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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 3, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>i want to do is find my mom. i want to know she's dead or alive or is she still in walmart. >>those words painting the dramatic scene where a gunman opened fire in el paso texas. good evening and thank you for joining us at 10. i'm j r stone and i'm justine waldman police say that the gunman that you see right here in these surveillance videos looks like holding a gun and some of these photos the rifle right there. >>killed 20 people and injured dozens of others today
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rappaport is in el paso tonight, where some families are still looking for those loved ones bus. >>higher jr here in el paso its heart break out as this mall has now turned into a crime we of his to just talking with as someone who is from this area. with the rain now coming down. she said that it was like god after a very difficult day for the folks in this authorities believing at this point. the suspected gunman acted alone publishing a manifesto before carrying out this deadly attack officials identifying the suspected shooter as a north texas man in his early 20's. among the missing is angie angles be her family last heard from her just after 1030 when she was in line checking out of a walmart here. she didn't come home and her kids. now thinking the worst. going all day long.
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>>and el paso police chief right has said investigators won't be moving. the victims who died here until the scene is finished processing investigators. we'll have an opportunity to do that also in el paso tonight, multiple vigils by community members wells at a local school and at a local church and folks getting in line to donate blood by the hundreds. we will of course have the very latest on this investigation and the victims has it more information becomes available.
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live in el paso on west rapoport. >>west while we have you here we're looking at some of the video from inside the store there we could see those flashing lights behind you i'm guessing that scene is closed off how close can you get to the walmart at this point you talked about some of those memorials have people set up many vigils or anything like that are areas to to leave flowers and whatnot in the community. >>yeah this community, a j r really has come together and we were talking with law enforcement just a short time ago and they said you know that this is the el paso in the aftermath of this is the el paso that they're proud of this community has really been banded together of the governor of texas was here with with lawmakers from the region and saying that you know first of all this suspected shooter was not from this area so sort of excluding him from this community, but that the people here have really come gether
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supporting one another offering counseling services offerg to us and meals to one another and so that's something that they're really proud of in the wake of this tragedy but we are we as far as proximity. a law enforcement in a press conference just a short time ago told us that they were able to. identify that the shots were only fired in the walmart we are at like a shopping complex like a mall and so the shots were only bring out in the walmart that contained the crime scene to that area. >>west what are people saying about this being a possibly a hate crime. >>heard from the governor of texas greg, abbott a just within the last couple of hours and he said that you know course still waiting for for evidence to to come out. has himself or read the manifesto in any form but you know that this will be prosecuted as capital murder and and if it rises to that
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level of hate crime and according to the law that that is on the table at this point just. >>to school shopping. do you have any idea on the ages ranges of the victims, the 20 people killed. >>we heard some conflicting reports the ages of victims who were killed, but from what we understand there was a wide variety. we're talking to young kids in terms of people who were affected by this young kids as well as a senior citizens i mentioned and jia angles be she is a a senior citizen so i there's a wide range of folks who are impacted by this at at this nucleus at this nuclear level. but also you know this is really. that going much farther than that in terms of the of the community impact what we do know that that some of the people who were hurt are on the younger side and some of them. into into their
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later years as well. >>have to wait for a lot of that information to be confirmed by. authorities we also see it's raining there pretty hard behind you to think i'm hopeful that will not impact the investigation too much and also the grief in your community we just dealt with a mass shooting here in our. as well so we understand the stress that and the sadness that you all feel there tonight. >>yeah it's a it's a lot to take and thank you very much. >>now people within the el paso community jumped into action to help out one another the best that they could after this tragedy kron 4 sanaz to hernia joins us now live in studio with a closer look at some of the blood donation centers there. >>that's actually right jr and justine on times like these people you know sometimes you feel helpless not knowing what to do or how to help. shortly after the shooting this morning el paso police tweeted saying that blood donation centers in the area urgently
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needed blood to help out those who are injured and being treated at the nearby hospitals and people did just that they wind up a donation centers in el paso to donate their blood and can even see him and hear on the video handing out slices of pizza to those waiting in line to donate the community response was so overwhelming. the donation centers have to start turning people away because they reached the max donation capacity. >>here's something if the lean earlier and the update becoming a cop. we have here in the waiting room on the line just continues and continues to grow. time but blood center is no longer taking donations they are next capacity. >>now the city of el paso also tweeted at just after 6 30 this evening saying that they now have all the food and water they need they also thanked everyone for their donations chair justine back to you. >>thank you so much sanaa's will president trump tweeted today's shooting in el paso
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texas was not only tragic it was an act of cowardice. i know that i stand with everyone in this country to condemn today's hateful acts there are no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people. a lot and i send our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the great people of texas. >>2020 democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke is from el paso when he was on the campaign trail when you first heard the news about the shooting today. he was visibly shaken when he use this opportunity to speak about demands for gun control. >>some initial reports was it was a military style weapon use or weapons used its to list them all. >>keep that on the battlefield to not bring it into our communities. i don't want to see it all. churches. >>and california sen kamel hair, this was at the same event as o'rourke in los vegas. she spoke about the shooting as well.
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>>reason that they should exist on the >>according to reports the gunman has now been identified as 21 year-old patrick crucis he is from allen texas a suburb of dallas more than 650 miles away from el paso and authorities are now looking at potentially bringing capital murder charges against him. the el paso sheriff's as they have a manifesto from the suspect that indicates to some degree a potential hate crime. just. >>sawa the their buddy dropping. so that what i just right and they are like trying but then i saw run this was like to that that you got and who was having baby night of my mind and my nephew. >>the baby at some men carried that got shot. just go it was
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awful. >>federal sources also say that investigators are reviewing an online writing the posted just days before the shooting that may speak to a motive. spokespeople for both facebook and twitter say the platforms are working to prevent people from sharing the suspect's statements of belief, and they are removing posts from users that do so. >>and we have been keeping you up to date with all day with push alerts from the moment happened to each new press conference with police. you can be in the know by downloading our kron 4 news app we will continue to bring you coverage of this story right here on kron 4 news, a 1030. and the shooting in texas hits home for us here in the bay area as it comes just 6 days after the deadly garlic festival shooting in gilroy just last sunday, a gunman cut a fence and made his way into the festival grounds. they
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shot and killed 3 people. the youngest victim killed was just 6 years old, 16 others were injured. corridor is now saying the shooter did not die from police gunfire. he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. now as the community tries to heal a strong showing today in sunnyvale that's whe kron four's felipe should call reports a car wash fundraiser was held in honor of the youngest victim killed in sunday's shooting. stephen romero. >>power wash with purpose. a chance to help the rim arrow family out just a week into mourning the loss of their cherished 6 year-old boy steve it. >>stephen romero was among the 3 victims killed during last sunday's shooting at the 41th annual gilroy garlic festival on saturday off east el camino reale in sunnyvale stretched on to the streets. drivers
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waited patiently for an opportunity to pay it forward people are just coming out giving donations. you know wash clothes. romero family friend alan berman working side by side along sunnyvale department of public safety firefighters volunteering their time and effort. berman helped organize the car wash second have been any of could have been any of our kids. >>i have a 7 year-old boy. >>10 month-old daughter so could have been it just really hits on when it's when it's somebody that age at this he doesn't deserve that. i just felt like we had we had to do enough stephen's mother was also shot at the festival but is expected to survive. >>so is his grandmother who sustained injuries as well i think it's great that everybody came out and you know it's a good way fairly the community comes together especially in our time like this when hopes of that i have to go to this one day. >>when you do you know that the commuter gather around you to the album ends we want to do everything we can to get up there. nothing but blessing for this family friends and family have already raised
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more than $67,000 online for arrows. >>and every cent makes a difference. it's a big positive thing and a bad situation in sunnyvale collegiate all kron 4 news. >>we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting on air and online and during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service kron on you can download our kron 4 app to get push alerts straight to your phone. as new developments come into the newsroom. >>another big story we're following tonight, the family of one of the bay area teenagers being held in rome on murder charges is now speaking out for the first time 19 year-old finnegan elder and his friend, 18 year-old gabriel mattel horse are accused of killing an italian police officer during a drug deal in rome. >>against father just returned from visiting his son in jail, the elder family held a press conference outside his san francisco home tonight. kron four's gayle ong joins us live in studio this evening with details gayle, you are there tonight again first time we've
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heard some from some of these family members. >>yeah exactly and is the first time they're addressing american media cameras a father finnegan elder just arrived from italy tonight. and as you mentioned it was just devastating they could not even read their statement they had to have a lawyer read it. the family of finnegan elder outside their home stood by their attorney craig peters as he read a written statement from elders father. >>as he just returned from italy after visiting his son in jail. we saw our son finn again. >>he has our full support and we stand by his side. >>19 year-old finnegan elder is one of the 2 bay area teenagers accused of killing an italian police officer in a drug deal gone wrong in rome, elders friend, 18 year-old gabriel the tally, your is also charged in the murder. bo teenagers went to high school in mill valley, italian prosecutors say elder confessed to killing italian officer mario rega the family
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expressed their condolences. this is a tragedy. >>we continue to hold his family in our thoughts and pray for them during this difficult time. it's understandable. but unfortunate that people have jumped to conclusions in this matter according to court documents elder said he strangling him and he didn't know chair sheila ray go was a plain clothes. police officer lawyers for the teenagers say they can't get their hands on the officers autopsy report. >>but have obtained more information about this matter and have a plan in place to get to the truth. >>the public has an incomplete account of the true versions of the events. it said however, the truth will set you free. we look forward to the truth coming out. and tv our son coming home. >>the other family or their attorney did not take any questions from the media reporting live in the studio gayle, ong kron 4 news.
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>>thank you so much killed nearly a dozen fires breaking out early this morning all in contra costa county. we have an update on containment levels. >>and coming up in a live report we will go to the memorial for the sacramento police officer killed in the line of duty. how terror ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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officer and east bay nive is being remembered by dozens at a vigil in her home town officer tar o'sullivan was killed in the line of duty when responding to a domestic disturbance in june. >>the rookie officer was in the last days of her training when a man shot and killed her tonight her friends and family honor her for a life taken too soon. kron four's dan thorn was at that vigil in martinez, he joins us live tonight with more dan. >>and j r people came together here tonight at martinez city hall to remember the life of officer o'sullivan, the 26 year-old had only been on the job for 6 months when she was shot and killed and many of the people i spoke with here tonight say that they came to honor someone who is so loving and caring. a vigil, it. martinez city hall honors the life of fallen police officer toro solomon. >>the rookie sacramento comp was ambushed on june 19th well helping a woman leave an abusive home. >>you know it's it's a sad thing and we just want to be
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here to show our support. >>mike riley who came down from sacramento is one of many who showed support for o'sullivan and her family his daughter has been making these bracelets with the proceeds going to one of torres memorigl fund. >>my daughters really felt a responsibility i'm just to let law enforcement know how important they are and i'm just hoping that we can keep cars memory alive. >>among the speakers were o'sullivan's parents and her best friends who shared some tearful and heartfelt words about her life. >>she taught me so much. great to see you everywhere this to love. and loved in return. >>city fox was also set up for people to share letters or cards of their favorite or a tail many say they want to sell of his legacy to live on through the good things she did.
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>>commitment for something greater than yourself. >>the man accused of shooting and killing officer o'sullivan made a brief court appearance in june. he's scheduled to be back in court an october. reporting live in martinez dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>well nearly a dozen fires breaking out early this morning all in contra costa
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>>3 people were killed when the ground above them came crumbling down at a beach in san diego. >>he tried several people underneath the pile of dirt the rubble. the beach remains closed today after the bluff collapse friday afternoon. officials say more of the cliff could still break away. at least 5 beachgoers were under the bluff. when it gave way. >>there was some good samaritans that basically stepped in and started helping the lifeguard. >>one victim was pronounced dead at the scene 3 others were taken to hospitals or 2 later died a 5th victim declined treatment on the scene. officials say natural erosion is coming up and down the coast. >>just not greece a boundary guys who is watching a very dangerous weather system moving over why not winds right now. yeah, it's tropical
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storm flossie right now with sustained winds of 45 miles per hour. >>but the good news is it is expected to weaken but as we take a look at that storm track right now that cone of uncertainty actually has it making landfall on the state of hawaii in the coming days. but fortunately will have sustained wind speeds in that 30 mile per hour range, making it a tropical depression bringing high surf along the eastern portions of the islands and also gusty winds and heavy rain at times so that's something we're certainly going to keep an eye on. but back on land and closer to home. take a look at that thick fog bank out there right now dot downtown san francisco, south market visibility at or near 0 for the bay area's shoreline. daytime highs today near average along the coast in beaches but 5 to 10 degrees above normal for most of our interior valleys in the bay area so right now tracking dry calm conditions. temperatures right now cooling down in the 50's for the bay area coastline, widespread 60's as
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you make your way inland but still warm and the tried valleys specifically in concord in antioch low to mid 70's right now even at this 10 o'clock hour believe it or not and overnight lows will dip into the low to mid 60's. so not that much cooling but everyone else in the bay area in the mid to upper 50's for your overnight lows in tomorrow's daytime high star downtown san francisco. right about average 67 degrees near average temperatures as well for those of you in oakland, but still about 5 degrees above average for most of our interior valleys, san jose 85 degrees low to mid 90's for conquered in antioch santa rosa still hop of cooling down into the upper 80's for you novato 83 degrees and hayward 75 degrees for your sunday afternoon and as you take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 outlook. we are going to begin a gradual cooling trend starting tomorrow and really dip in temperatures by wednesday we're going to be below average still mild on thursday, but then friday of next week cooling down and warming up by saturday to
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write about where we should be for this time of year with another many heat wave, making its way to the bay area meaning the interior valleys by next weekend. so it's funny how this path. happens just in time for the weekend that then cooling out just in time for the work week. >>really typical summer weather is so nice today then you go the golden gate bridge. you couldn't see 50 feet in front of f august is out in full force to drive safely. >>thanks of reasons. so to our breaking news when we come back and find out how people in el paso are trying to come together after a mass shooting
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>>now to our breaking news police say 20 people are dead after shooting inside of a busy el paso texas shopping center. and this attack today also injured 26 other people. >>the suspected gunman is in custody and authorities are working to figure out a motive here, steve man says a closer look at the chaos that erupted inside the mall. we want to warn you some of the images here are disturbing. >>would have been a a normal day for someone to leisurely go shopping. turned into one of the most deadly days. in the history of texas.
10:31 pm
>>shots ringing out inside a busy shopping mall, sending panicked shoppers running for safety. the saturday morning attack at the seal of this to shopping center in el paso texas killing multiple people. 20 others. and local hospitals. the active shooter situation put businesses nearby on lockdown even get they told us to go on the back of the room and not next to you know what they're saying was not the shooter it much does what are the plans and out. >>about the kids more myself shoppers taking cover as best as they could as gunfire erupted. >>the male suspect in custody has been identified as 21 year-old patrick who see us according to 2 federal law enforcement sources and one state government source again investigators are still looking into the motive is a
10:32 pm
crime scene if we do have multiple fatalities and multiple victims. >>we have to investigate each and every one of those of stephen innes reporting. >>now this evening, survivors of the shooting and also members of the community came together at a vigil at a church in el paso people were gathering there so they could comfort the victims and also so people in the community don't feel so alone. one person there spoke about how this sense of community is how he wants people to remember his town. there's that the stories that come through after this is you know. >>it's going to be about how came together as a community and now we've you know come together and so you know that the soldiers seen over the last thing people remember is the strength and the unity and a sense of family that we have is all passwords. >>it's not just today, it is happened several times this week. it has happened here in las vegas where some lunatic killed 50 somewhat people and wounded hundreds of people. and i think all over the world
10:33 pm
people are looking at the united states. i'm wondering what is going on what is the mental health situation in america where time after time after time. we're seeing indescribable horror us. >>sanders is speaking on multiple shootings that happened this week including here in the bay area as it comes just 6 days after the deadly garlic festival shooting and gilroy 3 people were killed that includes 2 children. at least 16 others were injured. san francisco police department issued the following statement regarding the shooting saying quote we are deeply saddened by the tragic shooting in el paso today. we stand by everyone affected by this incident and commend the bravery of el paso residents. the el paso police department and allied agencies we would like public to know that there are no known threats to the city of san francisco at this time, however uniform san francisco police officers, we'll be
10:34 pm
conducting passing calls at all high traffic or doors throughout the city and quote right now firefighters are trying to bring nearly a dozen fires in contra costa county under control. they're called the marsh complex fires. 655 acres have burned already. fire though is now 75% contained. a shelter-in-place has been issued for people living in the area. the incident originally started overnight around 03:00am fire crews getting calls from multiple, different fires around the county almost a dozen of them. at one point more than 400 firefighters were working on this fire. no structures are threatened at this time. >>on our camera showing us the city of san francisco and that's og for fog us just telling us it's covered a little bit there the top of the bay bridge. >>and keeping everybody cool and san francisco tonight. >>yeah, very cool and you can
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also expect some drizzle as well which is certainly going to help out firefighters, especially with that marine layer so the good thing for us ist is pushing all of that smoke and ash away from the bay area in the interior portions of the east bay. but there is a port quality alert right now fulmer said and madeira counties and that's going to remain in effect from now all the way throh nday because of the marsh complex fires, let's take a look at future cast conditions right now 61% relative humidity. so hopefully firefighters really gain the upper hand on this fire with that extra moisture. thanks to the cooler temperatures this evening, 69% relative humidity shortly before sunrise and then we are going to notice that relative humidity drops significantly as the mercury rises temperatures once again in the interior valleys in the east bay expected to be about 5 degrees above average in future wind the one thing working in our favor. wind speeds have been relatively calm, especially in the east bay only tracking gusts upwards of about 15 miles per
10:36 pm
hour or less also helping firefighters out there right now, here's a look at that thick fog big go long golden gate bridge, make sure to turn on your low beams tracking not only patchy dense fog but also drizzle as well being reported making for a sleek evening commute so keep that in mind. let's take a quick check of your microclimate forecast for the 2nd half of your weekend. downtown san francisco cooling down to 67 degrees 66 for half moon bay burlingame below 70's for you we will notice a mix of sun and clouds and wind speeds around 20 miles per hour or less redwood city 81 degrees 85 degrees for those of you in san jose and in the east bay livermore cooling down to 89 degrees berkeley in the low 70's conquered 91 degrees for you. now 82 degrees in the north bay in santa rosa 89 degrees. just seeing back to you.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 president trump's attacks on major american cities continues earlier this week he was attacking baltimore. but at a campaign rally this week he spoke about san francisco and homelessness in san francisco is once again the focus of attacks from the president. >>he called it quote a disgrace and a shame. the president also took aim at the governor over illegal immigration. governor newsome says the president is happy to criticize, but has nothing to offer in the way of solutions. >>president of the united
10:40 pm
states of america, united states includes all states includes every city in those states within the cities. some accountability responsibility, leadership and so if you've got a critique. offer some advice and counsel on solution. >>those economic resources refer to the federal housing budget whicwas slashed by 80% during the reagan administration, homeless advocates say restoring that funding could make a real dent in the problem. >>san francisco mayor london breed announced today that she will assist handing out thousands of free backpacks and supplies to help prepare students for the upcoming school year. mayor breed along with a number of groups all have almost 30 giveaways for the next 2 weeks. the giveaways are expected to distribute more than 5,000 backpacks and school supplies this year. one backpack giveaway took place today at the l a hill hutch community center. mcallister street.
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>>now these dogs you're about to see are more likely to be put down and then released ahead and in tonight's flying tales a lifesaving flight to get these animals. a second chance. >>and just ahead in sports draymond green has signed a huge extension with the golden state warriors details on how big his contract is next.
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>>in the central valley. there's a greater chance of an animal being put down then saved now in this edition of flying tales kron four's ken wayne takes a ride with the san francisco spca and a mission to rescue some dogs from fresno. >>if you're looking for a rescue dog. you'll find them in fresno that's where we're headed with grace ready from the san francisco spca. >>they don't have access to veterinary care they may not have access to those education programs. so we know that the next step is actually to reach those people in those areas. >>while almost every animal available for adoption at the san francisco spca will find a home animals in fresno have a far greater chance of being euthanized and released in fact as recently as 2012 7 out of every 10 dogs and 8 out of
10:45 pm
every 10 cats were put down the highest kill rate of any county in california. it's low income. >>and if you're choosing between putting food on the table for your family or for your pet. often it's the pet to go. >>we landed downtown fresno chandler airports just a few minutes away from the fresno humane animal services shelter waiting for us in an air conditions fan are 15 dogs ready for a lifesaving rise. it's in the high 90's and it's not even noon get to work loading them into the plane as fast as possible. >>in short order we're at a higher and much cooler out to do heading back to the bay area. the san francisco spca has joined with silicon valley and are in shelters to help shelters in fresno to larry and kings county. >>by taking on some of the dogs and cats that otherwise would be put down. >>it's transfer. your ship that its animals from. where there's too many to an area where there's death. >>we're all learning from one another we thought we be
10:46 pm
teaching we're learning too. only able to 59 of the dogs in my plane including needs to be and be ready for adoption. fewer dogs and cats are beint euthanized and more are being adopted an education on how to stem the tide of unwanted pets is spreading. >>saving lives. it is a city. every single day you get out and you make the decision to save the lives and if you stop. >>sometimes the only thanks these workers get this from the faces of the animals, a safe going >>those faces are of a genetic you know alteration that compelling animals have learned to use for their survival by giving us those faces we connect with them emotionally. >>that was ken wayne reporting now democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has a
10:47 pm
new ice cream named after him, it's made by the founders of ben and jerry's. it's a hot cinnamon ice-cream that includes one very large chocolate disk on top and i quote very stiff butter toffee backbone going right down the middle that's all according to sanders campaign website. and jerry are longtime supporters of senator sanders of vermont and they created this flavor of honor. or of the presidential contenders 2020 campaign. the ice cream is not affiliated with the ice cream company. ben and jerry's but this new flavor is called bernie's back. >>big nba news breaking on saturday and big news for the golden state warriors it was announced the draymond green has signed a four-year max contract extension with the
10:48 pm
warriors the 3 time nba champion is recorded 19 career regular season triple doubles which ranks second all-time in warriors history, just behind tom got a goal of that is with 20 trayvon finished the 2018 19 season shooting 45% from the field with 95 steals 455 assists in 66 games played. he's been called the heart and soul of the warriors by season dream on of this game going into the playoffs even losing weight before then really turning things up because for years, $100 million. well some breaking news in the sports world, former oakland raider. cliff branch has died at the age of 71 branch was a 3 time super bowl champion four-time pro bowler and 3 time first-team pro bowl in his time with the raiders he is the only wide receiver on all 3 of the raiders super bowl teams. he was the receiving
10:49 pm
yards lever and the 7475 season with more than a 1000 yards. our condolences go out to cliff branch and his family. now on to some baseball the a's just a game behind in the wild-card spot, hosting the louis cardinals saturday game one of a 2 game said mike fires on the mound for the green and gold on the first no score bases loaded from arcana who does this. the center field bays said 2 runs will come in to score is taken early 2 to nothing lead. bottom of the 7th we go is leading 5, 2, >>in turn job drive drive drive drives one to left field could and by is just on they go on to defeat the cardinals 8 to 3 that is your final is look for the sweep on sunday. now on to the giants in denver madison bumgarner on the mound turday. top of the first we go giants leading to that nothing newly signed scooter jeannette what drives one
10:50 pm
right feel that one is d one is gone on scooters first homer as a giant, dugout giving him a nice reaction for the nothing giant's bottom of the 5th we go all tied at 4. daniel murphy climbs one to right field that one will drop and kick up against the wall nolan are not. throw from the cut off man and no one is covering home here comes are not. he is safe. rockies now lead 5 to 4 top of the 8th, we go big spot for buster posey tool post at the plate. and doesn't get a good angle on it coming in this court pull off. and here comes austin slater. he will score and just like that the giants take billy bob tonight we go rockies at the tying run at second and the go ahead run at first and oil's ms arrives that is the ball and giants hang on they defeat rockies 6 to 5. that is your
10:51 pm
final and that. >>that is sports. >>next to a large byrd on the loose in north carolina as providing very is proving to be very uncatchable and the 3 men are wanted for taking a men are wanted for taking a joyride after breaki choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪
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stem the tide of unwanted pets is spreading. >>saving lives.
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