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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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have some quick action to which might salvage the day at robin winston has the latest so we had us car that basically stopped on the east shore freeway. >>to ease right between richmond parkway and at the end. the driver fell asleep that person was arrested suspected of driving under the influence and that caused this a big rig. driver who was coming along swerved ran off the road flipped over. and we have this major accident so that had 4 lanes of traffic shut down between those 2 points at one point we have traffic crawling through the scene. they wrap this up much earlier than expected. they told us 07:00am with the estimated time for clearing. they got it out of there so all lanes are open 80 east right before adding way the crash is gone and what do you know traffic has magically improve so now you're back at the limit and back to friday like conditions and that's what we like to see 60 minutes here for the westbound drive from crockett to the maze once again east found it is wide open. now we are not completely delay free out of around the bay area, there's a
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backup at the bay bridge toll plaza because folks have to work on friday, not everybody but these folks do so it's stacked up from west grand continues up to treasure island. but it's not as bad as yesterday it is not backed up into the maze or at least not yet so this is a good commute coming in 12 minutes off to fremont street, we'll look at some more bridges and just a bit tom. >>nice to see that things are improving out there robin as far as weather goes we're going to be holding on to our fog and cloud cover early for much of the morning ahead of us use i are bay bridge. cam a second ago the golden gate bridge showing you more of the same some gray skies sitting over head. and that fog hovering just right across the bridge deck. this morning. shrouding most of the golden gate bridge as of this time falling pretty low for a lot of areas areas around half moon bay, san francisco oakland down to hayward singh visibility at times below a mile this morning and that fog is going to hang out with us for a bit by noontime today, you're seeing sunshine for the
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east bay north bay south bay as you already are in some of these areas further away from the bay itself. but right along the coastline skies are going to remain pretty gray for a bit this morning. now as we push into the afternoon and that sunshine does eventually make its presence known more and more across the bay area. temperatures will obviously be on the rise. we'll have daytime highs back into the 70's and 80's today, although warmer range of 80's and even a couple of 90's this time around i'll get to that still to come back to you, thanks a lot of to the big story that we're following new information about the garlic festival shooting the fbi has put out. >>of the names of the officers involved that helped take down the gunman with kron four's will tran with more on that part of the story and the latest on the investigation itself. well. >>as far as the investigation. i just talked to a couple of police officers in fact, here's one of them and the community still very grateful to the police officers in particular to 3 because it's safe to say without them. more
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people would have been killed and more injured this gentleman here is actually stopping by with donations. he wants to give the officers coffee and food because it's a long just like we've seen every day since the mas ooting scene continues to be a crime scene we will zoom in pass the squad car and you can see james and area. it's still very busy as the gilroy police department and the fbi continue to gather evidence from the senior because they still want to find out a motive for this man here. 18 years old cent he know logan who bypassed metal detectors. he went along the creek use some sort of tool cut through the fence when inside so he was not checked. he knew what he was doing. according to investigators, he burst onto the scene with an assault rifle. and started shooting at people people ran for their lives. officers pounced on him within a minute. but by the time it was over 3 people were killed and the number injnred now has gone up with one person,
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checking himself or herself into a hospital couple of days ago, so now we know 16 people were injured. as far as a motive, they don't know they're looking at a social footprint social media footprint to see what was in his mind at the time, yes, he looked at radical radical extremist views, but they say it doesn't necessarily mean he was motivated by that so that's still up in the air in the meantime the gilroy police department and as you said james, the fbi. they want to acknowledge the 3 the 3 police officers with more than 50 years of experience on the force. how they bravely read in when everybody else ran out. >>that all 3 of these officers are incredibly humble. i think they're heroes. i certainly think that they deserve recognition and what they did. >>they don't want the recognition but you heard the police chief there they he wants their names out and here are their names eric fryer 23
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years on the force hugo del mar 17 years on the force and robert bus, we know 13 years on the force they were not injured despite being outgunned as far as weaponry against leg on the gun had an assault rifle not only an assault rifle. but we do know that duffel bag full of ammunition was located along the creek. all they had were handguns, they shot at him reportedly he died at the scene here and those officers were not injured. and you can see the community very grateful to the law enforcement community and this gentleman here dropping off more and more supplies so it looks like this scene it's not going wrap up any time soon james and darya back to thank you well, and there was another vigil yesterday. >>for the victims, hundreds of people came together to honor those 3 people whose lives were taken by the shooter. >>there was 2 under par donating their time meal money whatever we can to help all
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and the victim as i'm here to support our an amazing community been rocked to its core. and you hear about it on the news all the time and you never in a million think what happened in your little town and yet here we are. >>all those people coming together in gilroy to show their support and they also had a vigil in san jose dedicated to the youngest victim six-year-old stephen romero, as you know he was gunned down at the garlic festival and here you can see people lighting candles in his honor. >>just innocent little boy. none of this by 9. says stop. and so families don't feel the pain. stuff like this happens. >>it's a way to show support and it's a way to spread love they say and try to stop gun violence. >>well, some of the vendors at the festival are able to pick up their belongings from the
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festival grounds we had a lot of people that had to leave everything behind when the shooting broke out on sunday yesterday law enforcement officials escorted some of those vendors back into the fair grounds. many make a living by moving from one festival to the next during the summer and some of them say that having to wait to get their belongings that they need for the next festival is really slowing down their ability to earn a living. >>and they have to make it to the next event so they're looking now at. festivals down the line maybe a month till they get their items back. they they should receive it back but if your food product or something that spoiled. i mean just claiming insurance claims will probably take a while. >>you know law enforcement is also taking personal items to rucker elementary school. that's what they've set up as a family assistance center. but items still in the active investigative assist those own may not be available for pickup until the investigation is fully over. coming up in the next half hour don't
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forget we're going hear from some of the surviving victims of the gilroy mass shooting after they were released from the hospital have their stories coming up in just a bit. >>santa clara county fair is going to draw crowds to the south bay this weekend and the it's always a concern now in the light of the big groups getting together kron four's theresa actually shows us the people attending will notice an increase in police presence. santa clara officials say that this is certainly an important balancing act. >>making sure that people have fun here at the fair this year, but at the same time be mindful of the shooting that took place at the gilroy garlic festival. you cannot miss them. there is a heightened security at the fair this year. officials will not elaborate on extra measures taken by sure the public their safety is the number one goal. it was just a few days ago when shots rang out at the gilroy garlic festival a short distance away in the county. local officials
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joined together to stress their unity of protecting the public and ensuring enjoyment at the 75th santa clara fair. >>need this tree, strangers help neighbors. the nation and he knows. as celebrate. >>and many years security and where committed to doing it this year we really increase the number of people who are here. >>for this year in the wake of the disaster that occurred in gilr where if you do you wear. one is that we can. blue
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jays to the community as the gates opened to kick off the event i spoke with some fairgoers to get a sense of how they are feeling. >>actually the fair is something that we come to every year 4 h is really near and dear to our heart all right and with the recent. and that's happened we're definitely as a mom i'm being cautious and being more aware of our surroundings the fair runs from thursday to sunday. here in santa clara county tree says stasio kron 4 news. >>new details this morning on an officer-involved shooting that happened in santa rosa were deputy shot a shoplifter who was armed with a knife. this is started yesterday last night at the santa rosa plaza just off highway one oh one because a man stole from the store and tried to stab a security guard and then took off running a deputy found him at 9th and morgan streets which is near the mall and
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first the deputy used his taser on the shoplifter but that didn't work the man kept running in fact he hopped in the driver's seat of the deputy's patrol car. the deputy tried to open the door but the man was waving that knife and that's when the deputy opened fire. the man was taken to the hospital he has non life threatening injuries and the deputy was not hurt. >>in the east bay, a man was robbed at gunpoint this was at a well near u c berkeley that happened early yesterday morning in the parking lot of the 2500 block of deer at avenue. 3 robbers stole a man's phone and a wallet, one of the robbers apparently armed with a gun. they all got away in a car and 10 minutes before that robbery police say 2 people chased a man and a woman in the 24 bancroft way we've got both those locations there. the man and woman got away police aren't sure if these 2 incidents are connected. but that's what they're looking into this morning. i will take a quick break it is 6.11 right now still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news big changes coming to how you pay
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for bart at certain stations, we'll explain. plus mayor london breed takes new steps to help clean up the streets of san francisco will tell you what she's doing. and then after the break a bay area neighborhood is seeing a rise in burglaries and residents believe the crimes are
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>>we're looking at whether our friday morning heading into a weekend what's going to be like you know, it's got to be good because it's a weekend. so they get turn to take you
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around there it will be warm but not as warm as last weekend so we can be thankful for that. >>what's a corrupt official start of love that image in the desk. nice much down there what you head above the clouds that's what you're looking at is that nice sunrise. a nice and blue white puffy clouds below a nice clear sunrise over head. but this is what it looks from within the clouds and what most of us are looking at san francisco, one of our spots that's a little on the misty side this toward san jose. it's more so some low cloud cover that's been. >>hanging out right above you not so much something that you're going to be encountering as you are making your drive into work and from looking deserve a tory also and i see you of the sunrise out there in the distance so if you're above that cloudy lehrer further away from the bay itself such as out to the east bay, we've got a great view this morning sunrise dry conditions clear conditions but the drizzle right out there along the coast and it makes of cloud cover and low
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lying a fog for some areas across the bay this morning. now skies are going to clear later on today and as that happens we are eventually in for a nice and comfortable one like we've enjoyed every day this week. although today's temperatures are going to be just subtly warmer then where we have been you're noticing that difference on the peninsula. some 60's some 70's out there yesterday for san francisco didn't quite get to the 70's palo alto right up next 80 degrees out in the redwood city and san carlos, each in the low 80's for your daytime highs today, south bay numbers in the mid 80's for daytime highs campbell 85 san jose, 84 morgan hill, upper 80's for you 88, while the tri valley in a range of mid to upper 80's to see our temperatures are starting to set us up for what will be even warmer weekend just around the corner, oakland holds at 75 today well conquered up to 90 joined by pittsburgh in vacaville also seeing the 90's for the first time in a couple of days now, and just the start of what will on average be daytime
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highs in the 90's for inland areas come saturday and sunday after that temperatures waste no time getting back down to seasonal averages if not below those averages at times while our inland areas, heat up this weekend. if you need an escape the coast is not a bad option. as temperatures along the coast aren't going too fast. holding steady in the 60's all to the weekend robin. >>all right. thank you john we're checking in on a crowded san mateo bridge is getting a little busy right now from hayward heading over to the peninsula. no big problems that you have to worry about it's a pretty quiet commute heading to foster city and san matteo so we like what we see here so far will put it at 14 minutes over to one on one, here's the bay bridge traffic the slowdown leading up to the toll plaza. it started west grand it continues right at the end climb, but it's pretty decent across the upper deck in the skyway richmond sandra fell a little bit heavier but only from castro to the toll plaza, so that's not bad at all and they were checking traffic tracker we're looking
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at more freeways and they look good livermore to dublin at the limit 6.80 south dublin to fremont not a problem, minor crowding on the nimitz to hayward in union city and then to 37 not bad at all a quick 7 minutes milpitas to sonny bill this is what we call friday light, hopefully it'll stay that way daria thanks a lot rob and its 6.18 and today, the man accused of stabbing and killing wilson at the macarthur bart station enters a plea earlier this month. a lee cow is mentally competent to stand trial for murder and attempted murder for the stabbing death of 18 year-old nia wilson and the stabbing injury of her sister last july. >>being in san francisco sunset district are worried now about the growing number of crimes that have happening in their neighborhood may feel that there is this potential that these are racially targeted progress tariff, a sacking has more. a total of the sas that. >>inside the house and it's turned upside down amy lyles
6:19 am
worked and lived in san francisco sunset district for almost 30 years. but it wasn't until recently she started to feel unsafe at home. >>we've become a fe off everything and the immediate area set you saw cameras are banned the house and then of course neighbor scare scarce, wow these broke into her home 2 years ago. >>and now she says the crimes in her neighborhood are only getting worse before they. they checked they see you and not home they call they've been she around the area to make sure that you're not home. now they don't care. they just go in any way. and if you a home you are sorry now and others believe chinese and asian communities are specifically being targeted i believe we have being the image of stereotyping week and the one to fight fat. and so that's the reason we are being targeted supervisor gordon marr agrees saying chinese and
6:20 am
asian families are seeing more crime like home invasions assaults and property theft this week he formally requested that the n francisco police department provide victim demographics over the past 10 years. >>to determine if certain racial groups are being targeted plus asked the city attorney. >>to to draft legislation that would mandate reporting on and the demographics of crime victims. i'm moving ahead from this is something that other cities including new york city and the n y p d already provide on an annual basis. so we should we should and can do that here in san francisco and san francisco tiller bus aqi kron 4 news. >>in the east bay thieves are targeting cars parked on streets in berkeley police say they're seeing a dramatic rise in catalytic converter assess the toyota prius is among the most popular cars being targeted right now. police say that converters can be removed within seconds right out of the bottom of the car in fact in last 2 weeks 18 catalytic converters have been reported stolen citywide that's a big
6:21 am
jump from the one or 2 steps they typically see each month. >>or a person uses a the basic floor jacks the goal of the car quickly and then use like a reciprocating saw to cut these devices off and then after these crooks will likely go to some unscrupulous mechanic or scrap metal place and and solid for quit. >>thieves are going after cars are parked on the streets and driveways the converters on a toyota prius is worth more money and the light weight that the car is makes it really easy to lift and get underneath most of these steps are happening in the dark of the early morning hours between 02:05am. >>the second day of jury deliberation and without a verdict in the ghost ship warehse trial. bububu thehehe defense s ss me optimism, we'll tell you why.
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>>a man i should say was trapped in his car after it crashed in corona del mar, but luckily witnesses sprang into action to help in fact you can actually see people here trying to push the back onto its wheels. look at that. it initially smash hit a tree and that's what caused it to flip over more than a dozen people joined in and despite the fact the vehicle was smoking and could easily tip over on to them at any moment. they all i kept pushing and eventually they got that issue back on its wheels and adrenaline just
6:25 am
landed right you got to do it you do it no he was treated by paramedics take a listen. >>our first thing that came to my mind and also to everybody tell was just you want to help and so on is in need of help and uses right. >>a bunch of people just came. started helpin that that really got me. >>because we don't know if they were alive or not you know. and they were all helping. >>it turns out 3 people were in that suv when it crashed their all expected to recover from their injuries. >>i'm live here at the bar to embark of their own which sosos will be only something cl
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>>the morning we started out with trouble, let's see how that's going that hot spot clear heard pretty much back to normal check in on the bridge is okay. so it's friday when we look weather wise so it sounds so ever. >>we're looking at a nice weekend ahead, still warmer than we have been this past week so. to be a flip of south maybget the ready to go for the weekend. >>sunshine already to be seen for parts of the east bay, not so much all across the east bay, though when you head down from snow eventually down 3rd search free. my hayward you
6:29 am
are seeing some low lying cloud cover and fog mixed in all are bayside areas and out along the coast. look at just how dense that fog is resulting in visibility falling below a mile in spots from hayward on up through oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. so yeah, it is definitely one of those fog year starts to the morning shouldn't be blocking out your view for most areas as it sitting just above the day. but if you're crossing into hillier terrain that's where you're running into it remind find seeing some problems as far as visibility goes from the 50's and 60's where we're at this morning to some 60's 70's by noontime and then back into the upper 80's for the afternoon a few spots back into the 90's today and as we're talking about just a second ago a warmer weekend ahead of us not to warm though i'm talking that forecast still to come. robert. >>all right since i don't have any big hot spots, let's to a bridge check will want to see how traffic is crossing the bay starting off with the san
6:30 am
mateo bridge. it's going to be busy commute out of hayward over to the peninsula as usual it's the flat section that's i did but overall this is nice and pretty much friday light at 14 minutes over to one on one. and then we have the bay bridge traffic, the cash lanes of fast track lanes there all slow this backup goes to west grand that's where it starts and continues up to treasure island. but at least are not backed up through the maze one more bridge, the richmond sandra fell very crowded at the tolls but only from castro street 12 minutes that's good to make it into the north bay james. >>thank you very much rob and so we're going to see some big changes coming to bart with the transit agency now phasing out its paper tickets at certain stations in favor of those plastic clipper card com for sarah stinson is live at the embarcadero bart station that's one of the station's that's going to see this change sarah. >>that's right this is one of 4 bart stations that will soon only be accepting clipper cards these plastic reusable reloadable cards you're going want to get your hands on one of these and it's very easy to
6:31 am
get but a lot of people don't have them but let's take a look at the 4 different stations are first ones to be come. they're the ones transitioning first starting monday, the 19th starting monday, the 19th street bart station will be clipper only and then 2 weeks later mark and errol fall. pollen street station and the downtown berkeley station also become clipper card only now while many people say you know i you just like to just grab my paper one. you can use the one you already have you can just no longer buy those paper but tickets at the station's, the pilot program will expand in 2020. other stations all to make the clipper card the bay area's all in one transit card has accepted with nearly every transportation agency including muni plus it reduces paper ways actually spoke to a a woman who ride smart every morning to get to work she told me that it is much more convenient anyways.
6:32 am
>>and no it's not an impact of the very smart. >>and it's true is very thick and other perk about using the plastic reloadable reusable card is it doesn't charge you with that an extra surcharge with the paper. tickets they charge you $0.50. so dollar round trip that you're spending extra just use a paper car to get your hands on one of these and be prepared because again starting monday 19th street bart station will have as only and then falling right here in the embarcadero for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>happening tomorrow, the richmond ferry will begin weekend service to san francisco to hear about that right now the ferry only runs during the weekdays but this new weekend service is part of a trial program that's going to last until november, 3rd. it's going clued 5 trips each way on both saturdays and
6:33 am
sundays will evaluate the popularity of it and if it's a popular may maybe it'll make it permanent. >>time now 06:32am back to our big story. we're now hearing from some of the survivors of the garlic festival shooting yet we've got to assume a survivor's the spoke to kron 4 about the moments. >>before anafter the bullets started flying with kron four's dan kerman with their story. >>we're the first initial shot in britain, diane member looked she was and the level below me remember looking down. and we're like what was 'sat. >>that's when gabrielle a gosh t look to our left and saw the gunman at the time she and her friend to matthews and 3 other friends. we're in the bounce house at the gilroy garlic festival. they made a run for it. but we're both hit by gunfire. >>and the bullet had kininin of swiped me along my left shoulder and i have like fragment in there like metal showed up and then. some kind of like a graze wound on my back. i was shot in the back. >>running and um thusly it
6:34 am
didn't hit any organs in a super you know in a way that i can heal from it went. it grazed my long it went to my liver my diaphragm but delivers the best are going to guess is what the doctols telling me it feels really fast so we have a bullet in my liver family life. i'm not going see it and probably not going feel it at a certain point, but it's always going to be there a stranger drove them both to saint louise regional hospital in gilroy. >>it was terrifying. it was said is being rolled down hallways that lead people on all sides of it and just other patients london right and now tts is terrifying brynn was transported to valley medical center in after 4 days of ineatment is finally being released. >>gabriella was treated and released that night. but those that didn't make it out alive weigh on their minds. >>our hearts go out to those who. all right here just share their stories. stephen romero, trevor irby kayla salazaza we're here for them. they're
6:35 am
not here to share what they witnessed and what they went through and to their families like. we're so sorry and while the physical wounds are healing. >>these women say the emotional ones remain. >>i'm sure i'll be like all the healthy soon and i'll be able to walk and do all the things they want to do without pain i just don't know that i'm never going to forget hotel their feels really >>sun and movements i can't take right n n. ls reaction that feels like my heart to start beating really fast. and just kind of like okay, let's let's sesekend look like when i. return to work or start to you know be getting more responsible everyday things like. >>it's just itit's very. >>overwhelming the 2 women thanked all the medical personnel that helped them as well as the community which they say has really been rallying around them. and these 2 need it. neither of the 2 have health insurance go fund me pages have been set up for bowlsls at valley medical
6:36 am
center in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news. >>one other big story this morning jury deliberations will c ctinue next week in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. he f fates of dairy cow man and max harris is in the hands of 12 jurors. the 2 men face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in that go ship warehouse fire back in 2016. the jurors did not reach a verdict yesterday but a note from the jurors seeking clarification on the term authorized agent of the owner is supplying a bit of optimism for the defense. >>my client is not an authorized stages of the here they herefore have to find that he did not ha a duty. 2 get her match. so the fact that they're having this discussion i think codes. >>really well for us because the da offered 0 evidence in the entire trial that either derek or max was ever given any kind of authorization to act on the owner's behalf.
6:37 am
>>well the jurors will return for day 3 of deliberations on tuesday august 6. >>lowe's is announcing layoffs of thousands of workers. yeah, the layoffs will impact workers its stores. >>all over the bay area we've got conference christina tate row now who's been following the story she joins us now live with the latest on this christina. >>they're here in front of lows. it's business as usual nothing has been impacted quite yet. but that story is goi to be making thoo cuts to thousands of positions. wise and especially nationally and you know that's going packed over a dozen stores that we have here in the bay area going look at this map that we have laying out the stores that could possibly be near you as you caca see there wright doesn't just here in the bay area alone, italy after can be including assemblers and those are employees who put together furniture like grills as well as patio furniture know the company is also going to be cutting me into selling the service jobs and that can include employees better
6:38 am
janitors and they said they're going to start they're going start out sourcing vote. the ships and d those actually operates more than 1700 stores in the f united states as if every first lows proximate leave. 1000 full time and one. tim employees in the e united states, canada and mexico. we put in a call to low score for this morning hoping to hear back to know. >>6.38 a warning from oakland police about robbers posing as police trying to force himself into homes. police are issuing this public safety advisory after video surfaced on social media showing a group of men claiming to be plainclothes cops from another agency. they had a crowbar and tried to force their way into a home.
6:39 am
police tell you always report suspicious activity and never let anybody in your house, if you don't know who they are 6.38 a federal judge in san francisco is refusing to allow the trump administration's new asylum rule to take effect the rule would prohib migrants who traveled through any other country from seeking asylum in the us so that effectively asevents all asylum applications from central america for refugee assistant group sued the administration has and a us district judge has issued a preliminary injunction. as the trial in this case is pending. the judge turned down a department of justice request for a stay while the appeals.s.e's in the process. happening today a public hearing is set at napa city hall on a plan to merge 2 major health care providers. providence saint joseph health and as and his health want to merge. they claim that the deal would provide improved access to quality care in the region. the public hearing will begin at 10 o'clock this
6:40 am
morning at napa city hall attorney general javier viscera has to approve the merger. he postponed a decision until september and scheduled a hearing that is today. california is taking new steps now to try and reduce the number of concussions in youth football by limiting the amount of full contact during practices. >>governor gavin, newsome sign the new law which limits full-contact practices to just 30 minutes a day twice a week. but some players and coaches say that what really needs to be done is fixing the way kids are taught to tackle and that this new law will hurt coach's ability to prepare athletes for games. it's not really football game. >>but the thing at the right way and make some more fun lets people get hurt. >>that's a contact sport, so and then a day they're goioi to be out there with other kids are what a lot of contact withth other kids. and to prepare them for that they might even want to seeee cnn advance a little bit more than 30 minutes at the enenof the day. it's about the safety of the kids.
6:41 am
>>the new law also requires a medical professional to be president for all games, previous state law had limited full-contact practices for middle and high school football teams to 90 minutes per day twice a week. news mayor london breed taking new stepso help clean up the streets of e' san francisco. and then we're going to tell you who the president is threatening with new tariffs and the major industries that could be impacted. and a look outside this morning shows temperatures right now in the 50'snd 60's making forward yet another cool start to the day i'm talking a warmer afternoon though in your forecast. >>and a visit commute right now to san francisco already crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza your backup spilling to we i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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>>at 06:44am and thanks for joining us on a friday morning kind of the same today and heading into the weekend a little warmer. >>yeah looking at a warmer weekend for sure not as warm as last weekend which is definitely good news but back into the 90's back to the 90's we go we can handle some 90's totally and the night out there yeah, i mean you know the very understand 90's are in this weekend they've got to be and if you get enjoy a little stunt that we're going to have a number for the 80's come back into fashion next week again looking outside at this morning. it is one of our spots that is above the cloud cover that you're seeing out in the distance that the wink and a cloud cover sitting actoss a lot of us here in the
6:45 am
bay you can see that cloud cover is beginning to break over san jose one of our for cities that usually does see the breaking of the clouds and out in the east bay, not so much just yet still a misty view down at berkeley which is really not in sight just yet skies will eventually clear into the afternoon and once that happens you do have abundant sunshine to expect and temperatures today noticeably warmer than yesterday for san francisco. it's a boost in temperatures to san mission district and financial district of the city looking at highs back into the 70's mission marina district i should say out of the upper 50's back into the low 60's 60 starts from daly city on terra down through half monday as well as hanging on in brisbane 70's from south san francisco through burlingame today and then a range of 80's and saying carlos redwood city and mountain view returning after a 70's in these areas yesterday south bay back into the mid 80's. so these are
6:46 am
jumps from yesterday taking us about 3 to 4 degrees warmer than what we work for your thursday hayward union city 77 each while livermore 10 degrees up from that 87 for your high. well back to the low 90's for concord oakland and berkeley in the low to mid 70's today. 90's for pittsburgh in vacaville with the late show. 80 degrees today. 60's out along the coast excuse stinson beach 64 well point rays at 66, here's a look at your next 7 days right here temperatures really on the rise come tomorrow now saturday and sunday will be the warmest days of your forecast, especially noteworthy inland with daytime highs back into the low 90's for both of these days after this we begin to slide back down and hi settle back down into the low 80's as soon as tuesday of next week in the meantime bayside in coastal areas not changing that much highs remain in the 60's and 70's straight through the weekend and into next week. that's a look at your forecast robin we started the morning
6:47 am
with a hot spot but where we are now out a little more calm and quiet. thank goodness we're checking out the golden gate commute and it's looking good too. >>and out of san francisco, the fog is covering up the towers may be part of the deck too on the north bay side so maybe a little hard to see expect reduced visibility. but traffic looks great here at 20 minutes novato to the toll plaza for picking at the bay bridge traffic and we always have a full house around this time no, but it's only slow from west grand. it is not backed up through the maze and hopefully we won't have anything that pops up that will cause the backup through the maze so we're hoping for friday like conditions. it's good so far at 15 minutes off to fremont street. here's another bridge and it continues to fill in at the richmond sandra fell traffic slows here west 5.80 from richmond parkway right through the toll plaza but a great drive across the span. here's a look at some more numbers and they're good looking numbers, 5.80 livermore to dublin, a very easy 11 minutes, 6.80 opened wide open dublin to fremont the nimitz there's minor crowding nothing bad at all 24 minutes from san
6:48 am
leandro to milpitas and milpitas to sonny bill on to 37 west so far pretty decent rip darya james 6.47. and brees signed the biggest san francisco budget in history. yeah she did that yesterday as kron four's maureen kelly explains the budget addresses some of the cities. >>biggest problems like homelessness and a lack of affordable housing. >>heads of supervisors. mayor resigned a city budget that is bigger than that of some states much of the billion is already earmarked things like the airport and you need. but the 2 year fiscal plan does include some major investments. >>into some of the city's most critical problems. >>including over a million in new funds going to him greasing affordable housing. creating new units preserving old ones. >>one program called small site helps buy up apartment buildings up for sale like
6:49 am
sorry on the corner of 9th and comment a purchase that is keeping its 11 mostly senior residents from losing their homes to justification. >>when the city comes in and purchases these properties it becomes permanent affordable forever, there's over a million in added investment going to combat homelessness like funding the construction of navigation centers like the one being built here in the embarcadero another 50 million going towards mental health reform, including adding a 100 treatment and recovery beds for those suffering from mental illness and substance of the us because we know that is one of the biggest challenges that we face. >>with so many people were on our streets. there's an added million going to help keep the city streets clean are adding new pit stops public toilets minded by attendance expanding the hours. they're staffed dpw will also be getting more big belly trash cans and hiring. >>more people more people on the ground law people cleaning the mayor says residents
6:50 am
should start seeing the results of these investments over the next few months. >>once this money starts getting spent maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>in the east bay alameda county supervisors are offering oakland the chance to use an old jail downtown to house the homeless. the idea was first brought up during a meeting of coalition of mayors on homelessness and now alameda county is offering to lease the shattered. glenn dyer jail to oakland is located downtown 6 street. close to the police headquarters and the idea is coming at a time when we're seeing double digit increases in the city's homeless population in the past 2 years. >>and it is threatening to impose a new tariff on chinese goods and now china's threatening to retaliate if those tariffs go into effect on september first as the nresident has indicated on twitter the president says the us will slap a new 10% tariff on billion worth of chinese products coming into the u s the new round of tariffs could hit us consumers harder. then
6:51 am
the first round of tariffs because this time it will hit consumer goods. it would tax goods like iphones and consumer electronics sneakers toys a lot of things you find in places like target there walmart earlier this year the us apply tariffs on $250 billion worth of chinese goods. china related to retaliate with tariffs then. imposing a billion of tariffs on american goods so we'll see what happens with this and if those tariffs come into play. well, the markets are reacting this morning we've got the dow starting off negative this morning as you can see so investors not reacting to well this came kind of a surprise to them by all accounts, it. the pier, this negotiations were going well with china the president indicated that several times on twitter in weeks previous. but the surprise he tweet tweet yesterday has put a damper on all of that for investors on wall street. are coming up at 7 o'clock on the kron 4 morning news, the trump administration has a plan to help lower prescription drug prices but some aren't sure it will actually work.
6:52 am
will actually work. >>we'll explain. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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at aarp, we think giving stuff away is nice. but not your identity or your savings. which is why our fraud watch network has tips and tools to protect you and your family from fraud. today's the day to take action and aarp is here to help. 6.54 getting close to 07:00am now and still holding on to a lot of cloud cover out there fog and cloud cover for that matter going to stay with us for some time this morning. >>your view from berkeley not showing any improvement just yet so just get ready for this great start to the day followed by a warmer afternoon under plenty more sunshine much as we've seen so far this
6:55 am
week, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures right now conquered delay how oakland all in the low 60's. berkeley and san francisco in the upper 50's. all you need is that light jacket for your morning hours and you'll be able to shed that on into the afternoon, mountain view and san jose are warmer than yesterday at this time noticeably so and will continue to be that way on into the afternoon to san jose. back into the mid 80's later on today. robert. >>thank you john let's head over to the richmond sandra fell we're taking a peek at west bound 5.80 it's very slow leading up to the toll plaza. it starts back in return parkway continuing through like castro through the tolls and getting on to the bridge. so right now you are averaging 13 minutes and growing and then we have the bay bridge with the traffic crawling from west grand up the incline so be ready for crowd 17 minutes off to fremont street chains. thank you very much robert. >>will someone needs to check and see what bruce willis and ben affleck are doing this weekend because there's a giant asteroid headed for earth we may need their help.
6:56 am
luckily. it's expected to miss but not by much the asteroid is larger than the empire state building. and as predicted apply past us early next week. nasa says the asteroid of this size actually passed by us about a dozen times every year. they just don't publicize it might want to freak people out but we're going to have it was by next week. all right coming up the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news, big changes coming to bart stations across the bay area and we'll tell you how it may affect the way you pay for a ride. >>and lowe's is laying off thousands of people at its stores and it will impact workers here in the bay area will ha the latest in a live report. plus community members honoring the victims of the garl festival shooting as investigators continue to collect more evidence. here's a live look outside the san mateo bridge traffic moving along nicely here on 92 that right hand side there that your commute direction from hayward out to foster city and you're moving at the limit this morning, robin will have a a complete check of your commute check check out where the hot spots are and of course johns keeping an eye on
6:57 am
our forecast for this friday. and the weekend ahead, we have some slightly warmer temperatures to enjoy on saturday and sunday we'll get their pay from him in just a minute
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>and it's always just a little bit carol enough. i did get to the weekend variable said i'm james fletcher
7:00 am
absolutely we'll get to the news in a minute first got a check with rob and earlier but hopefully things are better now we're hot spot free looking really good on the bridges, they are how did but no major issues we don't want issues or can tolerate issues like on fridays that's what we expect to get a break and how about the weather you get a break this getting a break from the 80's for a few spots right as we return to the style. get the going. and the it's a little cooler out towards the coast. it is definitely one of those mornings where the fog is staying put golden gate bridge is looking to clear this morning but hey that's just the way it rolls this time of july and august known for our morning fog afternoon sunshine. we are certainly living up to that expectation


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