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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 1, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> come in a holistic we take a look at everything that is being collected to give some idea of motive. some idea >>from restaurant ideology. >>the motive for sunday's deadly mass shooting remains a mystery tonight as fbi profilers hunt for a reason why 19 year-old santino again opened fire at that festival in gilroy thanks for joining us tonight at 5 everyone i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis also tonight 2 survivors of the gilroy shooting are speaking out about their harrowing experience. >>kron four's dan joins us live now from san jose with that part of the story. but
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first justine waltman she joins us live now from go right where police have just given us an >>a police and also the fbi to release new information just a few moments ago and it started with releasing the names of the4free the 3 officers who were involved in the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival on sunday and here are those officers they are air crier. >>who has 23 years experience with the gilroy police department, hugo del moro a 17 year veteran of the department and robert boss, we know a 13 year veteran of the police department. >>all of these officers are now on leave and it's an determine when they will be returning to work. the chief today praise their actions from sunday. >>well i would say that all 3 of these officers are incredibly humble. i think they're heroes. i don't think
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they view themselves that way i think they view themselves that they were just doing their job. and i don't think they're particularly excited about being in the limelight. but i certainly think that they deserve recognition and what they did. >>so we also learned today thnu from the garlic shooting has now gone up to 16 with a new victim coming forward after being grazed. the fbi also says it has reduced the size of the crime scene by 50% and has about 100 agents from the west to the east coast processing all of the evidence people can pick up their items that were left behind at the family assistance center. and the festival is coordinating with vendors and how they can get their trucks and boost back with the fbi acknowledging that people had to leave their livelihoods behind so they're working quickly to reduce the size of the crime scene and get people
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their items back. coming up tonight at 6 we'll talk more about what the fbi and the police both had to say not only about a possible motive. but the possibility of a second shooter. live tonight in gilroy outside of the police department i'm justine waldman. >>all right just seen you know we've heard a lot about the 3 people who died during the rampage at on the festival but not much from gunshot survivors, but today 2 of them did speak kron four's dan kerman is live in selling medical center in san jose with their story. dan pretty remarkable to hear how fortunate they feel but at the same time they're sending love to the families of those who did not make it. indeed very emotional news conference this afternoon here valley medical center hearing from these 2 gunshot victims. >>talking about what it was like at the time and what it is like now and going forward. >>with that and i kind of was like. i just like stared and
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then he said about firing and i was like ok, let's go and so then we started but it's really a very surreal moment gabrielle a gosse her friend to matthews and 3 other friends were in the bounce house >>when a gunman opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival is those terrifying place for us to be. it is just loxton on all 4 sides. they all made a run for it, brandon gabrielle a through the parking lot that turned out to be directly in the line of fire get real this coming and i was hit i was head. you know you and them i. >>felt it in my back and i thought maybe it is getting a cramp in my side from running and it took a really long time until i saw like the blood of my hand to know that i was the reality i just kept running, i didn't think that happened. britain was shot in the back the bullet grazing her long traveling through her liver. >>and puncturing her diaphragm gabrielle was shot in the shoulder with another bullet grazing her back. the stranger drove them both to saint louise regional medical center in gilroy gabrielle was
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treated and released that night brynn was transported to valley medical center in after 4 days of treatment is finally being released. >>i'm just so happy to be alive and i want to send my love to those like 30's the sellers eyes, areas that don't get to say that about the family and while the physical wounds are healing the emotional ones remain with the shooting continually replaying in their minds every time i'm awake and just as always in the back there. sometimes like happy feelings like i'm so happy that we did this we got away, i'm so happy we found this personally helped us and then sometimes it's just hair. i just see him walking into the festival i feel like paranoid when i leave my house like don't know like. >>i can trust like even like going to the grocery store people are looking at me like you know you don't know i'm like a victim because like my clothes cover mylan's and whatever. but it's just feels really like sickening to me every time i like leave my house. so i think someday i hope to maybe feel really
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positive about what kind of positive outlook but right now not really there. >>the 2 women voice their thanks to doctors who are there for them they also put out there. thanks to the community. they say has really been for there for them. neither these 2 women has health insurance go fund me pages have been set up for both live in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dan hard to hear meantime police are still investigating at the garlic festival site but today some people were allowed to return at least partially a mainly bender showed up and they were escorted to get their things from a parking lot there still not allowed on the festival grounds the process to slow down business for many vendors. they have had to delay their plans for other california festivals. >>and another big event is expected to draw enormous crowds to the south bay this weekend, the santa clara county fair started today as kron four's theresa stasi shows us people attending will
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notice an increased police presence. >>santa clara officials say that this is certainly an important balancing act making sure that people have signed here at the fair this year, but at the same time be mindful of the shooting that took place at the gilroy garlic festival. you cannot miss them. there is a heightened security at the fair this year. officials will not elaborate on extra measures taken by sure the public their safety is the number one goal. it was just a few days ago when shots rang out at the gilroy garlic festival a short distance away in the county. local officials joined together to stress their unity in protecting the public and ensuring enjoyment at the 75th santa clara fair. strangers help neighbors. rose
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them. do with the nation and he knows. as celebrate. her >>and many years security and where committed to doing it again this year we really increase the number of people who are here. >>for this year in the wake of the disaster that occurred in gilroy where if you do you wear one is that we can. jays to the community as the gates opened to kick off the event i spoke with some fairgoers to get a sense of how they are feeling. >>actually the fair is something that we come to every year 4 h is really near and dear to our heart, thanks
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and with the we're definitely as a mom i'm being cautious and being more aware of our surroundings the fair runs from thursday to sunday. here in santa clara county tree says stasio kron 4 news. >>we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting on air and online and during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service on kron on you an download our kron 4 mobile app to get push alerts straight to your phone. as new developments come into our newsroom. as we switch gears now take a peek outside checking on the 4 zone forecast the golden gate bridge socked in by fog. >>time now to get a check of our weather with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence, hey guys yet temperatures backed off a little bit today, the sea breeze fairly strong that kept the fog in place you see it out there right now already moving into the bay but you know tonight, we'll see some changes i think high pressure will start to build in overhead after got a weak system moving to the north by tomorrow afternoon we're probably going to see some warmer temperatures so that is going to set the stage for
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what looks like a very nice weekend ahead. outside right now still 82 degrees in santa rosa, 63, almost 20 degrees cooler into san francisco 68 in oakland right now 74. in san jose and live more 79 degrees still warm in concord but tonight if you head out the door you can knows more the clouds on the way a little breezy in spots to special on the coastline through some of the coastal gaps temperatures going to be cooling down into the 60's as we head in toward 8 o'clock or so, but yeah looks like we've got some uh changes coming our way for tomorrow tomorrow morning we do start with some patchy drizzle. maybe a little damp and spots even inside the bay and then mostly sunny as we head toward the middle of a warmer temperatures by noon tomorrow, almost 80 degrees already by some spots inland and then by the afternoon i think we stick back into the 90's and some of the interior valleys. high pressure about the bill back in that is going to set up what looks like a very nice weekend ahead more than a few minutes. thank you. >>on the news at 5 governor, newsome signs a new law restricting practices for youth football teams. the full
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contact pat as where coaches now have to draw the line. arnold going to california governor. >>governor newsome that is wildfires they're getting bigger and more destructive. how the former governor suggesting we tackle the problem. >>and next a warning from the east bay police thieves are targeting a specific car model for a specific car part we have details after the break. and if you want to skip the commercials in get more news during the break make sure you're streaming us on crime on go to.
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>>police have berkeley are seeing a dramatic rise in catalytic converter thefts in over a short period of forcefully to go reports tonight, it appears these thieves are targeting a specific car model. haven't been concerned kelly hammergren says she hasn't given much thought to the possibility of the catalytic converter being stolen from her toyota prius. >>though the berkeley police department says she is potentially vulnerable to becoming a victim since she parks the driveway. ands to my neighbors since july 20th police say 18 catalytic converters have been reported stolen citywide the sharp increase from the one or 2 thefts that typically occur each month. officer, byron white says the most targeted car is the toyota prius that's because the exhaust emission control device installed on these cars to earn thieves a bigger payday compared to
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others and that heroes that are using their cattle covered or has a higher concentration of precious metals. >>some of perks are we're going after and we would typically see horizon the theft of catalytic converters with the horizon. the price of precious metals white says the converters are typically sold at scrap metal yards out of town and that it can be days sometimes before a car owner knows they've been victimized because the car can still run without a catalytic converter no it'll make more noise and emit more toxic gas as you can city that is so environmentally conscious labor glee. there's there's a likelihood of a higher concentration of. >>francis park indoors if you can and report thieves are at work. i'm confident my geico insurance and if you have no choice but to park on the street make sure the area is well lit in berkeley fleet at all kron 4 news pgd is
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rejecting a report that says the utility knew about wildfire threats from its equipment and did nothing. >>a san francisco judge had ordered pg e to respond to wall street journal to a story in the base reported that pg e delayed safety work on power lines that sparked the deadly camp fire. p g says it strongly disagrees with the report and denies that repeatedly failed to perform necessary upgrades to its transmission lines. >>california is limiting full-contact practices for youth football teams to try to reduce brain injuries. governor newsom signed the measure. yesterday the law limits full-contact practices to 30 minutes a day twice a week. the practices are banned entirely now during the offseason periods. the new law also requires a medical professional to be president for all games and it at preventing degenerative brain disease. >>another big story we're tracking for you tonight the ghost ship fire trial has been
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in the haof the jury for the second day and already know from jurors is supplying a bit of optimism for the 2 defense team scrum for says he using explains why. >>a note to the judge seeking clarification of the term authorized agent of the other is being considered good news for defense attorneys in the ship trial. >>from our perspective. you a fantastic she way to start the fact that they're having a discussion about that. lead you know gives us gives us hope the fate of their command max harris is now in the hands of 12 jurors here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland. >>the 2 men face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the party goers who died trying to escape a fire inside the ghost ship warehouse back on december second 2016 prosecutors say almena the mascot at it and harris, the creative director are responsible. the jury will have the final say the second day of deliberations has ended with no verdict been reached however defense attorneys
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explained from their perspective. the significance of the jury's note regarding authorized agent. >>sure defense oriented my client is not an authorized stages of the landlord therefore there they have to find that he did not have a duty, 2 get her match. so the fact that they're having this discussion i think codes. >>really well for us because the da offered 0 evidence in the entire trial that either derek or max was ever given any kind of authorization to act on the owner's behalf. >>when the jury reaches a verdict perhaps we will learn the significance if any to the authorized agent question for now the jurors have gone home for the day. they will return for day 3 of deliberations on tuesday august 6. outside the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq menu. kron 4 news. >>it's going take a look outside as in san francisco overlooking of the embarcadero
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when with enough out see the palm trees in the flag going our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here going to see a whole lot of wind in the hawaii area produces yes, some of those palm trees and drop an awesome coconut out there in a hurry. we've got a storm system out there actually couple here you go get active out there in the pacific now as we've got some powerful storms that are rolling across that weaken somewhat over the past 24 hours and that is some good news. this is the kerik was a category 4. in about 36 hours ago now a category one but look a close is getting the hawaiian islands are right behind that we've got flossie that is headed that way so we've got sustained winds of 80 miles per hour making it a category one the kind of a weak category one. it is now moving into some place where we're getting more wind shear that means some change started said it's going to pass close enough the island's likely going to see some very heavy rain and some tropical force winds but the heaviest amount of rain staying south of hawaiian island chain you can name c as we get into friday, the so winds weaken somewhat more and then it kind of pass
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the south were behind that we've got flossie now flossie looks like it's going to weaken somewhat now least according to live forecast models. those winds down to about 45 miles per hour. so tropical storm but look at the trajectory you can see it approaching the hawaiian islands there's a long way to go between now and then the certainly getting a lot of rain probably some flooding rain so you have watch out for the possibility of some flash flooding, you see the big island all covered in green here and operator just beginning to pick up on some of that moisture from erica's moves a little bit closer very strong gusty winds flash flooding across the island. a possibility not only with eric, but also flossie coming a little bit closer outside right now we've got some patchy fog moving along the coastline clear for the most part a temper on and then things get interesting in the pacific we've got our own system to deal with and here it is system making its way in the pacific northwest storm clouds headed towards seattle get ready for some rain up there possibly in the portland, this will likely help deepen the marine layer around the bay area for tomorrow that means more low clouds and fog move further on shore temperatures start out a little bit cool early on, but by the afternoon that system kind of moves through they
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were to break that out we'll see more sunshine and actually some warmer temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. it is breezy though it's possible those winds up over 20 miles per hour around the bay area and so yeah you get the idea a little bit cool on the coastline with that wind kicking up outside temperatures mainly in the 60's and the 70's low clouds and fog tonight there will be a little bit of drizzle near the coastline. morning fog giving way to mostly sunny skies on a friday. it looks like a much nicer weekend to come are lawrence still ahead. >>first she survived a mass shooting in las vegas. then on sunday she found herself in the same situation again hear one woman's message for others after surviving the shooting twice that's an unbelievable story and next a new bill story and next a new bill takes choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>>bill has been introduced in the senate that aims to fight social media addiction. it's a thing republican josh hawley introduce the legislation it's called the social media addiction reduction technology act. it would ban practice is frequently used by top social networking sites to keep people engaged like you tubes auto-play are snapchat's snap streets. the bill gives social media companies 3 months to end those practices. it would also require the creation of features that would let users set limits on time spent on social media sites. the measure joins a string bills in recent months. the target silicon valley.
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>>kron 4 is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called kron on get caught up on the latest breaking news and weather any time of day visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. >>5 in east bay county proposing to how's the homeless in a jail. a smart looking to phase out paper tickets that change is coming to your station in the coming weeks and next coming together in a time of heartbreak. th
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>>happening now a vigil is forming outside san jose city hall for one of the victims at the gilroy shooters cross was michelle kingston live now with white this vigil is unique michelle. >>we've been to a lot of vigils over the past couple days communities coming together to remember those victims but today's vigil is just a little unique because this one, it's just the 6 year-old stephen romero, there sitting behind me here just outside of san jose city hall there leaning on each other for support and remembering all of the victims tonight but steven especially his grandmother is also here in tells us stephen's parents are still in the hospital but that they are starting to do a little bit better. the entire family though is of course grieving missing stephen, a young boy they say was always smiling you can see here they have live a few candles made signs that say gilroy strong
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and asking for the gun violence to stop one of the sign says that one child's life is worth more than all the guns on earth they hope but together they will eventually be able to help each other heal and see more people starting to show up now a lot of people giving each other hugs and of course just trying to support one another through this incredibly difficult time we're going to stick around for the remainder of the vigil and we'll bring you a full story tonight at 8 live in san jose michelle kingston kron 4 news to that thank you michelle meanwhile alameda county supervisors are offering oakland the chance to use a jail. >>to house homeless people the idea was first brought up during a meeting of a coalition of mayors on homelessness now alameda county is offering to lease the glenn dy oakland, it's located in downtown close to police headquarters. this comes amid a double digit increase in the counties, homeless population over the past 2 years. a 33
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year-old man died after being shot in the leg last night. this is in any act antioch it happened in the area of kavala road in east 18th street when officers got there around 1030 they found the man he was taken to a trauma center. but later died police to detain a suspect but right now are not identifying that person. 17 people cited one person arrested following an early morning protest at an ice office. >>protesters with abolish ice as after held that rally overnight at one point they blocked an entrance to the building when police showed up they broke up the crowd. police say that some people refused to follow orders. they were cited another person was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest. marty is moving forward to phasing out paper tickets by eliminating sales of those tickets at certain stations, starting august 5th, the 19th street station will no longer offer paper tickets only clipper card


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