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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  August 9, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>what a ride with a milestone today friends and family of a world war 2 veteran and a retired san francisco firefighter celebrated this local heroes, 100 and 3rd birthday in redwood city 103 well you call the reports of the vet says the secret to his long life is a simply living a good life. >>victors after tea, maybe a 103 years old now, but don't tell him that he still works
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out in the gym and never backs down from an arm wrestling challenge from one of his great nephew of you wait. is that the teeny was born in fresno back in 1916 and then eventually moved to san francisco where he joinedhe us marine corps and served overseas in world war 2 during his seven-year career everything in my life when pervert couldn't have been in a better. >>is there. >>he returned to the bay area after the war 15 he spent 27 years as a firefighter for the san francisco fire department, he lives in redwood city now and on friday during his birthday party at the brookdale senior living community. redwood city presented a veteran with a certificate of recognition for his service and longevity. so did his old fire department recognition appreciations. >>stand in service to the
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firefighters. sister from. >>who lived through the depression, they lived through war. they stepped up to make this country great i didn't take it anything in for granted about it, i mean they just did it because that's what they needed to do to make this country great i never smoked in my life. and we're clean life refer back to. >>never did a thing manner my life. that's about all i can serve our i enjoy everything i do he has certainly earned it. >>in redwood city fleet at all kron 4 news. >>also tonight kron 4 is always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right
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now will start the south bay tonight where a san jose man who sued his adoptive parents for sexual-abuse has been awarded million 27 year-old dennis flynn filed the suit back in 2019 earlier this year. he was 9 years old when he was adopted from an orphanage in russia. soon after his father began repeatedly molesting him in later. he says his mom molested him as well. flynn reported the abuse when he was 19 and a criminal investigation was opened in 2017 his father, ralph lynn was sentenced to 24 years in prison and his mother carolyn flynn sentenced to 12 years. dennis says he wants to use some of the money to start a physical and mental healing business. >>in the north a new information on a man police are looking for after he tried to lure of girl in the late howard a department store the just released this surveillance photo of the man. police say he's also wanted for a similar incident last year in the most recent
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incident officers say he tried to lure the girl with money but took off when he was confronted. police are asking anyone who might recognize him to come forward. >>on the peninsula palo alto police arrested this man after they say he was cut peeping into people's apartments, 43 year-old michael fields of fremont is now in the santa clara county jail police say he was caught on surveillance video peeping into the homes about a dozen times they say he previously lived at the apartment complex he targeted and had been seeking out apartments where young girls lift. >>in the east bay there's a pack wild boars causing problems for one community and as kron four's gayle ong reports for us tonight the people managing the property, they're just not sure what they can do about the nuisance. >>a pack of wild boars have been sighted around these quiet neighborhood in danville one of their marks the monument of the california chateau. boars have been leaving their tracks behind
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each day that goes on that that much more damage because they're going to come back. >>this neighborhood near the hills of danville have been a popular spot going to be money money money for us tout out christina estrada property manager of the danville ranch in california chateau development sav. >>she hasn't put a price tag on the damage just yet but is having a hard time catching the culprits packs of up to 35 wild boars have been cited resident eu ding says he usually sees turkey's endears a border that's a. >>as trends and i haven't seen it i or if it's a garden, thanks. i think people get excited enough. >>excited. but he changed his mind when he saw the damage near his home. >>oh this is a really bad i and i i took a i said that back in a moment ago number saying this is that this could be bad. >>wildlife experts say it's the season when wild hogs tend to come down from the mountains to the residential neighborhood the summer heat drying out the hills causing the hon to look for food and
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this truck perfectly trimmed lawns obtaining a depredation permit and hiring a state-licensed rapper is required to trap the animals something this property manager needs be out again probably picking another area. anybody knows how to. the property management has applied for a permit with the fish and wildlife department. >>reporting in danville gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>all right time for weather check outside certainly a nice day around the bay area temperatures warming up very nicely hey you know what look at the outside lands started today if you're going out there this weekend. yeah going to see some partly cloudy skies specially on saturday. there's a slight chance of some showers there early on the morning so be prepared for that but then as we get toward the afternoon skies should begin to clear out it will be cool temperatures expected to be in the 60's but yeah we are going to see some changes coming our way as we've got high pressure that is going to try to build in and that should begin to warm up those
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temperatures very very nicely as we get into the weekend and that is going to mean these numbers are going to heat up around the bay area outside right now you've got some sunshine out there and looking good, but there's a storm system lingering off the coastline. that kind of just spin around and eventually some of that energy coming on shore bringing with it a slight chance of some showers overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning by sunday just some patchy fog along the coastline and some cooler temperatures along the coast saturday warming up on sunday, tory look is 60 the few 70's in the san francisco, cool breezy along the immediate coastline, 60's just inside the bay and then as work your way in the bay you can see warm temperatures 75 in palo alto south a lot of 70's in the afternoon and the east bay, you know still seeking up in the low 80's by tomorrow afternoon but just see some clouds early on giving way to more sunshine in the afternoon, the temperatures warming up. give me a little cooler out toward the coastline, a little breezy out toward the beaches too about 59 stinson beach. 5 years since robin williams died. he
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committed suicide on august 11th 2014 at his home in marine county after his death his wife revealed that williams struggled with depression and anxiety. >>he had also recently been not we're been rather recently diagnosed with parkinson's disease in today. his son spoke to cnn about his father's legacy. >>my dad loved to do what he did. he was so passionate about entertaining and and comedy and. he just gave is he gave his all and and entertaining i would want my son to follow in that and that path of passion, whatever it may be and i want him to do so courageously and and with love and joy and so that's what i really hope i could instill in him. >>and there's only one robin he was best known, of course for his roles in mrs. doubtfire good will hunting aladdin and many many more. i'm robin williams was 63
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years old. >>killed in a violent stabbing rampage in la and tonight his family is speaking out saying the man accused of killing their dad should never have been out of jail. >>plus after going off and i'm a couple years ago president trump is talking about colin kaepernick again he was asked a question about the quarterback and whether he should be allowed to play in the wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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>>welcome back a big story tonight and signed quarterback colin kaepernick who led the 49 ers to the super bowl is back in the national conversation tonight kaepernick hasn't played for a team since 2016 after he famously started a wave of protests during the national anthem. today reporters asked president trump if kaepernick should get a chance to play in the nfl again. >>only be good enough. not sure why why would he play be good enough. and i think if he
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was good enough. i know the owners i know bob grass and some of the of the honors. good enough that scientists. so if he's good enough. i know the state. anything they can to win games. frankly i'd love to see cafferty >>so if he's good i get there as of right now it's not clear if any teams are we're interested in looking at signing kaepernick. >>still have show you more of this dramatic. rescue there it is after of course got trapped in a ravine in la. the weather's perfect...
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family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. tonight, southern california family is mourning the loss of a loved one who was killed in wednesday's stabbing rampage. >>in garden grove for speaking out about the suspect and why they feel he shouldn't have been out of prison at the time of the attack. >>stacey butler report.
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>>he doesn't to die this and so side and was not there him to ward. a good of the is good. >>wondering how frank and her husband hellmuth left their native romania with their 2 children almost 4 decades ago. then amiably separated, they never dreamed this is how the story would end. >>this is justeheartbreaking. do it for the believes in then somebody comes you. >>62 year-old helmand help rick and his roommate for the first to be fatally stabbed when police say their next door neighbor zachary cast in asia burglarized help for its garden grove apartment tuesday afternoon. >>and for 44, he called me and said i got just got home from work my place got robbed these people normally took their sweet time my dining table is missing my dining chairs they want peace.
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>>painting however, it sounds as his dad had a bad feeling about his new next door neighbor. >>i saw the guy coming in out of his house and he was just one of those guys that you know is not a good guy he's always with the shirt off walking around tattoos everywhere. my dad told me too is that he's like worry about this guy a few minutes after the burglary help rick's daughter antonella called back to make sure police were ordered out place. >>she didn't know it at the time, but before officers showed up the suspect returned to her dad's apartment and killed him. >>the officer said that the call is pending and then the robber had a chance to come back. but the police were there on time or at least 5 minutes earlier 20 minister there anything that problem this guy that started all this stabbing could have been cut from the beginning she says the additional 2 murders in stabbings like this one at a garden grove insurance office were cast in asia. >>savagely attacked a female employee could have been prevented. now her family is haunted by images of the arrest. they say the suspect was wearing their dad's favorite sweatshirt to them. top person wearing my father's
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>>did he think that sweatshirt from him the tories stepped or after nice to him. >>this family is pleading for an end to the assembly bill that allowed castigated to avoid prison time a b one oh 9 needs to be checked. that does not make sense. he shows serve his you should have finish this sentence he shouldn't be out. >>that was stacey butler reporting for us tonight, the suspect has been charged with 4 counts of murder among other crimes. police say he is a gang member with a violent history. but the motive for the attacks is not clear. >>take a look a horse became trapped in a california ravine that course though is now safe that's the rescue. ellie firefighters responded to the scene when sonny was found on private property, the 30 year-old horse was down on the ground but appeared to be uninjured firefighters and animal rescue officials were able to gets a ne up into that harness they sedated him first called in the chopper to lift
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him up it was fun to a safe location on firm ground where veterinarians examined him seems to be doing ok. >>up next we're going to be to a chef was a whiz at making salads and she just you know happens be a robot that's e
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>>they're big time chefs all over the place in the bay area and there is a new celebrity chef here her name is sally ann and she's got a going on that's eli's a robot. yet tonight on dine and dish we're going to introduce you to this of mechanical. cook who makes a mean cell i mean so. >>miceli her specialties salads and we are have. >>we mention sally's a robot. >>making her appearance here at mi spoke office space in san francisco's westfield know that on this floor for the
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dressing these techies are testing out sally's colaneri skills limited to just salad curry tofu. is the brainchild of child body samarra there and says can show out there so yesterday basically you have a disability their vending machine when you have access and access to fresh food. you 9 places where you wouldn't otherwise so imagine that you're actually immersed in the middle of the night there in a very long shift in your and you want to have crashed the meal. >>you know you have access to that through saturday, but it's nice because it customize. >>so far the reviews good. the only problem is if you're like the food and the service we've got a tip. sally germaphobe and rejoice in the fact that sally is safer than standard salad bars with people and the greens. now about sally's people side manner. >>maybe she'll talk to you
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will have a chef's hat on honoring a print. >>i have to text or even years a lot of that i've been trying to convince >>t'ttle hen your salads sally's the. girl were could be sound like sally anyway. you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery food truck you name it to dine and dish. send us an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can go to we're dying to show facebook page check it out. >>and the salads are not that you try you back to the station and super for i had it in sally sally's pretty good. and we didn't share it. the producer all right, you could have to go see sell yourself. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 sofia on fridays so for the producer of friday's that said that's it for us we'll see you back here tonight for the news at 9 thanks for being with us this hour can when catherine getting her here now with the news at 6. i would try us our
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salad yeah, eyes on it. >>i thank you grant and vicki tonight at 6 o'clock a fire has burned dozens of acres and it is getting dangerously close to east bay homes, the flames fueled by the winds going to look into whether the conditions will persist into the weekend that a man arrested after saying he wanted to kill jews is now out on bail. >>and that has some in the jewish community on edge. the news at 6 is next.
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>>248 acres in just an hour and kicked up in dublin this afternoon coming dangerously close to some homes. thanks for joining us. i'm can wait. >>and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore, what began as a 5 acrfire quickly escalated in the east bay. it is happening in the area of communal loop near croke road and that's where we find kron four's gayle ong she joins us live in gail we know the firefighters are still out there tonight right. >>that's right catherine can at this point the fire is out. but crews are still here in the mop of state putting out hot spots we want to show you give you this vantage point from where i'm standing you can just see the charred hills so close to homes making this a delicate situation and the fire reached full containment within an hour after it started. this fire started around one 30 this afternoon we have the video showing when it started from someone's home and just across the hill you can see the flames of burning on the dry brush in this area has a lot of


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