shame the people living in desperation but just bring awareness and hopefully solutions that will make his streets a safer place. just outside of an ice cream shop in lodi is causing some controversy. the owners with the house of ice cream says the city planner has asked him to paint over the sign citing parental concerns so the mural simply reads eat me. now across the alley from the painting, its heritage elementary school that's part of the problem the lodi unified school district says at least 2 parents have voice concerns and complain the mural has been there for about 3 months and the first complaint was made on tuesday. >>i've been hit no heart into
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couldn't get out. so is not going to be a. most of the decisions taken down. >>well the city planner says at that sign violates the city's municipal code. stop kron 4 morning news governor newsome announced a new fire prevention efforts this summer. we'll take a look at how they hope to use them during the summers fire season. and then a california woman is now recovering after contracting west nile will have details on where health officials think she contracted it. we're going take a live look outside checking in on the embarcadero right now little foggy outside your door but more beautiful weather on tap. how specific for your city coming up after the break.
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>>go back to the kron 4 morning news. thank you for waking up with as we appreciate it as always we enjoy the company right. >>you need the company at hour to go back to sleep. all waking up together. cas now meteorologist john trouble standing by and good news good news yet we're continuing a nice all a trend of weather we've enjoyed a lot this week, 60's 70's, 80's and nothing wrong with numbers like that now staying at least for the next couple of days first day of august today in welcoming in a new month on a fog you know this morning it is quite misty out there for a few areas may be turned on the windshield wiper a time or 2 on your drive into work this
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morning, san francisco under a blanket of cloud cover has also is the east bay here can see much from your berkeley cam this morning, a lot of fog year than it was yesterday at this time. despite some misty conditions skies overall are nice and dry today and also despite this advancing a trough right here this area of low pressure drawing in some slightly cooler temperatures today that high pressure is still at play to our southeast. so we're unfamiliar territory here stuck somewhere in the middle this is keeping temperatures on a moderated note, not to chile, not too warm. just really brought some nice weather again today. now for san francisco. you're gonna notice skies are going to remain a bit on the greater side today than they did yesterday. it's also going to be breezy out along the coastline too from daly city down to half moon bay temperatures will hold on to the 60's with 60's from brisbane down to san bruno 70's in millbrae and burlingame and then a couple of 80 showing up for a further south on the peninsula like
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woodside 83 temperatures in the south bay and just a touch cooler than yesterday. it's not going to be a difference here really notice, san jose 81 sonny bill is 79 70's church from fremont up through hayward and eventually up to oakland as well at 71 today concord walnut creek and danville not much different than yesterday in the mid-eighties 70's and 80's continue in the north bay, although a little bit farther away from that ninety-degree mark dow yesterday we were very close to it today. not quite as close tomorrow is going to be a repeat of today for most areas then come saturday and sunday on the warmer side now and our warmest days of your forecast with daytime highs back into the low 90's, no triple digits, though so even though warmer not as warm as last weekend was monday starts or cool down that really kicks into gear come tuesday and wednesday of next week. that's your forecast robin roads looking a little busier especially at the bay bridge they are indeed of early birds are out there they're getting on the road.
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>>and not encountering any big problems so far the traffic here is going to be slow in the cash lanes only but fast trackers and car pooler still be fine but just know that the backup is going to grow the longer you wait, so right now we're holding at 9 minutes to make it off to the fremont street exit we're checking in on the san mateo bridge and all is well it's been a great trip so far from hayward over to the peninsula and easy 12 minutes off to one on one. here's what's 5 80 to the richmond center fell bridge. we have more cars rolling through the toll plaza but as you can see there moving at the limit so no delays to worry about right now and quiktrip of 8 minutes off to want to what piers traffic tracker more numbers more freeways for you. if you take 5.80 maybe you commute from livermore to dublin that's only 10 minutes from vasco to the dublin interchange maybe you're 6.80 commuter that's looking good dublin to fremont i don't see any problems for those of you who take the nimitz rolling south hayward san leandro union city milpitas all checking in trouble free and we have to 37 that's a good trip to 7 minutes here for milpitas out to sunny though. i will be on
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duty this summer as the weather gets hotter and drier across the state. governor gavin newsome the now to more fire prevention efforts yesterday kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>governor gavin newsome checking in on one of the 35 statewide high priority vegetation projects, a work in progress to make fire-prone communities safer. visiting call facts for the second time this year the governor alongside cal fire leaders say 33 of the 35 projects are expectedrto be finished by december despite some obstacles in the contract and contractors, you need partnerships a unique commitments. you also need the consent of the private sector. we have one projects on highway 17 where 700. >>in 19 permits. now we need before we start the project. >>the governor today also signed an executive order for the hiring of 393 extra
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seasonal firefighters each will be distributed on fire engines across the state one additional body. >>gives you an additional body to carry hose swing a tool reduce the workload stress on all of the other 3 that are typically on that engine. >>the governor renewing his calls for more help from the federal government with more than half of california, wild lands on us property. >>they were running these massive deficits. they seem to be spending more money on everything except on this which is remarkable. >>state leaders say california is pouring more resources into preventing and fighting fire this year than in recent decades in colfax ashley zavala kron 4 news. navy fighter jet went down wednesday in death valley and rescue crews are still trying to figure out what happened to the pilot. >>so the jet in crash near naval air weapons station china lake. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. there were several a 7 tourists nearby from france on the ground they suffered minor injuries after
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getting hit by that flying debris from the crash. the crash happened in an area kno as star wars canyon. that's where people go and they enjoy watching military pilots make their way through that narrow kang and and and special maneuvers that invoke imagery of the star wars films. for your health this morning there's a recall on eddie bauer inclined sleepers so the recalls involve the slumber and sued boston. ap, the disney baby doe's and dream bassinet sleepers were sold at stores nationwide between november 2014 through feb 2017 so far no injuries have been reported, but similar products have resulted in infant deaths, people who own the sleeper should stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer for a refund. one woman in fresno is in the hospital and she's infected with the west nile virus, right now she's too weak to talk she can't even move or feed herself. no one knows exactly where she got infected, but her husband says
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she got a few mosquito bites while celebrating there celebrating the 4th of july in clovis around the 7th. >>is when she started getting symptoms of being tired and have malays didn't want to do anything and i just progressed and then on the 11th the morning of the 11th we broader and and she was out of she was out of his collapsed twice in the r coming in. >>while investigators are now looking at a few spots in clovis and also fresh snow. following months of controversy woodstock 50 is officially canceled its not going to happen. a golden anniversary celebration was set for this month and there is jay z they had carlos santana as headliners but since that announcement organizers they lost they're all finances and the production partner and it's venue in central new york. so that's a no go. maybe next year, we'll see. we'll take a live look outside checking in on the airport as o oh no reports of any major delays and a little bit of fog. this morning, i'm sure you're used
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to that your afternoon looks pretty good. the weather shaping up nicely as we enter month it's officially all guns can you believe that what happened to july feel like the summer's going by so fast we'll take a look at traffic and weather coming up after and weather coming up after the break stay with us. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. back for 54 getting close to 05:00am this was your view of around 8 30 last night of mount diablo sussan grew. >>a little bit higher in the horizon you can see those
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skies remaining nice and clear. now this afternoon our inland areas are going to be much like that again some more sunshine inland after a foggy start to the morning. all those skies, the coast are going to remain a little cloudier today. tomorrow very alike today, very comfortable and the weekend ahead one temperatures on the warming trend back into the 90's for some inland areas as for this morning, we're 50's and 60's were foggy in a few spots were brisk as well with winds on the breezy side for a few 50's and 60's. so don't forget those jackets as you step outside even though we're a touch warmer this morning than yesterday at the same time. this afternoon will actually be just a little bit cooler robin all right. thank you john want to check in on traffic. >>looking good moving well, no problems just a little bit of a backup for the cash fares at the bay bridge toll plaza that's completely normal it's very quiet for hot spot free and it's going to be great great drive across the upper deck. we're checking in on 92, it's busier since last time we checked in we have more folks leaving hayward to the
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peninsula. but the overall drive time is good 12 minutes off to one on one. and we have one want to cross the golden gate smooth at the limit that is how we like it 20 minutes here novato to the toll plaza. that the giants beat the phillies was not the only low light for one phillies fan last night things just didn't go so well so we're take you to the 9th inning the giants are up. it's up 5 to one and there's a fire. ball that went into the stands and sand it not but his own for price of beer bone right out of his hands. but that he didn't even catch the ball it ended up with another fan and are you serious. thank you just have to call it a wrap. he lost his beer. the loss of souvenir and he does not look very happy. sometimes things just don't line up just go home and take a nap. >>it all gets better the next day. all right coming up next on the crime. dozens of protesters arrested in san francisco overnight at an ice protests. we'll have the latest on that coming up for
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>>and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher welcome to the month of august. you know what day it >>it's just see what the weather has in store for them probably going to be warm for roads are off to a great start. it's going to fill in a little bit on the bridges but so far a good no major hot spots. >>that's how the a c t get to is very easy just just trick here. trying to form nothing too crazy about the weather today. if you got used to this week so far the rest of july behind us today is going to be per pretty familiar territory. yeah, a little misty out there so you may have turned the windshield wiper on a timer to unless you're james in which case should try no


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