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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 12, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>local news station. we have live pictures right now this is riverside county where we have learned that one of 3 chp officers involved in a shoot out on the freeway has died. the gunman was killed in the shootout with officers other people driving around work trying to dodge bullets. thanks for joining us tonight at 9 everyone, i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm vicki liviakis said that shooting it happened. in southern california on the 2.15 freeway. right at the
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peak the r ken wayne is a just joining us now in the studio with late breaking details and some really frightening video of that shootout it was an intense shootout inv lving chp a police down there and the gunman. >>we're told it started out as a routine traffic stop just before 6 o'clock tonight. a frightening scene on a busy freeway were told drivers had to duck and cover from the gunfire. authorities say when officers approached the man he pulled out a gun and opened fire. >>responded from the different agencies. 3 chp officers.
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>>the suspect was taken to the hospital where he also died one officer that was hit was air lifted to the hospital. the other 2 officers were taken by ambulance as you can imagine there are number of agencies working on this investigation at this point. the suspect's identity or the officers involved their identities have not been released, but again one of the 3 c h p's officers who was shot has died. 2 others are injured will continue to stay on top of this story and bring you updates as they come in. >>can live for us tonight in the studio meanwhile, our other breaking story tonight is a fire burning in mendocino county there were winds that were feeling that for that fire which broke out a short time ago can achieve we're all just lawrence karnow here to talk met with what the firefighters are facing here tonight. >>it's getting tough we've got the winds out there right now we've got some very hot weather coming our way. the next few days the temperatures going to get even hotter in
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fact in around the fire right now we've seen some winds and near 20 miles per hour. so certainly that could blow that fire just northwest. poplin but we're going to see that continue tonight. firefighters are on the scene now trying to take care of that fire and they should get a little help i think overnight tonight, here's the forecast with some of the humidity overnight tonight. you're going to see things a pretty moist to begin with but as high pressure builds overhead. here's something surprising by tomorrow morning. it begins to decrease some wet so a little drier into early tomorrow morning. not extremely dry just dryers we've got high pressure building over head by tomorrow afternoon, the winds, we'll begin to pick up again and the humidity is going to be going down. so certainly concern for firefighters there then it looks like we'll start seeing increased the humidity again by the following night. we are looking at mostly clear skies around the bay area right now that is the way it's going to stay most of the night in temperatures already on the hot side in london, we're going to see these numbers pushing up in the triple digits the next few days 90's in the san jose 96 a
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little more 97 conquered 94 in santa rosa 77 in san francisco 85 degrees in oakland. temperatures here you go by tomorrow afternoon pushing near triple digits in some of the valley's maybe triple digit to manioc 70's 80's even some low 90's around the bay and 60's along the coastline. but then we really crank up the heat i think wednesday and thursday will likely be the peak of the heat as many of these temperatures inland pushing up into the triple digits. air quality is also going to suffer and that big dome of high pressure kind of squeezing all the blues right down to the surface. you're not going to see enough wind at least away from the coastline. they have good air quality it's going to be pretty hazy in the north bay on the south bay for tomorrow, poor air quality expected in the east bay of course along the coastline. you get enough of the sea breeze keep things pretty well mixed in the atmosphere so looking good air quality there, but what more on that he wave coming up in a few minutes. thank you. lawrence said we're going to get deeper here now into this
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fire. the breaking news and mendocino county that we've been tracking where evacuation orders tonight are in place uh-uh the sheriff's office has issued the evacuation orders for residents on moose road. >>and people on the nosth into foley's creek road. this is all in mendocino a mandatory evacuation for mcnabb ranch, according to calfire that fire has burned 85 acres so far it's about 25%. contain tonight. officials say crews began attacking the flames from the air. joining us now on the phone right now is mendocino county sheriff tom allman, welcome what can you tell us. >>i believe he will personally with your doctor. we want we're starting see a call to the middle to go up. and the fire. i think are really put a great line on a weapon of that we come back you later on 50 and also door to door a cal fire and the local longer conversation really art what
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point we'll expect i or 2 increased by tonight. and we're hoping that group that you could feel them in tonight a little while the fire from getting to you know i better get on it before we get the triple digit. temperatures. >>so the weather is in your favor that's good are people still in danger can people relax a little bit that live in the area affected. >>people from i can if you haven't evacuated. they're okay where they are right now the fire moving very we have that the sheriff in the fire crews out there that and a lot of a sacred deer drop they're already putting a line brute so from the fire so. it's really and truly the the flow county. not stop. and it's really given that the break so last year when we had that bye week that the weather was dark in the meat, but tonight, the weather or rental. >>so as sheriff it's getting dark out there right now you still able to attack it from the air or are you just a
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handling it on the ground. >>well you have an air tanker the bottom in the going in because they think i'm as the darkest. but the fire crews are in the hand crews are when i left i'm gonna get to work at the new in crude getting what you do. i could come out very rugged territory. outlive him. they had their hand crews and up. unfortunately or really good fighting fire here because last 2 years. >>yeah, you said it the it's a nice it's nice to have people ready and the colquitt ready, but you don't want to be in that position. sheriff tom allman, thanks for your time also thanks for. updating people in social media them mendocino county twitter page was great tonight, so thank you for that thank you for your time and fortunately, the news is tonight all right all right, good luck, thank you
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>>another big story tonight, former baseball star alex rodriguez, he becomes the victim of a smash-and-grab in san francisco, a ride and decisions source telling kron 4 news that last night the former yankee slugger at about a half a million dollars worth of items stolen from the suv he had rented kron four's dan thorn live in san francisco tonight joins us with more from where this happened then people can't believe pledge money right head in gear in that suv in san francisco. >>we got that right gravel that suv was parked right here on the corner of 4th and brandon and somebody smashing the window and stole a bunch of valuable items out of that suv and meanwhile iran was eating dinner at this restaurant right next door. >>video shows san francisco police just moments after alex rodriguez is rented suv was broken into a missing window shows where a burglar stash more than $500,000 worth of
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jewelry a camera and other electronics. a source tells kron 4 news rolex watches were among the jewelry stolen. the former new york yankee star and current espn broadcaster was in town for sunday night baseball featuring the san francisco giants, san francisco police say they are currently investigating a car burglary that happened between 9 11 10 sunday night along the 400 block of brendan street not far from oracle park but because of policy as apd has not identified rodriguez's the victim despite the recent decline in car break in's within the city people who park along brandon street say you should never leave valuables in your car. i think he's giving any sort of valuables in plain sight asking for >>we never know what's going feel should only works down the street and frequent the bar next door to the marlowe restaurant, the general manager confirmed to kron 4 news that a round was having dinner here when his rental was broken into. >>i probably shouldn't lot. it
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kind of money just because. million dollars worth of stuff want to leave it unattended. >>at some scattered glass from the smash and grab was still on the street monday evening. weve reached out to rodriguez and espn for comment on this burglary so far neither have responded to our requests. >>reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news saying could and now to the south bay where several homes are still without power tonight. >>after this horrible crash involving of eta bus. we're told an suv collided with the bus and the bus then took out some power lines. fortunately, no one was hurt. kron four's taylor secchi live in san jose with the latest taylor hard to imagine nobody was hurt when you look at that scene. >>definitely it looked terrible and i do have an update for you though show to make some progress out here just about 15 minutes ago. tow trucks came in and removed
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that the t a a bus and the car that collided with it you can see the pg still on scene here though because the power lines and the telephone poll is still down so work throughout this throughout the night to hope for the remove it soon but earlier you can see how bad this crash was check out this scene witness took this video right after she heard a loud crash shows emergency crews ran towards the neighborhood telling everyone to back up and go inside san jose fire department says a car collided with a vta busing causing that fire. they say 11 passengers were on the vta bus all were evaluated on scene that early to be ok, they were all put on a new bus and then left the area soon after the fire department says the driver of the other vehicle is also ok now because of these downed power lines and telephone poles, obviously g can't turn back on the power yet we heard earlier that more than 2000 people were without power so hopefully this will be cleared soon and we can get that power back to everyone else was lawsuit on some of
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these areas in the neighborhood reporting live in san jose till of key kron 4 news all right taylor, a lyft driver faces kidnapping and rape charges after allegedly. >>sexually assaulting a passenger prosecutors say this happened after the driver picture up from the san mateo bar kron four's dan kerman reports. >>lyft driver tony color colo has been charger with the kidnapping and rape of an unconscious female passenger picked up over the weekend in san mateo. prosecutors say after dropping off the victim's friend in south san francisco, instead of taking the victim who was heavily intoxicated back to her san bruno home call the colo took her to his home in tracy where prosecutors say he sexually assaulted her. >>with a bit of a man in tracy % she doesn't have any idea who it is that's would call the police and the police and vote all the right protocols in terms of examination. prosecutors say the 25 year-old victim has no memory of what went on.
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>>other than cola co agreed to drive her home in the morning. san mateo county prosecutors say he's the 4th rideshare driver to be prosecuted for sexual-assault in the last 18 months. >>and i know there's millions of rides that are being given at all times but this makes it a matter of concern for the public that we've not had the 4th one of these in the short time period. >>lyft says all prospective drivers, a screen for criminal offenses and criminal background checks are conducted annually. prosecutors say called the colo has no criminal record. still they're investigating whether he may have assaulted other riders. >>it's unusual that a man who you know it is what is the mid 30's or early 40's, something like that starts with a crime like this at this stage of life so. yes, we are very interested in anybody else who might have been a victim of this man. call the caller made his first court appearance monday but did not enter remains in the county jail in lieu of $500,000 bail at the county courthouse in redwood city dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>>thank you dan, the jurors in that go ship fire trial ended today day 6 of deliberations still no verdict. are 3 potential deliberation outcomes for the jury in the ghost ship fire trial in oakland, guilty, not guilty and hung jury if convicted co-defendants their come in and max harris could serve up to 39 years behind bars for the deaths of 36 people who died during a fire at the ghost ship warehouse. in december of 2016 the 12 jurors much reach a unanimous decision of guilt or innocence. jurors will return tomorrow, they'll be back at it. again tuesday morning. >>this week wildfire victims can file claims for housing assistance and other needs with p g and those claims go through the utilities wildfire assistance program. a federal judge overseeing pg e's bankruptcy case approved the funds a few months ago. it will cover victims of the
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north bay fires and a series of other fires. the deadline to apply for the funds is november 15th, the attorneys are also reminding victims. the what to join the bankruptcy law suit against the utility that the deadline to file a claim is october 21th some state republican lawmakers are calling for the suspension of california's dmv voter registration program that program. >>started out in 2018, but critics say it needs to be put on hold for the 2020 election. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>as california inches closer to the 2020 election republican state lawmakers want to halt the dm these motor voter program an independent accounting firm released an audit of the program days before lawmakers return to the capital from summer break monday auditors say they reviewed 3 million of the roughly 5 million registered from the program but did not find any major errors such as registering the wrong political party preference or allowing someone to vote who should not have but the firm did not rule out the possibility there could be major issues with the registrations it did not
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review. dmv officials say last year one error may have kept 600 people from voting and another error may have allowed 1500 people to incorrectly registered to vote assemblyman jim patterson notes the audit showed a 10% error rate in registrations reviewed he says even still the audit is incomplete the sanctity the correctness a voter registration is fundamental to the legitimacy. and i think that there's ample evidence now to to demonstrate. >>that the president motor voter system is so inaccurate that cannot be trusted and has to be suspended in order to make sure that fair elections take place without the possibility of of of these kinds of errors secretary of state alex by the us office did not directly respond to calls for suspension of the program monday his office
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referred us to this letter pi the us and the department of finance calling the program a success for democracy and saying in part. >>they're worse at the dmv threaten to undermine confidence in the program in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the new rule could begin to limit legal immigration in the us, the trump administration released the new regulation today, the announcement comes on the heels of last week's controversial immigration raids on through food processing plants in mississippi kron four's camila bernal reports. >>the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter and stay in the us could dramatically dropped. >>today you see i asked the agency i head as part of the department of homeland security has issued a rule that encourages self reliance come to or to sta in the united states. >>the new rule would make it easier to reject green card and visa applications for legal immigrants who rely for likely to rely on public
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benefits in the future it will also help. >>promote immigrant success in the united states as they seek opportunity here. >>but critics say the move specifically targets low income immigrants would keep families apart and prompt legal residents to forgo need public aid which could also impact the u s citizen children. >>america is that at its best when it helps people who fall down get up and become independent contributing members of society people like myself and my family were allowed become contributing members again and that is on something that unfortunately this new rule and regulation harms. >>undocumented immigrants would not be affected and the regulation is likely to meet legal challenges, but it could still spark fear among the immigrant community in washington, i'm c purpose to show a a picture like that understand that the girls upset and i get that but
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her father committed a crime. >>today we're learning the father of an 11 year-old girl seen crying for i still let her father go did not have a prior criminal conviction. that's according to immigration and customs enforcement spokesman bryan cox, the girl's dad was among hundreds of undocumented workers arrested during raids at 7 food processing plants in mississippi last wednesday, you know work that he did not have a prior criminal conviction comes after the us customs and border protection's acting commissioner. >>on sunday said that he understand the is up said quote but her father committed a crime. the girl's mother says her husband is still detained, but they don't know where she says that they haven't spoken with him since the arrest and they're frantically trying to find him. the queue sec's trafficker jeffrey epstein died saturday, yeah in an apparent suicide according to federal officials. the 66 year-old was in a manhattan jail awaiting trial.
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>>and although epstein is gone dead, the legal battles. linked to him remain the fbi has started an investigation into epstein's death attorney general bill barr released a statement saturday that said he was quote appalled the multimillionaiae died while in federal custody. barr also said that the inspector general is opening an additional investigation because epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered it is very difficult to understand. >>how he was not on a suicide watch and how this happened without has some involvement with those who are responsible to hold him safely. >>epstein reportedly was found with marks on his neck july 23th and placed on a suicide watch. psychologist took him off the suicide watch at the end of july of scenes lawyers released a statement saying they were enormously sorry to learn of epstein's passing adding that no one should die in jail.
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>>a friend of the day mass a shooter connor betts has been charged with lying on federal firearms forms. the department of justice says ethan coley bought connor betts body armor are 15 assessor e and 100 round drum magazine back in may. cole says that he hit everything in his apartment so bets his family wouldn't find out. that's killed 9 people before police shot and killed him. federal officials say coli help that's a symbol. a 100 round double drum magazine in the weeks before the shooting. the fbi says coley told them that he had taken hard drugs with betts 4 or 5 times weekly for a number of years and smoke marijuana almost a daily. the fbi says coley indicated an atf form that he did not use any narcotic drugs. coli faces 15 years in prison. police say there's no indication callie knew he was assisting bets in the mass shooting. lawyers for accused mass shooter. dimitrios pagourtzis are asking for an evaluation of
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his competency to stand trial. they say his mental state has deteriorated. authorities say demetrius says opened fire at santa fe high school in 2018 killing 8 students and 2 teachers, he is facing charges including capital murder. a lawyer for a packed court says filed an affidavit that ted today detailing the defense team's concerns, the attorney that pagourtzis had previously seemed to understand the charges and the case. but recently his mental state had degraded. according to the he now has quote no understanding of the matter and proceedings. >>a mother of a boy who was hit by a stray bullet is speaking what she's demanding from lawmakers. plus vandals target an african-american museum a month after. >>i found that the there's a killing there. the founder
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>>for your money tonight nike is launching a sneaker subscription service for kids so it's like an interesting idea it were company announcing the debut of nike adventure club today. the program gives parents 3 different options to buy shoes for their kids. 4 pairs of sneakers a year for $20 a month, $30 a month for 6 pair and $50 a month adds up to 12 pairs of shoes. the nikkei adventure club is targeting parents in rural areas and suburbs where they might not have time to travel to a store. at a day care kills 5 small children other parents. >>are speaking out about the one thing that could have saved their lives. >>and what a couple million
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>>tonight the mother of an 11 year-old north bay boy who was hit by a stray bullet back in june is speaking out she says
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enough is enough when it comes to gun that the center is a boy was hit by a stray bullet as he left the park with his mom. >>they've been playing soccer for share stone is in santa rosa tonight with that story. >>yellow tape surrounded jacobs park in santa rosa back in june. after gunfire broke out among the 4 shooting victims. an 11 year-old boy leaving a soccer practice with his mom. one of 3 people who had nothing to do with that argument that turned into a shooting and led to him being hit by a stray bullet. this gorgeous. >>rain my car and. the car he started shooting. so what i saw him start shooting there anything that i did it is. >>i push my son to the ground. and i was on top of him. and i covered his sights. he was at the mall. i feel something i feel lizbeth angeles has
9:31 pm
chosen to cover her face. >>suspects have been arrested, but police believe the crime was gang related. liz bus and plays on this green soccer team. he was shot in the upper leg region. well, he is now able to walk and run. he still faces struggles doing just that and may need additional surgeries down the road. >>my somewhat just plays soccer. he got shot. just not fair. those not what does. it's not okay for the kids not okay for the community. we need to be safe in in this. this country does. >>a police officer gave the 11 year-old this cheese king soccer jersey because of his love for cheese. an officer who is continually checked in on the youngster. in hopes of easing his fears about being out in public. liz bet, this speaking out because she wants lawmakers to take action with
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stricter gun policies. she says her son is scared to leave their home and often uncomfortable in public areas. he's concerned about school that will soon be starting. and she's just doing her our best to stay strong. >>for me to see him up there. >>brian e feel more. given us to pain in a mad and matter is people. he's getting one of these he's getting better. >>elizabeth tells me they also have set up a go fund me page to try to address some of the big hospital bills they are facing. they've also tried to get mental health counseling. we're actually put on a wait list for that. i did talk with her son he was in good spirits today because of that soccer game that he had but he still feels pretty uncomfortable. when it comes to talking about that day. in santa rosa j r
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stone kron 4 news. >>now to just a heartbreaking story in pennsylvania where 5 children are dead and 4 people have been injured in a fire at a home that operated as around the clock day care. this is video of the aftermath this is an eerie pennsylvania western part of the state as people place balloons flowers teddy bears at the scene to remember the victims so much emotion there. the children ranged in age from 8 months old to 8 years old 3 of the victims that died in the fire were children of firefighter luther jones from lawrence park fire department. >>and then luther. >>you guessed it you do you fight fires and a loser babies. to a fire. >>fire started just after 1 o'clock yesterday morning investigators say the day care did not have smoke detectors except for one in the attic. they say that if there had
9:34 pm
been the proper amount of detectors. quote most if not all of the victims would have survived. and quote the cause is being investigated. >>an african american museum in louisiana was vandalized today. it happened exactly one month after its founder civil rights activist roberts-joseph was killed. a visitor pay his respects notice the damage. he saw benches broken crystals from fountains torn apart and missing gardens just trampled over as well as chairs and a television flipped over. >>it's a story back think he is fires have in the community and found ways and i do hope for days by coming into these places and just to see alive is heartbreaking. >>the visitor notified baton rouge police they are investigating the museum has been closed since roberts joseph was found dead on july 12th in the trunk of a car. roger mean bell senior is charged with first-degree murder in the strangulation
9:35 pm
death. >>the american federation of teachers which represents some 2 million members is calling on walmart to stop selling guns kron four's washington aft shots rang out at walmart stores killing 2 employees in south haven, mississippi. >>and days later killing 22 people in el paso texas. the country's largest retailer is under fire from one of the largest teacher unions. >>how many more. of innocent people. does america. >>have to go through randi weingarten the president of the american federation of teachers is calling on walmart to take guns off store shelves, banning the selling of guns until there was a difference standard weingarten is pushing for legislation like universal background checks. she says of walmart took action congress would
9:36 pm
follow the company's lead, you don't think. >>that congress would move more quickly. you don't i think the gun manufacturers would move more quickly walmart has responded to gun violence in the past. >>the company removed assault rifles from its stores after the sandy hook elementary school murders and raise its minimum purchasing age after the parkland florida high school shootings but walmart has stopped short of removing all guns from its stores following the latest shootings walmart announced it will no longer display violent video games. walmart ceo doug mcmillon wrote in a memo to employees. we will work to understand the many important issues that arise from el paso in south haven, as well as those that have been raised in the broader national discussion around gun violence. weingarten has yet to hear from wal-mart in washington, i'm just eaten or well it. >>we've got low clouds and fog trying to form along the coastline, not inside the bay, though we'll talk about that coming class with severe burns. all over his face greater
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superstar receiver antonio brown will not be able to wear his favorite helmet. >>but brown is no
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>>starting tonight with antonio brown's fight against the nfl that could have been a long difficult drive. but instead it's a 3 now days after filing a grievance too make a case for his preferred helmet and threatening to quit if he didn't get his way. the league is not budging. according to reports brown's request to keep it going to be has been using throughout his career denied by an independent arbitrator, which means you know has to find a new. >>certified model brown's argument against an alternate table helmand is that it interferes with his vision while playing. however, his old helmet is outdated and not up to safety standards that iw was reported he would walk away from the game if his case was denied, but it seems he is open to finding a solution. >>not about to quit any time
9:41 pm
soon shortly after the decision came down he tweeted a response. i disagree with the arbitrator's decision i'm working on getting back to full health and looking forward 3 joining my teammates on the field. i'm excited about this season appreciate all the concerns about my feet so well he searches for a new helmet the other concern that needs to be cleared up our his frostbitten feet brown has missed most of training camp because of that injury and as of now. there is no timetable for his return coming up on kron 4 sports at 10. the full nba schedules are i will tell you the top warriors games, the circle o
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>>welcome back a 15 year-old student in georgia is recovering tonight days after being severely burned. >>in a school lab that was a scnence experiment get will questions still remain over exactly what happened in his chemistry class that day warning to be a little warning up that some of the images you're about to see maybe graphic to some viewers. teacher fernandez has the
9:45 pm
latest. he's still in intensive care. >>it is a really really bad situation. attorney chris stewart is representing the 10th grader who doctors say will never be the same again after a terrible accident every day in high school. this is a photo of malakai mcfadden his family took right after surgery just a couple days after the incident. we decided not to show you the other pictures because the burns are just too graphic. >>3rd degree burns to his face its head is our arms. full-body over 10%. a 3rd degree burns is terrific. >>on tuesday. malik i was in chemistry class when his teacher decided to do an experiment. >>ethanol was basically. thrown into a ball a dollar bill was little fire by the teacher. i just to show the kids some type of experiment. the fire went out of control as expect it because it was ethanol in the bowl. and instead of pouring water on it to put it out allegedly the teacher grabbed a jar that and
9:46 pm
all and threw it into the ball would flashed all over malakai and far. >>i asked the school district how long as the teacher been employed and why the experiment was conducted in a bowl with students sitting so close. he said it's all under investigation. the family says they can't get any answers either not even the name with the teacher and that's why they hired an attorney one of your students, right here. >>is permanently disfigure because of the actions of the school. >>the school did not release information on what the experiment was supposed to teach kids that day but school officials did say a nurse, a company the victim to the hospital the day he was burned. counselors obviously had to speak to the students who had witnessed what had happened. >>well that's horrifying as we switch gears now and take a peek outside talk about the 4 zone forecast a live look here shows the embarcadero in san francisco chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by to
9:47 pm
talk about some weather changes. you know it's summer time but i'm talking showers right now not rain drops yeah a rain but showers out there meteor shower tonight. this is the peak the next couple eyes to perceive meteor shower if you want to check it out look to the northeast actually seen across the sky. find a nice clear spot though get out there and enjoy could see as many as 20 meteors per hour but temperatures will be dropping off a little cool in spots down into the 50's best time will be after midnight. actually the earlier toward early tomorrow morning as the moon begins to separate a time to get out there and enjoy the show after the golden gate bridge, we've still got mostly clear skies that's the good news not much in the way of fog to worry about for tonight. temperature to get out there look at the stars and kaka right there 73. in the more 70 in san jose and 67 degrees in hayward but tomorrow lot of sunshine coming our way we're back in the 70's and san francisco looking at 80's in oakland, a hot 90's but every reach san jose, not much in the way of fog just to him to fall along the coastline are early in the morning and then
9:48 pm
it's going to be gone as we see really dry conditions developing under high pressure that will be the case the next couple of days probably take thursday to and these temperatures going to be pretty hot spots in a san francisco to be very comfortable 75 degrees in the mission about 71 golden gate park if you're headed there 68, daly city of 68 also know granada over the hill, your turn in the 70's even 80's in the burlingame by tomorrow afternoon 85 in san carlos, 86 in woodside about 87 amount due and the south bay you've got some 80's you get some 90's. hazy conditions down here in the afternoon as well and spare the air has been issued in the parts the stand for what is that. that huge dome of high pressure should overhead kind of trapping blooms between the mountains are and hot temperatures go along with that almost triple digits, 98 degrees in danville 97 in walnut creek 98 in concord buddy 3 in oakland. and about 93 degrees in benicia 89 in-app and they're starting to see some of our near hop london. you kyra
9:49 pm
some of that is beginni-g to seep into the north bay. so that's going to cause concern little haze there tomorrow morning as we start out the day as well. next couple days going to get on the hot side special wednesday and thursday that will be the peak of the heat that we start to cool things down into the weekend. thank you lawrence for your health tonight, a new study says vaping is a gateway to marijuana use for young people. >>researchers say nicotine re wires the developing brain and it also changes how people respond to and crave addictive substances. the research looked at 20 pre existing studies of people ages 10 to 24. it showed the odds of marijuana use in those who vape we're more than 3 times higher than those who don't pay. >>for dozens of shoppers a visit to a houston mall sunday was totally chaotic police say that the man behind the scary scene could be charged. >>once police find him, jeff to much and they john delta is still very shaken by what he saw sunday in memorial city
9:50 pm
mall as panicked shoppers ran toward the exit doors when everyone thought the shooter was on the loose 1000 words. >>and then all the sun, everybody just are learning inside that right now in the confusion delta left behind his backpack and cell phone this morning. he collected his belongings from all security he was not looking forward to going back inside the mall on still thing in my room just running and panicking like the nose a day ago. >>still feels fresh in our mind store officials say even baby strollers were left behind as people rush to get to safety. police say it was all because of male suspect put on a mask mounted a table and said he was going to shoot himself. no shots were fired. police have surveillance video of the suspect and say they are treating this as a terroristic threat. just ap, you know not a good move. at least 2 people were hurt during that incident, according to authorities a 16 year-old boy suffered a minor. >>ankle injury they say his mom was stepped on it she was trying to help the teenager.
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>>rapper producer and songwriter missy elliott will be honored with mtv's michael jackson video vanguard award cash could say about time the 5 time grammy winning artists has been in the entertainment industry for 30 years just about the sold more than 30 million records missy elliott will be the first female rapper 2 received the award. jennifer lopez rionda and county west of all received recognition in the past today missy elliott tweeted a thank you to her fans and says she cried happy tears about the honor the entertainer will also perform at the awards show which airs august 26. >>grammy-winning singer-songwriter john legend paid a visit to dayton ohio over the weekend. one week after a mass shooting there claimed 9 lives. legend held a
9:55 pm
surprise performance for survivors and victims families. pretty cool. he also toured the area with dayton's mayor and stopped in the local shops talk to people legend is an ohio native who grew up in springfield ohio. he says he wanted to go to his home state and help comfort the victims and raise awareness about gun related violence. and keystone light you know the beer, it wants to pay your rent for a year. it says the brand is kicking off a campaign to get a year's worth of free rent to 13 fans of keystone light. it's part of a marketing strategy from parent company miller corps, the company says it's trying to win over younger drinkers. likely need financial security sweepstakes critters will get the free rent in the form of a $12,000 check. that's like 3 months rent said this >>you know it's better than living in mom and dad's basement, well, yeah, and 12 grams 12 grand other prizes include an inflatable keystone light chair. >>and a keystone light shower
9:56 pm
curtain. last to the online giveaway runs through the end of september. you can go online or snapchat right, here's that that years to that some kron 4 news at night. their prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore and ken wayne. >>we're here with kron 4 news at 10. >>making a grant. thank you both very much an exit 10 o'clock we're staying on top of 2 breaking news stories on this monday night. the first in southern california where a chp officer was killed and 2 others hurt. following a shootout on a busy freeway. the suspect was killed. what we're learning about the shooting which authorities say started as a simple routine traffic stop plus more breaking news here at home we're a large fire in mendocino county has forced evacuations tonight, we'll speak with cal fire live and get the latest former baseball slugger alex rodriguez, the latest victim of san francisco's car break in epidemic, the thieves getting away with half a million dollars in jewelry and
9:57 pm
electronics our kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>>local news station. that breaking news a chp officers been killed after a shootout on a southern california freeway to other chp officers are hurt. investigators say the shooting happened just off interstate to 15 in riverside county east of los angeles riverside police say. >>a chp officer had stopped a white pickup truck. >>when the driver pulled a rifle and hit


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