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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 13, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston we want to check in with weather and traffic because weather has been one of our big stories for the last couple of days, it's the warm up that where excited it will take that back some of us are excited about so let's check on the table. >>i have to pull that back not ever one is excited, but. where temperatures. yeah, you know. >>we definitely got the sunshine for sure you get that tan and you know for ripple digits, right, yes, true digits in the days to come are
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about to so you know even though a lot of us to like the heat if you get a pole or some may see it can feel kind of nice for those that maybe don't have that set up. didn't get to a cool spot. i get that movie theaters, something and just enjoy some time indoors. we do have the return of some fog this morning looking out at the golden gate bridge. you can just see the very tops of those towers right there the blinking lights right there. >>showing this to just to show you the difference from yesterday into this morning. remember yesterday that he was crystal clear throughout the morning we do have the return of some fog it's very patchy so not all of us are saying it. but there's the return of some dense fog are right there on the coastline streaming up over the peninsula and then settling in for just a couple of spots right on the bay to the east bay too so do expect that at times this morning like i mentioned it's just going to remain patchy through the morning and then it's going to pull out by the time we move towards 10:30am you've actually got a lot of sunshine and a few of those spots that at that point we'll have held on to fog for just a little bit skies are going to remain
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dry yet again today no big surprise winner in the midst of a warm-up due to some high pressure, your temperatures right now are hardly even worthy of a jacket out towards pittsburgh 71 degrees for your current number conquered at 69. well berkeley valais home in fairfield certainly not bad also holding on to the 60's. so we are off to a warm start to the morning yesterday we were already warmer than the day before that this morning, living up to the warm-up that we have continuing over the next few days, starting the morning warmer and we're going to stay that way into the afternoon. daytime highs today as robin mentioned well back into the 90's if not triple digits for a few spots for inland areas out towards the coast in the bay also a dose of sunshine which is going to help those temperatures to rise to some warmer levels, i'm talking hot weather for the middle of the weekend that does include today tomorrow and thursday still to come. robin all right sounds good. thank you john. >>now we want to check in on traffic take a peek at your morning commute. here's a
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live. look at traffic on 80 heading into san francisco and so far so good, no problems. the hot spots, no big issues through the maze across the upper deck continuing to downtown san francisco. so now's a great time to come on in and use the bay bridge while we're hot spot free and it's at a quick 8 minutes from the bottom of the maze over to fremont street. here's 92 we're taking a peek at the san mateo bridge you're dry from hayward over to the peninsula which is on the right hand side, it's looking good on the left we have traffic heading into hayward but so far we've had no major issues between the nimitz and the bayshore so we'll put in 11 minutes to make your way from a hayward over to send the tale we're off to a great start at the richmond sandra fell as well, no hot spots are trouble story about here on west 5.80 leading up to the pay gates. it's been smooth and quiet so far and that's what we like to see 7 minutes to make that trip into the north bay and then as you work your way from the north bay to san francisco all is well on the golden gate, no problems, no crashes
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every easy 25 minutes nevado to the toll plaza we'll check more in just a bit. our top story that we're following for you this morning as chp officer is dead after a traffic stop and shoot out in riverside, 2 other officers were heard nicole comstock has the latest. >>hunting video of a gunman hunkering down behind his truck. the chp officers he shot with an assault rifle were in the process of impounding it when the allowed him to get his belongings and unfortunately he grabbed the rifle and started firing a professional photographer and a woman driving behind the truck recorded the deadly gun battle that followed. when police and sheriff's deputies returned fire to take that man down we don't know. >>where the suspect was coming from where he was headed to the affiliation czar. we don't know his motive for this crime. and we won't speculate on that. >>one of the wounded officers was rushed to the hospital in one of his own colleagues
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patrol cars, another wounded officer loaded into a riverside pd helicopter that landed near the overpass of the 2.15 any stretch. one of the 3 chp officers was tragically killed during that time this mother and her 6 year-old twin sons had bullets blast through their windshield it hits street in the middle of my windshield missing, my head and my 2 children that were in the back seat. jennifer was in shock says her mind went blank but she was blessed to have this retired marine driving behind her heard the kids screaming. that's to get the keys. all the put him behind the engine block of her car for protection. eventually the gunfire stops in the suspect is seen sprawled out on the ground. police confirm he was killed in the shootout as dozens of officers on scene mourn the loss of one of trying motivated this man being pulled over for seemingly mundane traffic stop to start shooting. en officer has
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been identified as 34 year-old andre moy overnight moyes body was taken from the hospital an this is video of that procession, the condition of the 2 other officers who were injured is unknown so far this morning. another developing story that we're following for you is out of mendocino county the moose fire that's burning plan and you kyra the county sheriff's office has issued an evacuation order for people right along this road and an evacuation warning has also been issued for people at the north end of the lease creek road. the fire has bird 85 acres so far and it is only 25% contained. well thousands of home temporarily lost power after a crash involving vta of eta bus in san jose power to most those homes have been restored. there's an suv that collided with the bus and that bus took out some power lines. it happened at the intersection of keen road and cunningham you can see a lot of smoke there in the air 11 passengers were on that bus at the time of the crash. no one
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was hurt. well the san francisco police are now offering a for case murder. now tomorrow marks 13 years since 17 year-old aubrey abir upper casa was killed he was in the intersection of grove in baker street when he was shot several times. because his mother is expected to speak out about the fight for justice for her son. the 5 oakland police officers who are fired following the shooting of a homeless man are now suing the city and its police commission. so the 5 officers who were involved in the shooting of joshua pollack you may remember he was lying on the ground between 2 homes at the time officers say that he ignored their commands and when he set up, they opened fire on him pollack was found with a gun nearby 6 separate investigators already clear those officers. the lawsuit is claiming that the police commission ignore the facts and fire the officers.
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attorneys say the decision violates the city's charter. i'm in a simple code. a firefighter was hurt while responding to a fire near the fruitvale district in oakland check out this video this is from the citizen app this fire started arnd morning and burned to the back of a clothing store. it took crews about an hour to get that fire out and under control. we're about the bay area left driver clint accused of raping one of his path passengers. so prosecutors say that they're now looking to see if tony colo colo may have assaulted other riders, he's accused of taking a woman to his house and tracey after picking her up in san mateo county and raping her. she had passed out in the back seat of his car and prosecutors say the woman has no memory of what happened live says all prospective drivers are screened for criminal offenses. and they also go through background checks and those are conducted annually. paula cole had no criminal history. well members of the
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jury in the goshen fire trial will be back in court this morning they ended the day 6 of deliberations without reaching a verdict. defendants derick almena and max harris they could serve up to 39 years behind bars for the deaths of 36 people who died during the 2016 fire at the warehouse. the 12 jurors must reach a unanimous decision of guilt or innocence or it will become a hung jury. with the contra costa county district attorney office has a new member this morning, his name is bear his job is to help victims and children and high stress situations. so the 2 year old lab underwent special training in santa rosa in response to about 40 different commands in english and also spanish the nonprofit canine companions for independence, they paired there the district attorney's office for free. he's smart and speaks more than one mind. i'd say he's qualified. all right coming up next. the news, a former baseball star. is the latest
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victim of a car burglary in san francisco. after leaving at half a million dollars worth of stuff and his car and that's what you don't do the locals know that sometimes people visiting they just don't get it. and the mayor of san jose has a new plan and to combat gun violence. and also new charges are filed for the shooting in dayton ohio that killed 9 people. now the government's. could end up in prison. here's a live look outside of the 70 oh bridge introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>and the kron 4 morning news. let's check in with john sure able it get a look at the forecast it's going to be nice again today. >>it is going to be nice, i feel like the heat it's going to be really head out to the county or inside and just take it easy. but yeah, a lot of sunshine which is the kind of summer weather a lot of us do enjoy look at this. the moon shining right over the bay right there really nice way to start the morning on such a
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clear start. >>you can see out there just a touch of fog well out in the distance, nothing that singing out of her berkeley right now so overall conditions are on the clear side of things this morning, although we do have a touch of coastal fog streaming through the golden gate and at times over the peninsula into just parts of the east bay skies going to remain nice and dry today say as robin mentioned it is going to be a really nice one with all that sunshine up above my recommendation is though enjoy those nice conditions during the morning. and the evening tonight because during the midst of the afternoon. it is going to get very warm out there for many of us high pressure build back in as i talked much about yesterday that is going to dominate this weather pattern yet again today and as we make our way into tomorrow and thursday as well so temperatures really have a chance to boost look at mission district all the way up near 80 degrees in san francisco, golden gate park up to 70 today that is a a rise in temperatures from granada daly city half moon bay all up and down the coast and all in
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the 70's for your daytime highs in those areas at least 70's from brisbane it down through a san bruno well millbrae and burlingame back into the 80's. look at those 90's reading a couple to the list. now in redwood city in mount view as well as woodside and the south well into the 90's, san jose at 92 campbell at 95 today, while santa clara morgan hill and saratoga among those spots at 93 livermore pleasanton another day of school for your kids and 96 for their daytime high hydrate them get some sunscreen ready to go for him. oakland you are upper 70's yesterday today, it's mid 80's while castro valley at 90 today walnut creek danville conquered mid to upper 90's and even a triple digit showing up in vacaville while fairfield in pittsburgh very close at 98 degrees and into the 90's as well for santa rosa petaluma another spot that will be in the triple digits today come
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tomorrow and thursday look at that your average inland highs into the triple digits very hot conditions just around the corner and not just in london, but look at bayside areas all the way into the upper 80's for advertise come tomorrow and along the coast, some mid to upper 70's. so there will be warm temperatures even out towards the coast. still you're likely escape. if the triple digits are just a little too hot for you come friday, temperatures start to return to seasonal average is really dropping significantly in just a matter of a day and falling even further come saturday down into the low 80's inland, 70's and 60's by the bay, perfect timing considering it's the weekend at that point so get through these next few days of heat and that hot hot inland, heat, especially and then look forward to what will be a very comfortable weekend around the corner, rob looking good. thank you very much john. >>all right, let's check in on traffic now it is. here at the bay bridge toll plaza, mostly for the cash payers, but
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overall a great trip into san francisco. and also keep in mind that it's a spare the air day so you can always help reduce air pollution by hopping on transit this morning car pooling riding your bike, i guess it depends on where you are 50 or so were words in the triple digits in are going want to ride a bike. but just keep that in mind. it is a spare the air day 8 minutes here to make your way into san francisco, 92 looking good moving well we're checking out traffic leaving hayward on the right hand side and it's so good trip so far across the span over to the peninsula 12 minutes to make it off to one on one. here's west 5 80 to the richmond center fell bridge delay free that's what we like to see 7 minutes from the tolls to one on one. i want to get i don't see any hot spots are major issuout there if you take highway 4 it's only 14 minutes. that's really quick antioch to concord 6.80 looks great rolling south the nimitz trouble free and one oh one easy 26 minutes from san jose to menlo park. this week wildfire victims can file claims for housing assistance
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and other needs with pg name. those claims will go through the utilities wildfire assistance program. a federal judge overseeing pg e's bankruptcy case they approved the funds is just a few months ago, so that program will cover victims of the north bay fires and a series of other fires. the deadline to apply for the funds is november 15th so keep that in mind. attorneys are also reminding victims who want to join the bankruptcy law suit against the utility that that deadline to follow playing is october 21th. to national news now a friend of the day mass shooter has been charged with lying on federal gun forms. so the department of justice says that ethan coley she bought body armor and a 100 round drum magazine for the shooter. he says said he had everything in his apartment so the shooter's family will not find out 9 people were killed just outside of a bar before police shot and killed the gunman. federal officials say that callie helped assemble 100 round double drum magazine and
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the weeks right before the shooting. the fbi also says that callie indicated on an atf form about drug use callie faces 15 years in prison. police say there's no indication that callie actually new that he was assisting in the mass shooting. well another big story that we're following for you this morning more reaction is pouring in following the trump administration's new plan and to limit legal immigration in the u s camila bernal has that story. >>the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter and stay in the us could dramatically dropped. >>today you see i asked the agency i head as part of the department of homeland security has issued a rule that encourages and insurers self reliance and self-sufficiency for those seeking to come to or to stay in the united states. >>the new rule would make it easier to reject green card and visa applications for legal immigrants who rely for likely to rely on public
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benefits in the future it will also help. >>promote immigrant success in the united states as they seek opportunity here. >>but critics say the move specifically targets low income immigrants would keep families apart and prompt legal residents to forgo need public aid which could also impact the u s citizen children. >>america is that at its best when it helps people who fall down get up and become independent contributing members of society people like myself and my family were allowed become contributing members again and that is on something that unfortunately this new rule and regulation harms. >>undocumented immigrants would not be affected and the regulation is likely to meet legal challenges, but it could still spark fear among the immigrant community in washington, i'm camila bernal reporting. >>well here's court in san francisco turn down a former university of southern california football players bid to sue the nca for
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allegedly failing to pay him minimum wage and overtime. lamar dawson he claimed that in 2016 2016 lawsuit that he and other player should be treated as employees. so he argued that the n c a a was responsible for livingin his compensation because it restricts athletic scholarships to the actual cost of attending college. but judges from the 9th us circuit court of appeals in san francisco. they said the nca does not as an employer because it does not have the pass our to hire or fire players. nor does it provide the scholarships. use a bay area mother speaks out after her son gets hit by a stray bullet at a park. >>lead to end gun violence in our community and across the country. what a little peek outside like to check in on conditions there is a golden gate bridge looking good your forecast looks good too. we'll have the hollywood minute after the break stay with us. welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news time to check in on your entertainment headlines today. >>canadian progressive rock band rush is heading back to movie theaters. eddie murphy is heading to netflix rick damigella has these stories and more. and this morning's hollywood minute. >>rush rocks, the movies in what is being called the band's first annual exercise in fan indulgence trafalgar releasing will present rush cinema strong ciano has a one night only screening on august 21th. the concert film features performances from thal with interviews, including tom morello billy corgacasting news olivia wilde to direct herself
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deadline reports the book smart director will direct and star in the psychological thriller don't worry darling. while does currently filming the ballot of richard jewel with director clint eastwood. >>all my life to him and tell him you know. >>brody sometimes our dreams don't come asked them and on my face. another of the world an here's a sneak peek at eddie murphy in dolemite is my name netflix's biographical comedy stars murphy as comedian and blaxploitation star rudy ray moore, the movie will celebrate its world premiere at the toronto international film festival in september in hollywood i'm rick damigella. >>and before we go a little peek outside at the bay bridge toll plaza a minor way for yeah in the cash lanes but a great trip into san francisco, we'll be right back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, one of our big stories this morning, the warming trend it's going to be pretty hot for folks inland again today. so let's check in
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with john and see th deal yeah, i know is to help so we should cool down and makes it hard to sleep at night yeah. but you know what for those he know what hear it is definitely nice to get in the pool just maybe a do so little bit earlier on monday because that sun is going to be intense and it is going to be making hot pretty fast again today. >>just a touch more fog to what we saw for yesterday this morning you see that fog streaming right under the golden gate hours right there and see those blinking lights if you look closely. so yeah, that's just a bit of a change from yesterday at this time nothing more than just a few spots where that fog a streaming in from time to time you'll be looking at a little luck dose of it at times over just or right over the east bay. it's not going to last for long though going to be very patchy ancrystal clear skia boost pretty in the upper 50's even


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