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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 2, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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news station. >>that breaking news out of southern california where the death toll has climbed after a cliff collapse at a popular beach thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore within the last 20 minutes or so officials confirm that 2 more people have died after that bluff just gave way bringing the death toll now to 3 this happened in the beach community of encinitas north of san diego you can see the scene there. pretty dramatic. the bluff gave way arou 3 o'clock this afternoon. we're told the beach was packed with people at the time. a woman was confirmed dead right after
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the incident and 2 of 3 people were rushed to the hospital they also died. first responders say they rushed to dig people out. this is natural. officials say a 4th person suffered minor injuries. the area has been cordoned off until crews can move heavy equipment into that area and clear the scene we'll keep you posted. >>we understand ok we understand we have the money going to that with the big location where you >>new tonight, we're hearing chilling recordings from the day of the garlic festival shooting this is a woman on the phone with the 911 dispatcher as she nursed a man who had been shot, we'll hear more of that. in a moment, but
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first investigators are revealing new information about the death of the gunman responsible for that shooting the story is changing today, the coroner now saying the shooter did not die from police gunfire. >>rather he killed himself kron four's dan thorn live at the gilroy police department tonight, he joins us now with more on what the chief is saying dan. >>well grant the chief says that this revelation he believes does not take away from the fact that his police officers stopped the shooter and save the lives. he says the coroner's finding is just another part of what's been an ongoing investigation. >>we changed anything in my mind gilroy poce chief scot smithee weighs in on the coroner's report saying the gilroy garlic festival shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the initial police account was that the gunman was shot and killed by police when the shooting started are. >>officers ran to the scene the 3 officers shot at the suspect striking him multiple
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times the chief says the shooter santino leg and went down while still holding his rifle and pulled the trigger one final time i he was able to get one more round off was able to shoot himself in the head which is why it results in a cause and manner a suicide. >>in order to help the story remain consistent. the chief says the department decided to hold a press conference. the chief does not believe any of the responding officers saw the gunmen shoot themselves. >>from mary reports to me is that they did not. we realize that that happened. >>the police chief says the coroner's report does not discredit the heroic efforts shown by the gilroy police department on that day as for the area where the shooting happened that is still an active crime scene as this investigation continues reporting live in gilroy dan thorn kron 4 news dan thank you and tonight we are hearing more of the frantic calls made to 911 following the chaos of
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that deal shooting more from that one woman we were hearing she's talking to a 911 dispatcher. >>as she's there with an injured person trying to help that individual and the panic and horror in her voice is undeniable and it's chilling. >>we understand ok we understand we have somebody going to that list of equivocation where you people down. everyone on the way. the ambulance and the way you're not a doctor i on a dock. i knew speaking to the police. >>no there are winners are van body out. the body. >>such panic and then certainly a reminder for every
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one of the struggles that everyone was dealing with the dispatchers not to mention the first responders bravely running and driving to the scene trying to help people and that is just a short clip of the 911 call you can find the full recorng on our website kron 4 dot com. the following some criticism said it is insensitive to the victims of the gilroy shooting the san jose police officers association has canceled. >>a gun raffle, the police officers union advertiser raffle of a 9 millimeter semiautomatic rifle in a full-page ad in their monthly magazine. the raffle was set to take place at the union's monthly meeting on tuesday proceeds for to benefit the san jose police department chaplains group governor gavin newsome is calling on the federal government to take action after last sunday's shooting in gilroy. >>and this comes as the gunman bypassed california strict gun laws by buying the gun in nevada and then using it in california as our kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains now. this is
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part of a troubling trend. >>governor gavin newsome this week acknowledged even with gun laws as strict as california is the only may be as strong as those of nearby states investigators say the gunman in the gilroy shooting legally bought the assault rifle in nevada and that a governor i keep exchanging. >>why smells and i want to just acknowledge a governor reached out to me right away could have been more gracious left a message texts saying anything i can do which i really appreciated. >>federal data shows in recent years and more than half of california, crime scenes, the guns recovered were from out of state, nevada being the second largest supplier. we reached out to nevada governor steve says elect for comment but did not hear back friday. he tweeted earlier this week, his condolences to the gilroy community governor newsom says the federal government needs to take control we need a national background check system we need to close the gun show loopholes we needed.
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>>just the of certainty that you can't even rent a car at 19 little drink. but you can buy a weapon of war and gunned down 1215 people. it's absurd. i mean that's extremism and the current the made in this country. another crisis in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. we have continuing coverage shows a garlic festival shooting on air and online and during the commercial breaks on 24 hour streaming service kron on. >>you can also download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight your phone as new developments come into our newsroom. other big story. we're tracking tonight. we now know the pilot's name who was killed in wednesday's jet crash. it's 33 year-old lieutenant charles walker, a navy spokesperson says walker was incredible a naval aviator. he was an incredible husband and son as well according to the navy, the f a 18 e super hornet crashed near naval air weapons station china lake. the naval stations
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about a 125 miles north of l a 7 tourists from france were on the ground when it crashed and they suffered injuries after being hit from shrapnel from the crash the cause of that crash is still being investigated. in san francisco, a woman an 8 year-old child and a dog are all ok tonight after they were stranded on a cliff earlier, firefighters responded to fort funds to in just afternoon. they say the family was stranded about 30 feet down that cliff. around one 30 firefighters said they rescued, a woman and child were being taken to safety shortly. before that the dog was also rescued safely one firefighter was hospitalized for non life threatening injuries. the fbi says they found a gun that was stolen last month in oakland. the fbi reported this semi automatic rifle, a loaded magazine and a jacket with official fbi markings were stolen from a special agents car in the parking lot of the hagan
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burger shopping center. the agency offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the items. the fbi said in a statement tonight. the weapon is no longer a threat to public safety. the fbi did not say if the ammo and jacket were also found. we are we're getting more reaction tonight, california's new law on youth football, it limits full-contact practices to try to prevent. >>head injuries some people talking about this 1 one former nfl player and barrett native is addressing the concussion crisis by stressing. >>that people use proper tackling techniques kron four's gayle ong live tonight in mill valley, where there was a camp. they were teaching young players. how to properly tackle gayle. >>yes, grant and ken 9 years old a 14 year-old football players participated here in mill valley. they learned it safe techniques using their hands and shoulders from someone familiar with the sport. >>retired nfl player in lexington native got peter's
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right in the mirror training technique work, but my players use their body. but not their head. the idea inspired by my story. >>whatreally immerse myself in the martial arts and i found one thing that's in common. skies are super powerful and then the best mechanics the way they stay safe in the cage, the ring etcetera is skills. >>peters a former nfl defensive lineman held a camp in mill valley friday with a southerner in broncos, the same week governor gavin newsome sign the california youth football app the laws designed to prevent head injuries. it limits full-contact practices to 30 minutes per day twice a week peters thinks the new lies good for football. lot of the stuff is like a cage now they're checking for hydration. >>obviously we need to have water available that we need to teach coaches how to hit how to take contact and give contact without the helmet and that's what we do with tip of the spear. >>co-founder and president of california football lions joe after says this type of training is the future of tackle football. we're developing a new culture for you tackle football and we're moving it from a win at all cost to safety at all cost mindset and it starts with
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developing safety and performance bringing the best techniques as the best techniques take the head out of the game. >>and the kids have a great time raptors says they use the earlier years to prepare kids so they don't get hurt later on parents agree what i've seen of a pretty >>the young a lot of years of of of all visits to get a different than what we used to do so new technology all but i think you can get hurt and concussions in. >>anything riding bikes key i mean least they're learning how to be safe about it. >>tip of the spear coaches. actually trained coaches and thousands of players from the youth level like you saw today to the nfl level among them the oakland raiders we're live in mill valley kron 4 news. >>well thank you step outside and see all things are shaping up. i'd say the weekend is pretty much officially here so that's what we're looking forward to safe to say that music to our ears chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow with us years to the weekend. yes we're well on our way now right away, but it's not looking good as the weekend is setting itself up to be a very nice one of fact hot spots lose patchy fog over the bay right now you can really get the sense. the high pressure started in kampala really compress that marine air you just see a fin lair out there right now that's what's going to be tonight will be a little thick along the coastline, some dense fog. a possibility but because getting compressed not to reach all the way to the interior valleys today, we've got kind of a a hint of things to come as the temperatures starting to warm up 67 degrees in san francisco, 72 beautiful in oakland 80 degrees in san jose, the new at 88 bounce back in live more than we get to the 90's in the concord and 90 degrees in santa rosa, some these temperatures already running above the average. we're going up from here. high pressure taking over right now, but we do have one cold front actually moves through the pacific northwest bringing us more rain and some showers into seattle and portland and kind ov just fall apart as it moved through, but pretty impressive just to see what hanging together at this time
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of year. low clouds and fog along the coastline right now you can see that thin layer that has moved in all along the close now but it's a deep green there last night and that made for some very wet conditions along the coastal sections of daly city south san francisco pacifica half moon bay oil almost looks like rain early on this morning with some puddles on the ground not going to be as wet overnight tonight certainly could see couple patches of drizzle but more dense fog developing outside temperature 71 degrees still warm in concord this hour, 70 to 65 in san jose very nice in to read the city of 6757 degrees cooler by 10 degrees over the hill pacifica 59 in san francisco 61 in petaluma and 64 degrees in nevada tonight, we'll see some patchy fog redeveloping it will be dense in spots. this front go to kind of slide on through right here one set from moves by high pressure really begins to build back into the bay area that's for ridge coming out of the desert southwest was going bring that dry desert air at first eventually a little the monsoon is going start to roll through as we head in toward monday and tuesday. so we've
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got some interesting weather had should be a great weekend. then as we get the next week things begin to change. but in about a 100 to one degrees in fresno this next week. tomorrow should be about 98 in bakersfield, a 103 into reading 64 degrees the monterey bay about 77 degrees. in santa barbara low clouds and fog. yes, certainly we're seeing some it out there right now and it's going to stay inside the bay and then tomorrow morning we wake up some patchy fog early on should give way to some sunshine and some really nice with a lot of these temperatures by tomorrow afternoon going to be up in the 90's inland, something good to get a little sea breeze air quality looking good on the north and the coast. but i think is that ridge builds overhead so start to trap some of those plumes of some of the valleys of the south bay a little hazy also the state a little hazy by tomorrow afternoon. not great. not great. but not horrible okay, yeah, if you want to be that you just go to the coast it should be very nice fair enough ok thank you are the and the north bay police are on alert after an alarming increase in the number of home
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burglaries officers say more than a dozen of the map and just in the past few weeks which is rare they all seem to be happening during the day when folks are at work cross for justine waldman has the story now from sandra fell. yes, and all the obvious very a very nice community. >>it's very safe community. >>we don't see a lot of these a lot is 14, 14 homes broken into in the last 4 weeks all during the hours of 09:00am and noon all 14 of the burglaries that residences were unoccupied. >>so we think there may be some casing going on by the suspects sandra fell police lieutenant dan thing tells me the burglars are taking jewelry and electronics. >>things that can be easily pond are sold. 8 of the homes hit are in the terra linda area. the other 6 are spread out in different parts of the city, some of the burglaries have been forced entry with either a broken window or upright tool to a door and some the burglaries have also been unlocked a resident says that they've walked into. >>in response to the increase in home burglaries since all police are now stepping up patrols in the neighborhoods
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hit hard by these crimes central patrol officers are doing extra patrols in their beats. >>specifically looking for suspicious people and suspicious cars and neighborhoods there is no security video of any of the crimes and no suspect or vehicle descriptions police advise no matter where you live in the bay area lock your doors keep valuables out of sight from the street look out for your neighbors and report anything suspicious in sandra fell justine waldman kron 4 news. >>happening right now in the peninsula police in palo alto trying to get a domestic violence suspect to surrender peacefully. officers first responded to this home on tennessee lane and will key way around noon today. that's where they say a domestic violence suspect is still refusing to come out. no one else is in the home now and the female victim. he is safe with police. president trump is escalating his trade war with china the president announced today he plans to place new tariffs. >>on another billion of
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imports from beijing. pamela brown reports. >>and a wonderful deal for a lot of people. >>today president trump touted the art of his deal this time enabling american ranchers to export beef to the european union and other world markets never seen anything like that happened before as now if you're the president you haven't, but news of trump's beat deal comes as america's negotiations with china and russia reach a breaking point. >>until such time. as there is a deal. we will be taxing the how out of china that's all there is. >>trump surprising global markets thursday by tweeting he's adding a 10% tariff on billion worth of chinese goods, which includes toys shoes laptops and yes iphones china's ministry of commerce saying today china is quote not afraid of a fight adding countermeasures will be necessary. russia is fighting
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mad to calling it a quote serious mistake for the us to formally withdraw today from the inf treaty, a landmark nuclear arms control pact made in 1987 trust but verify the end of that trust was first announced in february we can no longer be restricted by the treaty will russia shamelessly violate city, it's just the latest international agreement, the president has gone against has promised he abandoned the paris climate accord so we getting out and renegotiated nafta. the country has for his nuclear deal with north korea we had a great relationship. >>and the singapore was a tremendous success seems trump's agreement with kim jong hoon. >>and withstand a lot. the president today tweeting kim jong una north korea tested 3 short range missiles over the last number of days. these missiles tests are not a violation of our sign singapore agreement adding chairman kim does not want to disappoint me with a violation of trust.
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>>that was pamela brown reporting of president trump's proposed tariffs go into effect prices for chinese made products. my go up after september 1st. president trump's attacks on major american cities continues earlier this week, his focus was on baltimore. but at a campaign rally last night he returned to a favorite punching bag. >>san francisco as kron four's dan kerman explains now the president also had unkind words for the governor. california's homeless problem specifically in los angeles and san francisco. >>is once again the focus of attacks from the president. >>the conditions in nancy pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplorable. >>deplorable. >>at a campaign rally in ohio thursday, the president also took aim at the governor over illegal immigration. >>say come on up we'll give you health care coming wouldn't come up. >>governor newsom says the president is happy to
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criticize. but has nothing to offer in the way of solutions just the opposite in fact. >>i just found it interesting. i think the we're trying to take million from la housing and urban development agency. well that's a way to help what if they have ideas and looking forward to there council their advice. their economic and resource support. they're waiting for those calls. >>those economic resources refer to the federal housing budget which was slashed nearly 80% during the reagan administration. >>these basically using homeless people to blame. in play politics, homeless advocates say if the president would stop playing politics and restore that funding that it could make a real dent in the homeless problem. what we're seeing are out on the streets in san francisco could easily be addressed by trump himself. it's unknown if the president wants the federal government to reinvest in affordable housing. >>what is likely is that the attacks on san francisco and
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los angeles and the governor will likely continue. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>happening tomorrow bart riders in the east bay should expect delays of up to 30 minutes all trains will run on the same track between the renda in walnut creek station so the crews can do some work on the tracks part says select rains may be turned back gather into to maintain the schedule. if so riders could be asked to leave the train there on and board a different one. >>the head of smash-and-grab robbery caught on camera but why this one is different. plus this trainer in sacramento is dreaming bigger aspiration to compete in the olympics and my by bottles why sfo stop selling plastic water bottles in its terminals and if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial bre
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>>the next time you fly out of san francisco airport don't forget to pack a water bottle, the airport will stop selling plastic water bottles later this month say goodbye permanent one nephew one has come for us showcase in reports the airport believes it's the first in the country to ban the sale of plastic water bottles. >>san francisco international airport sells about 10 1000 plastic water bottles a day that's a lot of plastic that ends up in the the ocean which is the worst thing but in less than 3 weeks they will be selling any water in plastic
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bottles anymore. >>it will be sold in either a recyclable aluminum bottle or can a recycled glass bottle or in a compostable bottle it's all part of their goal to make sure none of the airport waste goes to landfill. david moyes men brought his own water bottle to the airport and says that's what he does wherever he goes. >>he cut down on a plastic cut back a lot of carbon emissions very helpful. >>sfo has about 100 water stations. the airport so david and other passengers can fill up their own bottle stopping the environment and their wall. >>because for me it's very important to help the planet. you're going to have to empty it before you get on to go through security and then you can refill it when you go through. >>at t's juices sodas you'll still be able to find all of those in plastic bottles, it's just the water you will no longer find in a plastic bottle come august 20th. this applies to every part of the airport and tell you board
10:26 pm
your flight in san francisco, michelle kingston kron on for news. >>airline agreed and governor gavin newsom plan to make some changes major changes to improve public safety. how much their plan to upgrade the 911 system could cost and investigators arrest this east and then after responding to a possible hate crime. >>how they say the man had his own neighbors on edge. couple of big storms headey toward hawaii. that may change or hawaiian plans also the bay
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>>spray painted racial slurs and shattered windows had some neighbors on edge in bay point taking it was a hate crime a see what was done here. investigators say this though is not a hate crime us for sleep to go reports, the man suspected in the vandalism actually lives right next door to the victims. >>63 year-old alvin brown was arrested friday morning in bay point by the contra costa county office of the sheriff, he was booked at the martinez jail on 3 felony counts of vandalism he is accused of throwing rocks through his neighbors, homes and windows and spray painting graffiti on their cars and other property in total 3 homes and cars were vandalized all of the victims are african americans the graffiti included racial slurs. >>we had million reaction with him for him to do this to us. he knows exactly who's in the
10:30 pm
house. he couldn't injure anybody could injure our children in the household the vandalism was reported early wednesday morning on el road in bay point. >>initially neighbors thought they were the victims of a hate crime but the sheriff's office says that's not the case a motive is unclear but neighbors confirm brown lives here with his girlfriend and investigators believe that relationship may have played a role in the crimes because mr. brown has a personal relationship with one of the and we are investigating some conspiracy. components to that case that is giving us the confidence that this is not a hate crime. the conspiracy being a similar incident reported on the same street back in 2015 where rocks were thrown through 3 home windows. >>brown was never charged for the crimes, but now the sheriff's office is looking into it. many addison is among the recent victims and lives next door to brown we never had no problems a thing like >>well it's been a good neighbor and a good friend,
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but. >>i don't know i don't know what's going on brown's bail is set at $80,000 felipe should all kron 4 news. i show you some surveillance video from wednesday near lake merritt in oakland 2 men drive into the lot to parking lot in a dark colored four-door car you can see one speaking up. >>to the passenger side of a parked vehicle. another person takes a look inside and then as you will see smashes the window to grab a backpack. it happens right there and then he runs off we don't see is that the backpacks owner was sitting in that car at the time. people who live and work in that area tell kron 4 that auto burglaries are an ongoing problem. but they say this is the first time that a victim was seated in the vehicle when it happened. people who spoke to us say they were so worried that they asked not to reveal their identities. >>belongings in there they're getting out of the car and they were up me. >>that's another level it's scary but it's normal. i feel like we see or hear sooething
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about this every couple of days. >>neighbors are asking for more police presence on the property really we reached out to oakland police but so far we have not received a response. tonight, there's only one person listed as missing from the deadliest wildfire in california history. there used to be 2 investigators found 47 year-old wendy carol from oroville today the butte county sheriff's office says. >>harold knew she was considered missing, but never contacted authorities because she feared she had previous legal issues now only one person is unaccounted for from that 2018 camp fire up in butte county that is sarah martinez phobia. the fire killed 85 people investigators blame the fire on pg e's faulty equipment. the federal government is putting a hold on more than $8 billion in dissent disaster defense funding for puerto rico. >>housing and urban sector development secretary ben carson sites alleged corruption. a senior hunt
10:33 pm
official says the department is worried about past mismanagement of funds being heightened by some unrest in puerto rico right now that unrest is coming a c island territory's governor officially steps down. hurricane maria devastated the us territory 2 years ago. it turns out there is one environmental benefit from hurricane barry scientists say that devastating storm from 3 weeks ago, helped the 2 shrinks the gulf of mexico so-called dead zone the dead zone is an area of the ocean with a low amount of dissolved oxygen resulting in environment, it can no longer support ocean life, including corals aquatic plants and fish. scientists say berries effect made his own smaller by almost 2000 square feet. hawaii is preparing for 2 tropical storms that could bring severe weather to the state state leaders now calling on families to take their own precautions to. >>help keep any damage to a minimum allison blair reports.
10:34 pm
>>on hawaii island, the county civil defense agency has partially activated its emergency operations center if your home or business is prone to flooding. >>officials are encouraging folks to take her cautions now. >>sand is available at these 15 locations across the big island. residents must bring their own back meantime, some closure. >>we have closed winning. h r put local beach park and isaac holly beach park. they are all in cow or prone a also it close to south point road. so that because it we anticipate that it will be probably getting most of the heavy rain and the high surf. >>on maui there are no closures just yet. however mayor mike fincke to reno says crews have spent the past last week cleaning out storm drains reza boards and spillways never to minimize any flooding. >>also have had all are. emergency services on owner
10:35 pm
and a thereafter did generators into areas where emergency shelters would can vote if necessary thing and all who are always. >>making sure streams are clear. this and equipment personal down there to do that. >>officials say they're preparing for the chance of heavy rain. >>and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. >>for yourself, you know look around your yard bringing loosing signal flying tie things until and i'd be prepared for that. >>all right to bear arms stores karnow is tracking those storms how close you think they'll get large soon actual landfall but looks like they're going to stay off the the certainly going to see some rain they've seen some of it already but really kind of a run right between the gap here we've got one storm system here this is eric this was a very powerful storm. category 4 just a couple of days ago on the right behind that we've got flossie developing no watches they make their way across the pacific. see this will begin this year fall apart in fact look at the clouds becoming
10:36 pm
very a disorganized you see a lot of the clouds blowing off over the hawaiian island right now, but the main brunt of the storm system staying the south that is great news for hawaii. in fact it is weakened quite a bit now only a tropical storm sustained winds right at the core of the storm says about 30 miles out of some 40 mile an hour winds certainly getting some gusty winds of 2030 plus miles per hour on the big island and they've seen period to some heavy rainfall but for the most part eric is going to pass south of the entire white island chain here comes flossie we get sunday afternoon. well it's just off the coastline, but look the source to make a northerly turn and it looks like the why going to save once again they're going to see some rain possibility some flash flooding. but both the storm systems look to be headed away from the storms and look at that right in the gap there you see a hawaiian island chain completely missing the storms except for some rain and some new some showers and that's not a forecast for them in fact we've got a good forecast for us too as we're going to see some of that patchy fog but
10:37 pm
other than that we are looking good we're going to see a whole lot of sunshine coming your way so yeah, you're tenet and look at impressive going to be hot in the valleys, the 90's tomorrow and then cool slightly come son any more cooling on monday in the middle of us next week not just temperatures really below the average but by the following weekend. back into the 90's. >>that there's some information that this cop has done something wrong. >>the criminal advocates have gotten what they want. the police department is frozen. >>2 very different reactions today to the decision by new york police administrative judge in the death of eric garner she recommended firing the officer who put him in a chokehold. >>garner died 5 years ago now in police custody, his last words became a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement. protesters began to
10:38 pm
chant after a cell phone video showed garner being subdued on a staten island street where he allegedly had been selling cigarettes illegally. >>paramedics arrived and confirmed that garner had a polls but more than 6 minutes past before garner was put on a stretcher. bystanders asked why no one was helping him find the office. >>nothing garner was pronounced dead before he reached the hospital. a city medical examiner determined the chokehold set in motion a quote lethal cascade of events, including an asthma attack and a fatal heart attack. daniel pantaleo the officer who put garner in the chokehold became the nter of a long and heated controversy. we had. >>grand jury know that there was no crime. we had the feds say there was no crime and now we have politics saying that there was. >>the administrative judge said pen to leo should be
10:39 pm
fired. >>today is one of the saddest the most damaging days in the history of new york city in the new york city police department. >>eric garner son calls it a step before we still got more steps. >>so we could make sure that this don't happen again to another family police commissioner james o'neill suspended pen to leo and we'll have the final say on terminaon commission o'neill. >>a male. the decision on firing officer pen to lay a will come for at least 10 days that is to allow time for both sides to comment. >>on the judge's decision. take a look at this dash cam video from atlanta shows a police officer being dragged onto an interstate clean to the side of a car police say 2 officers pulled over a driver yesterday. >>for violating georgia's hand free laws officer nathan daily was talking to the driver. the driver took off with officer daily held on a second officer got back in the patrol car and follows as you see here daley was eventually thrown from the
10:40 pm
car and on to the interstate. he was treated at the hospital for injuries, he is now recovering at home this is where gets thrown from the vehicle when it brushed up against said van remarkably he was not seriously injure the driver has been arrested and faces a number of charges. major changes coming to the 911 system all in an effort to improve public safety in times of emergency governor newsome and san francisco mayor london breed say it will be a big investment but one that will make the system better for everyone kron force or isis stasio has the details. >>this is a big deal. i appreciate the reference that this is about lives because quite literally. this is going to save lives. governor gavin newsome talking about how the recently passed budget includes nearly 1 billion in funding for emergency preparedness and response like helping people deal with such events like the recent earthquake spoke here in the bay area. >>and that one in southern california powerful enough to
10:41 pm
shake these large vehicles back and forth. >>the 911 system as we know it today was established in 1973. the technology is outdated the technology. a laser lee can be referred to is analog technology. it predates the internet. there are about 437 other call centers like this for 38 in the state of california which is an extraordinary number. the reality is they don't. have the technology. they don't have the tools. 2 connect. they don't have the cup cassidy to redirect call volume if something goes wrong. the governor along with mayor london breed took a tour of san francisco's office emergency services. >>911 call center. its soul mice. >>that we can do to make it even better and having the funding necessary to invest in new technologies so that text messaging and all the things that we do now to communicate
10:42 pm
are used in a way to address any situation whether there's a wildfire. >>or >>heat advisory or all of the different challenges that sadly we've had to endure. we want to be prepared. >>the governor says the upgrade to the technology will be funded by the state but he will also require some additional funds from individuals, theresa kron 4 news. >>so as sakes and planes, snakes and toilets snake seem to be able to show up just about anywhere where a woman found this snake. >>plus the next olympic medalist could be from the sacramento area here about this athlete's dream to compete in the world state and ahead in sports giants road trip moves to the mile high city mark has the highlights from denver. also it's never too early to get ready for the nba season. the warriors will face when they open up their first season at the chase center and kron four's now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet here's a look at what you're missing.
10:43 pm
>>today was bad tomorrow worse. just over into the oakland hills.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>>the us olympic and paralympic committee is looking for unknown athletes who can make a difference in tokyo in 2021 of them could be
10:46 pm
from gold river in sacramento county pedro rivera has that story. this is kelly been to more. by day she's a personal trainer here at 24 hour fitness and go over. but long before the sun is up she's training to be the next olympic hopeful. >>just a big mental game so to go to tokyo would be like winning the biggest battle with yourself that's all i do is train. >>the former college track and field athletes as competing for gold has always been a dream. >>olympics is always on go board so every morning i wake up and i see that on my goal, it's right in front of me always and soon it could be a reality in the spring, the us olympic and paralympic committee and 24 hour fitness. >>the host a nationwide search for undiscovered talent. more than 4,000 people tried out with the top 25 men and 25
10:47 pm
women, getting the chance to train in front of team, usa coaches. kelly just returned from the teen usa training center in colorado. kelly says the coaches were looking for athletes to compete in different sports from rowing and cycling to bobsled. >>llterally the amount of stuff we had to do that none of a sudden we're so sorry by day one. we can show it we can't do anything about it. so you just have to keep going we have to recover we had to go in working just as hard the if all goes according to kelly's plan we could see her donning the red white and blue. >>on the world's biggest stage in 2020. in gold river pedro vera. >>and now kelly has to wait until december to find out if she'll actlly make team usa for the 2020 games. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. all right guys have been on a roll.
10:48 pm
>>longest home runs i've seen in a long. time that's what can happen in colorado. >>is a wild what could happen in the baseball season right, the giants win every series they have since the all-star break over and over. now it's like this is uncharted territory, we're used to seeing his team lose now since before the break, it felt like a brand new season for the giants so now it's a little alarming. we see this team dropped consecutive games, the road trip moved to colorado, sean anderson given to start today for the orange and black top of the 5th. 2 one on for mike just ramsgate. members want to deep right field. no doubt the mile high air giants ticket for to lead. an inning later. ryan mcmahon we'll drive one to deep center field carrying carrying grant this is the one steven duggar at the wall tries to make a play leaves the park. mcmahon tizen on one swing bottom of the 7th 2 on and no outs for investment. he sends one into the right-center gap. off the
10:49 pm
top of the wall coming into scores, charlie blackmon rockies go up 5, 4, and here we go top of the knife giants try to make something happen the tying run at second the us trends key can be the hero label around one. giants was a close 1, 5, for your final back to back losses. >>for the first time since late june the a's have the night off and open a two-game set against the cardinals tomorrow now to the nfl. >>raiders wideout antonio brown missed another practice today. and we may have found the reason why what an image the superstar receiver recently posted this on his instagram story. a photo of his severely blistered feet. no details on how this happened or long how long he's been dealing with it he's been out of practice last 2 days was limited on tuesday. jon gruden open to get him back in the mix soon. >>and they were all disappointed think he's disappointed like the. get to our already starting like get him out aires. big part of
10:50 pm
this team time being we're going to continue to work hard and we've seen the development of some other receivers we're excited about. now the 40 niners camp we are a week into practice at santa clara, a number of storylines to break down rookie nick bosa finding his way in what could be a dangerous pass rush this season. jimmy garoppolo continue to get up to game speed following the acl injury glencoe 49 ers columnist for the santa rosa press democrat has been at practice every day he offered his assessment. gras blows tenure with the franchise thus far and what could be in store for 2019 on tonight's edition of bay area sports night. >>he couldn't carry over from 2017 20 18 in. john lunn said was well in 2017 you just had a very small playbook and you can sort of play on instinct in 2018 that was more responsibility mentally for him and he. struggled at first i think the implication is the niners she'll want to get more reps more games really started 10 games his career to help the a's more. hill seem like a
10:51 pm
more mentally profession. quarterback right now he still makes rookie mistakes you can see it every day in training camp. >>as from bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on finally tonight the warriors move into their new home next season. and what a match up to begin the chase center era golden state reportedly will host the new look. los angeles clippers when the regular season begins in late october. a warriors team that won the west 5 years in a row against an l a team that shook up the off season signing finals mvp kawhi leonard, acquiring paul george reports have also emerged that the warriors will be hosting the rockets on christmas day of course, the rockets a new-look team as well adding russell westbrook an entirely new nba. how about that. >>and in a new arena for the warriors enemy quite a year all right the market. thank you marcie. >>guys got some big sports go along the mining begin business their mark with how about this we've got the world dog surfing championships, we're going to talk shopping for backpacks...
10:52 pm
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10:55 pm
lot of people were there at the time happened in and some neighbors that story and more at 11 see them. >>all right, thank you catherine by the way make sure you download the kron 4. the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage. and here's something you don't. they expect to find anywhere. he baby certainly not inse a gas station credit card machine. that is a snake slithering its way across the gas pumps video screen looks on smaller ones outside of that to class a woman found the snake while making a pit stop a a gas station in kansas. she says. >>at first khe thought it was maybe a piece of rubber molding from the screen but then as you can see it was moving. >>those entertainment videos on there. i thought it was one of those and it says you want to carl. like. that's the know but apparently the state
10:56 pm
turned out to be a garden snake or garter snake we're not sure which but a gas station staff member removed that snake. >>from the pomp and apparently snakes ok and the customer. it did look wait they are in the screen. yes a garter snake has seen those but not inside of someplace we're going on the field. hey guys we've got some the exciting events taking place this weekend we've got the world dog surfing championship. if you have been there you might want to go check that out that is right along the coastline in pacifica while gets hot everywhere else going. stay really cool. >>out toward the coastline tomorrow that starts at 10 o'clock goes to about a 01:00am in the 01:00pm then they get announced the championships their morning fog giving way to some partial clearing and a gentle swell for dogs to right on shore. we are also looking at the nor cal summer costly gathering that going to be a fun of them were a lot of folks get to dress up in your favorite costumes in santa tale that is going to be a coyote park sunny skies and warm temperatures bit of an afternoon breeze that starting
10:57 pm
at 11:00am this was always a fun one to go to also the fremont a festival of the arts of course great time to get out there enjoy all the great food and drinks of course, plenty of music to sunshine all day long there and how about this i've not been in this one, but this could be one i go to this weekend. this is a milpitas this is the adobo festival, you got chicken and only got all kinds of a double probably lots of little p a want to can savor baluchi got it right that is fantastic it is never had that a little salt on their specially if they're warm. just gave that i think just about it's a good way to end the week. >>have a good weekend.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
♪ man: now, you see this stuff coming out of the house. this is what the mala noche use to cook their drugs. you can tell by the type of equipment, they were cooking meth, but i'm not sure what the baking soda would be used for. um, sergeant swanson? uh, they were also making crack cocaine, sir. this is a good day for miami. man 2: thanks, susan. this morning, the mdpd gang task force raided this suburban home. what they found inside was a fully-operational drug lab, believed to be operated by the gang known as the mala noche. coordinating today's arrests is miami's newly-appointed state attorney nicholas chandler. he's about to make a statement.


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