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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>hundreds of people coming together under one message tonight in honor of the 3 people who were killed in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm pam moore and i'm can weigh the city of gilroy held another vigil tonight that wrapped up a short time ago kron four's dan thorn was there his life with the latest stan. >>well ken downtown kilroy was flooded with people that were gathering here tonight to remember those lives that were lost and sunday's mass shooting this was the latest in what has been on number of vigils and remembrances here in the city throughout this difficult week. but for many people that i spoke with living in this community healing process is only just beginning. >>the gilroy community tries to brighten up a dark weaken their city people gathering for a vigil at the intersection of 5th in monterrey streets, holding up signs and wearing t-shirts that say gilroy strong many in the community say they wanted to honor the victims and i'm
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here to support our an amazing community been rocked to its core. >>and you hear about it on the news all the time and you never in a million think what happened in your little town and yet here we are christine won us says this has been a difficult time for everyone in their small community but she is especially sorry for the victims and their families. >>and i >>3 people were killed and several others were injured in sunday's shooting 10 year-old rafael she says he wanted to pay respects to the ones they lost. i think it's pretty good. gilroy resident danny melendez says it's been incredible the see his friends and neighbors. coming together after this tragedy. >>there was 2 under par donating their time meal money whatever we can to help all and the victim as well. >>well you just ask it had just about anybody here and
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they will tell you just how close and how tight community gilroy is after speaking with so many people at the event here today. they tell me that they are pledging just a roy strong. reporting live in gilroy dan thorn. kron 4 news thank you. dan tonight, new information coming to light about the garlic festival shooting the fbi revealing the officers who shot and killed the gunman. >>suspected in the death of 3 people and injuring more than a dozen other the fbi also revealed what it's learning about a possible motive crawford's grant lodes joins us now to break down from the. >>news conference held by the fbi go right police ken and pam today, the police chief of the gilroy police department revealed those 3 veteran officers names who took down the gunman sunday at the festival. investigators say the officers responded in less than a minute. 2 shots fired we reached out to the gilroy police department hoping to get those officers pictures we could not do that. but here are their names, eric crier a
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23 year-old veteran of the department. if you go down morale a 17 year veteran of the department and robert best we know the 13 year veteran right now all 3 officers are on leave paid leave and it's unclear when they'll be returning to work. today the police chief in gilroy praised their bravery that all. >>officers are incredibly humble. i think they're heroes. i certainly think that they deserve recognition and what they did. >>meanwhile the fbi announced today the number of people injured from the shooting has gone up now to 16 a new victim who had gotten treatment on their own contacted. authorities saying they too had been hit by a bullet grazed by a bullet in that case, the fbi has about 100 agents from all across the country here in gilroy processing all the evidence that includes behavior and technical specialists better known as profilers as of tonight, investigators have process about 50% of the crime
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scene but it will take time certainly to go through the rest of it so far. the fbi has not determined a motive for the killings. the agency also did not totally rule out a second shooter though the gilroy police chief says he certainly believes the shooter acted alone, ken pam back to hugh grant thank you people across the bay area continue to remember the victims of the shooting and. >>and tonight a vigil in san jose was dedicated solely to the youngest person killed kron four's michelle kingston was there as family and friends. >>came together for 6 year-old stephen romero. >>even was why. just innocent little boy. >>none of in front of san jose city hall. holding hands praying and remembering the 3 victims of sunday's shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. >>this is a little kid, this is a young girl, this is a young man lost their lives.
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>>you know their lives count 2. together with young children and adults so with low hugging one another lighting candles holding signs. >>one of them says one child's life is worth more than all the guns on earth. >>by 19 says stop. and so families don't feel the pain. stuff like this happens. it's very devastating because everybody wants you got a festival everybody wants to go to the park everybody wants to go to the movies, everybody goes to school. >>and we're not safe hopes vigils like helps. in san jose michelle kingston kron on for news. we have. >>i heard a lot about the 3 people who were killed during the rampage at the garlic festival but not as much from the many gunshots, survivors. >>well today, 2 of them actually spoke out about the kron four's dan kerman went to valley medical center in san jose and has their story.
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>>we're the first initial shot in britain, diane number look she was and the level below me remember looking down. and we're like what was that. >>that's when gabrielle a gosh look to our left and saw the gunman at the time she and her friend to matthews and 3 other friends. we're in the bounce house at the gilroy garlic festival. they made a run for it, but we're both hit by gunfire. >>and the bullet had kind of swiped me along my left shoulder and i have like fragment in there like metal showed up and then. some kind of like a graze wound on my back. i was shot in the back. >>running and um thusly it didn't hit any organs in a super you know in a way that i can heal from it went. it grazed my long it went to my liver and it my diaphragm but delivers the best are going to guess is what the doctors telling me it feels really fast so we have a bullet in my liver family life. i'm not going see it and probably not
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going feel it at a certain point, but it's always going to be there a stranger drove them both to saint louise regional hospital in gilroy. >>it was terrifying. it was said is being rolled down hallways, it's like people all sides of it and just other patients london right and now this is terrifying brynn was transported to valley medical center in after 4 days of treatment is finally being released. >>gabriella was treated and released that night. but those that didn't make it out alive weigh on their minds. >>our hearts go out to those who. all right here just share their stories. stephen romero, trevor irby kayla salazar. we're here for them. they're not here to share what they witnessed and what they went through and to their families like. we're so sorry and while the physical wounds are healing. >>these women say the emotional ones remain. >>i'm sure i'll be like all the healthy soon and i'll be able to walk and do all the things they want to do without pain i just don't know that
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i'm never going to forget what feels really >>sun and movements i can't take right now that's reaction that feels like my heart to start beating really fast. and just kind of like okay, let's let's second look like when i. return to work or start to you know be getting more responsible everyday things like. >>it's just it's very. >>overwhelming the 2 women thanked all the medical personnel that helped them as well as the community which they say has really been rallying around them. and these 2 need it. neither of the 2 have health insurance go fund me pages have been set up for bowls. at valley medical center in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news and continuing our coverage, some of the vendors at the garlic festival are picking up their belongings from the festival grounds. >>scores of people of course had to leave everything behind when the shooting broke out on sunday today law enforcement this court vendors in and out of the fair grounds, many vendors make a living moving
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from festival to festival during the summer months and some of them say having to wait to get their belongings has slowed down their work. >>and they have to make it to the next event so they're looking now at. 2 festivals down the line maybe a month till they get their items back. they they should receive it back but if your food product or something that spoiled. i mean just claim the insurance claims will probably take a while. >>law enforcement is also taking personal items to rocker elementary school. the school is serving as a family assistance center but items which are still in the active investigation zone may not be available for pickup until the complete investigation is done. >>the santa clara county fair is open with extra security in the 75th annual event kicked off this morning. fair organizers and law enforcement did not elaborate on extra measures taken but they stressed safety is their number one priority.
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>>many years security and where committed to doing it again this year we really increase the number of people who are here. >>the fair runs from today through 10:00pm sunday night. so as kron 4 for continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting download our kron 4 app to get push alerts sent straight to your phone with updates and during the commercial breaks are on air coverage continues on our 24 hour streaming service. kron on. >>we are following breaking news coming out of the north bay santa rosa police and the sonoma county sheriff's office are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting. this is happening in the area of 9th street and morgan street. we're still working to get additional information but police say they have identified the suspect who has been contained. no officers have been hurt there's no threat to the public. also no word on the suspect's condition, people are being urged to stay away from the area while authorities
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investigate we will keep an eye on this story and bring you the very latest all right, let's take a live look outside show you what's happening on a thursday night with the bay bridge and some overcast skies over the bay and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the 4 zone forecast. >>yeah, a little damp in spots this morning the afternoon. we have some drizzle along the coastline or see that again tonight so. >>yeah, it's a little gray out there. but a promise more sunshine on the way i think we may see that as early as tomorrow in the san francisco you can see the fog has rolled back in fact it was rolling in again in the afternoon hours as strong sea breeze, keep them but temperatures hey they took a hit today with that sea breeze in fact remember yesterday we had some 90's in some of the valley's today, 81 degrees in concord i still warm there 13 degrees cooler today and the more pair sevens also into fremont amount do 76 in san jose some 60's along the coastline here with some of the lingering low clouds and the fog now we've got a system those 7 northwest, how about that they're about to get some rain
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into seattle and portland here you see that frontal system kind of dragging down the south off the northern california coast that's not bring us rain we'll bring that some showers but for us we're going to see deepening in the marine layer and that means more low clouds and fog and that stronger sea breeze we've had some of those winds over 30 miles per hour in parts of the east bay today and we're certainly seeing that now as you look toward byron there stronger winds but that strong onshore push will bring the low clouds and fog. well on shore to some of the interior valleys overnight tonight. but then things begin to change as we head in toward tomirrow afternoon as high pressure builds in. but you certainly can see you've got that cool air working its way inland right now you that 65 degrees in the concord 62 live more 65 degrees in san jose 50's ou along the coastline now but the fog is going to be a little taken spots early on tomorrow morning. some drizzle happening now likely going to continue into the early part of the day and then mostly sunny skies in the afternoon along the coastline probably get a sneak a little bit of sunshine and then the weekend looks very very promising as high pressure builds overhead
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these temperatures, good start to get a little hot even tomorrow afternoon, maybe some 90 showing up couple systems off the coastline in the gulf of alaska i want right here and then this one right here that's going to check the pacific northwest. also helping to carve out that trough along the west coast and that's what we've seen the better part of july and august so things about to change though that system is going to slide through and then high pressure kind of builds back in the bay area after that means we're going to see some warmer weather looking like a very nice weekend ahead on the central valley tomorrow, you're looking at 97 degrees and 94 in sacramento about 95. in bakersfield, los angeles sunny skies and stay to 7 degrees about 82 degrees in san diego. low clouds and fog will be a little thick early on tomorrow morning with some drizzle out there to start out your day but by the afternoon lof sunshine coming your way and looks like some nice weather to is a high-pressure going to start to build them. but you know we're going to see some warmer temperatures coming our way in fact the 10 a 10. that's looking well and august almost the middle of august out nobody forecast apart the bay area we're going
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to give it a shot coming up we'll see if we can find some warmer weather on the way. all right, thanks are sorry. when patients violent assaults break ins and petty neighbors in san francisco sunset district say. >>they are growing concerned about more crime in their neighborhood and they feel they're being racially targeted back in may supervisor gordon marr held a town hall meeting to address the asian communities concerns about all of this. >>well this week he took things a step further. for sale of the second talked with him and some of the victims of these crimes today she joins us live now from our newsroom with details tale. well earlier this week supervisor gordon maocotte in the san francisco police department to start reporting the demographics of crime victims to make those records public. >>many neighbors in his district believe criminals are targeting the chinese and asian communities. now they want that data to analyze what's going on and help prevent more crimes from happening. a total of the sas that inside the house and it's turned upside down amy lyles
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worked and lived in san francisco sunset district for almost 30 years. >>but it wasn't until recently she started to feel unsafe at home. >>we've become a fe off everything and the immediate area set you saw cameras are banned the house and then of course neighbor scare scarce, wow these broke into her home 2 years ago. >>and now she says the crimes in her neighborhood are only getting worse before they. they checked they see you and not home they call they've been she around the area to make sure that you're not home. now they don't care. they just go in any way. and if you a home, you are sorry now and others believe chinese and asian communities are specifically being targeted i believe we have being the image of stereotyping week and the one to fight fat. and so that's the reason we have being targeted supervisor gordon marr agrees saying
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chinese and asian families are seeing more crime like home invasions assaults and property theft this week he formally requested that the san francisco police department. >>provide victim demographics over the past 10 years to determine if certain racial groups are being targeted plus asked the city attorney. >>to to draft legislation that would mandate reporting on the demographics of crime victims. i'm moving ahead from this is something that other cities including new york city and the n y p d already provide on an annual basis. so we should we should and can do that here in san francisco. >>now according to fbi records hate motivated crimes overall have surged in san francisco, increasing by 61% from 2017 to 2018 are hopes the new legislation they're drafting will help identify potential problem areas in san francisco. he says the new legislation will be introduced in september reporting live from the newsroom tailored to sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor. a federal judge base
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in san francisco is refusing to allow the new asylum rule to take effect the rule by the trump administration would prohibit migrants who have traveled through another country. >>from seeking asylum in the united states. it would in effect prevent all asylum applications from central america for refugee assistance groups sued the administration over the rule and the us district judge jon tigar has issued a preliminary injunction on the rule as a trial is pending in the case. today he turned down a department of justice request for a stay while the department appeals the injunction. a 33 year-old man is dead after being shot in the leg last night police say it happened at 1030 of at the area of kabbalah road and east 18th street in antioch. >>the man was taken to a trauma center. but later died police did detain a suspect right now. police are not identifying that person. and are getting concussions because of playing football, we've all heard about that and the concerns surrounding it, but california is now limiting
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full-contact practices for youth football teams to try to reduce brain injuries. kron four's gayle ong live for us tonight in martinez was reaction to all of this scale. >>can a high school in martinez and i did speak to a student everything graduate who played football and the football coach, they both say that there are pros and cons to this new law. >>19 year-old mike read details as his favorite part of football rides well playing the game pretty much is around you like a brother and pretty much. governor gavin newsom signed a law wednesday limiting frll-contact practices. >>to 30 minutes per day twice a week me contact in my we spent like $1000 and helmets. >>there's a home in flying over $1000. but it is pretty much on. how the contact happened recchi said that's the way to tackle and hid that should be things it's not really football but if you can get the right way and make some more fun lets people get hurt at the end of the day. it's about the safety of the
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kids. >>bobby boy did the head freshman football coach at alhambra high school in martinez bob boyd says the new law for youth football is a good idea. he thinks it does hinder staff and preparing kids for games. >>that's a contact sport, so then a day they're going to be out there with other kids are what a lot of contact with other kids. and to prepare them for that they might even want to see. cnn advance a little bit more than 30 minutes previous day law have limited full-contact practices for middle and high school football teams to 90 minutes per day. >>twice a week, the new law also requires a medical professional to be president for all games like the super ball last forever. and definitely my part. >>state legislature actually approved the earlier in the month with no opposition reporting live in martinez gayle ong kron 4 news. >>happening tomorrow, a public hearing is scheduled at napa city hall on a proposal to merge urged to major health
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care providers providence saint joseph health an event is held want to merge claiming the deal would provide improved access to quality care in the region, particularly they say 4. >>underserved and vulnerable populations. the public hearing will begin at 10 o'clock in the morning at napa city hall that is located at 9, 5, 5, a school street. attorney general have the scent of this era must approve any merger he postponed a decition until september and schedule tomorrow's hearing. >>san francisco's mayor size the largest budget budget in the city's history, how the spending plan aims to tackle the city's growing homeless problem plus from the central valley to the bay area ahead 1045 and flying tales, i'll take you on a lifesaving flights to rescue the warning from east bay police thieves are targeting a specific car model for a specific car part and if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the
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>>the streets of berkeley police say they're seeing a dramatic rise in catalytic converter and as kron four's believe reports tonight, it appears those thieves are targeting a specific car model. >>i haven't been concerned her grand says she hasn't given much thought to the possibility of the catalytic converter being stolen from her toyota prius though the berkeley police department
10:25 pm
says she is potentially vulnerable to becoming a victim since she parks her car outside i don't have a garage so i just park in the driveway. >>ands to my neighbors since july 20th police say 18 catalytic converters have been reported stolen citywide the sharp increase from the one or 2 thefts that typically occur each month. officer, byron white says the most targeted car is the toyota prius that's because the exhaust emission control device installed on these cars earn thieves a bigger payday compared to others and that heroes that are using their cattle covered or has a higher concentration of precious metals. >>some lose his perks are we're going after and we would typically see arise in the theft of got a little converters with the horizon. the price of precious metals white says the converters are typically sold at scrap metal yards out of town and that it can be days sometimes before a car owner knows they've been victimized because the car can still run without a catalytic
10:26 pm
converter no it will make more noise and emit more toxic gas as you can city that is so environmentally conscious like berkeley. there's there's a likelihood of a higher concentration of. >>francis park indoors if you can and report any late hour car repairs being done on the street. it's possible thieves are at work. i'm confident my geico insurance and if you have no choice but to park on the street make sure the area is well lit in berkeley fleet at all kron 4 news. >>flame shoot up into the sky following a gas explosion in central kentucky. one woman has died ahead we'll show you what's left of the area. one witness compared to the planet mars. >>and the second day of jury deliberations and in the ghost ship warehouse trial. without a verdict that why the defense is already saying there are some signs of optimism. >>and 2 storms headed for hawaii, how will that affect
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>>shes will continue on tuesday and the ghost ship warehouse fire trial, 12 members of the jury wrapped up their second day of deliberations today without a verdict but i know from the jurors as providing a bit of optimism for 2 defense team's kron four's haaziq madyun explains a note to the judge. >>seeking clarification of the term authorized agent of the other is being considered good
10:30 pm
news for defense attorneys in the though ship trial. >>from our perspective. you a fantastic she way to start the fact that they're having a discussion about that. lead you know gives us it gives us hope the fate of derick almena and max harris is now in the hands of 12 jurors here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland. >>the 2 men face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the party goers who died trying to escape a fire inside the ghost ship warehouse back on december second 2016 prosecutors say almena the mascot, it and harris, the creative director are responsible. the jury will have the final say the second day of deliberations has ended with no verdict been reached however defense attorneys explained from their perspective. the significance of the jury's note regarding authorized agent. >>sure defense oriented my client is not an authorized stages of the landlord therefore there they have to find that he did not have a duty. 2 get her match. so the
10:31 pm
fact that they're having this discussion i think codes really well for us because the da offered 0 evidence in the entire trial that either derek or max was ever given any kind of authorization to act on the owner's behalf. >>when the jury reaches a verdict perhaps we will learn the significance if any to the authorized agent question for now the jurors have gone home for the day. they will return for day 3 of deliberations on tuesday august 6. outside the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland has it made you kron 4 news. >>the largest budget in san francisco history is now in a fax. mayor london breed signed a $12 billion spending plan that spans 2 fiscal years kron four's maureen kelly tells us the budget addresses some of the city's biggest problems homelessness and the lack of affordable housing. >>heads of supervisors. mayor
10:32 pm
resigned a city budget that is bigger than that of some states much of the billion is already earmarked to things like the airport and you need. but the 2 year fiscal plan does include some major investments. >>into some of the city's most critical problems. >>including over a million in new funds going to him greasing affordable housing. creating new units we're preserving old ones. >>one program called small site helps buy up apartment buildings up for sale like sorrow on the corner of 9th and comment a purchase that is keeping its 11 mostly senior residents from losing their homes to justification. >>when the city comes in and purchases these properties it becomes permanent affordable forever, there's over a million and added investment going to combat homelessness like funding the construction of navigation centers. >>like the one being built here in the embarcadero another 50 million going towards mental health reform.
10:33 pm
>>including adding a 100 treatment and recovery beds for those suffering from mental illness and substance of the us because we know that is one of the biggest challenges that we face with so many people were on our streets. there's an added million going to help keep the city streets clean are adding new pit stops public toilets minded by attendance expanding the hours. they're staffed dpw will also be getting more big belly trash cans and hiring. >>more people more people on the ground law people cleaning the mayor says residents should start seeing the results of these investments over the next few months. >>once this money starts getting spent maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>colors getting a financial boost from the state to build more affordable houses a state awarded million to 6 affordable housing developers in the city. the funding will go toward building 413 units, a 168 of which will provide permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness mental illness and substance abuse issues.
10:34 pm
and good news for britain county the number of homeless people there is down slightly from 2017 and that county's department of health and human services released the final results of the counted and at the end of january and according to the results. >>there were 1117 homeless people in january of 2017. and 1034 in january of 2019 there were 359 chronically homeless people in 2017 and 257 in 2019 chronically homeless refers to someone who has been homeless for at least a year or has a disability which prevents them from maintaining housing. we are about one hour. >>and 25 minutes away from friday's. so we want to find out how the weather is shaping up. i could feel the most a building right we've got a weekend getting very very close. you know you got to feel bad for some people their plan on there big trip to hawaii. guess what this time of year. yeah, just kind of a tough time to go right so we've got a couple of
10:35 pm
hurricanes out there. this one eric lee that briefly category 4 and then we got flossie right behind and now the good news is both the storm systems have we can significantly the last 24 hours in fact, eric has now been downgraded. it is a strong tropical storm sustained winds of 70 miles per hour. flossie also winds of 7570 miles per hour making it also a tropical storm now here's the very latest track indices are getting close to why the effects 30 start to see some rain falling on the big island. it looks like it is going to continue its track. you're skirting the south hawaiian island chain very heavy rainfall still going to a company. the storm system moves on by probably some flash flooding as it continues to roll on through but not gain strength. the fact that should begin to continue to weaken and make its way south of all the islands but behind that you've got law see and that was going to get a little bit closer you have to watch out very closely right now the latest forecast models have it also weakening moving a little bit further to
10:36 pm
the north. but still more rain more big waves all the way for life. outside right now we've got a lot of fog out there and continue to see that gray in fact we're going to see a lot gray overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. weak system sliding to the pacific northwest and then looks like after that things begin to change for the weekend more sunshine coming our way but we are going to see some monsoonal clouds trickle into our skies that could get interesting as we get the beginning of this next week. here's your tent and those temperatures getting a little hot spots over the weekend mid 90's inland. that will cool things down on monday and tuesday in fact the first part of august look at monroe cooler than normal around the bay area. >>thank you lawrence in national news a day after the democratic presidential debates in detroit. president trump is back on the campaign trail and at a rally in ohio, the president and up his attack against the democratic party. >>well republicans are working every day to build up our country. the rage filled democrat party is trying to
10:37 pm
get care. america apart. the democrat party is now being led. by 4 left wing extremists who reject everything that we hold dear. no one is paid a higher price. for the far loves destructive agenda that americans living in our nation's inner cities they have paid a dear price you see what's happening. >>you see our inner cities we spend billions and billions and billions for years and years and years and it's stolen money and it's wasted money and it's a shame. >>the president also told the crowd he watched both debates that were held in detroit, he said the candidates spent more time attacking former president obama than attacking him. president trump is also threatening to hit china with
10:38 pm
new terror. >>see if the tariffs go into effect september first prices on electronics toys and clothes. all could soon spike 3 billion reports. >>somebody have done this with an on time ago president trump announcing the us will slap a new tariff on merchandise coming into the us from china. >>$300 billion worth of goods and products being sold it to our country the 10% is for a short time periods and then i could always do much more i can do less depending on what happens with respect to a deal. >>this on top of an already tough series of tariffs china has been hit with by the u s. >>also judging them. 25% on billion the president claims that american consumers haven't been hit by the terrorists hasn't caused secondschumer d think it goes china and insists that china is paying the additional costs but economic studies show that american consumers, not for
10:39 pm
next porters are bearing the weight of the terrorists i think president xi to somebody i like a lot. i think he wants to make a deal. but frankly is not going fast enough. he said he was going to be buying from a farmer's even do that they don't want to trade with us anymore that would be fine with me. >>would save a lot of money. >>democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer echoed the president's sentiments we have to really tough for time. and then of us. millions of jobs reid binion kron 4 news. >>the us senate voted today to pass a two-year budget deal worth 1.3 trillion trillion dollars and that is just in year one. the package would prevent the looming threat of a potential default on us debt and also prevents automatic spending cuts to domestic and military funding. some republicans worry that the billion it allocates to non-defense spending for the fiscal year 2020 is too high
10:40 pm
and could hurt election campaigns based on spending cuts the budget puts money in the hands of congress for the next 2 years but members of congress still have to determine exactly how to allocate all of that money. central kentucky is losion in responsible for one death. >>and a tremendous amount of damage that blast happened overnight. emergency management officials believe the cause is a rupture of a 30 inch gas pipeline. investigators say the explosion said at least 5 homes in a garage on fire. cars asphalt and railroad tracks melted. a witness described the scene as being from planet mars take a look at this a small plane made an unexpected landing on the road this morning in washington just south of tacoma. a state trooper just happened to be in the area caught the whole thing on dash cam investigators say the plane's fuel system malfunctioned the pilot had no choice but to land on the road. you can see
10:41 pm
officer walk over and help the pilot pushed the plane from the road into a parking lot. no one was hurt. the landing in causing damage and no word if the citation was issued. >>world news tonight, south korea says it is monitoring the situation in north korea looking out for additional missile tests, this after north korea launch more missiles today, initial us assessment suggests that this new test involved 2 short range ballistic missiles similar to those fired yesterday, north korea's state-run news agency aired these pictures during the missile launch. that agency reports that the country's leader kim jong-un guided the test a missile. it also says that he called the results of the launch very great. climate change is fanning massive wildfires in russia's arctic and those fires are now dumping huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the air. the fires which spread across almost all of siberia have a minute about 50 mega top of c
10:42 pm
o 2 into the. air this month alone in the month of june alone that's the equivalent of the emissions of sweden for an entire year. russia is not putting the fires o but will only tried to stop them from reaching populated areas. and it is a big day for this war veteran in sacramento, nathan allen junior is 100 years old the retired master sergeant survived world war 2 the korean war and the vietnam war his family says he is the 3rd oldest living 3 war veteran. >>on his one 100th birthday he's being remember for his service and sacrifices that he made to protect our country. >>for you do the best you can do is show that in there for her courage. something to happen or got her. curators and our care. you can complain it. >>while he looks great so that
10:43 pm
runs club sacramento, honored allen junior tonight with a celebration. want to show you coming up these dogs right here more likely to put he put down then be released ahead in tonight's find tales. a lifesaving flight to give these animals a second chance. >>and is force the a's get some late game power. but wasn't enough to overcome the
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>>is at the forefront of a
10:46 pm
surgeon pet adoptions at animal shelters in recent years but other sections of the state of california and left far behind. >>in the central valley there's a greater chance of an animal being put down then saved in this episode of flying tales we take a ride with the san francisco spca on a mission to rescue some dogs from fresno. >>if you're looking for a rescue dog. you'll find them in fresno that's where we're headed with grace ready from the san francisco spca they don't have access to veterinary care they may not have access to those education programs. so we know that the next step is actually to reach those people in those areas. >>while almost every animal available for adoption at the san francisco spca will find a home animals in fresno have a far greater chance of being euthanized and released in fact as recently as 2012, 7 out of every 10 dogs and 8 out
10:47 pm
of every 10 cats were put down the highest kill rate of any county in california. it's low income. >>and if you're choosing between putting food on the table for your family or for your pet. often it's the pet to go. >>we landed downtown fresno's chandler airports just a few minutes away from the fresno humane animal services shelter waiting for us in an air coitions fan are 15 dogs ready for a life saving right. it's in the high 90's and it's not even noon yet as we get to work loading them into the plane as fast as possible. >>in short order we're at a higher and much cooler altitude and heading back to the bay area. the san francisco spca has joined with silicon valley and are in shelters to help shelters in fresno to larry and kings county. >>by taking on some of the dogs and cats that otherwise would be put down. >>it's transfer. your ship that its animals from. where there's too many to an area where there's definite we homes waiting for. >>we're all learning from one
10:48 pm
another we thought we be teaching we're learning too. only able to fit 9 of the dogs in my plane, including these 2 beagles some of the dogs had microchips but their owners couldn't be found within 3 or 4 days these dogs will get checkups be neutered or spayed and be ready for adoption. fewer dogs and cats are being euthanized and more are being adopted an education on how to stem the tide of unwanted pets is spreading. >>saving lives. it's a. every single day you get out and you make the decision to save the lives and if you stop. >>sometimes the only thanks these workers get this from the faces of the animals, a safe. >>those faces are of a genetic you know alteration that companion animals have learned to use for their survival by giving us those faces we connect with them emotionally.
10:49 pm
>>size i are animals so there are 15 dogs said needed to come to the bay area i can only fit 9 of them in the plane the other 6 were driven them the next morning sun went down there monday so tuesday morning. and if you go on the san francisco spca website. some of those dogs in that story are now up and available for adoption, including a little feisty one named rocco now. >>do they knew they also spay neuter issues together up and down the state right right so the 3 bay area shelters are communicating with the 3 counties to larry and kings. >>and they're trying to help them bring them along and and get those kill numbers down they're still really high. but they are they are driving on i good chat. >>tonight's sports. >>and some good news from the openings tonight all right what's going on jason yeas had a big day, the giants not so much we'll get to both of those highlights a's will get a day off tomorrow in fact is
10:50 pm
the first friday they've had all since 1980. >>it's well deserved as they have a tough stretch coming up with series against the cardinals cubs white sox and of course the giants and that bay bridge series today they hosted the milwaukee brewe a tad more than 17,000 on hand at the coliseum today, let's pick things up top of the 7, 2, to one brewers newcomer jake diekman ng his second appearance in uniforms of course a wild pitch christian yelich scores. brewers up 3 to one. now let's go to the bottom of the 8th. star player steps up 3 too matt chapman changes it one swing of the bat turns around on the first pitch. from josh hader straightaway center and on 2 run homerun for chafee for 3 days. bottom of the 5th. they're going to get some insurance 5, 3, a's liam hendriks had some problems but he didn't have any problems tonight and struck out
10:51 pm
yelich's al as part of the 1, 2, 3, 9, ending his 10th save of the season, 5 3 your final oakland is now tied with the tampa bay rays for that second wild-card spot rt listed his city of brotherly love philadelphia. giants taking on the field bruce bocce that last time managing a game in philly bottom of the second. one nothing fills cesar hernandez winds one down the right-field line and into the corner 2 runs score. 3 nothing phillies 2 hits and 3 rbi for hernandez bottom of the 3rd. still 3 nothing. kingery round one right up the middle into center field 2 more runs score is 5 to nothing. he had 3 hits on the day bottom of the 4th is 6 nothing spills. jt realmuto just breaks this one open he blasted to the straightaway center. kevin pull our crashes into the wall trying to make the play. it's gone though that's a three-run bomb paul r gets up limping but he did stay in the game. your final score tended to
10:52 pm
phillies aired rodriguez gives up 7 runs in only 3 innings the giants are now 2 and a half games back for the second wild-card spot there in colorado tomorrow. let's go to the gridiron the raiders and 49 ers back at work today at their respective training camps. for the 49 ers that means more reps for jimmy garoppolo spill getting his feet wet as he comes off and left acl tear that prematurely and in his season last year reports were jimmy g struggled on offense versus defense drills yesterday, but training camp is a process in today is a new day grapel was asked today about the competition with the defense as well as his anxiousness to get back to live action after having to sit and watch for so long. >>and say it's you know make me make impatient or anything but just you know the excitement of football game back. a look at feeling can comes and now it's always
10:53 pm
exciting things are going pretty well i think i you know with the office of different battle and that's always a good thing you never want to one side is that you know that's not if your football team so you know i'm estimates i it's going to make us better and make them better. >>and we had the first preseason football game of the year nfl hall of fame game in canton ohio. bravo's. brett rypien to jawaan winfrey makes a great catch off a deflected keeps his feet in down. that's down take another look sixth-round draft pick out of colorado. and the broncos went on to win this game 14 to 10 and in case you're wondering the quarterback brett rypien is the nephew of 2 time super bowl champ with super bowl mvp matt choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service.
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♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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>>just say they may have found several exo planets where life could exist exo planet sir planets that orbit stars outside of our solar system nasa satellite found multiple exo planet is orbiting a star a 31 light years away one of them orbits the star at a distance with the temperature. >>might be just right to support liquid water. >>got that fog that is moving in right now it's a little thick in spots it will be that way early tomorrow morning, not going to stay that way in fact i think tomorrow we're looking at a pretty good day ahead, becoming mostly sunny by noon and temperatures getting near 80 degrees in the valleys, 60's 70's around the
10:57 pm
bay in the afternoon. and maybe a little bit hot some 80's 90's even showing up in land by tomorrow afternoon. that's setting the stage for what looks like a very nice weekend. temperatures break down like this 91 in concord 90 degrees in santa rosa, about 74 in hayward and 65 degrees in the san francisco on a friday. then we get ready for the weekend and high pressure to move in an overhead that will send those temperatures the mid 90's on saturday cooling down though below normal into the middle of next week. >>down you. >>that wraps it up for us tonight, thank you for being with us. have a good evening. we'll see tomorrow.
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we need to kneecap him. he was beaten with a baseball bat. what? and your fingerprints were found at the scene. kalinda: so what'd you do with my bat? i took it. cary: blake calamar. whene wasn't protecting bond & associate interests, he was out protecting baltimore's biggest meth gang. if i were you, i'd be careful. viola walsh: 76 degrees. diane: how niceou. y here, it's a balmy ten degrees, 76 degrees. but it's going to get chilly tonight. so, anyway, i was supposed to fly in today for these depositions, but o'hare is all messed up. i just need you to carry the ball-- all routine depositions, nothing contentious. sure. what's the case? patric edelstein. get will. you know


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