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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>a major revision to the official story of how the gilroy gunman died were. >>we're thinking everybody now tonight hear the frantic calls to operators as of gunfire broke out. >>and governor newsom says too many californians are being killed with guns bought out of state. we need a national background check system. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm ken wayne and i'm
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catherine heenan governor newsome is calling on the federal government to take action. >>following last sunday's deadly gilroy should have. >>that is after the gunman bypawses state's strict gun laws by buying his weapon. in another state in nevada and bring it back to california. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala tells us it's part of a troubling trend. >>governor gavin newsome this week acknowledged even with gun laws as strict as california is the only maybe a strong as those of nearby states investigators say the gunman in the gilroy shooting legally bought the assault rifle in nevada and that a governor i keep exchanging. >>why smells and i want to just acknowledge a governor reached out to me right away could have been more gracious left a message texts saying anything i can do which i really appreciate it. >>federal data shows in recent years and more than half of california, crime scenes, the guns recovered were from out of state, nevada being the second largest supplier. we
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reached out to nevada governor steve says elect for comment but did not hear back friday. he tweeted earlier this week, his condolences to the gilroy community governor newsom says the federal government needs to take control need a national background check system we need to close the gun show loopholes we needed it. >>just the of certainty that you can't even rent a car at 19 little drink what you can buy a weapon of dar and gunned down 1215 people. it's absurd. i mean that's extremism and the current the made in this country. another crisis in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. you write police say a 40 year-old man was arrested after he made threats apparently referencing the deadly shooting at the garlic festival. >>gilroy police say jose pena own had posted quote my goal is to kill 500 not 3 on facebook police believe he is referencing the 3 people who were killed and 16 others who were wounded. police did not
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seize any weapons from the in your own home yesterday and they say they do not believe he was actually planning an attack. >>and we're also now hearing the frantic call also made to 911 following the gilroy shooting kron 4 grant lodes is here to break down some of the more terrifying moments and certainly people were very very frightened. >>he's screaming a profanity a lot of these calls you can really play on tv whatsoever because it's all just bleep down then you can imagine why. in one clip though a woman is calling 911 as she is sitting there with the person who has been injured the person is bleeding. the panic and horror and her voice is undeniable and it's chilly. >>we understand ok we understand we have somebody going to that list of equivocation where you people down. everyone on the way. the
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ambulance on the way you're not a doctor i on a dock. their victims. i knew speaking to the police. no there are winners are van body out. the body. >>here there's fear for their lives fear for the real lives around them. and really listening to that is a reminder of how hard a dispatcher's job can be at any given moment. same is true of course for the brave first responders who show up and do the best job they can ken catherine back to you all right grant, thank you we are learning new information about the death of the gunman who was responsible for that mass shooting. >>the coroner now saying the shooter did not die from police gunfire which is what we've been told initially he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound he killed
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himself kron four's dan thorn is live at the gilroy police department tonight and has the latest on what the chief is saying dan. >>well ken and catherine the police chief says that this revelation does not change the fact that his police officers essentially stopped the shooter. he says that this is all been a part of an ongoing investigation that the coroner's findings are adding into that ongoing investigation. the said today thathis festival shooter was shot and engaged by police officers very quickly they are not sure how many times he was fit that initial police report i did say that the gunman was shot and killed by police and we discovered today that wasn't the case. the chief says that mom multiple rounds were fired at the suspect hit the ground and was still holding on to his rifle when this happened and the says that they wanted to hold this press conference today. 2 i have their story remained consistent with this coroner's finding in to make sure that
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there isn't any confusion. through our reports and here's what he addressed today at a press conference. take a listen. his. >>what a thing about the heroics of our officers and engaging him. i doesn't change anything in my mind. the same series of events occurred you know whether he was able to get a shot off why the into his head at some point after we shot him is doesn't change any of the a series of events that occurred at the scene. >>so again just to to mention again the police chief said that his officers did shoot the suspect several times in this case and he is not aware as to whether or not any of the officers did see the in fact shoot himself, however, the chief says that the coroner's report does not discredit. any of the heroes heroic efforts that were shown by the gilroy police department and he says that shooting scene is still very active at this time in the
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investigation is ongoing that's the latest here live gilroy dan thorn. kron 4 news dan thank you we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shootings throughout this newscast and during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service. >>kron on you can download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight to your phone was updates on this story as we learn more. >>it was a terrifying scene on the southern california coast. one person is dead this after a cliff collapsed and happened and and so nato said north of san diego. the bluff gave way about 03:00pm this afternoon. it was a time when the beach had been really crowded with people first responders rushed to dig people out. >>this is natural. we wrote love that we see up and down see you coming this and the state.
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>>and how many people were hurt, but again one person reportedly killed that area has not been cordoned off until crews can move heavy equipment in to clear the scene. tory out of the east bay were used to faking a hate crime is now the one in jail. a smash-and-grab robbery caught on camera while the driver was still sitting inside their vehicle. >>and there's been a spike in burglaries in the north bay what residents want police to do that try to stop the daytime fasts. and if you have not get downloaded the kron on app and you can skip the commercials if you do take a look at what you're missing. >>today was bad tomorrow worse. did the oakland hills. at about switching to geico,
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>>bye bye plastic bottles san francisco airport will no longer sell plastic water bottles later this month, you can still get soda and juice in a plastic bottle but you won't find water in those bottles anymore. >>so full apparently and they think is the first airport in the country to ban the sale of plastic water bottles kron four's michelle kingston has the story.
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>>just about everywhere you look at the airport people are drinking water. san francisco international airport sells about him 1000. today it's a lot of plastic that ends up in the the ocean which is the worst thing in less than 3 weeks they won't be selling any water in plastic bottles anymore. >>it will be sold in either a recyclable aluminum bottle or can a recycled glass bottle or in a compostable bottle it's all part of their goal to make sure none of the airport waste goes to landfill. >>david wright then brought his own bottle to the airport today and says that's what he does were every goes cut down on a plastic cut back a lot of carbon emissions very helpful. sfo has about 100 water stations through the airport so david and other passengers can fill up their own bottle
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helping the environment and their wall. >>because for me it's very important to help the planet. you're going to have to empty it before you get on to go through security and then you can refill it when you go through. >>that was michelle kingston reporting there's an alarming increase in home burglaries send that has police in the north bay on alert. more than a dozen have happened in the last few weeks all during the day. >>kron four's justine waltman has the story from sandra fell this includes advice from police on keeping your home safe. >>yes and all the obvious very a very nice community. it's very safe community. >>we don't see a lot of these a lot is 14, 14 homes broken into in the last 4 weeks all during the hours of 09:00am and noon all 14 of the burglaries that residences were unoccupied. >>so we think there may be some casing going on by the suspects sandra fell police lieutenant dan thing tells me the burglars are taking jewelry and electronics.
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>>things that can be easily pond are sold. 8 of the homes hit are in the terra linda area. the other 6 are spread out in different parts of the city, some of the burglaries have been forced entry with either a broken window or upright tool to a door and some the burglaries have also been unlocked a resident says that they walked into. >>in response to the increase in home burglaries since all police are now stepping up patrols in the neighborhoods hit hard by these crimes central patrol officers are doing extra patrols in their beats. >>specifically looking for suspicious people and suspicious cars and neighborhoods there is no security video of any of the crimes and no suspect or vehicle descriptions police advise no matter where you live in the bay area lock your doors keep valuables out of sight from the street look out for your neighbors and report anything suspicious in sandra fell justine waldman kron 4 news. >>take a look at this surveillance video from wednesday near lake merritt in
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oakland 2 men drive into the parking lot in a dark colored four-door car you see right there and one sneaks up to the passenger side of a parked car. another person takes a look inside then smashes the window to grab. apparently a backpack. what you don't see the backpacks owner was sitting in the car at the time people who live and work in that area tell kron for that auto burglaries are an ongoing problem. they say this is the first time that a victim was seated in the vehicle when it happened. people who spoke to us say they're concerned that they and they asked not to have their identities revealed. >>belongings in there they're getting out of the car and the road with me. >>that's another level it's scary but it's normal. i feel like we see or hear something about this every couple of days. >>they're asking for more police presence on the properties we reach out to local police department today, but so far we have not heard back. >>the san francisco
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firefighters rescued a woman and 8 year-old child and their dog at fort funds to another fire department says they'd somehow all then stranded on a cliff, it's not really clear what happened but one of the firefighters was injured during the rescue but not major injuries, everybody else reportedly doing ok. >>step outside now looking at a friday and the weekend ahead, we give you a live view of the embarcadero in the bay bridge and sounds like if you like hot weather this will be good weekend for you. yeah, boy these boy back in the mid-nineties i think in some spots so we're working to get things cooking indeed it will be a nice weekend outside about beautiful live shot for you right now not as much noticed this evening just some patchy fog just to the west of the golden gate bridge as the fog kind of selling in along the coastline, but high pressure now is building up above and that is going to kind a hole that fog a bay and is less fog more sunshine and warmer temperatures cold front making its way through the pacific northwest today brought a couple raindrops in the seattle also in the
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portland area. i just diane as it made its way in the california just keep it in the marine layer very wet along the this morning, puddles out there the toward the coast, not because of rain but lots of heavy drizzle overnight last night that fog is reforming begin to push back on shore temperatures outside right now you've got 82 degrees and warm unconquered 73 in livermore 70 in san jose, so even these numbers, a warmer than just 24 hours ago at this time patchy dense fog developing overnight tonight and then some fog early on tomorrow, giving way to some sunshine. the temperatures going to heat up one cold front sliding over the top of this ridge after does that ridge build right back in now the 4 corner states of bringing back the dry desert air in the bay area that is going to send the temperatures at least away from the the warm side to hot as you're going to see a high pressure sitting over head for the better part of the weekend still low cloud and fog to surge back on shore tonight. some that is going to be very thick along the coastline dense fog out over the coastal ranges as well will be in place early tomorrow morning then backs away from the coastline and then returns again by tomorrow evening, but
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otherwise numbers looking good in fact you see a lot of 70's 80's around the bay, a beautiful weekend to get out there and enjoy 60's along the coastline patchy fog. the mid-nineties hot in the cochrane 95 livermore about 91 in santa rosa next to couple days keep things a little bit toasty inland that were to start a cooling trend on monday temperatures below average toward the middle of next week. thank you lawrence. >>investigators say that a man accused of throwing rocks through windows and a bay point neighborhood and painting racial slurs is himself a resident of the same neighborhood tron forcefully to gaal tells us from bay point there are people there who say they are flabbergasted just days after waking up to this i'm shocked. >>you know a sigh of relief or neighbors, living on el rincon road in bay point to shame on him. >>whatever that they need to do to give him the biggest punishment. that's exactly exactly what should happen to them and the contra costa county office of the sheriff says is responsible for throwing rocks through windows.
8:19 pm
offensive graffiti g racially towards african-americans on 3 neighbors, homes and cars is 63 year-old alvin brown who just so happens to live next door to benny addison who's 26 year-old son was cut by glass when a rock flew through his window early wednesday morning. in fact all of the victims are african americans some shock as i know him and he's a good neighbor, you know >>was going on i mean i don't know addison says brown even vandalized his own home and and he says brown lives with his girlfriend. he was arrested friday morning and booked by the contra costa county office of the sheriff. >>on 3 felony counts of vandalism the sheriff's office has not determined a motive at this time. but investigators are looking into another similar case from 2015 that brown may have been involved in where rocks were thrown through the windows of 3 neighbors on the same street because mr. brown has a personal relationship with one of the victims. >>and we are investigating
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some conspiracy. components to that case that is giving us the confidence that this is not a hate crime county supervisor federal glover is pleased an arrest was made whether with a hate crime hard disks that data. >>indicated that it might have been a hate crime is just not acceptable and so it is upsetting to community membe what's upsetting is it does ever does happen in our community people are going to say well as is you know. >>it could possibly not be racially motivated. so he's doing a horrible disservice to his own people brown's bail has been set at $80,000 the sheriff's office says it will hand this case over to the district attorney's office by monday. >>fleetwood all kron 4 news. >>still ahead a vaccine to prevent hiv could be closer than we th
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>>for house tonight disease experts are hopeful, we could be a big step closer to a vaccine that prevents hiv infection. there is a new report of says there's lot of optimism that a vaccine could one day become a reality saving lives all over the world kron four's washington dc correspondent trevor shirley, 6 points. >>experts say a new study is showing a high level of potential after years of complicated efforts to create an hiv vaccine for humans. and it worked rather promising lee
8:24 pm
well doctor anthony found she director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases says early trials and monkeys showed the vaccine was both effective and long-lasting. i wasn't surprised at the results i was very pleased to see. >>not only that it was successful in with the ultimate goal was but the durability was impressi every year the national institutes of health spends about million on hiv research. this study is one of 3 major initiatives into an hiv vaccine. that's currently being funded by the end i age well as just another up and new of approach of trying to protect against hiv infection. since the epidemic began previous attempts to create a vaccine have failed. what's the challenge because hiv is an extraordinarily unique virus every year about 38,000 people are newly infected. joining more than a million americans already living with hiv. the hope is that if these trials are successful a
8:25 pm
preventive vaccine would start saving lives here at home and across the world, everyone is cautiously optimistic. but as we know from experience with vaccine trials. you can't count your chickens before they hatch reporting in washington and trevor shirley. every day and governor gavin newsome are teaming up to try to give our emergency service systems a technological update. >>and president trump responding to gavin newsom's new proposal that demands the president
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>>president trump scathing criticism of conditions and several major american cities that continues earlier this week has focus was on baltimore. >>but had a campaign rally last night in ohio he returned to one of his other favorite punching bars, san francisco kron four's dan kerman tells us the president also had some unkind words for the governor. >>nearly half of all the homeless people living in the streets. in america happened to live in the state of california. >>president trump set his sights on california and specifically san francisco and los angeles again during a campaign rally in ohio thursday. >>what they are doing to our beautiful california is a disgrace to our country. it's a shame. the world is looking at it look at los angeles with that tense.
8:29 pm
>>and the horrible horrible disgusting conditions, look at san francisco. the president also criticized the governor over illegal immigration. >>you have a governor that world, the government to california will pay for health care, we'll pay for it and then you wonder why so many people are coming up friday governor newsom said he's heard it all before and wonders why the president isn't offering solutions instead of just. >>criticism is that i >>the president of the united states of america, united states includes all states includes every city in those states and within the cities. some accountability responsibility, leadership and so if you've got a critique. offer some advice and counsel on solutions to this crisis was created by the federal government under republican ronald reagan when they cut >>federal housing budget by almost 80%. >>coalition on homelessness executive director jennifer friedman boxes. the president is playing politics instead of really working on the problem.
8:30 pm
she says his indifference to homelessness is making matters worse. >>be really easy. ironically for trump to turn around and actually address the homeless crises investing in housing and basically you know reinvesting to those pre 1978 levels. adjusted for inflation. it's unknown whether the president wants the federal government to reinvest in affordable housing. >>what is likely though is that the attacks on san francisco and los angeles and the governor. >>will likely continue. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>as of now only one person is still officially listed as missing from the deadliest wildfire in california history. this is after deputies found an or of a woman alive. the butte county sheriff's office says 47 year-old wendy carol knew that she was listed as missing, but she never contacted authorities to say she was ok apparently because of some kind of legal problems. now the only person unaccounted
8:31 pm
for from the 2018 camp fire is sarah martinez phobia, although it's uncertain whether in fact she was in that area at the time of the fire at one point remember there were more than a 1000 people listed as missing after the november 8 fire that decimated paradise the fire killed 85 people. investigators blaming the fire on pg any for faulty equipment, some major changes coming to the 911 system all in an effort to improve public safety in. >>times of emergencies governor newsome and san francisco mayor london breed they say this will be a big investment but one that will make the system better for everybody kron four's theresa has the details. this is a big deal. i appreciate the reference that this is about lives because quite literally. >>this is going to save lives. governor gavin newsome talking about how the recently passed budget includes nearly 1 billion in funding for emergency preparedness and response like helping people
8:32 pm
deal with such events like the recent earthquake spoke here in the bay area. >>and that one in southern california powerful enough to shake these large vehicles back and forth. >>the 911 system as we know it today was established in 1973. the technology is outdated the technology. a laser lee can be referred to is analog technology. it predates the internet. there are about 437 other call centers like this. well for 38. in the state of california which is an extraordinary number. the reality is they don't. have the technology. they don't have the tools to connect. they don't have the cup cassidy to redirect call volume if something goes wrong. the governor along with mayor london breed took a tour of san francisco's office emergency services. >>911 call center. it's so much. >>that we can do to make it even better and having the funding necessary to invest in
8:33 pm
new technologies so that text messaging and all the things that we do now to communicate are used in a way to address any situatton whether there's a wildfire. >>or >>heat advisory or all of the different challenges that sadly we've had to endure. we want to be prepared. >>the governor says the upgrade to the technology will be funded by the state but he will also require some additional funds from individuals, theresa kron 4 news. >>tussaud's in hawaii are preparing for 2 tropical storms that could bring severe weather to the states they're getting ready for the chance of heavy rain and wind gusts, rough surf and rip currents are affecting the hawaiian islands, tropical storm flossie is also approaching but it still 900 miles or more from the islands. >>and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with what they can expect they don't know what to expect it so that's it's always good
8:34 pm
preparing i would love to say that it was perfectly accurate on all these forecast, i mean there certain things that we just don't understand about the weather and of course that factors in the certain problems we have forecasting it to and certainly the storm system and nothing you want to mess around with they've been very powerful effect. a boy for a while we had eric and that was a category 4 that was a very very dangerous storm now it has weakened somewhat of fact and now just a tropical storm watches begins to fall apart with that kind of share a part of the means the winds change with height here sharing this system apart which is kind of you think of hurricanes has a very powerful storm for they need a very calm environment to survive one said changes they begin to fall apart. a lot of clouds make of the way now across the wind on is they are getting some rain but so far has been that bad and some gusty winds now behind that we've got flossie flossie may be more of a concern to watch happens with the track here and we got eric right now sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. those wind right around the core of the storm and really you're seeing some gusts along the coastline, especially the big island, but nothing too powerful just yet watch the
8:35 pm
track here that will continue to the south and then here comes flossie as that one gets a iittle bit closer sunday afternoon you see it starts to turn a little bit to the north so we've got one system that actually went to the south of the wine islands, it looks like flossie well for the most part stayed in the north of the islands they will see some rain the potential for some flash flooding, especially on the big island and they've seen some big time swells turned up along the coastline, but looks like of the hawaiian islands right in the center and a near miss on both of those storms so the doppler radar is picking up some rain drops out there, but you seem fairly scattered outside and the possibility of some more stormy weather as we head through tomorrow and then that next storm system plus the approaches late on sunday and into monday around the bay area, sri working on a great weekend ahead, how of 67 degrees in san francisco, mid 70's in oakland to start out your weekend, mid 80's and warm into san jose very nice weather along the coastline. you will find a couple patches of fog the sunset about 60 degrees. you make your way along the coastline, but temperatures generally in the 60's gone do of the dog surfing championships in
8:36 pm
pacifica tomorrow plan on some 60's there some patchy fog in the morning, 70 degrees in millbrae 72 a burlingame about 75 in san carlos 80 degrees in palo alto the south bay europe in the 80's, a warm all day long little lazy to so the air quality going to suffer as high pressure builds in then we get the hot 90's in the dublin, dodd and also in the waller creek 95 degrees 95 in concord but 91 in pittsburgh, 94 and fairfield so we've got some hot weather away from the coastline, but again enough of the sea breeze keep those temperatures cooler out toward the beaches next couple they stay hot inland then a cooling trend really kicks in on monday. temperatures running below average toward the middle of next week. >>still ahead the navy is identifying the pilot who crashed and died in an f 18 hornet in death valley. and some say it's a pretty unsettling side if you're out shopping for school supplies of bulletproof backpacks that people make them say ♪
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>>it's back to school time and when you're shopping this year you'll see more than paper and pencils many of the big national chains are stocking equipment designed to protect children from gunfire right in the school supply aisle. a company called guard dog security is selling bulletproof backpacks is stores, including officemax and office depot they sell for anywhere between a $10200. a company spokesperson says they want parents and students to be prepared not scared.
8:40 pm
>>i personally think whether it's with their builder backpacks or not it's about certain that conversation on school safety possibly actors years active shooter situations. >>aipac's are said to be able to stop a bullet from a 44 caliber handgun. coming up next a new york police department judge recommending that the officer was blamed for fatally choking erica garner. >>be suspended. but both sides saying tonight the fight is after er will have the latest the break ahead in sports. the giants road
8:41 pm
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8:43 pm
>>that there's some information that this cop has done something wrong. >>the criminal advocates have gotten what they want. the police department is frozen. >>2 very different reactions today to the decision by a new york police administrative judge in the death of eric garner she recommended firing the officer who put him in a chokehold. >>family welcome the decision the police union outraged graham lotus is here with more on our what they had to say groom dead drastically different points of view i think both sides would agree though that 5 years is too long to not really have a conclusion here and it was 5 years ago just last month that eric garner died his death helping to inspire the black lives matter movement. his last words became a rallying
8:44 pm
cry. protesters began to chant after a cell phone video showed garner being subdued on a staten island street. >>where he allegedly had been selling cigarettes illegally. >>paramedics arrived and confirmed that garner had a polls but more than 6 minutes past before garner was put on a stretcher. bystanders asked why no one was helping him find the office. nothing garner was pronounced dead before he reached the hospital. >>a city medical examiner determined the chokehold set in motion a quote lethal cascade of events, including an asthma attack and a fatal heart attack. daniel pantaleo the officer who put garner in the chokehold became the center of a long and heated controversy. we had. >>grand jury know that there was no crime. we had the feds say there was no crime and now
8:45 pm
we have politics saying that there was. >>the administrative judge said pen to leo should be fired. >>today is one of the saddest the most damaging days in the history of new york city in the new york city police department. >>eric garner son calls it a step before we still got more steps. >>so we could make sure that this don't happen again to another family police commissioner james o'neill suspended pen to leo and we'll have the final say on termination commission o'neill. >>a male. the decision on firing the officer will not come for at least 10 days now that is to allow both sides to comment on the judge's decision, we'll keep you posted can catherine back to you grant thank you. us navy has said has identified the pilot who was killed in the fighter jet crash earlier this week, the pilot was 33 year-old lieutenant. >>charles zewe walker. the navy released this picture of walker but provided no additional information such as
8:46 pm
his hometown walker's f a 18 super hornet crashed on july 31th in death valley national park while flying through a canyon where military pilots routinely conduct low level training missions, 7 park visitors on a canyon overlook suffered minor injuries caused by debris coming from that crash. the super hornet was assigned to strike fighter squadron vfa one 51 that's based at naval air station the more in california's central valley. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >>the us olympic and paralympic committee is looking for a known athlete who can make a difference they say in tokyo 2020. thousands of hopefuls from all over the country gave it their all to join team usa but an athlete from central california is one of just 50 people chosen to work out for the committee in colorado with a chance of being the next olympic hopeful. reporter pedro rivera sat down with kellie van der more to talk about her olympic dreams. this is kelly been to
8:47 pm
more. by day she's a personal trainer here at 24 hour fitness and go over yet. but long before the sun is up she's training to be the next olympic hopeful. >>just a big mental game so to go to tokyo would be like winning the biggest battle with yousself that's all i do is train. >>the former college track and field athletes as competing for gold has always been a dream. >>olympics is always on the go board so every morning i wake up and i see that on my goal, it's right in front of me always and soon it could be a reality in the spring, the us olympic and paralympic committee and 24 hour fitness. >>the host the nationwide search for undiscovered talent. more than 4,000 people tried out with the top 25 men and 25 women, getting the chance to train in front of team. usa coach is caught.
8:48 pm
kelly just returned from the teen usa training center in colorado. kelly says the coaches were looking for athletes to compete in different sports from rowing and cycling to bobsled. >>literally the amount of stuff we had to do that none of a sudden we're so start by day one. we can show it we can't do anything about it. so you just have to keep going we have to recover we had to go in working just as hard the if all goes according to kelly's plan we could see her donning the red white and blue. >>on the world's biggest stage in 2020. in gold river pedro rivera. >>kelly and now has to wait until december to find out whether she will make team usa for 2020. >>and we'll start tonight off of the giant a club that's found a way to turn its season around in uncharted territory tonight back to back losses for the first time in more than a month the road trip moves to colorado, sean anderson getting the start. the orange meanwhile top of the 5th all monitor to want for my kids average want to
8:49 pm
deep right field no doubt about it to the mile high air soaring. giants take a 42 lead. we'll drive want to deep center field carrying steven duggar of the wall tries to make a play but it leaves the park mcmahon times on one swing. a lot of the 7 to one. no out for ian desmond. he sent one into the right-center gap off the top off the wall. coming to score is charlie blackmon it rockies. go off 5 to 4 men in the knife, giants to be some in some magic trying to make something happen. the tying run at second. this trend scheme as an opportunity to be the hero. rounds 1, 4, 6, 3 double play giants was a close 1, 5, for your final back to back losses for the first time since late june of the a's have the day off that opening 2 games set against the cardinals tomorrow now to the nfl raiders wideout antonio brown missed another practice today. and we may have found the reason why
8:50 pm
apologies if you are in the middle of a meal when we show you this the superstar receiver. recently posted this on his instagram story. a photo of his severely blistered feet ouch. now he's been out of practice. the last 2 days limited on tuesday. jon gruden hoping to get him back in the mix soon. >>i think we're all disappointed i think he's disappointed we like get already starting like get him out aires. the part of this team time being we're going to continue to work hard and we've seen the development of some other receivers we're excited about. >>now the 40 niners camp we are we can to practice as santa clara, a number of storylines to break down jimmy garoppolo continue to get up to game speed following the acl injury. rookie nick bosa finding his way in what could be a dangerous pass rush this season. grant killed 49 ers writer for the santa rosa press democrat has been in practice every day and he offered his early assessment of below going into next year.
8:51 pm
>>he couldn't carry over from 2017 20 18 in. john lunn said was well in 2017 you just had a very small playbook and you can sort of play on instinct in 2018 there was more responsibility mentally for him and he. struggled at first i think the implication is the niners she'll want to get more reps more games really started 10 games. his career to help the a's more. hill seem like a more mentally profession. quarterback right now he still makes rookie mistakes you can see it every day in training camp. >>that was at 7 o'clock on kron on bay area sports night finally tonight, the a warriors move into their new home next season in the low can the chase center era with one of the team's expected to win it all this year golden state reportedly will host the new-look los angeles clippers. when the regular season begins in late october, one catch up a warriors team that won the west 5 years in a row. we saw against an l a team that shook up the off season signing finals mvp kawhi leonard and acquiring paul george reports
8:52 pm
have also emerged the warriors will be hosting the rockets on christmas day. so how about those matchups can catherine. what a way open up the chase ended on a good one mark. thank you mark. yeah, that's scary. a woman on hike along it's the scare of her life when a bear begins to charge or what happened next. she says saved her life. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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>>a woman was out dog what she loves running, but there moment for that colorado woman where she saw life might come to a sudden and violent end ed teacher didn't she's got photos, she's got video too document her all too close encounter with nature. >>reporter michael a bay to talk to the woman about what happened. >>i do a lot of hiking in colorado a lot of times by myself i do 14 ers in a part of a lot of different hiking group sherry more loves to explore the colorado rockies. so when she was in canada. she thought she'd give the coast mountains a try. she went on a run near the town of whistler i'm like i was just like whoa moment stop and take a selfie after grabbing a pick she had the scare of her life i see a bear clan for down from the rocks and just ahead me right on to the trail she immediately panics i don't know what to do i don't know what it's going to do he started slowly, backing up snapping pictures and taking videos with their phone. but it didn't seem to be deterring the bear which at this point had stood up on 2 i thought
8:56 pm
this is it i'm about to be mauled by a bear then at the last minute she decided to get stern. i just like no get back no get doubt the bear turned around and left and when sherry can no longer see it. i ran faster than i think i've ever ran in my life she still shaken up, but she says she loved the mountains too much to let this stop her. >>she already has plans for the weekend, i'm just going to go for and i nominate i know it's going to be hard and played a very emotional. but i need to get past that fear. >>i can't believe the work to getting stern. that's what they say to do put your hands up over your head and then for bear throw rocks or sticks an attorney yet maybe that helped but it would be scary for sure. all right this a good time for reminder of what to do if you are encountering a bear experts say try to stay as calm as he can walk away slowly and don't yell which is what i just said you should visit. listen to me. it kind of worked for her, she got stirred up as a precaution.
8:57 pm
>>if you know you're going to be out in bear country. they say i take some bear spray and get so. 4 news at a time right i don't know what i'm talking about what these guys do our primetime coverage just getting started on this friday night grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at night gathering ken thanks very much. i usually go with whatever can says so. >>and there you have it and you guys both might not be affair he ran into a bexar county up next and 9. the gilroy police department is releasing new details about sunday's horrific shooting at that garlic festival specifically today law enforcement is talking about the encounter with the gunman after he opened fire killing 3 people tonight, we're learning the shooter took his own life. details about that straight ahead in a live report plus a bizarre story out of the east bay, a man is behind bars accused of going on a vandalism spree in his own neighborhood tagging cars, homes and breaking windows. >>why it is now not being called a hate crime and you saw them at their the weekend is here going to be a hot. >>one for much of the bay area
8:58 pm
chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here hill tells a he'll tell us which cities could flirt with triple digits here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>>police release new information about the death of the gunman responsible for


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