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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  August 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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cutting him avenue in east san jose. >>as for we find kron four's sackey she joins us live with the very latest taylor. >>well if you're heading out this way or this meaning you definitely want to avoid this area considering it's going to be closed down for several more hours as you can see the dta bus its birth and in the vehicle that crashed into it still on scene. many pg e trucks working to put to clear those downed power lines before they can actually get rid of those vehicles, but if you take a look earlier today, the san jose fire apartment today. com our collided with a bt a bust, causing a car fire. they say all the passengers on that bt abe also were transferred to a new bus and left the area. crews are still on scene working to clean up the electrical wires and downed power lines now because of those power lines pge says more than 2000 customers are without power right now because of this crash while we're told all of the bt 8 passengers were transferred to a new boss, we're still working on finding out how that driver of that car is doing again to take a look at
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that area still very at active. and this intersection will be closed for another. reporting live in san jose teller sackey kron 4 news taylor is hank hughes san francisco police are on the hunt for the person who broke into a rental car. >>the being used rather by former baseball slugger alex rodriguez, a siege reportedly got away with $500,000 worth of jewels and electronics our grant lodes is here he has the details on all of this grant can up him hard to relate for most have you left half a million worth of items but anywhere a much less in a car in san francisco. >>a run against as alleged con for that much we've been reporting about this vehicle break in at the diavik in san francisco for years now he was in town calling the giants and phillies game. he was working for the that was broadcasting the game. we're told he went to dinner at a restaurant on brennan and that's just blocks from oracle park where the crime occurred and you can see
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sfpd here looking at that rented suv busted out back window. a source within the san francisco police department tells kron 4 the thieves managed to get away with about $500,000 worth of jewelry and electronics according to the sfpd items taken include rolex watches. or a camera gear, a laptop and other electrical equipment on a rod instagram page yesterday he posted several pictures. showing how he was out and about around the city at this point he has not released a statement about the vehicle break in the sfpd burglary unit is handling the case. we're told it has a top priority. designation they really want to crack this one asap lot of money out there, pam ken back to you all right grant, thank you. >>a lyft driver now facing kidnapping and rape charges after allegedly sexually assaulting a female passenger
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prosecutors prosecutors say this all happened after the driver picked up a woman from us and the tail barkoff force in kerman live at the san mateo county courthouse in redwood city with details dan. >>well they say this victim remembers very little they say that she was very intoxicated and unconscious, but they believe they can prosecute this case they believe she was sexually assaulted and now they're looking for other victims. lyft driver tony color colo has been charged with the kidnapping and rape of an unconscious female passenger picked up over the weekend in san mateo. prosecutors say after dropping off the victim's friend in south san francisco, instead of taking the victim who was heavily intoxicated back to her san bruno home call the colo took her to his home in tracy where prosecutors say he sexually assaulted her. >>with a bit of a man in tracy she doesn't have any idea who it is that's would call the police and the police and vote
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all the right protocols in terms of examination. prosecutors say the 25 year-old victim has no memory of what went on. >>other than cola co agreed to drive her home in the morning. san mateo county prosecutors say he's the 4th rideshare driver to be prosecuted for sexual-assault in the last 18 months. >>and i know there's millions of rides that are being given at all times but this makes it a matter of concern for the public that we've not had the 4th one of these in the short time period. >>lyft says all prospective drivers, a screen for criminal offenses and criminal background checks are conducted annually. prosecutors say called the colo has no criminal record. still they're investigating whether he may have assaulted other riders. >>it's unusual that a man you know it is what is the mid 30's or early 40's, something like that starts with a crime like this at this stage of life so. yes, we are very interested in anybody else who might have been a victim of this man. >>well the caller made his first court appearance but did not enter a plea today. he's
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due back in court on the 19th and remains in the county jail in lieu of $500,000 bail live at the county courthouse in redwood city dan kerman kron 4 news stands. thank you a firefighter was hurt while responding to a fire in the fruitvale neighborhood in oakland, it started around 11 o'clock this morning when crews arrived they found the fire. >>burning in the back of a clothing store the fire is out about an hour later. firefighter did have a minor injury. no one else was hurt. >>a group of police officers is suing the city of oakland and its police commission because they were fired. the 5 officers were cleared by 6 a separate investigations, all of them tied to the deadly shooting of joshua pollack the homeless man was lying on the ground between 2 homes at the time officers say he ignored their commands and when he set up they opened fire on him holick was found with a gun nearby the new lawsuit claims of the police commission ignore the facts in the case and fired officers who had
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been exonerated their attorneys say the decision violates the city charter and in municipal code, san francisco police are asking the public for help to try to solve a cold case murder investigation. >>wednesday march 13 years since castle was killed the 17 year-old student was in the intersection of grove and baker streets in the city when he was shot several times. now at $250,000 reward is being offered in the case and on wednesday ever cast his mother is expected to speak out about the fight for justice for her son. >>developing news tonight members of the jury and the ghost ship warehouse fire trial returned to the courthouse today for day 6 of deliberations today, one of the defense attorneys talked about a 3rd possible outcome if the jury cannot reach a verdict kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>there are 3 potential deliberation out cubs for the jury of the ghost ship fire trial in oakland guilty. not guilty. and a hung jury. >>the longer a jury is out to more likely.
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>>if convicted co-defendant derrick that terrorists could serve up to 39 years behind bars for the death of 36 people who died during the fire the ghost ship warehouse back on december second 2016 the 12 jurors less reach a unanimous decision of the their guilt or innocence with this being the 6th day of deliberations, the defense attorney for their economy and a tony serra talks about what would happen if the jury does not agree on a largest. >>criteria for what occurs is. how did it happen. so we normally find that out for instance, if it's 11 to one for a conviction. why you're not going get anything in negotiations. if you want to retry the case if it's 11 to one for we will we probably would negotiate something very favorable because the district attorney would believe my god it's going
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>>ash the possibility of one dissenting juror preventing a unanimous decision was addressed during the defense closing argument with the defense encouraging stand your ground stick by your guns. >>50 hours late, you know be persevere in the of the voices are louder be for severe and so i was encouraged in the minority if there was a minority that was not guilty not to give it up. >>the 6th day of deliberations has ended with no verdict. jurors will be back at it again tuesday morning at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland has it made you >>happening tonight new unit will be ending its subway service early for maintenance rk, the work will go on for the next 2 weeks. the new service between the embarcadero and west portal stations will stop running at 00:30pm tonight there will be shuttle buses, serving all the affected many stops again starting at 9 30 in running through 01:00am these evening closures will happen for the next 2 weeks so plan your
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evening supporting. >>class is already back in session for a lot of bay area students and found 4 is getting you ready for school all week on kron on earlier today to resist asio visit with an east bay 5th grade classroom to see how the for sale classes going so far. >>i am here in the 5th grade if airlines elementary school in pleasanton and i just learned the coolest rick can't wait so the kids are like super. quiet which is fantastic. but you guys just did this like really cool thing that was the whole thing to get them to quite hawk. talk talk talk it was amazing i like the other one was the other one that. >>we've got a degree and a weird to have a day we've got 2 years. >>team. >>right so we're in this really spectacular and cool classroom that i'm learning
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all kinds of like really cold techniques you have an interesting background before you became a teacher tell me a little. close actually whil became a teacher for 5 years i was in oakland raider at cheering for the oakland raiders. >>from 2009 to 2014. and so we utilize a lot of those strategies of tearing dancing singing all day every day in 5th grade. >>but the really cool thing i've known as is that that really provides a lot of energy and a lot of spirit that really creates kind of a community in your class or absolutely that's most important things teachers is that we connect with because if you don't have that strong tight relationship in the bonds. it's very hard to learn think so we we know as teachers that we have to connect to have to really and one of the ways to the ice through making learning fun. and you are having fun first day of school what are you looking forward to with this wonderful new classroom. i am most looking forward to just learning. my new little people
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knew little batch of cupcakes a job share with my friend, jenny eyes and fees and we both their moms at home to help young ones it's all about balance and we're looking forward to just having a really successful year that cost and making it a dream team which is what we are. >>on getting you ready for school all this week you can hear from local school leaders get safety for now to help ease your student into a school routine coverage continues tomorrow on the kron on app use the promo code school to watch free for 30 days. kicked out of the car and left on the side of the road now police looking for the driver. >>plus a friend of the dayton shooter arrested and charged with police say he did. >>that ended up helping the gunman carrying out carry out a mass shooting and next a wildfire victims can start filing claims against pg any for help but there is a de
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>>starting this week wildfire victims can file claims for housing assistance and other needs with pg e those claims go through the utilities wildfire assistance program. a federal judge overseeing pg e's bankruptcy case approved the funds a few months ago. it will cover victims of the north bay fires and a series of other fires. the deadline to apply for the funds is november 15th. attorneys are also reminding victims who want to join the bankruptcy law suit against utility that that deadline to file a claim is october 21th. >>the number of complaints against positions in california is up sharply since 2017 a los angeles times analysis of medical board data show allegations against doctors are up 62% during the fiscal year, the board that more than 11,000 complaints against physicians and surgeons. this is the most it has ever received the report says the rise coincides with
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the beginning of the me too movement back in 2017 so stay republican lawmakers are calling for the suspension of california's dmv voter registration program. the program started in 2018. but critics say it needs to be put on hold for the 2020 election. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. as california inches closer to the 2020 election republican state lawmakers want to halt the dm these motor voter program an independent accounting firm released an audit of the program days before lawmakers return to the capital from summer break monday auditors say they reviewed 3 million of the roughly 5 million registered from the program but did not find any major errors such as registering the wrong political party preference or allowing someone to vote who should not have. >>but the firm did not rule out the possibility there could be major issues with the registrations it did not review. dmv officials say last year one error may have kept 600 people from voting and another error may have allowed 1500 people to incorrectly register to vote assemblyman
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jim patterson notes the audit showed a 10% error rate in registrations reviewed he says even still the audit is incomplete the sanctity the correctness a voter registration is fundamental to the legitimacy. and i think that there's ample evidence now to to demonstrate. >>that the president motor voter system is so inaccurate that cannot be trusted and has to be suspended in order to make sure that fair elections take place without the possibility of of of these kinds of errors secretary of state alex by the us office did not directly respond to calls for suspension of the program monday his office referred us to this letter pi the us and the department of finance calling the program a success for democracy and saying in part. >>they're worse at the dmv threaten to undermine confidence in the program in
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sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the chp is looking for a driver who kicked the dog out of the car left the dog there. the chp placerville posted these photographs they say witnesses reported seeing a car slow down this happened on sunday and then somebody kick the dog out and then sped off. police say an officer got there quickly before the dog was hurt. now they are looking for anybody who may have information on the driver who abandoned the animal. >>there are shelters for that if you want to all right, let's step outside and show the marketing around san francisco, little breeze in the air little breeze, the what a clear picture and the skies shows cloudless our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. we got a heat wave coming cranking up eating a lot of kids went back to school. they were a little sad, but the parents are probably thinking this is the most wonderful day of the year right as the kids head on back to the heat is up as we've got high pressure building in overhead. yeah, a little bit of a sea breeze there keep it from getting too hot along the coastline. but certainly our
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to see those temperatures getting hot spots. we felt a getting hot spots. we felt a today, a boy san francisc checking in 77 degrees downtown 85 in oakland, 91 in san jose that you're talking 96 in livermore 97 in concord and 94 degrees in santa rosa, these numbers going up from here and well above the average fact kind of over the next few days here we go tomorrow afternoon. you're near triple digits in many spots in the lot 80's and 90's around the bay. but then we get things cooking as we get into wednesday, those temperatures soaring well into the triple digits in many spots inland so we're going time out some serious heat over the next few days before cooling things down a little bit later in the week air quality is going to begin to suffer to spare the air for tomorrow, poor air quality expected and parse the space high purchase it's overhead that's going to trump a lot of those blooms down near the surface so expect that in only good air quality along the coastline. skies stay mostly clear now that fog all the way down the point conception murder in the way and not going to see that much for tonight, mostly clear out
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there right now, although the sea breeze is going to blow. and we'll see that throughout the week in fact the sea breeze will keep these temperatures much cooler along the coastline. but even there we're going to clear out skies and bringing a lot of sunshine that being said numbers tomorrow, yeah they're going to be toastie inland up in the 90's in many spots, inland. cooler 60's along the coastline, the next few days here comes the triple digit heat cooling things down a little bit as we head toward the weekend. skin, the 6 concerns some animals could move closer to extinction. after the white house rolls back protections for endangered species. >>and up next the embattled f a a has a new leader, but this move is not without controversy.
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>>the fda has a new leader and he says tackling the problems surrounding the troubled 7.37 max 8 aircraft is his top priority dixon was sworn in
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today as administrator of the f a a promising that safety above all all else will guide the agency washington correspondent trevor shirley report, serious still no timetable as to when that aircraft will start flying again. >>steve dickson says the boeing 7.37 max 8 will not fly in the u s until he's satisfied it safe. >>faiza safety driven organization. safety is my eyes priority. >>dixon is a former delta air lines executive on monday. he officially took over as head of the us federal aviation administration. >>the f is not following the timeline for which i'm your craft a service. >>more than 300 people were killed in 2 separate 7.37 max 8 crashes in indonesia and ethiopia. the f a a has faced criticism for being too slow to ground the plane in the us after those crashes. several investigations are now looking at what went wrong. i think we conclusions and see to any where those. >>processes go last month dixon faced a bruising senate confirmation hearing which
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ended with a split vote along party lines, connecticut democratic senator richard blumenthal voted no raising concerns about dixon's role as an airline executive blumenthal said quote phase broken system at least in pu ic perception requires a new voice untainted by the industry but dixon vowed to maintain his independence from the aircraft and airline industries. >>my job is the safety of the entire system which is not just airlines. it's not just manufacturers. it's not just airports. its general aviation it's it's everything dixon says who receive his first full report on the 7.37 max 8 situation on tuesday. >>reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>and of the ohio shooter is now being charged what investigators say he did that help the gunman plus fighting fire with fire. the technique. a new study says is underused in california and next at 6.30 a new rule that could cause a
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dramatic drop in the number of legal immigrants in the united states. >>out of the sky, but you know if i'm forced forecast some showers for tonight
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>>a new federal rule could begin to limit legal immigration into the united states. the trump administration announced the new regulation today that comes on the heels of last week's controversial immigration raids on food processing plants. >>in mississippi camila bernal has the details. >>the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter and stay in the us cou dramatically dropped. >>today you see i asked the agency i head as part of the department of homeland security has issued a rule that encourages and insurers self reliance and self-sufficiency for those seeking to come to or to stay in the united states. >>the new rule would make it easier to reject green card and visa applications for
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legal immigrants who rely for likely to rely on public benefits in the future it will also help. >>promote immigrant success in the united states as they seek opportunity here. >>but critics say the move specifically targets low income immigrants would keep families apart and prompt legal residents to forgo need public aid which could also impact the u s citizen children. >>america is that at its best when it helps people who fall down get up and become independent contributing members of society people like myself and my famdly were allowed become contributing members again and that is on something that unfortunately this new rule and regulation harms. >>undocumented immigrants would not be affected and the regulation is likely to meet legal challenges, but it could still spark fear among the immigrant community in washington, i'm camila bernal reporting. >>a friend of the dayton mass shooter connor betts has been charged with lying on


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