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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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check out 6 80 on the sun all great and the bay bridge, it's philly and quickly had his it clear now quickly this morning, what do you think the quicker than yesterday, yeah, where should seeing those skies getting a little sunnier a little bit earlier on into the afternoon today, some mostly sunny conditions to look forward to now it's hard to believe looking at the golden gate bridge because much like yesterday it is a very foggy out there up and down the coastline for those of you. >>driving up and down highway one watch out for spots that are well on the visibility this morning and will continue to be 3 or 8 o'clock hour by the time we work towards noon, the vast majority of the bay is sitting under some mostly sunny skies. a few spots hanging on to partly cloudy skies. well at the coast, it's going to remain a little foggy if you're just wrong up and down the shoreline of the pacific. elsewhere though in the bay a lot of sunshine to be expected and much like yesterday, some warm inland temperatures still holding on to those 80's for most of our inland areas while 60's and 70's continue today for the
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coast and the bay, i'm talking even cooler weather in the forecast for the rest of the week still to come. >>rob. thank you john busy in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza so the drive into san francisco will be packed on the oakland side at least this goes all the way back to west grand and from there it's just a lot of great happening right on through the tolls and of the incline but it will improve by the time you reach treasure island just be prepared for that also want to show you this crash at the top of the sun all great south 6 80 at and roddy. we have 3 cars we have crews on scene and they you may still be blocking at least one lane. so you're back up as be on 84 and now it goes all the way over to seminole boulevard. you know when it gets really heavy like this on 6.80 it starts to impact 84 valley road as well so that's all clogged up leading over to 6.80 43 minutes and growing dublin to fremont will check more slowdowns in a bit darya james, thanks a lot robin wanted and our big story president trump is expected to visit el paso texas and dayton
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ohio tomorrow to meet with the families of those who lost loved ones in the mass shootings that some politicians are asking the president to stay away we've got whitney wild now with the latest on both shootings. >>el paso police are saying that the shooting was entirely random the suspected driven 11 hour from allen texas. he was lost he was hungry, so he stopped inside wal-mart now this morning, more about the moments survivors in states there. >>a guy with an aching for the senate white man. within a key force in addition of the police. and that's registers 8. >>news international stories of heroism when the ship and that entered back of the store. an aide to the president in there and survival from 2 cities that suffered mass shootings in just 13 hours. and he shot 8 more. it's i counted them because i said one of these is going to be me. some survivors even reuniting.
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>>the 2 communities that last more than 30 lives and saw many more injured are honoring the victims and trying to return to some sense of normalcy. >>i sheets you know just brutal all over this i'll walk through our door got to in dayton, ohio businesses in the popular oregon district reopened monday, including the bar that was targeted by the gunman. >>organizers of the g show planned for this coming weekend announced they would cancel the event out of respect and in el paso, one funeral home announced today will provide free funeral services for families who lost a loved one. >>the president is expected to visit dayton ohio and el paso texas wednesday, and el paso >>one of the politicians asking the president not to visit el paso tomorrow is presidential candidate. beto o'rourke. >>i was just talking to somebody listening to a woman came up and some low to me and she said why is he coming here when he hates us. she's
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reflecting the fact that he described mexican immigrants, this is the town of mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals repeatedly has warned of an invasion try to make us afraid of those do not look like the majority of this country. >>o rourke says the president should give victims the time to heal before he decides to visit any of the communities affected. >>and new this morning, some walmart employees are afraid to go to work after the shootings because there been 2 different wal-mart attacks. they're worried about. >>copycats some of those employees calling in sick today to protest also wal-mart's decision to continue selling guns kron 4 sarah stinson live at a walmart in union city now sir. >>that's right a lot of wal-mart employees across the country might here in the bay area are just terrified to go to work not only was they're the el paso shooting. but there was also the shooting in mississippi where a disgruntled employee, one in and opened fire there was
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about 60 employees working at that time and 2 of them were shot and killed, so you have that then you have the el paso shooting. and then you also have another story that just came out about a florida man who wanted to go inside a walmart and do the same thing that man as her saying quote he was intrigued by the shootings and that he may or may not want to also do something like that obviously sheriff's deputies took that very seriously that person has since been arrested and a lot of the law enforcement across the country are saying any such threat. they will be taking seriously. so a lot going on and that's why definitely for for all the people who work at walmart and even customers going into the store or any public place for that matter people are warning about what could happen. and now it's not even about what could happen. it's what has been happening. some people are calling out sick others are having conversations about
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what they would do if someone opened fire inside their work and this is creating a conversation with people and their employers which is a good thing, but it's a sad reality that we do have to prepare for walmart has released a statement saying we're in shock over the tragic events in el paso and we're praying for the community the victims and our associates but they haven't said if they might enhance security at each location or how they will move forward with this. sure they're talking to employees about how they're going to make them feel safe but we also know that not only are people calling out sick due to nerves there's also some bay area walmart employees who are calling out sick because they are going to protest the fact that wal-mart still sells guns. you know, wal-mart is one of the largest retailers of guns in the country. so we know for a fact that some bay area walmart employees are doing a sickout they will be at work and others are just not going to workers are simply too scared to do so now and here in union city out of walmart i've seen a few employees go inside. they just
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opened up so we hope to talk to some of them. plus customers see how people are feeling in the wake of just so much tragedy surrounding not only walmart but just our country as a whole for live in union city sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thank you very much sara and today we're expected to get an update from the fbi on the investigation into the garlic a festival shooting. yeah we've got kron four's will tran on that story for us this morning. and we are just a little more than a week since the tragedy unfolded their will and yet still investigators are on scene is that correct. >>they're still behind me you can see james that checkpoint, nobody is allowed on to the festival grounds unless you're the fbi or local law enforcement agency and even then they id the law enforcement officers to come here so only authorized personnel are allowed in there. but for the first time james you could see there is a little bit of loosening in this area that pickup truck just went by your screen from
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the left to the right so the checkpoint and for a week more than a week nobody was allowed here other than the law enforcement community and the media but you can see the community starting to come through here so. >>a little bit of wiggle room in this area, but that scene still very much active will zoom in and you can see there's a few people walking around there as they continue to collect evidence. let me show you the victims once again 3 people were killed 16 others injured, according to the santa clara county coroner's office new information. 2 of those victims who were killed they were shot in the chest, according to the coroner's office. one was shot in the back 16 others rushed to the hospital fortunately unlike el paso we did not see the number of people killed go up so it still at 16 so it looks like they are on the road to recovery as far as a motive on why this 19 year-old gunman, cut through a fence by past the metal detectors went along
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the creek went inside with his legally purchased assault rifle from nevada. that's still under investigation guess they say that he looked at radical or extremist ideologies but it doesn't mean necessarily that he was influenced by it. let me give you a little heads up after years of reporting. there's something that could be a promising from this news conference because they told us early yesterday about a news conference that they will hold with the fbi in the gilroy police department so perhaps new information startling information could come out at that time. and of course we will be there as far as this scene here. no word yet on when they will finally return it back to the city of gilroy last week they said that last thursday possibly would be their here obviously they wail well past thursday in about 4 or 5 days past that unofficial deadline that they were talking about back to you guys all right, thanks a lot. well. >>and as we said we will be there live as police and the fbi provide that information for us the updated information
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about the festival shooting you can watch that update on kron on. that's our 24 hour streaming news service is set to begin 11 o'clock sunday after a morning broadcast. but if you download kron on's go to kron on dot tv to do that you'll be able to watch that no matter where you are let's all the shootings happening it makes people tense, especially when they're about to send their kids. >>back to school what about their safety in the classrooms. santa clara county's superintendent of schools, doctor, marianne dhawan says that she is working hard to make sure that the students feel safe. it's important. she says for the community to work together for the students and create safe environments and also kids need to know that they will be protected santa clara county schools are all required to have safety plans. do trainings and emergency drills a bay area woman has created a line of bulletproof clothing because of the recent shootings 25 year-old vie tron is wearing a hoodie in this shot you see her walking and that's a bullet proof putting it's designed to stop bullets.
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she says she wants people to be prepared instead of being scared. and this is just part of her clothing line. she sells denim jackets and vests and other accessories and she says that her products offer the strongest grade of soft body armor protection. available. and it does come in kids sizes. you do need to know she says this clothing will not stop high capacity rifle which as we know is what was used in all of these recent shootings. >>we'll take a break time now 6.11 still ahead we're going take you inside the genie's wildfire center which helps the utility determined when to shut off power in certain neighborhoods will give you an inside look plus a family's caught on camera stealing from an east bay toy store we're going to hear from the owners he described what happened and panic in the air as an airplane cabin fills with smoke. and stepping outside this morning there's a touch
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of fog and cold temperatures 50's and 60's is where we're sitting right now later on today at sunshine and warm temperatures forecast to come. >>and i have a new hot spot. the top of the sun all great all backed up because of this accident southbound 6.80 and roddy will talk about your drive time how this is ♪ covergirl clean foundation a non-acnegenic kind to skin formula that won't clog pores. it's a lightweight foundation that breathes with you. ♪ from covergirl.
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so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes
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than anyone else in the country. >>and p g says it's stepping up efforts to prevent another deadly wildfire like we saw with the camp fire last
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summer. and it all starts at their headquarters in san francisco ca force charles clifford gives us a tour a tour. >>we're in san francisco on monday pge showed off their new upgraded wildfire safety operations center another center is upstairs in the pga building the headquarters here and it monitors satellite data also sensor data from across the state they also have a web cameras up looking for any signs of fires that at the center is staffed 24 7 with people are monitoring social media also weather reports and the idea of several goals here one is to a spot fires in determine if that fire is burning near some p g equipment that they not might need to be more proactive about it also deploy resources and also they monitor the weather looking in it for any large weather events like santa ana winds that could potentially cause a problem that could have an impact a power lines causing sparking and they can also make the decision whether or not to be energized those lines for safety reasons but pg e walks a fine line here between
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safety and the need to keep the power on for people because obviously folks rely on electricity. >>so we do get into a situation where it is the larger scale. top of an impact. you know we are committed to notify our customers and doing everything that we can but in the face of the unprecedented wildfire risk. we will proceed with the initials. a c it is a shunt to be able to protect our customers and communities. everything we're doing is to be able to minimize that impact and reduce that footprint but the reality is could there be a likelihood, but we do end up losing a larger county or city. potentially it's really want to depend. >>now the wildfire safety operations center is manned 24 7 but in the event of a major a weather problem like santa ana winds are a major fire. he's unique and activate its emergency operation center which brings in more resources to help deal with the problem. in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>6.16 right now and we'll get a look at the weather uh it's not going to be all that and is it now.
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>>i'm not all that hot today 80's for the most part. 60's and 70's along the bay. good weather if you live and see what with us all week kind of will be just a touch warmer than tomorrow thursday and friday will be does actually cooler barely even a tease for inland spots for the remainder of the week after today, so yeah, our maker away in a direction i think we're all going to enjoy it was a warm weekend not too warm and it's a foggy morning but actually not as foggy as yesterday was san francisco you see the fog overhead and there's your clouds that are hanging out above san jose again like i've been talking about this morning. some partly cloudy skies to start off this tuesday. you're seeing the same clouds over mount diablo but skies are gradually going to clear into the afternoon. so mostly sunny skies can be expected for afternoon after what is a gloomy start at the coast and then just a few clouds for areas like san jose and walnut creek as i just
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showed you. high pressure is built up to the south to the east that's one of the reasons we warmed up for the weekend. but this low is a play now keeping us a little bit cooler for the days to come as this low area of low pressure area really starts to settle in across today. you're gonna notice temperatures gradually dipping further and further for the remainder of the week. now today as compared to yesterday still pretty similar 60's and 70's on the peninsula that includes san francisco, south into millbrae and burlingame in the 70's and then 80 seen in woodside and mountain view for your daytime highs further south on the peninsula, south bay to date numbers in the mid 80's for the most part san jose at 84 sonny bill right there with you hayward union city 76, each wall the tri valley still in the 80's and some upper 80's in danville walnut creek in concord again this is not much different than yesterday was oakland berkeley and richmond in the low 70's while 70's 80's and it's a few 90's remain further north in the bay area 60's at the coast
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while mill valley and center fell right on the bay in the 70's, here's your next 7 days right here temperatures from today and tomorrow gradually continuing to cool taking us further down in the 80's and eventually only 81 degrees for your average inland high both thursday and friday at this time bayside areas will be in the low 70's, so certainly cooler than we have been then we reversed this cooling trend saturday starting to warm up and by sunday and monday. it's back into the low 90's for inland areas of the bay. robin thank you john. the biggest problem that we have right now is a multi-car injury accidents. >>at the top of the sun all great crews are on scene southbound 6.80 and roddy i made it a hot spot because a chp issued a special traffic alert. they've shut down the 3 left lanes to deal with this accident and its mixing in with the typical heavy commute traffic. so s backed up along the great backed up through sunil also impacting 84. dallas eagles road as you head
6:20 am
to 6.80 and then 6.80 is backed upothe on signal boulevard so major delays here at 44 minutes and growing and that's to get from dublin to fremont so leave extra early of these are commute or maybe hold off. fingers crossed it will get better after the crash clear as we shall see that does not always happen, but i'll keep you posted. checking the bay bridge traffic we have a full house low from west grand busy on the upper deck, you know the drill, but it's very quiet and we like quiet 14 minutes off to fremont street over to the nimitz that's going to slow and to have a crash right here northbound at 23th, it's out of your way, but now you're stacked up from the coliseum approaching 23th, so we'll put it at 17 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland when things get a little nasty on the nimitz there's always 5.80 and it looks much much better some going to send you to 5.80 west trying to help you save some time because it looks better you can avoid the nimitz and. and his take 5.80 it's only 14 minutes from castor valley to downtown oakland, we'll look at some more slow downs coming up.
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6.20 and today deliberations continue in the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland derick almena and max harris are on trial. >>for 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the house fire at the warehouse in 2016. prosecutors say al the master tenant and harris, the creative director are responsible. the 12 jurors started deliberating last week if convicted on all counts. almena and harris could get anything from probation or up to 26 years in prison. a child died in san diego when she was left her mother's hot car. the mother initially called the police saying that she had just woken up from a nap. and couldn't find her 2 year-old minutes later, she called back saying that she found the child in the car. and the child was not breathing. first responders could not revive the child. authorities have not said whether the mother
6:22 am
will face any criminal charges. right take a look at this a british ways cabin filled with smoke minutes before landing in valencia spain. >>it happened yesterday passengers say they couldn't breeze. yeah really sick. they're lot of wondering why the oxygen mask didn't drop down i was just wonder yeah, the airline says auction massa really only used when you lose pressure. >>can fire and smoke early smoke anyway at low altitudes doesn't trigger the masks, 175 passengers that were able to get off safely. >>after the plane landed. at this point they say was just a technical issue that caused the smoke, but they haven't given out any more information than that obviously a technical issue there. >>all right coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, local officials say they are better prepared now. here in the bay area after we've seen recent shootings across the us will explain more about what they're doing. plus a spray to protect your home from wildfires may be too good to be true. now the company behind the product is facing legal action. you know when you're at ross
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6:26 am
5 years wow. it's like a force yeah, well after testing the product out the district attorney, a santa barbara county. and the officials in a los angeles are suing the company they say they're making false and misleading claims about the product. i was immediately concerned that this was a predatory company. >>trying to take advantage of our communities justifiable fear many products out on the market today are used by fire agency specifically gel products. >>but there's a requirement to apply the jail and close proximity to the time the fire hits or reactivate that jill. >>this is not such a product and their big concern is that this gives you a false in security and they'll say let's say they tell you to evacuate you go no. >>all right. i've i've got the s p f 3,000. the company says the product works and actually there has been left thousands of people who bought it so it may be a scam the officials
6:27 am
are suspecting that's why they're suing it may be a scam kind of like the under coating on the car's member real days. >>all right still ahead on the kron 4 morning news investigators continue to piece together exactly what happened in the mass shootings in texas and ohio we're going to hear some witness accounts of what they saw them. >>walmart employees across the country are anxious to go to work. they're nervous because of the here's your buick sir.
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>>welcome back it is 6.30 we're going to look at the weather in just a second. you've had your hands full so let's get an update. another hot spot. this is our 3rd hot spot of the morning. this time it's in the east bay, but it's clearing cleareading. yes, it's causing a big backup on the single greatest the southbound 6 80 at and try right at the top of the sun all great multi-car injury accident tying up traffic it's been blocking the 3 left lanes we have a special traffic alert in place for but at last check they were opening the lanes right now they're moving off to the shoulder which is great news, but you have the nasty little back of that you still have to deal with it's along the subtle great it's be on 84 it's beyond tunnel boulevard. now it's pulling back to burden now so you're going to get that coming out of pleasanton and then whe it's just as bad and 6.80 you know it gets bad on 84 to write as you merge with 6.80 so as you leave livermore on 84 heading up to 6.80. that's
6:31 am
going to be a tough commute as well. but at least it's out of your way that's the only major hot spot other than that you're dealing with busy crowded bridge is like 80. it's stacked up here at the bay bridge toll plaza now from the bottom of the maze. but it's still under 20 minutes to make it and that's a good drive time, we'll check more coming up john still foggy. >>and cloudy out there as you can see from the bay bridge robin and you can see it very well from the berkeley cam right here looking out at the east bay, just how much cloud cover does remain. visibility is for the most part pretty good unless you're heading into the east bay hills and then driving up and down the coastline or in san francisco and happen bay foggy conditions will remain for much of the day today now for most of us fog and cloud cover is going to retreat and even those partly cloudy skies that you're saying up above that are not so foggy areas this morning will part ways to and that sets us up for a mostly sunny afternoon just around the corner for the coast and bayside areas that will be in the 60's and 70's while for
6:32 am
inland spots still holding on to the 80's today, i'm talking cooler weather in the forecast to come still ahead daryn james. >>31 in our top story, new video is released showing the moments when a gunman started opening fire and in el paso walmart now that's the incident where 22 people were killed. >>including a 15 year-old high school student we have west rapoport now with more from texas. >>one of the youngest killed over the weekend. rodriguez and tribute to those other shooting victims was a vigil here as 22 families in the region on the >>sylvia saucedo captured these chilling moments with her phone you can hear the gunshots while shoppers hid underneath tables near the entrance of an el paso walmart a few days later, she's still struggling to explain how she feels. it's very scary she's
6:33 am
not alone clarissa hernandez and her son student a memorial outside the store for nearly an hour motionless but full of emotion. >>keys of the most loved ones want to miss and to feel that his city to be correct here in this area, graham a lives down the street. we still need we can't let his takeover allies. here that constant reminder of community ever present through the weekend at an emergency meeting of the el paso county commissioners court. th- county judge says they need all hands on deck. you realize all the impact of the to the needs of the community and the needs of each one and they need to do that for leo subpoena compost the teacher and jordan and andre and charter new parents. >>and teenager, javier rodriguez was about to enter his sophomore year of high school we're in this together lopez is in it together. this is a living city as we spent time walking and driving around in this region was something stood out to me i
6:34 am
want to share that observation with you i noticed. >>many many people with bandages on their arms like the kind you get after donating blood and and it's that and tributes like this that show that that true strength and that true sense community that woven into the fabric of this region. reporting in clint texas and that's wrap up or >>well new this morning, some walmart employees say that they are afraid to show up for work in the wake of the shootings that we saw in el paso there at the walmart yeah and that was the second time walmart has been attacked paxo some employees are calling in sick today to protest that they say they're afraid and to protest that wal-mart still sells guns at kron 4 sarah stinson live at a walmart in union city with more on the story sarah. >>yeah that's right there is going to be a sickout today in the bay area some walmart's from people who are you know not they want to protest the fact that wal-mart still sells guns and they're one of the largest retailers of guns in
6:35 am
the country but not only that there's people calling in sick across the country, a wal-mart because they're just terrified, i mean this is the second shooting at at a walmart in just one week. and they've there's been threats and others if you recall there was actually a man in florida who said that he was intrigued quote intrigued by what happened in the shootings and so the he wanted to go and shoot of a wal-mart now with that happened in florida. so just to even the to think that someone would be intrigued by the shootings is just terrifying obviously the sheriff's department in that region the rest of the man's been taking care of everyone's taking any and all threats seriously but this all started last week there was a shooting at a mississippi walmart a disgruntled employee opened fired. and shot and killed too of his co workers so that happen and then as you know what just happened in el paso mass shooting. completely
6:36 am
tragic and a lot of people who work at walmart are just just terrified to go to work some people are calling out sick. others are having conversations with their co-workers and their families about what they would do if someone opened fire inside their workplace. a conversation that today in today's world we absolutely need to have to be prepared. now walmart has released statement saying we're in shock over the tragic events in el paso. we're praying for the community the victims and our associates they haven't said they might enhance security at each location or how they will move forward be waiting on a statement an update from the corporation in terms of that sick cow we know for sure in san bruno some employees they will be doing is sick out again protesting the fact that wal-mart is still one of the largest retailers of guns and yet they're the ones who have been you know it the attack backed by people with guns so a lot going on for walmart employees were here, hoping to speako
6:37 am
maybe some customers also some employees see how people are feeling at this tragic time for now live in union city sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you, sarah and oakland police. vigilant in the wake of the shootings and here's what they're doing intel is shared among law enforcement agencies and that is how oakland police keep abreast of what's going on and ready for any protect potential threat of an active shooter. some however are concerned that an outsider will come to the bay area you know pull off some kind of a mass shooting especially in oakland's fruitvale district to target latinos who live there. >>just go right now i go you're pretty soon it's coming to be advanced enough the other was work those something's got about 85,080 1000 people. >>well for a while the oakland police department has increased our staffing, especially when it comes to special events. oakland police say their officers are going
6:38 am
to be relying on the new training. >>they have got new training after the first mass shooting over to oikos university in 2012 or 7 people were killed. we will be getting an update on thgarlic festival shooting at 11 o'clock of the fbi and the investigators are supposed to give us an update to we're going to carry that live when it happens. and you can count on our kron on streaming service for that for any other breaking news. so sign up for the kron on service. >>wake of the mass shooting senate democrats are demanding action on gun control we have lawmakers currently in recess, right now, but they want senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to cancel the break and take up gun control legislation. mcconnell has not responded yet to that request the california senator and presidential candidate kamala harris is calling him out saying something has to be done. >>this is a actually early in the hands of one person in terms of this that the legislative action and it's mitch mcconnell and i when i
6:39 am
would hope and pray that he he understands that he actually has the power to do the right thing here and that he will do the right thing, but it doesn't sound like he's prepared to do that. >>well the us house has already passed a background check legislation that was back in february. but mitch mcconnell has not taken up that measure yet in the senate so it's currently stalled in that house of congress. the justice department note. a new federal law specifically making mass shootings a capital crime. reports say that attorney general william barr sent spent the weekend looking at possible legislation with the president and vice president other justice and fbi officials were also involved the change would make mass shootings eligible for the death penalty. any changes though would have to be passed by congress. >>in the east conquered toy store owner says that a kid stole from his store and it looked like it was a coordinated effort with 2 adults. it was all caught on surveillance video. so we're going to take a look taylor's sacking has the latest.
6:40 am
>>this isn't their first rodeo they've done this before all pretty much guarantee it. i mean it was coordinated it was specific and it was in and out less than 90 seconds. >>tom fitzsimmons noticed a new lego set worth nearly $200 went missing at his store pot of gold collectibles last week he's now disappoinsed after watching back surveillance video and learning a child stolen with the help of what looks to be his mom and dad that child is is learning. things that he should not be learning, plain and simple. let alone from his adult. companions you can see the family walk into the store together and then quickly break up they went over to the lego section they slid that particular set. >>out just enough to give it a balance so that way it would fall and making noise where i would have made a comment next you see the child trying to get inside a locked cabinet. >>he's unsuccessful and then returns to the front of the store to signal his family it's time to leave the child then pulls out the lego set as his mother shield him. well
6:41 am
the father diverts fitzsimmons attention to the back of the store they're condoning it and not only just condoning it but helping him do it. overall it's a straight up to now fitzsimmons says he wants justice. not because of what was stolen from him, but more so for the future of the child i'm concerned for the job what he's doing and what they're teaching him to do is not play. it's going to break into somebody's house. you know this is just a stepping self based on how quickly that family moved in and out of the store fitzsimmons believes that they've been inside before maybe multiple times. >>we have any information about this trio contact, the concord police in concord tell this aqi kron 4 news. >>4641 we'll take a break but coming up those annoying robocalls that we all hate could soon be a thing of the past believe it or not thanks to actions by the federal government will explain and
6:42 am
the trade war is heating up between us and china will tell you what it could mean for the us economy and make travel plans for the weekend 3 take a look we're going to take you on a summer road trip to a place not far from the bay area that's got a lot
6:43 am
6:44 am
>>his 44 and in the east bay firefighters have the upper hand on the fire burning near brentwood, the marsh complex fire is 85% contained. and has
6:45 am
burned 750 acres and marsh creek road is back open now they had to close down while they were working to contain the fire which broke out early saturday morning. no structures have burned. >>we've got john here looking at the forecast for the week ahead luckily, we're not locked talking about like super hot high fire danger other exact low pressure kind of comes in we're going to see that high pressure which makes for dry weather and hot weather easing up a little bit that's really good so a cooler, not looking any rain in the forecast. but more comfortable. a look outside this morning. we do have some that's definitely be in pretty persistent right up and down the coastline, san francisco, one of the spots that is still on the greater side of things will look at this san jose is looking really nice right now sunshine making its way down to san jose skyline right there some clouds overhead. this my favorite shot right now of mount diablo out there in the distance with that colo of the sunrise behind it and
6:46 am
some partly cloudy skies overhead so regardless of if looking at fog or not right now we are seeing cloud cover partly cloudy conditions to start out this tuesday. but by the time we make our way into tuesday afternoon these clouds will be parting ways and setting us up for some mostly sunny conditions. this is that low was talking about and it's a string in some cooler air on into the bay area today we're still holding on to some warm inland temperatures. daytime highs for areas like livermore in concord just shy of 90 degrees. much like yesterday was antioch morgan hill, san jose napa and santa rosa also still in the 80's while oakland hayward delay whole fremont and san francisco. back in the 70's for your daytime highs today. temperatures tomorrow and then into thursday and friday going to be looking even cooler than this low 80's for inland spots and by the day low 70's. we begin to reverse its cooling trend comes saturday though, and by sunday and monday it's back to that hot weather, especially for inland valleys.
6:47 am
daytime highs back into the low 90's by the finish of the weekend. robin. >>thank you john pretty crowded commute on san mateo bridge 92 traffic here moving in slow motion west of the toll plaza continuing on the flat section like this over to the high rise 20 minutes to make it over to want to what we're checking the bay bridge traffic and it's very quiet. we haven't had any big issues but it's slow from the maze busy up the incline toward treasure island at 15 minutes a san francisco keep in mind that 6.80 it's a okay for taking danville but recovering from a crash on the sun all sides so still crawling from so no boulevard all the way out to and try the word accident finally cleared back to you. >>thanks a lot rob, and it's 6.47 a big story new rules now in place are aimed at stopping. those annoying robocalls meredith wood has the details. >>it's the biggest consumer complaint made to the federal communications commission. >>unwanted calls. now new rules close a loophole in the
6:48 am
law that had prevented the sec from going after scammers those text messages and those overseas making speech com. 2 americans. the unlawful and transmit misleading or inaccurate caller id information with criminal intent. the new rules extent a text messages calls from outside the united states to those with in the u s and additional types of voice calls according to the fcc foreign robo callers often use caller id spoofing making it appear that their phone number matches a trusted organization they claim to represent pressure tactics can then be used to defraud americans out of money and personal information. the new rules prohibit such militias spoofing and allow the fcc to bring enforcement actions against those who spoofed text messages. >>and those who seek to victimize americans from overseas. in 2018 the commission says he used the largest fines in its history. for those who violate friday spoofing. with a consumer watch and earth would.
6:49 am
>>in other national news now analysts are worried that the trade war between the us and china could reach a level that would be hard to reverse in a tweet yesterday the president said that china is continuing to receive the hundreds of billions of dollars they have been taking from the u s with unfair trade practices and currency manipulation. well tensions started to rise last week when president trump vowed to impose a 10% tariff on $300 billion worth of chinese imports. well china responded by devaluing its currency which effectively offsets tariffs that the us is imposing and it's also stopping the purchase of american agriculture products as well. just seems. >>as if the us feels that they can continue this trade war and that it will hurt china more then the us will china feels that you know, hey we don't have a free election in 2020 to worry about right now it's hard to see any cooler heads out there that can prevail. >>some economists say the trade war between the us and china could result in a major economic slowdown or maybe even a recession. here's a
6:50 am
check of the big board this morning market's been open for about 19 minutes in you can see we're positive after a steep decline yesterday, the dow trying to make some of that back it's up about a 159 points right now, but still got a long way to go to make up for yesterday's losses. >>coming up we're going to take you on our summer road trip as we continue this time are going not too far from the bay area. we'll see some sites that might entice you to take that might entice you to take a trip of your own. buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too.
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>>as of this morning were head and the fresno you bet there's a lot to do there in central california, not only in town but also around the city as well we've got joe mueller now with a quick tour. the golden state to its known for hollywood in the south and the golden gate bridge in north. >>but in the middle of the state to little away from the coast. there are attractions unlike anything you can find elsewhere the center of it all is fresno the state's 5th largest city with the metro population of around a million easy to spot from the city streets of the towering sierra nevada mountains place outdoor enthusiast's michael paradise. >>you find the iconic half dome and instagram or the water falls in yosemite national park. the tallest trees in the world in sequoia national park and breathtaking views over in kings canyon national park. all these national parks are just about an hour from fresno hope that
6:54 am
people come here they want to see all 3 cars you can really do all 3 in less than a week. >>kristy johnson is the president county tourism manager. she says people flying to fresno yosemite international airport or drive through to get the assembly that park alone attracts 4 million people years in the foot hills below yosemite you can find the town cursed travel back to the gold rush era on highway 49 named after gold prospectors called the 49 ers stop in mining town and you can pan for gold in some locations like they did back in 1800 below the hills and mountains you'll find a whole lot of agriculture in what's known as the central san joaquin valley we i think we're the best agricultural county in the nation in fresno county you can tour the field to learn more about where your food comes from we were home to the fresno county front around the price of county blossom trail. you can also taste local wines from dozens of wineries on the big error and fresno wine trails when the field is outside the city to the downtown streets. there's even plenty to do right here in fresno you can see the force year underground gardens a sicilian immigrant
6:55 am
and citrus grower turned uses farmland into a vast network of underground tunnels and gardens to grow crops. fresno is also known for the chaffee zoo, you can see some amazing animals from all over wondering african adventure is our local produce is as fresh as can be so as you can imagine that makes it pretty easy to find good places eat around also what is better than a baseball or soccer game at church and the park located next to president growing brewery district downtown. it attracts people from all over the valley. so next time you think of california. fresno it's just a road trip from both ends of the state. in fresno i'm john mueller report. so you fresno on us a phrase, yeah. >>it's funny a lot of people in california like you >>it's actually really nice the goal padding on board with john takes us strive on the time, okay, so seem like it's that.
6:56 am
>>85 miles away so roughly 2 hours and 58 minutes time tolerate knows best, i mean he does it all the time so i guess it's not that bats sing in the car is right. course you want to fill up before you head out. maybe a gas price of 3.77 in san francisco and then by the time you get fresno of course it's cheaper. at $0.65 a gallon so you're saving money as you fill up on the way back and then a lot hiking it all stretches it's warmer. there is definitely warmer there guys i volunteer to drive on this it does get hazy there this summer has a oftentimes you see some pollution kind down into fresno that's the bad part right, but it is sunny and it right, but it is sunny and it is warm 90's in triple digits valley this time of year, but once you head up into this year it does get cooler. august is one of the hottest months out there, but this year is warm sunny. a lot cooler than the valley about
6:57 am
20 degrees cooler oftentimes so yeah get up into the sierra yosemite and sequoia great places to b would you rather have a battery
6:58 am
that delivers extra life or extra power? i have the whole beach to comb. extra life. (bear growling) i'm gonna disagree. extra power. extra life. uh uh. extra power. extra life. no way. extra power. extra life. good news. vs. coppertop, new duracell optimum can do both. extra life in some devices. or extra power in others. because both is better than not both.
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>>thanks for joining us and daria false and i'm james fletcher on this tuesday right. yeah, million not for looks like there's a fun time.
7:00 am
o weather traffic and we'll get to the news john with the forecast robin with the community spots earlier yes, we have 3 hot spots earlier this morning. they are all out of the way i'll talk about residual delays and i'll check the bay bridge. ok and is in our weather a lot nicer it is come on the day so much nicer here amanda weather today proves that while the centl valley is again in the triple digits on this one. >>we're cool and a little foggy but in the 60's 70's and 80's this afternoon golden gate bridge. look south. >>a little odd. >>out of you actually because of that fog. it is definitely blocking out visibility from san francisco down to half moon bay for those of you traveling up and down the coast. you head further inland and eventually by conquered in livermore you're sitting under partly cloudy skies. this afternoon. both those partly cloudy skies and that fog will make their retreat and this sets us up for a mostly sunny one later on today and our temperatures going to be just where you want them. 60's 70's 80's depending on where you're
7:01 am


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