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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  August 2, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>that there's some information that this cop has done something wrong. >>the criminal advocates have gotten what they want. the police department is frozen. >>2 very different reactions today to the decision by a new york police administrative judge in the death of eric garner she recommended firing the officer who put him in a chokehold garner died 5 years ago while in police custody. >>his last words became a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement.
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protesters began to chant after a cell phone video showed garner being subdued on a staten island street where he allegedly had been selling cigarettes illegally. >>paramedics arrived and confirmed that garner had a polls but more than 6 minutes past before garner was put on a stretcher. bystanders asked why no one was helping him find the office. >>nothing garner was pronounced dead before he reached the hospital. a city medical examiner determined the chokehold set in motion a quote lethal cascade of events, including an asthma attack and a fatal heart attack. daniel pantaleo the officer who put garner in the chokehold became the center of a long and heated controversy. we had. >>grand jury know that there was no crime. we had the feds say there was no crime and now we have politics saying that
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there was. >>the administrative judge said pad to leo should be fired. >>today is one of the saddest the most damaging days in the history of new york city in the new york city police department. >>eric garner son calls it a step before we still got more steps. >>so we could make sure that this don't happen again to another family police commissioner james o'neill suspended pen to leo and we'll have the final say on termination commission o'neill. >>a male. the decision on firing officer pencir won't come for at least 10 days to allow both sides to comment on the judge's decision. >>also tonight reporters always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now will start these bay tonight where a man was robbed gunpoint near you see oakley it happened early yesterday morning parking lot near direct avenue in telegraph police say 3 robbers stole a man's phone and wallet. they say one of the robbers had a gun and they all got away in a car. and about 10 minutes
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before that robbery police say 2 people chased a man and a woman down bancroft way the man and woman got away police did not say if the 2 incidents are related. in union city police arrested a suspect for being in possession of an assault rifle. you see a picture of the weapon here officers also recovered a silencer a magazine and body armor. the arrest happened yesterday as officers were investigating shots fired in the city. police say the suspect is a convicted felon in the south bay, san jose police officers canceled a raffle for the sale of a semiautomatic rifle. >>as the picture of the flyer advertising that raffle. the department decided to cancel it. after criticism following the gilroy shooting tickets to win the 9 millimeter semiautomatic rifle, we're being sold for $20. it was supposed to take place on tuesday next week. proceeds benefit the san jose police department chapter one c. >>in the north bay an investigation is underway
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after an officer-involved shooting here in santa rosa happened last night that the santa rosa plaza shopping mall right off for no one. the sonoma county sheriff's office says a deputy shot a shoplifting suspect at least 3 times. security guards tell police a man had shoplifted in when they tried to stop him. he tried to stab the guard in the face with a knife police say that suspect then lefh the mall, but a deputy found short distance away that's when officers say he got in the driver seat of the police cruiser and kept showing his night for the deputy tried to open the door to get him out the deputy that opened fire and the suspect was taken to the hospital but is expected to recover. >>we're get ready for the weekend and the weather is looking good high pressure going to start building overhead. a very drizzly along the coastline today, very damp roadways. we're wet because of that drizzle overnight but now a t of sunshine out of the base a little fog along the coastline not going to get the fog entirely in fact models are picking up on that to you see that fog along the
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coastline but with high pressure building over head is going to compress that marine air that means less fog going extend further on sure that means more sunshine as warm weather coming our way that will be the case in the sunday as well ezra see just some morning fog althe just inside the bay. we'll stay nice and clear in the valleys and temperatures. workers are warming up we'll be in the 60's and to san francisco for tomorrow still some patchy fog into the sunset also pacifica about 60 degrees there 6 to happen bay. but inside the bay we start heating up 72 in burlingame 75 in foster city 80 in palo alto about 80 degrees in santa clara, 85. in san jose and then here come the 90's 94 hot pleasanton 95 in love more about 95 in walnut creek 95 also in caulk or about 94 degrees in fairfield about 82 in play along the coastline, cooler but pleasant 67 at stinson beach. thank you lawrence governor newsom is calling on the federal government to take action. >>following last sunday's deadly gilroy shooting that after the gunman bypass the state's strict gun laws by purchasing a weapon in another
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statement bringing it back here to california as capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains its part of a troubling trend. >>governor gavin newsome this week acknowledged even with gun laws as strict as california is the only may be as strong as those of nearby states investigators say the gunman in the gilroy shooting legally bought the assault rifle in nevada and that a governor i keep exchanging. >>why smells and i want to just acknowledge that about a governor reached out to me right away could have been more gracious left a message texts saying anything i can do which i really appreciated. >>federal data shows in recent years and more than half of california, crime scenes, the guns recovered were from out of state, nevada being the second largest supplier. >>we reached out to nevada governor steve says elect for comment but did not hear back friday. he tweeted earlier this week, his condolences to the gilroy community governor newsom says the federal government needs to take control need a national
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background check system we need to close the gun show loopholes week. we did just the of certainty that you can't even rent a car at 19 little drink. but you can buy a weapon of war and gunned down 1215 people. it's absurd. i mean that's extremism and the current the made in this country. another crisis in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>it's back to school time right when you're shopping this year you'll see more than the regulars. many of the big national change are stocking acquitted designed to protect kids from gunfire. and it's right in the school supply i'll a company called a guard dog security is selling bulletproof backpacks at stores like officemax and office depot they sell for anywhere between a 10200 bucks a company spokesperson says they want parents and students to be prepared. not scared. >>i personally think whether it's with their builder backpacks or not it's about
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certain that conversation on school safety possibly actors years active shooter situations. >>the backpacks are said to be able to stop a bullet from a 44 caliber handgun. unfinished swedish jail rapper asap rocky's headed back to the us after president trump push for his release. >>lowe's is laying off thousands of people at its stores and it's impacting workers all across the bay area, the workers they are getting rid of. >>and right after the break a recall you need to know about like cookies could pose a choking hazard. ♪
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>>a popular brand of cookies is being recalled because of a potential choking hazard talking about the little bites mini chocolate chip cookies that entenmann's makes the company says little blue plastic pieces could be in the packets of the cookies. now this plastic was not actually baked in to the cookies that is good but could potentially pose a choking risk, the products are now being removed from store shelves. but if you have them at your home you're advised to taken back in return them for a full refund oscar meyer introduced its new ice dogs sandwich today. >>yeah, it's exactly the way touts it as a cook in bonn, hot dog sweet cream and then some candy hot dog bit senate know say it ain't so. i'd also
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includes a spicy dijon gelato. the company has not yet said when it will be available in stores but they are sending their famous so the wiener mobile out to give people some free samples. first off starting in new york this isn't the only bizarre food announced this week that you may recall we told you about the french is new creation mustard ice cream. still ahead, a woman uses condition or she just bought from the store and it causes her hair to fall out now pol
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>>this is woman just taken shower and she lives in wisconsin all of a sudden their hair starts falling out not a little bit a lot of it clumps of it as she's washing it frightening. yeah, the 21 year-old believes it was caused by something in her air conditioner of mariel most reports know. >>a normal routine last sunday night for 21 year-old ashley robinson. she got in the shower and washed her hair. >>conditioner she purchased that day from walart's hair like just started falling now and cons on the floor. >>and just like apple my coming out in coming out and coming now. >>and i screamed this is a picture she took that nights of all of her hair that fell out, leaving bald patches on her head. ashley went to the emergency room with a burning
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scalp where they diagnosed her with chemical burns you're at the doctor's office and they said it's not air. like a very distinct smell to it anyone you can buy the hair removal cream. somebody had to have tampered with and this is the walmart here in new richmond that actually purchased the bottle of conditioner that she believes cause all of her hair to fall out. >>new richmond police said they're working with this walmart as part of their investigation and the stories handed police all of their surveillance footage over and they're reading through it to see if anyone tampered with that bottle we're still looking at when they meet you know most recently stock those shelves and how much of that product has been. >>purchased recently and police chief craig yelich says they are investigating this as product tampering they could the a substantial fine and include jail time i don't want this to happen to anyone else. >>ashley hopes sharing her story will serve as a warning to others, i'm not going to buy any products on sale because. >>because of >>for now ashley shows off her she's had proudly comforted knowing it will grow back.
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>>let's hope it does that was mary olmos reporting a couple of friends aerials created. of a go fund me account to raise some money for ashley rather. friends of ashley did this to buy a wig and maybe cover some of the medical expenses grants, let's hope so american rapper asap rocky has been released from custody. as the judge delayed the verdict in this assault case, the 3rd day of his trial was today in sweden. we have video here that has emerged in the case showing the moments before the fight. the judge ruled a set to be released now until the middle of august he had been in a detention center since the beginning of july asap has pleaded not guilty to the assault charges. he said he and 2 other people from his entourage were acting in self-defense when they became involved in a brawl in stockholm that was june 30th. president trump has intervened on the rapper's behalf to help get him release. r kelly has pleaded not guilty to charges he sexually exploited young
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women and girls who attended his concerts. the r and b singer was denied bail today in a brooklyn federal court room. it was packed with supporters of his. prosecutors argue the kelly poses a flight risk and is a danger to the community. he's accused of using his fame to rick you recruit young women and girls into illegal sexually activity. prosecutors say he isolated them from friends and family and demanded they call him quote daddy. defense attorneys say the alleged victims sought out kelly's attention. kelly also faces child-pornography charges in chicago. those has announced that it is laying off thousands of workers at its home improvement stores and the layoffs are going to impact workers. >>that stores all over the bay area. they include people who is simple items like grills and patio furniture and maintenance as well as facilities service jobs touches janitors lo says that is outsourcing those jobs to 3rd party companies in order
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to let store associates spend more time on the sales floor serving customers. the company would not say exactly how many workers are being laid off workers whose jobs are being eliminated will be given transition pay and the chance to apply for open roles within the company lowe's has more than a dozen stores all across the bay area. >>i take a live look outside right now at san francisco's embarcadero blue skies out there a little when beautiful and no hint of fall. >>you see the wind there chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here and tears to the weekend. my friend, yes, or raise one. hi guys, ready for the weekend now. you know a lot of folks want to get outside and do some stuff right there's a lot of things going we've got some for fun things in check out how about this this the adobo festival draw agree. >>you love filipino food that looks good all kinds doble the grills are going to be going there. milpitas that starts at 11:00am both on saturday and sunday should be beautiful bright out there warm temperatures in that food.
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yeah that is going to be delicious all of nor cow summer cause play gathering. that's right if you like to dress up in your favorite costumes n ththat i and sam, a tale that's going to be a coyote park that starts at 11:00am tomorrow temperatures going to be very comfortable in the mid 70's, there was warm temperatures just a bit of an afternoon breeze. well the festival of the arts all is a big favorite there in fremont very busy a plan to head there early the traffic is going moving in plenty of sunshine. warm temperatures as well moving in the mid 70's that of a breeze in the afternoon. and one of my favorite i've been here actually a couple of times you want to go out to the world dog surfing championships. that takes place in pacifica if you want to go there. yeah, a little fog to start the morning but we're going to clear things out as we head in toward the middle of the day want to get there early a lot of folks get there and they run right up to the water's edge so plan getting there early should be a little swell there if you head along the coastline as well nice out there this evening out over the bay a little breeze blow we have some patchy fog along
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the coastline that start to try to return storm clouds moving up in the pacific northwest today and brought some rain in that direction, nothing for us but we did have a lot of drizzle along the coastline very damp out toward the beaches early on but we're going to see some better weather head as high pressure takes over mostly clear inland tonight, there will be some patchy dense fog along the coastline and then some patchy fog early on giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon in fact that weak system in a move to the north and then as it does as well high pressure going to build in behind and that sets up your weekend very very nicely as the temperatures are going to soar tomorrow, we're up in the mid-nineties i think the hottest spots in them you see a lot of 70's name sunshine around the bay and some 60's and cooler along the coastline cooling down just slightly on sunday, more cooling into next week. >>sure you want to take care of your friends and family during a disaster with plenty of food and water, but what
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>>back every time there's a real disaster, you know talking fire earthquake, whatever people are reminded it would be wise to have a good survival can't we can't say it enough so tonight dining dish we're going to show you. >>how to feed and care for not only you and your family, but your pet in the event of an emergency. >>say there's a quaker wildfire could you survive if there's no food or and what about your passion in the event of an emergency you want to be prepared for your family right. that includes this guy.
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>>a lot of stuff is going on right the earth is shaking there's fires and you want to prepare for your four-legged family members just like you would prepre for anybody else in the family. >>right now koby here doesn't seem to have a care in the world, but doctor oscar chavez says he could use the same items you might want in a survival camera light and so you definitely want plenty of water. you want to the size of a 6 of water and blankets there is is patry pouch from just food for dogs that stays fresh for up to 2 years your pet won't start exactly and actually you could probably has to do so you might be fighting depending on how long the emergency goes on you might be fighting your. >>your pet for the food, but a has a maybe they make sure you have enough for both of you. >>here at pet food express you'll find just food for dogs on the shelf and in the frozen food section. it's got a kitchen in the bay area where they whip up human restaurant grade meals nutritionally balanced for dogs. doctor chavez says there's one more natural herb item you buy want
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in your doggie disaster kit. >>it's a stressful situation and the dog is going to feed off of you and some dogs are just naturally anxious and so for all these reasons it's good to have something just in case to calm him down like everything. products are human doing great, so you need to take some calm you down you can be certain. let's hope it doesn't come to that. >>yeah want to find a good time down to it's the larry en route or something like doug scats part of the family to exactly no doubt that for news at 5. thank you for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time right now ken wayne and catherine here with the news at 6. >>thank you had both of you in coming up at 6 o'clock tonight at 6 new details on the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival police just wrapping up a news conference a short time. plus president trump was some harsh words for california and governor gavin newsome and now the governor
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is firing back. >>the war of words, next in a live report and a bay area man behind bars accused of going on a vandalism spree in his
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♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. >>at the suspect striking him multiple times. the suspect went down to the ground by he
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was able to get one more round off was able to shoot himself in the head. >>now it's 6 a stunning development out of gilroy where we're learning the festival gunman killed himself, thank you for joining us, i'm ken wayne. i'm katharine hayden the santa clara county coroner's office released this finding this afternoon and now the police chief is responding. kron four's grant lotus joins us with what we are learning about this grant. >>catherine can the chief says he still considers these officers actions, heroic however, it played out differently than what he thought and that what we have been hearing a little background here sent he know again the shooter shot and killed 3 people including 2 children that the festivals final day on sunday night since then police have praised those officers who responded. the chief says 3 veteran officers engaged the 19 year-old in less than a minute once he started shooting and the officers shot him multiple times. chief smithee says the shots fired by officers cause le guen to fall to


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