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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>when prime time. now at 9 at least 31 people have been killed and 2 back to back mass shootings rocking. >>too tight knit communities into american cities. thanks for joining us. everybody i'm vicki liviakis and i'm j r stone 9 people have been killed in dayton ohio, but right now we go live to texas. >>with camilla burnout. >>hundreds of people have been showing up throughout the day to this makeshift morial that is just feet away from the entrance of that wal-mart we're seeing people together to great and we've heard back pipes, we've seen people just.
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crying together we've seen community leaders a leaders and we're also seeing the flag, mexican flag, the us flag and the flag up says in a show of unity. this is what this community is doing simply coming together to honor and. morning together but also showing that they're resilient. >>an act of terror and evil leaving the people of el paso with broken and heavy hearts mexico's foreign minister is considering the murder of 8 of their citizens, an act of terror. he offered condolences for all of the victims. >>asked the best states. the.
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>>hundreds of miles away in ohio, the tight knit community of day in is mourning the loss of 9 people all shot and killed in less than a minute. i sheets. >>and somebody is and you're bleeding from >>chilling 911 calls reveal the moments of chaos and panic, one of gunmen unleashed terror on the streets outside a popular bars and nightclubs. >>and back here in el paso, the mayor saying you know we spoke on the phone president donald trump but that he's going to welcome him here in this city on wednesday, the texas and democrats sending a letter to the president saying they do not want him to visit the area but the side of the politics of it the sides all the drama. the mayor here
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saying that he wants this moment to be something a political he wants us to be a time when he tells president trump with the needs of this community. >>alright camilla the recent mass shootings in el paso and dayton been tragic inspiration for a bay area start-up. >>a woman from the tech world has created something she was open wouldn't ever be needed a line of bulletproof clothing kron four's dan thorn spoke with that inventor earlier today, dan i can't even imagine us needing this right now but we're at that point. >>right it's a it's hard to believe that we have so many mass shootings that happened this country inspiring these kinds of things to be created. but i spoke to the inventor and she says that they came out with the first of its kind bulletproof hoodie and she's also offering the clothing in other kids sizes. 25 year-old of the trend looks like just
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about any person wearing a hoodie while walking down the street. >>but this one special. it stops bullets. >>we're the world's first product to protect your body and your head from ballistic a nice dress. >>tran is the creator of wonder hoodie a bay area start-up featuring a line of kevlar clothing. the idea was tragedy. i korea's us out of the purse. >>was killed in my neighborhood. i wanted protect my family and to ensure they can feel safe. side. >>tran says she wants people to be prepared instead of being scared rated at 3 a trance as her products offer tpe strongest great of soft body armor protection available and hoodies are just part of the clothing line wonder hoodie also sells denham style jackets vests and other accessories the clothing comes in kids sizes too i felt. >>i'm inclined to make this for my family.
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>>tran says bulletproof clothing is becoming increasingly popular because of recent mass shootings like el paso and dayton. just last week these bullet resistant backpacks started popping up on shelves at officemax and office depot stores in taxes. guard dog security the company behind the backpacks as they could stop a bullet from a 44 magnum handgun. but like trans clothing it won't stop a high capacity rifle our boss cannot protect you against a they are 15. regardless tran says she wants people to feel safe and to be able to afford body armor if they want it. it's unfortunate that. >>my part of south texas live. and this is what it takes to feel safe in your own neighborhood i will. >>tran says her products have them at the national institute of justice is requirements for body armor and the cost for a wonder hoodie once close to 600 bucks but for every 10 hoodies they sell they donate one to a teacher. reporting
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live in studio dan thorn kron 4 news. >>and i think what's different about this situation is that even if you're not directly impacted. it does have an impact time and your emotions, sadness fear, anxiety. >>safety and security as students head back to school. it's a concern, many parents have right now. after the recent shootings here and across the country. our children safe and how do we protect them. >>kron four's michelle kingston gives us a look at what santa clara county schools are doing as the school year begins. >>as a difficult conversation to have. >>and deadly shootings in gilroy in texas and in ohio causing many families to fear the first day of school which definitely noticed a higher level of anxiety and worry santa clara county superintendent of schools
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doctor marianne dhawan is working hard to make sure students feel safe one we know that families are typically anxious anyway. start of the new school year is exciting. >>this also change and so we know already that there's a heightened level of anxiety around the start of school a result violence and activities that have occurred in schools and recently and the communities doctor dhawan says it's important for communities to work together for the students create safer environment, so that kids know they can talk to adults about what happened. >>and to listen in to support them and to get them back into a regular routine have an open door so that children know that they can talk about their fears and anxieties. >>santa clara county schools are all required to have safety plans to training this an emergency drills in san jose, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well tonight we are learning the causes of death of the victims in the gilroy garlic
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festival shooting. the santa clara county coroner's office says 2 of the victims died of gunshot wounds to their chess and a 3rd died after being shot in the back. officials say 25 year-old trevor. be and 13 year-old kayla salazar were shot in the chest and 6 year-old stephen romero was shot in the back. last week the coroner's office said the gunman, 19 year-old cent he no leg and died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound 13 other victims were injured in the shooting last sunday. >>the series of deadly mass shootings is sending shock waves across the nation and it appears as if these incidents are on the rise conference in kerman spoke with terror experts about how the public can help to stop these before they happen. >>the a domestic terrorism tied to an ideology or simply mass murder. the incidents this weekend are a sign of a disturbing trend. >>we're ever seeing an increasing amount of soft target attacks folks that
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whater their ideology as her motivation is they're committee mask as the attacks those are definitely increasing across the country. >>like center runs the northern california regional intelligence center, one of dozens across the country charged with the den a fine threats before they happen. >>that ability to. stop those people before the attack is critical and the only way that we can do that is by getting the public support. >>sena says the public needs to start getting familiar with the type of activities that should serve as red flags things like surveilling locations gathering supplies getting security information about specific spots. they also need to pay attention to what a person does and says. >>advocacy for those folks that are you very much distraught or have gone through some type of you know traumatic experience that pushes them over thedge seems to be something that has a a consistent feature with folks. folks they're looking for something that will make
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them important in the world. something that will leave their name in history. >>so this is local law enforcement should be your first call but the regional intelligence center has set up a tip site where you can report suspicious activity anonymously. >>there's probably somebody sitting at home right now it's often a family member or a friend that may be saying hey you know what i think that person had a great idea. i think i you know i think i could do something like that i should do something like that we need them to pick up the phone we need them to get online and report that anonymously. >>well oftentimes you never know what the motive is for one of the shootings. authorities say many cases there are red flags days weeks or even hours before an attack and it's incumbent on the public to report in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>community colleges in san mateo are studying the possibility of having armed security patrol the campus is this includes skyline college. can to college and the college of san mateo the schools are
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looking at contracting with local law enforcement to have school resource officers assigned to them in the wake of these mass shootings just over the week. the reaction of students here at skyline to the idea of police on campus is mixed. i think. how feel safer. >>just don't feel safe for him. >>you're going to have a greater. >>socially disadvantaged students and you have a. undocumented students. >>they're there to get their education. >>the board president says that he is concerned he says there are other items on the list of recommendations he would prefer to see instead like ensuring working cell phone towers in the area and upgraded lighting on campus. >>here locally oakland police say they are staying vigilant in wake of the weekend's 2 mass shootings and dayton el paso. forces it with you and has the story.
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>>the lexus mentally ill pass a lot like massacre reportedly traveled 600 miles to the location of the heavily populated hispanic community crazy looking buy some video clip of an outsider coming to the bay area to perpetrate mass shooting in the city's move though this targeting let the tolls there. >>and that the people are scared, there's no known threat at this time to oakland. but we are always prepared. for. if it should happen when it should happen. >>oakland police spokespern johnna watson says one reason it tell shared about law enforcement quito pd on alert ready for potential threat of an active shooter. we have an intel unit, which is our intelligence unit and they monitor not only local state and federal. >>that information is shared through all the various channels of our a neighbor in law enforcement agencies such as fbi department of weather for little businessmen who go says there is concerned that
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someone might target a huge gathering like through those day of the dead celebration. >>this is going right now. >>i know you're pretty soon. it's coming to the events in of the other was work those something's got about 85,080 1000 people. >>well for a while the local police department has increased our staffing, especially when it comes to special events. >>and we can't forget that the city of oakland has experienced its own mass shooting back in april of 2012 right here at oikos university where 10 people were shot 7 of whom lost their lives. >>this day and a memory that will never forget this was a mass shooting for us it happened very quickly our armored vehicle came down edge water. all of our swat members were there. they didn't waste any time we a shooter inside who already i started shooting people with learned so many lessons we've changed our policy we've changed our training. specific to mass shooting oakland police officials say officers will rely on the coast shooting
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trade. >>to help keep people safe. in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>and we have continuing coverage of each of these shootings online at kron 4 dot com and on kron on our 24 hour streaming news service. be sure to download our app so we can give you updates as we learn more about the victims. the potential impacts on legislation. >>outside and a live look right now at at the embarcadero on this a chilly. san francisco is typical right. >>certainly is joined right now by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lights dim build a smile talk weather to absolutely what if i told you guys we might see a little rain this week wall. you don't think i'd be pretty crazy right well, maybe i am but still there's a slight chance. we could be talking about some showers developing a little bit later on the week, mainly north of the golden gate bridge keep our eyes on that for you, but you know see that trough again in the car itself out along the west coast. that means we're in for some big changes as the temperatures
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going to start to come down quite a bit especially into the middle of this week. so tseumrs are going to have a below the average the fog is starting to move in already we've got some mid to high level clouds kind of skirting across our skies this evening as well and more that on the way is tomorrow all of today's eyes. yeah, it was hot inland. you saw some 90's and livermore concord in the san francisco very pleasant day at 70 degrees 76, and running above the average in the oakland 87 degrees in san jose and slightly below the average of 82. in santa rosa. all right here the high clouds i was talking about seem streaming up on the south coming across the bay area making for a nice sunset tonight and down underneath those clouds we're seeing some low clouds and some fog and likely going to see some drizzle overnight tonight along the coastline and maybe even some of that inside the bay. so that being said temperatures right now we've got a cool 56 degrees in pacifica 63. in san mateo 60 degrees little bit warmer inside the bay in mount view 69 and san jose a 73 still warm well inland in dublin, 77 in concord and then a cool 59
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degrees and timber on with some of that fog coming in so tonight, partly cloudy skies will see some low clouds and fog and some of the mid to high level clouds tomorrow morning clouds give way to some partial clearing in the afternoon. and then more clouds on the way with some cooler temperatures to the middle of the week that ridge of high pressure kind of scooting out of the way as a couple of systems roll over the top of that ridge and find that low. it's going to come sweeping by as we head in toward lot of part of the week may be gathering steam maybe a ring with a slight chance showers north of the golden gate bridge but tonight we're going to see a surge of low clouds and fog well on shore look at that cloud cover really thickening up tomorrow morning. it will be in place early on them maybe a little dense fog along the coastline. as we head toward the afternoon. the clouds kind of peel back to roll back in once again as we head toward tomorrow evening. so looks like tomorrow. yeah, we'll see those clouds quite a bit around the bay area some partial clearing in the afternoon. and that's a much cooler days ahead guys. >>well thank you so much lawrence a family heist caught on camera conquer toy store owner says a young boy entered his store with 2 people who appeared to be his mother and
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father ith an organized plan to steal from his store, yeah, they got away with a new lego set but the owner says that's not what he's most mad about kron four's. >>taylor sackey spoke with him today she joins us now live. from pot of gold collectibles where this theft happened taylor, what you are apt to say. >>well really he says he is dumbfounded in shock that a child may be around 10 years old is learning how to steal from his parents and now watching the video back he says it's clear that this was a well thought out plan and those 2 older adults are exporting a child for their own gain. >>this isn't their first rodeo they've done this before all pretty much guarantee it. i mean it was coordinated it was specific and it was an in out less than 90 seconds. >>tom fitzsimmons noticed a new lego set worth nearly $200 went missing at his store pot of gold collectibles last week he's now disappointed after watching back surveillance video and learning a child stolen with the help of what
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looks to be his mom and dad that child is as learning. >>things that he should not be learning, plain and simple. let alone from his adult. companions. >>you can see the family walk into the store together and then quickly break up they went over to the lego section they slid that particular set. >>out just enough to give it a balance so that way it would fall and making noise where i would have made a comment next you see the child trying to get inside a locked cabinet. >>he's unsuccessful and then returns to the front of the store to signal his family it's time to leave the child then pulls out the lego set as his mother shield him on the father diverts fitzsimmons attention to the back of the store they're condoning it and not only just condoning it but helping him do it. overall it's a straight up to small now fitzsimmons says he wants justice not because of what was stolen from him, but more so for the future of the child i'm concerned for the job what he's doing and what they're teaching him to do is not play. it's going to break
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somebody's house. >>you know this is just a stepping self. >>now based on how quickly that family moved to the store fitzsimmons believe that they've been inside before maybe multiple times. if you have any information about this trio contact, the concord police reporting live in concord taylor sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor >>the family of finnegan elder one of the bay area teens accused of murder in italy is fighting to bring their son home last week the 19 year-old father. attorney visited elder in prison elder, and his 18 year-old friend gabriel natale your were arrested last month after police say they killed officer mario reagan during an undercover drug deal. italian police say both teens confessed to taking part in the assault. but elder's family says there's more to the story. the truth. >>will set you free. we look forward to the truth coming
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out. and to our sun coming out. neither elder know your nor north rather has been indicated were indicted rather italian authorities can hold suspects for a year before charges. our ever filed to the north bay now police are investigating a stabbing at a restaurant in downtown santa rosa, happy about 01:00am yesterday morning at the la rosa ca korea and grill on 4th street police say that they responded to a fight involving at least 15 people. they found a 28 year-old santa rosa man on the patio with a stab wound in his back and a broken nose. police say the victim was uncooperative in their investigation. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok so far no suspects have been identified. >>in the south bay, a 72 year-old woman is dead and a young girl has been hospitalized. after a house fire in san jose have been on green more drive near the almaden expressway. just before 7 30 this morning, the home was destroyed in the
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fire, but it didn't spread to any other residences 22 year-old man woke up to smoke and had to jump out of a window. he is expected to be okay the cause of this fire is under investigation. in the east bay police are asking for help in solving a pair of home invasions that happened within hours of each other. both break ins in albany involving a person sneaking in through an unlocked door open window. firstyone happened friday night on canes avenue. police say a man with a flashlight snuck into a house around 1130. the person who lives there woke up police say the burglar ran off the short time later officers responded to a home on tap street person living there was home at the time but only saw the man running away. it's unclear if anything was taken in either case. police do not have a detailed description of the suspect. >>also in the east bay firefighters are getting the upper hand on a fire burning near brentwood, the marsh
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complex fire is now 85% contained has burned more than 750 acres so far as of this morning marsh creek road is back open the roadway had been closed as crews work to contain the fire that broke out early saturday morning. no structures have been burned the cause is under investigation. and the big story tonight p g says it is stepping up efforts to prevent another deadly wildfire like the campfire last summer our first charles clifford has details. >>we're in san francisco on monday pge showed off their new upgraded wildfire safety operations center another center is upstairs in the pga building the headquarters here and it monitors satellite data also sensor data from across the state they also have a web cameras up looking for any signs of fires that at the center is staffed 24 7 with people are monitoring social media also weather reports and the idea of several goals here one is to a spot fires in determine if that fire is burning near some pg e equipment that they not might need to be more proactive about it also deploy resources
9:23 pm
and also they monitor the weather looking in it for any large weather events like santa ana winds that could potentially cause a problem that could have an power lines causing sparking and they can also make the decision whether or not to be energized those lines for safety reasons but pg e walks a fine line here between safety and the need to keep the power on for people because obviously folks rely on electricity. >>so we do get into a situation where it is the rger scale. top of an impact. you know we are committed to notify our customers and doing everything that the unprecedented wildfire of risk. we will proceed with the initials a c it is a shunt to be able to protect our customers and communities. everything we're doing is to be able to minimize that impact and reduce that footprint but the reality is could there be a likelihood, but we do end up losing a larger county or city. potentially it's really want to depend. >>now the wildfire safety operations center is manned 24 7 but in the event of a major
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a weather problem like santa ana winds are a major fire. he's unique and activate its emergency operation cter which brings in more resources to help deal with the problem. and san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>we continue to follow the deadly mass shootings in dayton and el paso and hear from investigators who say they found 41 shell casings from the shooting in ohio. >>plus the man who sent pipe bombs to prominent democrats has now been sentenced. we'll tell you how much prison time he's facing. >>and those annoying robocalls also we al here's your buick sir.
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>>where your money tonight, new rules now are in place aimed at stopping those annoying robocalls thankfully have been hit like a dozen times last 3 many gator has more in tonight's consumer watch. >>it's the biggest consumer complaint made to the federal communications commission. >>unwanted calls. now new rules close a loophole in the law that had prevented the sec from going after scammers those sitting text messages and those overseas making speech com. 2 americans. the unlawful and transmit misleading or inaccurate caller id information with criminal intent. the new rules extent a text messages calls from outside the united states to those with in the u s and additional types of voice calls according to the fcc foreign robo callers often use caller id spoofing making it
9:28 pm
appear that their phone number matches a trusted organization they claim to represent pressure tactics can then be used to defraud americans out of money and personal information. >>the new rules prohibit such militias spoofing and allow the fcc to bring enforcement actions against those who spoofed text messages. >>and those who seek to victimize americans from overseas. in 2018 the commission says he used the largest fines in its history. with those who violate all right the spoofing. with a consumer watch and earth would. >>after sunday's deadly mass shooting in ohio police reveal at least 41 casing
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>>authorities in dayton ohio piecing together what led 24 year-old connor bets to kill 9 people, including his own sister in less than a minute. >>cnn's ryan young has more from day. >>tonight the motive remains a mystery a chilling new details emerge about the gunman who killed 9 people including his own sister and wounded dozens of others in less than 30 seconds the terrifying moment show the masked gunman with a bulletproof vest unloading on innocent people wrapping up a night out early sunday morning in dayton ohio. police say they found at least 41 spent shell casings from the gunman's weapon but the carnage could have been much worse. >>all of those were completely at full capacity, including
9:32 pm
the loose rounds found on the ground near him as well as in a backpack that carried. you had a maximum of 250 rounds in his possession at the time. >>the victims range in age from 22 to 57 years old they say the gunman and his sister arrived together with a male companion, but the sibling separated at some point. >>it seems too. just stuff i believe ability would shoot his own sister. it's also hard to believe that he didn't recognize that was his sister. >>the milk and pay was wounded during the shooting remains in the hospital. 2 law enforcement sources tell cnn they don't believe he had prior knowledge an attack was going to take place. we'll have more questions for him. >>911 what batches of emergency. we're in downtown or in cnn day and ohio. in
9:33 pm
everybody rained out and >>you can clearly see the government being shot by police surveillance video shows the moment panic sets in as people realize they're being shot at and run for shelter. seconds later, dayton police who are in the area at the time were able to stop the gunman. that's wearing a mask about to enter a bar before he's brought down to his knees by officers. >>so good side started a star running. >>in a direction on the run as some guy got shot in a and he feel right in front my cousins did not deserve to lose their life to have children. hard working people. all he was doing was in joining night on the town in the day. >>tonight 4 former classmates paint a dark picture about the man behind the attack as a high school student in dayton. they tell cnn he had a hit list of classmates, he wanted to kill or hurt. and a rape list for girls. >>my freshman year a sauna get pulled off the bus after
9:34 pm
school one day. and apparently in a day a kill list. and i happened to be on it i don't know why. >>perhaps even more confusing is why he would have this type of high-capacity rifle and ammunition the shooter had a gun that he got legally. >>with magazines that we got legally and i really don't understand why a gun of that magnitude. >>is really needed on the streets of fish tree. >>funeral homes in. are also offering free services to victims of saturday's mass shooting for area companies are going to cover the cost of funerals for 22 people that died. they're including those who work from the area. 8 of
9:35 pm
the victims of a el paso were mexican nationals. >>a controversial message board is offline after it was linked to saturday's mass shooting in el paso, anyone log for a chan saw an error message today, san francisco, internet infrastructure company cloud fair announced and pulled support for the website. this after the suspected gunman allegedly used a chan to share hate filled manifesto minutes before the shooting. the site could be down for the next day or 2. this is not the first mass shooting tied to the website h and has also been linked to suspects in the synagogue shooting. and the shootings at 2 mosques in new zealand. head of the fbi has ordered a nationwide search for a mass shooting threats. sources say director chris wray has ordered fbi offices around the country to do a new
9:36 pm
threat assessment and their areas. this comes after the mass shootings in ohio texas and here in california. fbi offices across the country actively working to identify threats similar to these recent attacks. >>chicago police are reporting a string of deadly violent shootings, this weekend. as a picture of one of the weapons taken off the streets. officers say gun violence that left 7 people dead in 52 people wounded across that city. police say they have responded to 32 shooting related incident since friday evening. the mayor of chicago spoke out today calling for gun reform. >>victims d their families of course but at some point if we don't step up as a country and really think about but the root causes of the problem or it actually take action it would start to address them. and it's for me it starts with common sense. gun reform, universal background check should not controversy.
9:37 pm
>>just yesterday 17 people were shot in 3 separate incidents in the span of 2 hours in chicago and on friday, a toddler was hurt in a shooting after 3 people got into a fight. the florida man who sent pipe bombs to cnn and prominent democrats last year was sentenced to 20 years in prison. >>prosecutors are the prosecutors had asked for a life sentence for cesar sayoc who pleaded guilty last fall now in october sayoc's and bombs through the mail to several targets including former president barack obama bill clinton and one found here in burlingame addressed a new presidential candidate. tom stier none of the devices detonated prosecutors say it ended to silence those who disagreed with through violence. his attorneys argue sayoc was a fan of president trump and say grew paranoid and delusional due to a serious of traumatic events in his life. >>storm clouds possibly headed
9:38 pm
toward the big island's maybe couple raindrops around the bay area we will explain coming up. plus the oakland raiders new stadium is getting its finishing touches. >>a look at their new las vegas home coming up. >>and more in sports a
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9:40 pm
time now for >>and we open up with a's baseball oakland has been heating off winning 3 straight
9:41 pm
and tonight continuing its interleague circuit with a rare trip to the friendly confines of wrigley field let's go to chicago in the a's at really for the first time since 2010 was taken up in the bottom of the 7th comes up for to do javier baez already over the 6 at this time. the left center to the time frame for chicago cubs up 6, 2, to the 8th, same score. days trying to get some runs nick martini the chicago native i drive to right the 2 run, jack is a no doubter his family in the stands his mom. and his hometown hayes within 2 on the very next pitch too marches city. a towering shot to left field. the outfielder didn't even moves and drops for his second home run of the night can make to the 6, 5, game. tonight we go high drama situations to to watch for sami and a chance to be the hero great contact gives was a
9:42 pm
close 1, 6, 5, snapping their three-game winning streak it the run >>back at oracle park, the giants are home again after a nine-game road trip hosting the washington nationals, a team, san francisco have to go through to get into the wild card conversation at last check 3 nothing next in the 9th. we'll have the highlights later on switching over to the nfl both the 49 ers and raiders have had the day off from training camp what we're starting to see some of the roster is taking shape for the silver and black quarterback offensive line wide receiver set for this team but running back has its openings first-round pick josh jacobs making a run at the feature position of the former alabama star, making a strong impression thus far napa has shown to be a threat as bruising runner pass-catcher and pass protector that versatility has him as the starting back on the team's first unofficial depth chart. around i make my game around it and i mean it's a part of the game and i want to come out on and he plays others 3rd
9:43 pm
down or we're not so i mean that's probably a lot. >>i come in with mindset and to sort of pick up everything.
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9:45 pm
>>welcome back another milestone moment for the raiders today. the final beam was lowered on to the new stadium there in las vegas with that. >>topping off ceremony the team announced at the venue is going to be called allegiance
9:46 pm
stadium that's after the las vegas-based airline. chris mathias was there and brings us the details. >>under the blistering heat of a hot august day hundreds of construction workers join city leaders and raiders official to sign a piece of steel to signal the end is in sight. game. >>a testament to a can do attitude here in las vegas, even before they hoisted this beam with 3 flags, hundreds of names scribbled on the side raiders president marc today announced the official name of the stadium from this day forward i'd like to announce the stadium will now be known has a legion stadium. >>has a nice ring to lead to a long-term deal reportedly 20 years, i'm really excited. chris's it's amazing day us it's a milestone day again we're not ribbon cutting it but at this is real really exciting one chance to do something with a world class like the raiders and mark
9:47 pm
davis does that take a look science i make sure we can do it but we're an exciting could be more happy and that's a long-term partnership, we're really excited that it's a local company in the more thrilled with how today went. work on the $2 billion facility is about 60% complete and workers say this building is something the city should be very proud of moment to tell my grandkids about this is definitely a iconic project and it's a beautiful thing to be a part of something like this was a great was not a lifetime opportunity to be on a stadium like to be proud of. >>andrea sunday, you know be on the tv and that someone we own forecast as we take a lie. >>live look outside at that beautiful place called the embarcadero. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here he was giving me the sign. want to talk about i'm ready to go to wait. that's what i'm trying to tell oh my goodness hard to beat you know what they kind of
9:48 pm
love missed the last 2 storms we're worried about those moving in causing some problems but here you go you see the remnants, a very which was a category 4 storm system for a while very dangerous storm and then here came flossie right behind this or one of the south flossie moving to the north now beginning affect the island you can just see some pop-up showers here most the energy though staying north of the islands and the track. we'll continue making its way to the north as well so sustained winds, 35 miles per hour just making the storm now not even a tropical storm system it is going to stay north of the islands but certainly they could see some more heavy rainfall associated with that. a flash flood watches are posted both on the big island and also on malley now expecting some heavy rainfall over the 24 hours or so and then that system kind of moves away and yeah you can get out there and enjoy a vacation there once again not worry about it. and we've got some high clouds a little tropical moisture coming across our skies to this remnants of gil now pushing across the bay area skies and also down below we've got some low clouds and
9:49 pm
some fog and the good news is we get enough of the sea breeze, the air quality is improving so high pressure kind of listening up and moving eastward and our equality looking good tomorrow afternoon, the temperatures are going to take a hit in spots, especially as we go into the middle of the week, staying cool on the coastline tomorrow you'll see that the 8 degrees and sunny in the sunset about 66 62 in downtown san francisco about 60 in half moon bay 58 degrees in pacifica 65. in millbrae 66 in burlingame as you make your way inside the peninsula will see a lot of 70's made couple 80's in toward redwood city and then more 80's in the south they will be a warm afternoon there very comfortable for this time of year, it's still a possibility. a couple low 90's well inland maybe a little more tomorrow about 85 in pleasanton should be about 87 in danville about 85 walnut creek 90. a possibility in concord you'll see about 72 degrees and the oakland, 70 berkeley about 70 degrees in richmond through the delta you feel that breeze in the afternoon but not before squeeze and lots of sunshine and a pretty nice day some high clouds up above just some of the monsoon continuing and
9:50 pm
77 degrees some sunshine and some high clouds in sandra fell but 83 in petaluma navy 6 in santa rosa. next few days cooling trend really kicking into gear these temperatures they run a good 5, maybe 7 degrees below the average as we get to wednesday and thursday and then a cold front dives close to the bay area's we head in toward friday. bring a few clouds at least leave in a chance of a few showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge on friday afternoon. more sunshine and warmer weather over the weekend. thank you so much lawrence for your the health tonight, a warning today for a popular hormone therapy. after a such a study that suggests an increase in life threatening rest mandy gaither has more in today's health minute. >>it's a therapy millions of men have turned to but a new study in the american journal of medicine suggests testosterone replacement therapy or trt can lead to a slight increased risk of stroke and heart attack in men older than 45, especially in the first 2 years of use the
9:51 pm
study analyzed medical records of more than 15,000 men over 45 in the united kingdom and reports trt users had a 21% greater risk of cardiovascular events compared to those not on the hormone therapy. the research state men with low testosterone levels because of aging not due to known secondary causes. the increased risk appears to decline after 2 years of tier to use the study says the therapy as prescribed for men suffering from los ex drive. fatigue erectile dysfunction and more. researchers say until more studies on tr tiered an doctor should weigh the risks against the benefits for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>sesame allergies are a lot more common than previously thought a new study says about one and a half million children and adults may have a sesame allergy that's about. 0.49% of the population, so jump from a previous study that said about a 10th of a
9:52 pm
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news cyber security experts are speaking out about the dangers of sharing your personal information. >>on dating apps yeah, they say that sharing your personal
9:55 pm
phone number it could attract hackers and stock ers person has more on how to keep your info protected. >>oh this is a. >>police in fayetteville, mason montgomery and his girlfriend met on tinder and they've been going strong for months you could salmon tinder success story but before he met mrs. wright he n into a few profiles who weren't misses at all they were bots trying to steal information say you match to. >>they would just instantly message. you is the like hey honey what are you doing tonight is just scandalous things like that. >>kevin metcalf is washington county's deputy prosecuting attorney and an internet safety expert. he says criminals take advantage of dating apps like tinder to steal your information. >>you don't know if this is actually a. 21 year-old. a 35 year-old guy you don't know who it is you're talking to
9:56 pm
really stalkers hackers giving out your personal phone number on a dating app can set you up for trouble down the road when i have her phone number then i can take her phone number and go to the internet and if i know what i'm doing i can find out where she lives i can find her family members i can find out where she works i can find out where she works out. >>her birthday and find out a lot information i start piece in that puzzle together metcalf says if you're using dating apps you should get a video i p number a number given through an app that's not your own. >>and maybe he'll end up with a successful match say that. >>the right person for you is on tender and you think it's a body. just go ahead and swipe left on the account because if there is the right person there you'll find of eventually. presidents is. >>and that was andrew apperson reporting for us tonight kron 4 news at 10 will begin after the break.
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9:59 pm
>>a deadly weekend in the us more than 30 people are dead
10:00 pm
after 2 back to back shootings ron too tight knit communities in 2 american cities. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne. >>and i'm vicki liviakis i'm in for pan more tonight, 9 people have been killed in dayton, ohio, 22 in el paso texas, this all coming a week after that shooting that we had in gilroy at the garlic festival. we're also learning some new information about the alleged shooter in el paso that he has been talking with investigators but they say he is showing no remorse but he has been providing some information they describe his emotions as cold, yeah, and that's where we find camilla bur now she joins us now live with the very latest what have you learned tonight camilla.


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