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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  August 12, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>our top story tonight at 5.30 some state republican lawmakers are calling for the suspension of california is a dmv voter registration the program started in 2018. but critics say it needs to be put on hold before the 2020 election. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains as california inches closer to the 2020 election republican state lawmakers want to halt the dm these motor voter program an independent accounting firm released an audit of the program days before lawmakers return to the capital from summer break monday auditors say they reviewed 3 million of the roughly 5 million registered from the program but did not find any major errors such as registering the wrong political party preference or allowing someone to vote who should not have. >>but the firm did not rule out the possibility there could be major issues with the registrations it did not review. dmv officials say last year one error may have kept
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600 people from voting and another error may have allowed 1500 people to incorrectly registered to vote assemblyman jim patterson notes the audit showed a 10% error rate in registrations reviewed he says even still the audit is incomplete the sanctity the correctness a voter registration is fundamental to the legitimacy. and i think that there's ample evidence now to to demonstrate. >>that the president motor voter system is so inaccurate that cannot be trusted and has to be suspended in order to make sure that fair elections take place without the possibility of of of these kinds of errors secretary of state alex by the us office did not directly respond to calls for suspension of the program monday his office referred us to this letter pi the us and the department of finance calling the program a success for democracy and saying in part.
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>>errors at the dmv threaten to undermine confidence in the program in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>now to a developing story we're tracking in the wake of accused sec's trafficker jeffrey epstein's death. us attorney general bill barr is bringing up concerns about the new year jail where epstein was housed. barr says an investigation into irregularities needs to be conducted. the fbi has already started an investigation into the 66 year-old to death. epstein was reportedly found with marks on his neck july 23th and was placed on a suicide watch but less than a week later psychologist took him off suicide watch barr spoke at a policing conference today condemning the metropolitan correctional center for not preventing epstein's death. >>i was appalled. and indeed the whole department was and frankly, angry. of the mcc is failure to adequately secure.
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this prisoner. we are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility. they are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. the fbi and the office of inspector general. are doing just that. we will get to the bottom of what happened. and there will be accountability. >>they've seen died saturday and an apparent suicide. the multimillionaire was facing charges of sex-trafficking while the criminal case is over civil cases from alleged victims could be filed against his estate. >>san jose mayor sam liccardo is proposing new citywide regulations to combat gun violence under the proposed ordinance gun owners would be required to purchase liability insurance for their weapons. if successful the regulation would be the first of its kind in the country the insurance would cover accidental discharge as well s by
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3rd parties who steal or borrow the gun, anyone who cannot afford the insurance would be charged a per household fee. the ordinance will be heard by a committee next week before being presented to the city council. former vice president to joe biden says if he's elected president he will push to ban assault weapons. his pledge comes amid a renewed national debate on how to curb gun violence. back in 1994 biden was one of the leaders of the effort to enact a 10 year ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines in 2004 he tried to extend the bands before they expired but failed. he blamed the nra and gun manufacturers saying that they had put the republican party in a quote headlock. >>happening now police in san francisco are searching for a % gunman after a shooting over the weekend we have pictures from the scene here happened at the intersection of fillmore street and golden gate avenue late saturday night. that's right outside of a mcdonald's police say 4 people were injured in that shooting 3 are expected to be
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ok but one has life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. and san jose police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in a shopping center over the weekend happened on story road near king road. that's close to the target and walgreens there police say the victim crashed ing center parking lot after the shooting. right now officers are working to figure out a motive and the description of the shooter. >>but we are get ready for a little summer heat around the bay area a lot of kids going back to school today, the temperatures now they're going to get hot spots out there right now clear all all the way to the coastline. tonight you may see just a hint to some patchy fog not going to be much maybe just along the coastline and sliding inside the bay it's going to be thin lair and it's going to be compressed right down the service, so maybe a little thick up toward the beaches but by tomorrow morning, yes going disappear again only a few patches return again as we head into our wednesday morning and then after that may be beginning to see some change we're really not going to see much in the way of fog. that means is temperatures going to warm up city, san francisco tomorrow downtown 71
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degrees about 66 in the sun sets 75 the mission 67 degrees in daly city 64 pacific as sunny and bright in the afternoon 79 in burlingame 76 in number 83. >>in foster city 86 in mount view lot 80's in the south even some 90's by tomorrow afternoon hot inland to see those temperatures popping up near a 100 degrees in livermore 98. in danville about 98 in concord 80 degrees in berkeley 89 in the napa valley 87 in play about 87 in sandra fell and 85 degrees and sunny in san anselmo. >>thank you lawrence you could say it's been a eventful offseason for raiders receiver antonio brown to put it mildly he's been doing with this bizarre. >>foot injury and and he's also in a fight with the nfl over the helmets to let players wear today his request to wear the same kind of helmet he's worn for the past 10 years was the night in cape bruny is with us now with the i guess the biggest headline maybe kate is that it seems as
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though he's willing to tolerate whatever new helmet he chooses in key play football. >>i think he decided he loved football enough to tolerate money. where the other we may never know but amid rumors that he would retire if things didn't go in his favor, new raiders receiver antonio brown filed a grievance with the nfl friday petitioning for the right to wear a helmet of his choice. today an arbitrator decided in the nfl's favor and happily for the raiders it appears brown will not be retiring after after the decision came down ron posted this to instagram well i disagree with the arbitrator's decision i'm working on getting back to full health, looking forward to rejoining my teammates on the field, i'm excited about this season. appreciate all the concerns about my feet now as for the helmet hope to continue wearing the same home that he's worn since his rookie season, but the nfl doesn't allow the use of safety equipment that's more than 10 years old so now brown will have to choose from 34 different league approved. and as for the foot injury. he got
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frostbite after going into a cryogenic therapy chamber without the proper footwear now throughout. jon gruden the raiders haven't wavered in their support of brown. >>i support this guy and i think that's what needs to be said. now no. what anybody's right now what anybody thinks, but is this foot injury was in his fall. you know this was a total accident as it is really was in his fall. and it's in a serious injury i know some people are smart net it, but it's really not a laughing matter the guys is was hurt his essay didn't do anything wrong. and a helmet thing is a personal matter to him, you know he has a strong feeling about what he's worn on his head and we're supporting and we hope antonio is back here soon because. exciting to be around i'm excited. i got some place hope we can start home. >>there's no eta so far on when brown might return from the foot injury but for now the readers and fans just relieved that he isn't hanging up his proverbial helmet just yet whether it's for the money or the love of the game. i guess is tbd yeah.
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>>maybe a little boat. still has us frostbitten feet though he nesting motor home with honor they shared picture you to say around i think takes gate. we're super california school district on the first day of school. but a teacher handed to students, it's causing a lot of parents who get upset and riafter e break, we'll tell you about a new study that says teenagers uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years.
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>>for your health tonight, a new study says saving is a gateway to marijuana use for young people. researchers say nicotine re wires the developing brain. and it also changes how people respond to and crave addictive substances. the research looked at 20 pre existing studies of people ages 10 to 24. it showed the odds of marijuana use and those who vape we're more than 3 times higher than those who didn't.
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>>the jury in the go ship trial has not yet reached a verdict after deliberating for more than a week now after the break we'll get
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>>after a long weekend jury deliberations continue today in the ghost ship warehouse trial. a verdict could be headed down any day now but it is taking the jury some time to reach a verdict. joining us now to talk about the latest in the trial. our friend and criminal defense attorney paula canny paula thanks for being with us. does it tell you it's good news for the defendants perhaps that is taking longer than a day or so. >>person isn't convicted is a good day for the defendants, i mean the jury started deliberating july 31th. it's been a bunch of good days for defense. the other thing is
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you know they only deliberate monday through thursday from about 9.30 to 4 they take a bow and to our. i mean that if you think about it the verdict itself is daunting they have 39 counts as to each each defendant that 78 verdict forms they would have. one of the largest if not the largest number. farm sites scene in a california criminal trial. so just to fill out the forms if they reach a verdict is itself going to be daunting and then the other thing from what i've heard there doesn't appear to be. you know like a breakdown there has been hurt. you know yelling the jury first look on pretty high. he went there going from. luncheon coming back to launch there isn't this signs of sort of clusters where there's one group and that group isn't talking to the other group and there is
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an overwhelming amount of effort and that these jurors have. consider and you know the ramifications of their decision are absolute huge to many many many people so clearly they're deliberating. >>i do think they may come come up with a verdict this week. this the jury's and. that's what i think i think that it's it's such a fundamental split fill but larry has to. the defense argument was the prosecution. chase was a sham. and they're scapegoating these 2 individuals and it's interesting jurors at. the property manager tenant holder interchangeable terms and what's the legal definition of an on. person so i kind of
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think thy're struggling with that notion of should you hold these 2 people responsible when so many people had a fard in that deadline. >>this case would be retried if it is a hunter. >>that's that's interesting. so it's complicated it depends on split. it's a 6 to 6 split. probably not think of how much money has gone into this case, maybe they could on for the law, a plea bargain remember well there are a canal acts nearest of been in custody during this entire process so they've been. and in jail during this entire maybe they could do a credit for time serve a plea bargain i mean it's complicated and so i don't know it will depend on the split it will depend on on
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a lot of different things ok paula canny the fact that ernie we've got john speed, i'll stand by you never know right. >>over to you hey guys are talking about the heat the hot temperatures coming our way what about some showers snow, not rain drops talking meteor showers the perseids meteor showers played take place tonight might want eck out especially after midnight tonight and look to the northeast of the moon yes going to be rising up a little bright there tonight so not the best for that, but you should see nice clear skies go outside grab a light jacket on. enjoy you may see as many as 20 meteors per hour things that go in overnight tonight, a beautiful sight out there toward the golden gate bridge we've got mostly clear skies and just a little haze out there get ready for some summer heat to settle into the bay area said these temperatures near triple digits in the valleys tomorrow. i think even hotter than that as we head toward the next few days, check it out those temperatures warming up yet wednesday and thursday the peak of the heat bef controversy within a
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school district near term lock. >>yeah officials are stopping a science teacher from handing out informational sheet that explain sexually preferences. eric crocker report. >>hopped a lot of parents a lot of grandparents and i know a lot the called school. >nthe controversy and in their middle school surrounds this graphic called the gender unicorn the graphic which can be found on the web site for train student educational resources and is meant to educate people about gender identity it was distributed by a science teacher to roughly 50 students on the first day of school was not an assignment kids were not asked to fill it out he really was using it as a reference point. terry metzger is the superintendent for the din they're unified school district metzger says the 7th and 8th grade science teacher handed out copies of the info graphic to help explain why he doesn't use the pronoun mr.
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iistead using amex pronounced mixed a title which does not imply a gender metzger says the school's principal happened to be in the class of the time in told the teacher to stop handing out copies of the gender unicorn was probably not appropriate. >>i'm just in the way that the. the hand out looked and it looked like it needed to be filled out in so it was just probably the wrong tool to the touchy subject and of course it's going to be when it comes to you think can lead to some was the gender spectrum coordinator for the central valley pride center zambrano says she uses the gender unicorn graph for educational purposes for her job adding that while she says the point is not to pry it someone sexuality. she does feel that a breakdown in communication is the real culprit in the case said in their middle school there looking a lot of people who are not going to get it we understand that we respect that. >>you may be living you next time you know the muffin at. >>that was eric crocker reporting for us the superintendent declined to say whether the teacher faced any
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disciplinary actions and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 thanks for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time right now it's time for the news at 6 with ken and pam alright grant vicki, thanks you both coming up next on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock a fiery crash in the south bay. >>when an suv collides with the cta bus tonight. the scene still active lives. emergency crews will have a live report plus starting this week north bay fire victims can file bay fire victims can file claims with pg need but a oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that'so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>suv burst into flames in a dramatic crash with of eta bus in san jose. thank you for joining us tonight i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne a close call for both drivers and happened around 2 this
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afternoon to king road and cutting him avenue in east san jose. >>as for we find kron four's sackey she joins us live with the very latest taylor. >>well if you're heading out this way or this meaning you definitely want to avoid this area considering it's going to be closed down for several more hours as you can see the dta bus its birth and in the vehicle that crashed into it still on scene. many pg e trucks working to put to clear those downed power lines before they can actually get rid of those vehicles, but if you take a look earlier today, the san jose fire apartment today. com our collided with a bt a bust, causing a car fire. they say all the passengers on that bt abe also were transferred to a new bus and left the area. crews are still on scene working to clean up the electrical wires and downed power lines now because of those power lines pge says more than 2000 customers are without power right now because of this crash while we're told all of the bt 8 passengers were transferred to a new boss, we're still working on finding out how that driver of that car


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