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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>local news station. we start with that breaking news tonight out of the south bay, a possible gunman has been reported on the campus of san jose state university good evening. i'm ken wayne. i'm justine waldman in for pam moore tonight and right now san jose police are searching the campus. the university sits right off guadalupe parkway. >>and interstate 2.80. no word yet on where on the campus this possible gunman was spotted or if any shots have been fired. this is coming though as the whole country is on edge after 3 deadly mass shootings took the lives of over 30 people in the span of a week. we do have a reporter on the way to the scene and we will bring you a live report
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as soon as she arrives a time outside lands starts tomorrow in san francisco after the recent mass shootings across the country. >>festival organizers are increasing security kron four's michelle kingston is live for us right now now in golden gate park where that festival is set to begin in the morning, michelle. >>organizers here say that this event has always been safe but this year it's going to be even safer and they say the have more officers and more fencing like what you see right here behind me. the public to know that we stand prepared with a security plan to address what we know our fears that some of the people who plan to attend this concert might have san francisco mayor london breed making sure festival goers know the city is working hd lon organizers are on high alert. >>increasing security bringing in more officers private
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security. >>and adding multiple layers of fencing along the perimeter. >>you're going to see some that will be in tactical gear. that's a part of our our deployment even we're going to have ours. our swat officer that will be deployed here and they'll be walking around there be visible so you'll see that as well festival organizers say they were closely with local state and federal agencies when planning throughout the year. >>and that they'll increase their security staff due to the recent mass shootings across the country metal detector entry searches will continue this year as well as a strict backed policy all this is in place to make sure that everyone has a and safe weekend. you know. >>we've always had the security of this event but i think we've enhanced of this year and definitely we're we're going to be very vigilant and make sure that we keep this event as safe as possible. >>they're expecting 210,000 people to be here all weekend
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long they say they have back away shun plan in place in case they need that if you're coming out here this weekend text outside lands to 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, that way you'll receive any emergency alerts if they send any live in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news michelle. thank you we have continuing coverage of outside lands is here. >>coming up at 8.15 we'll hear from san francisco's mayor about the debut of grasslands at the music festival. a temporaryopermit to sell and buy cannabis products has been approved and we're going to speak with a marijuana expert on what this means for this year's event and of course you can head to kron 4 dot com to learn more about how do you get to the event including proper rideshare drop-off points and extended hours for public transit. now in the wake of recent mass shootings, including the one in gill worried the san jose police department is launching a new program to get officers to schools. >>and citywide events fast stir in case of an active shooter. kron four's dan kerman went to police headquarters in san jose for
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our report. >>we want to do our best if a tragedy strikes. and the threat as quickly as possible. >>in reaction to a string of mass shootings both here in the bay area and across the nation, san jose police chief eddie garcia has announced the creation of the guardian school program. we're 9 pairs of police officers will be on the streets each school day dedicated to stopping violence at schools. we divided the city into different zones. >>and we will have a 2 person guardian car which we've named it that whose main responsibility will be they'll be equipped will be trained will be to respond to violence on the school campus in their particular sector, many are crediting the quick response of officers in both the gilroy and ohio shootings with reducing the number of lives lost that's the goal here as well the quicker we have our men and women engaging the shooter. the more lives are going to be saved in the were trying to maximize i think it's a great and that the
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chief garcia has offered chris fogg is the superintendent of the east side union high school district any opportunity that we can bolster the security of our schools. >>is a positive thing i think this is a positive step in the right direction. police are also low. >>so this morning family and friends said their final goodbyes to trevor irby trevor was a new york state native who was killed in the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival the 25 year-old was one of 3 people killed the other 6 years old and 13 years old today friends say they want trevor to be remembered for the amazing person that he was. >>a superstar he would walk into a room and he would want to be too and everything that they're hit. and he said of
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that was going on and he wanted to dance and sing and just have as much fun as you could have everybody that was there and always made everybody feel as though they mattered as well. >>irby was at the festival with his longtime girlfriend who was not injured in the shooting he had just graduated from college and was working as a medical technician in santa cruz county. paul barrows at his funeral wore jerseys of his favorite nfl team. the pittsburgh steelers. >>another big story we're following new court documents revealing what police found in the gilroy gunman's car. the records show san teen oleg and had a passport, a clown mask, a wilderness guide and bottle rockets in his car, the 19 year-old killed 3 people including 2 children on july 28. authorities say his motive isn't known, but he had been interested in conflicting violent ideologies. the fbi >>back now to our breaking news that we were talking
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about at the top of the hour police in san jose are investigating reports of a possible gunman at the san jose state university campus we're joined now by kron 4 status aqi who just arrived on the scene taylor would be learned. >>well looks like police and may have someone in custody. we saw some police officers come out of the building that they were searching which was the spartan building. we're told the police were searching the 3rd floor and they had a bunch of officers in there with canines. but i'm like i mentioned we did see some people come out and it looks like they had someone in custody. but i'm so what unfolded earlier is that police all someone brandishing a gun waving around a gun about 2 blocks away when they started to choose after him. well that's when he fled and ran toward san jose state university. now i'll always talk to a witness earlier who didn't want to be identified, but he says that he saw 20 officers run into that spartan building with assault rifles and making sure that everyone stay safe. there is a perimeter set around this campus right now to make sure tha stays back.
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they're describing the suspect as an adult male 5, 6, 2, 130 pounds wearing a black shirt blue jeans in a black. again this is still all unfolding were waiting to see what exactly happened over there you can see if you zoom in there that some officers are talking to one another this is more than what we saw earlier so we're hoping that they have some new information police also told us that they will be providing an update as soon as possible. we're expecting one very shortly so as soon as we hear more information we will bring that right to you reporting live in san jose tiller sackey kron 4 news as far as you can tell though it looks like everything has been given the all clear students can resume their activities there. >>as of now it doesn't look like that i mean there still is a said around no official word that a suspect has been arrested yet but i'm i did see some students walking around the perimeter of the campus and many of them telling me
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that they're just staying away to be safe obviously you can see that we have this perimeter set up right here but also as you're driving around the campus. there are some road closures. we're still waiting for an official word i think once police have that all settled then they'll give the go ahead but we overheard some people talking that there might have been people also on campus at the time obviously that barricaded themselves so again we're waiting for the green light to make sure that everything is clear and everything is safe. >>alright taylor will be checking back with you throughout the hour to find out to any updates as they come in. thank you. meantime in lake county had fire is threatening some homes tywin telling you about this said all night long that fire is now 30% contained 10 fours. graham lotus joins us now with a look at where exactly this is happening. >>well just seen candidates in the area of sort of a road in golf drive in lake county here it is on the map kind of the southwest corner of clearly kelsey bill right near here there are evacuation orders in
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place tonigthis afternoon. it's being called the gulf fire. it has burned and about 20 acres and containment as we said is up to 30% right now crews are doing water drops to continue to try to increase containment. there have been retardant drops as well from plane so far no injuries reported. no structures damaged at one point. some 40 structures were threatened. and some residents lost power pg knee doing some preemptive power shut off the riviera west community is under an evacuation order as we speak kelsey ville high school is being used as a shelter for residents to see the address our kelsey ville high school is there on main street firefighters expect full containment by tomorrow morning so they are feeling optimistic about that will certainly keep you posted there for now we'll send it back to you just seen again. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at. and what that is like
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for firefighters, yeah, it looks like their kitchen a little bit of a break now those winds in the afternoon begin to calm just a little bit so. >>it was little blustery into the afternoon hours of course that makes it extremely difficult to fight the fire when things already dry out there. they have some 15 some 20 mile an hour winds. taking it for a closer look though you can see in and around this area. the fire kind of a mountainous region here near the lake he see it real right there and that's where a lot of homes are located as well so getting in there to fight the fires extremely difficult the winds though look at that started to calm down. now about 6 miles per hour actually switching directions almost coming out the east now the good news is the winds go calm now further overnight tonight live forecast models show things are really starting to calm down as we head toward the middle of the night just a very gentle breeze which is really great news for firefighters. but it will pick up again by the afternoon. so they don't get it out tonight, they're going to watch at winstar tough and some of those flames by tomorrow afternoon. humidity will also be on the rise for tonight we are seeing a sea breeze out there so tonight
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overnight get upwards of 60% that will make it harder for the fires to burn. though once again decrease again by tomorrow afternoon down the 20 percentile region which allowed burn fast but then you see that real on shore push of marine air and that will raise the humidity making it much easier for firefighters get a handle on that fire. >>and so we will be giving you an inside look. the new grasslands that steve viewing this year at outside. and that's in just 2 and a half.
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introducing grasslands to the festival and this will be the first vessel in the country that has cannabis area improved by the state. and we're very excited about that. >>san francisco city officials held a press conference today ahead of the outside lands. take that's kicking off tomorrow in golden gate park and of course the big changes here the debut of grasslands the aerial be a 21 and over section focusing on education and integration of cannabis products into your daily life. it's also san francisco's first events in one of the first in california where the sale and consumption of cannabis is legal outside a temporary cannabis permit was issued just for the music festival, but mayor london breed wants to warn event, goers said this is a trial period for this kind of event. >>this is the first time we're trying something like this out and i want to be clear if it
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works well, we might do this for other festivals if it doesn't then we're going to have second thoughts about issuing permits like this in the future. the outside lands event sees more than 200,000 visitors and brings in approximately $66 million into the city's economy. >>representatives hopes that this year that number will be surpassed significantly and joining us now this said this is a big deal as the 4.20 festival earlier this year. >>showed us how it all worked out. at that event pot goers festival goers had to bring their own marijuana this is a little bit different and joining us now to talk more about this waiting for the navy's top i'm sorry so tell us what's going on i mean this is a big deal we're going pop festival of music festival really where you can buy legally buy marijuana how does it work. yeah that's right he's make sure to bring your a valid of id showing your 21 years or older and
8:17 pm
you're going to be able to be let into what like a beer garden, or tobacco 10 only this place will have some of doesn't california and regional cannabis france we're going to be exhibiting educating as well as doing some sales and allowing some space for people to consume his cannabis products like beverages or some of the flour for some of the concentrates that people are into >>want to get into a little bit about the businesses that will be there but off with the mayor said that if this works well, they'll do it again, but if it doesn't you don't have second thoughts what would make it go well that they would want to do it again or what would make it be considered a failure. >>i'm certainly they don't want to have anyone who shouldn't be in that area in that area phey don't want to see people over consuming cannabis and i can tell you right now it's going to go pretty well there's a lot of layers of security really heavy rules and california as well as the berry has a pretty good track record of throwing these cannabis types events they're generally pretty tame as you can imagine, and much more relaxed than you would see it like a major league baseball game or an nfl game where people are drinking
8:18 pm
heavily and getting into a kerfuffle with each other ok. well, here's a very naive question down right so back in the day when younger people that i might know who have maybe smoke pot. >>maybe haven't smoked for a long time right then they want to go to saying it's totally legal they can go and show their id and start smoking pot, pot has changed a lot over the years hasn't that's right so what do people need to know i mean how do you know. yeah, it's ok i me i you know how many beers you can drink a glass of wine. this is a different game for a lot of people that's right a lot of people this is going to be their impression of legal modern cannabis here in california which has only been around for about a year and a half and we're going to they're going to be telling people to start low. >>and go slow make sure you stay hydrated make sure you're not mixing it with alcohol, you know and then now without legalization and regulation everything has a potency number and a label on it so you can read that label and other people can help you with that label see you know how to not drink too much or eat too much or consume too much plus
8:19 pm
with legalization. you get a lot older consumers who want to stay away from the stronger stuff and that's sending a market signal to growers who are producing stuff that's more mild as our or more balance so you're not going to sort of lose your head of this event so on. >>21 and i'm and outside lands and i want to go into grass plans what will it be like inside and how did the city vet, the vendors that will be in there knowing that they're selling the appropriate products it's going to be pretty groovy it's going to be very instagram all expect a lot of people to be bragging on social media, like hey i'm in san francisco on grasslands here some legal cannabis we're getting tourist. >>all over the world at this event, everybody in there is a state licensed operator. so they've got both the state and local license to conduct canada. sales are commerce. and that means they've been background checked often fingerprinted it's a whole new era from the medical marijuana days for the last 16 years and certainly the last 5060 years of cannabis culture in california and beyond this is kind of a mile marker right so this event happens and let's say it succeeds and is wildly
8:20 pm
popular. how far will this spread could we see it at a coachella will we see that the state or the county fairgrounds a where they have a beer tent, what we have pot tense when we go to the county fair. >>how far do you see this going we do know the county fair next year the state county fair is this a fair california will have a can of this exhibit. there is an increase in demand for cannabis to be worked into these types of events the way it's being worked in the normal americans lives as it is today. i would fully expect to see show up at lollapalooza in a few years, illinois has legalized cannabis through its legislature in sales. for don't you start on january 1st in that state support for legalization is in this mid 60's. i'm generally people want to see this integrated in a normal way cannabis and music since the 60's have been going together. this is a formalization and has sort of regulatory approach to stuff that's been going on one quick follow-up and we're out of time. what about going to a sporting event. the giants game or 49 ers game i think that might be the last to
8:21 pm
bridge that gets that gets crossed, i think we'rgot to be 21. that's right alright downs, thank you v thanks ken. >>all right, let's go now to our 4 zone forecast. what it is outside right now on the market era. lawrence hey guys yeah, speaking of outside lands if you're going there air quality expect a little smoke in the air i we were just talking about that it's going to be a little cool out there as well plan on that this could go on not tomorrow, maybe it's going to be mostly cloudy to start. you see some partial clearing in the afternoon temperatures going stay cool. highs are only going to be generally in the 60's i think that holds true to at least saturday and there's even a slight chance of a light sprinkle on saturday morning as well, but by sunday, we'll start to clear things out to bring some much warmer temperatures but should be a great time to see all the bands. their plan. hey you know what a san francisco today checked in a little bit below the average and on this at a record of 89. norm was 67 degrees today we checked in just slightly below the average at 66 degrees and
8:22 pm
overnight lows. down into the 50's so right about the avthe rest the bay area though we are really took a hit with these temperatures 72 degrees today cooler and the oakland 77 degrees below the average in san jose, but look at the valleys 76 degrees today in livermore only 80 degrees in conquer well below the average there and 84 degrees slightly above the average in santa rosa things are now changing in the atmosphere all those thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada look that swirl right off the coastline that's area of low pressure that will bring with it more clouds and some cooler temperatures and a slight chance of a couple raindrops coming our way as we head in toward friday night and saturday. winds have been the story today a little bit gusty in spots again 20 almost 30 mile an hour winds are gusting around parts of the bay area little blustery lot of part of the day but those winds will subside overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies throughout the night tonight and then tomorrow mix of sunshine and some clouds mild temperatures by the afternoon and they got it here we are and some were talking about a chance of some showers from a cold front er
8:23 pm
it is it's going make its way in e clouds some cooler temperatures a chance of showers starting on friday night into saturday morning. thank you so much the town of. >>paradise ravaged by the camp fire now the police chief is in trying to entice experienced officers to join the force and help rebuild the department. plus former airline captain sully sullenberger says the way we look at safety in the skies has to cha
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>>well i take you live to san jose state where police are talking about what happened with the armed suspect that was seen on campus. the floor. >>hiding in the duct work. he is now in custody. and she's now taking place to try and find the weapon. and we believe it. gun. yes he was off can. and he when the special operations from senate a place to comment spotted him. he stocky to run ran on to the campus and they were foo's i don't know what they've used. they were up on the 3rd floor. common is
8:27 pm
now doing checks on him. and i do believe that he is a local very safely. they actually called us from inside the building. so we had a he says going and it's cool them out. as students i believe. and he was called in uh somebody that brandished a weapon and i'm not sure whether it be o he says. i haven't spoken to the
8:28 pm
offices that and responded to the call originally. we don't know that they are searching all 3 floors right now. after the fed that to dropping. the classrooms, faculty offices,
8:29 pm
and again. haven't being in the building. i would lead in the offices do edge so we're waiting now to see if they find something. i believe if you contact the scent of a police department they can have that information for you and because he's in custody now. he has been uncooperative though. when we spoke to him he was any of the questions so which is the reason why we now searching for the weapon. was a very nice collaborative response. isn't the kind of a police department. they basically a perimeter was put in place almost immediately. whole place was put into lockdown. everybody with in a place where they could be say.
8:30 pm
and as soon as we found out that there were people within the building. we got them out. because of recent events. we take this very seriously and not because of the recent events but it the safety of our students. faculty and staff. and then neighboring community is very important to us. so yes, we train all of our offices and they responded exactly how they've been trained to do. i don't know i haven't been in the building. why this to doing edge, nobody's going to be going in. right now it's just full of offices on all 3 floors. in
8:31 pm
duct work in the ceiling. >>all right you've been listening to san jose state university police chief gina dinapoli describing the situation there we had earlier reports of a possible armed person on the campus and she confirmed a lot of that that there was a person seen with a gun off campus police apparently chased him on to the san jose state university campus. there's a shelter-in-place ordered students were told to stay inside. there is a building this apartment complex where the suspect fled to apparently was hiding in some duct tape or duck duct material. h back kind of seeing in the ceiling or something like that anyway. he was found and captured. police are now looking for the weapon. but they all clear has been given as san jose state university down a suspect has been caught in the shelter in plac
8:32 pm
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>>another person injured in last year's devastating camp fire has died to debut county officials confirmed the paradise man is 72 year-old paul earnest who was injured in the state's deadliest wildfire. ernest had been at the hospital since november and died because of lung injuries, he got from the wildfire. this makes him the 86th person killed in the fire which began on november 8th
8:35 pm
and burned more than 150,000 acres and destroyed more than 18,000 buildings. and while the town of paradise is trying to rebuild the police department now has a new strategy to attract law enforcement to the force after $20,000 signing bonus for experienced officers, ready to transfer to to to to a department into a town that is still rebuilding from the state's deadliest and most destructive wildfire. max remix reports. ice is ongoing. >>so too does the police department before the fire we had a 21 sworn. police officers. >>now the department is down to just 13 sworn officers, including 11 who work patrol. >>so out are paid staff which included police officers animal control and dispatch we had 18 people lose their homes appear so some of them have
8:36 pm
moved out of state and others have gone to different agencies for various reasons your chief eric rivaled wants to add for patrol officers. >>and to do that he's offering $20,000 sign-on bonus 6 >>maybe i'm a trigger 0.2 entice people to come here to work in paradise and be a part of our. new department after the fire. >>why experienced officers as opposed to new recruits for one they can transition more quickly. it's also more cost effective. currently it cost. >>parish priest from about $30,000 to hire somebody and put him through the academy and then we have to train them in that process is about 15 months before they're filling a shift on their own. >>any new additions the chief says must have the right mindset. >>having the understanding that you're not going to be called a call and very and people work every day it's going to be proactive community-oriented we really want to address the. the needs of the community and do our
8:37 pm
best to prevent thefts and make sure that the people that are coming back and rebuilding don't get victimized again. >>that was mac resnick reporting so far chief rival has drawn interest from 3 people and if they're hired they will get $10,000 up front and then $10,000 more once they've completed their 12 month probation. >>the step outside with your 4 zone forecast me give you a live picture of the golden gate bridge and has just a beautiful night out there our chief meteorologist lawrence car is joining us now with a look ahead and towards the weekend. we are getting close here. we are in is what a friday we like to call it in so close the weekend now we're >>outside right now look at your skies. we've got some mid to high level clouds coming in that from a storm system off the coastline. and we've got some patchy fog down below so kind and sting you notice some changes in the atmosphere not only to be cool down. but now we're starting to see some of those clouds begin to stream
8:38 pm
in our direction look at that on the satellite image you see those clouds coming up from the south right now making their way into the bay area. no rain to speak of yet, but we got a chance that we could see a couple scattered showers in the bay area tomorrow. no showers it's going to be dry. we'll see some partly cloudy skies 67 degrees in the san francisco 70's in oakland and probably some low 80's into san jose by tomorrow afternoon. but this where things get really interesting usually don't see this happening at this time of year user wait until about october but here we go we've got this low off the coastline, not a lot of moisture with a bit of starts to wrap some moisture from a another system into it in sitting off the coastline by 00:30pm in the afternoon tomorrow still keeping us dry. but then as we get into saturday drcloser look at that line of showers popping up around the bay area possibly into saturday morning when that they need to see lets you got plans outside of could be a problem,no butt goin comes through and it's going to come thro a hurry and then behind that we're going to see a return to some sunshine and i think we'll see some hot weather as we get into sunday's these temperatures really going to soar effects on these places by sunday back into the 90's
8:39 pm
and some of the valleys trott threatening to get near triple digits on monday and tuesday inland and even warm out along the coastline, but yeah saturday, a chance of a couple scattered light showers thank you lawrence, a stabbing spree across parts of orange county. why police say the suspect. >>killed 4 people and injured 2 others. >>and dine and dish vicki liviakis will introduce us to a meal making robot. erkilled a
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
least 2 more iur night in a series of stabbings in orange county police in garden grove say the us it began when 33 year-old zachary cast today to try to rob a bakery here's a picture of him, several people were attacked at various businesses and at an apartment complex. the suspects also attacked other people some of them died from their injuries. some others survived as for a motive police say the suspect simply was filled with hate. >>the flags behind here at half staff. that's for they need us vice that's happening across the united states. this violence has to stop. >>authorities eventually arrested the man in santa ana, here's video as he's being taken into custody. police say these are all random acts of violence and that the suspect didn't know any of the people. he attacked. >>the 49 ers first rounder nick bosa's a injury will keep him out of all the pre season games and maybe more. so the
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
modesto city council was the site of a contentious debate on wednesday as people turned out to bait. >>whether or not at the city should be holding a straight pride parade. >>not pride straight pride, some said such an event had no place in the community while others defended it. reporter joe khaleel spoke with people on both sides. >>free speech or hate speech
8:46 pm
and the question that pack my city couner a straight pride event should be allowed in the city this white supremacist rhetoric is not speech that deserves protection critics say the straight pride coalition doesn't celebrate header sexuality rather they say the group spread to hateful anti-gay message and has white-supremacist undertones of until a few days ago the group's website claim to promote the superiority of whiteness and western civilization among others people need to accept others for him who they are 12 year-old alina garvey look crews dup the group's position if this group of people are allowed to express. >>the fiery and hateful rhetoric. people get hurt when you invite terrorists hate groups to an event and then the city. >>stamps that approval that's no longer protecting their first amendment that's hate speech and everyone is trying to sensationalize this event and it's going to be much like a church service co-founder of the straight pride event melinda mason says they're not
8:47 pm
a hate group, you know everybody likes to go. >>and celebrate sodomy but we actually want to celebrate heterosexuality despite language toward the lgbtq community that some find demeaning mason says the event is based in love and what she calls speaking christian troops we. >>care about and love the homosexual community. but there are certain sense like sodomy that lead to death. >>that was joe khaleel reporting so far there's no word on whether or not the best a city council has given its approval to the straight pride parade. well now there's a new celebrity chef right here in the bay area her name is sally and she's a robot tonight on dine and dish vicki liviakis int-oduces us to the. >>mechanical cook who makes a pretty mean salad. >>miceli her specialties salads we are having. a buyer. >>we mention sally's a robot.
8:48 pm
>>making her appearance here at mi spoke office space in san francisco's westfield us for for the dressing these techies are testing out sally's colaneri skills limited to just salad. >>tofu. >>is the brainchild of child body samarra barron says scanning out there so yesterday basically you have a disability their vending machine when you have access and access to fresh food. united places where you wouldn't otherwise so imagine that you're actually immersed in the middle of the night there in a very long shift and you're exhausted and you want to have pushed the meal. you know you have access to that through saturday. customize it. so far the reviews good. the only problem is if you're like the food and the service we've got a tip sally of folks
8:49 pm
in rejoice in the fact that sally is safe for salad bars with people. greens. now about sally's people side manner maybe she'll talk to you will have chef's hat on honoring a print. i have to text or years a lot of that i've been trying to convince >>and san francisco vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>well what a difference a month makes one july ended the san francisco giants for the hottest team in baseball, squarely in the wild card race not today august 8th, they've lost 4 in a row and they're watching other teams edge them in the standings so tonight's matchup of philadelphia of the other most importance, the giants not on broadcast television tonight instead, their game against the phillies is being streamed on youtube as its game of the week in right now madison bumgarner in his first start since the trade deadline has given up only one hit in 6 innings makes trump's key a 2 run double was the big hit it 3 nothing giants in the 6th. a
8:50 pm
big blow for the 49 ers nick bosa number 2 overall draft yea pre season with an ankle sprain both the sustained the injury during yesterday's practice when he landed at the bottom of the pile wandering running play. now the nature of the spring is still a bit unclear, but the team is being cautious and will hold him out until the regular season. he does have a history of some injuries, a hamstring strain forced him to sit out most of ot a's this year. and he missed the majority of his last collegiate season with an abdominal growing tear. head coach kyle shanahan address the injury today. >>i believe there's 3 components of a high ankle sprain which makes it official high ankle sprain he does not have all 3 of them. saw those signs on on that. so i know it's not us. this is a minor high ankle sprain but there's no such thing as a minor sprains we know those are a much bigger deal than the one so. >>before we go on. >>today the raiders had held their second joint practice with the rams gave in. 2 still no antonio brown. he continues
8:51 pm
to deal with reported frostbite on his feet and today starting guard gabe jackson was carted off the field with an apparent leg injury. now the raiders offense, the rams defense got into skirmish early in practice. we'll have to wait until the next episode of hard knocks on hbo to see exactly what happened. but despite that raiders head coach jon gruden said he was happy with what he saw was team went up against jared goff aaron donald todd gurley and the rest of the defending nfc champs. >>better team we've gotten better, doesn't mean much terms one last we have better. both lines of scrimmage office and my deepest a lot of think we competed better. >>and finally steph curry's 5th annual se 30 select camp wrapped up last night at merritt college in oakland, 3 days of immersive drills competition film study and even a community give back with stephens father dell it all culminated with the showcase game one by steps
8:52 pm
teen team must tcc over the dell coach team team just us. they invite only camp sponsored by under armor features some of the best high school players in the country, including 7 girls and the best of those girls gatorade national player of the year is the flood for the second straight year she won the 3 point shooting contest beating the boys too. and get this she did it a little more than 2 months after undergoing surgery to repair a torn acl by the way the new curry 6 shoe that's scheduled to be released on august 16th.
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>>we first showed you this video of a man right here laughing at trump supporters during a city council meeting in tucson last night and now he's gone viral. yeah, he's being called green t-shirt guy because he's wearing a green shirt and he's now speaking out about his recent recognition. >>nick sant has our story. this was 6.30 on tuesday night by wednesday morning, the man in the green shirt was the number one trending topic on social media. >>that's been kind of nonstop. constant communication and updates and it's weird cereal. >>alex cac was at the tucson city council meeting in support of a sanctuary city initiative. since it had enough signatures and city officials were legally required to vote to put it on the november ballot. right after the vote though this
8:56 pm
woman started shouting. and what happened next push cac to internet fame. >>why wouldn't you laugh at people really took time out of their day to go interrupt. city council meeting to just yell crazy. ignorant racist like hate held stuff of the most like i'm certain manner they possibly could try to do it. >>while cac has got most of the attention the tucson resident says he wants the focus to be on the sanctuary city measure that was soon go before voters. >>it's an incredibly dark time and lot of hateful rhetoric. that's in nationwide right now. but ultimately i think the majority of this country regardless of their political affiliation understands that that allowed his voice is happening right now are kind of ridiculous. and i think
8:57 pm
that laughter is resonating because i think that's kind of how people feel right now. >>again that was nick van zandt reporting the vote on the sanctuary city initiative for tucson is set for november 5th and if it's approved to some of the first sanctuary city in arizona so at least mean moment there is bringing attention to an issue that's very big in that community. absolutely that wraps up kron 4 news at 8, but our primetime coverage is just getting started on this thursday night grant lotus and vicki liviakis here with kron 4 news at night you can thanks very much next at 9 were on that breaking news an armed man seen running through the campus of san jose state university has been captured. >>police just wrapped up a news conference about 20 minutes ago now authorities are scouring the area looking for a weapon. we're live at the scene with the latest plus new tonight at 9 residents in one bay area community say their neighborhood is being trashed. >>by wild boars now they're calling on someone to help them get rid of those pesky problem, a live report is
8:58 pm
coming up and the city of san francisco lays out its security plan for the upcoming outside lands festival of golden gate park lot of people always go to that we'll tell you what you need to know ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. >>local news station. that breaking news is a big scare
9:01 pm
tonight on the campus


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