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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 12, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for waking up with us, i hope you are ready for some sunshine because john has lots of it in his pocket and oh yeah, sunshine to spray king out the sun is going to be nice today. >>yeah, very nice day today very nice days ahead of us yet. yes, not a whole lot to interrupt that sunshine, which means temperatures are about to me, scary cutting got some triple digits back in this one. but you know today we're not in the triple digits were so got 90's which is warm for many of us, but as long as you've got a see a cool place to go or a pool. he should be fine now looking outside at
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the golden gate bridge. this is not going to be one of our spots in the 90's this afternoon. but it is going to be one of our spots that takes him quite a lot of sun we are off to a clear start to the morning for most of the bay and you can see that here at the golden gate bridge and elsewhere across the bay area just a couple of patches of a few spots of fog or ride up and down the peninsula as well as towards point raise besides that though skies are nice clear and dry for your start of the week as we make our way through the afternoon too. you can expect that to remain the same some much as robin mentioned, let's see of sunshine, not just your forecast today. but ahead of us we're actually off to a pretty warm start this morning to besides a few low 50's, most temperatures are in the 60's right now pittsburgh. in the low 70's, currently so yeah, temperatures cool enough for a light jacket but we're doing pretty good as far as temps co, san francisco's 4 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time has also is conquered and fairfield and this warmth this something that's going to continue later on today from the 60's were
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are currently sitting to temperatures eventually well into the 70's alongside the bay and upper 80's for many inland areas if not those 90's elsewhere in the bay, i'm talking where we're headed next the hottest of temperatures and when to expect them. still ahead in the forecast rebecca. >>all right john we're still tracking problem 3 roadways so far around the bay area it's early definitely try to head out of the door if you can this morning because so while it's still life. we're seeing just a minor back appearance of the cash paying lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza but that's a really all the traffic we're seeing as far as any hang-ups so far fast you're moving through just fine no delays once you get on to the upper deck itself. it's going to be a smooth ride into san francisco should take you just under 10 minutes towards the fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge to lightly traveled into looking good here. you could just not a lot of folks traveling on the westbound 92 side that is the commute side 12 minutes. getting over to that 1, 1, connector in foster sitting,
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and it's going to be a nice drive for you out of the north bay if your commute is south one oh one going to going through sausalito it's all problem free stall free. and then 19 minutes into the city so far this point in the morning. a couple of dry time still looking good still in the green 15 minutes from crockett to so far on 80 and then ifgyou're traveling through a walnut creek over the 5.80 split that's going to be 11 minutes on a 24 and the cast rally commute looks good to the maze only 13 minutes on 5.80 and we're still looking good on south 8.80 from san leandro to the maze looking at it 10 minutes on the north than 8.80 commute. robin all right. thank you rebecca to the south bay now. >>a home security camera captures a man breaking into a home. >>and still ing several valuable items take a look you can see him right there, but what you don't see is that the homeowner is in the other room taking a shot our she told kron four's dan thorn that she had no idea anyone was even in the house until she saw the footage.
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>>home security video shows a thief lurking in the san jose home he throws in a hoodie that isn't his but this stealing didn't stop there. he also made off with more than $20,000 worth of jewelry. >>it's really priceless. evelyn cruises says this happened around 10 o'clock wednesday morning. >>well the thief was prowling around the house. she was in the shower just feet away the burglar swiped a couple of jewelry boxes right off of her dresser, i have a really really scared because. >>what if i went outside the door and she outside the shower door, she was that he was there and he will ask me something in or he would just kill me, however crews didn't know he was there and without the help of her son in law. >>she says she would have never known what actually happened or stuff. >>so this is the camera here that was used to actually record the person as a broken arrow whose recently had cameras installed at the home
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so he could keep an eye on is he says the burglar snuck in through a screen door in the back of the house. >>we are never fully know what happened if we didn't have cameras around here and so and since then actually today brought 5 former cameras and putting around the house when. >>carol showed me the picture i was really scared as an oh my god innovation here in this so scary. >>that lynn's husband and was outside helping a neighbor at the time of the break in. the video shows that the putting ads beloved warriors had on his head before looking for other things to take and says he's devastated because he got this had at the warriors last game at oracle arena >>it somebody find that pat we on it for me and making. >>thank reporting in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news, we'll also the south bay a vigil town hall was held over the weekend for the victims of the gilroygarlicfestival shooting assembly members community
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leaders, an anti violence activists they all gathered to denounce gun violence across the country. >>rachel mitchell said from the group moms demand action is using this moment to get the senate to vote on universal background checks, and red flag laws. >>every day a 100 people pass away from gun violence. so that while these mass shootings got a lot of attention as they should. we also. all forms of gun violence to end. >>well some survivors of the garlic festival shooting the also take time to tell their stories hoping to persuade lawmakers to take action. well oakland will also hold a vigil for mass shooting victims. us representative barbara lee is set to host that night of healing. now this happens tomorrow, it's from 5.30 to 7. this is just outside oakland city hall guest speakers will include the mayors of oakland and alameda along with the co-founder of black lives matter. a little to the east right concord man is charged with threatening the jewish
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community with a mass murder, but he remains free until his trial kron four's dan kerman explains how the case has the jewish community on edge. >>have to stay on our guard. >>concerns among the bay area's jewish community were in place long before synagogue shootings near san diego and pittsburgh. but they've now been heightened with the most recent round of mass shootings given the stain age in this age of increasing violent anti semitism in white supremacy. >>that there is a lot of concern out there and for many in the bay area jewish community. this man 23 year-old ross farka is making matters worse. in june the concord man was arrested and charged with making criminal threats against the jewish community in an online gaming chat room. he's also charged with having and unlawful assault weapon which police say was found in at seriously. at and scores
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and then target law enforcement in the same act raising the alert level even more is the fact that farka has been back on the street. >>since mid-june there's someone who. >>expressed an interest in conducting attacks. he was released on bail in spite of that jewish groups are keeping in touch with the fbi and concord police about the case but some question whether there needs to be a new law to deal with domestic terrorists. >>it might be helpful look at where there are laws in place that prevent people from supporting terrorist groups abroad and look at how people who are supporting violence within the united states can be stopped and held to account by the same or similar laws. >>farkas attorney says his client is severely autistic and understand the ramifications of his statements. he says he's not au threat to anyone. it was simply trying to troll others in his online gaminga community. barca is due back in court at the end of september. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>>another big story that we're following for you this morning, senator kamala harris's campaign is responding to a national rifle association attack called her proposed gun reform legislation quote ridiculous the democratic presidential hopefuls campaign sent a fundraising email describing the criticism and asking supporters to help make sure that the campaign campaign has the resources it needs to respond. now this comes a day after harris took part in a last minute gun reform presidential candidate forum in des moines, iowa. i'm not prepared to put in place. i am prepared when elected to give the united states congress 100 days to pull their act together on this and put a bill on my desk for signature and if they do not i will take executive action. >>well the 4 was organized by an activist group following last week's mass shooting in el paso and da closer to home now investigators have determined the grass fire in
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lake county started from a discarded cigarette. the eagle fire burned 20 acres and is now 95% contained. it started thursday right along the side of a road in gulf drive a one point the fire threatened 40 structures and also forced evacuations. now luckily there have been no reports of damage at this time. cal fire says and one firefighter suffered minor injuries. so they wrote is now back open in both directions. officials are advising drivers to use extreme caution when traveling through the area. let's talk about various sports. now the san francisco giants announced that they will return higher will clark's number during a pregame ceremony yesterday, the giants announced that no giant war. and where the number 22. the giants have traditionally only retired the numbers and the players who are in the hall of fame. so last year that policy change when they retire the number for barry bonds. on the copper
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morning news and teacher at a california middle school stirring up controversy. >>why some parents are very upset about it and out on gender identity that was given to their children. before we go outside at the embarcadero little bit of cloud cover outside your door but that's going to way to sunshine and it is going to be hot, especially inland. nice and
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news the time for 44 happy monday. time to check in on the forecast because we have big changes in store the week it was really nice, but it is about to be very hot for some of us not everybody. these numbers are on the rise to yes they are getting very hot as you >>after such a nice weekend so that spoiled again out 7 get back the good news is though next weekend be nice again so
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just think about how nice it's about to be as i'm talking about how hot it's about to be these next couple of days you look outside of san francisco this morning is showing overall clear conditions just a touch of fog south of san francisco, not releasing it in the city clear skies obviously for san jose and as well as out to the east bay. >>all the way out to the city you can see well on the distance out there sure sign of just how nice and clear things really are to be kicking off this brand new week. now you'll remember friday. we started the day with a couple of morning sprinkles up in the north bay we saw a couple of the same sprinkles in the north bay friday night to saturday morning. we replaced all the instability with this dome of high pressure which built up especially into sunday. it is going to stay with us in the is this is why we are going to see such sunny skies and temperatures on the rise just as much as they're about to be for the bay area, this means as robin sunshine even out mentioned are the ones that
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are going to really be feel the punch in the days to come 60's and 70's out towards the coast. it is going to be a beautiful day to be heading out to ocean beach other spots along the coastline. 50's inland, temperatures are just a little too toasty for you for woodside today, it's back to 90 degrees. redwood city down to mountain view all in the mid 80's with a look at the south bay, a range of upper 80's to low 90's for daytime highs today, san jose at 89 for your high campbell in morgan hill right at 90 degrees. the santa clara 87, 80's from fremont and hayward but 90's in the tri valley as well as up through san ramon walnut creek to concord richmond berkeley and oakland hold on to the 70's but getting into a warm range of that number napa in the 80's wh pittsburgh in vacaville mid to upper 90's expecting some triple digits in some of these areas just around the corner come tomorrow, wednesday and thursday which will be our 3 hottest days of the forecast. now after that temperatures do decide to work their way back down to seasonal averages come
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friday by saturday and sunday it's really comfortable again with some below normal inland ties back into the low 80's. rebecca. >>all right john. thank you we're starting to see if things get busier and busier here the bay bridge toll plaza look at this a lot more cars here in those cash being lanes you can definitely tell it's monday a lot of folks are getting back to work at this early hour but try to leave early though because this is only going to continue to grow for the next couple of hours. a 9 minute drive time though not too bad into san francisco across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge. i'm not tracking any hot spots, no accidents, no stalls this morning. it should be a nice a smooth ride over to the peninsula. coming out of the east bay on your westbound 92. can you just under a 15 minutes for you so far and the richmond center fell bridge looks great only 7 minutes on west ham 5 80 into the north bay and connecting with one on one so far at this hour in the morning and we're still looking good around the bay area. so it's a little bit slow though as usual for your livermore valley 12 minutes to
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make your way from vasco out %pto the dublin interchange on west bound 5.80. but dublin the into fremont looking good. only 13 minutes on south 6.80 right now and then san leandro to milpitas that that is your commute this morning on south 8.80. i'm tracking about a 19 minute drive time so far and then a quick trip from milpitas into sunnyvale 6 minutes. now westbound to 37 robin all right sounds good. >>well 5 children were killed when a fire broke out overnight at a day care center in northern pennsylvania, 4 of the children or siblings, the 5th, plus a child of the owner, all of them under the age of 10 a neighbor tried to enter the home and rescue the children but says that the flames and the smoke, we're just too strong. investigators
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say that only one smoke detector was found inside of that house and that is that if there had been a prop per number of smoke detectors most are maybe all of the people inside of that house would have survived. well happening today, bill cosby is trying to half a sexual-assault conviction erased. his lawyers will appear before a panel of judges in pennsylvania. so they're challenging the testimony of 5 women who claim that cosby drugged and molested him. no word on when the judges will issue a decision on the matter. cosby is servin and assaulting andrea constand in his home of to in 2004. well parents said one california middle school are very upset after a gender id explanation chart was handing out handed out to their kids, eric rucker explains why parents are so upset. hopped a lot of parents. >>a lot of grandparents and i know a lot the called school.
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>>the controversy and in their middle school surrounds this graphic called the gender unicorn the graphic which can be found on the web site for train student educational resources is meant to educate people about gender identity it was distributed by a science teacher to roughly 50 students this week on the first day of school was not an assignment kids were not asked to fill it out he really was using it as a reference point. >>terry metzger is the superintendent for the din they're unified school district metzger says the 7th and 8th grade science teacher handed out copies of the info graphic to help explain why he doesn't use the pronoun mr. instead using amex pronounced mixed a title which does not imply a gender metzger says the school's principal happened to be in the class of the time in told the teacher to stop handing out copies of the gender unicorn was probably not appropriate. >>i'm just in the way that the. the hand out looked and it looked like it needed to be filled out in so it was just
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probably the wrong tool to the touchy subject and of course it's going to be when it comes to you think can lead to some was the gender spectrum coordinator for the central valley pride center zambrano says she uses the gender unicorn graph for educational purposes for her job adding that while she says the point is not to pry it someone sexuality. she does feel that a breakdown in communication is the real culprit in the case said in their middle school there looking a lot of people who are not going to get it we understand that we respect that. >>you may be living you next time you know the muffin at. >>well that was eric crocker reporting for us this morning. well we're taking a live look outside you want to check in on no reports of any major delays a little bit of cloud cover outside your door. but it is going to be very nice house, nice how hot john trimb back for 54 and
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getting close to that 5 o'clock hour down the golden gate bridge is looking very
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nice and clear to kick this morning off so really no concerns about running into low visibility on this morning. 50's and 60's of or most temperatures are right now north bay and coastal areas in the 50's with the antioch actually pretty close to the 70 degree mark to kick off this morning. now for many of you it is the first day of school kind of hard to believe right school kicking off this week for many districts across the bay area. a bus stop forecast to showing temperatures mostly in the 60's around the time you drop those kiddos off so light jacket will do well but sunny skies through the day today. rebecca. >>all right are kicking things off of the bay bridge toll plaza here where we're seeing it to get a lot busier this morning right before the 5 o'clock hour starts so if this is your commute trying to leave early try to get out here as quick as you can westbound 80 only going to continue to grow as far as the backup. the drive time though still pretty good into san francisco under a 10 minutes so far on west, navy to fremont street. some drive times so we're looking good
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for french a cut in danville 11 minutes on 6.80, but of the dumbarton bridge a little bit slow. it's going to be 11 minutes from the fremont side over to the bayfront expressway and then we're looking at a slowing go on the livermore valley commute to the dublin interchange problem all right sounds good. thank you for that. >>on the kron 4 morning news at 5. final bus service is restored at the celts forced ransom center we're live in san francisco with a look at how this will impact your morning commute. driver under arrest and accused of raping his passenger. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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they say at a certain age you just stop caring. i wonder what age that is. simply ageless with hyaluronic complex. plumps and hydrates for your best skin at any age. from covergirl. ♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>good morning. everybody, thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm james fletcher and. >>i'm robin winston filling in for daria fall so me have a lot going on today school
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starts for some kids, there's a big change in the weather. so there's a lot to talk about let's get started anything on the traffic for before we get to the funeral and your problem in redwood city looks like some lanes are blocked so i get to that in just a bit. what about this warm-up john i know it. going to be fun talking about triple digits back but they are ahead of us. well you know what today is not going to be a triple digit day but it is going to be a day back into the 90's for a few inland areas so. >>time to get the short speck out getting dusted off maybe the flip-flops as well certainly the sunscreen were already off to a clear start to the morning as you can see across the bay. temperatures out there and are these clear skies that we are seeing across the bay area are going


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