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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  August 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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thank you for joining us tonight at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm can way we're going to start tonight with a check of the forecast with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us things are is really heating up across the bay area want want to show you a live picture. >>outside at alameda beach looking back toward the city laurents how is it out there yeah, you know actually kitchen, a sea breeze now but we're looking at some of the hottest temperatures of the summer so far and our way live the forecast as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. you thought it was hot today. now we're talking a 106 degrees or so maybe in parts the east and then we get into thursday even hotter than that maybe as high as a 170 in livermore one awaiting manioc honored 5 in concord 80's and 90's around the bay near triple digits into the santa clara valley. so certainly the hottest temperatures we've seen so far this summer and that's what we give the yet in august and september. that's when those big scorching temperatures roll into the bay area all that dry desert air kind of settling isories are going up for the north bay and the east bay that's we're
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going to see some the hottest temperatures beginning tomorrow and that continuing into thursday, but then you see the darker color, the the peak. that's some heat warnings right through the delta in the central valley and much of central california, those temperatures could go as high as a 100 and 10 degrees between tomorrow afternoon. and thursday, so certainly a big dome of high pressure building over the state you're going to see those very hot temperatures away from the coastline. but here's what's interesting you get enough of the sea breeze right out of the beaches and those temperatures going to be as much as 40 degrees cooler along the immediate coastline so really this heat wave effect in most places away from the coast. but even in the san francisco, some of these temperatures soaring well into the 70's getting near 80 degrees. outside right now it is still warm to hot 91 degrees in fremont is 94 right now and live more 93 in in concord in contrast to that 63 degrees in pacifica 70 degrees in san francisco 95 leyla 99 in fairfield so we're
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just bit the beginning of this heat wave we're going to see numerous records likely going to fall when will the he withto that the rest forecast in a few minutes lawrence, thank you and you can track the weather in your neighborhood and get alerts when breaking news happens. >>with the kron 4 mobile app you can download it today. and the east bay hayward police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened earlier this morning along a major thoroughfare, diverting traffic in the area for several hours. >>kron forcefully to call has the latest. >>the mission boulevard at valley vista avenue and hayward off limits to drivers from 9 o'clock in the morning through the afternoon this as crime scene technicians gathered evidence linked to the officer involved shooting rainy viewer video captured the moments after the shooting at least for hayward police officers seen with guns drawn approaching a man down on the sidewalk to hayward police officers had just opened fire after responding to calls
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about a man waving a weapon here adding a little weapon was a fake. >>the man was hospitalized and is expected to survive during the investigation into the shooting the officers involved will be placed on paid administrative leave. no the police department says none of the officers were injured police are soliciting for witnesses and encourage anyone who saw anything related to the shooting to give them a call in hayward felipe should all kron 4 news. >>also in the east bay, a suspicious device found at a shopping center this morning has been deemed save it happened about 8 o'clock this morning the san ramon when police received a call about a suspicious device on the 3100 block of crow canyon plays officers arrived in less than 5 minutes and had people in the area evacuated. officials released a statement all social to them as a pressure cooker with exposed wires. a robot and a drone were deployed to determine that the object was safe before giving the
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all-clear. >>some frightening video captures a man as he attacks a woman who is trying to get inside her san francisco building it happened sunday night at the watermark condos along the embarcadero kron four's michelle kingston spoke with the victim says she doesn't know she can live there any longer. >>that woman you see in the video has lived here at the watermark for 60 years she says she has bruising and nerve damage in her hands and on her own. she's just happy to be alive. i cannot live here and walk through these doors every day knowing what happened to me. >>terrifying video shows ponies kasai on struggling to get inside her apartment building early sunday morning on beale street, a man who she believes was on drugs was trying to keep her from going inside without him. >>at first he try new tell me that he's trying to save my life. the people i see are robots and he is we only human
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being remaining 100 and he's trying to say. and he asked me to open the door so that he would go and kill our. concierge or from this lady and earned my trust with help from the woman sitting at the front desk in the lobby close eye on fought her way past the attacker in through the door. >>leaving the man locked outside. >>we're waiting on a statement from police because science as it took them about 35 minutes to arrive, however they were able. >>to arrest her attacker. in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>along creek apple store is some newest target for thieves 3 women enter the apple store on south main street wannacry can stole 16 iphones the 3 women the right be able to get away and drive off in a silver four-door honda civic that was driven by a man. if you recognize any of these women you are asked to call walnut creek police. a developing story this evening that we're
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tracking the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial is now in its 7th day of deliberations and no verdict. >>however, the jury did make what the defense considers a significant request. well for says the mdney and has the story. >>day 7 of deliberations of the go ship trial came with a jury request for reading that testimony from 2 prosecution witnesses and reading back 3 days of testimony from one defense witness co-defendant derick almena specifically they asked for. >>all of mister rahman is testimony that his defense attorney curtis briggs talks about the significance of this request that this phase of deliberations obviously for them to be deliberating over a week and asking for this much. testimony to be read back shows that they're being extremely aggressive. >>taking their jobs. jurors very seriously. given the and add mister harris face 39 years in prison briggs take solace in the fact that the jury's request did not evolve
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his client sector focusing on derek and the focusing on. >>the inception of the lease. which again something that happened at least a year before >>ever arrived in california let alone mood indigo cent believe it or not the morning session of lawyer interviews we did this prediction for the al be the defense team. >>it really would not surprise me. this is the day. when we get a note from the jury. seeking read back of testimony. if i were a juror on this case. i'd want another look at that because they're thinking back and they're remembering that i see the light truth in his eyes when he testified the jury also requested reading that the testimony of michael bouchard and ryan o'keefe going to start ways. >>another person who founded the ghost ship warehouse with mr. umunna ryan o'keefe was a person who worked the door that night stamps, people's
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hands. >>the board reporter has the responsibility of reading that the testimony transcripts to the jurors that that started tuesday afternoon and is expected to take up all of wednesday's deliberations outside alameda county superior courthouse in oakland. i think when on for news. >>police in san francisco say they need the public's help catching this man they release the surveillance photographs monday of a possible shooting suspect who shot 2 men in san francisco, south of market neighborhood. the shooting happened back on may 24th as 6 and mission streets when police found the 2 men just 2350 both suffering from gunshot wounds, they were taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. no current information is available about their conditions. anyone with information about this suspect is asked to call police. >>one of the bay area's favors for traditions begins tonight and the a's and. >>and the giants squaring off in the bay bridge series k rooney is live at oracle park tonight with more on at all k.
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>>hi there him in kenya, the annual battle of the way gets underway here in a little less than an hour and the series has been going on for about 23 years now between the giants and nays. but for first time in a long time. there's actually a potentially meaningful outcome. that's because both of these teams are fighting for their playoff lives, let's start with the a's. they za are about 2 games back in the wild card race trying to keep pace with the tampa bay rays who are 8, 2 this month and a 7 up and down in their last couple series. the timing on track for them. then you've got the giants, it's a little complicated for san francisco. there are currently 3 and a half games back with that i'm teams in front of them in the race for the playoffs. a long shot for san francisco and eventually every game now is a must win for the giants but as far as this series goes even some of the players say it has a little bit of a different feel. >>when this tape comes towards
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a little different feeling when i wake up and say. just a little more excited a little more. feels like a kind of a special occasion on that on the gets away makes these exciting those who have some more. other things. >>if jockeying for playoff position isn't enough. this. one is also about bragging rights in the giants haven't won a series out right in the battle of the bay since 20 15 in fact the a's lead the all-time series both regular season and postseason 76 to 64 tonight's game first pitch 6.45 and here at oracle park back to you guys all right kate, thanks very much. >>raiders wide receiver antonio brown is back we're going to show you how he made his return to training camp today.
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>>plus thousands of students headed back to school today we catch up with one bay area t to its planes with students and parents said expect this year and a bay area community rocked by gun violence is trying to move forward. >>we go to santa clara county where many came to honor the lives of those who were killed at the gilr uh-oh, looks like someone's
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>>santa clara county is moving forward as a community after last month's deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic rest of people gathered earlier this morning to honor the victims kron 4 sarah stinson has the story. >>the santa clara county board of supervisors stepped out of their meeting this morning to have flag ceremony and spend some time on during the 3 victims of the gilroygarlicfestival shooting these flags in front of the santa clara county government building have been at half-staff since july 29th just one day after the festival shooting and now they're standing tall once again. county board of
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supervisors formally adjourned their meeting in memoriam of the 3 victims killed in the shooting including 6 year-old stephen romero, who is just laid to rest and 13 year-old kayla cells are plus 25 year-old trevor, the supervisors talked about each of the victims then raise the flags it will take time for the county to completely cope with what unfolded on the last day of the annual garlic festival but the hope as for this to be an opportunity for the county to move forward together pass an unforgettable and tragedy. the flag-raising ceremony took place at 9 45 in the morning at the county building on heading street. after the ceremony supervisors went back into the meeting to continue on with their agenda which included a discussion about possibly supporting senator dianne feinstein's bill to ban assault weapons off to sea. how that goes and how supervisors are feeling obviously this is a topic that hits home for santa clara county sarah stinson kron 4
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news. >>happening now oakland is holding a vigil for mass shooting victims congresswoman barbara lee is the host of the night of healing as it's called the vigil started at 5.30 outside oakland city hall it will last until 7 o'clock tonight. guest speakers will include the mayors of oakland and alameda along with the co-founder of black lives matter. >>live look outside right now and see how things are shaping up around the bay, a lovely picture looking out over the san francisco bay area and still still sunny and nice outside 2 men were insa yeah, san francisco you might actually want to have i have one of those rare days an air conditioner. yes, those is not often you know you just looked up your window and are able to get the nice cool breeze. we have that breeze blowing today. >>next couple days in order to get this he cranked up outside peratures of the summer as high pressure sits overhead, nice clear skies right now we may see a hint. a patchy fog right along the immediate coastline not going to be much to look at today's highs even triple digits in the cocker that was
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13 degrees above the average settling in the even 100 degrees 99 getting close there in livermore 91 and hot even in san jose's or start to feel the effects that he even inside the bay now 85 degrees in oakland 76 degrees well above the average in san francisco and 96 and hot in santa rose these next couple days going to be whole lot hotter than this so we can see numerous records falling around the bay area we had a record of 99 set back in 2008 we may see about a 100 for even hotter that live more by tomorrow afternoon. 96 could be a record in sandra fell 97 a possible record being broken in santa rosa 106 in cocker boy that is some sweltering heat there that could break a record set back in 1998 of a 100 to one. it could see 93 could also be a record in fremont tomorrow also watching those very closely and not only that but the air quality of course you get a big strong ridge of high pressure sitting over head and that wraps love the blues down below so poor quality expected the east bay in the south bay for tomorrow,
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an a for that sea breeze keeping their called a good right along the immediate coastline but they can get even a little worse as we get into thursday. now as we see that sea breeze right now you see some of those winds out of the west ill to about 2022 miles per hour around the bay area so a pretty good breeze right now a little less when the next couple days but levin up trees along the coastline, keep those temperatures down clear throughout the bay area tonight with some overnight lows only down in the 60's expect that summer heat to continue finally going to see a breath of fresh air for some more fog as we get the weekend that between now and then we've got some the hottest temperatures we've seen all summer long. thank you lawrence california taking legal action against a plan state leaders say will roll back clean energy standards across the country. >>our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains who is involved. >>epa state leaders announced tuesday, they're suing the trump administration for its decision to ease restrictions on coal fired power plants, the environmental protection agency finalized his decision to eliminate the clean power
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plan in june replacing it with a policy that gives states more power to decide how to regulate the plants but many are saying the rule basically ignores and epa mandate that limit greenhouse gases and disregards the clean power plan's push to limit pollution from fossil fuels that effort is foolish. >>it's a toothless substitute that the present in the place of the clean power plan. it's more of a fossil fuel protection plan, and it is ill-advised but more importantly it's against the law california is one of 22 states suing the trump administration over this along with 7 cities. this about. >>our kids and grandkids and all i will ask is to this administration. the eyes and your grandkids and kids and say that anything you are doing. >>but federal officials argue americans want reliable energy they can afford touring the top of the california epa building the governor and other state leaders say they're proud of california's progress toward meeting its clean energy goals were now.
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>>using 0 carbon power 50% of the time in our state. those statistics are translating into healthier longs for our children and they point the way to stop global warming. the latest lawsuit adding to the more than 50 lawsuits california has filed against the federal government in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>tonight at 6.45 lawmakers on capitol hill working to lower the cost of prescription drug prices how much you could soon be savings still ahead. >>and after a lot of drama off the field and tony brown is back how he made his return to raiders training camp right after the b-eak.
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>>antonio brown finally returned to raiders training camp in napa today after a lot of drama off the field first he was dealing with a bizarre
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foot injury you may remember that and then he was fighting with the league over the helmet that he wanted to wait. >>but as kron 4 season 2 mosque tells us everyone seems to be pretty happy to welcome the star wide receiver back to camp. >>the raiders have a short turnaround the press for their second free even game of the year. >>3 of camp on tuesday was a real rival of number 84 is a process. all make excuses a mere days is. it up in you a lot better always been a lot ever city on the stairs dinosaurs opportunity for me do it on his arm to do their current jon gruden denied that ab has been a distraction over the past week and continue to support their star wide receiver police great to have him back. >>you know we've at a pretty good understanding in spite of people think we have pretty good understanding what was going to happen >>now we're ready to get role. those you know i welcome them back and uh they smiled and
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waved everybody but there wasn't like they who raw moment, you know, just happy he's back and will start start working on some stuff. >>he has been a unique perfect storm of issues with brown first he suffered frostbite on his feet while in a hyperbaric recovery chamber and then he feuded with the league when he was told he'd have to switch helmet after 9 years. >>i've never had a client that frostbite so that you need. as far as the helm and it's a new rule this year so this is we have a lot of clients that are frustrating that they had to change. but everybody understands the way to get this done is to work with the league and we're working with the nfl were working with the raiders in working with the nflpa no one trying to beat the system are trying to work within the system to make it work for everybody. >>jon gruden says he expects brown to be back for the first regular season game of the year will porting with the raiders in napa i'm jason dumas for it.
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>>the nba schedule has been released revealing the first warriors game at the new chase center in san francisco, the warriors will open up the chase center with the la clippers, 70 on thursday october 24th, the clippers dominated the nba offseason by adding all stars kawhi leonard and paul george. the warriors will have a new look after losing kevin duran boogie cousins and andre iguodala golden state has added a few new pieces and all-star point guard d'angelo russell to help steph curry out well klay thompson nurses, his acl. is dead after a wild shootout in southern california. >>we have the latest details after the break and next a 6.30 thousands of students back to school today we talked to one teacher in foster city elementary. >>that tells us we're planned for her 5th grade c >>and the hottest temperatures in the summer role in the bay area when will the heat wave an
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>>the bay area's students heading back to school this week loud for is helping everybody get ready for the new school year from forestry says stasio said foster city elementary school in foster city is teachers welcome students back to class today. >>i'm here in foster city at foster city elementary school i i have the pleasure and the honor of talking to him and elites you are. great teachers, so. about this first day of school i mean are you anxious. yes city in just a nice and light. even after 19 years of teaching, it's the same butterfly feeling that you get from the very first day he walked into kindergarten classroom. it's the same thing. >>seem feeling that it's of it such excitement wanting to meet my kids and just looking forward to who they're going to be and the bomb that we're going make this year tell me a little bit about the goals i mean do you kind of approach every year me 19 years to cheer kind of. >>looking at us. >>some like a set of goals but at the same time and you


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