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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 14, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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historic and controversial mural at a san francisco high school has it's been decided that they're going to cover it up. coming up in a live report will tell you i there was major opposition to this. >>and today's the start of excessive heat in the bay area there are many places stepping up to help you out we'll break down all the places you need to know. coming up in a live report. >>well good morning, everybody it is going to be hot that's all you need to know have a great day. yeah that's a big story today. there's no sugarcoating it is quite a be very difficult if you have to be outside and really hard to even escape it because look even if you go over to half moon bay. >>it's still 78. just round to go to san francisco, 82. yeah. >>that's not going be the good morning. i'm darya false and
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i'm james fletcher so let's get things started the in the weather center. we've got john looking at at the numbers. >>yeah guys that 78, i know it's hot, but hey it's still better than triple digits, at least i'd recommend heading out there to the coast, but don't expect it to be chilly by any means it's going to be warm across the bay and then the excessive heat for inland areas looking at the golden gate bridge. it is crystal clear this morning very thin marine layer, it's still have that cooling impact just right along the coastline, keeping temperatures there in the 70's and 80's elsewhere, it's 90's in triple digits. enjoy this morning because it is a comfortable start to the day but already warmer than it was yesterday. it just look at pittsburgh at 70 right now conquered at 64. these temperatures are going to rise pretty quickly once the sun begins to come up. that's going to set us up for that dangerously hot at times he that we do have later on today, heat advisories, take effect in peach for most of the bay area come 11:00am by that point were already hot we're going to stay hot through the rest of the afternoon. and the seat
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divider heat advisories and excessive heat warnings remain and to 08:00pm tomorrow. how how our daytime highs today you saw these numbers just a second ago, but there worth taking a look at again 90's to triple digits for most of our inland areas, even areas right along the bay hayward 92 for the high oakland up to 86 look at the peninsula. 92 degrees once you head burlingame you are solidly in the 90's on the bay side of the peninsula and as daria mentioned hot enough to half moon bay 78 out there and a lot of these coast, the coastal areas don't have ac still want to find a way even on the peninsula in san francisco to escape that heat 70's by the ocean the 80's by the bay in those triple digits. inland is going to be a hot one tomorrow as well but i am talking cooler weather into the weekend which i'll get to still to come rob and all right. thank you john checking in on the san mateo bridge commute. there is accident near the toll plaza. >>it's out of this you out of the shot, it's right before the pay a couple of vehicles
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blocking right before the pay gates only one lane blocked, but it stays slow through the scene across the flat section here in over to the high rise, so 15 minutes and growing for the trip across the san mateo bridge for the bay bridge trip we also have a new crash 80 west at the treasure island off ramp. that's blocking one lane, it's adding to the slowing here along the incline through that whole spilling back into the maze 60 minutes and growing into san francisco, we'll look at more bridges coming up darya james thanks a lot. let's get back to that seat self that's our big story today and it's going to be hard to find a place to cool off a lot of people had over to the cooling centers that are opening those going to be critical for people who don't have air-conditioning that need to again maintain. >>they're temperature because who knows the elder leave maybe they've got the issues with he kron four's will tran join us live in concord with more what you need to know if you need to make your way to a cooling center. well. >>all of the sun is coming up and with it will come a lot of heat that's what i have this
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expression like oh no i need to come to a cooling center because i don't have air conditioning and i'm not the only one that i can handle it, but if you're a little bit sick or if you're elderly and you're prone to feeling the heat. the cooling centers are available to you i'm in concord and you can see the lights are we behind me, but they're not on as far as opening for another 3 hours or so, but this is a big facility and they're welcome just about everybody if you don't have air conditioning come down because john sure able talked about it in concord today, the high will be one oh 6. yikes so if you need to work out do it now because we know it's going to be fast and furious when he comes to the heat be careful don't do not leave your kids are your pet in your car, the great advice. i always pass along as leave your wallet or your purse in the back seat, if you have a baby because when you step out you'll need to grab your wallet anger, you're a purse that way you're always reminded that there is a baby in the backseat let's tal
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about the cooling center and the hours they know it's going to be hot which is why they're stepping up to the plate to help people at a senior citizens center in concord offer parkside drive and they're shifting their times it will open at 9 o'clock this morning and will stay open until 7 o'clock tonight and then tomorrow john tribal talked about to this this will last about 2 days tomorrow, also opens up at 9 o'clock in the morning, but will close at 5 o'clock in the afternoon as far conquered if you live in brentwood, it's more inland of course, i'm sure it's going to be as hot if not hot hotter than conquer. they have the community center and that's open 8 o'clock this morning and will close at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. if you live closer to the brentwood senior activity center that will open up at 9 o'clock so one hour after that and it will close at 4 o'clock in the afternoon if out cooling centers, not for you may we suggest a mall or a movie theater because that's probably your best bet for the next couple of days. you know it's the end of the world area when san francisco
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is hot so be careful out there make sure you walk your pets, early don't do it in the afternoon when the ground is really hot. >>and we not tell you what you are doing today because you were a long sleeve black i haven't shared in the raise no dummy. >>the change this have white light raise no dummy this is early in the morning, what about the clips you get the flip flowers. flip-flop said because i've been and my feet last time. say do and you know what a lot of people will go swimming, you got to apply sunscreen and then wait for about 10 to 15 minutes. i made the mistake when i was in vegas last year applied sunscreen. i hopped in the water sure it was lobster led a drive off the why are thank you. well don't forget you can track not temperatures in your neighborhood. >>by downloading the kron 4
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mobile app. 66 right now. >>happening today, we have thousands of students returning to school in gilroy the courses comes just a couple of weeks after we had that deadly shooting at the garlic festival can be really hard then again some of the experts say it's really good to get that stability the other routine back in to make the kids feel better kron four's first and a trial is joining us live with the latest. >>like your kilroy high school one of the closest schools. it's actual shooting site that happened just weeks ago as you can tell around me, it's still dark school hasn't started yet in just a few hours you can expect to see hundreds of students walking right into these holes that you see behind me going back to that normal routine, they'll go or unified school district officials do tell us that around various high schools, especially as the campus is a very close to the site there are going to be a lot of traffic delays because so many of the streets here are still blocked off due to the
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investigation but as well as to make sure they ensure security around each school site. those officials also say that there's going to be ramped up security at all 15 sites here in the unified school district district but particularly those schools close is again to that shooting site so if you are dropping of% your kid knows if you are a student driving to school or if you're here driving in the general area near downtown know there are going to be some delays with that when it comes to the overall feeling again we haven't been able to speak with students yet this morning but we've been chatting with officials and students all week in regards to coming back to school and they say exactly what daryn james had mentioned it all about getting back to the routine and to normalcy after such a tragic event. >>your read of other people that you love you're distracted from what happened is easier to move forward the routine and just going in and day in day out. it gets kids back to normalcy and i'm a big believer and normalcy. >>now the unified school district has put out multiple statements saying that for them this year. everything is
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is really folk and they're focusing really on safety. not just on the camp says that all year round and there are some services available not just to students and families but all community members. this week from 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock each night. there are counseling services at brownell middle school as well as right here on campus that they were high school so again that's not just open for students and community members but for anyone who is meeting the services in wake of such a tragic event happening here in such an intimate community, stay with us this morning we're going to continue to be chatting with people, especially students and parents dropping off their students and walking into these halls to hear what it's like going out back to school after such a tragic event. >>i'm putting live here and go right christina teatro kron 4 news, thanks christina. >>and a reminder all week long we'll get your will be getting your kids ready for school with kron on you can hear interviews with local school leaders get safety tips learn how to maybe he's more easily. transition your children back into school routine. our
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coverage starts at 8.10 o'clock on the kron on app go to kron on dot tv to find out how to download that and then use the promo code school to watch for 30 days for free. we're learning more. >>after shootout that killed a chp officer in riverside, police say 49 year-old erin looser shot and killed officer andre moye and injured 2 others in that shoot out he had a rifle in his car when for it and opened fire when the officers said he was going to impound his car officer moye was able to call for backup and when the other officers arrived that's when there was a gunfight. it was all caught on video because a photographer was there at the time officer more dot moy died at the hospital and the 2 other officers who were injured are still in the hospital right now officer moye was 34 years old and has just graduated from the chp academy in 2017. >>in the east bay for hayward police officers are on administrative leave after they shot and injured a man it
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happened yesterday on mission boulevard at bella vista avenue in his pictures of the scene officers were responding to calls about a man waving a weapon radically in the end that weapon turned out to be fake, but they didn't know it at the time that man was hoitalized, he is expected to survive. none of the officers involved were injured. happening now, san francisco police are looking for a man wanted for shooting. they released surveillance pictures of the person, they're looking for. so take a good look he's wanted in connection to the shooting of 2 men in the city's south of market neighborhood. it was back on may 24th those 2 that were shot were taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries were still trying to get an update on their condition. but so far police haven't released one. store gets robbed. >>and we'll show you who the police are looking for. and california is taking legal action against the epa over a change to a climate rule concerning power plants. with
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any of their boat. >>a family has an up close encounter with a great white shark. and i don't think it is safe cage like i was at a pool hall. >>makes you think twice about going to the ocean today which i'm sure a lot of you are going to want to do because it's only going to be 78 happened. say only that still warm for him compared to the triple digits elsewhere across the bay area triple digits in 90's. i've got more your forecast account. i'm tracking your commute this morning. it's already trodden heading into san francisco, here's a live. look. >>80 west traffic slow from the maze and there's an the maze and there's an accident and y oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>>ok that's a big one yeah that's a big one. the ones i saw in that case were like you know maybe 10 feet was a big how big is this thing this this great white shark. yeah that's going to at least 10
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feet right. >>and the family apparently was in a small bowl there you see the edge of the this is out of cape cod bay, massachusetts city to save calm and cool is that the idea for the 15 men as well and just start emerge and move everybody still. >>do you talk what it's like when the seals are he is behind me in the car and you just don't talk to turn the radio down take a look at but will just like it will go on by don't look at it. he's all just my idea whatever you do don't well their >>but they >>sharks really don't like the taste of people don't know that they don't take the fight to help and then they spit us that's the problem and there are sharks off the coast of the bay area so just yet. >>and don't get too far out there for going to the beach a lot of people probably going to head out to the beach is one of those days were at the beach. it's going to feel like you're in mexico or something to that. >>70's and 80's sunny.
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>>it's going to occur a little water seems pretty cool. the water is going to be nice and cool yet if the feet in the water, maybe don't go about the knees. >>territory now if your kids don't go to school till next week. her on may one day be taken to the beach today totally yeah, maybe yeah exactly a good chance to get out there are probably be out there with my just trying to cool off a little bit a lot of us are going to want to find ways to escape this heat. 90's and triple digits skies hotter than yesterday was that yesterday was already hot looking outside of san francisco we're talking about how coastal areas will be cooler. >>that our inland areas, but they're still going to be warm for example mission in financial district to san francisco. still going to be in the 80's this afternoon which sounds really nice if you are in areas like walnut creek or antioch but these areas don't have a lot of air conditioning so for those of you that are in the city. you're going want to be prepared for he just as much as other areas will be san jose you got the sky up there and it's looking clear as well
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as some clear skies out there in the east bay where in berkeley all the way out of marion county and san francisco in the distance pretty free of that fog this morning and will continue to be just that into the afternoon so good beach day you'll get e sunshine, you know once a lot of water with yet you'll also want some sunscreen with you have this afternoon do expect this hot weather really just to continue of only intensify as high pressure this dome of it just builds right in across the state and stays put come tomorrow, ah heat advisories and excessive heat warnings in effect not just for the bay, but all across the state due to this heat that we're all going to be experiencing. so out at the coast to some 70's mission in financial districts in the 80's as i on terror really are only spot holding on to the 60's and barely doing so for burlingame today, it's 91 degrees, you head south of the it is solid 90's woodside on the peninsula and only one degree shy of triple digits. a triple digit in morgan hill today with san jose not far behind for the
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first day of school at 96 90's from fremont to hayward eventually up to san leandro with the tri valley on up through san ramon walnut creek unconquered all triple digits as well. temperatures in the 90's to triple digits in the north bay with a nice escape and point rays in stinson beach in the 70's but even in these areas look at that getting close to 80 degrees right there on the coastline today into tomorrow triple digits continue inland with 70's and 80's continuing by the bay and coast still better, but i'm still toasty friday temperatures start to cool down and by saturday and sunday it's right where you want it 60's 70's 80's depending on where you're at across the bay. that's a look at your forecast a lot of hot spots and whether robin, but how about on the roads, i'm happy report that i do not have. >>any hot spots so that is great news for peopleitting the road right now nothing to really stress you out just know that it's pretty crowded on some of our bridges or at least the approaches to the toll plaza like the richmond center fell. we have heavy
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traffic here almost back to be on castro and that continues right through the tolls before you'll start to see traffic improved so no big problems here the typical slowdown 11 minutes from the pay gates out to one on one which is really good. we're checking the bay bridge traffic, it's crime knowing the cash lanes of fast track lanes all stacked up. now it's filling back into the maze as usual you'll only save time if you are car pooling but all the lanes are stacked up the other lanes 15 minutes for the drive over to fremont street, let's head over to one o one where we have a little bit of a line leaving san martine from sam martine avenue 2 about cochran that's or slow down as you approach. mogan hill believing morgan hill through the coyote valley into south san jose, the rest of that trip is fine even through downtown san jose still 16 minutes. morgan hill to 85 that's a good connection. 6.80 looks good. so does the nimitz and only 17 minutes from santa cruz, northbound 17 into leske has started. >>thanks a lot around in the east a walnut creek police are
6:21 am
looking for 3 women who stole from a apple store here are the women that they're looking for they made off with 16 iphones from the apple store on south main street in walnut creek. they hopped in a silver four-door honda civic that was a getaway car. >>thousands and thousands of dollars probably take on the model i guess that's maybe 15 grand i there so that's that's a lot of money at the gun. >>landis up first time that these have made off with stuff from this very same store just last year for men when in and grab the much iphones and computers and in that case they got away with about 30 grand worse, it's the worth of stuff. >>happening now california is taking legal action against the trump administration's plan that state leaders say will roll back clean energy standards across the country. the epa is a racing her easing i should say restrictions on coal fired power plants, replacing it with a policy that gives states more power to decide how to regulate the plants. the california state lawmakers say the rule ignores and epa mandate that limits greenhouse gases and disregards plans to limit
6:22 am
pollution from fossil fuel power plants. that effort is foolish. >>it's a toothless substitute that the present in the place of the clean power plan. it's more of a fossil fuel protection plan. and it is ill-advised but more importantly it's against the law all i will ask is to this administration. the eyes of your grandkids and kids and say that anything you are doing. >>california is one of 22 states suing the epa. the white house is defending the revised rule saying it believes it will be upheld in the courts. coming up the wake-up call that saved the lives of 2 women from a burning home will have the full story. >>and as we head to break again a reminder it is going to be extremely hot today dangerously hot for some
6:23 am
especially the elderly and kids that are heading off to school make sure everybody's
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geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. officer helped save 2 women from the house and the whole thing was caught on the officers body camera take a quick look. >>yeah so tte officer had to wake up the women in the home as the fire was spreading. throughout the house there was smoke everywhere. the officer rushed to evacuate them which he did they all got out safely. the house and the garage in the end was a total loss the fire department says it was likely lightning that started that fire. all right as we head to break quick check of high temperatures because that is our big story this morning effect coming up at 6.30 just a couple minutes john trade will have another complete forecast for you
6:27 am
stick around to get kids going to school today and want to pay attention. it's going to be well it could be dangerously hot for them so ma
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>>we are back taking a look at the temperature map for this afternoon and that's just sort of us a summary a glimpse at how it's going to be today and the one word you could choose to describe it is. yeah, you can't say that i've never a lot of sizzling sizzling roiling she's earning scorching knife sweat. we've got a lot of to deal with today the matter where you are yet john in the weather center talking more about that even at the coast job, yet even at the coast skies, san francisco is one of those spots that doesn't have a lot of ac and even though no triple digits in san francisco. >>will be solidly up into the 80's for areas like financial and mission districts you can see the red to the skies i guess is just a sign of things to come later today. 60's for
6:31 am
your current temperatures across the day. good chance to get outside run some errands run your job maybe take the dog on a walk because it's not going to be this comfortable for the rest of the day today now come 11:00am temperatures will already be hot enough that heat advisories will take effect in peach for much of the bay area you'll see those in much the north bay, the east bay once you head up into the hills in out to conquer danville eventually out to the tri valley such as livermore south bay and then even the santa cruz mountains getting in the mix with these heat advisories areas, not shaded still going to be hot just not quite as hot as those other areas and then excessive heat warnings for this interior valleys, the central valley of the state temperatures out there at times will be well over a 105 degrees. we showed you this map just a second ago it's worth taking another look at san jose fremont hayward solidly in the 90's today again those triple digits. inland 80's, even an oakland 86 degrees. take a look at half moon bay, 78 still your escape from the heat right
6:32 am
along the coastline. but warm in its own right. so if you are heading out to the coast spring that sunscreen and some extra water and just find yourself a cool spot. this afternoon, especially. if you have older people in your family that are may be more susceptible to the heat even the younger kids they can get a heat exhaustion pretty fast as well. it's an air-conditioned area as those temperatures reach the triple digits later on. i've got more on your forecast still to come robin. >>over to the east bay we are checking in on 92 because we had a crash ashley ding up to the san mateo bridge toll plaza here westbound it was blocking one lane. it's out of your way, but it backed up traffic on to the nimitz and now that's pretty tight through hayward a t-cell thaw all the way up to 92 so keep that in mind. here's a wider view of the nimitz it's actually almost act up from 2.38 so from 2.38 who just south of 92. you're going to be sitting in traffic 30 minutes to make it from san leandro to milpitas here's the 70 oh bridge that traffic pretty tight here on the flat section to the high rise. 22
6:33 am
minutes to the peninsula and the usual gras and on 80 stacked up from the maze busy on the upper deck. james. >>all right. thank you, robin new this morning, a controversial mural at a school in san francisco will soon be covered up the san francisco school district approved the change last night kron 4 sarah stinson. >>joins us with more sara. >>the murals in said george washington high school behind me it's inside and they decided to cover it up instead of paint over it this is to preserve the or while also respecting the community's wishes know take a look at your screen live picture of the mural see can get it and idea of what it looks like back in june. the school board first voted unanimously to paint over it following an outcry from the community and students who called the murals depiction of native americans and african-americans demeaning this return to their agenda last night after a new resolution was put out by the president of the school board who wanted to cover the art
6:34 am
with panels and digitized them year-old so it can be excess cool to art historians we want to preserve the art work and so destroying it, there's been a lot to kiss it consider though the community's feelings, but also recently support and surprisingly to some n double acp and san francisco native native and actor danny glover actually spoke out against covering up the art work saying you can't change history. now in the end the board voted to cover up. the 1936 ral called life of washington with panels instead of completely painting over it so the decision that they made. bo was 43, so we'll have to see how people feel but it looks like in the end, you know it won't be seen by students and at the same time though work will be preserved. we'll send it back to you. >>ok thank you very much sara 6 34 is the time there was a significant request from the jurors in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. they met for day 7 of deliberations
6:35 am
yesterday and spanish with no verdict again kron four's haaziq madyun has more. >>day 7 of deliberations in the go ship trial came with a jury request for reading that testimony from 2 prosecution witnesses and reading back 3 days of testimony from one defense witness co-defendant derick almena. >>specifically they asked for all of mister ahmed his testimony that his defense attorney curtis briggs talks about the significance of this request that this phase of deliberations obviously for them to be deliberating over a week and asking for this much. testimony to be read back shows that they're being extremely aggressive. >>taking their jobs. jurors very seriously. given the fact mr. diamond and mr. harris space 39 years in prison briggs take sola in thfact that the jury's request did not involve his client sector focusing on derek and the focusing on. >>the ception of the lease. which again that's setting the
6:36 am
happen or at least a year access. >>ever arrived in california let alone moved into the go set. >>believe it or not the morning session of lawyer interviews aged this prediction for the al be the defense team. >>it really would not surprise me. this is the day. when we get a note from the jury. seeking read back of testimony. if i were a juror on this case. i'd want another look at that because they're thinking back and they're remembering that i see the light truth in his eyes when he testified the jury also requested reading that the testimony of michael bouchard and ryan o'keefe going to start ways. >>other person who founded the ghost ship warehouse with mr. umunna ryan o'keefe was a person who worked the door that night we stamped people's hands. >>the court reporter has the responsibility of reading that the testimony transcripts to the jurors that that started
6:37 am
tuesday afternoon and is expected to take up all of wednesday's deliberations outside alameda county superior courthouse in oakland has it made you cry for news. >>6.36 and and the man convicted of first-degree murder is going to be set free after spending 16 years in prison and that lewis was sentenced to life in prison for a 2003 robbery that resulted in a death. yesterday he became the first person in san francisco to have his murder charge overturned. >>because of a new state law the law a reformed and the felony murder rule that previously found accomplices or co-conspirators in deadly crimes also guilty of murder. a hearing for lewis is re sentencing is set for next monday. >>in the north bay limousine drivers facing several sexual-abuse charges 43 year-old brian sales was arrested yesterday morning in american canyon. he's charged with rape and sexually battery of a victim under the age of 16. he owns a limousine service company is now been booked into the napa county
6:38 am
jail with bail set at $250,000 in palo alto police are looking for 2 men suspected of robbing a woman in midtown and the midtown area, here's a picture of one of the suspects police are looking for currently the woman was sitting in her parked car with one of the suspects approached offer to repair the dense on her car. she refused at that point and started recording him on her phone and when she got out of the car. that's when a second suspect pushed her to the ground. they took the victim's phone glasses and through them across the parking lot. the victim was able to gather her belongings at that point on call police. >>annie's they get ready for delays on bart this weekend trains are not going to be running between the orinda and walnut creek stations because of some track replacement work that they have to do. there will be free buses. if you need to get between those stations vaart's as though you should expect delays of 40 minutes or more. 2 lanes of highway 24 are also to be shut down during that track work.
6:39 am
it's the first of 6 planned weekend closures. the next one will happen over labor day weekend. see ferry service is coming to commuters between the north and san francisco, but don't hold your breath is going to be years the golden gate bridge highway transportation district just got million from the federal transit administration for the new ferry. the new ferry should be in service in 2023. but that are encountered james dpwill be a fairy and the district's latest. >>makers are pushing a bill that would ban the use of facial recognition technology in police body cameras. they see the dangers of false positives are too high. the aclu ran 120 members of the california legislature against a mugshot database using facial recognition technology in that system produced 26 false matches one of those matches involved san francisco send women phil ting it identified him as a potential criminal with previous arrest records. the bill would ban facial recognition software in
6:40 am
police body cameras, even though it's not currently used by law enforcement. >>we're seeing in other some more this rollout and we're hoping you know that in california we don't jumped the shark here and i was something that will be helpful down the line. >>well the aclu says more than half of the falsely match. lawmakers were people of color. all evacuation orders have been lifted in mendocino county that's where the moose fire has burned about 225 acres that fire started monday night planned and you kyra california or cal fire should say says it is about 25% contained right now the so there's still a long ways to go. meanwhile to lay off firefighters stopped a fast-moving brush fire that damaged 2 homes that fire started near hands park. 2 homes suffered exterior damage. a number of fences were destroyed the caused the fire still under investigation. 06:40am. woman is at 10. >>act in front of her home by a homeless man in san
6:41 am
francisco and now she's speaking out about what happened in this violent encounter. and after a lot of drama off the field and toni over at. is back at raiders training camp mckinney ron. and i wouldn't suggest running it's at 6.40 i get to 08:00am et it's going to be way too had just look at even looks here is the golden gate bridge. >>right when you see the sign at the golden gate bridge, you know it's about to happen. temperatures later on today triple digits for your daytime highs for a lot of the bay today, i'm talking the details in your neighborhood still to >>and traffic so quite slow this morning heading into san francisco are checking out 80 the backup stretches into the maze are now through the maze so one
6:42 am
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>>now let's take a peek at the market there everywhere look likely years still my favorite
6:45 am
part is yeah, the flag pole with the flag hanging. the breeze in the air. >>as the war or 37 degrees we get a breezy >>high pressure is just keep it all the air stagnant. that's also one of the reasons we've got a spare the airliner. so it's not only hot it's stuff. he's attack yet. film but a great day to go to the ocean that if you do have a chance today i know we were talking earlier some kids are back in school. yeah, yeah leinart hill next week. today might be a good day to do that today is to get your last hurrah of summer get out there and enjoy the heat in that way al swear in the bay is just so hot oh you're going want to get some ac going this afternoon, if you don't have it. >>a san francisco, even though cooler than our inland areas will also be up into the 80's in some cases such will be the case and financial district
6:46 am
with temperatures well up into the low to mid 80's as for san jose beautiful clear skies overhead they're going to stay nice and clear temperatures are going to be well into the mid 90's for the first day of school kids and for kids in san jose and mount diablo surrounding towns and cities going to be well into the triple digits skies look inviting and temperatures right now are still pretty good so do enjoy this morning. before this afternoon heat really settles in clear skies across the bay that's not going to go anywhere high pressure built up the next couple of days will eventually off into the finish of the week but as for now it is only continuing to build this is allowing those temperatures to become so high hot enough that heat advisories will take effect at 11:00am today that's when we get hot enough to start to see them begin and last all the way through 08:00pm tomorrow. that's for those peach areas exist, excessive heat warnings in pink in areas like solano county right here in the bay area fairfield vacaville pittsburgh. all up well above 100 degrees for your highs
6:47 am
today, even up the coast temperatures are going to be quite warm sunset district in golden gate park mid to upper 70's, well 70's for most coastal areas today temperatures in the 90's once you head burlingame on the peninsula with woodside just one degree shy of triple digits today palo alto de number to a school for you and 90 degrees for the high today as i mentioned san jose, it's back to school at 96 morgan hill at one oh one today and triple digits in the tri valley as well free might union city and hayward even though you're closer to the bay are not immune to the heat, san leandro and castro valley will be joining you in the 90's today oakland berkeley and richmond all in the mid to upper 80's while triple digits from san ramon up to concord which will be at one oh 6 today, triple digits as well as i mentioned in pittsburgh fair field in vacaville with those excessive heat warnings taking effect and temperatures anywhere from the 70's 0 point raise in stinson beach which is warm for these areas, but a lot cooler then those 90's in sandra fell nevado petaluma and santa rosa today into
6:48 am
tomorrow, not a lot of change here tomorrow could even be just a couple of degrees warmer. then comes friday and temperatures start to settle down, it's still warm and still hot, but not as hot saturday and sunday temperatures are back to where we like them 60's and 70's by the dam coast and 80's by the car buyer inland areas. that's a look at your forecast robin it is a hot afternoon ahead, how are the roads doing right still slow john just. >>creeping along on the san mateo bridge we're checking out westbound 92 of some of these folks were stuck on the nimitz because we had an accident. on 92 before you get to the san mateo bridge toll plaza so the backup spilled over to 8.80. they're just now making it on to the bridge and moving in slow motion all the way over to the peninsula. no major hot spots are major issues on the bridges, it's just slow even the bay bridge 80 west jam from the maze so be prepared for this if you're about to use it. the typical slowdown here from the maze through the tolls and up the
6:49 am
incline at 60 minutes. maybe you come in from the east shore freeway pockets of slowing from put all richmond albany berkeley emeryville it's the usual 21 minutes here right off the current keen assad through crockett and down to the maze that's pretty normal as well looking at some numbers, not too bad we're hecking out 8.88 minutes, san jose to milpitas what i want to picking up but not bad we call this a moderate crowding just about 40 minutes from san jose to menlo park and then to 80's getting a little busy, but it's not bad at all it's fine san jose to cupertino a quick 14 minute average heading north james ok thank you. >>very much, rob and big story that we're following a homeless man is in jail now after he was caught on camera attacking a woman outside of her apartment building in san francisco. it was all caught on the lobby security camera records, michelle kingston spoke to the victim. >>many times. please let me go inside, i'm just trying to go home. i'm trying to go home.
6:50 am
>>finney's kasai and is still recovering after a brutal attack outside her apartment building early sunday morning. he asked me to open the door so that he could go and kill our. >>concierge or from this lady. and earned my trust a homeless man who could scion believes was on drugs was standing outse her building blocking her from getting inside. >>at first he try new tell me that he's trying to save my life. the people i see are robots grabbing her arms and her hands fighting and forcing her to the ground. >>because i on says the attacker brewster fingers and cause some nerve damage before she was able to get inside with the help of the woman at the front desk would you see here on the phone with 911 i had. >>protect myself because it pops right here. >>the front desk first called police at one 40 in the morning, they detained the suspect 27 minutes later as much as. >>they saved me because they captured the guy i could have been dead and 30 minutes and.
6:51 am
there is nothing they could do about it. >>the science building is right next to where the proposed homeless navigation center is being built along deal in the embarcadero she and many of her neighbors in the water mark building are against the plan now more than ever. >>it's their responsibility to make sure we're safe and they have to come up with the plan. no one ever advert go goes through that ever again. >>25 year-old often james vincent with no known address was arrested for this attack. he was charged with attempted robbery and battery in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>raiders star antonio brown finally returned to training camp and now. >>after a lot of off-field drama. >>and there kind of tell him to ease definitely now walking right on those feet, he's been away because his feet have been a mess after the
6:52 am
cryotherapy mishap and then there was him storming off over his helmet. and it feels like now everybody has to are the new ones who's going to still figure that out meantime the theater definitely healed because before he could even walk on the field. abc is expected to suit up for the first game of the regular season, so that'll be good because the raiders will need it. >>and a quick check of the markets this morning that's another big story. we've got a major slide happening right now with the dow off by more than 400 points. basically what we have is a situation where the yield on the 10 year treasury bond has dropped below the yield for the 2 year treasury bond. it's a rare phenomenon on wall street only happened 5 times in the last 40 years with each time that it's happened. we've had a recession that followed and that's what has traitors nervous this morning. there's usually about a 22 month lag between when the bond drops like this before recession starts so we'll see what happens going forward, but wall street. kind of scared about that possibilities. time
6:53 am
now 6.52 we're going to take a quick break coming up at 7 o'clock the state of california could be one step closer to lowering the voting age. we'll talk about the new voting age of students are
6:54 am
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6:57 am
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>>is not blowing it. the sun is out. so it's going make for a high day ahead.
7:00 am
>>a fulsome that i'm james fletcher sun glasses sunscreen sunshade you're going the mall to try to protect yourself from all that heat, yeah and hot spots before we get to those temperatures we're pretty good. this morning. we have not had any hot spots are major crosses but the bridges are packing the drive times are going up a lot of hour. >>right well, let's talk about the temperatures going >>is triple digits today for a lot of areas yesterday was 90's which is hot enough for a lot of us. this is just going to be way too hot for most of us. you look outside at the golden gate bridge, another spot that is just as clear as anywhere else is across the bay. so you're going to have plenty of sunshine from the coast inland in your temperatures out the coast. although in the upper 70's in some cases will be nice escape from the inland heat that we're about to see temperatures started off the morning in the 60's where they do remain for most areas and enjoy this moment because as we make our way even through the latter part of the morning. your temperatures are at are already going to sta


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