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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  August 2, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>for the first time tonight we're hearing the frantic calls to 911 that followed the gilroy shooting in one woman calls emergency dispatchers as she sits with a wounded person the terror or in her voice is difficult to listen to. >>we understand ok we understand we have somebody going to that list of equivocation where you people
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down. everyone on the way. the ambulances are and the way you're not a doctor i on a dock. victim. i knew speaking to the police. no there are winners are van body out. the body. >>governor gavin newsome is calling on the federal government to take action following last sunday's deadly gilroy shooting and this is after the gunman bypass the state's very strict gun laws by. >>buying his weapon in another state and bringing it back to california as capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. this is part of a very troubling trend. >>governor gavin newsome this week acknowledged even with
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gun laws as strict as california is the only may be as strong as those of nearby states investigators say the gunman in the gilroy shooting legally bought the assault rifle in nevada and that a governor i keep exchanging. >>why smells and i want to just acknowledge a governor reached out to me right away could have been more gracious left a message texts saying anything i can do which i really appreciate it. >>federal data shows in recent years and more than half of california, crime scenes, the guns recovered were from out of state, nevada being the second largest supplier. we reached out to nevada governor steve says elect for comment but did not hear back friday. he tweeted earlier this week, his condolences to the gilroy community governor newsom says the federal government needs to take control any the national background check system we need to close the gun show loopholes we needed. >>just the of certainty that you can't even rent a car at 19 little drink. what you can buy a weapon of war and gunned down 1215 people. it's absurd.
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i mean that's extremism and the current debate in this country. another crisis in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting down on our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight to your phone was updates. and during commercial breaks are on their coverage continues on our 24 hour streaming service kron on let's get a check of the weather around the bay area. >>we have time for the 4 zone forecast or lawrence also telling us what's going on why things get active in the city now we're tracking the storms last couple of days of course we've got eric out here which was originally a category 4 monster. we had that last of the developed right behind it now the good news is both the storm systems have we can watch it move across now you see the islands being affected now as eric moves just south of the islands all that moisture beginning to fall apart as the system comes apart and make its way across the island certainly they're going get some rain out of the good news is nothing too bad
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just yet sustained winds brown eric write about 30 miles out from the center about 45 mile an hour sustained winds going to feel some tropical storm force winds have been checking on some of those some of the gusts to 30 miles per hour on the big island. but watch the track here keeps to the south of all the islands as it moves on by flossie continues to make its way toward the islands but looks like that will also begin the weekend and then or get out of the picture and then here comes flossie right behind it but look at the track. so one storm system goes the south of why this one looks like it is going to go to the north of why why writing between kind of a most of the storm but still watching for the possibility of some a tropical storm force winds overnight tonight and also some very big waves were talk about 10 maybe some 15 voters out there along the coastline of course love the surfers probably like that around the bay area tomorrow we've got some very nice weather coming our way for the weekend about 67, beautiful in san francisco about the 75 in oakland in 85 warm in the san jose and if you like that boy
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will play 2 and we'll get another day out of it about sunday. we've got nice sunshine coming our way temperatures hot in the 90's inland, cool 60's by the coast. >>thank you. lawrence, there is new video today shows the father of finnegan elder leaving the prison work. he had been visiting his son in italy elders, one of the 2 bay area teenagers accused of killing. an italian police officer in a drug deal gone wrong that was in rome. lawyers for the teenager, they say they can't get their hands on officers autopsy report. they're questioning whether the officer really was stabbed 11 times as police claim. police also say that elder confessed to the killing of the early hours of the interrogation. gabriel natale hjorth is also charged in the murder. both teenagers went to high school in mill valley. a federal judge in san francisco is refusing to allow the trump administration's new asylum world to take effect. the plan was to prohibit migrants to travel to another country from seeking asylum in the u s it
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would in effe prevent all asylum applications from central america for refugee assistance groups have sued. a judge has issued a preliminary injunction and refused to a department of justice request for a stay while it appeals the and in the injunction. >>in national tonight, the chinese government is warning of an economic counter strike after president trump announced the us would hit china with tariffs on another billion of exports. recall martin reports as tech companies warn of hikes in prices and lawmakers pressed the trump administration to research the effect. this will have on the economy. >>after weeks of a steaming truth with china. president trump is reigniting their trade war with terrorism goods worth another billion the 10% is for a short term various. >>and then i could always do much more i can do less depending on what happens the us will effectively be taxing almost all chinese imports.
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>>and china is already planning a counterstrike one that consumer experts say is bad news for american shoppers. >>at a time where we're going back to school we're getting ready for the holiday shopping season. this is going to have a devastating impact jashn often with i t i a global tech firms who says what few american goods left to tax china's remaining targets will be tech favorite. >>like i phones cameras and tv's and that's one of the biggest dangers. >>we know that us companies and the us economy rely heavily on technology in a statement, iowa democrats in the acts called on the trump administration to study the impacts of tariffs before in forcing more in iowa republican senator chuck grassley criticizing the decision saying in part. >>tears aren't the only solution president trump should used to pressure china. it's not just the damage. >>this year that the president's created its it's down the line for farmers trying to sell their products, ohio democrat sherrod brown says american farmers fear their overseas business will never recover farmers who have
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spent years building up there for markets and soybeans and corn are now losing those markets to another country, brazil, especially and how do get those markets back the next round of tears are slated to begin september first trade talks will resume next month in washington, i'm recall martin. coming up a california the community is honoring the birthday of a 100 year-old veteran we're going to hear from the world war 2 vet himself and a recall a popular brand of c ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure.
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>>for your health, a pocket, brand of soft bake cookies these are being recalled because of a choking hazard limbo bakeries is recalling the mini chocolate chip cookies from entenmann's little bites. the company says there could be plastic pieces inside the packaging. they're not baked cookies but could still pose a risk the products are being removed from store shelves and anyone who has them should return the cookies for a full refund delta employees who know sign language they're soon going to be a recognizable by a sign language pen on their uniforms. >>they'll be wearing a che pen you see here beginning this fall, delta, the first us airline to do this. the company's ceo says it's a step aimed at connecting the world which starts with making travel easier for paul people. >>police department judge rules the officer accused of fatally choking eric garner should be fired. but both sides are saying this fight is
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>>for the first time in these long 5 years. the system of justice is working. >>new york police officer daniel pantaleo he has been suspended for his involvement in the death of eric garner. >>the incidents caught on video generated nationwide
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protests and garner's family called it far from over come you never now explains. >>for the family of eric garner it's been long overdue. >>5 years law. >>the new york police department administrative judge friday recommending that officer daniel paleo be fired following his controversial involvement in garner's death. police commissioner james o'neill suspended panel and we'll have the final say on termination commission o'neill a male garner was confronted by police trying to arrest him on july of 2014. he was allegedly selling illegal cigarettes. the confrontation was caught on video and later sparked protests nationwide. which and i can't breathe repeating some of garner's final words. the accusation is a panel will use a chocolate tactic rapidity and y p d. >>good news chokehold he was merely attempting to gain control of him. >>the recommendation to fire
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him results from a disciplinary trial. but the question of whether a chokehold was used remains. we had. >>grand jury know that there was no crime we had the feds say there was no crime and now we have politics saying that there was. >>the garner family now says he will pursue federal legislation that they hope make using a chokehold illegal basketball to congressional hearings. >>there is going to still be a fight and we're up for the fight. >>i'm camila bernal reporting. >>the officers attorneys will have 2 weeks to respond to the recommendation made by the n y p d deputy commissioner of trials rosemarie maldonado after that the police commissioner james o'neill has the final say on pantaleo's fate. >>the us rapper named asap rocky has been allowed to leave sweden kuala waiting a verdict in an assault case, a court in stockholm has not made a ruling yet but said today rocky and 2 co-defendants were free to leave sweden. the 30 year-old artist whose real name is
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ricky mayors has been in custody since july 3rd. a judge will deliver the verdict august 12 our kelly pleaded not guilty today in new york on federal charges. kelly is actused of sexually exploitation of a child. >>kidnapping and forced labor. he's also accused of violating the mann act involving the coercing and transportation of women and girls to engage in illegal special activity dating back to 1999. after the hearing kelly will be taken back to chicago. he's due back in court on september 4th for a status hearing related to the chicago indictment. the us navy has publicly identified the pilot who died when his fighter jet went down on wednesday. he was 33 year-old lieutenant charles walker, a navy spokesman said quote. lieutenant walker was an incredible naval aviator husband and son, our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends the f a 18 super hornet crash during a routine training mission about 40 miles north of naval air
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weapons station. china lake the cause of that crash is under investigation. family of sacramento man who is turning a 100 years old say that he is the 3rd oldest living 3 war. >>veterans. >>while term a caller was there as the community celebrated retired army master sergeant, nathan allen junior. >>he's a 3 war united states military veteran retired master sergeant nathan allen junior served in world war 2. the korean war and vietnam war. he joined the military more than 75 years ago, i was a far harder and the army. 27 years. >>there is a far you go too far. >>throughout his career the one memory that stands out among the rest is losing members of his crew on last term. >>we're done because of car. they were on the back of it down trump. anyone holding on to it.
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>>today, his military uniform stillang proudly in a closet in the garage as he approaches his one 100th birthday. many as you can imagine ask for his advice to his answer's simple and direct if you're thinking about joining the military care home. his one piece of advice for young people george hill. what is he the most proud of going home and what does he want to do now. except help out his neighbors and that homeless every trash day. >>they'll unless he's out of town and that's how we know he's out of town are trash can is so. >>and he's done this for the entire block for the past decade. it's not about the trash cans is the purpose of life. i have something to do something to look forward to now the community is sharing some love with their 100 year old neighborhood treasure. that is ready to do that was
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walter mccollough reporting mason has a really big family. he has 18 the. >>grandchildren his 40 great grandchildren, he has 10 great great grandchildren. nathan, a turns 100 years old august 12. a 94 year-old veteran almost tossed away a winning lottery ticket happen an air force veteran who lives in oregon. he plays the lottery often in his granddaughter came by to check his latest take it she thought mistakenly it was a mega millions ticket went instead. >>it was make a box before about her tossed out a double checked and to his amazement he hit on all the winning numbers jackpot was 4 6 and a half million dollars cocker took home. $2.2 million after taxes, not bad. >>scientists say there's a giant asteroid headed for earth fortunately it is expected to miss us. the asteroid is bigger than the empire state building it's expected to fly past us probably early next week. nasa says asteroids of that size
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actually passos about a dozen times a year. >>well we are month one month away from the opening of the chase center in san francisco finishing touches are being. >>put on the new home of the warriors san francisco has a new street name now warriors way the warriors president and ceo unveiled the new sign. this week. the first event so the chase center will be a metallica concert than a performance by the san francisco symphony that september 6 the warriors will play their first game in october. >>coming out the full week of the nfl training camp is in the books mark and jason break down what they've seen so far from the niners in the raiders as they get us ready for bay area sports night. and it is friday night we are get ready for the weekend if you're looking for something to do about surfing dogs maybe a little filipino food how about some great costumes about a little more
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>>time now for schools. >>and the sports world, including the niners, a training camp jason and mark join us from the set of sports paris foresight. getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. >>on the jayson we are a week into nfl training camp center of the conversation around the 40 niners a week down 49 ers fan should be most excited about what but this team in santa clara. >>jimmy garoppolo hasn't had any was just be honest with ourselves. the whole season
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sort of hinges on an and whether that nice stays up and how he performs yes, they brought in some other pieces around him, they brought in some guys on the defensive side of boy everybody wants to see how jolie some plays but they can all play great. if jimmy garoppolo doesn't have a great season or doesn't at least show that hey i'm back from injury and i've upward trajectory for my career then they're not going to that good is it simple as that is you know i think niners fans should be excited that there hasn't been setbacks that. kyle shanahan has like the rain's go he has no restrictions no limitations and moving should be a good thing and we'll break down the 49 ers with grant cone of the santa rosa press democrat will also be talking raiders and show you and tokyo brown's feet from working out so much. >>bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. that's our back to you can get for get way to look at his feet all right. thank you guys. side to right now and it is the
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weekend we keep telling everybody it's. >>it's friday looking for something fun to do our sky all i got some great ideas about this a bit of this event a couple of times. how about this dog serving that's right. they've got the championships this weekend in pacific. if you want to go there that's the world championships, these dogs get out there on the surf boards and yeah, they have a great time you should see they just have a kick is the right in those ways it is sure will be a little cloudy early on tomorrow also plan on that and better get there early and there's just a ton of people that love to go out there and it's a little bit disorganized you have to really get up near the water if you want to see those dogs are bred to bring some binoculars but about this to festival the arts in fremont that's always a good time tons of people go there and they'll be great weather to go along with that plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures just a bit of an afternoon breeze temperatures should be in the mid 70's. well, if you like to dress up tons of fun costumes and hang out about the nor cal summer cause play gathering in go there that will be in 7 tail coyote point sunny skies and warm temperatures as well and
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what about this all this looks good you've got the double fantastic. boyd beautiful food there, and it's going to take to 2. sounds good. and you have to start of our goodbye to all a bittersweet day for us here 4 out going to forget. we're saying goodbye to a longtime employee, the areas, he's retiring job well done. >>he's worked here kron 4 for 20 years. i discuss obscure films with their we love only know that tie when he's ready one of your scripture in great hands. he knows everything impeccable story telling. we also just love the fact he
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i was attacked because i was wearing this hat. >> campaign trail chaos. >> our hearts are shattered. >> the kennedys are grieving after another tragic loss. >> what we learned about the tragic overdose death of rfk's granddaughter at the compound. >> outrage. he was caught on video poisoning his wife's coffee. >> why was he only sentenced to 60 days in jail. >> he gets to serve his time during the weekends. >> andea


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