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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  August 12, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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also help. >>promote immigrant success in the united states as they seek opportunity here. >>but critics say the move specifically targets low income immigrants would keep families apart and prompt legal residents to forgo need public aid which could also impact the u s citizen children. >>america is that at its best when it helps people who fall down get up and become independent contributing members of society people like myself and my famdly were allowed become contributing members again and that is on something that unfortunately this new rule and regulation harms. >>undocumented immigrants would not be affected and the regulation is likely to meet legal challenges, but it could still spark fear among the immigrant community in washington, i'm camila bernal reporting. >>a friend of the dayton mass shooter connor betts has been charged with lying on federal firearms form the form of justice as the sun call a bot connor betts body armor and a
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r 15 accessory and a 100 round drum magazine back in may callie says he hit everything in his apartment. so that's his family wouldn't find out. that's killed 9 people before police shot and killed him. federal officials say cali helped that's assemble a 100 round double drum magazine in the weeks before the shooting. the fbi says callie told them he had taken quote hard drugs with pets for 5 times a week for a number of years and smoked marijuana with him almost daily. the fbi says callie indicated on an atf firearms form that he did not use any narcotic drugs callie faces 15 years in prison. police emphasize they say there's no indication callie knew he was assisting bets in the mass shooting. >>now a burning general william barr says punishment must be swift for those who commit mass shootings bar promise new legislation he says it would provide that in cases of mass murder or murder of a police officer, there would be a strict timetable
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for court proceedings and but allow officials to carry out the death penalty for suspects who are convicted accusers of convicted sex-offender jeffrey epstein are pushing to scrap a non prosecution agreement for more than a decade ago. >>the women claim they were not consulted about the plea deal which is required by the crime victims rights act that plea deal also gave immunity to potential co-conspirators of epstein. the accuser's lawyers say that should be thrown out now that epstein is dead. he died saturday in what prison officials said was an apparent suicide. this awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges. attorney general william barr says justice department has already found quote serious irregularities at the jail where epstein died. charges are pending against 12 marines accused of being involved in human smuggling. marine corps officials say the allegations include driving migrants or a heavily secured us border zone near san diego, those being held include 2 marines stopped last month by border patrol
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agents as they were driving from the border with 3 mexican citizens in the back the 2 marines, a pleated not guilty in federal court. the practice of setting controlled burns is not happening as often as officials would like a new study shows planned burns on federal land in california have stayed level or even dropped and that's what and that's despite calls for more such burns. >>supporters say prescribed burns pay for his health here by clearing undergrowth but opponents point to prescribe the fires that got out of control and say controlled fires contribute to global warming. >>around the bay area on the one hand and we're going get our 4 zone forecast in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is promising some showers with that did not yet we're talking s and z got beautiful clear skies out there but you know what we've got the perseids meteor showers happening tonight, the peak tonight, and tomorrow if you want to get out there and take a look well look to the northeast look up to the skies
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there and enjoy as we could see as many as 20 meteors per hour are you going to see the move come up, pretty bright tonight so actually the best time will be late after midnight closer to the moon several should be up to 4 o'clock in the morning, but otherwise should be good visibility not much fog in the way so get out there grab a jacket and enjoy the show temperatures around the bay area tomorrow 70's in the san francisco 80's in oakland and some hot 90 showing up in the san jose not much in the way of fog low clouds overnight tonight, maybe just some dense fog along the immediate coast and just inside the bay that has gone tomorrow and here comes at sun, we are going to heat things up in a hurry by tomorrow afternoon. even in the san francisco golden gate park 73 degree 74 the marina 67. daly city lots of warm weather to get inside the bay in fact getting a little bit hot work your way down the peninsula about 86 in redwood city 86 also in mount view 80's and 90's into the south bay and they're triple digit heat in some of the valleys by tomorrow afternoon about 98 in
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livermore 97 in pleasanton 85 in free money 83 in hayward just a breeze in the afternoon will still continue to see the sea breeze. the next few days temperatures boy it's going to sizzle inland about 98 danville 97 walnut creek, maybe a 100 in antioch by tomorrow afternoon, one o 2 in vacaville about 89 the napa valley, 91 in sonoma in the north bay 95 degrees in santa rosa about 91 in petaluma 87 degrees in sandra fell look at stinson beach boy beautiful day to get there is 77 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. next couple days temperatures going to heat up even further triple digit heat showing up in the valleys like keep the cool on the coastline. you will see a bit of a sea breeze that keep the temperatures there as much as 30 degrees cooler. travel to the united states is slumping and the trend is expected to continue and nexus 6 researchers say vaping is a gateway for teenagers to use pot. >>the startling findings they
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use for young people those are the findings from a study published in jama pediatrics, researchers say nicotine re wires the developing brain. it also changes how people respond to and crave addictive substances. the research looked at 20 pre existing studies of people ages 10 to 24. it showed the odds of marijuana use in those who vape for more than 3 times higher than those who do not. >>apparently fewer international travelers are making a stop here in the u s that's according to a new report from the us travel association and the association says that is a big loss for the us economy. the organization reports the us share the international travel market is on a four-year saliva. >>according to the association that is a loss of 14 million international visitors and the $59 billion that could have been spent in the united states. the report states that the slump also means a loss of
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120,000 us jobs and the us travel association does not expect the numbers to get any better. it has forecast that the downward trend to continue until at least 2022 trade tensions are among the reasons cited for the slum the us is inching closer to the budget deficit exceeding a trillion dollars. the deficit rose by. >>$183 billion so far this year as spending grew twice as fast as tax collections that's a 27% spike from the same time last year. president trump's one trillion tax cuts and new spending agreed to last year have swelled the gap between what the federal government spends and what it takes in the congressional budget office expects the deficit to begin exceeding a trillion dollars a year. beginning in 2022. the white house moves to roll back regulations for endangered species what this means for northern california wildlife, including salmon. >>and if you're streaming us on kron on on the news
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>>our major changes on the way for the endangered species act the interior department announced the new federal rules will scale back regulations. the trump administration says this will allow the focus to be on the run wrist species, but environmentalists say the move could push more animals and plants toward extinction among other things. the overhaul includes changing how federal agencies consider whether species and habitats qualify for protection. critics fear this move could allow for more oil and gas drilling california has already promised to go to court and fight these changes to us now is john mcmanus the president
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of the golden gate salmon association, so of course you're concerned about the impact on salmon but give us a sense first of the broader implications of these new regulations. >>you know if you think about the endangered species act. it's a bit con doors, bald eagles sea otters grizzly bears from going extinct in the united states. it was enacted in 1973 and to this day it enjoys overwhelming support about 83% of the general public supports the endangered species act. they don't support these rule changes, our interest the salmon fisherman. in women is that we've got water in the central valley needed for salmon and the only way enough waters left for salmon is because in the endangered species act. for some sub species of salmon that need a little bit more water. so it also is a great assist to san francisco bay in the past. i think you have reported on the blue green algae, toxic blue-green algae outbreaks in the delta. i was just reading
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on the way over here dogs died in north carolina after jumping into a pond with blue green algae so only get enough water down the system because of the endangered species act. we can keep that kind of pollution from happening in things but. >>practically speaking when will these rules be adopted because there was a draft proposal you knew this was coming a lot of environmentalists knew this was coming and they're already prepared. counter arguments is it going to be a long time before they get implemented implemented because they got to go through the court system now right now the new york times reported today that we expect to see the new rules published in the federal register, this week. that sets the clock ticking for 30 days. 30 days later, these new rules will go into effect one thing that viewers might be interested to know is that right now the trump administration is revisiting salmon protections in the central valley. other coming out with what's called a new biological opinions a set of protections that are expected to be very weak and we expect
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some of these new rules to be applied. further threatening our salmon runs the talking about. >>the economy being a part of the equation now with a way the endangered species act. how do you respond to those who say animals and habitat should not. >>over rule what happens in terms of our economy and jobs and the impact on people. >>you know again 83% of americans support the endangered species act and in california i have to imagine most people greatly appreciate the incredible natural resources. we were born with it's been compared to fly in an airplane this low on fuel and have to start throwing parts out how manies can you allow to go extinct and the parts can use for out of the airplane before it crashes. i know as a native californian, i don't want to see any will extend what see a the worst case scenario for you largest diverted to the central valley and other places for developers. >>and there's not enough water
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for salmon are we lose or salmon runs in california. we could very well we probably would have already lost winner and 7 in the central valley, but for the endangered species act and it wouldn't surprise me to see other species point out again. >>there's other economic impacts that have to do with pollution in the san francisco bay which are also likely we've seen in the past rain trout. under these rule changes we if we see a whole lot more water diverted. we might see toxic blue-green algae outbreaks more often. >>tom mcmanus thank you so much to come in. help understand help us understand the impact of this new rule change. thank you guys. >>all this week, we're we're getting you ready for school on kron from nutritious lunches to back to school safety in. >>hearing from local schools today. we talked with one expert about a key component to children getting good grades. take a listen. here to talk about our kids going back to school and a lot of things change coming off of the summer and get them back into the routine in the majority
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the bay area starting school this week there highlighting a lot of things too. >>get our kids back to the routine especially grades because for a lot of kids my kids don't read that much this summer and they're going to have to get back into well got to be reading homework what's the best way and easiest way to get our kids to transition, you know i can do it interesting because a lot of people. they won the parents think about oh how can we get them to me better in school and have come to get them to get better grades. but the number one thing to really look at is exercise really yes to start with activities start with activity because the american college of sports medicine, they did a research study and they found that kids that gun 3 days of vigorods activity that's 20 minutes every day did better than kids that. exercise 5 days week for 30 minutes tonight, ok so what explains vigorous and we've got a couple of toys here that the kids can be playing with so what what is vigorous for says just moderate moderate or vigorous
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would be exercising at a high enough live or what level where you are actually a little breathless you can still talk but you really don't want to. intensity if they're talking across a field back and forth in that's more moderate or even like, but vigorous they're breathlpss they're not really talking about the difference between walking the soccer field and actually playing the game to try and win stock is a really good example of vigorous activity soccer basketball. football with their reading back and forth. singles tennis versus doubles and beach 2 men beat all about ok what about things to do at home it may be you can't get away to the park as often as he would like and you say for 20 minutes, what about things that you can do just outside your your home and in your neighborhood and that's a good question because for some kids don't want to be in competitive so there had their home. they're looking for other things just going have to take that we forget about that our kids our gary
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getting very to school back and forth to school that walking like a we know the the old days we used to do yes right appeal both ways right lose out on all those steps i mean for a child you really need to get in 12 to 15,000 steps a day. kron 4 getting ready for school all week you can hear from local school leaders get safety tips and learn how to help. >>help ease your student into a school routine. our coverage continues tomorrow on the kron on app use promo code school to watch free. for 30 days. some breaking news to tell you about out of mendocino county where evacuation orders are in place because of a fire the sheriff's office has just tweeted out the order was in. >>the last 15 minutes, the sheriff's department is calling it the moose road fire we understand this fires taking place a little bit north of hop lynn, which is right off a highway one oh
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one. north of ukiah and santa rosa ways and this fire is burning and saris south of ukiah between ukiah in santa rosa, and it's burning in the mcnabb road area you can see these pictures said to have been tweeted out a big column of smoke we understand it's about 75 acres right now and evacuations have been ordered in the area of the fire just west of highway one oh one and mcnabb ranch road just a little bit north of poplar and we will keep our eyes on the story and keep you posted. throughout the night. >>and coming up antonio brown. prevents against the nfl marking k we'll talk about that and set you up for bay area sports night coming up. ♪
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>>a lot to talk about tonight is for its mark and kate on the set of bay area sports night >>bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on helmet
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looks like it settled k need to wait very long to find out the nfl in the arbitrator's decision antonio brown's pursuit of helmet he wants to. >>where his old helmet but the league says no way that's not going to be happening so it settled pretty quickly what was your reaction to see how this all played out yet is going to quickly it got resolved quickly. i wasn't too surprised that nfl didn't grant his. >>reasons request. i was surprised how quickly antonio brown running on his. because i still want to see the raiders this year we're going to be us. >>yeah, the superstar receiver said he was willing to the report said that he was willing to walk away from the game if you didn't get his way with the helmet so we'll see how this all plays out. lots to talk about various sports night 7 o'clock on kron on the 3rd back to you can invest all right we'll see a few minutes, thanks has the second real quick about. >>weather in the area of this fire which i as a gusty winds
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developing out there right now in and around that fire near hop linta most just almost 20 miles per just get going to have an update tonight at
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the jeffrey epstein death investigation. >> what is your relationship to jeffrey epstein? do you work for him? >> what it's really like in the cell where he apparently hanged himself. >> and does epstein have secret children? the dna search for the sex offenders potential heirs. >> and then the lake of death. why are all of these dogs dying after taking a dip in this lake? all these women lost their precious pets. >> what's in the water that make it so dangerous for dogs? >> it's like a horror show. >> and miley's wild weekend. kissing another woman as she announces her marriage is over. then. >> uproar over


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