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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 13, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>and he kept saying i can't let you go and you have to let me go in with you and kill her. >>caught on camera terrifying video of a woman being attacked outside her san francisco condo building good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore this happened early sunday morning on beale street near the embarcadero kron four's michelle kingston is live tonight after talking with the victim the show. >>what can you tell us tonight how is she doing. >>she's very shaken up very upset by all of this this is the watermark the building that she has lived in now for 6 years she says she's always felt safe here until now.
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>>i cannot live here and walk through these doors every day. >>knowing what happened to me many scots eye and is still recovering after a brutal attack outside her apartment building early sunday morning. he asked me to open the door so that he would go and kill our. >>concierge or from this lady and earned my trust a homeless man who could scion believes was on drugs was standing outside her building blocking her from getting inside. >>i asked him. >>calmly we many times please let me go inside, i'm just trying to go home. i'm trying to go home grabbing her arms and her hands fighting and forcing her to the ground. >>because i on says the attacker bruised her fingers and cause some nerve damage before she was able to get inside with the help of the woman at the front desk when you see here on the phone with 911 i had to protect myself because the cops right here the front desk first called
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police at one 40 in the morning, they detained the suspect 27 min >>they saved me because they captured the guy i could have been dead and 30 minutes and. there is nothing they could do about it. >>the science building is right next to where the proposed homeless navigation center is being built along beale in the embarcadero she and many of her neighbors in the water mark building are against the plan now more than ever it's their responsibility. >>to make sure we're safe and they have to come up with the plan. no one ever advert go goes through that ever again. >>and 25 year-old austin james and vincent with no known address was arrested for this attack. he was charged with battery and attempted robbery back to you. >>michelle so it looked like the woman who work there was on the phone presumably with police and it took what a half officers to show up and we
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have this kind of a life and death struggle taking place. police explain why it took so long for them to show up. >>complicated but they describe this as a virtually the first call that came in was a priority see in debt and eventually it became a priority a call that when it first came in at one 40 as a priority see call. they had another call to go to that seemed a bit more urgent to they went to that one 1st and when that the concierge told them that the woman was being attacked outside it became a priority a call and they were there within just a for 5 minutes and were able to arrest mister vincent i guess it's important for callers to make it clear that this is a definitely a real emergency aren't michelle kingston live in the city. thank you michelle. >>look outside and see how things are shaping up on this tuesday evening it's still bright out in a little lazy. but many although ready for the warm-up right lori some of the hottest temperatures maybe
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the summer so far going to settle in the next couple days, we're looking a real heat wave here. >>kind of a quick hitter it's going to come and blow with a bang but boy to go up by the weekend with the fog and low clouds and cool down big time today. highs soar into triple digits already in concord 99 getting close in livermore look at those temperatures even inside the bay. that's when you know really start to warm up night got 80's and some 90's into the santa clara valley, 92 redwood city then just over the hill 67 degrees that was as warm as they can get along the coastline. it happened base that's what we're going to see a big break down in temperatures from the coast to the valleys will still see enough of the sea breeze right out to the media coast. all right, we'll take you forward into tomorrow afternoon. these are the temperatures are expected scorching heat to a 106 in concord a 106 possible live more one oh 6 in antioch inside the bay are looking at temperatures near triple digits in the san jose by tomorrow afternoon, even 90 degrees and hayward and much cooler weather into san francisco and the coastline it could get even a little bit hotter as we get into thursday, a sos and some of
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those temperatures maybe a 107 degrees in livermore maybe a 100 in may in antioch boy is scorching heat around the bay area for 2 days the time we get into friday though those temperatures start to come down just a bit but heat advisories going up for the north and the east bay, not only that we've got some heat warnings could see temperatures as high as a 110 degrees in the central valley as we head into tomorrow afternoon. and thursday too. thank you lawrence to hayward police officers are on paid leave tonight after opening fire on an armed suspect this morning. >>turns out the gun that the man was holding the suspect was holding was fake grainy cell phone video captured the officers on mission boulevard moments after the shooting police say they were responding to calls about a man waving a gun a driver's sets win at least 2 officers opened fire. the suspect was hit, but is expected to survive. investig were injured. >>napa county sheriff's detectives arrested a limousine driver who is accused of rape 43 year-old brian sales was taken into custody, this morning in
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american canyon. authorities say he faces several felony charges, including rape, sexually battery and more with a victim under the age of 16. detectives say sales owns a limousine service company he's been booked into the napa county jail bail is set at $250,000. >>it was a long and horrific gun battle. and a very extensive crime scene. a highway patrol officer is dead 2 other officers were injured after being shot last night following a traffic stop. >>in riverside county were first brought you this as breaking news last night on kron 4 news at 8 and now an entire police department is in mourning, you are looking at video of the a police procession honoring the victims scorning the fallen officers body from the hospital reporter nicole comstock breaks down how this shootout began. >>hunting video of a gunman hunkering down behind his
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truck. the chp officers he shot with an assault rifle were in the process of impounding it when the allowed him to get his belongings and unfortunately he grabbed the rifle and started firing. a professional photographer and a woman driving behind the truck recorded the deadly gun battle that followed. when police and sheriff's deputies returned fire to take that man down and we don't know. >>where the suspect was coming from where he was headed to what his affiliations are. we don't know his motive for this crime. and we won't speculate on that. >>one of the wounded officers was rushed to the hospital in one of his own colleagues patrol cars, another wounded officer loaded into a riverside pd helicopter that landed near the overpass of the 2.15 any stretch, one of the 3 chp officers was tragically killed we had 4 that were on-scene 2 of our officers received. >>injuries ranging from minor
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to major injuries when officers succumbed to his injuries. >>during that time this mother and her 6 year-old twin sons had bullets blast through their windshield it hits street in the middle of my windshield missing, my head and my 2 children that were in the back. jennifer was in shock says her mind went blank but she was blessed to have this retired marine driving behind her could the kids screaming. that's to get the kids put him behind the engine block of her car for protection. eventually the gunfire stops in the suspect is seen sprawled out on the ground. police confirm he was killed in the shootout as dozens of officers on scene mourn the loss of one of their own. detectives are still trying to find out what motivated this man being pulled over for seemingly mundane traffic stop to start shooting. >>and that was nicole comstock reporting now well we hour we are getting our first look at the suspect who was killed in the shooting joint we're
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joined now by chair stone here in the studio what we learned about the person who set off all of this well several different things we now know the name of the man accused. killing the california highway patrol officer. >>riverside police say this man aaron luther shot and killed one officer and injured 2 others. the 49 year-old had a rifle in his car. bn shooting when the responding officer said he was going to impound his car. the officer called for backup and when the other officers arrived a gunfight ensued and luther was shot. the suspect later died at the hospital. >>officer body is everything the california high schools and school fossils dedication service to the public. have a servant's heart that's why he was a member. well this organization. >>we're also learning more about the officer killed chp has identified him as officer andre moy moy that is the 34
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year-old graduated from the chp academy in 2017. and was assigned to the riverside area office. he used to be an electrician dreamed of being an officer since he was a kid. >>i said hey just shoot out want to live and to see the problems there on a bright and it is bad it was believable. >>a family member of the officer showed up to the hospital and began crying. she found out about his passing moye was survived by his wife sarah and his parents and siblings can pam. now back to you. >>thank you j r. >>today students held a rally to lower the voting age down from age 18 the age they are fighting for. >>children may be excited and nervous, but parents can stress to a to beginning of the school season. we have 2 ways to decrease stress before sending the little ones often their first day.
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>>for was there as students and teachers went back to school today in foster
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>>thousands of bay area students heading back to school this weekend kron four's helping everybody get ready for the new school year kron four's teresa stasio said foster city elementary school as teachers welcome students back to class today. here at foster city elementary school. i spoke with the principal a teacher. >>some parents and some kids some kind of anxious. we others very happy to get into their classrooms. are you ready to go back to school you're not to you're not happy to be sitting at home and still on some risk summer break. we know as a parent are you glad this summer's wrapped. >>well, yeah exciting it's a charge, but i think super exciting for the kids to go back and i'm happy to good with my kid and stand in there for some time watching go back
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to class on 9 a dozen been doing a loweeks tryihing situated at tell me a little bit about. >>the plans for this coming school year. >>well very excited. our teachers have been here for the past couple of weeks getting their classrooms, ready. the parents have been coming to prepare for all of our activities throughout the school year ends as we're excited that today's the first day that all the kids are here they're all excited. they look their best they feel their vast and they've got huge smiles going into the classroom. that's what we want. >>what about as far as the some schools kind of take on kind of motto do you have a motto. >>well what we are the falcons have felt before and that means for safe respectful are ready to learn really we just want students here to feel like they're cared for they're nurtured of course their safety. those are sort of top priorities for the year. >>here in foster city theresa kron 4 news. >>during back to school time while our children's schedules change, oftentimes think
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responsibilities and schedules can change you can have a big effect dawn's ryan o'donnell talk with the founder of san francisco moms blog kelly are did a about how parents can relieve their own stress for back to school. >>kids of really feed off of us so if we're super anxious and stressed then they feel it and then they'll enter their school year being super anxious and stressed. so like i said we have a couple tips here today that we can go over to help parents lower that stress and i think the first one is stop shopping. yes, by stop shop, i feel like there's so much pressure for parents to feel like they need to buy eveithin the next 10 days what you know you kind of get that as a parent you get the ok well when you're your son or daughter comes to school make sure you have all your supplies within for some my yeah could be upwards of $200 yeah mentioned how do you even carry all that stuff because is a lot a lot of firms clash and a lot of things with close to people feel like they need to buy their child's entire
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wardrobe before the first day of school and kids grow and change and they're going to want different things in me different things so just too much pressure i think you should get what your schools requiring may be something special for the first day of school and then stop shopping okay make 2 lists what he means that on the same same category this time of year and make to list i have a list of things that need to be done quickly and then i have things that need to be done maybe in the next month. so focus on that short list get through it and cross things off you feel like you're accomplishing things but you still have that other listen the other side of things you don't want to forget makes really big rise right i get that yeah and you feel good because you you're getting through that last scene also usually seeing that you're accomplishing something as well. >>you can see the full interview going over all 7 back to school stress tips for parents on kron on kron on is getting ready for school all this week you can hear from local school leaders get safety tips and learn how to help ease your student into a school routine coverage continues tomorrow on the kron on app use promo code school
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to watch it free for 30 days. not our 4 zone forecast as we givecyou a live look outside at the embarcadero in the city. >>and our chief meteorologist is standing by lawrence is still warm out after 8 o'clock at night yeah, but it's going to get much warmer as the next day's few days, real, and oh my gosh could be some scorching heat, but definitely those beautiful evening, you can like just hang outside and enjoy a beautiful shot right now no fog to speak of looking out over the bay toward alcatraz and san francisco little haze out there but we're looking at a gorgeous evening around the bay area some really nice temperatures in a still 79 degrees in san jose 82. and warm in fremont beautiful summer temperatures in many of the valley still the hot side and copper check that out 91 degrees of course that was the hot spot today at a 100 and still very warm away from the coastline but enough of that sea breeze kicking in san francisco now 64 degrees or start to cool you down. but tomorrow night going to be in a much warmer night as we see some the temperature staying very warm to about the
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midnight hour. air quality going to suffer under this big dome of high pressure a spare the air has been issued for tomorrow, poor quality expected in the east bay and also the south a lazy in the north bay but still good you've got the sea breeze along the coastline. keep that they're pretty well mixed out toward the beaches. winds still kicking around a bit you can see more of a westerly component the wind here and overnight tonight, those winds will begin to subside and we're off and running. what looks like a very hot day affect the next couple days probably the hottest the summer so far clear mild for most the bay area tonight just a patchy coastal fog. so can be a thin layer a few 100 feet thick and then it's gone sunshine and some hot weather away from the coastline. and the summer he will continue over the next 2 days finally cooling down for the weekend and that's when they're really going to take a tumble. the right now the big dome of high pressure building in that is going to bring that dry desert air pump it right back into california and around much of the state just enough of the sea breeze room right along the immediate coastline keeping as much as 60 degrees cooler than some of the valleys by tomorrow afternoon. >>thank you lawrence, well,
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good californians one day be voting at age of 17 that is the aim of a new proposal in the state legislature, a group of mostly democratic lawmakers and teen advocate is announced that plan on the steps of the capitol this morning, constitutional amendment 8 would lower california's voting age to 17. supporters say young voters should have a say in decisions which affect them. they also argue that people at this age are already thinking about elections and the issues at play. >>18 is the wrong point. we know that the time to get them in to get them involved in an election is when they're at home which when they're in when they're thinking about these issues in a way that's projecting forward not at a time when their life is a little bit chb s are moving around the state or the country. >>and also when you're 1617 york, taking what gets us history or government uconn you're taking more city classes at those ages in high school than any other
8:21 pm
>>the amendment goes before the assembly appropriations committee tomorrow it would have to be passed by 2 thirds of the full assembly and the state senate to make it on to the 2020 ballot. and back to school shopping put to a halt. the disturbing apparel that cause one mother to pull her children from the mall. >>and the honor being response. she says she got from the shop workers. >>i was furious and then after that i was just i was just appalled that someone would do one homeowner, it's raining camera captures an amazon delivery driver taking girlslefe sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster?
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become a typical occurrence. but it's definitely not typical this year delivery driver. child's bike. the driver is seen delivering an amazon package to this florida home. but then he walks over to a bike there
8:25 pm
you see him parked near the home's trash cans any right to back to the truck in leaves the sheriff and bows and and amazon were also contacted. and then the driver was identified. >>he believes that the bike being right there by our are recycled and was in fact a garbage and that that is why he took that bite and i believe he probably is a great person at heart who made a big mistake. >>in a statement amazon said the drivers no longer delivering for them the bike is expected to be returned. and the homeowner says she doesn't plan to press charges. lady gaga is donating to schools in the areas of mass shootings, including gilroy. >>we're going to talk to a school district supervisor about where that money is going. >>and we will show you the way santa clara county honored the gilroy garlic festival shooting victims and nice and clear outside right now but we're talking about some sh
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>>now to our 4 zone forecast for the view that never ever gets old. >>beautiful golden gate bridge, the rest of the bay area also lovely tonight and the our chief meteorologist says this is a night. look up in the clear skies for a shower, you know can only get better than that live show you just showed me here just crews are right across the top of golden gate bridge. cameras continues the peak of the perseids meteor shower might want to check it out me kind of factor in into these meteors going to be pretty bright out there to be able to see i did go out there and take a look last night saw some last night so get out there and check it out you want to look to the northeast still continue throughout the night tonight of course it will continue over the next 2 days but the last couple have been the peak of the meteor shower of score skies going stay, nice and clear it just that moon is looking so bright right now. tomorrow we're going to see these temperatures soaring outside look at the numbers or 70's in the san francisco, but by the time we get to san jose. nearly a 100 degrees and and
8:30 pm
in between there in oakland, but these temperatures going to be very hot away from the immediate coastline right on the water's edge, look at the sun sets 63 degrees, you're looking at 80 in the mission so a big difference just even in san francisco on the coastline keeping you cool there in the 60's inside the bay heat up in a hurry as high pressure takes over 75 is 82 member 85 in burlingame then we start to factor in a couple of 90's and a redwood city woodside also an amount to the south bay upper 90's in some places like san jose about 98 in cupertino 93 in milpitas 91 in fremont a 102 in pleasanton one oh 6 in livermore getting hot walnut creek. 105 in concord and 96 degrees in orinda so really all about the temperatures tomorrow. a scorching heat. we'll continue all the way the right to the delta. but you will fees slight breeze in the afternoon still a 160 mandy out well for in fairfield vacaville could touch 107 degrees. whether in
8:31 pm
the north bay tomorrow, almost a 100 and santa rosa 97 degrees in petaluma numerous wreckers likely to be broken by tomorrow afternoon. and that will continue the trend into thursday of fact i think thursday maybe just a degree or 2 warmer and then we'll finally see the heat wave break down as we head into friday, but only slight cooling and then much cooler weather partly. cloudy skies saturday and sunday. thank you lawrence, a big story tonight. >>santa clara county moving forward as a community after last month's deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival people gathered in san jose this morning to honor the victims of that shooting. the board of supervisors held a flag raising ceremony for the 3 young people who were killed the flags of the county building have been flown at half-staff since the shooting the flags are now flying high again in order to acknowledge hope for the community going full meantime singer and actress lady gaga is reaching out to students affected by mas
8:32 pm
>>she announced on facebook are born this way foundation will fully fund 23 classroom projects in gilroy kron on's ryan o'donnell talk with the superintendent of the gilroy unified school district's doctor deborah flores. >>to learn more about what projects will be funded. >>and it's going to find a lot. different things since rocks seeing options debate classrooms, more comfortable for the kids art supplies classroom supplies. the high school level couple. did you know arie as the euro. the new book show i mean so why a range of but what's great from my perspective at least says that lady gaga. this way 2 and a way honor. students and teachers may just end to a terrible. one of them were sitting can imagine the glory,
8:33 pm
kyle just that pena me. 100 plus 1000 people come to every year at the time of the shooting. we have literally hundreds of our students and staff. the money for worthy causes it. so the way i am. lady gaga is telling us mechanism. some what we've been through. asking teachers work with students of waterway, they feel is needed. so these projects were already in the works. but she has chosen not just to find our friend that's what i i think amazing part but all 3 over par. cities in the united states have been shootings in a span of a week and she's honoring all and that's way by funding projects for things are really needed in their class. >>this full interview ran earlier today on kron on you can download the kron on app today just had to kron on dot tv to sign up.
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>>outraged parents and scare children after a day of back to school shopping a store display is stunning shoppers who see it as insensitive. they say that the display at a florida mall is inappropriate even frightening in the senate today found out. >>they want something done about it. >>a shocking and frightening. >>a concerned mother who doesn't want to be identified says for back to school shopping this weekend was stopped short by the display of showroom in the west oaks mall, one mannequin wearing a shirt that read main sniper, another wearing an outfit resembling a bulletproof vest we're in the midst of morning 2 other massacres in this country. within 13 hours of each other. their flags are lowered to half staff adm. >>and if this is on display in an area where people are back to school shopping. >>she says she's called the store multiple times but can't seem to get a straight answer
8:35 pm
as far as i know a good handful if not more. >>have called and i know one person met with some extreme rudeness and belligerence on the part of the person who answered the phone. >>we reached out to as well to ask about the displays in the front of the store and about the outfits the mannequins were wearing. we received a very similar answer. no one would be available to speak with us until thursday of this week as of monday afternoon, it looks as if the store removed the display that redmayne sniper though the mannequin wearing what looks like a bullet proof vests remain. >>i'd like to see them take this down. i don't want something like this to become a trend or god forbid a fashion statement. i want to see this and i want to it become okay to bring thiup in a conversation without people automatically dividing sides again. >>the all clear given from a bomb scare at a shopping center in san ramon today it happened near a starbucks on cocaine in place right off of crow canyon road. police received a call at 8 o'clock
8:36 pm
this morning about a suspicious device described as a pressure cooker with exposed wires. police called in the walnut creek bomb squad to assess the device. a robot was deployed and the device was determined to be safe. the shopping center was back open was the scene was cleared after a few hours police on a creek are searching for these 3 women who are. >>accused of stealing 16 iphones from the apple store in downtown walnut creek over the weekend. these are surveillance images police said to kron 4 today. this happened at the store on south main street on sunday police say the suspects were walking around the store before allegedly stealing the phone say then ran out an got into a waiting silver four-door honda civic and drove away. >>san francisco and santa clara counties are filing lawsuits. challenging president trump's new rules to restrict legal immigration federal court filings the county's argue that's the rule will worsen the health and well-being of their residents and increase public health
8:37 pm
risks. yesterday the department of homeland securitd announced that it would deny green cards too migrants who use medicaid food stamps or housing, vouchers without legal challenges, the rules will take effect in mid october. >>after a lot of drama off the field antonio brown is back we'll show you how he made his return to the raiders training camp today. >>the new way you can see unlimited movies in the theaters an choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>>regal cinemas is rolling out a plan that lets you watch as many movies as you want as many times as you want and pretty much whenever you want regal unlimited plans range in price from $18 to 2350 per month, depending on where you live, but it gives you the ability to watch pretty much unlimited movies as select regal theaters around the country. we also get 10% off popcorn and sodas the plan runs through the regal app on your phone and requires a one
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year commitment. >>coming up next from the classroom to the cafeteria seems always have to have their school id. the new state law that is requiring something else beyond that idea as well in sports after losing his helmet grievance with the nfl yesterday. antonio brown returns to the
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
students often carry around their id cards with him pretty much everywhere they go and now resources for suicide prevention will be with them as well jessica mensch. >>talks about the new california state law requirement for school i d's. checking out a library book middle schooler nevada charcol off always hazards to 90. this may be and now on the back of that car to show of resources for suicide prevention. i think that is such a big issue right now that we don't address or there's a stigma around mental health.
8:45 pm
>>and we need to address it i think that's a wonderful thing a new california state law requires all schools grades, 7 to 12 post numbers for the national suicide prevention lifeline and the crisis text line on the back a student id cards. >>this is brand new for us this year. for middle school students jen lewin douse he with the dry creek joint elementary school district says this is needed now more than ever help students understand the difficult time they're in. >>i'm trying to help them increased anxiety and depression. that students are struggling with now suicide rates among young people for us to record high. according the centers for disease control and prevention. people ages 10 to 19 the rate of suicide jumped 56% between 2007 in 2016. school districts say they have to do more. >>us the students with school base counseling. and helping families connect to community resources. some parents have voiced concerns that talking too much about suicide. >>it gets ideas because there is a risk of contagion the
8:46 pm
data has shown the lewandowski doesn't believe providing resources like these numbers could have a negative impact. have regardless you're not going to look at a number and date and i want to hurt myself. i think this is going to be something that they look at when they need help and hopefully it will reach out and get the help that they need. >>and starting tonight with the latest from raiders training camp, a visual proof that antonio brown is not quitting football. the superstar receiver finally returning to the team, but the foot and helmet issues are still not fully resolved. jason dumas says the story from napa. >>the raiders have a short turnaround the press for their second preseason game of the year. >>gloria camp on tuesday was they re arrival of number 84 is a process. all make excuses a mere days is. it up in you a
8:47 pm
lot better always been a lot ever city on the stairs stannis's opportunity for me do it on his arm to do their current jon gruden denied that ab has been a distraction over the past week and continue to support their star wide receiver police great to have him back. >>you know we've had a pretty good understanding in spite of people think we have pretty good understanding what was going to happen >>now we're ready to get role. those you know i welcome them back and uh and he smiled and waved everybody but it wasn't like they who raw moment, you know, just happy he's back in start start working on some stuff. >>he has been a unique perfect storm of issues with brown first he suffered frostbite on his feet while in a hyperbaric recovery chamber and then he feuded with the league when he was told he'd have to switch helmet after 9 years. >>i've never had a client that frostbite so that you need as
8:48 pm
far as the helm and it's a new rule this year so this is we have a lot of clients that are frustrating that they had to change. but everybody understands the way to get this done is to work with the league and we're working with the nfl were working with the raiders in working with the nflpa no one trying to beat the system are trying to work within the system to make it work for everybody. >>jon gruden says he expects brown to be back for the first regular season game of the year will porting with the raiders in napa i'm jason dumas scrum for it. >>now to some baseball an update from oracle park part one of the bay bridge series giant sunday's happening now at last check score is 3, one san francisco. madison bumgarner was dealing for 7 frames allowing only a solo jack from stephen piscotty giants scored 2 runs in the 6th to take the lead and they just scored again. full highlights later on. >>now for the lexus pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>our lexus ultimate highlight great news out of the tennis world 15 year-old cory coco
8:49 pm
gauff with another opportunity to shine on a major stage organizers of the us open granted the prodigy a wild card entry into this month's grand slam tourney goff was the talk of the sports world a short time ago when she upset venus williams at wimbledon and nearly reached the quarter finals. the us open begins on the 26th. that is your look at sports. >>it's unique a mystery of the wedding dress loss to phones. >>officers came across a wedding dress.
8:50 pm
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8:52 pm
>>a wedding dress last spy someone was found at a central valley apartment complex lot a lot a long tells us officers on foot patrol came across address still tucked in his garment bag the sales tags still on it. >>was merely that $950 so it's quite expensive. a source of frustration for davis police detective says that even though the dress was found here at the arlington farm
8:53 pm
apartments. >>there's no indication that the person who possessed it or owned it actually lives here. there are a 140 units the managers say they know nothing about a missing wedding dress. the dress was purchased at a david's bridal shop which has a number of stores in the region, even though the bar code is on the price tag. davis is having a tough time tracing it to a particular store, the dress could have been stolen even in another city. >>and without an owner we don't have the victim and hence we really don't have a crime. >>thus a davis police facebook appeal for clues, wedding dresses, 10 have unique stories recently this wedding dress was found by a motorist on the to 10 freeway southern california. after a search, the owner was finally found she was donating it to charity when it was blownthe mi sacrificed in the heat of the moment. >>marriage gone man as for the current mistreat, the bride or groom may have been dumped along with the dress could have been discarded property.
8:54 pm
>>it could have been discarded no way in timing right now is to somebody's got cold feet. >>even though the dress was a news detectives discovered it was apparently an older design. no help there all that means it could have been on sale here that's exactly correct identifying the owner will tell police of a crime was a mall. if remains unclaimed, the dress may end up at a police option. >>so someone else might have a chance that it is a dam might have chance to get a size 10 voting. yes. >>that was lonnie wong reporting humor aside davis police say the value of the dress and the circumstances of its discovery prompted them to find out whether or not a crime was committed they're doing due diligence police welcome any information from anyone who knows anything about this mystery wedding dress if there's a tuxedo dumped in a dumpster. that is even more complicated who knows what's going on in davis that wraps kron 4 news at 8 on our primetime coverage just getting started on this tuesday night they stoner heroes conference tonight.
8:55 pm
>>thank you ken and pam next up at 9 an apple store notorious for robberies is hit again. now police are on the hunt for the 3 women. they say swipe more than a dozen phone jones in broad daylight then hopped in a waiting car. we will hear from a witness who saw the whole thing go down that is next in a live report. >>plus frightening video of a woman being attacked by a homeless man outside her san francisco condo tonight that victim breaks her silence about what she did to survive. >>the bay area is a baking tonight is a heat wave grips, the area and it's only going to a 100. our chief meteorologist has your sweltering forecast here right here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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>>now when prime time. walnut creek police are looking for these 3 women plus their getaway driver. police say they stole 16 iphones from the apple store on south main street. good evening, i'm j r stone in for grant lotus and on vicki liviakis thanks for joining us tonight at 9 crime for a sailor sackey. >>live for us in walnut creek right now taylor you talk to a witness.
9:00 pm
>>that's right he says it all happened in broad daylight he was actually sitting right where i am right now we watched it all unfold and as you can see even across the street. the inside of that story is completely visible given all the glass windows and doors. he says it all happened so quickly. >>like people like like everybody's i kind of freaking out like all of like that gary with or was shopping in downtown walnut creek on sunday. when these 3 women entered the apple store and hurried out with handfuls of iphones 3 like a woman came out and they were just like and a bunch of phones like. >>much they like came in like grand like the one that way also and there is kind of like the heck like what's going on is that like that you can see a people inside. >>anxious on police say the woman stole 16 iphones thousands and thousands of dollars probably take on the model i guess that's maybe 15 grand i there so


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