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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>50 years later, the remains of a vietnam veteran had been brought home and his son, the one who accompanied his father from oakland to his home in texas jd miles has that story. >>it happened at dallas love field airport in january 1967, brian knight remet lbe ie yet. >>thank you for joining us tonight at 10 the millionaire fit find its ear turned convicted pedophile has now been was being held in meant and metropolitan correctional center since his arrest in early july and kron four's not hernia is here now with us
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live in the studio. she has details on his death. so that's what's the latest. >>well officials found epstein the 66 year-old unresponsive in his prison cell this morning at around 6.30 at the metropolitan federal correctional center now his death comes less than 24 hours after thousands of pages of revealing court documents were unsealed. in new york federal court in a case against epstein and his former associates, the documents allege new details of sexual-abuse claims connected to a 2015 defamation case brought by a woman who says epstein forced her to perform sec's acts on a number of men, including prince andrew, the of york. buckingham palace has since denied that allegation. former new mexico governor bill richardson and former us senator george mitchell were also named in the case both of whom deny the allegations as well that scene was placed on suicide watch back on july 23th and was given daily psychiatric evaluations after he was found
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unconscious with marks on his neck that officials were investigating as a possible suicide attempt. he was taken off suicide watch at the end of july officials heinous all this morning and he was pronounced dead later at a nearby hospital angering his accusers who had hoped to confront him in court and see him serve a long prison sentence. >>jeffrey epstein, rape the saying. >>now that was a jennifer a row she told nbc in july that epstein had raped her when she was a minor at his in new york mansion. an attorney for epstein call for an investigation into epstein's death and released a personal statement to cnn blaming politicians. prosecutors judges of the press, plaintiffs lawyers and jail workers for his death just our back to you. >>well thank you so much sanaa's president trump is not directly reacted to epstein's death. but he did read tweet a post that rise with no evidence to connect former president bill clinton to
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epstein's death. this is a post on the president's timeline right now the original tweet is terrance williams who identifies himself as an actor comedian and commentator attorney general william barr already confirmed today that epstein died in an apparent suicide. >>now to a big story that we're following in the south bay tonight, a home security camera captures a man breaking into a home and stealing valuable items what you don't see is that the homeowner is they're at at home taking a shower and tonight that family is looking for the man who stole jewelry and other things from their home and kron four's dan thorn is live for us in san jose tonight, he joins us with more of this video with the family is saying about it and dan. they were home. when this happened. >>well that's right justine the burglar did this in broad daylight, the wife was in fact in the bathroom at the time. her husband was outside helping out a neighbor and neither one of them had any
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idea that someone was inside of their home until they noticed all of their stop had been gone. >>home security video shows a thief lurking in the san jose home he throws in a hoodie that isn't his but this stealing didn't stop there. he also made off with more than $20,000 worth of jewelry. >>it's really priceless. evelyn cruises says this happened around 10 o'clock wednesday morning. >>well the thief was prowling around the house. she was in the shower just feet away the burglar swiped a couple of jewelry boxes right off of her dresser. >>i have a really really scared because. what if i went outside the door and she ouside the shower door, she was that he was there and he will ask me something in or he would just kill me, however crews didn't know he was there and without the help of her son in law she says she would have never known what actually happened or stuff. >>so this is the camera here that was used to actually
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record the person as a broken arrow whose dog, a recently had cameras installed at the home so he could keep an eye on is in lot. he says the burglar snuck in through a screen door in the back of the house. >>we are never fully know what happened if we didn't have cameras around here and so and since then actually today brought 5 former cameras and funding around the house when. >>carol showed me the picture i was really scared as an oh my god innovation here in this so scary. >>that lynn's husband and was outside helping a neighbor at the time of the break in. the video shows that the putting ads beloved warriors had on his head before looking for other things to take and says he's devastated because he got this hat at the warriors last game at oracle arena >>somebody find that pat we on it for me and making. thank you. >>well, it's pretty unfortunate that ad lost his favorite had in this crime, san jose police have been
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notified about it but the family tells me the silver lining in all of this has been their neighbors coming together to tell them about any information that they may have gathered about this crime. but they are also hope i'm hopeful that people will be able to tell them if they know anything more about what this guy was doing and if he was in the neighborhood earlier in the day and hopefully they can get that information soon reporting live in san jose dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>well, thank you so much dan the oakland raiders hosted the la rams today in week one of the nfl pre season. but a lot of drama lately surrounding raiders wide receiver antonio brown from frostbitten feet to now threatening to quit because of an equipment issue for a sports reporter jason dumas checked in with head coach jon gruden after today's game. >>and find out what he has to say about all this. >>most of the top players on the raiders and the rams to ensued up on saturday in the opening pre season game between the 2 teams but it did give jon gruden a great chance
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to see how his young guys have progressed 2 names that stood out and he mentioned specifically after the game arden key and keelan doss the defensive end and wide receiver, gruden very happy with both of those young guys progression in the early pre season, but after the game of course, the main topic was the absence of star receiver antonio brown dealing with frostbite to his feet and an issue with his helmet we got jon gruden's thoughts after the game. >>has been a lot of reports out there i can say i agree with certainly but i support this guy and i think that's what needs to be said. i don't know what anybody's right now what anybody thinks, but is this foot injury was in his fall. you know this was a total accident as it is really was in his fall. and it's in a serious injury i know some people are smart net it, but it's really not a laughing matter the guys is was hurt. he's in a safe in doing the wrong and a helmet thing is a personal matter to him, you know he has a strong feeling
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about what he's worn on his head and we're supporting. we understand the league's position as well so we're a tough spot. and we hope antonio is back here soon because exciting to be around i'm excited. i got some place for my hope we can start home. >>and of course that topic with antonio brown will be at the forefront until we get a decision either way from the league and see the status of his feet moving forward and now for the raiders as a team. they take on arizona cardinals next week on the road of course will have coverage leading up to that game right on kron 4 reporting from the coliseum i'm jason do mosque kron 4 sports. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast fog is out in full force for your saturday night in the bay area, here's a live look outside south market in downtown san francisco. tracking plenty of high clouds and also dense low clouds and fognorile to report just yet but right along the bay area coastline and even the bay area's shoreline tracking visibility
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at or near 0 this evening so make sure to turn on your low beams for your saturday night commute, especially those of you right along the coast widespread 50's throughout the san francisco peninsula. everyone else in the low to mid and upper 60's and overnight lows tonight, we'll dip into the mid to upper 50's with the exception of antioch 62 degrees for your overnight lows in wake-up planner forecast is going to show up partly cloudy start but mostly sunny and to your day on sunday, so i am tracking above average temperatures not just along the coast, but also our interior valleys could see upwards of 10 degrees of warming tomorrow compared to today and it's only going to get hotter as we start out this upcoming workweek forecast more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes just in a jar back to you. >>thank you so much mabrisa the bay community continues to come together for the victims of mass shootings. and the south bay a vigil in town hall meeting was held in campbell tonight. kron four's gayle ong is live at the campbell united church of christ that hosted
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this event gayle. how is the turnout there this evening. >>they are it was a packed house we actually spoke to a gilroy shooting survivor who came here to make a statement to lawmakers. there's also some blame and community leaders and tie com violence after this for here as well all calling on lawmakers to enact real gun reform. >>this >>coming from amanda dylan a survivor of the gilroyshooting dylan was in the crossfire with her 8 year-old son at the garlic festival. >>and he ran back and forth between the slide. just moments before. when i told him i had an opportunity this the 2 some lawmakers. >>dylan shared her story at a
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vigil in town hall for the victims of the mass shootings, she among assembly members community leaders and anti violence activists are denouncing gun violence across the country. >>every day a 100 people pass away from gun violence. said that while these mass shootings got a lot of attention as they should. we also. all forms of gun violence to an rachel michelson from the group moms demand action is using this moment to get the senate to vote. >>on universal background checks and red flag laws easy gun access with the topic in saturday night's gender knuckler lit candles thinking
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of the victims in gilroy el paso and day in the i'm looking for hope. shootings that have occurred and i feel like i need to do something. >>and this is a good place to start. >>community leaders are encouraging people to reach out to their local politicians for start and they even handed out these postcards addressed to mitch mcconnell with the hashtag gunmen never again we're live in gamble gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>just good mood to some bleeding. he was on the ground just laying down like this and that is mom to get the lifeguard get the lay guy. >>well coming up scary moments on a summer day at the beach umbrella called a 13 year-old boy on vacation. have details ahead. >>opw the inside of this car managed at pier 1, the color is calm eucalyptus. the style is yours.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 the city of modesto denied a permit for a controversial straight pride parade. >>the city cited 2 reasons for denying the permit first they said the event organizers did not get meant insured and then secondly they cited safety concerns. rob malcolm has the story. >>as of tonight. i can confirm that the city of mina so we'll be denying the permit the straight pride event was planned here in modesto or say to park august 24th and after weeks of the pavement essel city council pulled the plug too many issues with the event and the organizer we were informed today by the insurance carrier that they are denying the insurance and if you don't have insurance you can hold you can reserve one of our parks. the second thing is our concern for safety. we have an a it concerned for the safety of the residents around the state of park it was advertised on social media in a colorful flyer celebrating heterosexuality masculinity and more in a meeting wednesday opponents say don grundmann the man behind it
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promoted hate reached by phone he dealt with this latest >>also at the meeting matthew mason who came out as 4 years ago and his adoptive mother supported the parade ever. >>everybody in the community has really been. against this. we really are. >>kennedy issue of the parade has divided many for weeks. >>i can understand where they're coming from with all the heat that's going on right now i think it was the right decision. >>i'm i'm open the game itself so is it is stable person i so obviously i would be concerned about a group like that coming into. >>well the organizers can reapply for a permit in a non residential area. but it's
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unlikely that they will be able to find a carrier to provide insurance. >>and that ending outside lands and other events in the day. the city will be running longer and more trains this weekend bart says it will start to run on a sunday schedule but after 07:00pm it will deploy additional a been trains for people who are leaving outside plans. after this weekend expect several weekends of bart delays as it will shut down tracks for repair work. >>now i'm trying look on it. with trying look at caught. >>video this is video that was taken last night near you kyra and cal pal of california can is could said there was rain hail thunder and lightning around an hour. >>that's summertime storms were about a 120 miles north of san francisco and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez closely monitor during the radar but nothing like that in came close to us
10:19 pm
here in the bay area. yeah we were hoping for some light scattered showers in the north bay through this morning but unfortunately we remain dry, so that storm track well to our north but we did see some thunderstorms popping up in the eu chi area just a few hours ago on the kron 4 satellite and radar. so let's take a look right now at current conditions. >>closer to home as you can see it is a foggy night out there city hall lit up in blue this evening for your saturday night and stormtracker 4 very dry conditions, but plenty of cloud cover and even dense low clouds and fog along the coast to just keep that in mind for your saturday night commute. temperatures out there right now widespread 50's out the san francisco peninsula and 60's as you make your way inland. and overnight lows tonight once again on the mild side cooling down into the mid to upper 50's for most of the bay area and tomorrow's daytime highs very little change along the coast and even along the bay so very similar tomorrow to today's daytime highs in san jose,
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actually warming up into the mid 80's, oakland, 76 degrees and downtown san francisco, 69 degrees. so today unique microclimate forecast we were actually above average along the coast but below normal temperatures for interior valleys, but tomorrow, the heat is on already tracking widespread low 90's for their tribe valleys including conquered antioch and livermore santa rosa warming up nearly 10 degrees from today's daytime highs to 87 tomorrow today, only warming up to 79 degrees. thanks to that increasing cloud cover from that storm system well to our north and the eu chi area, oakland 76 degrees in mount view tomorrow in the low 80's and those of you attending day 3 of outside lands. this is what you can expect at golden gate park, upper 60's wind speeds light to breezy about 15 miles per hour or less and the wind gusts that you do see throughout the day will be around 20 miles per hour partly cloudy skies and then better clearing buyer afternoon. let's take a look ahead at your next 10 at 10
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forecast because i am tracking temperatures warming up not just tomorrow but really peaking by monday we're going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average for most of our interior valleys. bill mott along the coast in the 60's and 70's with little change on tuesday, but as we take a look ahead at the extended forecast cooling down to below average all the way through saturday but then rebounding right about where we should be 10 days from now. >>hot start to the week for some folks are starting school as so really going to feel like summer so it is going to be nice weather mainly along the coast, but interior valleys just head to the beach. thanks so >>a look at this chp is investigating as to how a train hit a car on the tracks on highway 32 in chico the collision happened yesterday just before 3 o'clock to people inside the car they managed to escape before the freight train struck the call.
10:22 pm
>>after last week's deadly mass shootings protesters are saying enough is enough the message that they have for house speaker nancy pelosi when we come back. >>and a teenager and polled by a beach umbrella while on vacation. how witnesses are so people at the
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beach enjoying a beautiful day found out it took a really terrible turn. >>after a runaway umbrella impaled a 13 year-old boy christine iraq spoke with witnesses and has details. >>good mood is somber leading a 13 year-old boy injured by a flying beach umbrella on a sunny summer friday at good harbor beach in gloucester was like oh i'm scream and then the umbrella. i do want to see and then. he was on the ground just laying down like this and that is mom to get the lifeguard get the lead guy. firefighters say the boy was impaled in his left shoulder
10:26 pm
and the bleeding badly. >>bystanders who rushed to help him applying a tourniquet waiting for first responders. >>surprisingly calm for what had for such a rare currents people work. >>icahn the umbrella flew out of place on the beach in a gust of wind ultimately hitting the young teenager in teaching other beachgoers and witnesses an important lesson. >>you know what i did after dedicate that pull my umbrella down and then if i left him into the beach looking down. >>now the boy was rushed to beverly hospital and firefighters say that his shoulder injury is serious, but he should be ok. >>since the deadly shooting in el paso texas debate on gun safety continue on the campaign trail. democrats have a message now to prevent another mass shooting in our country. >>and coming up i'll have a live look at your forecast including your microclimate forecast in the bay area and are even hotter work
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>>because that annapolis where as you have the christchurch murders in new zealand. you have to the las vegas shooting you have was shooting after shooting after shooting. >>those deadly mass shootings include the one that happened here in gill worry and these demonstrators say enough today they held a rally outside of house speaker nancy pelosi's district office in san francisco, many of them told kron four's felipe chagall president trump is partly to blame. >>they're asking speaker pelosi to push harder for impeachment. >>from gilroy to el paso texas, then dayton, ohio. >>3 mass shootings within a week and all 3 shooters were white men who express some form of hate federal investigators say the el paso shooter who lived his anti immigrant with ties to white nationalism. adding he admittedly targeted mexicans. local police say the gilroy shooter ultimately killed
10:31 pm
himself, the fbi is investigating that shooting as an act of domestic terrorism. >>outside house speaker nancy pelosi's district office in san francisco saturday. >>nearly 2 years removed from a deadly car attack by a man with white supremacist beliefs in charlottesville, virginia protesters place blame on president donald trump for the violence even going so far as to say he supports it which earlier this week he >>because i am not. >>well they use anybody to come and people love all right this is not a race. >>at a car to overfly helped organize the rally pelosi has been a holding back. the rest of elements are pushing for. >>and she's an activist with the grassroots socialist
10:32 pm
organization people's alliance is that an increasing number of hate crimes. >>and in this last year in a since he's taken office, i'm i'm jewish myself and i know that there's been actions sue a synagogue says well this week, the house judiciary committee saying it is looking into possibly recommending articles of impeachment against the president. >>but that's as a result of special counsel robert mueller's report when to obstruction of justice not hate we are in a state of crisis she needs to. >>it was some arms she needs to get people behind this because it's it's important to speaker pelosi did not make an appearance at saturday's rally in san francisco. should all kron 4 news. >>at least 2 people were arrested after threats were made against at least 3 wal-mart locations this weekend. the walmart store in florida, texas and missouri of florida authorities arrested 26 year-old richard clayton saying he threatened to kill or harm people. he allegedly
10:33 pm
made the threat on facebook on august 6 saying quote 3 more days of probation left then i get my a r 15 back don't go to walmart next week. texas police say they arrested a male for threats against wal-mart and harlingen today and police in kansas city, missouri say they're working with the fbi and other authorities to vet information about threats against a local walmart that was posted on reddit the threats and arrests all a week after a gunman killed 22 people in a mass shooting at an el paso walmart. >>activists and democratic presidential candidates met with gun violence survivors in iowa today, california senator kamala harris was there. she condemned president donald trump's rhetoric that many call racist and linked it to last week's shooting in el paso texas. the suspected gunman admitted to targeting mexicans. >>people say to me. those
10:34 pm
folks to be killed. of course he didn't pull the trigger. but he certainly been tweeting out the ammunition. >>clara harris also called the president's remarks following the el paso shooting quote empty gestures. >>let's take a live look outside right now. golden gate this shot usually we see it wider but it's squeeze there in that spot. the baird far below the coast with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez, let's talk about the 4 zone forecast karl, the fog has moved in i know fog us is here officially tonight in fact this is the foggiest conditions that i've seen all week long so tonight we are noticing that cool air mass. >>and also some pretty breezy wind speeds. now we are just seeing pushing that low and high cloud cover right along the immediate coastline of the bay area. fortunately wind speeds now noticeably calmer for those of you downtown san
10:35 pm
francisco light to breezy at around 15 miles per hour or less as is everyone else in the bay area with the exception of fairfield seeing sustained winds at 18 miles per hour right now in tetureraas you head out the door widespread 50's throughout the san francisco peninsula and low to mid and even upper 60's as you make your way in london overnight lows, dropping into the mid to upper 50's tonight for most of us it is going to be a mild night noticeably cooler tonight compared to last night pretty temp. pleasant temperatures in the bay area last night and we are going to see daytime highs for the 2nd half of your weekend holding steady at 69 degrees for downtown san francisco about 2 degrees above average so certainly looking and feeling a lot more like summer yet again even for the 2nd half of your weekend in half moon bay, 60 degrees for your daytime highs burlingame warming up into the low 70's, upper 70's for san mateo and foster city and mid 70's for those of you in pollo alto and wind speeds tomorrow about 20 miles per
10:36 pm
hour or less and we are going to see widespread low to mid 80's for most of the south bay, san jose warming up to 84 degrees. pitas in the low 80's and those of you in the east bay, already warming up into the 90's for those of you in livermore so almost 10 degrees warmer than where you were today, milder along the coast hayward 75 degrees berkeley, 79, richmond warming up into the low 80's in concord also in the low 90's at 91 degrees for your sunday afternoon. so we're all going to be about 2 to 5 degrees above average napa 82 degrees sonoma 81 and santa rosa 87 degrees for your sunday afternoon, let's take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 forecast because it's only going to get hotter from here, especially in our interior valleys, 5 to 10 degrees above average by monday little change on tuesday, but then some relief by the middle of next week and then below average temperatures by saturday and then rebounding right about where we should be 10 days from now. thank you said definitely dress in
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layers. >>a story of survival a family is now speaking out after being attacked by bobcat during the camping trip. >>plus a flight attendant charged with public intoxication while on board a ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here.
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new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. >>a family that had to fight off a bobcat and an arizona campground 2 weeks ago are now telling their story arizona wildlife authorities were not able to find the animal that suspect that has since died of a rabies infection. brian brennan has the story. >>it was supposed to be just another or a family camping trip. they just finished dinner and the 2 youngest girls were playing behind the tent. >>when you have a child too, who is injured, it's a it's a different screen and when you hear. when they're frightened of something it's a different one well this was this was
10:41 pm
beyond all those this was the scream that sends the chill. down your your spine. >>mom got to the screams first a bobcat had its teeth around 4 year-old amick his forehead. >>when i first through it i thought that would be end of it. >>the bobcat was not giving up. >>medium sized dog on steroids may be a. we're saying we can't something that small can be that you know him. >>cause that much damage. >>the apparently deranged animal ran deeper into the shannon campgrounds on mount graham attacking several other family members. the rays fought back. >>sam through it twice. breo got a good with a rock. >>the family eventually took cover in 3 different trucks. they say the bobcat circled each truck looking to get in. >>yeah by and on the lower back. yeah big one there there's some there's another
10:42 pm
one back here danica was the most injured and everyone there 15 people needed to be treated for rabies i think we're stronger now. >>as a as a family we got to see a little bit of. what we can do when something unexpected happens. >>and even after all this. they say they aren't giving up camping. >>she was asking last weekend when we can go are camping >>community is demanding answers after a clue clocks and memorabilia was found inside. the police officers home this story is after the break. >>and up next in sports nfl preseason week one we're talking 4 49 ers were talking raiders highlights from both ga
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michigan police officer has been placed on administrative
10:46 pm
leave after. >>potential home buyers say that they discovered k k k the reveal why they were touring the inside of his home. >>and the community is now demanding answers the home belonged to muskegon police officer charles chuck anderson. the couple looking at his home in holton said they saw full and confederate flag and a kkk application, they put their findings on facebook and it got the attention of the community leading to the city officials announcing that anderson was on leave pending an investigation. the incident has the attention of the muskegon county and double acp. >>we want to thorough investigation to beef. to be for show to be sure that. when he goes out there and puts on a uniform and performs his duties as an that he's being fair and impartial. >>the wife of officer anderson denies he is a member of the klan and september of 2009
10:47 pm
anderson fatally shot a black man following a traffic stop a michigan state police investigation found the shooting to be justified. >>a flight attendant aboard a flight from chicago to south bend, indiana was arrested and charged with public intoxication according to court documents julian march was detained august second after the united flight landed. the passenger who shot this video on his cell phone said that march did not finish making the security announcement and took a long time to pick up the so when pilots are called for at the cabin secure message. now the passenger took the video also said that the flight attendant appeared to either pass out our fall asleep during the 25 minute flight and that he and a female passenger had to help buckle her seat belt march was given a breath test at the jail after she was arrested in court documents show that she had a blood alcohol level of point to 0, 4, the essays blood alcohol content level is
10:48 pm
0, 4, >>week one of the nfl pre season finally here and the 49 ers host of the dallas cowboys. we go out to levi's stadium. nick mullens the starting qb for the niners today. 2nd quarter we go cowboys up 6 to nothing molins he's looking. he's finding jail in her. muscles his way into the touchdown that's a 20 yard touchdown niners go out in front 76. start of the 4th we go cowboys leading 97. cj bat 3rd. and for the 4 yard touchdown heard finished the night with 31 yards 3 receptions and 2 touchdowns niners to beat the cowboys 17 denied that is the final we'll be taking on the denver broncos on monday. the 9 teens over the coliseum we go head coach jon gruden and the raiders hosting the la rams
10:49 pm
1st quarter no score, mike glennon hands off to see andre washington seven-yard touchdown. extra point is good and the raiders take an early 7 nothing lead 3rd quarter we go raiders lead 7 nothing 3 nays and parents 3 yard pass to kill and die. plus the extra point players defeat the rams 14 to 3 that is your final they head to arizona to face the cardinals next thursday. well, it's not just raiders wide receiver antonio brown who is making national headlines. raiders owner mark davis is as well. he apologized on saturday for the comments he made about the oakland a's management saying he's not sorry for what he said, but sorry for the way he said it in a phone interview with the athletic. davis gave his thoughts on the a stadium situation and he did not hold back dropping several f bombs saying the a's are totally dysfunctional and it's that bad over there. the 2 teams
10:50 pm
share the coliseum site there have been issues between the 2 on the stadium scenario before the raiders even got the okay to move to las vegas. there are additional issues this year when it came to signing the current lease agreement as well speaking of the a's they've won 5 of their last 7 in august in chicago for game 2 against the white sox we go to the highlights tena r-ark getting the start today for oakland bottom, the 5th we go white sox leading one to nothing jimenez would hit this ball all too real right center. i think is gone white sox lead 2 to nothing. top of the 9th we go to on 2 outs from arcana he would ground it right here, ok ground. 2 runs will come in and score on that area. is still down a run. moments later big moment bases loaded chris davis has a chance here. strikes out swinging white sox to feed the a's 3 to 2. that is your final
10:51 pm
over oracle park just so large on the mound for the giants bottom the second we go giants down, byron evan longoria snatches one to deep left field it. >>is. nearly clears the bleachers. giants lead 2 to one. but on the 5th we go same score. kevin r also on the left that thing with carey carey carey that's gone giants lead 3 to one up a large 15th homer of the year. top of the 8th, we go. that's a double play. some argue goes 8 strong innings allows one run strikes out 5 giants to beat the phillies 3 to one. that is your final giants look to take the series on sunday. >>is sports. >>now to entertainment news since night, a wrecking ball to another hollywood marriage people magazine is reporting that miley cyrus and liam hemsworth are splitting up
10:52 pm
after being married for about 7 and a half months, a rep for cyrus told the magazine that the 2 have agreed to separate and quote. balding changing as partners and individuals they've decided that this is what's best while they focus on themselves and their careers. cyrus who is 26 years old in handsworth was 29 men and a movie set in 2009. their relationship was on it for years they got engaged in 2012, but then broke up eventually tied the knot in december of last year. grammy-nominated singer and songwriter mike pas or says he was airlifted to a colorado hospital after he was bitten. i have baby rattlesnake pozner is over writings hit songs such as cooler than me and i took a pill in ibiza posted on instagram a video of himself on a hospital gurney pastor says he was able to get the anti venom in time. but we'll have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days and will not be able to walk for weeks.
10:53 pm
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i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched.
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geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. >>haitian leader in georgia is donating his bonus pay to help college bound seniors in his district is 44 year-old grand riviere and he's been the superintendent of the marriott a city school since 2016 a great story here. he says he's donating his first ever $10,000 bonus to pay for application fees for every student who applies to college ahead of regular application deadlines. now the cost of college applications exceeds $10,000. rivera says he is committed to paying the rest with his own money we need more superintendents like i this has great start we need
10:57 pm
some more summertime weather to yeah and we're certainly going to get that tomorrow above average dtime highs and even warmer temperatures on monday.
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(rock guitar music) (dogs barking) (sirens blaring) (jail cell door slamming) - we have the benefit of a relatively low crime rate on this end of the county, and a lot of it has to do with proactive work that we are able to do here in the basin,


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