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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>local news station. >>and infringing upon those areas it becomes more of a threat to everybody. >>that breaking news. we're tracking tonight at 5 o'clock a sizable brush fire breaks out the east bay coming dangerously close to homes in dublin, you see all the smoke there. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us at 5 i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis the fire erupted near interstate 5.80 and fallon road. >>there's a lot of open land and very very dry brush but firefighters quickly got it under control, those contained at 248 acres con for charles clifford is live in dublin tonight with the latest chuck second day in a row we've seen
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a brush fire and this one got big quickly, but it was contained quickly as well. >>yes, that time of year again we get these brush fires that move very fast. we've had up a light but steady breeze out here is probably about 80 degrees warm. not that hot, but you know it's hot enough to 10 for a fire like this to really take root and burned quickly. now this fire. we have some videos take a look this fire started about one 30 this afternoon. it was reported as brush fire alameda county fire arrived on scene. they quickly escalated this to 3 a fire 3 alarm fires. fire response involved cal fire a helicopter and a water tanker from cal fire along with some bulldozers fremont assisted here as well along with livermore east bay, regional parks. i took them about an hour or so to get containment on this fire there's a lot of smoke generated by this fire but the fire was brett mainly burning in grass. so they're able to build a containment line around it and get it under control it did burn up to the edge of some homes here on the east side. dublin, but t
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>>now fire crews are going to remain on scene here for a while this fire did get into some eucalyptus trees which burn kind of hot and could be a lingering fire hazard, here's a division chief without me to county fire kind explaining what they're going to do this evening. our main concern is making sure we get all the hot spots out. >>inner sides of the fire and also we have a canyon down there eucalyptus trees. that were burning and that that's far inland into the main body of the burned area, but that's our main concern is down to make an honest reason we have resources down there taking care of that right now. >>i'm like i say we'll have you noticed. here. >>into the late into the evening and correctly check in. >>all right now alameda county fire also says the exact cause of this fire is under investigation and they're reminding everyone that it is that time of year again make sure you have defensible space around your home, your grass near brush trim back. so there is a fire you can protect your
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property. more effectively. but for now in dublin charles clifford kron 4 news all good advice. thank you, chuck, and these a high winds out there really helped fuel that fire today want to check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who is tracking the conditions alerts you guys you get these brush fires going to get those afternoon breeze is picking up and they rapidly spread. >>and that's what we saw today as the brush fire got going. and just move right to that very dry brush. the winds they've been blown out there are some of those winds pretty gusty in and around that area if you drive along 5.80, you know that you've got a whole lot of that brown brush right there at the dew in kenya, regional preserve right up the mountain range there you've got a ton of open space. and certainly that's a concern but now we're seeing the conditions some those winds blowing almost 20 miles per hour. they may have put the fire out but is still going to smolder so some that smoke, it's still going to wander in and around the area, especially places that just to the east of that 10 south you can see right along this area, the winter kind of blown in this direction so if you're in livermore i would shut your
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windows anywhere along this area to the north you're probably going to see more smoke continuing to move in those areas throughout the evening, although it's a pretty good breeze so it's moving that smoke along now, but those winds will likely subside overnight tonight and of course that means some of that smoke will settle in that area as far fire conditions, it looks like things are going improved quite a bit overnight tonight in fact we're going to see things get very moist outside almost sudden 8090% relative humidity in some spots inland. and that's because we've got an actual cold front coming our way that could bring us a couple of raindrops the dangerous part though is it could actually bring some lightning to the bay area too and that is not good for fires. thank you lawrence here we first told you about the fire through a push alert. >>download the kron 4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news in your neighborhood. >>now to nerves that were really rattled today has a huge fire destroyed part of an artist warehouse in had brought back some bad memories of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. today's fire burned a building on east 11th
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street and 23th avenue and oakland's fruitvale district our first justine waldman has details now on what happened. >>and so i just rushed over to come. check make sure everything's ok. >>an artist's warehouse went up in flames early on friday morning, people in oakland could see and smell the smoke. the building is a community arts collective known as moxie which hosts medal and woodworking shops all that material made the fight more difficult. >>we made a good stop an aggressive stopped to not lose the whole business in and put a whole lot of people out of work. >>well the firing similar to the ghost ship fire from december 2016 where 36 people died. >>there are no injuries in the moxie fire and this is not a place where people live yet for the artists use the space. it's a significant loss. >>terrible we don't have that many places i mean after the ghost ship. and all of the trouble even having to find places where he can. be creative have a place where we
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at 24 acts as we can do our work. just be creative in the city d for like a reasonable amount of money one of the last places in the city. >>37 businesses inside. >>the cause is under investigation. doesn't appear to have by any any reason for criminal investigation. it it's accidental in nature. >>we are investigating at all times and we're exploring. all all the possible. >>chris just finished putting fencing up around the entire building to keep it safe and because smoke is still rising from the building. fire crews are going to stay here throughout the night in oakland, i'm justine waltman. >>now to new developments and that had deadly mass shooting in el paso texas today, authorities revealed the alleged gunman confessed after surrendering and said he was
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targeting mexicans. detectives say after the shooting 21 year-old patrick christians, his car was stopped by officers. he got out with his hands up they say and told officers quote i am the shooter. 22 people were killed in that attack and more than 2 dozen others were injured. many of the people killed had latino last names 8 of them were mexican nationals. >>many times after mass shootings people come forward and say that they had known. the shooter was making threats, but never said anything here in the bay area cases pending with a different scenario in this case a concord man is charged with threatening the jewish community with mass murder. and yet despite being found with an illegal semiautomatic rifle and not see literature. >>he remains on the streets pending trial kron four's dan kerman is live in our newsroom with more on the story dan that's right raise a recent shootings have raised concerns in the jewish community, especially now that this concord man charged with threatening that community with mass murder. >>is out on bail. well perpetually on guard synagogue
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shootings near san diego and pittsburgh put the bay area's jewish community on alert. >>now the concerns have been heightened with the recent round of mass shootings. >>we are. at risk in america for this type of deadly anti-semitic violence and. >>we can't ignore it, but what's adding to the bay area jewish communities concerns is this man. >>23 year-old ross farka concord man who in june was arrested and charged with making criminal threats against the jewish community in an online gaming chat room. he's also charged with having an unlawful assault weapon. >>describe jews as subhuman he described in detail about how he wanted to commit mass murder against them. he then illegally obtained and and made an assault weapon and then obtained i think 13 a high capacity magazines for them. so. >>this is quite serious raising the alert even more is the fact that farka has been
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out on bail since mid-june certainly. >>mystified many people in the community that someone who has expressed a threat to own a gun was released on bail jewish groups are keeping in touch with the fbi and concord police about the case but some. >>question whether there needs to be a new law to deal with domestic terrorists. >>it might be helpful look at where there are laws in place that prevent people from supporting terrorist groups abroad and look at how people who are supporting violence within the united states can be stopped and held to account by the same or similar laws. >>parker's attorney says his client is severely autistic and did not understand the ramifications of the statements. attorney joseph telly says farka troll his friends in an online gaming community. parker returns to court at the end of september live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you did and the debate over gun control continue
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today with president trump again calling for stronger background checks. the president says it's time for congress to act and he also says he hopes the nra will get on board but as kron four's washington dc correspondent trevor shirley reports now the president and the nation's gun lobby could be in for a tough fight. >>president trump on friday was confident that some kind of gun reform is possible. even in the face of nra resistance we have. repeatedly this week the president has push for expanded background checks, but stayed away from calls for an assault weapons ban. but the nra is digging in its heels in a statement thursday nra ceo wayne lapierre said quote the nra opposes any legislation that unfairly infringes on the rights df law abiding citizens. but regardless of
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whether or not the president gets the nra on board some gun control advocates say the president's push. >>is a good first step, but you've got to be a true universal background checks and that on this person this country is not with a background check, christian hi ni of brady is optimistic, but warns any legislation needs to be loophole free in the past there has banned proposals on the table tha have allowed for a lot of gun lobby carve outs so far senate majority leader mitch mcconnell won't call congress back from august recess to vote on gun reform measures. but says the issue will wait until they return in september. the president says the issue is beyond politics. >>republican or democrat. >>reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. the controversy all move by the trump administration why a
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cancer warning will not appear on a popular product. despite powerful evidence that it could cause cancer. >>plus what's the secret to making it to on 103 will find out and celebrate with the world war 2 veteran and retired bay area firefighter. >>and the raiders brand new superstar receiver or is missing practices but the reasons for his absence are. curious to say the least jason do choice us l uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house.
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here in the us we can only bring clear bags um and small that's what won him. >>was it for. that's pretty much and there's multiple checkpoints reacted to the actual game, you're right. >>yeah, talk about that. so this is the first. so once you get past year. there's a few more. >>stops golden gate park is a very very large areas. 2 times the size of central park in new york. and any type of large area they're going to be various types of barricades or other type of physical security there's going to be guards on site there's going to be police on site and those people are going to be doing their best in order to secure s trying to gain on lawful access to the facility they might be trying to jump barricades or to get in for free that might be trying to smuggle way. >>100 and things of that nature in spite of those types of things law enforcement is going to be especially looking out for any type of person looking to do those people harm and not just your standard cuts are going.
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>>no increase security also includes metal detectors at the entrance to the outside lands festival this year and there will be no ins and outs no more than once per day beyond that you'll have to get permission from security event organizers a e also encouraging if you see something say something in case of an emergency text the word outside lands to 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, it san francisco haaziq kron 4 >>the epa announced it will not require companies to add labels to products warning folks about the chemical glyphosate the chemical is marketed as a weed killer by monsanto under the brand roundup, california requires warning labels on glass if a product's because the international agency for research on cancer has said it is quote probably carcinogenic the epa disagrees saying its own research shows the chemical poses no risks to
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public health. monsanto who's been bought by bayer has sued to block california is warning label requirements in 3 separate lawsuits in the bay area judges found that roundup contributed to the cancer and for different people. yeah on the eve of faa. >>opening kickoff of their season, the raiders are a little blind sided by some pretty ouilandish distractions and they in fact could lose one of their star players had the biggest signing of the offseason kron jason dumas is here to try to explain what's going on with antonio brown, not in a million years could you have predicted that anything remotely like this would be happening. >>it when the raiders first a a great talent in are antonio brown but i want to also know he came with a little baggage and the bay area starting to see that right now the antonio brown era in oakland might be over before it even started in the wackiest news of the day even wackier than extreme frost right on his feet, a b has threatened to quit football
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altogether unless the nfl allows him to play with his old helmet yes you heard that right, brown had been wearing same helmet for 10 years. but recently the nfl band that specific helmet because they say it is outdated and not up to leak safety standards. both aaron rodgers and tom brady where that same helmet but brown in here and it in fact he's going for one of to bring in an independent arbitrator to argue why he should be allowed to wear his old helmet league officials and representatives from the nflpa have also been involved in this developing situation. i'm told a decision over the matter can come as early as next week. now lost in all of this is that the raiders have their first pre season game tomorrow at 5 at the coliseum i don't expect. antonio brown to be in attendance now obviously he's threatening not to play again. but look he was just paid $19 million for a signing bonus and he's owed 50 million over the next 3
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years so that's a lot of money to walk away from over a helmet on not buying it just yet but we'll see. >>you think it is as want to play in the preseason nap and probably too high probably you know what here is high. jackson until the games start to count nice wine tastings out thursday he could standoff those fees that are frostbite what a mess. you must thank you all right jason and taking a live look outside right now our sutro camera looking san francisco man what a shot that is trigger weather though, and that still beautiful and set up, but we have some concerns strikes were seen actually some lightning off the coast right now you can see the in the pacific. so. >>yes certainly this is a concern we've been talking about the storm system all week long and here comes it's not that huge, but you get a system coming in at this time of year certainly get the the extra heat in the atmosphere and you get some of these thunderstorms popping up. and that's exactly what we're seeing right now look at that you see lightning strikes now
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just off the coast here now looks like most of us if we see any at all is going ahead. in maybe northern sonoma county that's probably about as close as it's going to get but certainly you get some of these lightning strikes and there's not going to be whole lot of rain with it and certainly fires could get started so that's a concern with this as well numerous lightning strikes a popping up toward the chest area, the cascades we're going to see more of that activity in their direction but we are going to see a chance of some showers right here in the bay area as you can see doppler radar scan your skies, fairly dry but just off the coastline were seen little rain out there right now certainly that could get interesting a little bit later on tonight just looking good out there on a friday evening, the whole it is breezy in spots outside some those winds upwards of 20 miles per hour very comfortable temperatures a little bit on the muggy side we have this little suddenly component the wind that law off the coastline but bigger changes coming for the weekend a slight chance of showers and then a big time warm up we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >>thank you lord. still ahead tonight on the news at 5 colin kaepernick is back in the headlines. and football
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season, of course right around the corner will president trump is saying about whether or not he should have the opportunity to play again in the nfl. >>amazon telling customers not to worry if you see unmarked white vans in your neighborhoo
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>>this week amazon announced a change in how it's going to get packages to people and the delivery vans that uses might not look like your typical delivery trucks. laurie wilson reports on why the white vans might alarm some people. probably once a week. >>honestly yeah, maybe more kate hankins is a mom of 3 who relies on amazon to make life easier just one last trip and 3 your car seats to let up it's that he's the gets most customers hooked. but now a change amazon has stopped using fedex for deliveries. and is now using its own unmarked white vans. they told me that their drivers remain
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confronted. >>by neighbors in but and hannah one cajun by of homeowners. >>not known who they cody county sheriff scott berry says amazon emailed and called him and several other sheriffs in the region. so that they could let people in their area know to expect white vans dropping off their packages queens for a lot of suspicions of a of neighbors are very protective a or if they're going to slow you might be. >>i might think man who is that but. i guess what i saw him get out make a delivery it would be such a big deal not a big deal but in the past an unmarked white van in front of your house might have been cause for concern. >>now it could be just what customers have been waiting for at one point or another. >>everyone does business with amazon. and if this is and change the way they do things. >>people should >>those lawyer wilson reporting tonight amazon has been using white vans for deliveries for some time. but now that they ended their partnership with fedex. it's likely there will be a lot more white fans in your
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neighborhood. >>next 5.30 a man says his parents adopted him from russia and then sexually abused him for years. i just and has a judge awarded him today. >>plus police are searching for a motive after a violent and deadly stabbing rampage ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>what a ride with a milestone today friends and family of a world war 2 veteran and a retired san francisco firefighter celebrated this local heroes, 100 and 3rd birthday in redwood city 103 well you call the reports of the vet says the secret to his long life is a simply living a good life. >>victors after tea, maybe a 103 years old now, but don't tell him that he still works out in


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