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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  August 13, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>the bay area's students heading back to school this week loud for is helping everybody get ready for the new school year from forestry says stasio said foster city elementary school in foster city is teachers welcome students back to class today. >>i'm here in foster city at foster city elementary school i i have the pleasure and the honor of talking to him and elites you are. great teachers, so. about this first day of school i mean are you anxious. yes city in just a nice and light. even after 19 years of teaching, it's the same butterfly feeling that you get from the very first day he walked into kindergarten classroom. it's the same thing. >>seem feeling that it's of it such excitement wanting to meet my kids and just looking forward to who they're going to be and the bomb that we're going make this year tell me a little bit about the goals i mean do you kind of approach every year me 19 years to cheer kind of. >>looking at us. >>some like a set of goals but at the same time and you know
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there. >>there are certain things that you have to meet and marry with kids yeah, i mean i always have someone to kill him, but i i tend to to the kids and my faith in the justice they you know everything in kind of base it off of what the kids need and who they are as people, i'm i'm a big proponent of meeting them where they are so i'm i don't just go with a blanket plan i kind of i'm a very flexible open person. and i i'm i go with that. let's talk small might have very also do you kind of you know you really kind of tap into the whole mindfulness aspect of it making sure that the kids are they are ready to go yes and we always have a thing and we do the end of the day the i still wrapped up for the kids nominee, each other for great things we do in the classroom. and life skills and things like that work on some even do some meditation here and there in between lessons we get them up and moving in a real effect i know what it's to be
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especially the first the school they may not want to be coming back, especially in the mid august and so i kind of tap into how are also in the same way we might be excited. we might be nervous might be kind of sad to have to come back to school so we don't where they are and you never know it's like the kid gets the best friend in the class and then there's that drama that lee i know we do in that drama. my household, yes that whole. >>and so like i always tell them i go you're going to meet friends and by the end of the year. they're always really sad actually to leave a question i don't want. i do so that makes me feel so happy in. i love love love what i do so many ads well that is a wrap from here at foster city elementary school. we have been focusing on all of the schools throughout the week but that is the rap on this tuesday here and foster city theresa kron 4 news. >>kron and kron on getting you ready for school all this week to hear from local school leaders get safety tips and learned how to help ease your student into a school routine
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coverage continues tomorrow on the kron on app use the promo code school to watch free for 30 days. >>so those kids will be a little more warm on the first week of school is to get a check of the weather around the bay area's right our chief meteorologist standing by with the heat wave news. it was always hard to study right you go back in the temperatures are so high school and boy it's going to be toasty these next few days, especially away from the immediate coastline were seen enough of the sea breeze just amaze out there. no fog foreman, looking out toward the golden gate bridge but a beautiful sight to be had the next couple of we're going to see these numbers soaring and today was one of those days already start to feel the effects now triple digits in the condor 95 in the napa valley 80's in oakland and mid 80's in the hayward 89 in fremont today, 91 in san jose. the mound, you 76 downtown san francisco in 96 degrees in santa rosa. so, yeah, heat advisories, they've got out for much of the north and the east bay and excessive heat warning to the delta right to the central valley could see temperatures soaring
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2 high as a 110 degrees over the next couple of days. so certainly nothing to mess around with with this heat outside right now we've got some very comfortable temperatures the breezes blow so very comfortable 71 degrees in san francisco beautiful night to hang up by the water's edge 78 and oakland 85 right now in san jose 94 still hot in the more check out congress still 98 degrees 92 in santa rosa, but tomorrow i'm going to get even hotter. i think the next couple days the hottest days of the week, soaring temperatures ca you're talking maybe near triple digits in some of the interior valleys 80's in oakland 70's in the san francisco's is so ridge of high pressure really kind of builds in maybe just a couple of patches of fog early in the morning, but that ridge really takes over you see that clear slot of there as a big dome of high pressure builds right out the desert southwest settles in to bring you the hot temperatures and then things begin to change as we get into friday and saturday. that's what we finally see this ridge kind of retreat a little bit pushing eastward will see more fog low clouds maybe some mid to high level clouds and the temperatures noticeably cooler by the
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weekend. but between now and then going to be hot 80 degrees in the mission tomorrow about 68 degrees a comfortable in daly city along the coastline very nice and then you get inside the bay, we heat up in a hurry. 89 in san carlos 92 in redwood city of woodside 93 amount you, plenty of 90's in the south a 98 in cupertino about 92 and saratoga 94 in campbell about 97 in morgan hill triple digits, maybe a 106 in livermore by tomorrow afternoon 103 a walnut creek one oh 3 in danville about a 106 in concord you get the idea. these temperatures very very uncomfortable into the afternoon hours and really just a pretty mild tomorrow night i think we'll see some low temperatures in by midnight tomorrow night hanging on the 70's maybe some 80's temperatures going to be a little bit hotter into thursday, then we'll start to cool things down on friday and much cooler next weekend. thank you. lawrence developing story we're continuing to follow out of mendocino county the moose fire burning between hop land and ukiah. >>has now grown to 225 acres, it's still 25% contained
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that's the same as yesterday. the mendocino county sheriff's office has issued evacuation orders for people who live on moose road the mcnabb ranch area valley view road and bus mug all road. an evacuation warning has been issued to people on the north into foley's creek road. starting this week wildfire victims can file claims for housing assistance and other needs with p g. those claims goes for the utilities wildfire assistance program. a federal judge overseeing pg e's bankruptcy case approved the funds a few months ago the program will cover victims of the north bay fires and a series of other fires. the deadline to apply for the funds is november 15th. attorneys are also reminding victims who want to join the bankruptcy law suit against utility. the deadline to file a claim is october 21th. >>in the east bay get ready for delays on bart this weekend trains will not run between the or brenda and walnut creek stations because of track replacement work free buses will replace trains between those stations are
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says riders should expect delsys of 40 minutes or more 2 lanes of highway 24 will also be shut down during the track work that will cause delays as well. this is the first of 6 planned weekend closures, the next one will happen over the labor day weekend. united states postpones tariffs on some chinese imports. >>hear what that means for the markets and which items will be affected and what it means for your wallet. >>i made a warning key in washington to texans in congress are leading the fight to make medicine more afforda
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>>2 texas lawmakers are leading efforts in congress to lower prescription drug prices, a republican senator and democratic congressmen of both introduced bills to hold big drug companies accountable and make sure drug prices are affordable washington dc correspondent anna werner key is in washington with more.
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>>i really see this as a matter of life and death texas democratic congressman lloyd doggett says many americans can't afford to pay for their prescription medicine patients. >>who have gone in to a very healthcare condition because they tried to parse out their insulin are not take their insulin dog, it is leading the effort in the house to lower the cost of prescription drugs. >>his bill would hold the big drug companies accountable by giving the federal government the power to negotiate prices with drugmakers so that we negotiate to bring these prices down across the capital another texan is also fighting for affordable medicine. >>texas republican senator john cornyn says his bill would make it harder for big drug companies to extend their patents of expensive name-brand drugs and avoid generic competition our goal is to lower out of pocket costs rising deductibles and copays after 6 months of negotiations cornyn's bill cleared the senate finance
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committee and is now heading to the floor for a vote. but dog it says the house is taking much longer today, nothing has been done to lower the prices for a single american. >>and i hope we can change that dog it says the holdup is house leadership. house speaker nancy pelosi says she's working on her own bill, but dog it's as if it doesn't do enough to crack down on big drug companies. he won't support it in washington, i'm anna warning keep. >>up next i'll patrol officer killed after a wild shootout in southern california will ha
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>>when you have a public servant on the uniform. parishes. that's why we try to make replace our state our communities, a secret. >>california state attorney general javier bus weighing in on the deadly shooting that
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killed a chp officer in riverside 2 other officers were hurt in that shootout nicole comstock has the latest. >>hunting video of a gunman hunkering down behind his truck. the chp officers he shot with an assault rifle were in the process of impounding it when the allowed him to get his belongings and unfortunately he grabbed the rifle and started firing. a professional photographer and a woman driving behind the truck recorded the deadly gun battle that followed. when police and sheriff's deputies returned fire to take that man down we don't know. >>where the suspect was coming from where he was headed to what his affiliations are. we don't know his motive for this crime. and we won't speculate on that. >>one of the wounded officers was rushed to the hospital in one of his own colleagues patrol cars, another wounded officer loaded into a riverside pd helicopter that landed near the overpass of the 2.15 any stretch, one of the 3 chp officers was
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tragically killed during that time this mother and her 6 year-old twin sons had bullets blast through their windshield it hits street in the middle of my windshield missing, my head and my 2 children that were in the back seat. jennifer was in shock says her mind went blank but she was blessed to have this retired marine driving behind her could the kids screaming. that's to get the kids put him behind the engine block of her car for protection. eventually the gunfire stops in the suspect is seen sprawled out on the ground. police confirm he was killed in the shootout as dozens of officers on scene mourn the loss of one of their own. detectives are still trying to find out what motivated this man being pulled over for seemingly mundane traffic stop to start shooting. >>that was nicole comstock reporting the fallen officer has been identified as 34 year-old andre moy. last night when his body was taken from the hospital this is video of
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the recession. the condition of the 2 other officers who were injured. is that they are expected to recover. >>in national news tonight. attorney general william barr o irregularities said the federal prison in new york where jeffrey epstein died from an apparent suicide. barr says he was appalled to learn of the metropolitan correctional centers failure to secure the prisoner. the multimillionaire financier was found unresponsive in his cell early saturday morning and was later pronounced dead at a hospital guards are supposed to check on inmates every 30 minutes, but have seen so was not regularly monitored the night before he was found dead. he was in the federal jail after he pleaded not guilty to charges of running a sex-trafficking ring of underage girls, some of them as young as 14. the new york medical examiner conducted an autopsy on sunday but has not yet released. we're determined the cause of deaths. >>but let me assure you that this case will continue on. against anyone who was complex
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sets with epstein. any co-conspirators should not rest easy. the victims deserve justice and they will get it. >>the new york medical examiner conducted an autopsy again on sunday but as we said has not determine the cause of death a top official at the metropolitan correctional center is being reassigned at least temporarily into other workers they're assigned to epstein's unit are now on administrative leave. >>for your money, this evening, the trade war with china took another turn today as the united states announced that it would delay tariffs on certain goods, including cell phones and to m as the news was announced, but some are skeptical the move will ease tensions between the 2 countries as well as the pain on americans pocketbooks when he while has the details. >>a major announcement in the u s china n now says planned tariffs on billion
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worth of chinese consumer goods, scheduled to start september 1st have now been delayed and will likely begin december 15th. markets rebounded on the news tuesday morning. president trump spoke with the press shortly after. >>last year's tariffs on mostly industrial materials. this round was supposed to target items like cell phones, toys and clothes. >>analysts point out the president hopes to run on a strong economy in 2020 this feels like we were eyeball to eyeball with china and the president just plate as consumers breathe a sigh of relief about their holiday budgets, american farmers remain frustrated and worried chinese companies have retaliated against the tariffs by refusing to import american agricultural products, there's financial strain. >>farmers are not arguing. we shouldn't hold china accountable. >>farmers are saying let's
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have a plan. we should be getting the rest of the world united with us. in washington, i'm whitney wild. >>after the foot issues and the helmet issues. antonio brown back with the raiders marc and j r i will set you up for bay area sports night with their take on the time a baby. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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>>antonio brown kicking off the sports night out tonight to somehow always seems to make the headlines mark covered their stone joining from the set a bay area sports night. >>that's right we've been talking about it until he hoped around a lot will brown is finally back at raiders camp after dealing with a foot injury in the helmet issues so with brownback and his agent drew rosenhaus was there as well does this finally mean that we're done with the off the field headlines surrounding brown for the rest of the season, jr. >>oh there's the guy was said foot issues is that helmet issues and you know all along i thought to myself it would be crazy for him to pass up a $50 million paycheck, the largest paycheck that he. are we done with those know because we also still have hard knocks talking about it behind the scenes for several more weeks. i think the drama is just getting started but boy isn't a juicy it's like reality tv here in the bay
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area with one of our sports team, the drama is just getting started not sure raiders fans wanted to hear that will we be hearing for brown himself drew rosenhaus derek carr jon gruden break it all down also be talking about. >>bay bridge series giant today's bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on and a sore back to you can have all right guys thank you very much. the step outside check it was lawrence yeah, what a beautiful evening. we've got around the bay area now the breeze has blown a bit spots so those winds to 20 miles per hour. but yeah. >>we've got some great weatherhead is a high pressure now sitting over head will bring lots of sunshine in the bay area and some hot temperatures over the next couple of days these numbers going to soar outside in fact numbers as we head into the next few days probably the hottest numbers of the season s far tomorrow afternoon we are into the triple digits in the valleys, a 106 in livermore one oh 6 in concord even hotter as we get in towards thursday that would be the peak of the heat slightly cooler on friday much cooler
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by the time we get the weekend we're going to be so happy to see ect...
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cnn anchor, chris cuomo, meltdown. >> i'll throw you down these stairs. >> what set him off. and what the president just said about it. then call him arod. the half million dollar heist from alex rodriguez's car. and the epidemic of car thefts in the city. and first look. miley cyrus's new bachelorette pad. and what exof liam hemsworth is saying about their breakup. then jeffrey epstein's girlfriend. >> she sold the mansion for $15 million and left the country. >> oh, my god. >> heros in harm's way. trying to save one


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