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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  August 7, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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other allegedly made by war 2, 1, 2, years joining us. >>local leaders look forward to the impact the initiative will have on the tenderloin hope that when we do these kind of single went off operations at its part of a larger strategy that they're disrupting the networks at higher higher level we're not only going after the lower level. dealers the us attorney's office plans to keep this initiative in place is life one year and sources in san francisco is not under from 4 news. >>immigration raids in mississippi led to almost 700 arrests or aids happened at 7 different food processing plants. i says it's the largest workplace, staying and more than a decade and probably the biggest ever for a single state. the rays happen in small towns near jackson mississippi that's the capital with a workforce, it's made up largely of but he know immigrants. the owner of online forum 8 chan is coming to the us lawmakers want to question the owner about why the site is used by violent
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white supremacists. channels knocked offline on monday after 2 companies including one based in san francisco, cut off service to the site that's after the alleged el paso gunman posted in anti latino manifesto on the site. chan was already well known for trafficking in anonymous hate speech and incitement to hate crimes. the site's creator who doesn't own it now. it's also calling for that site to be shut down. >>in a matter of days, dozens of people were killed in multiple mass shootings. now 2 democratic candidates are pointing fingers at president trump. cnn's jessica dean reports, joe biden and senator cory booker said the president is inciting racism and violence. >>our president is aligned himself with a dark us forces in this nation. >>in his strongest rebuke of president trump yet, former vice president joe biden told a crowd in iowa today. trump has fanned the flames of white supremacy in america and lacks the leadership of presidents
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before him george hw bush. >>we now see is membership in the nra. after oklahoma city. george w bush going to a mosque. after 9.11. after charleston. >>biden also laying out what he would do as president on gun control 6 and reminding people of his support the brady bill in 1993 which mandated background checks and his work to pass the assault weapons ban in the 1994 crime bill is the guy along senator dianne feinstein got the assault weapons ban or not. >>high capacity magazines banned in this country for 10 years. the elected president we will do. in another early voting state south carolina senator cory booker to date with a similar message. >>hate crimes in america are increasing railing against the rise of white supremacy from the pulpit at mother emanuel
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am e church in charleston. the place where an avowed white supremacist shot and killed 9 african-americans during a bible study in 2015 generations, politicians have used fear of the other for political gain and that is certainly the case. today, booker said america is at a crossroads and must decide if it will act to protect against mass shootings and crimes fueled by hate we must require. federal licensing for guns in america and we've got to go further we must require that the department of justice homeland security and the fbi conduct assessments of the domestic terrorist threats, there are polls by white supremacists. >>president trump responded to biden's speech in a tweet calling it so boring and saying the country will quote do poorly with them when asked about that we biden responded saying he should get a life.
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>>time now stepped outside get a check of the weather with our chief meteorologist sourced carel temperatures cool around the bay area today guys is the sea breeze kind of kicking in outside so those numbers coming down into san francisco. you have a record on the state 92 degrees normal about 67 league came all right just below that average it's 65 today in the overnight lows very similar in the 50's so. average day not a bad place to be but these temperatures going to come down across the board over the next few days. in fact those 90's are gone now remember just yesterday we had some 90's and livermore caulker to check in at 83 below the average and a little more 87 in concord 71 degrees in oakland it was 78 in san jose 85 degrees in santa rosa. good news is air quality with the sea breeze looking great around the bay area of course we the smoke from the fire oakley but that is going to quickly blow away we've got that sea breeze going to continue the next couple days and into the weekend tomorrow should be sunny and bright into san francisco up some morning fog 64 degrees that will be breezy by the
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afternoon again, 69 and open about 76 in san jose clouds begin to thicken up though overnight tonight probably going to see some drizzle out along the coastline. then roll off the coast that's a very low pressure that's likely going to rotate in as we get into friday and the weekend with a chance, a few rain drops coming our way around those going to start to cool off in fact almost dropping down into the 40's there in santa rosa, so. yeah, see those numbers a start to drop off as the gets lower lower on the horizon as we get closer to fall. temperatures in the 50's and the 60's in the san francisco 50 degrees and pacific of 61 for a high in half moon bay plan and some winds along the coastline, mild temperatures inside the bay with some 60's 70's in redwood city, 75 in santa clara 76 downtown san jose and then the 80's very comfortable for this time of year in the dublin 81 in pleasanton about 65 in san leandro 69 in berkeley 81 walnut creek, 79 that afternoon breeze kicking up in the afternoon hours into a pittsburgh, 72 degrees in sandra fell about 75 in
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petaluma next few days we're going to cool down your temperatures bring new slight chance of rain late friday night into saturday mainly north of the golden gate bridge. lawrence, thank you nightmare turned into reality for one family after taking an at home dna test they discovered their daughter conceived through in vitro has a stranger for a father as kron four's washington correspondent rick allen martin reports. >>the ohio family is now suing and calling on the federal government to step that hard to explain the shock. >>and agony joseph cardone and his wife discovered throw home dna kit their daughter conceived in vitro has a stranger for a biological father, there's a mix f anger. and confusion. that comes along with having to accept this car loan. he says his 24 year-old daughter rebecca's world has been shattered she has no idea who her biological father is this is a massive betrayal of trust wednesday, the family's attorneys filed a lawsuit
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against the cincinnati fertility clinic. christ hospital the family says they believe the strangers dna could have come from one of the clinic's doctors. this never should have happened and we're going to get justice for the car alone but more than that we're going to help to see that this doesn't happen again attorney joseph piper says what happened to the car to loney's it's far too common because of lax government oversight for the most part fertility medicine is self regulated. >>federal rules only require clinics to screen embryos for disease. every port successful pregnancy rates to the cdc. but legal expert neal me khan says too many clinics don't obey the rules. >>the 12% of clinics that don't comply with that federal law still continue operating a spokesperson from the american society for reproductive medicine defense, the existing rules, what none of those cases that have surfaced have taken place since the fda got involved these clinics need to be held accountable to cincinnati clinic won't
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comment on the car to loney's but says there are quote evaluating allegations surrounding events alleged to have occurred. and washington recall martin. >>moving along isis is resurging in syria that's the word that she used in a new pentagon inspector general report. the report covers the fight against isis from april through the end of june report warned about the fallout from having some us troops leave the syria recently saying their absence has already impacted the fight against the remnants of isis withdrawal has also meant the u s can't keep an eye on areas that are described this potential recruiting zones places that would allow the group replenish its ranks. >>coming up at 6 if you're trying to get in shape and who isn't how the time of day you workouts may affect your results. >>and next a california community up and off.
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>>the southern california community is up in arms over one homes new paint job manhattan beach residents are railing against the home you're about to see its a home painted bright pink and features 2 big geezers there they are right there city council meeting one speaker called the graffiti another said it was an attack on the neighbors. the new paint job appeared after neighbors reported that home was being used for short-term rentals and the homeowner was subsequently fined $4,000 for that, but the owner denies that the redecoration is
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retaliation. next a six-count when the family forced to go out of state for lifesaving surgery for their son. now they say insurance won't pay for the procedure. >>and if you're streaming us on the kron on news app news continues during the commercial break go to kron on
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 6 noah conley faced
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enormous adversity before he was even bar. his parents say was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome during a 20 week ultrasound now we need to life saving surgery to california family flew to boston to get him the surgery soon as possible. >>only to find out of their insurance won't pay for it. the coal burly explains. >>the hope is that he will remember any of this. >>noah connelly and his parents nicole and sean are temporarily in boston from their home and life in california we are too orange county teachers. i teach high school my husband aches middle school. we have 5 children 3 year-old noah is their youngest is here to get a bye venture kular repair which will use his own body parts to get him back a full working hard. noah was born with a rare heart defect essentially only half of his heart is fully formed. >>he's had multiple surgeries starting when he was in utero the one who undergo this week a children's hospital could change everything we can have
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heart surgery in california. >>but we can't have this heart surgery in california children's is one of the only places equipped the to do procedure it isn't offered in california. >>but even so their insurance company has refused to pay for it. >>hours before we left for our trip to come here last week. we got a call saying that you have not been pre authorized they appealed and were denied. >>it's just unreal the only place in america that can give our son what he means and our blue cross insurance in california won't help us pay for it the cali say they could end up being billed upwards of a million dollars this is far beyond our means the surgery, but they're willing to do it if it means can eventually lead a normal life doesn't matter if it's a million or 6 million you know we're going to keep. >>fighting for our side and make sure that he has the best possible outcome. >>no as 10 hour surgery is set for tomorrow the family is still holding out hope that
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the insurance company will reverse its decision. administrators from the insurance company told connelly's that their case is under review. >>well it's no secret the traveling can be unpleasant. their flight gets delayed the airport doesn't have enough food options or the line to go through security goes on and on. now a new study is ranking the best and worst airports in the united states. anti-gay there's has more. >>a new study by the points guy looked at the 50 busiest airports in the us ranking them from best the worst based on things like commute times food options and flight go international airport takes the net one spot with phoenix's sky harbor, portland hartsfield-jackson in atlanta and sacramento airport surrounding out the top 5 we look at a number of one of them is just on time and delays some of that does have to do with. >>configuration number of runways and it's a cold wet.
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>>so what do you do if your 3 hour layover is somewhere like chicago midway, the lowest ranking airport in the study. >>for travelers. >>there are few things that you can figure out here, you know if you're flying into an airport like chicago led ways. pakistan pack up whatever you need also in the bottom 5 for detroit metropolitan wayne county. >>southwest, florida. fort lauderdale. of these airports often talk to your airports fill out those surveys. they actually do listen to you for today's consumer watch i'm a gator. >>well apparently you can partly blame ride sharing companies for the time you spend in traffic uber and lyft asked transportation consultants to study congestion problems in several big cities that included los angeles and san francisco. the study found that in san francisco ride sharing was
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responsible for more than 13% of all the vehicle miles traveled in the city that is well above all other cities that were studied only around half of those miles were actually spent driving a passenger. >>a rise in women using pot during pregnancy is driving a new government funded study on whether or not it's safe. one of the study's isn't rolling women who already use pot early in pregnancy and then scanning babies brains at 6 months and comparing that to infants whose mothers don't use marijuana. critics contend the research is bogus and that it needlessly in dangers fetuses so you're looking to lose a little bit of weight and you're making all the necessary changes to your diet and fitness routine, but the time of day you hit the gym could actually affect how much weight you lose reid binion has more on today's health minute. >>working out is an important part of everyone's routine when trying to stay healthy and it's key for those who want to shed some pounds. >>according to a new study in
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international journal of obesity. >>if you want to maximize your weight-loss potential head to the gym before noon in this study 88 previously in it. >>overweight men and women were on a monitor fitness program, one group walked out of the morning another in the and a 3rd group work out at any time of the day. those who exercised in the morning in that of losing more weight that doesn't surprise nutritionist and fitness trainer mark mcdonnell, you have a much more energy for the output plus you have to think about the rest of the day. so you kind of have that stress off. >>but what if you're not a morning person or you work early. mcdonald says don't let that discourage you is the consistency do it at night time then. >>so don't take it all not going to work out just set it up as always you can do it every night you may not get the same output, what you're going to be great doing that for today's health minute. i'm reid binion. well disney is planning to remake the classic 1990's holiday movie. >>home alone. the company's ceo announced they are re imagining the film for its
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streaming service disney plus so far there's no word on when the movie might premier or who will be cast. in april the company unveiled disney plus which will launch in november. disney is working to compete with netflix its service plans will start at 6.99 a month. all include plenty of disney classics long to marvel star wars and pixar work. >>and we'll set you up to bay area sports night with us and talk about the a's and giants and where they stand right now the wild card playoff races that's. and the change in the weather coming our way the winds cooler temperatures d uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years.
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>>time now for schools. welcome back a lots to talk about in the sports world tonight there always is mark harper grant lotus joining us from the senate bay area sports night. >>guys you getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on grand it is amazing how quickly things can change in major league baseball just a week ago everyone's excited about the trade deadline here we go the giants but now they have lost 6 of their last 7 games swept by the washington nationals, do you think com. there's some regrets over not doing more at the deadline. no. >>and i think that if there's regret now then you're short-sighted he this is a long 162 game season. the giants were really hot. before the trade deadline. now
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they've cooled off almost every team in the and mlb has ebbs and flows like that i think if you're panicking now. you have a short-sighted view of how really long this sea acs he gts got swept the a's at a tough day as well last 10 one to the cu and wrigley they lose van series but they are much closer. >>in the wild-card standings will be breaking it all down and giants a's raiders welcome the rams to training camp and also 49 ers. >>some nick bosa injury concerns will cover it all bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. let's go back to you candy are all right, i'm panicking but i'll try to be patient. thanks guys. >>what started as a fun picture and ended with an octopus biting a woman's face and injecting poisonous venom. jamie ba 7 glia says she didn't expect the sea creature to bite her. experts say the octopus the jamie and it was a powerful beak that was insrde
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that octopus and it uses venom in there mobilize she was still in pain after visiting the hospital and she was told that she might experience swelling forget, this months. >>apparently 8 the octopus after all seriously afterwards. so i guess he's got their licks in well hopefully it at least taste when she learned a lesson, i mean you don't mess with the animals out there animals on your face that seems like a pretty basic there you go. ones that are poisonous venom. about that is wild. >>hey guys we've got some changes coming our way the winds of change kick in and around the bay area cool the temperatures down a bit today, nice and clear over san francisco at this hour but. >>it's not last we'll see some patchy fog on the way in fact tomorrow morning. and we're probably waking up some drizzle near the coaline early on that fog will of moved all the way inside the base of the valleys to is going push well on shore tomorrow in the middle the day you'll notice some cooler temperatures a published low 70's, mild numbers inland by noon tomorrow, 60's inside the
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bay of 50's along the coastline and then in the afternoon top out of those numbers generally in the 80's and low 80's. at that's a little bit cooler into tomorrow afternoon. all around the bay area and those winds once again will be picking up late the day low 80's in the interior valleys lot of 60's and 70's around the bay and plan on some 50's and 60's right out near the water's edge along the coastline. a little blustery into the afternoon numbers running below the average into friday and publish more clouds coming our way on friday too slight chance of showers friday night in the saturday best chance of the north of the golden gate bridge and probably just a few of let's go yeah. thanks for joining us, we'll see it tonight.
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nation on edge, sheer panic, people banging on theater doors seeking refuge. >> they thought they heard gunshots. >> they were so scared. then, bravest boyfriend ever, he became a human shield as the bullets flew to protect the woman he loves. >> this is my hero. and she dated the killer. >> my ex-boyfriend is a mass murderer. trying to get my sos to work. >> theilot who crash landed his plane, how he got out alive. then she lost her hands and legs because her


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