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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 2, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>police release new information about the death of the gunman responsible for that mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival thanks
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for joining us tonight, everyone i'm grant lotus i'm vicki liviakis the corner he's now saying that the shooter did not die from police gunfire, he killed himself. >>our first and 4 live for us in the gilroy police department tonight and he joins us with more with the chief of saints. >>well vicki, the chief says that he believes that this revelation it does not take away. the fact that his police officers essentially stopped the shooter and save the lives. he says the coroner's finding is just another part of what's been an ongoing investigation. >>i mean doesn't change anything in my mind gilroy police chief scot smithee weighs in on the coroner's report saying the gilroy garlic festival shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the initial police account was that the gunman was shot and killed by police when the shooting started are. >>officers ran to the scene the 3 officers shot at the suspect striking him multiple times the chief says the shooter santana leg and went down while still holding his
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rifle. >>and pulled the trigger one final time i he was able to get one more round off was able to shoot himself in the head which is why it results in. cause and manner a suicide. >>in order to help the story remain consistent. the chief says the department decided to hold a press conference. the chief does not believe any of the responding officers saw the gunman shoot himself. >>from mary reports to me is that they did not. we realize that that happened. >>well the chief says that he ah it does not or rather the chief says at this coroners report does discredit the heroic efforts that were shown by the gilroy police department right now the area where the shooting happened is still an active scene as this investigation continues, reporting live in gilroy dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan governor newsome is calling on the federal government to take action following that shooting. and that's after the gunman bypass the state's strict gun laws by.
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>>mind his weapon in another state bringing it back here to california as capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains tonight. it's part of a troubling trend. >>governor gavin newsome this week acknowledged even with gun laws as strict as california is the only maybe a strong as those of nearby states investigators say the gunman in the gilroy shooting legally bought the assault rifle in nevada and that a governor i keep exchanging. >>why smells and i want to just acknowledge a governor reached out to me right away could have been more gracious left a message texts saying anything i can do which i really appreciate it. >>federal data shows in recent years and more than half of california, crime scenes, the guns recovered were from out of state, nevada being the second largest supplier. >>we reached out to nevada governor steve says elect for comment but did not hear back friday. he tweeted earlier this week, his condolences to the gilroy community governor newsom says the federal government needs to take
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control any the national background check system we need to close the gun show loopholes we needed just the of certainty that you can't even rent a car at 19 little drink what you can buy a weapon of war and gunned down 1215 people. it's absurd. i mean that's extremism and the current the made in this country. another crisis in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and today we're hearing the frantic calls to 911 right after the bullets started flying in gilroy in one clip a woman is hysterically talking to the dispatcher as she sits with an injured person. the terror in her voice is undeniable and it's chilly. >>we understand ok we understand we have somebody going to that list of equivocation where you people down. says. everyone on the way. the ambulance on the way
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you're not a doctor i on i knew begin to the police. >>no there are day in amber. body out. the body. >>i know some of the vendors at the garlic festival. they're picking up their belongings from the festival grounds now scores of people and leave everything behind when the shooting broke out on sunday yesterday law enforcement officials escorted vendors in and out of fairgrounds many vendors. you know they make a living of by moving from festival to festival during the summer, some of them say that having to wait to get their belongings has slowed down their work. law enforcement also taking personal items to broker elementary school which is serving as a family assistance center, but items still any active investigation zone may not be available for pickup and tell the
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investigation is over. >>a lot of people on it festival circuit. >>and they have to make it to the next event so they're looking now at. festivals down the line maybe a month until they get their items back. they they should receive it back but if your food product or something that spoiled. i mean just claim the insurance claims will probably take a while. >>law enforcement also taking personal items to wreck erlam entry which is serving as a family assistance center, but items still in the investigation zone may not be available for pickup as we mentioned intel, the investigation is over now to the south bay, san jose police officers have canceled a raffle for the sale of a semiautomatic rifle this a picture of the flyer advertising the rappel the department decided to cancel the raffle after criticism following the gilroy shooting tickets to win the 9 milimetres semiautomatic rifle were being sold for $20 a piece. it was supposed to take place on tuesday next week
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proceeds were to benefit the san jose police department chaplain c. >>and we have continuing coverage of the festival shooting on air and online and during the commercial break seen head or 24 hour streaming service kron on he also download our kron 4 mobile app to get push alerts sent straight to your phone. as new developments come into our newsroom. other news now this in the east bay investigators say the man who allegedly threw rocks through windows into bay point neighborhood and spray painted racial slurs, offensive to black people turns out to be the next door neighbor of the victims. and the suspect himself as black pro forcefully call spoke with the neighbors who initially thought they were the victims of a hate crime. >>63 year-old alvin brown was arrested friday morning in bay point by the contra costa county office of the sheriff, he was booked at the martinez jail on 3 felony counts of vandalism he is accused of throwing rocks through his neighbors, homes and windows and spray painting graffiti on their cars and other property
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in total 3 homes and cars were vandalized all of the victims are african americans the graffiti included racial slurs. >>we had million reaction with him for him to do this to us. he knows exactly who's in the house, he injure anybody he could injure our children in the household the vandalism was reported early wednesday morning on el rincon road in bay point. >>initially neighbors thought they were the victims of a hate crime but the sheriff's office says that's not the case a motive is unclear but neighbors confirm brown lives here with his girlfriend and investigators believe that relationship may have played a role in the crimes because mr. brown has a personal relationship with one of the victims. >>and we are investigating some conspiracy. components to that case that is giving us the confidence that this is not a hate crime. the conspiracy being a similar incident reported on the same street back in 2015 where rocks were thrown through 3 home windows. >>brown was never charged for
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the crimes, but now the sheriff's office is looking into it. many addison is among the recent victims and lives next door to brown we never had no problems a thing like that. >>well it's been a good neighbor and a good friend, but. >>i don't know i don't know what's going on brown's bail is set at $80,000 felipe should all kron 4 news. >>in san jose jimenez behind bars after police say he sexually assaulted a 12 year-old 43 year-old cashman hill was arrested wednesday police say the victim was walking near north 4th street not far from san jose city hall. they say hill lord the victim into an alleyway where he sexually assaulted. the 12 year-old someone nearby saw what was happening and called police according to authorities. hill was subsequently arrested in that area. an alarming increase in home births have police in the north bay. >>on alert with more than a dozen happening in the last few weeks all during the day. our first justine waltman has the story now from sandra fell
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which includes advice from police on keeping your home safe. >>yes center for all the obvious here it's a very a very nice community. it's very safe community. >>we don't see a lot of these a lot is 14, 14 homes broken into in the last 4 weeks all during the hours of 09:00am and noon all 14 of the burglaries that residences were unoccupied. >>so we think there may be some casing going on by the suspects sandra fell police lieutenant dan thing tells me the burglars are taking jewelry and electronics. >>things that can be easily pond are sold. 8 of the homes hit are in the terra linda area. the other 6 are spread out in different parts of the city, some of the burglaries have been forced entry with either a broken window or upright tool to a door and some the burglaries have also been unlocked a resident says that they've walked into. >>there is no security video of any of the crimes and no suspect or vehicle descriptions police advise no matter where you live in the bay area lock your doors keep
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valuables out of sight from the street. >>and report anything suspicious happening there. >>one of the biggest things that that i think people forget is to really keep your eyes open in her neighborhood. >>now san result police will be stepping up patrols in the neighborhoods hit hard by these home burglaries in sandra fell i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>the study says about 50%. burglars that's half gain access to homes through unlocked doors and windows one tip to deter residential burglaries is to organize we're joined a neighborhood watch group neighbors, helping neighbors by watching out for one another and reporting in the us suspicious activity. another tip is to install a security camera it's a great way to deter residential burglaries and finally it may seem basic but to lock your doors and windows when you're going out or even if you're going to be in the backyard. the california highway patrol car overturned during a chase it happened early today in san jose just after midnight, the officers were pursuing a white pickup for speeding.
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>>on southbound 2.80 the chp vehicle when over a dirt gore point and the officers there was driving lost control. the patrol car went off the left side of the road over turned. the officers suffered minor injuries and were not hospitalized after the crash. the speeding suspect in the pickup was never found. >>taking a live at san francisco's embarcadero for a 4 zone forecast as we are entering the weekend say louder. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here don't need to remind you of that. let's go outside this weekend. in spots outside in the valleys. yeah that's where you find the real heat, those temperatures soaring into the triple digits to the central valley going to be hot enough locally.
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>>in the 90's so with that being said about this a nice shot 3 outside this evening as the sun is setting on the bay area and indeed we are going to see beautiful weather head as high pressure going to take care of us for the weekend. and some patchy fog of moving in along the coastline and inside the bay so just a thin layer out there right now kind of give you an idea of just how strong that ridges up above so here we go we've got a cold front moving in the pacific northwest across some showers up in seattle and portland today but nothing reaching here but we did have some heavy drizzle out along the coastline boy, some of the coast very damp today as the drizzle making some puddles out there on the roads early on this morning that fog is pushing back on shore but it's compressing somewhat i don't think we're going to see as much in the way of drizzle overnight tonight. but we will see some dense fog approaching the coastline. temperatures outside right now 70 degrees in morgan hill, 70 also redwood city, cool 57 patchy fog in pacifica 66 in fremont 60 degrees in livermore 75 in concord 65 degrees in the napa valley, 70 in nevado and 70
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degrees in santa rosa. overnight tonight. we are going to see patchy dense fog developing along the coastline that frontal system that is going to slide on by that allowed this big ridge of high pressure to begin to build in. that's going to send those temperatures up all around the bay area getting hot in the interior valleys. low clouds and fog sneaking inside the bay not going to be able to make its way all the way the interiors a start to compress somewhat so we'll see that early on tomorrow morning. you wake up you've got some patchy fog and then it's going to pull back to the coastline and keep those temperatures cool up toward the beaches but the valleys you're going to heat things up in a hurry. numbers looking like this we're talking 90's and the santa rose about 82 in the napa valley, 95 degrees in livermore about 85 in san jose, then you've got some 60's along the coastline. next couple days hot inland. cool by the coast. then everybody starts to cool down the beginning of next week. president trump's attacks on major american cities continues. >>earlier this week, his focus was on baltimore about campaign rally last night. the
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president returned to his favorite punching bag, san francisco and also had many and kind words for the governor kron four's dan kerman has more. >>california's homeless problem specifically in los angeles and san francisco is once again the focus of attacks from the president. >>the conditions in nancy pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplo%able. >>plorable. >>at a campaign rally in ohio thursday, the president also took aim at the governor over illegal immigration. >>people like that government say come on up we'll give you health care coming wouldn't come up. >>governor newsome says the president is happy to criticize. but has nothing to offer in the way of solutions just the opposite in fact. >>i just found it interesting. i think the try to take million from la housing and urban development agency. well that's a way of helping. what if they have ideas and looking forward to there council their
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advice. their economic and resource support. they're waiting for those calls. >>those economic resources refer to the federal housing budget which was slashed nearly 80% during the reagan administration. >>these basically using homeless people to blame. in play politics, homeless advocates say if the president would stop playing politics and restore that funding that it could make a real dent in the homeless problem. what we're seeing are out on the streets in san francisco could easily be addressed by trump himself. it's unknown if the president wants the federal government to reinvest in affordable housing. >>what is likely is that the attacks on san francisco and los angeles and the governor will likely continue. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>as california law is now limiting youth football teams, full-contact practices to prevent head injuries. one nfl player and very native is addressing the concussion
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crisis. >>by stressing the proper tackling technique don't use your noggin kron four's gayle ong is live in mill valley where there is a camp teaching young players, the technique scale that's the big idea right bill at. >>exactly granting they key now 9.14 the 2 not 14 year-old players participated at the camp today here at bayfront park. they learned it safe techniques using their hands and shoulders from someone who is familiar with the sport. >>retired player in lexington native got peter's right in near training technique work, but my players use their bodies. but not their head. the idea inspired by i really immerse myself in the martial arts and i found one things in common. skies are super powerful. >>and that the best mechanics the way they stay safe in the cage, the ring etcetera is skills. >>peters a former nfl defensive lineman held the camp in mill valley friday with a southerner in broncos, the same week governor gavin newsome sign the california youth football act the laws designed to prevent head
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injuries. it limits full-contact practices to 30 minutes per day twice a week peters thinks the new lies good for football. lot of the stuff is like a cage now they're checking for hydration. >>obviously we need to have water available and we need to teach coaches how to hit how to take contact and give contact without the helmet and that's what we do with tip of the spear. >>co-founder and president of california football lions joe after says this type of training is the future of tackle football. we're developing a new culture for you tackle football and we're moving it from a win at all cost to safety at all cost mindset and it starts with developing safety and performance bringing the best techniques as best techniques take the head out of the game. >>and the kids have a great time. >>raptors says they use the earlier years to prepare kids so they don't get hurt later on parents agree what i've seen of a pretty >>the other a lot of years i've lives of all visits to get a different than what we used to do so new technology all but i think you can get hurt and concussions in.
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>>anything rating bike skateboard i mean least they're learning how to be safe about it. >>tip of the spear trains coaches to players from the youth level like we saw today for the nfl level. some of the players the oakland raiders we're live in mill valley, gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle, and you can say adios to water bottles at the airport at least sfo that airport will no longer sell plastic bottles. beginning later this month you can still get soda and juice in a plastic bottle. but you won't find any water package that way anymore sfo is apparently the first airport in the country to ban the sale of plastic water bottles kron four's michelle kingston reports. >>san francisco international airport sells about 10 1000 plastic water bottles a day that's a lot of plastic that ends up in the the ocean which is the worst thing t in less than 3 weeks they will be selling any water in plastic bottles anymore.
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>>it will be sold in either a recyclable aluminum bottle or can a recycled glass bottle or in a compostable bottle it's all part of their goal to make sure none of the airport waste goes to landfill. david moyes men brought his own water bottle to the airport and says that's what he does wherever it goes. >>he cut down on a plastic cut back a lot of carbon emissions very helpful. >>sfo has about 100 water stations throughout the airport so david and other passengers can fill up their own bottle scoping the environment and their wall. >>because for me it's very important to help the planet. you're going to have to empty it before you get on to go through security and then you can refill it when you go through. >>at t's juices sodas you'll still be able to find all of those in plastic bottles, it's just the water you will no longer find in a plastic bottle come august 20th. this applies to every part of the airport and tell you board your flight in san francisco,
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michelle kingston kron for news. >>6 changes are coming to bart as well the transit agency is phasing out paper tickets at certain stations in favor of clipper cards only, everyone uses barred should go a purchase one of these reusable reloadable plastic clipper cards as a for bay area stations are soon only going to be accepting of those writers so seemed like the change though. >>it is faster than the paper making one its easy. it's a and then even for bach barking you can use it. yet every month it when news of an error i need to say it, comedian. >>starting monday, the 19th street bart station in oakland will be clipper only and then 2 weeks later the embarcadero station we'll follow a in september the palacstreet station in the downtown berkeley station. we'll also only except clipper cards so if you still have a paper ticket though you can still use it to enter and exit the
9:22 pm
station is just for law as long as the money remains on the ticket, san francisco, firefighters rescued a woman an 8 year-old child and a dog who are all stranded about 30 feet down a cliff at fort fun stunt today. >>the woman and kid rescued first took about another half hour to get the dog one firefighter was hospitalized after the rescue. but the injuries are not considered anything serious >>5 years since the death of eric garner and today a judge against the police officer for his involvement in the case. details ahead. >>congressional interns are finally getting paid for their
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>>finally getting paid for their work on capitol hill an organization called college to congress spent months lobbying lawmakers for the new funding and guidelines to provide to pay for the interns and that were paid off. but the change earlier this year. audrey henson founder of college to congress was a former unpaid intern herself the new measure provided $20,000 to each house office and 50 grand to each senate office to pay interns for more than 20 years congress has not provided money for interns, causing major financial issues for college students seeking an opportunity. >>as many people know super expensive it's really burdensome. owns a business but you know things happened
9:26 pm
so it's not very ideal at times. >>says the changes should put internships within reach now for students who have more diverse backgrounds lowe's is announcing it is laying off thousands of workers at its home improvement stores and layoffs are going to impact workers as stores all of the bay area. lo says it is outsourcing those jobs to 3rd party companies to let store associate spend more time on the sales floor. serving customers the company would not say exactly how many workers are being laid off. workers whose jobs are being eliminated will be given transition paying the chance to apply for open roles within the company. investigating the death of leonard robert f kennedy's granddaughters the latest on her death in what police are saying tonight. >>many big box retailers now stocking bulletproof backpacks for back to school how the sale is now leading
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>>and the east bay of violence smash-and-grab robbery is rattling the nerves of some people who live and work in the area of the popular like can understand why some people we talked to say they like to see more police in the area to put a stop to what they say is an ongoing issue kron 4 says he quit your reports. >>it is something that could happen to anyone you're seated in your parked car and me those to you a robber sneaks up on the passenger side of the vehicle. that's with this massive grab happens. it's not
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unusual to be sitting in your car and having your personal possessions with you. >>and to have somebody keep up your car and look in it and then come back and robbie while you're in it that just says that is so surprising. >>it happened wednesday just before 05:00pm here this public parking lot at the corner of grand avenue at euclid near lake merritt surveillance video recorded the incident did you see to drive into the light in this dark colored four-door sedan one person gets out of the vehicle it sneaks up to the passenger side did gets back into the car. the second person gets out of the car does us a but this time smashes the window and grabs a little bit personal property was back to the vehicle and drives away the victim's vehicle was parked right here as you can see the remains of shattered glass still on the ground. there is cited all over the parking lot warning drivers not to leave personal property in their vehicles that is because people who live and work in the area tell kron 4 burglaries are going
9:31 pm
problem here, however they say this is the first time that a victim was seated in the vehicle that it happened. some folks that i spoke to were so concerned they asked not to reveal their identities that's their belongings in there. >>they're getting out of the car and they're rubbing me. >>that's another level it's scary but it's normal. i feel like we see or hear something about this every couple of days. >>they say they would like oakland police to help deter the problem. the force of the worst happens guess i would like to see more of the police. >>presidents in the area because if this is a targeted spot. we would like to put an end to that i reached out to oakland police to get their response. still waiting for their reply. in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>i can't brees threw up heating some of eric garner's final wordsna judge ruled today that new york city police officer daniel pantaleo would be suspended for his involvement in the death of
9:32 pm
garner and he recommended that officer be fired the incident. 5 years ago now caught on video generated nationwide protests. the new york police department administrate of judge today recommending that officer daniel pantaleo be fired following his controversial involvement in garner's death. the commissioner of that police department james o'neill suspended pen to leo and we'll have the final say on his termination garner's family is saying this is all far from over. sort of happy that he came to conclude what a judge came to a conclusion about it. it's to this one step forward. we still got more steps. so we could make sure that this don't happen again to another family. >>garner was confronted by police trying to arrest him back in july of 2014. he was allegedly selling cigarettes see legally that confrontation was as we know caught on video and that later sparked
9:33 pm
protests nationwide president trump also spoke about the case today. >>sad situation. it really is heartbreaking. but that's in process right now so i'm not going to get involved in the process as you know they're going to be making a final decision i guess over the next 10 days so i won't interfere with the process. >>the officers attorneys will have 2 weeks now to respond to the recommendation made by the n y p d deputy commissioner after that again the police commissioner james o'neill has the final say officer pen to lay his fate. >>new york rapper asap rocky has been released from a prison in sweden where he faces assault charges. after president trump put the pressure for his release reid binion has more. >>tonight was was a great night for. for rock and a america. >>american rapper asap rocky and 2 of his friends are out of the swedish prison after a month behind bars on assault
9:34 pm
charges to which rocky has pleaded not guilty. we're satisfied. we had 2 goals. >>one game can't was going to be a free man today the rapper left sweden for the us or private jet taking to instagram thanking his friends and fans for support saying quote. >>i can't begin to describe how grateful, i am for all of you this has been a very difficult and humbling experience i just got off phone with president states. >>and let him know that the member coming home rockies case gained international attention after president trump got involved. >>putting pressure on sweden for the rapper's release even getting the white house's lead hostage negotiators involved warning sweden that there will be negative consequences if the case isn't resolved quickly if the president felt that they were. they should have been detained president trump celebrated the rapper's release tweeting it was a rocky week get home asap asap rocky and his friends will learn their fate on august 14th when the swedish court hands down their verdict.
9:35 pm
>>we're hoping for acquittal 14 days, we have to wait and i read in your reporting. >>and the east bay, a man was robbed at gunpoint near u c berkeley it happened early yesterday morning in a parking lot near deer and and telegraph avenue. >>3 thieves stole a man's wallet and his phone one of the suspects had a gun and they all got away in a car about 10 minutes before the robbery police say that 2 people chased a man and a woman and the 2400 block of bancroft way the man and woman got away police did not say if the 2 incidents are connected. >>believe it or not it's back to school time here we are in august and as people start shopping you'll need more than the usual as many of the big national chains are stocking equipment designed to protect kids from gunshots, sand, those items are right the school supply i'll a brand called guard dog is selling bulletproof backpacks at places like office, max and office depot. they sell for anywhere between a 10200 bucks the company who makes them
9:36 pm
says sales tend to spike this time of year they also say they want parents and students to be prepared. not scared. >>i personally think whether it's with their builder backpacks or not it's about certain that conversation on school safety possibly actors years active shooter situations. >>the backpacks are said to be able to stop a bullet from a 44 caliber handgun. >>mayor london breed announced today that she's going to assist handing out thousands of free backpack acts and supplies help prepare students for the upcoming school years why she's doing it to breed along with a number of groups will have almost 30 giveaways for the next 2 weeks the giveaways which take place annually are expected to distribute more than 5,000 backpacks and school supplies this year alone. one backpack giveaway takes place tomorrow at the hela hill touch community center on mcallister street, the events going to take place from 10:00am to 02:00pm. >>this friday night get ready for the weekend if you look for some fun to do this
9:37 pm
weekend we've got for fun ideas coming for next. just how close are we to a vaccine that prevents hiv. the encouraging results of a study that involved some bay area, researchers and. sports the giants road trip but takes him
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
>>starting with the giants will for the last few weeks it feels as if we're in the
9:40 pm
middle of a brand new season so now it's a little bizarre to see that he moves back to back games. the road trip moves to colorado, sean anderson got the start today for the orange and black month. begin at the top of the 5th oman of it too from my district >>hammers one to deep right field. no doubt about it through the mile high air giants taking 4 to leave. and any later ryan mcmahon we'll drive wanted to deep center field sharing caring steven duggar at the wall tries to make a play but leaves the park mcmahon times and on one swing. bottom of the 7, 2, on and no outs for ian desmond. he sends one into the right-center gap off the top of the wall coming into scores, charlie blackmon. the top of the 9th we go. giants trying to make something happen the tying run at second use trump's key can be the hero browns won 4, 6, 3, double play giants lose a close 1, 5, for your final back to back losses for the first time since late june.
9:41 pm
the a's have the night off open a two-game set with the cardinals tomorrow now to the nba. >>the warriors move into their new home next season and the open the chase center era with one of the team's expected to win it all this year. reportedly will host of the new-look los angeles clippers. that's when the regular season begins in late october. what a match up a warriors team that won the west 5 years in a row against an l a team that shook up the off season signing finals mvp kawhi leonard and acquiring paul george. also emerged the warriors will be hosting the rockets on christmas day. coming up on kron 4 sports attended the latest from 49 ers and raiders training camp antonio brown and misses another practice while we analyze the niners a week
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>>kennedy family once again in mourning one of robert f kennedy's grand daughters has died 22 year-old sir should kennedy a searcher katie hill was one of the grandchildren of the late presidential candidate and his wife at all. >>julie macdonald has more now about what the scene was like yesterday at the family's estate. >>that 911 call from the famous kennedy compound in hyannisport came in around 2 30 thursday afternoon. police and firefighters rush to marshawn to avenue for a medical wbz has learned
9:45 pm
assertion. kennedy hill suffered a deadly overdose. >>the 22 year-old is the only daughter of courtney kennedy hill skyeye video shows cruisers parked inside the famous waterfront estate throughout the afternoon. the 3 houses on the 6 acre property served as the campaign the sun summer white house for president john f kennedy hill was staying at the home of her grandmother 91 year-old ethel kennedy. the family released a statement late thursday which reads in part. our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved her life was filled with hope promise and love. >>the home has been a meeting place for generations of the kennedys and their extended family police handling the investigations describe the scene as an unattended death. >>now to switch gears take a peek outside check of the 4 zone forecast here on a friday night, the embarcadero typically has more traffic for
9:46 pm
traffic car traffic on fridays people trying to figure out how to have fun. yeah. >>this weekend is the name of the game for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow gone up right and yet maybe they're just kind of rest we got a lot of things going on around the bay they want to do everything to try to get there early i doubt will you should get there and this is a good we should go to about this and dogs are for you don't see that every and then have the championships the world championships are going to be in pacifica tomorrow morning if you want to go check that in or check out your dog surfing there you go there register and get into the competition. that's at 9 o'clock. >>and the competition actually begins at 10:00am now do expect some fog there, but it's a great time, the dogs come out there just having a hoot right no surfboards all the way in it will be a eat time there with a gentle swell along the coastline there lynn tomorrow. fremont the festival of the arts that's always a big event lot of sunshine coming your way in fremont temperatures going to be in the mid 70's will be awfully warm their little breeze in the afternoon of course they've got a ton of food booth, the music and just a great time to have their free
9:47 pm
mom. one address of your favorite costume why not nor cal summer cause play gathering that will be in san mateo county park want to check it out mid 70's there at 11:00am people will be shown up there tomorrow just enjoy the warm sunshine of headed out there that way and one of my favorites here you like some food all who doesn't how about doble of any kind you'll be able to find that sunny skies, bright conditions milpitas they're going to be cooking up all that food hall all weekend long they're going to be stars out there to enjoy they're going to be plenty of food, lots of music. and of course a beautiful some will be out there too i could go for some movie right now that sounds awfully good and we've got some sunshine forecast for the bay area, beautiful conditions, nice start to the weekend 70's and oakland we're talking mid 80's in san jose 64 degrees in san francisco. but all around the bay area they were looking at a good weekend ahead. these temperatures going to be nice 60's in the san francisco along the coastline there in pacific and whether dog surf and you'll find those numbers in the 60's patchy fog little
9:48 pm
sunshine in the afternoon. and then the numbers warming up inside the bay 80 degrees in palo alto lots of 80's in the south even 90 in morgan hill 94 in pleasanton tomorrow getting hot 94 in danville 95 along the creek 73 in berkeley 82 in the napa valley and in the north bay, though temperatures a 70's 80's away from the coastline and nice and warm say hot the next couple days in the weekend least in the valleys but then we're going to cool things down beginning on monday. thank you lord health tonight disease experts are hopeful, we could be one step closer to a vaccine. >>that prevents hiv can that be wonderful day, a new report. today says that recent research is showing great promise that a vaccine could one day become a reality saving lives on all over the world. our first washington dc correspondent trevor shirley reports on this new development. >>experts say a new study is showing a high level of potential after years of complicated efforts to create an hiv vaccine for humans. and
9:49 pm
it worked rather promising lee well doctor anthony found she director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases says early trials and monkeys showed the vaccine was both effective and long-lasting. i wasn't surprised at the results i was very pleased to see. >>not only that it was successful in with the ultimate goal was but the durability was impressive every year the national institutes of health spends about million on hiv research. this study is one of 3 major initiatives into an hiv vaccine. that's currently being funded by the end i age well as just another up and new of approach of trying to protect against hiv infection. since the epidemic began previous attempts to create a vaccine have failed. what's the challenge because hiv is an extraordinarily unique virus every year about 38,000 people are newly infected. joining more than a million americans already living with hiv. the hope is that if these
9:50 pm
trials are successful a preventive vaccine would start saving lives here at home and across the world, everyone is cautiously optimistic. but as we know from experience with vaccine trials. you can't count your chickens before they hatch reporting in washington and trevor shirley. >>also this tonight a promising new study may help save the lives of some cancer patients. this has to do with taking 2 medicines together brewton live and rituxan map according to the research patients suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia who take the drug combination reduce the risk of death by 83%. that's compared to traditional chemotherapy. pretty good the 2 medicines also lower the risk that the cancer will get worse. researchers say that drug combination doesn't attack the immune system like a modus. >>that's not something you want to see when you're pumping gas meet the woman
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
>>welcome woman's pit stop at a gas station left her feeling. curry doubt no doubt that's because the snake slithered its way across the gas pumps video screen. a thin vickers has the story in the video of the unpleasant encounter. most gas stations have just about everything indeed nowadays but at this store in gardner, a woman found something you wouldn't want to find when you make a pit stop. >>the mini mart awful 56 is a
9:54 pm
convenient place to stop for holly malcolm us several times a week i drive a lot this asta was running low, i pulled up to the pump that's when she noticed something on the touch screen of number 6 at first, it looked like a piece of from the streets. i thought maybe it. >>have those entertainment videos on there. i thought it was one of those kind of a trick when she saw the head she knew there was a snake inside the screens and it says you want to carl. like. >>that's when she took this video mainly because i didn't think anybody would believe me she showed it to the courts inside and you can't really watch it is so creepy but she did finish filling up her car. carefully are so afraid that the snake was going. that side of the pond. >>today, the gas station this picture of one of the cork safely removing the garden state from the pump. they will look bigger on the screen suppose that plexiglas probably magnifies the size ofh
9:55 pm
the state to she's glad the serpent is out of there and she says it won't keep her from cominback into different the best didn't seem to hurt the gas pump at all today number 6 is still open for business. >>compare sometng if you're a hungry oscar meyer introduced its new ice dogs sandwich today, it's a got a cookie been hot dog sweet cream and candied hot dog bits in it. also includes a spicy dijon gelato the country it's not yet said when it's going to be available in stores, but they are sending out their fame as we are immobile out to give people some free samples up first starting in new york, so we'll have to wait and this is a feeling bizarre food announced this week you might remember that we told you about french's new creation mustard ice cream it go well together really nicely done. >>a 94 year-old veteran nearly tosses away a winning lottery ticket this is a william bow corral force air force veteran who lives in oregon. he plays
9:56 pm
the lottery often and his grand daughter came by to check his latest ticket. she thought mistakenly it was a mega millions ticket when instead it was megabucks. before he tossed it out though we double check to get a check your granddaughter and that his amazement he actually hit on all the winning numbers. the jackpot for the 94 year-old 6 and a half million dollars kerr took home. 2.2 million after taxes so that's a lot to lose over here in tent but the more i don't want to spend it all in one place wow i don't think you never know. >>94 that's the hand that wraps up kron 4 news at night for our primetime coverage continues at the top of the arc and wayne is here. they can grant thank you very much exit and new details on that deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival authorities say the 19 year-old gunman died from his own bullets, not by police. >>this as we hear the frantic 911 calls from that day the
9:57 pm
latest on the investigation next in a live report. plus we have breaking news 3 people now confirmed dead after a cliff gave way at a popular southern california beach, new information just minutes away and a former nfl player gives his take on california's new use football law which limits live in the north bay story don't go away our 3 of i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
9:58 pm
frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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news station. >>that breaking news out of southern california where the death toll has climbed after a cliff collapse at a popular beach thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore within the last 20 minutes or so officials confirm that 2 more people have died after that bluff just gave way bringing the death toll now to 3 this happened in the beach community of encinitas north of san diego you can see the scene there. pretty dramatic. the bluff gave way arou 3 o'clock this afternoon. we're told the beach was packed with people at the time. a woman


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