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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 8, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. >>local news station. that breaking news is a big scare tonight on the campus of san
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jose state university thanks for being with us tonight at 9 everyone, i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis within the past 30 minutes police announced an armed man. >>seen running on campus has been captured just after 6 o'clock. police issued a shelter-in-place as they tried to track down the suspect. rock taylor the sec is live for us on campus in san jose tonight with the latest on this taylor. >>well as you can see things have definitely calmed down now now that police have have that suspect in custody. as mentioned earlier that suspect was about 2 blocks off of the campus. they want they started to approach him. he then fled ran onto the campus in that when police said a big brother behind me, but again that is now relax know if my photographer zooms into the building it's the spartan building where they found him. he was on the 3rd floor in the ducks in the ceiling of the building and actually at the time 3 females. 3 females were inside and police were able to get them out safely which is great thing in also because a
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lot of chaos here on campus we are talking to some students the campus and they said that they were just completely staying on together away and on a witness tells us though he was working nearby and he saw 20 of those officers storm into that building they had canines. he had many officers. we also asked police about the identity of that suspect of that gunman. but they'd aren't releasing that at the time, but they do describe him as an adult male 5, 6, a 130 pounds wearing a black shirt blue jeans and a black back. and we just got another update, so the campus police chief gave us up and she kind of summarizes exactly what happened here. >>was a weapon that was brandished. a police department of a cold. they spotted the suspect who they gave chase. he ran on to the school campus. he went into
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the building and then its search took place it was a collaborative between senate today police department and senate they stay in of the deeply. and on the 3rd floor. am hiding in the duct work. he is now in custody. >>san jose police also tell us that they found that handgun. he's actually off campus in the bush is. cross from the campus and they said that the suspect must of toss to get rid of it in his path while he was running on to campus. it was a handgun and again they have recovered that so that's why i see no longer that police are here and everything thankfully is safe here tonight, reporting live in san jose taylor sackey kron 4 news all right taylor, another big story we are following for you tonight a wildfire that's been threatening homes and forcing people to evacuate. >>it continues to burn in lake
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county tonight, hundreds of firefighters have responded to the scene north of the flames four's dan thorn has been getting updates on the fire. >>throughout the late afternoon and night he joins us now in the newsroom with what is happening right now dan. >>well grant vicki cal fire says 19 acres have burned in there at about 30% containment tonight this fire first breaking out off of soda bay road and gulf drive around 1 o'clock this afternoon. cal fire says evacuation orders are in place right now for the riviera west. subdivision however crews have been making progress tonight, 4840 structures have been threatened. but so far none have been destroyed. there's also no report of any injuries but pg any telling us tonight that they have shut off some power in the area affecting more than 250 customers however, it's still unclear when that power will be restored. people living in the area telling us that wildfires are always a concern but they try their best to stay calm. >>he's been a big can get it
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going to be ok and that they're going to handle it hear you care. going to get that because everyone pending and the people here community foe and i have been happy and that can make the panic in thing. >>well emergency crews have been urging people to leave the area by heading south towards kids corner as you see on your screen here an evacuation shelter has been set up at kelsey ville high school and that's found on main street reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>thank you dan on out or 4 zone forecast a clear relatively clear night tonight, especially at sfo where there's usually a lot of fog at good news for travelers our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with more on what the forecast holds getting a little bit cooler here in the bay area. >>yeah, you know some winds actually causing some delays at sfo of course the problem of the fire there as well we've got those winds whipping up in the afternoon, those the sea breeze that kick in at
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this time of year high pressure kind of given away now to an area of low pressure off the coastline really the winds kind of whipping outside some 20 some 30 mile an hour winds. and tonight things are starting to calm down a little bit that's the good news check it out right here you see in and around the fire near cares who kills a deal we can see that the fire continues there, but the winds are starting to decrease and that is some great news of course when there are 1520 miles per hour of course a much more difficult time specially in that kind of training around that fire. kind of mountainous right near the lake there where the fire is located and so certainly hard to get there for firefighters and get the winds. the start to howl through there around some of the mountain ranges there and that can make a very difficult but the good news is those winds will continue to decrease overnight tonight. and it looks like by tomorrow. yeah, just a gentle breeze by the morning but picking up again in the afternoon. a san francisco today, a record usually on the state of 89 degrees normal 67 today. we checked in at 66 degrees
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temperatures for overnight lows right about where they should be at 56 for an overnight low sell around the bay area these winds. well they kept the temperatures down look at the valleys where we're just in the 90's. a couple of days ago today we topped out very comfortable 76 degrees in livermore but that's 12 degrees below the average 66 in san francisco, 72 in oakland fry 77 in san jose and 80 degrees and santa rose 84 or 84 center is 80 in concord low pressure spinning off the coastline thunderstorms over the sierra nevada. hey it looks like we're in for a couple of them full days here some clouds begin to move in across our skies right now some mid to high level clouds, no threat of rain just yet. but that may change as we head throughout the weekend. winds continuing to blow around the bay area but started to subside just a little bit early on we had some winds. blowing near 30 miles per hour right at sfo and that's why they have some of the delays there because of some of the stronger winds. those are starting to calm down somewhat we'll continue to calm down throughout the night tonight, but tomorrow again in the afternoon looks
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like a pretty breezy day and then a chance of some rain on the way to we'll have more on that a few minutes. a 34 year-old south san francisco man is behind bars tonight accused of murder. >>police say on a monday officers responded to reports of an assault on the 800 block of airport boulevard. we're told that officers found an unconscious man in the us. shrubs there. they perform cpr but the 62 year-old victim was pronounced dead. officers arrested vincent mosqueda he was booked into the san mateo county jail for murder. >>berkeley police have arrested 2 people in connection to a series of thefts from cars police say in late july. there were dozens of catalytic converters stolen more than 30 cars damaged. during the investigation. police alerted other agencies to a potential suspects vehicle. detectives later arrested the 2 on suspicion of grand theft conspiracy and possession of burglary tools. also in the east bay a quiet housing development is getting
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unsuspecting visitors look what they're doing to the yard, wild boars tearing up laws people as you might imagine, not too happy about it kron four's gayle on live tonight in danville well what the property management is trying to do about it get we've seen the boers before and that san ramon danville area, but they're back. >>yeah, they're back and they've made their mark one of them here at the monument of the california chateau. >>wars have been leaving their tracks behind each day that goes on that that much more damage because they're going to come back. this neighborhood near the hills of danville have been a popular spot going to be money money money for us to put our christine estrada property manager of the danville ranch in california chateau development sav she hasn't put a price tag on the damage just yet but is having a hard time catching the culprits tax of up to 35 wild boars have been cited resident you doing says
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he usually sees turkey's endears a border that's a strange and i haven't seen as a more if it's a exotic garden, thanks. >>i think people get excited excited, but he changed his mind when he saw the damage near his home. >>oh this is a really bad i and i i took a i said that back in a moment ago because i number saying this is that this could be bad. >>wildlife experts say it's the season when wild hogs tend to come down from the mountains to the residential neighborhood the summer heat drying out the hills causing the hog to look for food and it struck perfectly trimmed lawns obtaining a depredation permit and hiring a state-licensed rapper is required to trap the animals something this property manager needs to be out again probably picking another area. anybody knows how to. property manager near here have applied for a permit with the fish and
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wildlife department in the meantime. >>we did check in with a wildlife control company they have been busy in danville at another location and in castro valley we're live in danville gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle, new court documents are revealing what police found in the gilroy gunman's car the records show sentinel again had a passport, a clown mask and a wilderness guide as well as bottle rockets in his car. the 19 year-old killed 3 people including 2 children. back on july 28th, authorities say the 19 year-old motive is not known. but he had been interested in conflicting violent ideologies. the fbi says it is treating the shooting as an act of domestic terror. >>today family and friends said their goodbyes to trevor irby in his home town of romulus new york, the 25 year-old was one of 3 people say that they want to travel to be remembered for the amazing person, he was.
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>>a superstar he would walk into a room and he would want to be too and everything that they're hit. and he said of that was going on and he wanted to dance and sing and just have as much fun as you could have everybody that was there and always made everybody feel as though they mattered as well. >>the funeral was held at romulus central school where he was a 2012 graduate. the mayor sandra fell has ordered the american flight to remain at half-staff in order to urge congress to take action on gun control. her first maureen kelly talked to the mayor about the message. he's trying to send. >>flags ordered by the president to be flown at half-staff after last weekend's back to back mass shootings are due to go back up to full staff at sundown today. what the american flag flying here outside san rafael city hall will remain at half staf mayor here is trying to send a message to congress to take
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action on gun reform for me it's simple. >>completely fed up with congress not taking action that has resulted so tragedies throughout our country 250 mass thus far this year. and i and i've been asked a number of times to lower the flag in honor which i've always done. but in this case on that and put the flags back up until i see some action by congress i think it's way past time for them to get off her diamond and do something about this matter. >>mayor philips is not specify exactly what action he thinks congress should take saying that's their job to decide at least one city resident, thanks. this is a great idea and hopes other cities follow the mayor says the flags will
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remain flying here at half-staff until congress takes action on gun reform. >>at least until september 16th. that's when he'll let city council members weigh in on whether or not old glory should be raised back up will remain lower. reporting from sandra fell i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will stay in recess despite calls to reconvene after 2 mass shootings, mcconnell told a kentucky radio station. he would not bring the legislative branch back early instead. mcconnell says bipartisan discussions are taking place over the break. he went on to say that when the body reconvenes the senate will put the issues a background check legislation front and center. the lawmakers will also look at so-called red flag laws those are the laws that allow law enforcement or family to petition. a state court to temporarily remove weapons from a person's home. >>we have learned that the mother of the alleged el paso shooter contacted authorities
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about her son's weapons. lawyers for the gunman's in the weeks leading up to e that massacre that killed 22 people and injured 27 others over the weekend. police in the dallas suburb where patrick sir says live say they have no documentation of that call from the mom who lawyers say did not give them or or her sons names. the lawyers also say the mother was worried about her son's maturity to be able to handle the weapons. but the he was not showing any volatile or erratic behavior. and while visiting a city in mourning in the victims in the hospital president trump has praised medical staff for the response to that shooting then he pivoted to talk about the crowd size at a rally he held in el paso. >>several months earlier and then marking the relatively small size of the crowd to join presidential candidate beto o rourke kaitlan collins has the story. >>tonight some of president trump's own aides are
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conceding his visits to 2 cities in morning didn't go as planned after new video shows him bragging about crowd sizes while at a hospital in el paso. >>we met with also the the medical staff. >>the white house top reporters and their cameras from capturing the president's visit. but new cell phone video shows trump praising medical staff before turning the conversation to himself i was here 3 months ago a speech and we had a state and what was the name of the region. >>that place for overnight the judges of respect for a isn't it goes from twice the number of and then you had this crazy video of a toe had like 400 people they said his crowd was wonderful that the president bragging about how many people attended his february rally. >>where he boasted of booting undocumented immigrants from the country they going to our country.
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>>the good news is we have great law enforcement and many of these people we know where they are and we're going to the how out. >>president still owes the city of el paso over half a million dollars in unpaid fees for police use and public safety cost for that trip. cnn has learned that trump lashed out at his staff are keeping the cameras away during his visits to 2 hospitals, complaining he wasn't getting enough credit. no aides said it was out of respect for the patients, the washington post reports that none of those 8 patients at one texas hospital trump visited agreed to meet with him while 2 have been discharged did return for his visit. the president's trip now being followed about new questions on what's next for gun control. trump has told aides and lawmakers he's open to endorsing extensive background checks. people it's a position he's taken before
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but never followed through on going to be very strong. >>jackson everybody agrees with that. >>we're really i think it had the support of the nra having to do with background checks very strong background checks, new reporting might explain why there's no bigger fan of the second and there's no bigger fan of the nra cnn has learned the president has spoken with nra chief wayne la pierre several times in recent days and lot here warned trump his supporters in deep red areas. >>i don't want expanded background checks. the nra spent more than $30 million to get trump elected in 2016, according to financial records and his suite him on gun control in >>back here in the bay area, the san jose police department is launching a new program to get officers to schools and citywide events faster in case of an active shooter
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situation. chief eddie garcia their announced the creation of the guardian school program which involves 9 pairs of police officers dedicated to stopping violence. >>we divided the city into different zones and we will have a 2 person guardian car which we've named it that whose main responsibility will be they'll be equipped will be trained will be to respond to violence on the school campus in their particular sector. >>it's a sobering sign of the times police are also launching a guardian program for citywide events like this weekend's, san jose jazz summer fest which means they'll have an increased police presence with an active shooter mitigation plan in place. >>outside land starts tomorrow in san francisco after the recent mass shootings across the country festival organizers are increasing security their conference michelle kingston has more for us tonight from golden gate park, the festival is set to begin in the morning. >>we know that what's at the front of everyone's mind is
9:20 pm
public safety, especially in light of sadly so many tragic shootings that have happened all over the country and we want the public to know that we stand prepared. san francisco mayor london breed making sure festival goers know the city is working hard to keep them safe outside lands kicks off its weekend long festival on friday in organizers are on high alert. >>increasing security bringing in more. >>officers private security and adding multiple layers of fencing along the perimeter. >>you're going to see some f our our be in tactical gear. t deployment even we're going to have ours. our swat officer that will be deployed here and they'll be walking around there be visible so you'll see that as well festival organizers say they were closely with local state and federal agencies when planning throughout the year. >>and that they'll increase their security staff due to the recent mass shootings across the country metal
9:21 pm
detector entry searches will continue this year as well as a strict backed policy all of this in place to make sure that everyone has a fun and safe weekend. you know. >>always had security of this event but i think we've enhanced of this year and definitely we're we're going to be very vigilant and make sure that we keep this even as safe as possible. >>they're expecting about 210,000 people this weekend. they do have an evacuation plan in place in case they need it. if you're coming text outside lands to 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, c can receive any emergency alerts that they may need to send out in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>still come we're learning more about the suspect in that deadly stabbing spree in southern california last night, the police chief calling his actions. pure evil. >>i mean a warning key in washington. one senator wants to limit your social media time to 30 minutes per day i'll have that story coming up. and you could soon be
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switch to geico. money tonight, amazon is looking for clearance from the f a a to fly the online retailer has requested approval to operate its drones to fly pacto customers in get this a half hour like in
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the f a a has not given amazon permission to do this amazon also wants to be. >>exempt from drone specific rules like the one requiring drones to only be operated when an operator can see it. the company says in the petition that initially its drones will only fly during the day no more than 15 miles round trip in with packages weighing 5 pounds or less. >>frontier airlines is offering a new deal that will surely make some people green with envy the airline is running an online promotion called green week, it's as anybody with a last name greener green with a knee can fly. 3 next tuesday. all you use book a flight on its website for august 13th can confirm your last name. frontier says it will then refund the price your trip but it does matter if your name is spelled you know green like the color or with at the end. but you are only eligible if your last name is legally great. >>so no green shirt guy from
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tucson that's too bad. we're looking for a way to make a 1000 bucks why not become a bacon in turn. farmer boys burger joint says it's willing to pay someone. a $1000 to spend a day testing its bacon it sounds like work for me the company posted this ad for a so-called bacon in turn on its instagram page this week. the post lays out the job saying quote one day a $1000 pay the bake it. the company calls when anyone wanting to take on that role to post a video or a photo on their instagram account that explains why they should be the bacon inter. heartbreaking plea from a little girl. >>his father was rounded up and massive immigration raid, what is being done to reunite those families. >>and he's usually known as a villain in movies, but actor
9:27 pm
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>>we are learning more about that deadly stabbing spree in southern california least 4 people died and 2 others were injured. after a known gang member police say went on a
9:30 pm
violent rampage in garden grove northern orange county reid binion reports. >>there was no indication that this was a hate crime. we just know this was a random act of violence and the guy on least evil across 2 counties. >>violent random acts all happening one right after another over a span of about 2 hours. putting the cities of santa ana and garden grove california on edge based upon his prior arrest record. he is a violent individual. police say they've arrested 33 year-old zachary cast anita a known gang member with a history of violent crimes accusing him of carrying out the chaotic rampage, killing at least 4 people and seriously wounding 2 others are suspect produced 2 large machete knives. attacker guy who was pumping gas into his truck. nearly severing his nose often stabbing about our suspect walks into the business confronts the female victim and without provocation. he stabbed her multiple times police say the man savagely attacked at the
9:31 pm
gas station is expected to survive. he's undergone some surgeries trying to reattach his nose to his face. a woman attacked in an insurance office is also expected to live when he stabbed the victim the night nearly missed her heart. so she's going to be in hospital for some time to she recuperates from her injuries. i read the new report. >>a fiery for a car crash shut down highway one oh one for hours today in san jose one person died. 2 others were hurt. officials say all 4 car cars caught fire. they were destroyed in the crash about 3 30 this morning just north of bailey avenue in south of highway 85. >>a teenager is in critical condition tonight after this horrific crash happened about 5 o'clock this morning in meant he ca authorities say the teenager was speeding on pillsbury road when he hit a concrete wall slammed into a parked truck and then crashed into a family's garage. no one was home. no one was injured at the home the crash is under investigation. the portion of interstate 5 oh 5 has been
9:32 pm
named in memory of a chp motorcycle officer killed by a truck. >>during a traffic stop. lawmakers in sacramento approved a resolution in the stretch of 5 oh 5 between the interstate 80 interchange in back a valley parkway chp officer kirk grace memorial highway greiss a 19 year. a chp veteran and jaime man well of the light how died when they were struck by a chevrolet pickup truck on the right shoulder of eastbound highway 80 on august 10th of last year. the driver sean matthew walker is charged with 2 counts of gross vehicular manslaughter. >>people around the country have been watching this powerful video clip of a little girl begging the trump administration to release or dead from custody. her dad was arrested yesterday and an ice raid in mississippi which targeted undocumented immigrants very painful. >>i nearly 700 people detained about half of them. they were released today, diane gallagher explains.
9:33 pm
>>parents taken away on buses separated from their children. and immigration raids across mississippi on wednesday. >>and many children left behind at schools and day cares one gym in a nearby town offering to house and feed children who were separated from their parents. >>i understand the law and how everything works but everything has a system but everybody needs to hold the kids first and foremost in their minds. >>today anxious family members are trying to locate their loved ones who are arrested there's a web site that they were we were told that they we could find anyone that's been processed and detained at home and found a single person one woman telling cnn her husband who has a heart condition was arrested leaving her and their 5 year-old son with no one to help them put. >>and on that he asked me for his dad where he is i tell him
9:34 pm
he's i hear i told him they took him and he starts to cry because he needs >>a total of 680 detentions at 7 food processing plants across 6 cities in mississippi. officials calling it the largest single state immigration enforcement operation ever in the u s. >>while we are a nation of immigrants. we are first and foremost a nation of laws. >>the raids on the heels of the el paso shooting where latinos were purposely targeted also came on the first day of school for those children. an ice official telling cnn they did consider the impact on children and work with school administrators adding quote, e el paso. we did this under past presidents, this is business as usual for us. some detainees released overnight with ankle monitors their children because of child care issues,
9:35 pm
many of whom are placed with volunteers and strangers. >>arrests at the southern border are actually down from june to july us immigration officials saw 24% drop in the number of migrants apprehended about 72,000 were arrested in july compared to nearly 95,000 the month before the decline has continued since may which was the highest month in a decade. despite the drop arrests are still up from last year spending too much time. >>i'm on social media one senator has proposed a law that may help you limit your twitter facebook and instagram time to 30 minutes a day missouri republican senator josh hawley is introduce the social media addiction reduction technology actor, smart that would ban quote addictive social media features kron four's washington dc correspondent anna werner key. his in the nation's capital with more. >>if you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your facebook feed or taking a deep dive into youtube
9:36 pm
suggested videos, missouri republican senator josh hawley says your time is up hawley introduced the smart act that would ban addictive features on social media platforms like auto-play an infinite scrolling it would also limit users time on social media to 30 minutes per day he gives you the opportunity to you said that in the extended jeffrey west wing with the r street institute says users that want more time would have to opt out of the limits every month he's trying to come in and tell social media companies you need to in situ always kind of. >>technical checks on what they are how users can actually use the platform senator holly defended his bill at the young america's foundation. he says. >>big tech companies profit off of users addiction to their platforms and need to be held accountable. >>if a product is free. you're the one being sold. they're taking your data. they're taking your information without your consent or knowledge but steidl bianco with net choice says it's not
9:37 pm
the government's job to change that i think there's plenty of evidence of people exact people know how to manage their online time. >>and away without inviting the government and a micro managing everything they do on the internet westling agrees this isn't the right solution. but says he supports the bills call to have the fcc study social media addiction. i'm not you know completely opposed to. >>you know looking at that and try to figure out you know what why are people using this so much so far holies bill lacks support from any other senators in washington, i'm anna warn a key. >>and a chance for showers headed for the bay area, we'll talk about that plus could be an active hurricane season will talk about that coming up next. and in sports. some had bomb takes the mound for the first time since the trade deadline. >>how he did against the phillies sewer also vying for a wild card spot. kay rene has all that next in sports.
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>>call 2, 1, 6 record in august to the roller coaster season continues for the san francisco giants, the giants losers of their last 4 games trying to keep their heads above water and then a wild card race and taking on the philadelphia phillies who came into tonight tied for the final wild card spot. now this game not on broadcast tv was live streamed on the eu to tv's. >>with picking up in the bottom of the 3rd one nothing giants. my custom ski. what
9:41 pm
drives won the office in way down. i feel like. and eventually is tagged out that the damage is done 2 runs in 3 nothing and that's as and bumgarner need on the mound for the first time since the trade deadline here induces the inning ending 6, 4, 3, double play from roman quinn still 3 nothing giants after 6. we go to the top of the 7th friend in crawford. has bumgarner's that look at this great diving catch. 7 innings of one-hit ball for madbum now the game just ended final score we'll be fine nothing giant says trump's key added a solo homer in the 7th, san francisco now 3 games back of the second wild-card spot. a big blow for the 40 niners nick bosa number 2 overall traffic for san francisco this year will miss the remainder of of the pre season with an
9:42 pm
ankle sprain both the sustained the injury during yesterday's practice when he landed at the bottom of the pile on during a running play. the nature of the spring still a bit unclear, but the team is being cautious. they will hold bows out until the regular season. now he does have some history of injuries, a hamstring strain forced sit out most to vote he is this year. and you miss the majority of his last collegiate season with an abdominal tear. head coach kyle shanahan address the injury today. >>i believe there's 3 components of a high ankle sprain which makes it official high ankle sprain he does not have all 3 of them. saw those signs on on that. so i know it's not us. this is a minor high ankle sprain but there's no such thing as a minor ankle sprains we know those are a much bigger deal than the one cell. >>before we go on. >>so little confusing but we're going to keep yo
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >>ferry's captain sully sullenberger and representative mark to are pushing for new legislation in washington to improve airline safety, good idea for everyone as kron four's charles clifford explains now the near miss 2 years ago at sfo. seemingly forced them to take action. >>well here at sfo on a thursday representative mark to and now she's going to introduce new legislation into the housef to try the airline safety specifically safety when aircraft are trying to land you know, it's called the safe landings act and it was
9:46 pm
inspired my a near miss incident here at sfo 2 years ago in that case air canada flight 7, 5, 9, i was improperly lined up to land on a taxiway were multiple aircraft. i were waiting to take off. fortunately disaster was averted in that case and since then the song has worked with airline safety experts and pilots to try to find ways to keep this from happening again. now the proposed legislation would require the f a a to implement safe systems requiring air traffic controllers and pilots to be alerted when a plane is improperly aligned to land and create a task force to improve quite pilot training and safety of the bay area's only captain sully sullenberger was here us being at sfo. he supports this bill and says that air travel is safe, but there's always room for improvement you i that the biggest threats. runway related runway incursions. surface takeoffs and landings are still a great concern. and so we need to know give.
9:47 pm
pilots and crews. the technology they need the information they need. now the f a a responded today saying that they take taxiway and runway safety very seriously and that they have multiple initiatives in the works to try to prevent wrong surface landings, including changes to radar systems that would indicate if an aircraft is improperly lined up to land at sfo charles clifford kron 4 news. national news now in the remains of a fighter pilot killed in the vietnam war were returned to texas today. >>but it's who flew them home that will really get you this was a solemn homecoming more than 50 years in the making enemy forces shut down air force colonel roy night's plane in may of 1967. he was just 36 when he was killed. and when he left dallas to go fight in the war knight's son brian was just 5 years old brian night is now a captain with southwest airlines and
9:48 pm
brian flew his dad's remains back home to the same dallas airport 52 years after his that left for vietnam. colonel nights remains were found earlier this year in laos and today. it was a moving scene that captivated people at dallas's love field airport. actor danny trejo is known for being a villain in movies. but tonight, he's being called a hero in real life that's because he rescued a baby trapped in a car. after a crash you see the scene here. this is yesterday in l a when 2 car slammed into each other one flipped over baby was strapped in a car seat trejo says he and another woman work together to get the baby out 3 people were hospitalized, but their injuries are all considered minor. and police in hawaii are investigating 3 hotel fires n less than a week as arson honolulu police released photos of the man who they believed to be responsible for these authorities think the blaze is maybe a diversion. so that he
9:49 pm
can break into rooms and steal items looks like this year's hurricane season may be stronger than first predicted seasonal forecaster with noaa's climate prediction center say that conditions have changed. >>now that el nino has ended the administration's outlook forecast a season that would be 30% higher than average now that likelihood is up to 45% on average. the atlantic hurricane season produces 12 named storms 6 of which became hurricanes, including 3 major hurricanes. 2 named storms have formed so far the peak months. the atlantic hurricane season or august which is right now through october. >>and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here not good news for people primarily along the east coast as we take a quick look where we are but our attention is in the atlantic m ostlbahamas. the got all these great deals downthere stay for a great time, but reason is if you are you are on you could have a big hurricane coming in >>looks like it could active now this is what's
9:50 pm
ironic. hurricanes. the most violent storms on the planet and they need the most call conditions really to form and when you get an el nino. you get some strong winds in the upper atmosphere they tend to shred the storms apart. well without the el nino. that means the atmosphere calms down and that lets the storms blossom and that's what we're expecting to see in fact we're just about to head to the peak now on our way right now as we head in the middle of september that is the peak of hurricane season. then it begins to drop off in a hurry but as el nino fades away, it looks like we could very well have an active season, 12 to 14 named storms 2 to 4 those could become major hurricanes and possibly make landfall we're going to be watching that very closely on kron 4. outside tonight, you got a few clouds out there get some patchy bew some mid to high level clouds up above storm system off our coastline and here it is not a huge storm but not that's pretty impressive for this time of year and it's still kind of wrapping around it ushered in some cooler temperatures last couple of days now we're starting to see some clouds
9:51 pm
moving on shore tomorrow, we'll see some partly cloudy skies to see some fog in the morning, some mid to high level clouds passing on through and some sunshine in between still comfortable temperatures into the 60's in san francisco 70's in oakland and you'll see some low 80's into san jose but this is where it gets very very interesting high pressure going to start to kick to the east that is that big dome of high pressure that brought some warm temperatures and now the slow becomes skewed toward the coastline here it is wrapping up some moisture in it you can see by friday afternoon just off the coastline. we've got some shower activity out there and then overnight friday and into saturday there you go bam slight chance of showers rolling into the bay area into saturday morning looks like after that though things are going to change that system moves out of town. we're going to be cranking up the heat by sunday, so chance of showers maybe just a few 107 inch but that's imprs time of year. then we'll start to heat things right back up back into the 90's come sunday and then your triple digit heat in the valleys by monday. thanks alerts for your help tonight drug overdose deaths of become more and more of a.
9:52 pm
>>rural ossue people living in the country have been a new study shows urban residents are now more likely than those outside of cities to die from an overdose. >>many gate there has more on the numbers. >>for nearly 10 years, the number of overdose deaths >>counties across the us. major city. >>and according to the centers for disease control and prevention as of 2015 that is no longer the case researchers with the cdc's national center for health statistics found that starting that year people in urban areas became more likely to die of an overdose and those in rural areas who they were and what kind of drugs they used did very men were more likely to die from overdoses in the cities while women were more likely to fatally odi in rule areas and when it came to what kind of drugs people were dying from that very too. the majority of deaths from heroin cocaine and drugs like fentanyl happened
9:53 pm
in the city a less populated areas saw more overdose deaths from things like prescription opioids methamphetamines and amphetamines overall preliminary data shows that those drug-related deaths have dropped slightly in the us declining 5.1% in 2018, i'm andy gaither. >>and new edition of dine and dish is coming up next. we're going to be a chef food is a whiz at making salads and a here's your buick sir.
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>>there's a new celebrity chef fear in the bay and her name is sally ann and she is not human. no she's a robot. so tonight i got it is run introduce you to this mechanical coca makes a pretty mean salad a. miceli her specialties salads we are have. >>a buyer. >>we mention, selling is a robot. >>making her appearance here at the spoke office space in san francisco's westfield 4 for the dressing these techies are testing out sally's colaneri skills limited to just salad curry tofu. is the brainchild of child body tomorrow there and says can out there so yesterday basically you have a disability their vending machine when you have access
9:57 pm
and access to fresh food. united places where you wouldn't otherwise so imagine that you're actually immersed in the middle of the night you're in a very long shift in your and you want to have pushed the meal. >>you know you have access to that through saturday, but it's nice because it is just a minute. >>so far the reviews good. the only problem is if you're like the food and the service we going to tip. sally. of folks in rejoice in the fact that sally is safer than standard salad bars with people and the greens. now about sally's people side manner. >>maybe she'll talk to will have a chef's hat on honoring a print. >>i have to text or even years a lot of that i've been trying to convince >>she's like that's a good you know they're going to hear. i had that sell you as good as fresh sally's legit yeah, that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 for prime time coverage continues at the top of the arc and wayne is here with kron 4 news
9:58 pm
at 10. thank you vic kamber and next to it and wehcontinue to follow that breaking news out of san jose, an armed man seen running through the campus. >>a san jose state police say they now have him in custody. we're live at the scene with what's next in the investigation plus just days after that mass shooting in el paso police department in texas is trying to explain itself. why police say they did not respond to a concerned call about the suspected gunman. before the massacre. and visitors tearing up properties in the east bay who's responsible the call for neighbors from help for help can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. it's your last chance to save up to $600 on select
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