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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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that this is a fatal crash with one person killed this morning with a number of others injured and that's for. >>and the traffic is heavy bleeding up to the scene causing a backup for miles on highway one oh one just terrible and even the fire captain there on scene says he's never seen anything like this before so we want to check in with kron four's will tran who is on scene now gathering more details from emergency crews well. >>you can see all those tail lights behind me those tail lights or northbound one oh one i actually drove by and try to make my way back to the scene here. >>let me step out of the wage what are you are going northbound one on one i would highly advice to go. and now at frontage road in fact you can see right there all zoom in and you could see it is so bad that the chp they're using the shoulder just to get to that location. >>it's often the distance right there just south of 85 1
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online you can see right there the other side of the freeway looking okay. but the frontage road look at this james or robin that is monterey road that's where i was so many people avoiding one oh one to go to that particular route and that is bumper to bumper as well i had to go on to this location which is metcalf road just to provide these live pictures to you i think we have some video of the accident this accident actually took place about 2 and a half hours ago at 00:30am in the morning involving 4. >>going northbound on one oh one the investigation is still ongoing why there was actually a crash but we have learned that at least one person has died. this scene here and they told us very are early that this scene we'll be lske this for me, ours has won they still have to remove the rock and 2 they have to conduct the investigation so lots going on at this particular time. i would say just it altogether
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if you can work at home don't come to this location because if you will it will be stopped he will be stuck in traffic for quite some time in fact if we can head back out live now i will move the camera and show you a different vantage point these are cars heading. >>northbound one on one, so i flip the camera around and you can see headlights as far as i can possibly see i actually drove 3 miles pass this location. god often bailey road went on monterey road and it took me about 30 minutes just to go to miles on monterey road. the frontage road and not one o one itself so you can see just how bad the situation is next time you'll see me you'll see me hopefully. i can't even make a guarantee hopefully i'll be next to the scene to talk to the chp about the very latest on the investigation. but all roads one online and monterey road. northbound direction an absolute mess this morning. james roberts.
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>>well, thousands of people going nowhere fast thank you very much well yet of course now the big question is who is this impacting on one oh one how do you get around it. and how long is it going to take to clear kron four's rebecca strong standing by with a look at the traffic. >>well james the robin that they did give us an estimated time about 30 minutes ago around 5.30 they said 2 to 3 hours from then so maybe by 7 30 this morning, maybe even by 8.30. that's when the crews are hoping to have this mess completely mocked up because like will was saying for cars completely burned. so a lot of debris that accrues need to clean up. and it was a fatal accidents in north one oh one before highway 85, definitely avoided and this is your commute coming out of morgan hill coming out of the gilroy area do not take it. again it's not going to be reopened maybe till 7.30 or 8 30 at the latest crews are telling us. and yes surface streets already being heavily impacted. by your alternate routes like will was showing us monterey road that's packed as well. but a santa teresa boulevard also another good
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alternate it runs parallel to a monterey. so definitely want to take city streets if you can or just wait it out at home until these lanes are completely cleared and reopen because traffic backed up for miles and miles so far this morning. let's switch over to of the bay bridge toll plaza and see how things are not moving really trying to get into san francisco. but this is all normal normal. commutes we're not seeing any major accidents or stalls here your drive time not too bad coming out of the east bay only 16 minutes into san francisco across the upper deck and then a look at this here the san mateo bridge. yes, it is pack cars are definitely under the limit across of the flat section and getting on to the high rise. but under 15 minutes to make your way out of hayward and then over to the 1 one connector in foster city, not too bad. let's see how the weather shaping up today and pass it over to john. >>thanks so much for becca at least weather is cooperating this morning is you are making that drive into work maybe a little bit of a slowdown free in some spots, you're going to
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be witnessing. clear skies overhead than what we had been seeing earlier on this week golden gate bridge actually in view this morning you can see a little bit of that sunrise out in the distance a over the marin headlands kind of nice morning, it's just spotty and patchy fog for your morning hours today it's going to clear out pretty quickly today to this is going to set us up for mostly sunny skies and accompanied by temperatures that will be very comfortable unseasonably cool for your thursday ahead, 60's for highs of the coastal low 70's by the bay and for inland areas maxing out today in the low 80's, i've got more details on what you can expect to the course here thursday still to come. james, all right. thank you much john in the east bay, one person is recovering in the hospital now after being shot in east oakland, the shooting happened around 7 o'clock. it was in the 1600 block of 24th avenue right near garfield elementary school. police haven't released any details about the shooter. but we understand the victim is in stable condition.
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>>hours of violence and chaos in southern california as a man went on a stabbing spree that left 4 peophe dead in just 2 hours this morning. police are still trying to figure out why stacey butler has the story. >>we have no motive at this point we don't know it's just pure hate this guy did this the killing spree started a garden grove apartment complex at 4 oh 9 with a call of a burglary less than 15 minutes later, there was a robbery at a bakery on chapman avenue then at 5 oh 4 back at the same garden grove apartment complex. there was a call of 2 men stabbed just over 30 minutes later if i 40 there was a robbery it was a check cashing business, nobody was hurt there. at 6 oh 5. police say the same suspect robbed in insurance business on harbor and garden grove boulevard. he stabbed one woman say police who survived our cameras were there she was wheeled into an ambulance. 4 minutes later at 6 oh 9 at a chevron on harbor boulevard in banner. police
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say the suspect stabbed a man with a knife, its biggest a machete he survived the second right here include like she can break through his nose at 6.16 police say the suspect drove his silver mercedes to santa ana and rob the subway on west first street, a man who may have been an employee was killed. then at 6.25 just across the street from the subway on south harbor boulevard police say the suspect walked into a 7.11 and stabbed a security guard to death and took his gun seconds later plainclothes police took the suspect down the motive for the killings free robbery and hate. >>well that was stacey butler reporting police say the suspect lived in the apartment complex where the first 2 people were found dead. so they're looking into any possible connections between him and those 2 victims. >>well the search is over for livermore man suspected in a deadly shooting we first brought the story to you as breaking news yesterday right here on the kron 00:04am morning news. police in el grove ended up pulling over an arresting 30 year-old jonathan
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in asensio investigators say he shot and killed a man at a walmart parking lot in livermore police say both men were actually transients who live near the creek that runs right behind the shopping center. >>we believe that at this point this was a feud between the suspect and the victim and that got into an argument and ultimately led to the suspect shooting. victim in killing him. >>and this video from elk grove, it's where police actually pulled over the suspect livermore police had issued a statewide alert to law enforcement agencies after the suspect ran away from the scene of the shooting. breaking news overnight. one person is dead following a highway crash in pleasanton it happened around 10 40 last night on the on ramp from east bound 5.80 to southbound 6.80 chp says a big rig was involved in that crash and one or more other cars as well officials have shut down that ramp for a few hours. but it is reopened this morning.
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>>another big story that we're following for you this morning, the man known as a ski mask rape this has been denied parole george anthony sanchez, he was convicted of raping 25 women here in the bay area back in the 80's. so he was sentenced to more than 400 years behind bars. sanchez was eligible for parole under a special state elderly parole program. sanchez's elavil for eligible for another parole hearing in 7 years. the driver carrying a grew bag is caught on camera stealing packages after dropping off food to a customer drops off the food picks up a package. so this happened at an apartment complex is in san francisco. this is all right along van ness and clay and the manager of the property says that she's seen other fake delivery drivers still in things but this guy you know she thought he was legit and you can see him right there on camera he's holding that grew bag. he even checks a cellphone multiple times, he's looking for a code to get into the building and he does get a buzz then from someone inside. it's a great
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convenience, but it's also huge security risk because. >>if somebody buys this somebody into our building. they can potentially commit a crime. and it's even more disheartening when it's you know delivery people that we trust to be coming in and out of the building and they've been granted that access. >>well the property manager says that this should serve as a reminder to verify who you're letting into your building and that they are delivering food see suggest that you have to meet you at the front door instead of giving them access to building. >>we'll take a quick break it's extended coming up. we've got we're back in the traffic center and will try it out in the field keeping us updated on this multi car. in the south bay will have much more on the multiple lanes are closed and have.
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>>okay we're back coming up on 6.15 and again our big story this morning as robin i've been reporting is this multi vehicle crashes fatal crash. >>at one person died in this morning and it is now blocking multiple lanes on what northbound one oh one in south san jose north 1, one right 85 happened at 3.30 and continues to jim of traffic. >>so of course you want to check in with rebecca strawman see how far it's backed up who this is impacting an if we have an estimated time of clearing yet rebecca. >>now robin and james said they're saying maybe by the 7 o'clock hour 8 o'ock hour that's when crews think they're going to be able to have the lanes completely open
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and cleared after a 4 cars caught fire. so it is a big mess out there they're trying to mop it up one person again did die northbound 1 one right before highway 85 avoid this stretch you can see just heavily the traffic is impacted this morning because nothing but red on the screen that means to speeds are below the limit really a parking lot out there backed up for miles and miles pass the bailey exit. so this is your commute coming out of like the gilroy area out of the morgan hill avoid this stretch again take some city streets instead alternate routes that we're also seeing being impacted right now our monterey and santa teresa boulevard but it's better than sitting on the freeway and basically going nowhere so again those are going to be are alternate routes to get around this closure if you have the luxury maybe of staying home for the next couple of hours getting into work a little bit later that is definitely a better but as well because things may not be wrapped up until 7 or even 8 o'clock according to chp and san jose fire officials. let's switch gears
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and a see how other spots around the bay area are going. we're seeing it's a slow go here into san francisco, but of the drive time not bad at all you just have to wait in this cash being lanes once you get past that though it's a pretty good across the upper deck in just under 15 minutes to make your way to the fremont street exit checking things out of the san mateo bridge, a very slow commute on the right hand side of your screen that is the commute side with all the brake lights you could see but nothing out of the ordinary i'm not tracking any delays or any stalls on the flat section or the high rise. so it's going to be 15 minutes from the nimitz freeway over 2 of the 1, 1, connector in foster ty. i'll check the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate coming up in just a bit. check in with john now in the weather center and see how it's going serve aca and hey we are looking at a pretty nice skies. the thursday morning at least compared to where we have been leading up to it this week looking at downtown san francisco skies for the most part on the gray side, but you can actually see past the skyline there. >>and a much clearer view than what we have had san jose also
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looking at some clear conditions overhead that's something you've seen a lot this week so far and as for berkeley on the east bay skies, definitely still offering some low cloud cover not quite as dense as wasn't what has been known just a couple of spots where we've actually seen some drizzle right around the santa cruz mountains there on the peninsu west of 2.80 besides that the bay area remaining dry right now and pushing through the day today we're in for another dry one but a cooler one than what we have been seeing this low pressure area and dip in the jet stream really settling in across the region in doing so helping to keep temperatures below average for this time of year now we were in the 90's this past weekend for a lot of areas that are only going to be in the upper 70's today, your temperatures out along the coastline really not changing too much pretty steady a little bit closer to ehe bay into the pacific. it's our inland and then south and north bay area's that are going to really be feeling the difference in temperures today compared to where we
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have been only in the upper 70's to low 80's for much of the south bay for your daytime highs and a similar range of numbers out to the east bay tri valley for example down into the 70's and dublin in pleasanton san ramon at 77 today, well walnut creek in danville saying goidbye to the 90's by a long shot now only down to 82 degrees. so a much more comfortable day ahead, 70's and 80's for the north bay with some 60's mixed in as you head out a little bit closer to the coast. today tomorrow into saturday all cooler than average and all pretty comfortable tomorrow, you'll notice a few more clouds and come saturday, maybe even a few light showers if you do see anything it will be very brief and just some light rain come sunday temperatures on the rise in by monday tuesday and wednesday we'll be back up into the 90's inland with bayside areas also on the rise come next week from the low 70's, the next few days to those 80's come monday and tuesday robin in james all right. thank you john monson national news now president trump visited the 2
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communities morning last week's mass shootings that's right but. >>when he arrived in dayton and el paso. the scene went from somber and quiet of people dancing in the streets and maybe even slightly. >>joyous perhaps the first sign that communities are inching towards normalcy once again. the president visited victims. in the hospital and spoke with first responders and city leaders outside the hospitals and vigils, the president was met by supporters and by protesters. >>police officers trying to get around first working we have a lot of folks that are coming to them. real and this only and i everything now i realize that there's a. >>a lot of emotional pain and concern over his visit. feel like it's my duty obligation my fiduciary duty to meet with the president noted stage. >>the president says that he is open to talking about some aspects of gun control
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legislation, but it's unclear if congress can reach a consensus. >>and on that point new this morning president trump is apparently getting a warning from the nra the nra's chief executive called the president after he expressed support for stronger background checks and according to the washington post that executive told the president that supporting background checks would not be popular with the president's supporters. so far to gun control bills that passed the house of representatives but they've been stopped up in the senate not being brought for a vote. happening today all flavored tobacco products and vaping material are banned in livermore but the ban will not be in force right away kron 4 sarah stinson has more from livermore sir. >>e cigarettes and flavored tobacco are officially banned starting today in livermore but it won't be in force until january 2020. that means business owners like the one of here vapor la's we'll have to start gearing up getting rid of their products to prepare for one it is in force. each of the 71 tobacco retailers in livermore were sent an e-mail about the
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enforcement not starting until january first 2020, this gives them time to get out of leases a in the tory and for law enforcement to learn the new rules, customers already know the ban is on the her aisen the city and supporters of the ordinance believe the ban will stop underage kids from using e cigarettes but it could be overturned. there's a petition going around. but it needs more than 5,000 signatures to qualify for the november ballot. in the to do so is today as well is verified the ordinance can go before voters but business owners say they can't wait to see if that happens this is going to impact them now. >>that would take a lot a long time turn it into something because i do have a family. i got 4 kids i have i need and come right away. >>when this was first passed by the city about a month ago, i spoke with a lot of people here livermore who told me
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that they're in favor of this because many people i spoke with just don't smoke the cigarettes but they hope this will help get them out of the hands of children in livermore sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>and we're also following breaking news out of the south bay so rebecca continues to track this major hot spots fatal accident on highway one oh one in south san jose, it's still backing up traffic and causing major delays to have an update on how to get around this mess after the break. rodney: you know what my favorite part really is is when i greet students when they come in. because i know what great things we have in store in the classroom. marisa: when they come into my classroom, they're able to really get in touch with who they are. rosanne: my favorite part of teaching has always been this opportunity to make a difference. ever: every student has the right to quality education.
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>>back again you're looking at some of the video from the accident scene this morning that has snarled traffic in the south bay a multi-car crash on northbound one oh one in south san jose has not only resulted in the death of one person and the injury of several others, but it also has caused hours long backups now for a lot of morning commuters at depend. >>on want you every been looking at the brake lights leading up to the scene we want to see exactly how far it stretches and if for any closer to having this clear. rebecca strong has more on the delays rebecca. >>and it is backed up for miles and miles guys we've seen that for the last couple of hours in this accident started back in the 3.30 hour and we're still dealing with the crews are still trying to clean up this mess north 1 one before highway 85 and this is your commute avoided don't even go there. so far this morning. if you can wait it out at home definitely do so or it takes some city alternates are busy as well
6:25 am
right now at this point monterey road is a pretty heavy but better than sitting on the freeway or santa teresa boulevard they both run parallel one oh one so definitely do that or feet again can wait it out at home and still crews have these lanes cleared and reopened that is going to be our best bet we're hoping maybe by the 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock hour at the latest, that's what chp is telling us that they're hoping to have the roadway open. so 5 lanes are shut down the far right lane that's explain is the only lane open to traffic and folks are squeezing by and again very slow trying to get through south san jose so really avoid the stretch this morning if you can the bay bridge toll plaza in a san francisco, this is your commute westbound 80. of course into the maze on all approaches we're seeing it very sluggish across the upper deck to drive time just under 20 minutes to the fremont street exit. the san mateo
6:26 am
bridge. it is crawling but the drive time not too bad because there's nothing really in your way except for a whole lot of cars on the roads, no accidents, no hot spots here on the stand westbound 92 60 minutes over to a foster city and connecting with one oh one. the richmond sandra fell bridge a little bit active in some of this cash paying lanes but once you get on to the bridge. it's going to be a straight shot into the north bay. i just about to 11 minute drive time that's what we're seeing right now from the pay gates and then the golden gate bridge a quick check there 20 minutes out of the north bay into san francisco on south 1 one john. >>well rebecca skies, this morning as you can see at the golden gate bridge cam are offering up some fog but it's mostly low lying count cloud cover that's hovering just right overhead. this does make for a great start to the day but plenty of sunshine, this afternoon and cooler daytime highs and we've gotten used to lately so really comfortable. day ahead. tomorrow we stay cool. but the weekend ahead come so some changes a comfortable start to the weekend. but then the heating on up after that i'm talking
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the rest of your forecast and what you can expect as we do make our way to the close of the here's your buick sir.
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>>6 30 is the time and if you're planning on heading out the door in the south bay and you think you're going to use highway one oh one like you do every day. don't today or at least not this particular stretch. we have a multi-car crash has blocked multiple lanes on one oh one northbound what just near 85 yet they're
6:30 am
the 85 split there in south san jose there's only one lane open it's been active since around 3.30. >>this morning, one person died several others injured and traffic continues to be backed up for mom i also leading up to the scene. this will tran has made it out he's there with an update from emergency crews. well. >>to this location, the last time he saw me i was mile from here, but it took me half an hour just to get to this location to give you a new vantage point you can see as i step out of the way that there are firefighters on the scene that they are in the process of removing the cars that caught fire look at that here's one that is on the back of a flatbed truck and yes robin absolutely only one lane of traffic going through this location at this time you can see there's that big rig. slow and go i was about 4 miles from this location and as far as i can see even from that vantage point the traffic
6:31 am
stretches all the way back to morgan hill i would imagine at this point probably even on the outskirts of gilroy because of this accident me show you video this happened at 3 30 this morning. the cause of the crash still under investigation but we do know that at least 4 cars were involved in it and then they caught fire. what caused the accident. how many people actually total and all cars that still part of the scene here and they'll have to talk to witnesses and see if they can talk to any. >>and the survivors we do know that one person died. we don't know the gender of that particular person at this time. but there were plenty of witnesses and this is the commute direction from i'm morgan hill gilroy in the northbound direction so they were witnesses at the scene you can see just how speak. it was as far as the fire and how large it was at the san jose fire department actually sent a couple of engines down here to deal with it witness talking about the carnage.
6:32 am
>>and back live now you can see is still very much slowing go from this vantage point i only see one car that's being loaded onto a flatbed truck and i men it looks like a small size sedan right there burnedtwhere you don't even see the frame attached anymore. and look at the roadways lots of debris, lots of charred roadways so they still have to do their measurements. investigating you can see the chp out there with their jackets just a keep the traffic down oftentimes when people get past the scene that's when they step on the gas to try to make up for lost time so there are plenty of chp officers out here to make sure that the traffic is slow through here to allow
6:33 am
everybody to be safe. on the other side of the freeway you can see it's moving along just fine my tip for people if you can possibly can just telecommute today's see if you can push back you work because all zoom in as far as i can possibly zoom in from this angle and look at that that is monterey road chains and robin and look at that there are thousands of cars obviously on a normal day, there's no reason for you to go northbound on monterey road but the cars of the accident. so many people are watching us they got the news, so they're avoiding one oh one instead taking monterey road. but the problem is everybody else saw the same reports that we've been giving and you will be bumper to bumper their trust me only took me ellie wen about half a mile from my last location to mail full 30 minutes just to get to the other side of the freeway to this location. so it is a mess. any way you slice it northbound i'm the northbound direction this morning guys back to you. all right, thank
6:34 am
you will as we heard can be a mess for our yet it's no surprise that the alternate routes are backed up as well that always happens when you have a major crash. so let's check in with her back and see just how bad it is and. >>when we will may have this out of the way rebecca yet is pretty bad there guys again you can see here. >>on our map the red coloring on your screen that's how far traffic is backed up getting closer towards of morgan hill now so miles and miles that's how long. the traffic is stretching out again north one o one right at highway 85 if that is your commute direction if you're trying to get out of the gilroy area out of morgan hill and head in towards a san jose don't take it this morning crews are still out there like you saw in that live video trying to mop up that mess 5 lanes shut down only not far right lane that 6 lane is the only one open and traffic is slowly squeezing my right now, and alternate routes. monterey road like you saw that in its path. that's also santa teresa boulevard of the monitoring. those are going to be better than
6:35 am
getting on the freeway or like will was saying really if you could sit it out at home for the next couple of hours. definitely do so because we still have about another hour or 2 to go according to chp they told us around 5.30 that said the estimated time to reopening was 2 to 3 hours from men so possibly 7.30 or 8 30 this morning. crews are hoping to have this mess completely cleared. switch over to another commute now and to san francisco, checking things out here the bay bridge toll plaza it is your normal slowing go 60 minutes across the upper deck into san francisco. let's see how the weather is doing and check in with john. >>well we're back at whether this morning not bad at all we are seeing some fog out there and some low clouds but only really complements the sunrise out there at mount diablo or you've got some blue skies mixed in with some of these low clouds that have drifted in across the day overall visibility hasn't been much of an issue this morning, not out of the golden gate and even happen bay looking at his
6:36 am
ability holding pretty strong you can encounter a few spots where that fog. it's a little dance step in the east bay hills as well as in the santa cruz mountains on the peninsula. but besides that fog is very patchy this morning and is actually going to clear out a lot quicker than what we had been seeing the past few days. 50's and 60's is where we're at right now as far as temperatures go now later on today, you're going to notice temperatures a lot cooler, especially for inland areas. we're daytime highs that max today will only be peaking in the low 80's, so nice comfortable day ahead of us. how long will last for your forecast the restof it that is still to come rob and all right. thank you john, another big story that we're following for you this morning people are threatening to put oxen soulcycle fitness chains. >>over the owners fundraiser for president trump we've got christine that hate row on the story, she's in san around right now at one of the equinox change there with the latest on the story christina. >>yeah across the street behind me on that second level
6:37 am
of the city center bishop branches where that equinoxes and this morning, the hallways about shopping center were still filled with people scurrying to their early morning classes. it doesn't look like it is slow things so things down really too much he runs the san ramon area but this is the morning after it was announced that the billionaire owner is going to be hosting a fundraiser for president trump and the real estate developer sad steven ross is chairman and majority owner of related companies which oversees equinox as well as soulcycle which is a popular see us in studio. according to the fundraiser invitation. ross will host a luncheon in the hamptons on friday attendees will pay up to a $100,000 for a photo with the president and $250,000 to listen in on a roundtable discussion. no a spokesperson with the james they say that they don't have anything to do with the event the 2 gyms don't support it and don't use any company profits to fund the politicians. now here is a part of the statement we're going to put up on your screen for you it reads we believe in
6:38 am
tolerance and equality and will always stay true to those values. mister ross is a passive investor and is not involved in the management of either business that hasn't stopped many people from pushing back on mind there are a lot of notable celebrities it took to their social media yesterday, one of which was chrissy teigen they're christie wrote and spoke both on her instagram and twitter that she is encouraging all of her followers to drop will jim's if they are members and she invited them to work out with her in her home or in public places like the library. now this morning i spoke with one woman here at the equinox two-act least actually scoring off her morning classes. she said she didn't have time to speak on camera but she did share her thoughts to me, she's been going to equinox for quite a few months here and she loves the community and this is not something she's going to give up because of something that's going on politically just as long as it doesn't impact anything that has to do with day to day operations in the gym. she's going to go ahead and continue her membership reporting live here in san ramon christina teatro kron 4 news. >>good enough, thank you very much. christine a.
6:39 am
>>happening today, a jury deliberations will resume in the ghost ship fire trial in oakland defendants derick almena and max harris. they both face a maximum of 39 years behind bars if convicted for the deaths of 36 people back in 2016. now during the trial derek a minute he was seen with a pen or pencil at times writing into a note pad. derek o minutes attorney revealed what his client was doing when he wasn't taking notes. >>i know from sitting next to their amanda has been. rasheena experience in which he has been entirely grief-stricken i know that drawing those pictures has been away for their na to escape. this nightmare that we all have one witness to in connection with the loss of life and everything that came with that. >>well the jury will enter day 5 of deliberations later this morning at 9.30. cracking down on drug problems in san
6:40 am
francisco. this after the city's tenderloin neighborhood count at the highest among drug offenses in the city back in june. so the us attorney's office they announced it will be sending 15 prosecutors and more than 15 federal law enforcement agencies to fight federal crimes like drug trafficking. the us attorney is also charging 32 people in a drug dealing case in the east bay. so special agent chris nilsson he says that the traffickers they provide homes in oakland to street level drug dealers who then commute they hop on board they head into san francisco bringing cocaine and fentanyl and heroin into the tenderloin district to sell he calls them commuter dealers. >>we exposed to independent drug trafficking organizations one allegedly headed by andy 3 analysts more to know and the other allegedly met by war 2 want to hear the deals. >>well the us attorney's office plans to keep this initiative in place for at least a year.
6:41 am
>>happening now police in valais or trying to identify. this man you see his picture. they say he followed a teenage girl around a local department store try to lure her with money when he was confronted, that's when he drove off in that white minivan that you see on the screen if you know who this person is or have any information about the health of the police give them a call. >>on 4 morning news, the breaking news story that we're following for you out of the south bay looking at a live picture right now you can see crews wrapping up and cleaning up after a deadly crash on one oh one at the 85 split in south san jose kron four's will tran still on scene this is video from earlier this morning. it was just a serious a fiery crash. resulted in one death and multiple injuries have an update on how far the backup isn't if really closer to having this crash cleared to having this crash cleared af it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls.
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6:45 am
>>of course damaging the road too so crews have to take a look at the freeway inspected and make sure it's ok before they reopened to traffic so fire out and under control. they have to clean up inspect the road. they have to finish loading those cars on to tow trucks. so we're looking at a backup that's going to continue. let's see who this is impacting and how far the slow traffic stretches with her back a strong. >>robin and james only continues to grow right now in fact we're seeing in backed up into the morgan hill area so that is miles and miles as to where from a where the accident actually took place in south san jose. so north one oh one before 85 avoid it don't even go there because you saw on that video that live video that will was a letting us see there. yes crews are still cleaning up and we're hoping maybe by 7.30 or a 30 that's what they're telling us that they could possibly be done with this mess. but that is the last we've heard we heard that around 5 30 this morning, so it's still going to shut down for another hour or 2 again
6:46 am
all but one lane so 5 lanes are closed. it's that's explained that far right lane that's the only one open to traffic and traffic is just squeezing by so yes you're alternates there are also backing up as well very normal right when things like this happen monterey road to risa boulevard both of those. roads run parallel to the freeway. so definitely we're seeing those city impacted, but it's better then jumping on to want to one at this point in the morning because again it's going to be out there for about another hour or even 2 according to the chp getting into san francisco. this is your commute westbound 80 in 2 of the city not too bad only 15 minutes, you just have to get past the pay gates. >>and then it's a little sluggish across the upper deck into san francisco. a quick check here at the san mateo bridge. it's a lot of folks on the freeway. but i'm not tracking anything major the flat section under the limit and the high rise like normal but 18 minutes to make your way from the east bay over to the peninsula. that's a look at traffic now let's see how
6:47 am
the weather is hey john for well rebecca, whether or not that bad this morning. there's definitely some cloud cover hanging out across the bay. it's a mix of low clouds to some fog in some areas. >>you do see that fog that's hanging out right over san francisco in the distance if you look really close you can see the bay bridge. under that foggy later this morning, some or so something that you're just going to make a is going make for some gray skies rather than block out much of your visibility on your commute into work, san jose looks great not a cloud in the sky in the east bay, not looking bad either with mount diablo seen very clearly in the distance just a few low making their way inland across the bay this morning so we make our way into the afternoon skies are just going to become increasingly clear and we are in for a mostly sunny and cool day ahead of us. this low pressure area deepening across the region and drying in with it. some nice cool unseasonably cool temperatures for your daytime highs today. this will be felt so much as a difference out along the coast as daytime highs remain pretty steady in the 50's and 60's along the
6:48 am
pacific shore and continue in the 70's. right along the bay, it's are areas that are a bit further away from the bay and the coast itself. that are about to feel a big difference in temperatures for the afternoon. barely holding on to the 80's for the south bay today with san jose at 79 for your high free might union city and hayward continue in the 70's while pleasanton dublin, join you in the 70's. that's upper 70's at 7 united 77 each low 70's in oakland and san leandro not a big difference there. but cross the mountains and look at danville walnut creek in concord low 80's free hard to believe that just days ago the same areas were in the 90's no 90's in this forecast today, and certainly won't see him for a couple more days either not until sunday into monday when temperatures reverse or cooling trend climbing back to those %armest summer like temperatures, especially come the middle of next week. robin. thank you john oakley fire destroyed several buildings and rattled nerves for people living in the
6:49 am
community. >>thankfully that fire is out and the evacuation orders have been lifted. but as kron four's gayle ong explains the location of the fire fire made it even harder for fire crews to get it under control. >>at this point the fire is out crews are still on scene mopping up. earlier in the afternoon. it was raging the fire fueled by gusty winds and the eucalyptus trees in the neighborhood. >>this fire quickly grew in the winds were at their worst day broke out just after noon wednesday on the 5,000 block of sellers avenue in unincorporated oakley i was quickly threatening some of the residential neighborhood. we took out 2. we're calling crosses out of a trailer grey trailer. that is on the property next to 5381 sellers. the dogs are approximately 4 to 6 months old. there was no one on scene and the fire was encroaches the fire prompted
6:50 am
evacuations in a preemptive power shut off for thousands of customers near derby road and sellers avenue as dozens of firefighters battle 40 to 50 foot flames. >>and area with no water sources nearby is a rural part of the county out here so there is no municipal water out here. >>so will we do have to do is bring a water tenders become a system right now water out here the fight that fire with us. >>the fire destroyed sheds barns and now houses but didn't touch any homes, thanks to property owners. fire officials say some of these areas were easy to protect. >>because they did take the time for defensible space clear the area around their home. so that helps us out that weekend really kind protect the houses, the residential structures and worry keeping the fire conined and moving in a direction that's not going to >>the fire burned about 58 acres there were no reported injuries, the cause of the fire is under investigation reporting in oakley gayle, ong kron 4 news.
6:51 am
>>and again the breaking news this morning that we're following and we'll have much more details on coming up after the break is this multi vehicle accident in the south bay looks like the street sweepers have arrived and that hopefully is good news. we'll see if there's any update on when they might reopen northbound one oh one in south san jose by 85 we'll be right back. uh-oh, looks like someone's
6:52 am
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>>we're going to need awfully his next trip. just a little bit because they're not driving this time we have to take a flight. so we're taking you on another road trip and how about we hop on a plane and fly to ohio i how about that right specifically the island of oahu. >>can offer you the best of only small town feel spending on we're on the island you are, but also urban sophistication as well. >>in paradise adventure starts in the heart of kaka agos an exciting and vibrant neighborhood too dark, nice luxury high-rises artistic streets are lined with modern to spice coffee shops and restaurants. make your way to china town and you'll find one of the oldest cities in the us, it's a melting pot of ethnicities mom and pop shops and delicious cultural dishes
6:55 am
chinatown has everything from dim sum. so the island's best selection of local foods ilan the palace is a national historic landmark in downtown that tells the story of what you >>you can take tours around the palace to learn about its rich history. the lani palace, these men 10 year-old part in understanding the culture of the >>a law school is not only filled local history. but national and international history as well. pearl harbor is also a national historic landmark and his home base of the world's largest naval command. the park has seen over 8.5 million visitors as the jet way. >>coming up or harbor is a great experience friend was interesting history. when they come to visit they can see the bookends of world war 2. there is a memorial. the war started for united states december 7th 1941 and in about missouri where the working to an end. september second 1945.
6:56 am
>>take a drive to the north shore to experience a laid back get away you'll find some of the world's biggest and best waves in hollywood town you'll be greeted by rainbow bridge and marks is the gateway to shop says start structures and either. >>we love it here we spent day in waikiki beautiful, it's a big city and we love coming to the smaller cities. real culture and and the small-town feel the love and whether you choose to check out the surf or explore the historic value of hawaii. we hope visit soon. >>i was there i was right there where she's like what 3, 4, weeks ago is my first time there and it does feel like paradise. it was very fine. >>and how would rather be you know what weather is usually very good this time of year this is also the time of year you have to keep a close eye. >>on tropical activity has often times you do see tropical storms now its most a mostly sunny, but you know skies are just mostly in this
6:57 am
these for parents of kids are usually this time of year. >>i mean who doesn't like oh i anytime here. yeah but august not a bad time to be there for sherry cool all right we'll be back with more headlines in just a minute on the kron 00:04am mo this is you shopping.
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7:00 am
>>and it's 07:00am that breaking news continues to be a major multi vehicle accident that happened on one early this morning at about 3.30. >>we had 4 vehicles get tangled up and you can see they all burst into flames that's right one of those cars over turned one driver died several other sent to the hospital. >>and right now crews are just wrapping up and cleaning up this is a video from earlier you see that fiery mess. >>the right now the fires out under control that they have a big mess to clean up. and this continues to back up traffic. yes for miles and miles and miles adding. >>hours to your morning commute kron four's will tran can attest to that he was in the thick of it trying to get to the scene this morning will. >>i would say if you can delay going to work for quite some time because it is a mess northbound one oh one as well as northbound on monterey road. let me step out of the way. so you can see what's being done right now you can see one of the cars loaded on top of a fl


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