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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 12, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this back to school week right, you know hopefully all the teachers got sees these it they are absolutely and anita is going to be a hot recess forecast to get a lot of our extra. looking outside at the golden gate bridge, there's not too much worry about as far as weather goes besides just how hot temperatures are going to be we do have just a touch of fog out at the golden gate bridge is not anything that's blocking out your view, althou now just more and more you are starting to get a little bit more of that hazy look to the sky. >>as the fog just try to settle in right up along the coastlie. there will be fingers of it that try to push on through the peninsula as well as up into the north bay. throughout the course of your morning so you'll see it streaming through at times but overall compared to a lot of our mornings i wouldn't really chalk this up to be a foggy one 50's and 60's for your current temperatures. we were in the 70's just moments ago for pittsburgh are now just falling into the 60's dublin
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in san francisco, as well 7 tail. all in the upper 50's right now so temperatures mild the start not a whole lot of fog to be talking about as you drop the kids off at their first day of school in areas like oakland in pleasanton as we move into the afternoon temperatures really warming up those 60's by the coast 70's by the bay and well up into the upper 80's and some low 90's for inland spots, i've got more details about how hard it will be right where you're at still to come rebecca all right, thank you john it is busy on the roadways we're seeing it pretty pass. >>act, especially here the bay bridge toll plaza you could tell it is back to work for folks as of this monday morning kicks off. it's going to be a little bit of a wait in those cash paying lanes but under 15 minutes in the san francisco, not about overall drive times so far at this point the morning. the san mateo bridge. it looks like and that to camera is frozen, but i can tell you that there's no issues no delays trying to get over to the peninsula. but hey the richmond center fell bridge moving here and 9 minutes for
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your trip from a the richmond area on west bound 5.80 trying to make that connection with one oh one up problem free span and only 9 minutes right now james robin. >>all right, thank you very much. rebecca happening today, a service is set to resume in the sales force transit center almost a year now after close and we're talking about complete bus service. yes, the ac transit buses will be rolling through that's a major component that we are waiting to see it happened kron four's will tran live at the transit center. this morning, we'll. >>i'm inside the transit center and in just a few moments, we'll talk to robert lyles he's the spokesman for ac transit but this is great news for about 13,000 ac transit riders who for nearly the past year had to go to a temporary terminal. a couple of blocks from this location. they had a small sample of it for a couple of weeks and then unfortunately was forced to shut down because of cracks in the bean last month muni buses were finally allowed to go through this location and that was about 10 months after
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shutting down so in san francisco that was great news if you had to travel within the city but for those who had to travel across the bay from say contra costa county and then going to alan media county and then hop on the bus is it was a little bit more difficult. but finally it reopened yesterday and this being the first monday for a lot of people over the weekend. this is where the heavy lifting for them to get so as promised. here's robert lyles with ac transit. why did it take so long robert. >>what took the longest was ensuring that the building was structurally sound so first we think mayors breen shaft for leading the way with the peer review panel but the sea transit board of directors with was adamant that we would not return to this building we would not put an employee or writer back into this building until we are certain that this was structurally sound so in addition to their peer review panel we impaneled our own engineering staff soup to nuts to go through inspection reports and photos ensuring
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that everything that was happening with the process of repairing the fishers that that in fact was structurally sound with the information we gather, we're confident. >>and this is a sweet spot because it brings you closer to downtown san francisco as opposed to the temporary terminal absolutely i mean this is a world class facility where waters of told us for years is that they wanted 2 things they wanted an opportunity to be out of the weather and 2 they one of the time savings on their commute. so we know that the cells first transit center offered both of those particularly the time savings so part of the design of this was including a transit only laying. we knew that our buses were getting caught in the congestion of south of market streets. so now with the transit only lanes are buses are no and no longer god jostling for space on the streets. they can now go directly from the upper deck on to the bus tech. we're hoping that at least a 10 minute savings, particularly in the evening when time is most felt very good. thank you so much poverty, i'll let you talk to the other media as you can see their buses behind me
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ready to roll as well so for the first time in nearly a year, this is available to you you heard robert talk about you can bypass all that traffic and drop you to this location coming up at 6.30 we'll hear from a writer who said he got used to it for a couple of weeks this is supposed to be the grand central of the west and then he was taken away from him, he's happy. it's backed available to him a 30,000 other writers. we'll hear from him in just a few minutes from now back to you guys. >>all right good looking forward to it thank you well. now is 6 oh 5 in other news this morning, a lyft drivers accused of raping a woman on the peninsula after she passed out in the back of his car. it's very disturbing kron 4 sarah stinson live in san bruno with the latest on this investigation, sarah. >>san bruno police say this 25 year-old woman she was trying to get home from a bar on friday night and that's when she saying she was raped by her lyft driver now take a look at the driver who has
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been arrested to there's a picture on your screen. this is tania colo colo of arrested and booked into the san mateo county jail for rape and false imprisonment charges and the woman reported this is saturday morning saying the night before she called for a lyft ride home after drinking at a bar in san mateo she believes she passed out in the back seat and instead of taking her to the intended destination. she says the driver took her to his home in tracy without her permission and then allegedly raped her police do not say or haven't clarified rather if he brought her home afterwards or how she got home and also are still waiting on a few more details on that. but if you have any information about this incident you saw anything suspicious or you've been in this type of situation before with the 46 year-old driver urged to contact san bruno police. they do believe there could be more victims and that's why they're reaching out to the public to see if that is true also we have reached out to lyft we're not we have not heard back quite yet so stay tuned for some of those details were waiting to
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hear back from for now on live in san bruno sarah stinson kron for news okay. thank you sarah. >>also in the south bay now police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man in the shopping center parking lot over the weekend. this was at the 1700 block of story road police say the victim crashed into the parking lot after being shot police still trying to figure out what led up to that shooting and at this point they do not have a good description of the shooter, but let you know if they do come up with one meanwhile 4 people were injured during a shooting in san francisco. that happened at the intersection of fillmore street and golden gate avenue. all 4 victims were taken to the hospital 3 are expected to be okay but the force has life threatening injuries. you see the accident scene here or the crime scene there. no arrests been made yet we'll keep you updated. also in san francisco pedestrian was hit in a and killed in a crash at 5th and market that woman was hit by a taxi saturday night she ended up dying at the scene. this makes now the 15th person this year that was killed while walking or biking in san francisco.
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>>well to the east bay now tribe or managed to escape safely when his car caught fire check out these pictures this is of that damage car. this happened right inside of the caldecott connell that fire shut down the tunnel the border there on highway 24. they held traffic back to clear it and no one was injured. is struggling after a fire destroyed their home this fire forced a man and 6 of his family members from their home last month. and then just hours after that the fire the family's car broke down and then for the last several weeks they've just been forced to couch surf and stay in various hotels and with school starting it's just around the corner for the kids, the man says he does not know what the kids are going to do. >>the only thing so far that we've been able to get somebody is giving us backpacks other than that they lost all their school clothes everything. >>they have nothing so like. go to school same clothes on.
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>>well the family says that they are closing in on a new home but it could still be a few more weeks. >>a district that were discarded cigarette turns out is what caused the grass fire in lake county that's the word anyway for investigators as they look at what's called the gulf fire that burned about acres and is now 95% contained it started thursday broke out along soda bay road and gulf drive at one point the fire threatened about 40 structures and forced evacuations. cal fire says one firefighter suffered minor injuries battling that blaze. happening today, thousands of very students are heading back to school this morning, including oakland and pleasanton and we have extended coverage all week long streaming on our kron on app you can hear from local school leaders get safety tips and learn how to help ease your student into a school routine once again. coverage starts at 8.10 o'clock on the kron on app just use the promo code school to watch free for 30 days. >>well to the south bay now there are growing complaints
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about a cemetery left in disarray, the overgrowth the weeds is just out of control it so bad that some people can no longer find their loved ones it's a mess kron four's taylor sackey has that story. >>it's just so disgraceful. what i'm seeing here and it. it's i'm torn with so many shock anger. over the guilt. >>the pereira visited mission city memorial park this weekend to pay respects to his trandparents, us is very disheartening trouble was he could no longer find their grave site to see as i'm walking around here trying to uncovered my grandfather's and my grandmother's grave site i am i'm just overcome by all these rule war 2 vet rans and vietnam veterans here, and you can't you can even see it. i mean you have to get down in here and. pull this crash left. career and his wife athena spent several hours as weekend searching through high grasses and weeds are family
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chose this cemetery because of that fact because we lived in the city for so long and we thought that. you know it would be taken care of and that we would be taken care of and our families lost some of the cemetery is maintained a good chunk of it looks like this at least 7580% of cemeteries in this condition. pereira later found his grandparents and motor gravesite himself. the city of santa clara says it has 3 full-time grounds maintenance staff is hiring 2 more this month. paris says the cemetery's condition is unacceptable and the city must do more to the east santa clara would like you to step up in just come out here get this property back to where it needs to be and pay respects and people here in santa clara taylor bus at the kron 4 news. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news tennis superstar serena williams she breaks down in tears after she withdraws from the tournaments. >>plus after last week's deadly mass shootings protesters are saying enough
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is enough the message that they have for house speaker nancy pelosi. also after the break new information coming in about coming to light about the hours before the apparent suicide of sex-offender jeffrey epstein. >>and for those of you getting outside this morning. you're doing so with temperatures pretty mild most of us are in the 60's right now d a pretty free of fog as well your forecast ahead. >>and it's a busy morning on the roadways, especially your commute into san francisco. i'm tracking a 14 minute drive time across the upper deck in a san francisco also tracking a new problem in the
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>>our back time now 6.15 we've got john talking about a pretty hot forecast as a lot of kids get ready to head back to school this week, yeah, it's so that morning alright, parents are like oh my goodness i'm more minutes modified going to kind of get up now is for real her oakland pleasanton among those school districts getting back at it
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and doing so today with some hot temperatures back into the upper 70's for oakland for pleasanton in the tri valley it's a 90's this afternoon. so yeah feel like the middle of summer break not just so much anymore looking outside of san francisco. we do have just a touch of fog out there but for the most part the skies have been really clear throughout the course of your morning. >>san jose looking nice and clear and same for you out the new space you start to get a little bit more lie. berkeley oakland marine had winds in san francisco way out in the distance all in clear view on this monday back to work back to school a high of weather as high pressure builds back in you remember the start to the weekend. we have some instability a few sprinkles for the north bay that is not the case anymore as high pressure builds temperatures are about to warm and skies are going to stay very dry in the days to come fire danger going to be on the rise, especially towards the middle of the week tuesday wednesday and thursday as our hottest of temperatures are expected on those same days now as for today already going to be hot
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just not our hottest one a mid 70's for mission in financial districts with 60's out towards the coast. daly city in half moon bay checking in in the low 70's today while a range of 70's tot80's in areas like millbrae and burlingame very much so warmer than we have been the past few days. woodside works its way back up to 90 degrees. well, redwood city in mountain view each up into the mid 80's. upper 80's to low 90's for the south bay today very much so warmer than we have been and warmer than average for this time of year tri valley on up through san ramon walnut creek and up to concord all in the 90's with oakland as i mentioned very close to the 80 degree mark 80's 90's for the north bay vacaville or close a spot to triple digits today and although not expecting triple digits for daytime highs today. you can expect some showing up in your 4 zone forecast come tuesday, wednesday and thursday again our hottest days of the week after this just in time for the weekend we work our way back down to some much more
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seasonable and comfortable conditions. highs fall into the 80's inland by friday and 70's and 60's out towards the coast and a that's a look at your weather rebecca house traffic building up food tracking a new problem john and is a grass fire burning close to the freeway. >>this is in the east bay and son southbound 6.80 right of calaveras fire crews are on scene right now they do have the right lane blocked. so you can see that it's causing a whole lot of attention traffic back to a very close in 2 of the pleasanton area almost 2 that dublin interchange so this is a look at your drive time definitely avoid this stretch wait until traffic starts to thin out and crews have this fire under control southbound 6.80 from dublin to fremont again 46 minutes to try to get down to 2. a 62, so definitely i try to avoid this stretch right now. if you can the bay bridge toll plaza very busy in the san francisco, this is normal for our in the morning. you're looking at the cash paying lanes backed up in the macarthur maze and to get
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that pass the pay gates. it is going to be slow and go across the upper deck a total drive time of 14 minutes so far on westbound 18 robin all right, thank you. rebecca. >>when the wake of the recent mass shootings in gilroy and across the country demonstrators gathered outside the san francisco office, a speaker nancy pelosi over the weekend. kron forcefully to go was there. >>from gilroy to el paso texas, then dayton, ohio, 3 mass shootings within a week and all 3 shooters were white men who express some form of hate federal investigators say the el paso shooter who lived his anti immigrant with ties to white nationalism. adding he admitted late targeted mexicans. local police say the gilroy shooter ultimately killed himself, the fbi is investigating that shooting as an act of domestic terrorism. >>outside house speaker nancy pelosi's district office in san francisco saturday. >>nearly 2 years removed from a deadly car attack by a man
6:20 am
with white supremacist beliefs in charlottesville, virginia protesters place blame on president donald trump for the violence even going so far as to say he supports it which earlier this week he >>because i am not. >>well they use anybody to come and see pelosi. a race not a race. >>at a car to overfly helped organize the rally pelosi has been a holding back. rest of elements are pushing for she's an activist with the grassroots socialist organization people's alliance is that an increasing number of hate crimes and in this last year and since he's taken office, i'm i'm jewish myself. and i know that there's been actions sewer synagogues as
6:21 am
well this week, the house judiciary committee saying it is looking into possibly impeachment against s of the president. >>but that's as a result of special counsel robert mueller's report into obstruction of justice not hate we are in a state of crisis she needs to. >>twist some arms she needs to get people behind this because it's it's important to speaker pelosi did not make an appearance at saturday's rally in san francisco. should all kron 4 news. >>to national news now accuse sec's trafficker jeffrey epstein died saturday in an apparent suicide. that's according to federal officials the 66 year-old was in a manhattan jail awaiting trial and now the fbi is investigating his death. attorney general bill barr who you see there released a statement saturday saying that he was quote appalled not a multimillionaire died while in federal custody. epstein was reportedly found with marks on his neck back on july 23th and was placed on a brief suicide watch took him off that suicide watch at the end of july. it is very difficult to
6:22 am
understand how he was not on a suicide watch and how this happened. >>with without has some involvement with those who responsible the to hold him safely. >>no official cause of death has been released as of yet, but we'll keep you updated as that part of the investigation unfolds. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a man is caught on camera breaking into a bay area home all while the home owner is in the shower. plus 5 children trapped inside of a burning day care we'll hear about the coup critical thing that was missing that could have saved thei i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards,
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the half hour with a check of weather and traffic yes, we've got a major on a grass fire that's burning in the east bay. >>yeah that's right guys is actually in seville on the
6:30 am
grade so causing major traffic jams right now and so and fact yet chp issued a special track of a traffic alert just moments ago for the stretch. it's a southbound 6.80 right in calaveras said they have that far right lane blocked. and there's no estimated time as to when that crews are going to reopen that lane. as they're trying battle this fire in fact a chp also going to be opening a car pool lane to lane. that's all the way to the left that normally the toll lane that you have to pay money to use they're going to be opening not because traffic is a so jammed in this area right now. in fact it's a crawling out of pleasanton and look at this your drive time from the dublin interchange trying to get into fremont almost an hour right now so definitely avoid the etretch of the can definitely use 5.80 instead and just avoided because i'm even tracking delays on 84 of alice ito says people are trying to get through livermore and then transition on the southbound 6.80 just avoid it because again we don't exactly know when those lanes will be reopened we'll get an update in just a bit those are the hot spots for traffic and then john has some hot spots of his
6:31 am
own and love. >>today. he do it is going to be a toasty one into the afternoon, especially rebecca and temperatures are only going uphill from here for much of the rest of the week too looking outside at the golden gate bridge to a couple areas of fog streaming through bo, not really a foggy morning at all just a couple spots on the coast where you're running into it otherwise we're starting this morning off with some very clear skies and already some very mild temperatures most of us are in the low 60's currently was 61 in fremont oakland and delay whole currently a san francisco, san mateo over to dublin in the upper 50's much like must much of the north bay is at this moment. now later on today, we're not just a so comfortable, your daytime highs are going to rise from the 60's 70's to the 80's and even some 90's making their return today and i do have some triple digits back in the forecast which all talk about still to come back to you. thank you very much john happening today, jury
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deliberations resume in the deadly go ship warehouse fire trial. this will be the second week now of deliberations. >>and attorneys say it's taking the jury this long because they've got a lot to consider in order to find eric elmen and max harris guilty the jury has to determine if the 2 defendants knew better then to host an event inside of a building that the prosecution says was a fire trap. if they are found guilty both men could face up to 39 years in prison. in the south bay, a home security camera captures a man breaking into a home in and stealing several valuable items while the homeowner was inside. so this was in san jose last wednesday morning and you can see the video here showing the burglar he snuck through a screen door in the back of the house and made off with about $20,000 worth of jewelry. but what you can see in this video is the fact the homeowner was inside in fact in the other room taking a shower. >>i have a really really scared because. what if i went outside the door and she outside the shower door, she was that he was there and he will ask me something in or he would just kill me when. carol
6:33 am
showed me the picture i was really scared as an oh my god innovation here in this so scary. >>husband and was outside helping a neighbor at the time of the break in since then of course the families installed more cameras around the home. >>to the south bay now officials held over the weekend for the victims of the gilroygarlicfestival mass shooting assembly members community leaders, an anti violent activists. they all gathered to denounce gun violence across the country. rachel mitchell sent from the group moms demand action. she says that they're using this moment to get the us senate to vote on universal background checks, and red flag law. >>every day a 100 people pass away from gun violence. so that while these mass shootings got a lot of attention as they should. we also. >>all forms of gun violence to end. >>some survivors of the garlic festival mass shooting also
6:34 am
took time to tell their stories hoping to persuade lawmakers to take action. well oakland will also hold a vigil for the mass shooting victims congresswoman barbara lee she said to holes the night of healing how that happens tomorrow starts at 5.30 that goes until 07:00pm let's just outside of oakland city hall guest speakers will include the mayors of oakland and alameda along with the co founder, founder of black lives matter. >>lady gaga is reaching out now to students affected by recent mass shootings, including the one in gilroy the singer-songwriter announced on facebook her born this way foundation which will fully fund 23 classroom projects in gilroy 14 in dayton and a 125 in el paso texas. she wrote those classrooms will now have access to the support they need to inspire their students to work together and bring their dreams to life. other big story. we're following senator kamala harris's campaign is responding now to a national rifle association attacked the called her response to gun reform legislation, quote ridiculous
6:35 am
that in part cup presidential hopeful's campaign sent a fundraising email out describing the nra's criticism and then asking its supporters too make a contribution to the campaign. so has the resources it needs to respond. this comes a day after harris took part in a last minute gun reform presidential candidate forum that was held in des moines, iowa. not prepared to put in place. >>i am prepared when elected to give the united states congress 100 days to pull their act together on this and put a bill on my desk for signature and if they do not i will take executive action. >>the forum was organized by an activist group following last weekend's mass shootings in el paso and dayton, which left a total of 31 people dead. harris was among 16 democratic presidential candidates to take part in that forum. >>you know they will be ending service early this is for the next 2 weeks and it's for maintenance work so make sure you plan your evening commute accordingly meaning service between the embarcadero and the west portal stations will
6:36 am
end at 09:30pm tonight, but they will have shuttles for you though shuttle buses, we'll be serving the affected nearly stop starting at 9.30 that runs all the way until 01:00am. >>and today bus service resumes at the sales force transit center almost a year now after it had to close down unexpectedly it's been a while let's get the buses early and a teacher of the buses are the last a major component that needed to reopen so we have kron four's will tran he is live at that ransom center with the latest will. >>i'm watching that people get off the buses, i know they're very happy because. monday's before today's me step out of the way monday's before today they were dropped a few blocks from this location. >>because this was not available to them, but as you can clearly see buses are finally rolling into the terminal here because they looked at all all the means the structures everything that they sot was in jeopardy because of the cracks will now
6:37 am
it's available and actually james been open to people on sunday but this being the first monday in about a year for a lot of people this is that day back from the weekend so now they're closer than ever to their jobs because of the cracks that happened a year ago it opened only 6 weeks. so the people of san francisco billed as the grand central of the west and then about a month and a half into it they discovered all kinds of problems that they had to shut this location down send out engineers, look at what caused didn't how do we attack it and how do we fix it. it took a long time to the point where people were not even allowed to drive underneath the walkway or even being near the transit center and finally last month muni was allowed to finally get closer to it and then on sunday ac transit so we getting slowly, but surely back to normal. i talked to a writer just a few minutes ago, he says it was hard being tease with such a good item and then for it to be taken away. >>i'm glad it finally reopen.
6:38 am
i've been waiting for but every else to raise like 11 months. open those kind of a tease last to first i was here last year was and i get to experience it again for a second time so a big of an inconvenience wasn't freedom. i was about 2 blocks of an inconvenience. i work little he liked the block away on second street. >>here's the thing because and yes the dead temporary terminal was about 3 blocks from this location close to the embarcadero but a lot of writers james or robin they were stuck in traffic because there was not a designated lane for the buses to bypass all that traffic and come here so that commute became a bigger aa can even longer headache. so yes, it's only about 3 blocks in beautiful downtown san francisco, but the time it ate up being caught in traffic. cops to a lot of people valuable time. now you don't have to worry about it. the buses are here
6:39 am
and they are ready to roll back to you. >>good. thank y happy commuters this morning absolutely. >>the superstar serena real williams she got pretty emotional after withdrawing from the rogers cup final in canada because of her back injury. williams broke down in tears as she pulled out of the championship match against bianca andreescu williams suffered back spasms and then she left the match up 3 games to one at the time. andreescu the winner of the tournament title. the champion, then she you know comfort williams and embraced or as the crowd cheered. >>i'm at my best moment is definitely today out there with >>i don't usually a fan. i mean i was before like i said, but i'm. i was really said that and she a lot better so that was really nines. >>19 year-old bianca andreescu is now the first canadian to win the canadian tournaments since 1969. americana gold
6:40 am
medalists at the pan american games in perm rumor mill during his team's medal ceremony as the us national anthem was played all participants signed agreements that they would not make political religious or racial remarks during the game. but the fence or race him impotent he kneeled anyway. but in says that he wanted to bring attention to gun control. the mistreatment of immigrants and also stopping racism. he says former 49 er and activists calling capper it inspired him to you. >>in this case. i fall you know colin kaepernick and the other athletes in the nfl they've been protesting. and you know i i decided to take a knee and join them in and represent a in protest. in my own way. >>well he was one of 2 players who protested during the games. american hammer thrower gwen berry she raised a fist during the anthem after winning the gold and bringing awareness to social injustice in america.
6:41 am
>>and look outside this morning, temperatures in the 50's and 60's to start things off low 60's in hayward and fremont right now livermore right at 60 degrees. i've got the rest your forecast ahead. >>and i'm following a traffic alert in the east face in all a grass fire definitely avoid southbound it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. successful weekend for san francisco's outside lands music festival. there was increased security of course as we had hundreds of thousands of people descend on golden gate park. >>but festival goers were just happy to enjoy all the live music as officers kept a close watch on everybody. this year was also the first time the pot products were available for people to purchase and use in the park during the event. so even with the massive crowds over the last 3 days as apd reported no major incidents, everybody was just chillin man. fund that's a
6:45 am
good thing they had at this weekend as opposed to probably this coming week going to be >>tosi was already sunny enough out there, on sunny all the way as the sun went down well the nobles and the idea not a >>this week, yeah it's getting hot guys so. triple digits for some right, yeah come tuesday wednesday and thursday that's when we could see those triple digits back from any of our inland areas. today we're not quite get into the triple digits but close looking outside at san francisco skies very clear to start this morning looking at some clear skies as well over san jose and out into the east bay 2 remaining nice and sunny so far so that's the way we're going to sit throughout the course of your monday and as high pressure continues to build you can be sure that our inland areas are going to be quite hot in the days to come this will bring some of our hottest temperatures we fell so far this month. we've normally been feeling or
6:46 am
warmups during the weekends, the past couple of weeks. we're actually it's switching this pattern up now and we're warmest right in the middle of the week and cooling down our weekends which is some good timing. 60's and 70's for your daytime highs on the peninsula today. these are going to be some of our more comfortable areas because elsewhere we're talking those highs back in the 90's even for a couple spots on the peninsula like wood side right at 90 degrees today, south bay checking in with temperatures back into the 90's for areas like campbell saratoga los gatos in morgan hill while san jose just shy of the 90 degree mark 80's and 90's for most of the east bay hanging on to the 70's for oakland but getting close to 80 today. concord up to 94 walnut creek and danville not far behind that vacaville you're close a spot to the triple digits today not quite getting there but very close some 60's out at the coast but stinson beach in point raise even just under that 70 degree mark today. so as a mentions tomorrow wednesday and thursday these
6:47 am
are your hottest days of the forecast 90's inland, even a few triple digits. look at our beside temperatures well into the mid 80's come wednesday and even our coastal areas in some cases will be nearing the 80 degree mark on his very warm friday we return to normal in by saturday and sunday. it's back to some much more comfortable weather as i mentioned just in time for the weekend. that's your forecast for becca we had a hot spot earlier how is the holding up now yeah well it's improving as far as of the fire is out but traffic is just a mess in the area in fact. >>a special traffic alert still in effect for the snow graded southbound 6.80 right of calaveras the crews have that right lane blocked so that is causing a big traffic jam in this area in fact even on 84 about the ceos both sides of the free we're looking at said trying to come into south 6 city that is all jammed up as well trying and as folks are trying to get to from the dublin interchange down through signal that is completely jammed again no
6:48 am
estimated time as to the lane will be re opened and tropical recover because crews are still on scene though the fire has been put out a look at your drive time right now over an hour trying to get from dublin through pleasanton and then eventually into fremont so avoid that stretch. you want to take a 5.80 and said kind of go round about way because otherwise you're going to get stuck in this in fact there's been a couple of fender benders also make matter matters worse in the back of itself. a nice sunny shot here the bay bridge toll plaza, but it is a packed here at the pay gates. you can see the cash paying lanes backed up in the macarthur maze your drive time. just about 15 minutes so across the upper deck into san francisco. the san mateo bridge, yes, more cars on the roadway and in fact the drive time bumped up about 5 minutes versus last check were now at 20 minutes is still not bad. but it is going to be sluggish speeds under the limit on westbound 92 trying to make their way over to that 1 one connector on the peninsula back to the news. well fans got their
6:49 am
first look at the 2019 raiders this weekend for week one of the pre season against the rams. >>but one star player was not at the game didn't even bother to show up and that's stirring up a little bit of drama around the league kron four's jason tomas has an update. >>most of the top players on the raiders and the rams to ensued up on saturday in the opening pre season game between the 2 teams but it did give jon gruden a great chance to see how these young guys have progressed 2 names that stood out and he mentioned specifically after the game arden key keelan doss the defensive end and wide receiver, gruden very happy with both of those young guys progression in the early pre season, but after the game of course, the main topic was the absence of star receiver antonio brown dealing with frostbite to his feet and an issue with his helmet we got jon gruden's thoughts after the game. >>has been a lot of reports out there i can say i agree with certainly but i support this guy and i think that's
6:50 am
what needs to be said. i don't know what anybody's right now what anybody thinks, but is this foot injury was in his fall. you know this was a total accident as it was really was in his fall. and it's in a serious injury i know some people are smart net it, but it's really not a laughing matter the guys is was hurt. he's an essay didn't do anything wrong. and the helmet thing is a personal matter to him, you know he has a strong feeling about what he's worn on his head and we're supporting. we understand the league's position as well so we're a tough spot. and we hope antonio is back here soon because exciting to be around i'm excited. i got some place warm hope we can start home. >>and of course that topic with antonio brown will be at the forefront until we get a decision either way from the league and see the status of his feet moving forward and now for the raiders as a team. they take on arizona cardinals next week on the road of course will have coverage leading up to that game right on kron 4 reporting from the
6:51 am
coliseum i'm jason do mosque kron 4 sports. >>well now the other bay area sports of sepsis good right now so they will retire will clark's number during a pregame ceremony yesterday the judge made that announcement saying that no giant will ever again where number 22. the giants are traditionally only retired the numbers of players who are in the hall of fame. but last year that policy changed when they retire the number 25 for barry bonds. clark wait for the giants for 8 seasons and made the all-star team 5 times now was given the highlights from yesterday's game against the phillies as the pictures started flying, let's go to the 6 national the bats came alive giants at the plate scooter connect blasting one deep to right that was a splash it home run at the phillies would score again fact they were tied up 66 within the 8 and 9th innings the giants bats or read a less and in the end. they want 96. the final score over the phillies johnson have a day off today the rest up before the bay bridge series begins
6:52 am
with the oakland a's tomorrow night. speaking of the a's they were on the road against the chicago white sox let's pick up the action at the top of the 4th matt olsen connection here sending a drive to deep to right that one gone for a 2 run home run the a's would hang on to win by shutting out white sox as i said the a's coming back to town now the rest of today and then the come across the bay to face the giants at oracle park. here's a quick check of the big board this morning as we're watching the markets and you can see the dow is where about 22 minutes into the trading day has dropped. significantly once again we're down by almost 200 points here to start the trading day just about ready to dip below the 26,000 mark. >>we'll keep an eye on where the numbers go. >>i mean a warning key in washington. thousands of 3 kids are waiting to be tested. and the federal funding that pays for not testing runs out
6:53 am
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beautiful start to the day look at the golden gate bridge hardly any fog out there this morning. >>as you're sending the kids back to school for a few school districts today do expect your morning temratures in the 60's under the sunny skies for one of our school districts heading back oakland you can expect the 60's this morning as well but upper 70's this afternoon warmer than this past weekend was an even warmer temperatures around the corner come tuesday, wednesday and thursday back to you looking forward to that thank you john. >>coming up in the next hour on the kron 4 morning news, the final bus service is restored at the sales force transit center. we are live in san francisco will take a look at how traffic's moving through that center this morning. and bay area lyft driver is under arrest accused of raping his passenger.
6:57 am
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>>thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, alk about cher we got lots to this hour weather and traffic has what will start with and how the roads are back. >>roads are busy out there actually an earlier crossfire that was out, but it's causing a big traffic jam in the east bay song go over that okay and some hot spots and whether this week right definitely no shortage of those for you we >>or even talk in some trouble, jets in the days to come maybe not today. but tuesday wednesday and thursday. ay ialready off to a very clear start even the golden gate bridge getting a good dose of sunshine to kick things off on this monday, skies just along the coastline is really where you're seeing any of that fog right along the peninsula, there elsewhere though plenty of sunshine already in a mild start to the morning as most of us are actually in the 60's that includes san jose at 63 right now pittsburgh, holding on to the 70's until just about an hour ago now falling into the


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