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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 14, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>>a fulsome that i'm james fletcher sun glasses sunscreen sunshade you're going the mall to try to protect yourself from all that heat, yeah and hot spots before we get to those temperatures we're pretty good. this morning. we have not had any hot spots are major crosses but the bridges are packing the drive times are going up a lot of hour. >>right well, let's talk about the temperatures going >>is triple digits today for a lot of areas yesterday was 90's which is hot enough for a lot of us. this is just going to be way too hot for most of us. you look outside at the golden gate bridge, another spot that is just as clear as anywhere else is across the bay. so you're going to have plenty of sunshine from the coast inland in your temperatures out the coast. although in the upper 70's in some cases will be nice escape from the inland heat that we're about to see temperatures started off the morning in the 60's where they do remain for most areas and enjoy this moment because as we make our way even through the latter part of the morning. your temperatures are at are already going to start
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to climb by 11:00am today, heat advisories, take effect in these peach areas for most of the bay that includes most of the north bay areas from the oakland and berkeley hills east on down into areas like concord and then the tri valley, san jose and much of the south bay as well as the santa cruz mountains all affected by heat advisories, not just today. but all the way through 08:00pm tomorrow as today and tomorrow bowles will be bringing this excessive heat, so it's a 2 day punch of uncomfortable and oftentimes dangerous heat if you do have maybe some older people in your home or know of some that may be exposed to the heat without air conditioning get them to a cool spot. concord livermore morgan hill just among a few spots that will be in the triple digits today even right along the bay hayward and fremont well into the 90's later on today for san jose first day of school for kids there 96 degrees for the high oakland, 3rd day of school now and 86 degrees, san francisco hot enough in the 80's as well
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more in your forecast is still to come rob and we had a minor accident on the bay bridge out near treasure island that is gone, but it did not help the drive into san francisco. >>the backup is heavier now through the maze on to 5 8580 solid from 24 and it's packed coming in from the east shore freeway out of san pablo so 15 minutes and growing to make it into san francisco are checking some numbers that we do have a new accident on highway 4 in pittsburgh near bailey at least one lane blocked with injuries so it's slow from pittsburgh all the way over to the concord side 35 minutes and growing because of that crash look at some more numbers and freeways coming up. james darya thanks a lot. let's get back to our team coverage of the big story which is the heat especially in places that need air conditioning and if you don't have in the east bay. >>they've actually open up some spots where you can go. yeah that's where kron four's will tran is this morning in concord one of those places where we're expecting triple digit heat later today will.
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>>one oh 6 in concord i'm sure if you go further inland is going to be even hotter which is why cooling centers behind me they're shifting their time so they can get people inside for those who don't have air conditioning, it's going to be on bearable for a lot of people and for some people like the elderly are some of the weaker immune systems out there you can get really hurt if not this is fatal and that's why they're stepping up to help people out a reminder if you need to exercise do it now i'm starting to feel the heat and it's only 7 o'clock in the morning and we know that sign what pack a punch. bring a lot of water with you wherever you go and you have kids just to follow what john tribal said about school make sure that your kids have plenty of water, especially when they go out to recess because it's going to one for today and tomorrow. take a look at your screen. i'll show you my at parkside drive in concord where near john myhre health center if you need to go to this location. it will be open to you in a couple of
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hours from now. wednesday and thursday 7 now at 9 o'clock in the morning and will shut down at 7 o'clock tonight and then tomorrow it will shut down a little bit earlier at 5 o'clock and yes we talk about the elderly, but if you need air-conditioning and you're young you're just uncomfortable. this will be available to you you can have plenty of fight snacks and water at this location and more importantly they have air-conditioning if you live in brentwood further inland, i'm sure it's going to be just as hot. if not hotter than conquered. they have a couple of places for you to the community center and that opens up at 8 o'clock so less than an hour from now and will close at 5 o'clock in the evening. if you're a little bit closer to the brentwood senior activity center that will open one hour later at 9 o'clock and that will close at 04:00pm so make sure don't be me i did this story you brought up a great point nothing gets by you. i'm wearing long sleeve and dark clothing. yes, because it's early but later on i will have
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t shirts in fact i will show you my teacher look at this ok. i am ready to roll. i have my warriors time. color. well see so you mama didn't raise no >>as well and their area just for your amusement o'clock, i'm in a lather myself >>well in the eyes on the ice, he didn't care always do too we'll check with you later and we're going to talk the words later by the way i with the new season coming up. >>and you can also track temperatures in your neighbor don't forget throughout the day today, the kron 4 mobile app will send you alerts if necessary about any heat related problems in your neighborhood. another big story today at 7 oh 5 that is happening thousands of students return to school in gilroy this just a couple of weeks. >>after the massive shooting at the gilroy garlic festival got car forced christina tate roche is joining us now live in. >>gilroy this morning with the community will be doing what they can to make sure the kids get through this all right. christina.
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>>oh yeah, and it's an all hands on deck situation please unified school district parents, other community resources. all wrapping their hands around the students that are going back to school today now my turkey over a high school you can see behind me some cars moving people walking up it's the first day of school for all of go or a unified and it's also as you had mentioned the first day back to school after such a tragic event and you know people are now starting to trickle in for their first class on his ear our students are already in the classroom. but for all the students starting their normal school day they're riding right now has already been speaking with some students and parents this morning, the feeling on campus a lot of excitement and a lot of nervousness now the unified school district very much was. you know expecting this type re action from students and parents so they have said that they've ramped of resources in security here and around campus. there's going to be added police presence around each of the 15 sites here and you're a unified school district to the schools and if
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you're anywhere near where the shooting to take place around the park note that there can be some road and street closures if you're a parent dropping off your kiddo no they can take some extra time on top of normal school traffic. also if you frequent near the downtown area know that's also going to have some backup. >>as well the christmas hill road that is one of the main roads that is very much close here in keep that in mind and when it comes at added police presence i can tell you from being here all morning the past few hours. we have a police cars driving up and down the road here just in front of gilroy high school and as i mentioned this is going on, but on all 4 of the sites and around all 4 of the sites and the excuse me 15 of the sites in 15 of the schools here in the unified school district. now we're chatting with students as well as administration associated with the schools. they all say the same thing for just really hoping to get back to their normalcy. >>what's your with of other people that you have you're distracted from what happened it easier to move forward the routine and just going in and day in day out. it gets kids
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back to normalcy and i'm a big believer and normalcy. >>now when it comes to that normalcy the unified school district has some resources for you guys if you. our anyone associated with unified school district for a community member who is looking for some counseling or mental health services that those are going to be available this week from 04:00pm to 08:00pm right here kilroy high school as well as brownell middle school and again open to anyone in the community, wanting those resources and i did want to you know back out here live. i've been chatting with some family members. actually the first family to drop off their here to guillory high school i was just parked behind me and just dropped off her daughter first day of high school as a freshman, both mom and dad walked up to the front gate watcher go inside as they walked back out to their car dad had tears in his eyes and i got to chat with him and his wife and maple said, you know it for anyone this is really hard to drop off our kids for the first day of high school. but of course in light of this event it's even harder and so
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they had a very sweet embrace right at the front of the gate so that we're able to catch on camera that will show you in just a little bit as well very sweet may just i think they're family exemplified the feeling out here, not necessarily nervousness for a big event to happen. but ner ousness just to let their child back out into the world out of eir hands into the general public. so we'll continue to talk to people all morning and keep those updates for you guys here kron 4 reporting live in go right christina teatro kron 4 news, thanks christina. >>and new this morning. a controversial mural that a school in san francisco will soon be covered up and let's find out why now we've got the very latest on this debate and the solution from kron 4 sarah stinson. >>the murals in said george washington high school behind me it's inside and they decided to cover it up instead of paint over it this is to preserve our work. while also respecting the community's wishes know take a look at your screen live picture of the mural see can get it and idea of what it looks like back in june. the school board
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first voted unanimously to paint over it following an outcry from the community and students who called the murals depiction of native americans and african-americans demeaning this return to their agenda last night after a new resolution was put out by the president of the school board who wanted to cover the art with panels and digitized them year-old so it can be excess cool to art historians. >>you want to preserve the r word instead of destroying it, there's been a lot to kiss it consider though the community's feelings. >>but also recently supper and surprisingly to some the end and n double acp and san francisco native native and actor danny glover actually spoke out against covering up the art work saying you can't change history. now in the end the board voted to cover up. the 1936 year-old called life of washington with panels instead of completely painting over it, we'll send it back to you. >>coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the state of
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california could be one step closer to lowering the voting age to tell you about the new voting age the students are apparently fighting for and after the break a man is shot by police in the east bay will tell you what he was doing that caused police to open fire. and it's all about the heat today as temperatures rise into the triple digits for even more of the bay area just take one look at this map and realize how hot it's about to be. >>their forecast is to come. >>no hot spots and traffic but plenty of slowdowns including the bay bridge, 80 wesson to san francisco crawling backed up all the way through the up all the way through the maze and recovering from choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico.
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>>yeah here we go again back up to the triple digits skies, not not the most fun thing to be talking about that that is what it is it is what it is exactly and you can make the best of it to see a movie this afternoon still plan a whole lot outside try to find air
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conditioning where you bag of frozen peas and he it is sticking by your that's another could yet it is going yet today just find a cool spot and i take it easy use and an excuse may be to save the yard work for this weekend when it will be a lot more comfortable. >>i look outside of san francisco right now does show those clear skies not a dose o- fog whatsoever here across the bay area, san francisco later today getting up into the 80's for san jose you do have the heat advisory taking effect at 10:00am this morning. and you do have daytime highs into the 90's later today as for the south bay or other the east bay just showed to the south bay a berkeley is looking good right now and temperatures are still feeling, good so get out there enjoy it because these temperatures this afternoon you don't even want to talk about those we got 90's in triple digits. and then 80's down in berkeley as for us can tucker conditions you do see just how clear skies are no fog out there whatsoever high pressure is keeping us not
7:16 am
only very warm and also quite sunny, but it's also keeping the air pretty stagnant. one of the reasons there's a second a spare the air alert to die day in a row today across the bay area in addition to that alert. we do have advisories issued by the national weather service regarding that heat in this peach color. those are heat advisories for really most of the bay area, including the north bay areas when she hit the east bay hills and down into. antioch to concord i danville and through the tri valley in livermore through the south bay in san jose and up into the santa cruz mountains all these areas can expect temperatures in the 90's or triple digits and where will go well above the triple digits such as the central valley, excessive heat warnings taking a place later later on today. how hot will temperatures get near neighborhood will pay close attention to the 4 zone forecast 70's, even right along the pacific and then 80's for financial mission districts in san francisco, mostly in the 70's along the pacific shore today. so if you're heading out there, no need for the sweater and happy
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monday. it will be 78 degrees for the high later on today, 80's and 90's stretching from brisbane down to burlingame and then 90's on the peninsula, south of there with the woodside nearing triple digits would be surprised to see it getting there today. morgan hill up to one o one san jose back to school and at 96 degrees for the first day of school hayward union city in fremont in the 90's why the tri valley up through walnut creek in concord all in the triple digits. oakland berkeley and richmond hot enough flirting with the 90's for richmond to 88 degrees. 90 or triple digits for the north bay sonoma, a hot one at one oh 2 fairfield that same number for you and close to the triple digits for nevado and santa rosa. each at 98 degrees. so today into tomorrow, not a whole lot of change here we keep the sunny skies and we keep the triple digits. inland with 70's 80's by the bay friday we start to work our way back in the direction we all want to see which is cooler and by saturday and sunday there you go the numbers are been
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waiting for 6070's and 80's returned just in time for the weekend. robin, all right off to the richmond center fell bridge much much heavier traffic now if you're about to head over to west bound 5.80. >>it's stacked up from richmond parkway continuing right through the pay gates going to be busy commute leading up to the tolls but on the bridge itself, it's looking pretty good pretty much. the same story here we have a lot of heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza on 80 west your backups milling through the maze all connectors are solid, but it will get a little better west of treasure island so not a bad drive it we'll put it at 15 minutes for the drive over to the fremont street exit want to take you over to pittsford because we have this crash right in front of the bart station west for and bailey, new accident with injuries blocking at least one lane so its backing up quickly out toward railroad and leverage so solid through pittsburgh bay point all the way over to the concord side. so yes, a new crash in your way that is putting us 35 minutes and growing from antioch over to concord so keep that in mind. 5.80 looks
7:19 am
great livermore to dublin one on one 15 minutes. morgan hill to the guadalupe parkway in san jose james. all right robin thank you. >>time now 7 18 in the east bay for hayward police officers are on administrative leave after they shot and injured a man. it happened yesterday on mission boulevard at bella vista avenue. the officers were responding to calls about a man who was waving a weapon erratically they didn't know it at the time, but that weapon ended up being fake the man was hospitalized, he is expected to survive and as for the officers involved, none of them are injured. happening now, san francisco police are also looking for a man wanted for a shooting. they released surveillance pictures of the person, they're looking for in areas. he's wanted in connection to shootings. that happened a 2 men in the ci's south of market neighborhood back on may 24th. those men were taken to the hospital with non or with life threatening injuries were still trying to get an update on their condition. but so far the police haven't said anything. >>at 07:19am for your money facebook hired people to listen to and transcribe voice
7:20 am
calls made on messenger and californians complained more about robo calls than any other state. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hygiene just alright making their voices heard for sure california by far the most. >>robocall complaints of any state social catfish icons as residents. well nearly 755 1000 complaints all texas actually got more robo calls the california is more likely to file an official complaint about them. now just made a california got 499 million robo calls in 2018 1 group says 50% of mobile calls are spam well food prices remain unchanged for the second month in a row, the government says meat poultry fruits and vegetables went up just slightly in price last month, dairy and non-alcoholic beverages fell us mortgage debt has hit a record eclipsing the 2008 peak, mortgage balances rose by a 162 billion in the 2nd quarter to 9.4 trillion. that's when the federal reserve.
7:21 am
meanwhile, quicken loans is us home values of reached their highest level since 2007. but has collected audio data from some users voice chats and then sent it to 3rd party coltractors to come to transcribe according to bloomberg. well basically told bloomberg it collected audio data only from users who opted into having their chats transcribed but then bloomberg said the company doesn't disclose in its stating use policy that it collects audio from users or that it sends the data to people to transcribe facebook has recently said it paused that practice. marketsite i'm jane king back to area. thank you jane. >>time now is 7 point one will take a quick break but coming up on the kron 4 morning news the ghost ship fire trial will enter its 8th day of jury deliberation today. but the jurors have made a significant request will tell you what it was. we're back
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at 7.24 a new proposal could lower the voting age in california to 17 a group of. >>mostly democratic lawmakers
7:25 am
and teenage advocates announced the plan on the steps of the capitol there you supporters say young voters should have a say in decisions that affect them. they also argue that people of this age are already thinking about elections and the issues at play. >>18 is the wrong point. we know that the time to get them in to get them involved in an election is when they're at home which when they're in school when they're thinking about these issues in a way that's projecting forward not at a time when their life is a little bit chaos hopefully going away to college are getting their first job or are moving around the state or the country. >>and also when you're 1617 york taking whether it's us history or government uconn you're taking more city classes at those ages in high school than any other age. >>the amendment goes before the assembly appropriations committee today he would have to be passed by two-thirds of the full assembly and senate in order to make it on to the 2020 state ballot. it is 7.25 still ahead a bay area apple store is a problem we have
7:26 am
pictures of the thieves, a police are looking for this morning. and as we head to break, here's a look at the high temperatures will expect this afternoon with triple digit heat really hammering the inland valleys even at the coast in san francisco. it's going to be hot 82. back with your full forecast in just a bit. covergirl exhibitionist mascara
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temperatures as they heat up about the roses he'd not >>the flow out there and i have a new crash at the bay bridge toll plaza we'll check in on 80 and see how that's worked to pay debt. slow you down usually >>it is going to be very hot today guys yesterday was hot already today even higher under so for those of you that may be worse already uncomfortable on your tuesday. today is the day that you will want to seek some air conditioning this afternoon, if you don't have it especially inland is your
7:30 am
daytime highs rise well into the triple digits the airport today sfo it looks crystal clear he should have any weather-related delays what you are going to be seeing is temperatures really warm not just at the airport but all across the bay area that includes many peninsula areas. temperatures right now are in the 60's as they've been all morning long. we're still holding on to some pretty comfortable weather and savor every moment of it because it hadn't come this afternoon. he will be fondly remembering how nice this morning felt compared to what we're about to see which by 10:00am this morning are a rather 11:00am will be heat advisories taking effect across much of the bay area these peach areas are the ones affected by the south bay much of the east bay in the north bay all going to be a under heat advisories from this morning. all the way through 08:00am tomorrow in these pink areas, those are excessive heat warnings for much of the central valley but extending right here in the bay area to solano county too. now daytime highs today very much so hotter than yesterday, triple digits. return for
7:31 am
antioch to concord livermore as well as morgan hill, 90's and san jose fremont up to hayward nevado and napa as well and then 80's even for san francisco today warmer than yesterday was in hot for many of you in san francisco who don't have that a c same for you in oakland with mid 80's today, san jose well into the 90's and just as hot tomorrow. i'm talking the rest of your forecast. still ahead robin. >>alright checking in on the bay bridge trip into san francisco. we do have a new accident 80 west of the toll plaza. so kind of like between the metering lights and the pay gates involves a chp motorcycle officer that spun out we do have injuries reported, but we don't know the exact condition of the officer we do know that other officers up showed up on the scene so this means a lot of activity to look at at the pay gates in addition to all the slow traffic that's already there so as soon as i received more information i will definitely pass it along for now it doesn't look like a major injury accident. but we do have lots of activity and
7:32 am
that's going to add to the slow traffic heading into san francisco, here's the view behind the pay gates and we see the cash lanes are all stocked up fast track lanes to so this is just adding to the grind into san francisco backed up all the way through the maze were up to 18 minutes now. >>to make it over to fremont street talking my eyes on this we'll check more slow downs coming up james darya. >>much robin walnut creek police are looking now for 3 women and their getaway driver after they stole 16 iphones from an apple store second time that story's been hit like this kron four's taylor's sacking has more. >>like people like like everybody's i kind of freaking out like all of like that gary with or was shopping in downtown walnut creek on sunday. when these 3 women entered the apple store and hurried out with handfuls of iphones 3 like a woman came out and they were just like had a bunch of phones like. >>much they like came in like grand like the one that way is kind of like the heck like what's going on is that like that you can see a people inside the
7:33 am
>>anxious on a creek police say the woman stole 16 iphones thousands and thousands of dollars probably take on the model i guess that's maybe 15 grand i there so that's lot of money at the gun. the suspects then hopped in his getaway car, a silver four-door honda civic. >>given by an unidentified man like we saw like the car. >>was like a like a gray like ford are like small car and they're like yeah, we saw him drive and stuff like that and the like they were just driving super or addict and this isn't the first time someone had this apple store just last year 4 men stormed to the same store grabbing iphones and computers worth roughly $30,000 that does he use it to go in there and take some stuff, especially if there's a lot of people there's a lot of staff. >>looking over we i wouldn't surprise me if there's a lot of stuff going on. wilson. >>if you recognize any of those 3 women or the man in his car contact police and want to create taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>one man is in jail after being caught on camera attacking a woman as she was
7:34 am
trying to get into her apartment building in san francisco. take a look at the surveillance video shows you the fight the struggle between this man and woman early sunday morning on beale street near the embarcadero her name is pennies. chris ariane and the man is austin vincent. they were talking for a while outside the building and then suddenly demanded all of her stuff cell phone and everything else and it started hitting her she tried to fend them off you could see the front desk person trying to let her in and keep the door shut. so he would get ck in he forced his way and they kind of tried to stave him often and you can see the guard is holding the phone. they had called the police to combat the police didn't make it before this whole thing happened because aryans building is right next to where the proposed homeless navigation center. his supposed to be built and as she and a many of her neighbors at the watermark building are against that plan. their responsibility to make sure we're safe. >>and they have to come up
7:35 am
with the plan. no one ever advert go goes through that ever again. >>a man's in son is charged with battery and attempted robbery. >>for a shuns in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland will continue today that just a day 7 per day 7 of deliberations and it yesterday with no verdict derick almena and max harris are on trial for the 36 people kill in the warehouse fire that broke out back in 2016 yesterday members of the jury requested for a reading back of testimony from 2 prosecution witnesses and then reading back 3 days of testimony from al man himself. the jury also requested a reading back of the testimony of you comb bouchard and ryan o'keefe because you start ways >>other person who founded the ghost ship warehouse with mr. umunna ryan o'keefe was a person who worked the door that night we stamped people's hands. >>the court reporter has the responsibility of reading the testimony back to jurors if
7:36 am
found guilty both men could face 39 years in prison. >>2 california lawmakers are pushing a bill that would ban the use of facial recognition technology in police body cameras beuse they say it doesn't work. they say there's said too many chances that it could be a false positive and identify somebody the wrong way in fact the aclu ran a 120 members of the legislature against a mugshot database using facial recognition n it produced 26 false matches one of those matches involves san francisco. assemblyman phil ting it identified him as a potential criminal with preview with a previous arrest record. the bill would ban the use of facial recognition software in police body cameras, even though they don't even currently use that law enforcement right now california. >>we're seeing in other some more of this rollout and we're hoping you know that in california we don't jumped the shark here and that was something that will be helpful but a lot. >>the aclu says when half of
7:37 am
the falsely match the lawmakers were people of color. >>here's a quick check of the big board this morning as we've been watching the markets slide on worry that we may be on the precipice of an economic recession. there a few indicators on wall street that seem to be pointing that direction and obviously a investors are reacting to that with the dow off by more than 400 points down more than 500 times this morning. keep an eye on it. coming up after the break expect delays. park this weekend we'll tell you the reason certain stations in the east bay will be closed. and you look outside for daytime highs, not fun to be looking out day like today you want to find some air conditioning especially towards antioch livermore concord just to name a few. >>well into the triple digits. your forecast is to i'm tracking the drive into san francisco, lots of heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>an accident right after the shot involving a chp
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>>in the east bay get ready for delays on bark this weekend we've got trains that will not be running between the orinda and walnut creek stations because they're going to be doing track replacement. free buses though will be there instead ferrying you between those 2 stations part says writer should expect maybe about a 40 minute delay added on top of your a typical commute time. 2 lanes of highway 24 will also be shut down during that track work and this is just the first of 6 planned weekend closures, the next one is scheduled to happen on labor day weekend. high-speed ferry services coming for commuters between the north bay in san francisco, golden gate bridge highway and transportation district received million to nearly 6 million from the federal transit administration to construct this new ferry. the affair is expected to be in service by 2023 so still a few years out. but it would be the 8th ferry in the district's fleet. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning more than you ever want hear about antonio brownsburg blister defeat. he says they were basically
7:42 am
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>>welcome back 7.45 thanks for staying with us on this wednesday hope you got some air conditioning or a cool place to go today and if you tell they want to start looking for a good place to just spend the afternoon and take it easy because we are in for a very hot one later on golden gate bridge is going to be one of our spots that you can go to take a break from those 90's in triple digits, we're going to feel further inland, although we'll still be warm out there in the mid 70's, san jose and plenty of sunshine just as we're seeing all across the bay back to the 90's for san jose today for the east bay mount diablo in the distance areas surrounding mount diablo well into the triple digits. now skies are going to remain clear through the day today high pressure at play so skies will remain not just sunny. but very hot conditions, not just hot today
7:46 am
either as high pressure continues to build we're going to see our hottest temperatures continue on into tomorrow that's why these heat advisories and peach across the day won't just be taken effect the 11:00am today and lasting through your day but through 08:00pm into tomorrow evening purple areas indicating excessive heat warnings for the central valley. he's also in play the next couple of days as temperatures in the central valley boost well over a 105 degrees. temperatures in san francisco hot enough 80's for mission in financial districts and some 70's from sunset district on up through the marina district as well. temperatures in the 70's up and down the pacific shoreline still your place to go to escape the heat and enjoy some sunshine along the pacific. but it will be warm out there as well so don't forget the sunscreen in the water, 90's once you move south of burlingame and on through the rest of the peninsula with woodside nearing the century mark today and certainly not the only spot doing so much of the south bay will be just shy of a 100 degrees with morgan hill just above a 100 at one
7:47 am
oh one today 90's from free might union city up through hayward with triple digits through the tri valley on up through walnut creek in concord where daytime highs today will boost to 106 degrees. oakland at 86 while san leandro up to 90 90's in triple digits for the north bay, the exception being those coastal areas as i mentioned before the places to be stinson beach and point raise getting warm near 80 degrees. but that's a lot better the 90's and triple digits which will see tomorrow again for inland spots. bayside in coastal areas are also staying quite warm into tomorrow friday we start to work our way in the right direction still warm though by saturday and sunday that a year ago temperatures back in the 6070's and 80's, partly cloudy and comfortable into the weekend. rob. all right, let's head over to the bay bridge who want to check in on an accident involving a chp motorcycle officer that's down. >>looks like officers spun out west bound west of the toll
7:48 am
plaza. we have other emergency crews on scene several other officers have arrived. they want to make sure that he or she is okay, we know that at least one lane is blocked here this is after the pay gates, a little bit closer to the metering lights left lane blocked chp officer down traffic is already stacked up from the maze so since you have all of this activity and the flashing lights of course it's going to add to the backup through the maze on to 5 8580 backed up into san leandro heavy on the nimitz as well through downtown oakland and west oakland. here's what it's looking like behind the tolls it was already slow. now much much heavier sell all the activity is right after the camera shot where the left lane is blocked so since this involves the chp be monitoring this closely on air and online meanwhile, you need to leave extra early this may turn into a big problem at 17 minutes after fremont street because it's attracting so much attention richmond sandra fell down from richmond parkway but a decent drive across the span. >>the giants won with a match.
7:49 am
madison bumgarner extended his streak of unbeaten starts to 10 in the bay bridge series opener. >>but the a's didn't go quietly they mounted a 9th inning rally. >>but the giants held them off to win the game 3 to 2 we'll see if oakland can get away with a win tonight because they would like some bragging rights at least oakland always as the raiders well not always sorry that moved to vegas still stings but antonio brown's feet are not hurting anymore. he finally made it to practice in napa yesterday, mostly just around unlocked limping or trade gingerly. spatter nathen he also seems to be over his helmet tantrum he had threatened to retire if he couldn't keep the lid. that's protected has not been for years, but the nfl said no exceptions, everybody's got to wear a new and improved version he is expected to suit up in time for the season opener against the broncos. is a process.
7:50 am
>>we have to make excuses a mere days is it is. up know you a lot better always been a lot adversity but. on the stairs stannis's opportunity for me do it on his arm to do, but it's great to have him back, you know we've. >>had a pretty good understanding in spite of what people think we had a pretty good understanding what was going to happen now we're ready to get rolled. those you know i welcome them back and uh and he smiled and waved everybody but it wasn't like they who raw momen you know, just happy that he's back and will start start working on some stuff. >>7,000 feet. aside from you later. >>you hear he said i get circumcised on my feet he talked about his feet ad nauseum on hard knocks last night and i do mean. >>swollen and burn burned and blistered when he got out of a cryotherapy chamber and
7:51 am
doctors used a scalpel and then scissors. 2 basically circumcise estate, ok i'll spare you the rest and why he says hopefully is feet will be born again when they are totally healed and he will be able to run and cut even faster. >>stephan, the sunshine gang are ready to roll the warriors just found out where they're going to play in their new home in san francisco. >>when he drives by oracle. >>issue poston is instant jail on his instagram driving by the old digs and then he wowed the kids a workers camp with that one. the final bronze kid went to the warriors camp and what are the currys getting for christmas. maybe a new family jammies photo. i can't wait to see that definitely a game with the rockets on december 25th and hopefully
7:52 am
klay thompson with a big red bow he'd be a great gift to the team whenever he is ready to play again. first game at the new chase center is against the clippers. if you take your taco bell, a little 2 seriously now you can take a break nation with taco bell c 2 key n s at the taco bell hotel or resort in palm springs. it was a pop up it just popped up and they redecorated everything with of course, plenty of fire sauce and everything else that taco bell is famous for. i hope they didn't pump in the smell. no big boost at. but apparently people don't like it because the rooms sold out. in 2 minutes. you could only burrito yourself into the taco bell hotel for one different well, i hope they pump in the smell. these are so bad. i mean that's a pace, you know what taco bell. >>scratches a specific it
7:53 am
should do and some people have a guess. taco bell like that and you know that's the buzz.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>>kron 4 morning news students in gilroy heading back to school for the first time since the deadly garlic festival shooting will have the latest in a live report and it is going to be hot today. that's our big story on the weather and the news front we're going to have complete team coverag i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards,
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emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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look at the colors on the screen and those are the colors of the spice you know
8:00 am
they're all the green that's a cool 78. i have to say i'm darya folsom cool with air quotes i are thank you for joining us a lot of hot temperatures to talk about maybe even some bubbling hot spots on the traffic front tuned. yes i have a major crash at the bay bridge toll plaza it's an injury accident involving a chp motorcycle officer that's down and injured sell a single or has been issued. >>this is going to be a big problem for people trying to get to san francisco right lloyd much more on that all right, but that's big the heat wave is is we're going to do this first and then we'll get to that house. >>on traffic, yeah that heat waves certainly something that could also cause people some issues today as you are stepping outside especially if you are vulnerable to heed those older among us even our kids. >>got to watch out for them as they get out there this afternoon and if you know someone who is susceptible to the heat get him to a cool spot if they don't have to have air conditioning as he can be dangerous especially inland with those triple digits, golden gate bridge. you know it's uh going to be a nice sunny day when you're already starting the day that way


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