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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 13, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>when prime time. >>the heat is on in the bay area even at 10 o'clock at night much of the east bay is still pretty warm. you can see congress at 82. so is andrea and the temperatures are in the high 60's around much of the east bay right now. >>if you think it was hot today and you're ready for tomorrow and temperatures climb even higher chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the hot weather for us tonight, lawrence were can we expect to see the highest temps yeah boy we're going to sizzle away from the bay and away from the media coastline. all these temperatures going to be hot and say we already started to move in the triple digits. he had to the east bay to see that that's exactly what we'll see the hottest
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temperatures during the seaway but it's going to be hot everywhere that a 100 degrees today in concord 99 in livermore 89 degrees and freeman even inside the bay we started to see some 90's begin to pop up so that gives you a really good idea the time he wave that we're developing now all that hot dry desert air pumping into the bay area now here's a look what we can expect for tomorrow afternoon. those numbers, a 106 degrees in livermore one oh 5 and to conquer 116 antioch maybe a 100 in the bottle maybe 99 in santa rosa, but even inside the bay temperatures move in the upper 90's in places you don't he get that hot very often in the san jose. so certainly some hot temperatures away from the immediate coastline out of the beaches though very very comfortable in sunny and bright temperatures there well into the 60's in the half moon bay now could get even a little bit hotter, that will likely be the peak of the heat or that ad into thursday and few shent valley may be a 108 in antioch and that's what we're going to see in the central valley temperatures getting near maybe a 110 degrees so a
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scorching heat there are a 107 maybe in livermore one oh 5 in the concord lot of those temperatures again in the 90's and upper 90's in the south a celebrity couple of days of some serious heat after that things begin to change it looks like some cooler air begins to move in. but between now and then yeah we've got some serious he we're not used to it anywhere away from the bay and the coastline heat advisories going up to the bay area starting tomorrow that will continue to thursday right to the peak of this heat wave and the central valley an excessive heat warning and that's we're going to see some low temperatures getting near a 110 degrees by tomorrow afternoon in the central valley may be a 107 in reading one oh 5 in fresno 104 in sacramento, one oh 3 in bakersfield. but you can see the impacts of that cool air keep those temperatures much cooler all along the california coastline but anywhere away from that boy very a hot temperatures very o ce evening, though this is hang outside and enjoy because the temperatures just very comfortable 75. right now in redwood city if you're outside
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73 in fremont 75 in dublin 68 degrees still very nice almost 70 in oakland, 70 degrees and timber on 71 in san anselmo and 77 degrees still at saint helene up this dome of high pressure going to sit overhead for the next couple of days, a pump that dry desert air back in the california that will give way but boy it not before leaves behind some very hot temperatures probably some record breaking heat around the bay area, some very poor air quality in fact tomorrow, a spare the air has been issued for the bay area. the porous their quality will be in the east and also the south bay. although i think that will be extended now as we head into friday and that may suffer little bit more is that ridge really strengthens overhead not going to see much mixing when the atmosphere that means poor quality except right at the coastline out toward the beaches, it'll be cooler. we'll have fresh air but everywhere else around the bay area will be suffering to the sea we have for at least a couple of days. thank you know from lots later. the track temperatures in your neighborhood download the kron 4 mobile app to get alerts sent right to your fault.
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>>and the heat means an increased risk of heat related illnesses here are some safety tips to remember drink, plenty of water limit outdoor activities during the hottest times of the day do not leave children or pets in cars and one of the coast to be aware of rip currents. some good news tonight all evacuation orders have been lifted in mendocino county that's where the moose fire. >>has burned 225 acres of fire started last night between hop london ukiah cal fire says it's still only 25% contained, but again all evacuation orders in mendocino county from this fire have been lifted the lay off firefighters mopping up after a fast-moving brush fire damages to homes. flames broke out just before 8 o'clock tonight, near hands park crews worked to put out the brush fire was dangerously close to a number of homes in fact the crew say 2 homes suffered exterior damage and a number of offenses were destroyed the
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cause of the fire is under investigation. a man is behind bars accused of starting a fire at the entrance to black diamond mines regional park in antioch authorities say they witnessed the suspects squirting lighter fluid on to a burning brush fire. crews managed to quickly put out the fire police arrested hayes astray breeze. he was booked into the martinez jail on a charge of arson a husband, a son and a brother tonight we're learning more about the highway patrol officer killed in a shoot out yesterday in riverside county investigators identify the fallen officer as 34 year-old andre moy junior, this is video from last night as a number of law enforcement agencies scored a officer morse body from the hospital to a as a very caring and giving chp for about 3 years. >>serving the past year as a motorcycle officer, boy leaves behind a large family, including his wife, his parents and a number of sibling kron four's share
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stone joins us now in the studio with more on this investigation. >>much more tonight can i can tell you. we do want to get to some of that riverside police say this meant air luther shot and killed officer moy, then injured 2 others investigators say they still don't know why but they say the 49 year-old had a rifle in his car and began shooting when the responding officers said he was going to impound his car. the officer called for backup and when the other officers arrived, a gunfight ensued and luther was shot. the suspect later died at the hospital. 2 injured officers remain at the hospital tonight. investigators describe last night's gun battle as long and horrific. >>this is the shows just how dangerous. the job of the california highway patrol and law enforcement is in general. people talk about routine stops. but there are no routine stops as the state's first.
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>>the last night a family member of the fallen officer showed up to the hospital and began crying when she found out about his passing. >>i said hey just out i want to see the problems there on a bright his dad feds it was believable. >>barry said the 34 year-old graduated from the chp academy in 2017. and was assigned to the riverside area office. he used to be an electrician but dreamed of being an officer since he was a kid pam can. now back to you j r thank you for a number of hours kron what happened. >>the mission boulevard at valley vista avenue and hayward off limits to drivers from 9 o'clock in the morning through the afternoon this as crime scene technicians
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gathered evidence linked to the officer involved shooting rainy viewer video captured the moments after the shooting at least for hayward police officers seen with guns drawn approaching a man down on the sidewalk to hayward police officers had just opened fire after responding to calls about a man waving a weapon here adding a little weapon was a fake the man was hospitalized and is expected to survive during the investigation into the shooting the officers involved will be placed on paid administrative leave. >>the police department says none of the officers were injured police are soliciting for witnesses and encourage anyone who saw anything related to the shooting to give them a call in hayward felipe should all kron t creek looking for these 3 women they want you to take a look they're also looking for the getaway driver and all police say they stole 16 iphones from the apple store on south main street in wannacry kron 4 state of sack is live. they're
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now in taylor understand you talked to a witness who saw this happen. >>that's right. he says it happened in broad daylight and he actually watched it all unfold right from the spot where i am now and you can see right here behind me that story can see completely inside of it given that it has glass windows and doors and he said that he watched it all happened so quickly. >>it's all like people like like everybody's i kind of freaking out like all of like that gary with or was shopping in downtown walnut creek on sunday. when these 3 women entered the apple store and hurried out with handfuls of iphones 3 like a woman came out and they were just like and a bunch of phones like. >>much as they like a migraine like the one that way also and there is kind of like the heck like what's going on is that like that you can see a people inside. >>anxious on police say the woman stole 16 iphones thousands and thousands of dollars probably take on the model i guess it's maybe 15 grand i there's the suspects then hopped in his getaway
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car, a silver four-door honda civic given by an unidentified man like we saw in the car. >>was like a like a gray like ford are like small car and they're like yeah, we saw him drive and stuff like that and the like they were just driving super. >>addict and this isn't the first time someone had this apple store just last year, 4 men stormed to the same store grabbing iphones and computers worth roughly $30,000 that does he use it to go in there and take some stuff, especially if there's a lot of people there's a lot of staff looking over things. >>we i would surprise me if there's a lot of stuff going on. >>now if you recognize those 3 women or the man in his car contact police live in creek taylor sackey kron 4 news thank you a report of a suspicious device called police into a shopping center this morning in san ramon. police say the device was described to them as a pressure cooker was exposed wires. officers evacuated the building and used a robot and
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a drone to check out the object. they deemed the area safe and then gave the all clear. >>in the north bay a limousine driver facing rape charges napa county sheriff's detectives arrested 43 year-old brian sales this morning in american canyon. authorities say he faces several felony charges, including rape and sexually battery with a victim under the age of 16 sales owns a limousine service company he was booked at the napa county jail bail is set at $250,000 a big story. we're following tonight. this is a rather disturbing a woman was attacked outside her. >>condo building in san francisco and this happened early sunday morning on beale street near the embarcadero the terrifying ordeal was caught on camera today kron four's michelle kingston talk toh >>many times please let me go inside, i'm just trying to go home. i'm trying to go home. >>thinni's kasai and is still
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recovering after a brutal attack outside her apartment building early sunday morning. he asked me to open the door so that he would go and kill our. >>concierge or from this lady and earned my trust a homeless man who could scion believes was on drugs was standing outside her building blocking her from getting inside. >>at first he try new tell me that try to save my life. the people i see are robots grabbing her arms and her hands fighting and forcing her to the ground. >>because i on says the attacker brewster fingers and cause some nerve damage before she was able to get inside with the help of the woman at the front desk when you see here on the phone with 911 protect myself because of cops right here the front desk first called police at one 40 in the morning, they detained the suspect 27 minutes later as much as. >>they saved m the guy i could h been dead and 30 minutes and. there is nothing they could do
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about it. >>the science building is right next to where the proposed homeless navigation center is being built along deal in the embarcadero she and many of her neighbors in the water mark building are against the plan now more than ever it's their responsibility. >>to make sure we're safe and they have to come up with a plan. no one ever advert go goes through that. >>ever again 25 year-old often james vincent with no known address was arrested for this attack. he was charged with attempted robbery and battery and san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>san francisco and santa clara counties are filing lawsuits challenging the president's new rules to restrict legal immigration. in federal court filings the county's argue that the rule will worsen the health and well-being of health risks. yesterday the department of homeland security announced it would
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denied green cards to migrants who rely on medicaid food stamps, or housing, vouchers. without legal challenges the rules would take effect in mid october. california is among more than 20 states suing the environmental protection agency, the lawsuit is over the epa has rolled back of the obama era climate rule involving power plant reason you and has a closer look at what could turn into a historic court case. >>a landmark legal battle that may reduce states abilities to 2 sources of energy with lower greenhouse gas emissions, a coalition of these 22 states in some cities suing the environmental protection agency. the federal lawsuit challenges n its efforts to roll back restrictions on coal burning power plants claiming the change under cuts efforts to reduce greenhouse, gas emissions and disregards the federal clean air act. >>the epa and the trump administration are backsliding once again bending over backwards for special interests at the expense. the
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public's interest. >>the rule changes designed to make good on president trump's campaign promise to revive the nation's coal industry and eliminates what had been an aggressive effort to reduce the energy sector's carbon footprint however, the epa is defending the revised rule saying it believes it will be upheld in the courts the affordable clean energy rule. ace give states the rate that we certainly they need to continue to reduce emissions. >>and provide affordable and reliable energy for all americans. >>california's governor warned the rollback neglects the next generation how can you look. >>the eyes of your grandkids and kids and say that anything you are doing. this is the latest push back by states accusing the trump administration of endangering the environment with his policies. >>4 of the states involved in the lawsuit are michigan north carolina, wisconsin and pennsylvania. those are states trump won in the 2016 election.
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>>president trump and the top republican in the us senate may be a a odds over gun control, the president says he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who you see here. >>both on board to expand background checks for gun sales, however, mcconnell staff says the majority leader is not on board. phil mattingly reports. >>time for mitch mcconnell and president trump to do something house democrats today ramping up the pressure on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and president trump to tighten gun laws, what takes courage is to look a special interest group in the eye i and say enough is enough president trump insisted connell and republicans backed measures to expand background checks for gun purchases. but mcconnell aides made clear the kentucky hasn't endorsed any specific
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background check legislation. he's rejected calls to bring the senate back early from its summer recess, show >>so that there has to be discussion here before we can agree on. >>instead tasking 3 committee chairmen to work through their own proposals on gun violence to be taken up when the senate returns in september and gop aides also make something else clear to cnn the in-game to the extent there is one lies with the president. one senior republican aide telling cnn tell me where he lands on the policy and out tell you what we're debating in september. democratic lawmakers trying to take advantage of the momentum. now pressing a dualpr democrats calling on the republican led senate to vote on the house passed background checks measure and senate democratic leader chuck schumer asking the trump administration to withdraw its billion request for border wall funding and instead re
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allocated toward programs combating violent extremism domestic terrorism and gun violence research. for his part the president has continued a series of calls with lawmakers involved in the gun issue, including some staunchly opposed to gop positions on the certainly. >>the believes in that. there is a deal to be had on what he calls a meaningful a background check bill. the devil's in the details as to what he means about that. >>and that was phil mattingly, reporting the national rifle association publicly stating it as opposed to an a legislation which unfairly infringes upon the rights of law abiding citizens, san francisco police said made an arrest tonight in connection to a homicide investigation officers say they believe 38 year-old son take harris of concord. >>shot and killed 34 year-old dietrich with lee saturday night police say they found whitley in the area of oakdale avenue griffith street in the bayview around 9 30 saturday night. police say whitley was suffering from a number of gunshot wounds, he died at the hospital. police are asking
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anyone with information the case to give them a call in palo alto police are looking for 2 men connected to a strong arm robbery that happened yesterday in the midtown area police say the victim is a woman in her 50's and she was sitting in her parked car when a suspect approach turn up a couple suspects began to offer repair services for denson or vehicle. sheriff used and started recording one man on her phone and got out of her vehicle that's when a second suspect appeared and pushed her to the ground. the suspect took the victim's phone and glasses and threw them across the parking lot. they then pushed her to the ground and ran away. the victim was able to gather her belongings and call police. >>a significant requests from the jurors and the ghost ship warehouse fire trial today. the jury met for a 7th day of deliberations today there is still no verdict kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest. >>day 7 of deliberations of the go ship trial came with a jury request for reading that
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2 prosecution witnesses and reading back 3 days of testimony from one defense witness co-defendant derick almena. >>specifically they asked for all of mister rahman his testimony that his defense attorney curtis briggs talks about the significance of this request that this phase of deliberations obviously for them to be deliberating over a week and asking for this much. testimony to be read back shows that they're being extremely aggressive. >>taking their jobs. jurors very seriously. given the fact and add mister harris face 39 years in prison briggs take solace in the fact that the jury's request did not evolve his client sector focusing on derek and the focusing on. >>the inception of the lease. which again something that happened at least a year before >>ever arrived in california let alone moved into the go set. >>believe it or not the morning session of lawyer interviews we did this prediction for the al be the
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defense team. >>it really would not surpr se me. this is the day. when we get a note from the jury. seeking read back the testimony. if i were a juror on this case. i'd want another look at that because they're thinking back and they're remembering that i see the light truth in his eyes when he testified the jury also requested reading that the testimony of michael bouchard and ryan o'keefe going to start ways. >>other person who founded the ghost ship warehouse with mr. umunna ryan o'keefe was a person who worked the door that night stamps, people's hands. >>the board reporter has the responsibility of reading that the testimony transcripts to the jurors that that started tuesday afternoon and is expected to take up all of wednesday's deliberations outside alameda county superior courthouse in oakland. i think when you on for news. >>mega star lady gaga donating
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to schools affected by mass shootings, including gilroy the school district supervisor explains how they will spend that money. >>plus get ready for some long delays on park this weekend. what you need to know now to plan ahead and ready to vote that's the message from this
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>>could california and soon be voting at age 17 that is the aim of the new proposal in the state legislature, a group of mostly democratic lawmakers and teenage advocates announced the plan on the steps of the capitol early today, constitutional amendment 8 would lower california's voting age to 70. supporters say young voters should have a say in decisions which affect them. they also argue that people at this age are already thinking about elections and the issues at play. >>18 is the wrong point. we know that the time in to get them involved in an election is when they're at home which when they're in
10:26 pm
school when they're thinking about these issues in a way that's projecting forward not at a time when their life is a little bit chaos hopefully going away to college are getting their first job or are moving around the state or the country. >>and also when you're 1617 york, taking what gets us history or government econ you're taking more city classes at those ages in high school than any other age. >>the amendment goes before the assembly appropriations committee tomorrow it would have to be passed by 2 thirds of the full assembly and senate to make it on to the 2020 state ballot. >>heat wave now underway in the bay area how long will it
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. today outside going to be even hotter tomorrow right now temperatures in the east bay still in the high 70's even the low 80's in antioch in concord right now some of those. >>neighborhoods are expected to be in triple digits.
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tomorrow, yeah. >>our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow in the weather center with the details you know that's our goal here tomorrow, not people cry from the heat is going to be all over records crash and around the bay area they are going to be coming down, i think outside as we're going to see these temperatures just soaring in the afternoon. a little more set a record of 99 degrees back in 2008 we're looking at a 104 in livermore the forecast for tomorrow 96 the forecast in sandra fell that would be a record santa rosa 97 that would also be a record breaking one set back in 2013. and concord a 106 degrees that likely to be one of the hot spots around the bay area breaking the record set back in 1998 of a 100 to one in fremont so we're going to see this all around the bay area get enough of the sea breeze right now but boy we're seeing those warm temperatures ry ball, the conditions inland and then look to the north we begin to see more of a northerly component to the wind and that is going to keep it mostly clear inside the bay and looks like only couple patches of fog along the
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coastline so that being said i think we'll be looking forward to some he relief here after the next couple of days, the temperatures are going to soar tomorrow with that huge dome of high pressure over and that continuing into thursday and then over the weekend that ridge begins to make its way further to the east you start to see the clouds moving along the coastline, some cooler temperatures we're going to see more of that as we get to this next week but after that high pressure starts to build back in again some of these temperatures maybe flirting with a 100 degrees again by late next week so we're going to enjoy the way of all we have and should be kind of a quick hitter and then the change comes tomorrow really some scorching heat, especially inland on wednesday and thursday that will be the peak of this heat wave. then we start to cool down just slightly on friday. much cooler weather for evercome sat we start rmfollowing tuesday an flirting with triple digits again by the middle of next week. thank you lawrence cooling centers will be open in concord and brentwood this we can conquer the concord senior citizens center of 2727. >>parkside circle will be open from 9 to 7 tomorrow and again
10:32 pm
from 95 on thursday and in brentwood, the community center at 35 oak street will be open from 8 to 5 on both days. >>and the brentwood senior activity center at 1, 9, 3 griffith lane will be open from 9 to 4 and a strong graphic reminder never to leave children or pets in your car, especially in the heat, the mother in florida says she accidentally locked her daughter inside the vehicle, desperate efforts to try to save the child were captured on body camera. >>reporter megan mcroberts tells us what happened. >>she's a good kid 10 month-old maggie is christine it's hufford first child and her little side kick earlier this month taking her to run errands at loews i just took on a little stroll, the lows to do some far prodding. but in this body camera footage christina panicking after accidentally locking maddie insight. be in the car seat and use remote start to keep a car cool while she unloaded, but she also that the keys inside and all the doors were
10:33 pm
locked up close and she was inside with the keys. >>christina calling police after calling on star despite having an expired count will do whatever it takes i'll pay whatever amount of money it takes just please react to that my service you that's not my car. we did open now. onstar tells us that even if an account had been previously activated, but expires. >>they can only reactivated by someone being inside the car to push the onstar button officer chi listing the showed up with the tow company to unlock the door. >>we go to the other >>i can see the handle but still no luck can mattie is it looking route from a kid's not ok anymore and the kids heads down the eyes are close and that's when the the adrenaline night that's when i start to freak out he starts beating the window with his baton. panic involved until the patron in the parking lot runs over with the window punch. finally getting that inside very lethargic you know she
10:34 pm
was wasn't breathing. but i haven't had a whole thing of water bottles before the water. wow scary of and think that was megan mcroberts reporting the good news is little maddy is okay but her mother wants people learn from this experience and the most as a member all. >>all your doors can law automatically while using a remote start function. and now she also keeps a window punch device in her purse. a big story tonight, santa clara county is moving forward as a community after last month's deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival people gathered in san jose this morning. >>to honor the victims. the board of supervisors held a flag raising ceremony for the 3 young people who were killed. the flags of the county building had been flown at half-staff since the shooting the flags were raised to fly all the way up today to acknowledge hope for the community moving forward meantime superstar singer and actress lady gaga reaching out to students affected by recent mass shootings. >>she announced on facebook that her born this way
10:35 pm
foundation will fully fund the classroom projects in gilroy el paso and in dayton in gilroy 23 classroom projects will benefit ryan o'donnell talked with the superintendent of the gilroy unified school district doctor deborah flores. >>to learn more about what projects will be funded. >>and it's going to find a lot. different things since rocks options debate classrooms, more comfortable for the kids art supplies class. supply. the high school paul did you know robot. programming for different program, but quite cool. call an airy as the new route, the new book show i mean it has so why a range of but what's great from my perspective at least says that lady gaga. this way 2 and a way honor white students and teachers may just end to a terrible chest. one of the worst city
10:36 pm
can imagine the glory, kyle. was just that pena me. 100 plus 1000 people come to hear every year. the time of the shooting. we have literally hundreds of our students and staff. raising money worthy causes it. so the way i am. lady gaga is telling us mechanism. some or what we've been through. asking teachers work with students and waterway they feel is needed. so these projects were already in the works. but she has chosen not just to find our fight that's what i i think it's amazing part but all 3 over par. cities in the united states have been shootings in a span of a week and she's honoring all and that's way by funding projects for things are really needed in their class. >>this full interview ran earlier today on kron on you can download the kron on app
10:37 pm
today just had to kron on dot tv to sign up. >>happening now san francisco police say they need your help catching this man. they released a surveillance pictures yesterday of a possible shooting suspect police say the person is wanted in connection to shooting 2 man in the city's south of market neighborhood. back on may the 24th, the 2 men ages, 2350 when taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. no word on their conditions tonight. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police a man convicted of first-degree murder will be set free after spending 16 years in jail emmett louis was sentenced to life in prison. >>in connection to a 2003 robbery that resulted in a death. today he became the first person in san francisco to have his murder charge overturned because of a new state law. the law reforms, the felony murder rule that previously found accomplices or co-conspirators in deadly crimes also guilty of murder.
10:38 pm
a hearing for loses re sentencing is set for next monday. the federal investigation into jeffrey epstein continues even after his death. federal officials were seen on his private caribbean island this week. he accused sex-trafficking ring leader died saturday in a new york jail cell in an apparent suicide. the us attorney's office has suggested it will pursue conspiracy charges against epstein that would allow them to charge anyone else involved in the scheme. some of his accusers say the ring involved high-profile political figures. today marks one year since a devastating bridge collapse in northern italy more than 3 dozen people died when the bridge came crashing down during violent storms last year. the remains of the bridge were finally removed earlier this summer. the thai authorities say the disaster shed light on thousands of bridges in that country that could be at risk for failure. the collapsed bridge was built in the 1960's, it was a vital link between italy and france.
10:39 pm
students often carry around their id cards with them just about everywhere they go and now resources for suicide prevention will be with them as well. >>jessica mensch talks about the new california state law a requirement for school i d's. checking out a library book middle school learn of hr go off always hazards to 90. this may and now on the back of that car to show of resources for suicide prevention. i think that is such a big issue right now that we don't address or there's a stigma around mental health. >>and we need to address it i think that's a wonderful thing a new california state law requires all schools grades, 7 to 12 post numbers for the national suicide prevention lifeline and the crisis text line on the back a student id cards. >>this is brand new for us this year. for middle school students jen lewin douse he with the dry creek joint elementary school district says this is needed now more than ever help students understand the difficult time they're in.
10:40 pm
>>i'm trying to help them increased anxiety and depression. that students are struggling with now suicide rates among young people for us to record high. according the centers for disease control and prevention. people ages 10 to 19 the rate of suicide jumped 56% between 2007 in 2016. school districts say they have to do more. >>us the students school base and helping families connect to community resources. some parents have voiced concerns that talking too much about suicide. >>if kids ideas because there is a risk of contagion at the data has shown the lewandowski doesn't believe providing resources like these numbers could have a negative impact. i think that these are issues that children are going to have regardless you're not going to look at a number and think and i want to hurt myself. i think this is going to be something that they look at when they need help and hopefully it will reach out and get the help that they need. >>in the east bay get ready for delays on bart this
10:41 pm
weekend trains will not run between the over in the nor the woman creek stations because of track replacement work free buses will replace trains between those stations, bart says riders should expect delays of 40 minutes or even more 2 lanes of highway 24 will also be shut down during that trackwork causing additional delays. this is the first of 6 planned a weekend closures. the next one will happen over the labor day weekend. >>a new high-speed ferry services coming for commuters between the north bay in san francisco, the golden gate bridge. transportation district received a $5.9 million grant from the federal transit administration for the new ferry. the new ferries expected to be in service by the year 2023. it would be the 8 ferry in the district's fleet. check this out some butterflies are everywhere right now in the sierra. >>so that's certainly good news is mating season for the california tortoise shell they fly to the sierra from central california in order to mate every spring. all right coming
10:42 pm
up tonight, a wedding dress mystery where police say they found this stress and their effort tonight to find the owner. >>is for its game. one of the bay bridge series is in the books mark has expanded
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>>there may need her dress back police offices in davis found the wedding dress at an apartment complex. >>as reporter lonnie wong tells us the dress was typed in his garment bag and still had the sales tag on it whats me tell you that $950 so it's quite expensive. a source of frustration for davis police detective says that even though the dress was found here at the arlington farm apartments. >>there's no indication that the person who possessed it or owned it actually lives here. there are a 140 units the managers say they know nothing about a missing wedding dress. the dress was purchased at a david's bridal shop which has a number of stores in the region, even though the bar code is on the price tag.
10:46 pm
davis is having a tough time tracing it to a particular store, the dress could have been stolen even in another city. >>and without an owner we don't have the victim and hence we really don't have a crime. >>thus a davis police facebook appeal for clues, wedding dresses tend to have unique stories recently this wedding dress was found by a motorist on the to 10 freeway in southern california. after a search, the owner was finally found she was donating it to charity when it was blown from her car. the mistress was sacrificed in the heat of the moment. >>marriage gone man as for the current mistreat, the bride or no way in timing right now is to somebody's got cold feet. >>even though the dress was a news detectives discovered it was apparently an older design. no help there all that means it could have been on sale here that's exactly correct identifying the owner
10:47 pm
will tell police of a crime was a mall. if remains unclaimed, the dress may end up at a police option. >>so someone else might have a chance at it to a dam might have chance to get a size 10 voting. yes. >>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>a significant night for bay area baseball fan a's fan giants fan who smiling boost for them. it's that time of year where. >>households are divided our workplaces newsrooms anchor desk that's ok, we'll all look at that how about this now all of bay area baseball focused in one place tonight giant today's for the bay bridge series with both teams making a run for the postseason not just for bragging rights. there are some serious stakes attached year ago the bay bridge trophy right now it belongs to oakland. the is contingent to make its way to
10:48 pm
oracle park including mascot stop or stormy mccovey cove by boat. giants fan and 40 in the stands. madison bumgarner another stellar outing gives up only one run 2 hits through 7 innings struck out 9 a's batters. and the top of the 5th. steve in his deep to left. >>it's gone up one nothing a seat and bombs only mistake of the night shot him 6 still once it's open it, evan longoria eft-field corner off right anderson. mister posey scores game and not at war. he's been good for this team. it's a rocket to left what's this robbie grossman and handle it that is off the wall longo scores to one giant anderson it right now to keep up 2 runs through 6 frames but the teams traded a couple of
10:49 pm
runs then. the big spot in the knife giants up 3 to a's bases loaded chad pinned are facing will smith. get some with a game over giants take game 1, 3, 2, back at it tomorrow afternoon. let's hear from the skippers. >>it's why you play the game in. do we have to put some torture there. >>he was moaning down pretty good at all said it was too out nobody on 3 doubles that kind you know made his day but give them some credit to win 2 out nobody on you know put a little rally together like that was impressive. >>now to the nfl the raiders play another pre season game in 2 days, but antonio brown continues to be the top story surrounding the silver and black one day he's threatening to retire and this afternoon, he's back in napa the superstar white out who's been dealing with frostbitten feet fighting the nfl to keep his helmet rejoined his teammates after being away for the last
10:50 pm
few days as for the feet, he still injured seeing a specialist part of the expectation is he will be ready to start the regular season. in regard to the helm, he is exploring all options to find an alternative even enlisted the help of fans on twitter to help him find a solution but he is committed to wearing the proper equipment, making sure it's certified. let's hear from a be his agent drew rosenhaus breaking down everything from head to toe. >>it's been a process with defeat any you know you got a lot of this is it's hard to change directions. i right to be able to do what i do nationally bomb. mama saw from that before i've been awake in a lot of work for i've never had a client that >>frostbite so that's unique as far as the helm and it's a new rule this year so this is we have a lot of clients that are frustrated that they had to change but everybody
10:51 pm
understands the way to get this done is to work with the league and we're working with the nfl were working with the raiders summer working with the nflpa no one trying to beat the system are trying to work within the system to make it work for everybody. >>and finally we go to the world of tennis 15 year-old cory coco gauff with another opportunity to shine on a major stage, organizers of the us open granted the prodigy a wildcard entry into this month's grand slam turning goff was the talk of the sports world a short time ago when he upset venus williams at wimbledon. nearly reached the quarter finals. the us open begins on
10:52 pm
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10:55 pm
frightening video of this incident has become a rallying cry for people insist the embarcadero is a terrible place to build a homeless facility they say this is a perfect example of why they feel unsafe. that's coming up at 11. back to you. >>all right catherine, thank you and make sure and download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage, florence. >>and we are get ready for some heat around the bay area skies, mostly clear maybe a into some patchy fog trying to form right about here out there tonight but not going to be much and tomorrow are often running with the heat in fact, lou, these numbers right now almost 11 o'clock 80 degrees still in concord 80 to an antioch 70 degrees in san jose beautiful evening to staying outside. and check out the stars and you may see some pretty neat that's right we've got the perseids meteor shower but he continues tonight, the moon is up that's the only thing so the moon pretty bright making it a pretty hard to see everything except the brightest meteors to come by, but you could see maybe about 20 per hour. if you're lucky outside so check it out nice
10:56 pm
warm temperatures to go along with that we're cranking up the heat tomorrow, the heat advisors up by anywhere away from the coastline and the bay triple digits a 105 o'clock or one oh 6 in a little more about a 100 in the bottom 99. in santa rosa you got 90's seen even upper 90's in parts of the south bay so temperatures going to be unusually hot and that heat is going to stick around in for the next couple of days, these temperatures are going to be unseasonably hot probably the hottest temperatures of the summer so far and then will begin to notice some changes on friday and it will start slowly along the coastline inside the bay. you see that cooler air begin to move in and then much cooler temperatures, partly cloudy skies that fog is going to roll back in on saturday and sunday but next week it looks like again. high pressure builds back in now the desert again we start talking about that desert heat and temperatures near triple digits by wednesday and thursday. and the to get the next couple days could be very hard time. thank you lord, thank you for being with us tonight have a nice night try to stay cool. >>we'll see it tomorrow. .
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