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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 13, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>>this morning santa clara county board of supervisors are holding a ceremony in honor gilroygarlicfestival victims. details on that. >>and a chp officer killed in the line of duty after a wild shootout in southern california will have the latest details from overnight. >>and san francisco's car break in epidemic has a high profile victim coming up, we'll tell you who it is and break down the staggering number.
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>>one around the bay, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher on this tuesday morning back to school for more more school districts each day this weekend next week so welcome back to class make sure you wear shorts, today have the to the forecast roads are doing pretty well i haven't had any major issues is just that the bridges are pretty crowded some will check in and see what the drive times are looking like think a lot more kids on the >>dropping off at school can be crowded and and like we said how out their spare the air and everything else don't drive if you don't have exactly and if you do want to get outside you are early in the day because this afternoon might be one of those afternoon just want to stay in said it will now walk the dog now. yes, exactly get out there before that tell those temperatures really do start t rise and it's going to happen quick today we're already off to a mild start this morning. you do see the
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golden gate bridge with a touch of fog streaming through for the most part of the bay. >>is actually pretty free of that fog yet again and that's going to give sunshine and opportunity to warm us up pretty quickly we're in the upper 50's for most of the bay right now pittsburgh, unconquered though solid 60's with pittsburgh just shy of 70 as we speak so temperatures already mild and they're going to stay a pretty mild for a couple more hours after this by noontime are already near 90 degrees for a few of our inland areas and well into the 90's for your daytime highs for most inland spots today and a couple of areas back into the triple digits, not just for today. but into tomorrow and thursday to those are actually are 2 hottest of days. gutted just what it's looking like in your area still to come. rob all right checking in on the trip into san francisco very quiet. >>we like quiet, but it's definitely slower looking at the cash lanes and fast track lanes and they're both pack and yes this goes back into the maze or at least the bottom of the oakland may feel
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starting there you going to be stuck in a lot of stopping all traffic from that point right through the tolls and up the incline so you're averaging 15 minutes after fremont street, which is really good. we don't have any hot spots are major accidents, it's just picking up highway 4 22 minutes, antioch to concord the nimitz there's a new accident in hayward southbound at a street so 26 minutes and growing from 2.38 to 37. we'll check more coming up in my complete traffic check sorry jane thank you robin, 6 oh 03:00am and santa clara county is moving forward as a community after last month's deadly shooting at the garlic festival with people will be a gathering this morning to honor the victims prop for sarah stinson is. >>covering that story for us live from san jose. terror. >>and live here in front of the santa clara county government offices, this is where their states and us flags of in half. festival in gilroy but after that mass
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shooting and this morning, the board of supervisors has a way to symbolically rise above such a horrific tragedy. they will raise their flags yet again this is an opportun get to couples county officials and the community. 2 honor those 3 victims who worked. accessible shooting. as you know and one of those was 6 year-old stephen romero, he was just laid to rest and there's 13 year-old kayla cells are. as you know over a dozen people were injured as well. it will take time for the county to completely cold with what unfolded on the last day of that annual garlic festival. the hope is for this to be an opportunity for the county to move forward together pass an unforgettable horrific events now. they will be having a little ceremony this morning. we'll be raising a flag there will be several supervisors that will talk about all 3 of those victims and just as as th
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community but also has as they rise above what happen. now that ceremony starts this morning at 9.40. and if you want to join this is on adding street in san jose that's where the santa clara county offices are and you can see it for yourself as a raise those flags and raise above. >>happening tonight, oakland is going to hold a vigil for the victims of the mass shooting us representative borrow le barbara lee is hosting the night of healing that starts at 00:30am tonight outside of the oakland city hall. there will be guest speakers, including the mayors of oakland and alameda and the cofounder of black lives matter. >>following this morning a chp officer is dead after a traffic stop and a shootout in riverside, there's video of the whole thing happening were 2 other officers were also hurt and that one officer was killed nicole comstock has a
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look. >>hunting video of a gunman hunkering down behind his truck. the chp officers he shot with an assault rifle were in the process of impounding it when the allowed him to get his belongings and unfortunately he grabbed the rifle and started firing. a professional photographer and a woman driving behind the truck recorded the deadly gun battle that followed. when police and sheriff's deputies returned fire to take that man down we don't know. >>where the suspect was coming from where he was headed to what his affiliations are. we don't know his motive for this
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blast through their windshield it hits street in the middle of my windshield missing, my head and my 2 children that were in the back seat. jennifer was in shock says her mind went blank but she was blessed to have this retired marine driving behind her i heard the kids screaming. that's to get the keys. all the put him behind the engine block of her car for protection. eventually the gunfire stops in the suspect is seen sprawled out on the ground. police confirm he was killed in the shootout as dozens of officers on scene mourn the loss of one of their own detectives are still trying to find out what motivated this man being pulled over for seemingly mundane traffic stop to start shooting. >>that was nicole comstock reporting now the fallen officer has been identified as 34 year-old andre moines, overnight his body was taken from the hospital and this is video of that procession. the condition of the 2 other officers who were hurt in that shoot out is not known this morning.
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>>developing story that we're following out of mendocino county is this fire the moose fire. there's burning between hop land and you kyra there were as some evacuation orders that were issued for people moo warning at this point that there might be an evacuation if needed for people live at the north and to feel as creek road but nothing there so far it's only burn 85 acres at last check it is 25% contained. >>temporarily lost power after a crash involving of the t a bus in san jose, most that power has been restored, but here's video of the suv apparently collided with the bus. and that's what push that bus into some power lines. this all happened at the intersection of king and cunningham, 11 passengers were on board at the time but nobody was hurt. san francisco police are now offering a $250,000 reward for information that helps solve a cold case murder, a quarter of a million dollars all to try find answers on this 13th year since 17 year-old aubrey casa
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was killed. he was in the intersection of grove and baker streets when you was shot several times. tomorrow because his mother is expected to speak about the fight for justice for her son. >>in the east bay, the 5 oakland police officers who were involved in the fatal shooting. the homeless man are now suing. the city and the police commission the 5 officers were fired. they were involved in the shooting of joshua pollack he was lying on the ground sleeping between 2 homes at the time. and officers say he ignored their commands and when he sat up they opened fire. he there was a gun found nearby him 6 separate investigator in the investigations cleared the officers but they were fired today filed this lawsuit claiming the police commission ignore the facts in firing them their attorneys say the decision violates the city charter and the municipal code. members of the jury in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial were back in court. this morning they ended a 6 of deliberations without reaching
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a verdict. defendants derick almena and max harris could serve up to 39 years behind bars for the deaths of 36 people who died in that fire in 2016 the 12 jurors have to reach a unanimous decision of guilt or innocence or it will be a hung jury. >>still ahead a bay area mother speaks out after her son gets hit by a stray bullet in a park. plus new change the new charges are filed for the shooting in dayton ohio that killed 9 people now the gunman's friend could end up in prison. >>millions of teachers are calling on walmart to remove guns from its store shelves to force congress to pass gun reform, i'm just eaten or all of that story coming up. and cool temperatures this morning but actually fairly on the mild side we're still in the 60's for concord in antioch while upper 50's and oakland hayward and san francisco. >>i'm talking some 90's and even a few triple digits ahead in the forecast. >>i'm tracking your slowdowns lots of and we have a lot of
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heavy traffic squeezing into san francisco. here's a look at the bay bridge tr
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>>we're getting you and your kids ready for school with kron on that's where you can go and hear from local school leaders get safety tips learn how to help erase not a race was like thinking about their race or and the squeaking top for >>chalkboards anymore really not so much. yeah but 10:00am this morning. you can catch all that coverage make sure you to kron on dot tv to download the app and you can watch free for 30 days just use the promo code school to today palo alto and san ramon valley school districts. >>head back to class i know it was around we don't go back most of us until next week next week >>will it be 100 next week as well as you see 100's next week, it's not like and then we cool down for the weekend and we'll get a little warm
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next week we'll talk to be as warm as this week as we just need to get through these next like 3 days or something exactly the next 3 days we're getting back to school on. >>a hot note for many of these school districts and as you mentioned san ramon and then palo alto get back to school speaking of san ramon, this is going to be one of our really hot areas well into the 90's for areas further inland such as san ramon so do get those kids ready to go with some extra water in their packs as well as that sun screen. >>and dress them for some warmer weather despite this cool start to the morning in the 50's and 60's for palo alto is definitely a cool start upper 80's into the afternoon expecting a daytime high in palo alto 89 today and for areas like oakland, unpleasant and also for the second day of school for both of these districts, it's either 80's or 90's for the highs and both of these areas as well as for the coast, it's a different story look at that nice little fog streaming on through the golden gate, this is one of the only spots we are seeing fog this morning as most of us are actually pretty free of it. it is dense out
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into the marine had winds as well stick couple of spots on the coast. so be mindful of those areas but most of us as i mentioned are already sitting under some very clear skies. something that isn't going to change into the afternoon skies going to remain nice and dry. well to the course of your tuesday much as they did yesterday for monday. just your typical high pressure ridge built up keeping us dry and keeping us increasingly warm as it continues to build so warm that excessive heat watches taking effect later on this week out into the central valley, nothing issued yet for the bay area but with our own triple digits just around the corner. you do want to take precautions as you spend afternoon hours outside maybe get out there. but earlier in the day and then spend some time relaxing during those peak temperature hours usually between the hours of 2 and 06:00pm a mission district very close to 80 degrees for your high today will golden gate park at around 70 for the daytime high 60's and 70's up and down the pacific shoreline for daytime highs while some
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80's mixed in in millbrae as well as burlingame some 90's returning from redwood city and a mountain view with another 90 for woodside at 94 for the daytime high and down in the south bay yesterday, it was a half and have split of upper 80's to low 90's. now we're all in that 90 degree threshold with san jose at 92. a range of 90's to 80's out into the east bay pleasanton as i mentioned the second day of school for you and 96 for the high out there while conquered at 97 in oakland at 85 degrees to triple digit numbers on your 4 zone forecast today. the first being in vacaville and the second a little bit further west over in petaluma tomorrow you're going to see a lot more triple digits in this 2 of us. wednesday and thursday both in fact your daytime highs in land on average. we'll be above 100 degrees and even warm for the bayside areas with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's and areas along the coast also tapping into some warm weather in the mid
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to upper 70's. temperatures quickly fall into friday and further fall into the weekend saturday and sunday are looking great and even below average with highs in the 6070's and 80's just where we that's a look at your forecast robin how's traffic doing right now getting heavier by the minute. let's head over to the richmond sandra fell. >>here's a live look at west bound 5.80 we have some slow traffic in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes this time. it goes all the way back beyond castro and now it's spilling over to return parkway so pack but not bad and it will ease up west of the toll plaza 11 minutes to make it into the north bay from oakland to san francisco quiet here at the bay bridge toll plaza but you're back up spills into the maze so be prepared for that slow from the maze through the pay gates up the incline toward treasure island. but when you put it all together it's a decent 60 minutes that is completely normal into san francisco at least we don't have any hpt spots are major alert story about coming from the e sure 19 minutes from crockett to oakland, you're good on 24 and
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the macarthur and minor crowding for the nimitz from 2.38 to downtown oakland that only 13 minutes, we'll look at some more drive times coming up back to you. thanks a lot of 6 19 in national headlines, the american federation of teachers which represents nearly 2 million members. >>is calling on walmart to stop selling guns convoys, washington correspondent jesse to nor has the details. >>after shots rang out at walmart stores killing 2 employees in south haven, mississippi and days later killing 22 people in el paso texas. the country's largest retailer is under fire from one of the largest teacher unions. >>how many more. does am the american federation of teachers is calling on walmart to take guns off store shelves, banning the selling of guns until there was a difference standard weingarten
6:20 am
is pushing for legislation like universal background checks. she says of walmart took action congress would follow the company's lead, you don't think. >>that congress would move more quickly. you don't i think the gun manufacturers would move more quickly walmart has responded to gun violence in the past. >>the company removed assault rifles from its stores after the sandy hook elementary school murders and raise its minimum purchasing age after the parkland florida high school shootings but walmart has stopped short of removing all guns from its stores. following the latest shootings walmart announced it will no longer display violent video games. walmart ceo doug mcmillon wrote in a memo to employees. we will work to understand the many important issues that arise from el paso in south haven, as well as those that have been raised in the broader national discussion around gun violence. weingarten has yet to hear from wal-mart in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>a friend of the dayton mass shooter has been charged now with lying on federal gun
6:21 am
forms. the department of justice says that ethan coley bought body armor and a 100 round drum magazine for the shooter. coli says he did everything in his apartment so that the shooter's family wouldn't find out. 9 people were killed outside of a bar before police shot and killed the gunman. federal officials say that kohli helped assemble a 100 round double drum magazine in the weeks before the shooting. he faces 15 years in prison at this point though police say there's no indication that kohli knew he was assisting and what would eventually become that mass shooting. william barr says there are serious irregularities at that federal prison in new york where jeffrey epstein died from an apparent suicide barr says that he was appalled to learn of the metropolitan correctional centers failure to secure ethe the hospital guards are supposed to check on inmates every 30 minutes, but reason epstein so was not regularly monitored the night before oe was found dead. he was in the federal jail. he
6:22 am
pleaded not after pleading not guilty to charges of running a sex-trafficking ring of under age girls, some as young as 14. the new york medical examiner has conducted an autopsy. they perform that on sunday but they have not at least publicly least the cause of death. 6.22 still ahead. >>morning news, the mayor of san jose has a new plan to combat gun violence, we'll take a look. toxic algae harms 3 dogs hours after they were exposed. they have a fax from this we have a warning for dog owners this morning.
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>>dog owners about the dangers of toxic blue-green algae in our local lakes and ponds this all comes after 3 dogs now died from exposure to the algae in north carolina. so the dog owners. took their dogs to their local pond up lance women within hours of returning home, they started having seizures. it took him to the vet and that's when they found they had liver
6:26 am
failure from this algae. so dogs can be exposed by drinking the water with the algae directly or by looking there for exposure is fatal and we have ponds with this algae nearby so be careful. this like i said if we haand th got to the emergency that last night they also weren't sure. >>and just from looking there in there for lg and to all that it can be helpful for people to attack warning signs are often put up around local ponds and lakes here in the bay area. if there is the presence of blue-green algae. i don't like tennis calvey cost look at those signs up whenever that begins to form so just keep an eye out if you've got dogs are taken for a walk watch out for those signs reason we like it's the water looks comey just don't go list best to err on the side of caution. well. >>breakin epidemic has a high profile victim coming up, i'll tell you who it is and break
6:27 am
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at ross. yes for less. school for some others get another week before they have to go to. back to school today to be sure to see how what was come out of bed. >>this summer long plate sleeping and oh yes, a hard transition, yeah, they missed the entire communities get tickets at noon 1 o'clock. >>the commute is going to be busy. yeah, it's like every day. >>every week that we have a you know school system going that justice at this can traffic just get heavier and heavier. >>i'm checking out the bay bridge and i'm checking out a new crash. >>and 5.18 the east ksat weather wise job are looking at how. yes we are even though we're headed back to school still certainly feels like summer and it will for a while to ahead idge skies for the most part very
6:31 am
clear this morning. there's just a touch of fog trying to yes steam as stream its way through the golden gate bridge this morning and you're seeing just a touch of it out along the coast most of us though are clear and pretty mild this morning, your temperatures right now are in the 50's and 60's with berkeley, a 59 conquered at 64. the late show up to fairfield at 61 degrees each making our way through the day from the 50's and 60's to start eventually the 60's 70's and 80's already by noon and look at near 90 degrees by noontime upper 90's for a lot of our inland bay and even a couple of triple digit showing up in your 4 zone forecast today and even hotter come tomorrow and thursday, the rest of your forecast is still to come. >>rob allbeat the rush to already have a lot of slow tr the incline but still no crashes or stall so we consider this a pretty good trip into san francisco, your drive time is 15 minutes off to fremont street and as we said as more and more school districts start school back we'll see heavier and heavier traffic
6:32 am
each week on the road we do have a new crash 5 of us in hop yard. and that is wrapping up you see its backing up traffic on 5 of the west. so if you have to leave maybe livermore and headed to dublin, it's getting a little crowded west of airway. >>and that continues right up to help guard with the accident still wrapping up so that could to at 16 minutes to the dublin interchange just be prepared for some brake lights. there we'll check more coming up james darya robin we on. >>san francisco, you don't leave anything in your car when are aside from a rod would leave a half a million dollars worth of stuff in his that's kind of what the thieves got away with this was in san francisco. so now they're doing the all out investigation to try and find the thieves who stole as daria said. >>$500,000 worth of ah. various ria is in town for the isn't only that an ounce or now after being a big baseball star and of course, he's engaged to j lo over wedding ring was following this. i was
6:33 am
only half a million loss. i don't think it was a ring. >>now it was in the rain reportedly was a few rolexes electronics cameras, he was at the ball park on sunday to call the phillies giants game and what do you do after the game to go out to dinner and that's what he and his crew did is espn crew just a few blocks from this location. the break-in happened between 9.11 o'clock on sunday night here is the video from the scene you can see police officers, arriving there are a few officers actually looking through the black suv and it stood out is a very nice view. the window at least one was shattered, they took a finger prints from the scene. this is a high-profile case of this highlights just how badly we face every day in san francisco as far as car break in's i'll give you the numbers in just a few moments but here's reaction. i think it's
6:34 am
getting any sort of valuables in plain sight is scott asking for >>you never know what's going to happen though. >>ok so here are the numbers they even below my my and i thought i knew the numbers pretty well but and it actually is on the downward trend. so take a look at your screen. so every month about 1900 cars get broken into in san francisco that breaks down to about 62 car break ins. every single day now they happen of course all over san francisco, but some of the hot spots, according to the san francisco police department, golden gate park palace of fine arts and areas around lung heart street. so because it's a rod and the cause. the amount of items taken have half a million dollars is obviously sheds. not just on
6:35 am
what happened but the city of san francisco itself and not to say they your coffee was broken into it's not important but because this is happening to a ride in because he was here with his espn crew. one of the reasons why according to the san francisco police department they put this on very high priority because they have obviously want to get to the bottom of the case and try to find out who was the thief for thieves behind this and james and darya those numbers i gave you they're actually down 10% and just a few years ago. kristof once taken from your car there constand's and can't knock >>this can you where you need to bring all that stuff when you go to dinner. he had a couple rolexes supposedly jewelry those things i mean a lot of times they tell you to leave it in your hotel in a safe, but when you're a ride, yeah, $500,000 is a lot of money but let's face it. he
6:36 am
signed back in what 1996 a million i'm tracking with the texas rangers so he's made more than enough to cover it. but it goes to show you it's common sense don't leave valuables in your car. >>holes in the car. no thank you very much well. 6 36 in a on kron 4 a bay area mother is speaking out her 11 year-old son was hit by a stray bullet, leaving a park after soccer practice kron four's j r stone has the story. >>yellow tape surrounded jacobs park in santa rosa back in june. after gunfire broke out. among the 4 shooting victims. an 11 year-old boy leaving a soccer practice with his mom. one of 3 people who had nothing to do with that argument that turned into a shooting and led to him being hit by a stray bullet. this gorgeous. >>the rain and thunder. my car and. the car in. he started shooting. so what i saw him
6:37 am
3rd shooting there anything that i did it is. >>i push my son to the ground. and i was on top of him. make over his sights. he was at the mall. >>i feel something i feel lizbeth angeles has chosen to cover her face suspects have been arrested, but police believe the crime was gang related. liz bus and plays on this green soccer team. he was shot in the upper leg region. well, he is now able to walk and run. he still faces struggles doing just that and may need additional surgeries down the road. >>my somewhat just play soccer. he got shot. that's not fair. those novel what if he does. does not okay. it's not okay for the kids not okay for the community. we need to be safe in in this. this country does. >>cd a police officer gave the
6:38 am
11 year-old this cheese king soccer jersey because of his love for cheese. an officer who is continually checked in on the youngster. in hopes of easing his fears about being out in public. liz beth, this speaking out because she wants lawmakers to take action with stricter gun policies. she says her son is scared to leave their home and often uncomfortable in public areas. he's concerned about school that will soon be starting. and she's just doing her our best to stay strong. >>for me to see him of there. >>brian e feel more. p. >>even to pain in a mad and being mad of its people. >>he's getting one of these he's getting better. >>elizabeth tells me they also have set up a go fund me page t big hospital bills they are d to g. they've also tr get mental health counseling. we're actually put on a wait list for that. i did talk with
6:39 am
her son he was in good spirits today because of that soccer game that he had but he still feels pretty uncomfortable. when it comes to talking about that day. in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 >>san jose mayor sam liccardo is behind a new effort to combat gun violence, he has a plan where gun owners would be required to purchase liability insurance for their weapons. this regulation would be the first of its kind in the country the insurance would cover accidental discharge an ax by 3rd parties. if they were to steal or borrow your gun anybody who can't afford the insurance would be charged a per household fee. a committee is set to consider the proposal next week. >>a los altos police officers recovering now after he was exposed to fentanyl it happened at the police station in san antonio road. police say 3 officers were processing evidence when the exposure occurred one of them immediately reported feeling ill. he was rushed to the hospital with symptoms that
6:40 am
are believed to be life threatening. but the officer is now in stable condition. so that's the a good update for you crews quarantine the area they're now working to make sure the area is safe once again. this week wildfire victims can file claims for housing assistance and other needs with pg e those claims go through the utilities wildfire assistance program. a federal judge overseeing pg e's bankruptcy case approved these funds just a few months ago the program will cover victims of the north bay fires and a series of other fires as well. the deadline to apply for these funds is november 15th attorneys are also reminded victims who want to join the bankruptcy law suit against utility. the deadline to file a claim is october 21th. 6.40. >>morning news, another major problem for the dmv and they didn't on it and we'll tell you how it might affect you. and details on who the warriors are going to be hosting on the home opener. the new chase center in san francisco. and the nfl not greater star antonio brown plays with his old. and his
6:41 am
response about it this morning and not a bad morning at all we're talking some 50's and 60's for your current temperatures later today, though. >>while that's going to be on the toasty side, i've got your forecast to come. >>and the traffic is on the slow side we already have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza there. it is spilling back into the maze so it's already packed into san fr introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>and checking out the weather on us back to school for some gift. there's this afternoon but kind of cool looking outside right now is a cool feeling as well it could is feels cool out there. yeah for a few spots, some spots already in the 70's came out of wild. yeah, but as james said a nice little fog fall through the marin headlands this morning just like a hang around. would we want is on. if that fog would stay around
6:45 am
it would definitely keep temperatures down. but guys even at the coast this afternoon with all that sunshine. temperatures will be on the rise but as for now enjoy the cool misty morning for those of you up in marine county and walk across the golden gate bridge. it is really nice out there actually san jose off to a nice start this morning to it's in the 60's for you in san jose. so really nice start with that sunshine overhead as for the east bay as i mentioned just a second ago we have a couple of temperatures that are in the low 70's right now most of us though are in that range of 50's to 60's so get out there get that jog out of the way walk your dog and just enjoy the weather before it gets too hot later on because it will be getting toastie again this afternoon, plenty of sunshine is going to help temperatures to rise and rise pretty fast high pressure is going to keep a sunny keep us dry and as it builds across the region is only going make things warmer in the next couple of days enough that excessive heat watches taking effect across the central valley. no advisories here in our backyard just yet i would be
6:46 am
surprised to see a couple of those come wednesday and thursday though is these are the hottest days of the forecast today for the central valley, you see those excessive heat watches bakersfield and fresno into the triple digits. back here in the bay area we only have 2 spots in the triple digits today that will be vacaville and petaluma elsewhere it 70's 80's and then some upper 90's conquered up to 97 san jose at 92, while antioch right out the 90 degree mark tomorrow and thursday our daytime highs on average will be in the triple digits and hot also along the bay in coast with upper 70's to upper 80's in both of these areas come friday, temperatures begin to settle down and by saturday and sunday it's actually below average for temperatures a big change of pace, 60's 70's, and 80's for the weekend just where we like them so get through the next couple of hot days. and then we have some great weather to look for to just around the corner. all right. thank you john back to the san mateo bridge where we have a lot of heavy traffic
6:47 am
starting back on the hayward side, west's 92 slow suspiria and. >>to the high rise that's your stop and go traffic 22 minutes as yourre avd good to make it ov the peninsula. we're checking the bay bridge 80 west. it's i getting heavier and heavier. the backup spills through the maz look great but p cash and fast tracking you will have to wait, we're at 14 minutes now into san francisco over to the shore freeway. we have some crowding in pockets out of san pablo richmond, albany, berkeley that is the norm so we'll put it at 24 minutes now from crockett down to the maze which is not bad at all. earlier i talked about a crash right here 5.80 west and how yard that's why you have a bit of crowding out of livermore from airway so slow from airway to ha pr all tomorrow, you know the usual 60 minutes here from vasco to the dublin interchange and then some folks are a little late making it into morgan hill this morning. we had a major crash way back here in gilroy near masten that had all lanes close so the folks are a little late making it
6:48 am
into morgan hill, 12 minutes and growing from cochran to 85 in from 85 through downtown up the peninsula, 35 minutes you can add on there from 85 to menlo park back to you, thanks a lot of california. to the 2020 election, there's a new republican effort to suspend. >>the dmv these voter registration program, republican state lawmakers are concerned the program has major errors such as registering the wrong political party preference or allowing people to vote who should not be able to but a recent audit of about 60% of drivers in the program did not find those major errors assemblyman jim patterson argues that the audit is incomplete and that the program should be put on hold. >>and i think that there's ample evidence now to to demonstrate that the president noted voter system is so inaccurate that cannot be trusted and has to be suspended in order to make
6:49 am
sure that fair elections take place. >>secretary of state alex the da's office has not directly responded to the calls for suspending the program. >>the nba schedule has been released revealing the first warriors game at the new chase center in san francisco looks like the wars are going to open up the center with the la clippers settle be thursday october 24th, the clippers dominated the nba offseason by adding all star kawhi leonard and paul george the warriors will have a new look after losing kevin draft and boogie cousins and and rick a dollar gold state has added a few new pieces an all-star point guard d'angelo russell hill help steph curry while klay thompson continues to nurse his healing acl we'll see how the warriors look in their new dates of a weird without a sudden season, that is a look more dates on the schedule as you can see some of the notable games following a home opener. >>orioles will be traveling to la to take on the run james anthony davis and the lakers
6:50 am
of the 13, they'll be staying home for christmas, they'll be hosting houston rockets then and the warriors will host the bucks and the reigning league mvp on january 8th, and then a february 8th the whole game against the lakers. >>star wide receiver antonio brown loses his fight with the nfl he wanted to use old helmet may said no last week he filed a grievance to keep field helmet he loves down the protected his. >>and so well, and one concussion with it over like 10 or 12 years and he threatened if you didn't get his way he was you know, i'm not going to play. brown argues the nfl helmets, the new ones interfere with his vision. but the league says no his request is denied i did an independent arbitrator said no the old helmet is outdated not up to safety standards and you know if everybody else could use a tom brady won his own couldn't so no to brown and now he has to find a new certified model where he cannot step on the field. >>so now it would be the helmet's fault, not his feet.
6:51 am
brown tweeted his response to this whole thing he says he doesn't agree with it. he is looking for though isis to getting back to full health and joining his team because when he referred to full health he was returning to his frostbitten feet nardi what happened was he when one of those cryotherapy. tubs and it was all for muscles. yeah, and you know it's frostbite because if they don't do right you from you freeze your feet, this heaven or another i think was like run or something a few years back so it's not it wasn't francis fall because he went into crowd there be in france and but it happened us to there's no timetable that when he's coming back either. i'm morgan wright in washington following the mass shootings in texas and ohio. >>president trump says mental illness is to blame, but others say those claims one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines.
6:52 am
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>>and now 6.55 and. your daytim
6:55 am
into the 70's 80's 90's. and looking outside right now clear skies across the board to mount diablo looking nice and sunny for hot 90's to triple digits for your afternoon highs inland with tomorrow. >>even hotter yet more triple digits to be expected now the weekend ahead, we'll eventually see a cool down after the next couple of days of hot weather 60's and 50's is where most of our temperatures are right now this is already a warm up from yesterday, robin lots of sun lots of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, the drive in will be pretty packed for you so. >>get ready, it's going to be up from the maze 5.80 that you share freeway, you know the drill if you take it every day. but it's quiet and we like quiet 15 minutes off to fremont street traffic tracker showing great numbers these are decent averages for the e sure r 24 and for the nimitz you are looking at 12 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland james. >>thank you robin at 6.56
6:56 am
coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news, a former baseball star with says latest victim of a car burglary in san francisco. half a million dollars with the stuff was taken will explain why and chp officer killed in the line of duty was a shoot out in southern california will have the latest details coming in
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>good morning, everybody taking a live look outside this is our camera along the embarcadero in san francisco with the rising sun in the background and what you don't see in the shot little behind a little bit but we don't see is the widespread cloud cover the fog that we typically see in the summer. >>oh yeah. >>just that shot you can tell it's going to be a hot. >>are your full so and i'm james fletcher so we'll get to those a scorching temperatures here half a second make sure they're on hot spots on the roads before we do that now no hot spots were ok for now now,
7:00 am
but it's getting busier and busier and heavier on the burgess all checks and right and i have thought we'd only real >>i mean i got 9 days even a couple triple digits on the map today said yes it is going to be a very hot. >>to get back to school for many students, this is not a fun way to be doing so i know that. >>parents out there one some good weather is your son the kids out and about for their first day i'm in areas like san ramon we're highs will be well into the upper 90's so just prepare yourselves will play a water as you're getting out there and maybe get outside and enjoy this rather than the afternoon because it's beautiful look a


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