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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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going to be on you, michael. and no way we work is as soon as we s >>be able to survive. i cannot live here and walk through these doors every day knowing what happened to me. >>now at 5 a woman is violently attacked by a man outside a san francisco condo complex and the terrifying moments are all caught on video. thank you for joining us at 5, i'm j r stone in for grant lodes and vicki liviakis tonight we're hearing from the victim in this case, but first we want to take a closer look. >>at this disturbing video penney's kosair ian was to try to get into were beale street apartment early sunday morning. where as you can see she's attacked a by a man who
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she believes was on drugs and trying to keep her from going inside without him and that's when the struggle ensued. i lasted at least one minute at times she fell to the ground and tried to crawl inside each time being pulled back by the man of the front desk assistant also stepped in to help. >>at first he try new tell me that he's trying to save my life. the people i see are robots and he is the only human being remaining 100 and he's trying to say. and he asked me to open the door so that he could go and kill our. concierge or from this lady and earned my trust. >>the knees says she lived that the watermark for 6 years. >>now this attacks has left her with nerve damage and also bruising. but she's just happy to be alive police were able to arrest her attacker. this heart-stopping got strong reaction online from the group
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safe embarcadero for all in a statement they wrote no one should have to live in fear of safety. and safely entering their home at the issue of personal safety for our community was and it is being ignored by the port mayor and board of supervisors that is why safe embarcadero for all had no other choice but to sue the city of san francisco to stop the proposed homeless navigation center on the embarcadero. well the long developing news tonight. police and hayward are investigating an officer involved shooting. >>it happened earlier this morning along a major thoroughfare, they're diverting traffic in the area for a several hours kron four's all shares what we know. >>grainy viewer video captured the moments after the shooting at least for hayward police officers seen with guns drawn approaching a man down on the sidewalk to hayward police officers had just opened fire after responding to calls about a man waving a weapon he
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radically turns out the weapon was a fake the man was hospitalized and is expected to survive police say the shooting happened at around 9 o'clock in the morning a long mission boulevard at valley vista avenue crime scene technicians focusing their attention on the patrol cars and along the fence line. investigators say member of the officers involved were injured the officers who drew their weapons will be placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation into the shooting is resolved. in hayward felipe should all kron 4 news the all-clear is being given after a bomb scare at a shopping center in san ramon today it happened near starbucks on crow canyon place. >>that's right off crow canyon road. police received a call about 8 o'clock this morning about a suspicious device described as a pressure cooker with exposed wires. police called in the walnut creek bomb squad to assess the device a robot was deployed. and the device was determined to be safe the shopping center was back open once the scene was cleared after a few hours.
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police in walnut creek are searching for 3 women who stole 16 iphones from the apple store in walnut creek over the weekend. these are surveillance images that police sent to kron 4 today. it happened at the store on south main street on sunday a busy area. police say the suspects were walking around the store before stealing those iphones they then ran out got it was waiting silver four-door honda civic and then drove off. >>well turning our attention to the weather right now and the heat that is hitting the bay area. this is a look at those current temperatures and you can see it is hot in the north bay is hot inland and it is hot in the south bay as well hot hot hot. ok center to meteorologist lawrence karnow up to the roof top of of our studios just to see. so with the temperatures are really like lawrence has a feeling for you right now yet. you know this is probably one of the few cool spots are least comfortable spots in the bay area that's kind of the way. >>it's going to play out pretty typical the heat wave at this time in the bay area.
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it is going to get very very hot in some spots maybe 40 degrees hotter. the places along the coastline outside right now. yeah we've got that breeze that has been picking up around the bay area kick in and we're going to see that each day so will cool you down in the afternoon hours. you see the flag kind of blown around there just a little bit in the breeze but boy you get away from the coastline and that cool ocean air and it is hot in concord at 99 degrees 93 in santa rosa, very comfortable, 71, though in san francisco in a cool 63. in the half moon bay now. tomorrow, this is what we start to crank up these temperatures by the afternoon. in fact some of these numbers about a 105 degrees just smoking hot in talking tomorrow, maybe a 105 also a little more look at antioch maybe as high as a 107 degrees and even inside the bay, some of these temperatures in the south bay flirting with the triple digits, maybe 97 degrees in san jose 97 in morgan hill so certain syria seen around the bay area expected for tomorrow and then it looks like heat advisories going up not only
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here but around much of the state the advisories in the bay area in the north bay for the heat and also the east bay and he warning up to the central valley, some of those temperatures getting near a 110 degrees. and it looks like you could get a little bit hotter as we get into thursday as well in fact here you go we get into thursday, those temperatures that will probably be the peak of the heat wave and then we slowly begin to cool things down that sea breeze is going to pick up on friday and by this weekend we're talking about some cool air and a few patches of fog rolling in and that is going to feel so good. this heat wave taking about 3 days which is pretty typical in the bay area so get ready. get that juggle water ready to go tomorrow. we've got some serious heat around the bay area probably going to stick around for at least a days guys back to you i learned to have a jug of water plus you might want to fire up the barbecue lighter up there too. >>i tracked the weather in your neighborhood and get alerts when breaking news happens. that's with the kron 4 mobile app download it today. one of areas of
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favorite sports traditions. >>begins tonight is certainly does the a's and the giants squaring off in the bay bridge series. kate really is live at oracle park ahead of first pitch. kate let's be honest you have the best job in all of tv today. what is the atmosphere like out there ap the ballpark. >>i can't complain at all the key and j r because it's not sleepy a full day, don here the fans are in a good mood. the players are in a good mood and that's because the battle of the bay gets under way and a little less than 2 hours time now the a's and giants money to each other in the regular season for about 23 years now, but for the first time in a long time. how come of this one could be pretty meaningful and that's because as both teams are fighting for their postseason lives, let's start with the a's oakland sitting just 2 games back in the hunt for the wild-card spot trying to keep pace with the tampa bay rays ate into this month. now that is a bun up and down in their last couple of series and then
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you've got the giants, it's a little complicated for san francisco, there are currently 3 and a half game is back with 5 teams in front of them in the race so the playoffs are bit more of a long shot for san francisco and that's why virtually every game now was a must-win but even the players say there's something a little different about this series. >>when this tape comes towards a little different feeling when i wake up and say. just a little more excited a little more. a special occasion on that the get away from makes these exciting a good right. >>now if jockeying for playoff position isn't enough. there's also bragging rights on the line, the giants haven't won a battle of the bay series outright since 2015 a's lead
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the all-time series 76 to 64 tonight's edition starts with a 6.45 time here at oracle park guys back to you. all right kate, having a tough case. meantime a developing story we're tracking for you tonight, jurors in the go ship trial. they are now in their 7th day of deliberations and. >>no verdict kron four's haaziq madyun explains what a week's worth of deliberations could mean for the verdict. >>day 7 of deliberations of the go ship trial came with a jury request for reading that testimony from 2 prosecution witnesses and reading back 3 days of testimony from one defense witness co-defendant derick almena. >>specifically they asked for. all of mister rahman is testimony that his defense attorney curtis briggs talks about the significance of this request that this phase of deliberations obviously for them to be deliberating over a week and asking for this much. testimony to be read back shows that they're being
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extremely aggressive. >>taking their jobs. jurors very seriously. given the and add mister harris 39 years in prison briggs take solace in the fact that the jury's request did not evolve his client sector focusing on derek and the focusing on. >>the inception of the lease. which again something that happened at least a year before >>ever arrived in california let alone mood indigo believe it or not the morning session of lawyer interviews we did this prediction for the al be the defense team. >>it really would not surprise me. this is the day. when we get a note from the jury. seeking read back the testimony. if i were a juror on this case. i'd want another look at that because they're thinking back and they're remembering that i see the light truth in his eyes when he testified the jury also requested reading that the testimony of michafl bouchard and ryan o'keefe going to
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start ways. >>other person who founded the ghost ship warehouse with mr. umunna ryan o'keefe was a penson who worked the door that night we stamped people's hands. >>the board reporter has the responsibility of reading that the testimony transcripts to the jurors that that started tuesday afternoon and is expected to take up all of wednesday's deliberations outside alameda county superior courthouse in oakland. i think when you on for news. >>thank you so much is he coming up a warning about toxic algae. dogs in several states have been dying from exposure. and it's also found here in the bay area the details you need to know. >>a chp officer killed in a shoot out what we're learning tonight about the suspect. >>plus the trump administration is facing a lawsuit over new immig i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's...
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>>thousands of bay area students are heading back to
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school this week and kron four's helping you get ready for the new school year. congress resist asu was at foster city elementary, as teachers welcome students back to class today. >>here at foster city elementary school. i spoke with the principal a teacher, some parents and some kids some kind of anxious. we others very happy to get into their classrooms. are you ready to go back to school mean you're not to you're not happy to be sitting at home and still on some risk. summero break. we know as a parent are you glad this summer's wrapped. >>well, yeah exciting it's a trend that charred, but i think super exciting for the kids to go back and i'm happy to good with my kid and stand in there for some time watching go back to class on 9 a dozen been doing a lot of of for weeks trying to get everything situated at tell me a little bit about. >>the plans for this coming school year. >>well very excited. our teachers have been here for the past couple of weeks getting their classrooms, ready. the parents have been coming to prepare for all of
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our activities throughout the school year ends as we're excited that today's the first day and that all the kids are here they're all excited. they look their best they feel their vast and they've got huge smiles going into the classroom. that's what we want. >>what about as far as the some schools kind of take on kind of motto do you have a motto. >>well what we are the falcons had felt before and that means for safe respectful are ready to learn really we just want students here to feel like they're cared for their nurture and of course their safety. those are sort of top priorities for the year. >>you're a foster city traces stasio kron 4 news. >>is getting ready for school all week long you can hear from local school leaders get safety tips and learn how to help ease your student into a school routine coverage continues tomorrow on the kron on app use promo code school to watch free for 30 days. >>will san francisco and santa clara counties are filing lawsuits challenging the president's new rules to
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restrict legal immigration. in federal court filings the county's argue that the rules were some the health and well-being of the residents and increase public health risks. yesterday the department of homeland security announced it would deny green cards to migrants who use medicaid food stamps, or housing, vouchers without legal challenges, the rules would it take effect in mid october. california is taking legal action against the plan state leaders say rollback nationwide clean energy standards kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains who is involved. >>epa state leaders announced tuesday, they're suing the trump administration for its decision to ease restrictions on coal fired power plants, the environmental protection agency finalized his decision to eliminate the clean power plan in june replacing it with a policy that gives states more power to decide how to regulate the plants but many are saying the rule basically
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ignores and epa mandate that limit greenhouse gases and disregards the clean power plan's push to limit pollution with 7 cities. this about. >>our kids and grandkids and all i will ask is to this administration. the eyes of your grandkids and kids and say that anything you are doing. >>but federal officials argue americans want reliable energy they can afford touring the top of the california epa building the governor and other state leaders say they're proud of california's progress toward meeting its clean energy goals were now. >>using 0 carbon power 50% of the time in our state. those
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statistics are translating into healthier longs for our children and they point the way to stop global warming. the latest lawsuit adding to the more than 50 lawsuits california has filed against the federal government in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and and the county a brush fire burning between hop land and ukiah has grown to 225 acres. >>it is only 25% contained. the county sheriff's office is issuing evacuation orders for people who live in the area as they work to get those flames under control and taking a live look outside right now on this warm day here in the bay area you are looking at a live picture now from alameda looking back at >>and turning in right now co. with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow a pretty shot and especially about pretty maybe the word used in the city but different outside of the city where it's pretty grueling. yeah. >>comfortable, i mean you know these he waives boy are they come in the bexar we haven't seen a whole lot the summer of a toy this was going to go in and probably so the hottest temperature seen in quite some
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time out there right now brees in the san francisco that will keep those temperatures cooler there and looking out toward the golden gate bridge and others no fog be had looks like that ridge of high pressure taking over. so bring with a lot of sunshine and some very nice weather ahead as high pressure is going to hold on and send those temperatures soaring. that ridge will bring with it tremendous temperatures all around the bay area tomorrow look at these numbers by tomorrow afternoon these numbers soaring up. there's in the interior valleys, those numbers really popping up in many spots as the ridge really settles in, but watch what happens as we get into thursday that's a really starts to get hot as high pressure brings those numbers up into the triple digits to get even hotter, maybe a 106 in livermore 105 in concord a 108 any get the idea not mess around with these temperatures and maybe some records fall and around the bay area records on these dates live mark tomorrow at a record of 99. we made a shot of that tomorrow to 104. 96 could be a
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record in sandra fell santa rosa could check in in 97. a 106 in concord a 93 in fremont all these possible records falling around the bay area, not only that the air quality is going to suffer another spare the air day for tomorrow that hayes really building up parts of the east bay in the south and the north bay may be out of that as we head into thursday to is we're just not seeing enough mixing. it made those places in the last last forecast guys back to you. >>thank you lawrence, still ahead new surveillance images released of a suspected gunman in san francisco have the latest on the search for the shooter. >>a warning for dog owners toxic blue-green algae is appearing in lakes and the east bay, we'll tell you how
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dog owners tonight after toxic algae is suspected in the deaths of 4 pets in 2 states. >>the outage is also common here in the bay area mandy gaither explains how to spot the danger.
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>>she was supposed to be a doggy play date that within hours of leaving a wilmington, north carolina pond. the owners say each pass. died blue green algae suspected of poisoning them. the harmful algae can blame anywhere in the us in both fresh and marine waters as well as backyard pools and more according to the environmental protection agency, the toxic algae can be green blue red or brown and look like foam or scum on the surface of water. often it smells bad but may attract animals if you spot the algae leave the area don't let your dog drink or play in the water if your dog has already been exposed. rinse the animal immediately in fresh clean water wearing gloves to protect yourself as well. the toxins are also dangerous to humans. symptoms caused by toxic algae exposure can begin within 15 minutes or take several days and include diarrhea or vomiting. weakness
5:26 pm
or staggering drooling difficulty breathing and seizures according to the epa for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>all right here in california we need to be concerned in the east bay several recreation areas have blue green algae warnings, corey likes in fremont that is closed to swimming because of the bacteria like tennis call in oakland that is under an advisory meaning swimming is permitted but dogs are not allowed in the lakes like anza tilden park in berkeley under similar advisory. and in castro valley people are being told to keep their dogs away from the water at lake chabot and lastly there is a warning a big break recreational shoreline in oakley after blue green algae was found near the kayak launch and the fishing dock. >>well next at 5.30 get ready for long delays on bart this weekend, we'll tell you which line will be impacted by the track closures another day of violent protests in hong kong and now the demonstrations have moved inside the airport and travelers are being
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game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>big story tonight, santa clara county is moving forward as a community after last month's deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival people gathered in san jose this morning to honor the victims. the board of supervisors held a flag raising ceremony for the 3 young people door killed. the flags of the county building to flown at half-staff since the shooting. they are now flying high again. meantime a group of democratic lawmakers were on capitol hill today trying to get the senate to take action on gun kground checks. >>congress is on summer thcess. but call the senate back to washington to take up a bill that would make background checks, mandatory kron four's washington correspondent morgan right reports.


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