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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  August 5, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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night off the series of shootings sending shock waves throughout the country. the latest in ohio where a gunman opened fire killing 9 and injuring dozens all in less than one minute. in el paso texas 2 more victims did not survive their injuries bringing the death toll now to 22. after a gunman opened fire in a walmart shopping center and here at home the community of gilroy is still mourning after 3 people were killed and more than a dozen injured. after a gunman opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival last week. we start though in el paso where police say the suspected shooter is behaving cold and unapologetic 21 year old patrick crew shes says white supremacism ledge white supremacism he's accused of gunning down 22 people on saturday before the shooting he is believed to have written a racist an anti immigrant document about america being overrun by hispanic immigrants. cnn's brian todd has details. >>the man who allegedly carried out the slaughter at the walmart has been
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unapologetic. officials say patrick crew see us the suspected shooter has shown no regrets no remorse for killing nearly 2 dozen innocent people and has been cold emotional talking to investigators. that's consistent with how police are telling us he carried out the attack. the reports that we received is that it was it attack i was well planned out and the reports of a coming out is that. he showed no emotion and it it appeared. according to the videos and the eyewitness testimonies he had some type of training on how he approached his victims quote, he had a stone cold look it was nothing short of evil. police are giving a general description of the weapon they believe he used to gun down his victims. what was reported that it was a model that look like an a k 47. >>the 21 year-old alleged shooter who as a white-supremacist is being charged with capital murder. and the shooting is even being called an act of terrorism. >>we're treating it as a domestic terrorism case. do we
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do terraces country which is deliver swift and certain justice. >>authorities are also investigating a racist anti immigrant document they believe was posted online by the suspect that document states it took less than a month to plan the shooting. the 4 page document published on the online message board 8 chan about 20 minutes before the shooting. the author says he opposes race mixing encourages immigrants to return to their home countries speaking of a hispanic invasion. authorities say the shooting began in the parking lot of the walmart and the shooter then entered the store. panicked shoppers slid under tables, others ran for their lives. >>and in dayton. investigators say it is too early to say what touched off a 32nd rampage that left 9 people dead on sunday, 24 year-old connor betts was killed in less than a minute by police but by then he had already
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shot 41 times hit several magazines on him which have a total capacity for 250 rounds. but today police say they do not yet have a motive for that shooting. >>not close enough, not close enough at all we have a lot of evidence still to go through. just based on where we're at now we are not seeing any indication of race being a motive, but we are not through all the evidence its own torture all the evidence we cannot rule that out but i'm saying we're not seeing at any at this time to suggest. >>race is a motive. >>meanwhile people are remembering the victims in dayton a makeshift memorial now sits outside the bar. the shooting happened and residents also held a community vigil this morning. >>those who live in the neighborhood of gunman. connor bet say they're ishock. they say the shooting has left them devastated and they didn't see it coming. >>it's a big shock, especially in this neighborhood were pretty quiet. it's very
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overwhelming to have seen him several times in the past couple weeks and just never would now on that. is in play i smile wave at me every time a solemn. >>among the victims says betts own sister. >>the series of deadly mass shootings is sending shock waves all across the nation and it would appear as if these incidents are on the rise today, we talked was terror experts about how the public can help stop the shootings before they happen kron four's dan kerman live for us in san francisco with more on that dan. >>well they say in whether it's a mass murder or it is domestic terrorism in many cases there has been a tip off days hours or weeks before somebody in the public has heard about it. and that is what needs to be reported in advance that they say will reverse this trend. >>the domestic terrorism tied to an ideology or simply mass murder. the incidents this weekend are a sign of a disturbing trend. >>ever seeing an increasing amount of soft target attacks
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folks that whatever their ideology as her motivation is they're committee mask as the attacks those are definitely increasing across the country. >>like center runs the northern california regional intelligence center, one of dozens across the country charged with the den a fine threats before they happen. >>that ability to stop those people before the attack is critical and the only way that we can do that is by getting the public support. >>sena says the public needs to start getting familiar with the type of activities that should serve as red flags things like surveilling locations gathering supplies getting security information about specific spots. they also need to pay attention to what a person does and says. >>advocacy for those folks that are you very much the straw or have gone through some type of you know traumatic experience that pushes them over the edge seems to be something as a consistent feature with folks. folks they're looking for
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something that will make them important in the world. something that will leave their name and history center says local law enforcement should be your first call but the regional intelligence center. >>has set up a tip site where you can report suspicious activity anonymously. >>there's probably somebody sitting at home right now it's often a family member or a friend that may be saying hey you know what i think that person had a great idea. i think i you know i think i could do something like that i should do something like that we need them to pick up the phone we need them to get online and report that anonymously. >>and santa says in many cases you never know what the motive for shooting is but before something turns into tragedy. it's important to identify those red flags and report them in advance live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news dan thank you president trump is condemning racism bigotry and white supremacy after the 2 mass shootings, but. >>after suggesting background checks may be a solution in a
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tweet the president stayed away from any mention of gun laws in his prepared remarks cnn's morris sanchez has more from the white house. >>president trump with his first significant remarks following this weekend's 2 mass shootings. >>these barbaric slaughters an assault upon our communities. upon our nation and a crime against all of humanity. >>reading from a teleprompter trump zeroed in on the el paso suspected gunman's alleged motive outlined in a racist anti immigrant street posted online moments before the attack. >>the shooter in el paso posted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate. >>but the president failed to mention the accused shooter mirroring some of his own language about immigrants, this is an invasion. that's an invasion invasion. we have a country that's being invaded the president's use of invasion on camera and in
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tweets echoed in the alleged gunman's manifesto where he refers to a hispanic invasion. despite him riding the trump didn't originally inspired his use. >>our nation must condemn racism. bigotry and white supremacy. the sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. >>trump's speech also laid out several policy ideas to address mass shootings, but didn't mention gun control measures like background checks. a noticeable change from his tweet just a couple of hours before when he wrote that congress should pass strong background perhaps marrying them with desperately needed immigration reform. instead trump on camera repeating republican talking points, tying mass shootings to social media mental health issues and violent video games mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger. >>not a gun and advocating for the death penalty and so-called red flag laws we
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must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety. do not have access to firearms. >>meantime lawmakers from across the country are weighing in on the tragic shooting at the texas wal-mart in el paso this after a the 21 year-old man opened fire as he walked into the store, killing innocent people as he made his way from aisle to aisle, representative barbara lee is from el paso. she talked to us here kron 4 about the changes that she wants to see happen now with our nation's gun laws. >>it got and these will fall you that top weapons ban to expire you back it will get into that. them out of the world. we have to do more.
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have to be able to put it hold they didn't. >>this of course is not a new phenomenon we've seed a number of these mass shootings across the country just halfway into the year. >>many of these shootings happening in public places where families and children are just going about their day. our priscilla said the money in is live in the studio with to talk about some more of those cases all of other been hundreds of mass shootings in the country this year alone. 53 people specifically have been killed in a public space whether it be a supermarket or a place of worship. >>take a look here are some of the few high-profile cases that we're talking about fbi defines a mass shooting has. or more people killed, but you can see that we did list san diego county. where a gunman targeted a public setting a synagogue where a rabbi was killed than in sebring florida. a gunman barricaded himself in a bank where he killed at least 5 people in january and then in virginia beach, virginia, an angry employee fatally shot 12 people and wounded 4 more in a
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city building back in may. then of course here in the bay area shooter killed 3 young people who are just enjoying their sunday at the gilroy garlic festival and now back to back mass shootings in el paso texas at a wal-mart and in dayton ohio in a historic district where all together this weekend. 31 people were killed. we may never know motive for some of these tragedies well in some cases like the one in el paso we've learned that the shooter may have been motivated by racism but we are now seeing people we're desperately looking to lawmakers to identify the source of this crisis and to do something about it. >>all right allan we have continuing coverage of the mass shootings over the weekend coming up at 6.30 local officials say they are staying vigilant in the wake of the recent shootings in our website. you can learn more about the 31 victims who lost their lives. we also have continuing coverage during the commercial breaks on our kron on streaming app coming up at >>warning for parents after a new study reveals one allergy is more prevalent in children than previously thought plus
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. >>tonight we're learning the causes of deaths of the victims in the gilroy garlic festival shooting the santa clara county coroner's office as to the victims died of gunshot wounds to their chests. a 3rd died after being shot in the back. officials say 25 year-old trevor irby
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and 13 year-old keyla salazar was shot in the chest. 6 year-old stephen romero was shot in the back. last week the coroner's office said the gunman 19 year-old santino the gun died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound 13 other victims were injured in that shooting last sunday. >>the bay area, the city of go are still mourning from last week's shooting a community reeling from the unthinkable tragedy and not even a week later 2 other mass shootings. residents are still hard time grasping at all the city of gilroy shares the pain with texas and ohio while still trying to work through it themselves. you know, it's been a tragedy. there are a strong we've got to be strong and pull together you know not going to let but it's time to come together. you know, and not let >>defeat us. >>the garlic festival grounds remain a crime scene as investigators sift through
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about 50 acres of land searching for any evidence flags around the country been ordered to fly at half-staff honoring the victims of the tragedies in el paso and dayton. >>31 people lost their lives over the weekend. we want to show you the video this is a lowered flags at federal building in san francisco today, san mateo community colleges are considering having armed security patrol their campuses kron four's maureen kelly tells us it's an idea that's getting some mixed reaction on campus. >>the idea of having armed guards working as security comes from an independent consultant hired in 2016 to do a comprehensive review. all of the campus is within the san mateo community college district that includes skyline college as well as coming out of college and the college of san mateo armed security is one of 70 suggestions made to improve safety more than half of the recommendations have been adopted the concept of having security with guns on
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campus. >>is still being studied at this point there is no plan here to create their own campus police force instead they're studying the model of contracting with local law enforcement to have school resource officers assigned to them in the wake of the 3 recent mass shootings. >>the reaction of students here at skyline to the idea of cops on campus. >>his next you will be safe and folders that is because sometimes we don't want get out from the house is because we are kind a scare about what will have been i don't think it'll be a good idea because school already feels like a president the president of the school district's board of trustees says he has some serious concerns about the idea you're going to have a greater. >>large number of to socially disadvantaged students and you have a. students they're there to get their education and u haul that there will not be
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any barriers getting education including. >>police he says there are other things recommended by that consultant that he'd rather see including ensuring that there are working cell phone towers in the area upgrading campus lighting and making sure local law enforcement has up to date campus plans. in case of an emergency maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>i finally some good news here p g says it is stepping up efforts to prevent another deadly wildfire like the campfire last summer cover charles clifford on the company's new efforts. >>we're in san francisco on monday pge showed off their new upgraded wildfire safety operations center another center is upstairs in the pga building the headquarters here and it monitors satellite data also sensor data from across the state they also have a web cameras up looking for any signs of fires that at the center is staffed 24 7 with people are monitoring social
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media also weather reports and the idea of several goals here one is to a spot fires in determine if that fire is burning near some p g equipment. the thing that might need to be more proactive about it also deploy resources and also they monitor the weather looking in it for any large weather events like santa ana winds that could potentially cause a problem that could have an power lines causing sparking and they can also make the decision whether or not to be energized those lines for safety reasons but pg e walks a fine line here between safety and the need to keep the power on for people because obviously folks rely on electricity. >>so we do get into a situation where it is the larger scale. top of an impact. you know we are committed to notify our customers and doing everything that we can but in the face of the unprecedented wildfire risk. we will proceed. would the images ace and uh is a shunt to be able to protect our customers and communities. everything we're doing is to be able to minimize that impact and reduce that
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footprint but the reality is could there be a likelihood, but we do end up losing a larger county or city. potentially it's really want to depend. >>now the wildfire safety operations center is manned 24 7 but in the event of a major a weaerroblem like santa ana winds are a major fire. he's unique and activate its emergency operation center which brings in more resources to help deal with the problem. and san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news it's going to take a lie. >>look outside right now from our sutro cam beautiful shot of san francisco, some of those we speak really calm clouds fog. >>some like that i mean, and it kind of sums up the whole bay area weather scene doesn't want his picture right here you saw a little bit of clear so we up the little monsoon going on right now to so little other factor in our weather pattern outside so low clouds around the bay area today a little sunshine in between but here's the shot for you to how about that you see the fog out there down below and up above we've got some of the monsoonal clubs that continue to stream across our skies we'll see more of that tonight and probably for part of the day at least
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tomorrow as that monsoonal continue from timber on a nice look you can see some patchy fog down below and also some low clouds up above so again that cloud cover rolling in specially late in the day and we're going to see more of that throughout the night tonight. temperatures though not bad 70 degrees in san francisco, 76 in oakland 87 in san jose today get hot again in livermore checking in 93 hot 90 in concord 82 in santa rosa, but now you can see the stream of moisture see low pressure to the south here you see the stream of moisture coming up from the south. this also she with that ridge of high pressure over the 4 corners so that wrap around moisture kind of roll right back in across california prison in rain. but certainly something to watch out there should make for a nice sunset as the are going to continue to stream overhead at least throughout the night tonight, a public tomorrow morning too temperature wise a number still on the warm side in the near well in the 80's almost 90 degree still in concord 85 degrees in livermore 79 in san jose and 79 in redwood city tonight, partly cloudy skies you see that patchy fog down
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below in the mid to high level clouds up above tomorrow some morning clouds early on the partial clearing in the afternoon. and then a big change in the weather pattern we're going to see some much cooler temperatures header way probably below average, maybe we start talking about a couple raindrops least a chance late in the week. high pressure going give way now this whole trough is going start to dig itself out here we're going to see a couple of weeks systems kind of rotate through going ramp up the marine layer in a few more clouds come in way that is going to drop the temperatures probably well below average through the midweek low clouds fog surging on shore to some those high clouds up above little more drizzle out along the coastline to and early tomorrow morning. and then that should give way to some partial clearing in the afternoon. a little mor sunshine by late in the day temperature wise numbers not going to be bad to see a lot of 70's around the base made is clara valley and still couple low 90's possibly inland. then here we go the next 2 days the temperatures really going to start to drop off midweek and staying down through thursday and by friday, this cold front that's come to the west coast bring at least a slight chance of some showers north of the golden gate bridge. coming up
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tonight gun stocks are on the rise after the recent shootings find out why experts think sales increase after such tragedies. next march is going paperless details on why they're ditching paper for plastic and what it means for you. who's dog is this?
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yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. >>so have say goodbye to paper tickets for bart bart started phasing out paper tickets at certain stations today the
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move is in favor of clipper cards kron 4 sarah stinson reports from the embarcadero station which is one of the station's it's going to see the change soon. >>the 19th street bart station in oakland is leading this paperless and transition for the entire board system and then following that station is going to be all the embarcadero i'm only going to be able to purchased these reusable reloadable clipper cards super easy to use may cost about $3. now take a look at your screen you can get a better idea of the other stations that are going to be paperless and only using these clipper cards they're going to be transitioning for the next 2 months starting today as i said the 19th street bart station in oakland will be clip for only 2 weeks later will be the embarcadero stations and then in september the powell street station and the downtown berkeley stations will also only be accepting those clipper cards or you can buy them. now you will not be able to buy those paper tickets now say already have a paper ticket as money on it you can still use it to enter
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and exit the stations for as long as money remains on it. the pilot program will expand in 2022 other stations all to make the clipper card the bay area's all in one transit card as it is except it was nearly every trsportation agencies this will also help to reduce paper waste. people also actually save money by using a good hard as paper cards charge you $0.50 extra every cent it's that the dollar will be saving round trip. now if you don't have a clipper card quite yet you do come up on one of those stations where you have to do. by one of these it's really quite easy and you just buy it for $3 you can reload it and they will have staff at each of those transitioning stations to help you with any questions you may have and san francisco's sarah stinson kron 4 news. the death. >>he is now the topic of conversation with lawmakers again coming up we're going to hear from both sides of that argument. >>nexus 6.30 local officials say there prepared staying
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vigilant after recent shootings across the u s and
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>>oakland police say they are saying the july 2 no wake of this weekend's 2 mass shootings in dayton and el paso yokum police department has its own experience responding to an active shooter situation kron four's asic that unit has the story. >>the lexus mentally ill pass a law bclassic are reportedly travle


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