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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 15, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>a day that is the story today, the bay area's sweltering again. we're right there with you i'm darya folsom at on jayme's such a hopefully you had a chance to cool off a little bit before this next round of heat, although it's been tough in the bath time >>i know you i write very warm overnight. we started the morning i was when i first got and cities and lynn novick 80's know those ivan. you know it's what we do and now we have go into the 60's right now there are still few spots and women are in the 70's right. >>now though say yeah it is. >>out this morning is comfortable luke comfortable i won't even call it cool it was not a cool start to the morning compared to where we usually are get out there enjoy this comfortable weather while it lasts it's crystal clear as you can see from berkeley you can fremont pittsburgh and berkeley are some of our spots that are
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starting off this morning in the 70's 60's elsewhere across the bay and then some 50's up in the north bay such as a nap and petaluma it's for your the spot which when i came in this morning was sitting right at 80 degrees. so yes, a very warm start for many areas and it's going to be another hot day ahead of us is daytime highs achieve if not exceed the same temperatures that they were at yesterday so i heat advisories a in this peach color for most of the bay area and then excessive heat warnings in pink all continuing into the evening tonight for much of the state today as we do look at another day with ample triple digit temperatures for areas like conquered livermore morgan hill and then temperatures warm enough for hayward fremont san jose, all in the mid to upper 90's we saw a record after record shattered yesterday would not be surprised at all to see more of those going down today, 60's and 70's to start as we mentioned so this is a good chance to get out there enjoy the comfortable temperatures maybe get some errands done or
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get that game plan ready to go for your afternoon if you do have family members who are a little bit older or younger just mnre susceptible to the heat, new get them into a nice cool spot. if you've found a good spot i just want to make a return to a today. i've got more on your forecast still to come rob all right. thank you john still tracking a lot of heavy traffic. >>an unusual slow down for one oh one south leaving san francisco, heading to the peninsula. look at all this traffic right here these folks are stuck behind a crash ash and a stall so the stall happen for south one oh one. near the south san francisco exit there's a charter bus that stuck in the road and then behind it. a crash a little bit closer to candlestick involving several vehicles that crews are still wrapping up as well so that's why it's so bad trying to get to the peninsula. this morning, it's even stacking of traffic northbound the opposite side of the crash or the stall rather because folks are looking at the activity so be prepared for that and definitely consider to 80 instead, here's your bay bridge commute looks pretty normal traffic jam from the
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bottom of the maze 15 minut into san francisco. that's decent will check more bridges coming up james started. thanks to love continue. our team coverage now the extreme heat that continues we're going to see temperatures well above a 100 and a lot of spots lot of our inland valleys, especially the east bay that's where kron four's christine tape cho standing by live. >>in walnut creek this morning where we're looking for what one oh 5 one oh 6 come later on today, christina. >>yeah, i'm not just triple digits the triple digit digits. plus like 5 or 6 it's not looking really great and if you don't have air conditioning, it's definitely going to be a worry for you as well, we're looking for really warm day today and here in walnut creek this downtown area very highly trafficked the know it's going to be a little bit slower today because people or just not wanting to be outside. already this morning here in the 6 o'clock hour. no jacket needed it's quite it's getting quite warm. so you know in just a few hours we're going in that triple digit heat a lot of experts we've been talking to so far this week are saying
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need to make sure you're hydrated very early on in the day. so right now in the morning. hours when you're waking up and actually right in front of a coffee shop and i can tell you that people walking in and out if you're doing that as well somewhere around the bay area grab some water with you wherever you go make sure stay hydrated early on to last you throughout the day and you don't even get on the brink of becoming dehydrated later on also experts are saying you know people who are most susceptible to these really high temperatures for giving me the heat stroke or of may be some type of a heat related illness are going to be those who are elderly as well as those who are very young people were going to be highly susceptible to those really extreme temperatures. so they say watch out for your neighbors if you haven't heard from someone just check on to make sure that they're ok but also when we're thinking about kato's they've got to go ahead in escape the heat we actually spoke. >>with a mother and son duo were doing so themselves going to take a listen.
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>>it's like a 100 degrees right. how did you cool down did you do anything to get colder. did you eat anything. >>jury is not fun. >>definitely not fund just turn up their >>and don't let your but you know it is what it is. >>you know the mom there has some really great advice make sure your are outside in the hottest part of the day if they do have to be for some reason make sur their feet are covered with asphalt you know, she's obviously got kind of the the good motherly logical sense there, but the kid oh i like the way that he's think it. ice cream. but in all seriousness go. i didn't think of cooler thing see make sure that you're getting all the nutrients you need and hey if you'd like to join me somewhere in the east bay later today and probably going to be at every single ice cream shop that i find throughout the day just trying to stay a little bit cooler so i think that that also may be a fun thing if you're going out. do with your families and
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hey if your kids are going back to school right now. i mean you may just want to drive into mcdonald's for mcflurry on the way home use he does a good into your day. for now reporting live in walnut creek could see the kron 4 news and i thank you all know what i see is actually you know like the president is like that because it's a little more lottery and i like kid he was right, it is 100% hot. >>and will be again today in fact the tea is going to offering free rides if you need to make your way to a cooling center. it's going to be offered on all the routes from 11 until 8 on any not only bus but light rail as well. all you have to do is just tell the driver or the operator that you're heading to a cooling center and you'll be able to ride for free so keep that in mind. speaking of the heat the pittsburgh unified school district announced that highlands elementary school is going to be shut down for the rest of the week because their air conditioners not working they're actually swapping it out. but while it's being replaced, they don't have proper a seagoing call the classrooms, they try temporary air conditioners for a time this week. but it just wasn't enough to keep the rooms cool
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for the kids so they've decided that they're going to shut down for the rest of this week. they're hoping they'll reopen on monday. >>and don't forget you can track the temperatures in your neighborhood with kron 4 online kron 4 dot com through facebook and twitter will also keep in touch with you and if you have our mobile app well we'll give you push alerts when important news happens that you need to know about. and you need to be prepared for a double whammy are is going be shutting down 3 stations and part of highway 24 will also be closed just which means it's going take you longer to get through that part of the east bay kron four's will tran in lafayette with more on what you need to know trifecta would be the heat which we're not going. >>and this weekend will. >>no we're not going to have the weekend but a lot of people will be very hot under the collar when they find out that they will be stuck in traffic fortunately i broke the news to one person so she's already changing her plans you can see the freeway behind me those cars that's
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westbound 24. that's not the problem it's on the other side of the freeway. this morning, bart riders are coming to the station the parking lot is quickly filling up and the trains are filling up as well as people are coming here. today's not a problem. tomorrow is not a problem but the shutdown will begin at 11 o'clock on friday and will last through the weekend and will not get back to normal until about 6 o'clock on monday. the reason being bart needs to change the 50 year-old track and for that to happen they need to bring out material and lot of heavy equipment and that forces caltrans to shut down 2 lanes of eastbound, so the other direction meaning if you're going from say renda to walnut creek in that direction. he will only have one lane available to you so take a look at your screen here is a map to let you know exactly what you're facing it's one of the most popular lines for bart, they will shut down the trains from lafayette to
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already debt so that particular direction they will bring out buses. but they expect delays to be at least 40 minutes with those buses. and if you're driving on westbound 24. they will shu down to 2 lanes shut down 2 lanes between the lafayette bart station and oak hill road and that can last about 30 minutes so slow through that particular area got a chance to break the news to a woman rushing to her train this morning. my answer to her is you're welcome because i helped to this weekend the city. >>i was planning to go to san francisco on saturday. that made >>where you have to go around or find other ways we still do it, but it's going to be massive delays right so. i helped her out right daria informing the public. so now she doesn't have to be caught
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off guard. >>if you still want to handle it. well the buses are available to you and if you're going eastbound on 24 if the delays last more than 30 minutes. then caltrans will open up an additional lane to try to get the cars going through the bottom line is it's going to be a mess but you're absolutely right if you are going by way of art at least you won't feel the heat and daria i love tormenting you it idea hop. 3 ready to go. is the potential of skin cancer, leaving you okay. >>all right all right well, thank you very much it will be his eyes are burning yes than that and to work there in the east bay over the weekend. alright, turning our attention to national news this morning we have one suspect in custody. after 6 officers were shot and wounded they've all recovered. this morning but this was an hour's long standoff that finally ended in philadelphia radio see whitney
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wild has the latest. >>a tense and dangerous scene played out in a north philadelphia neighborhood wednesday. police in swat trying to reach a man who had barricaded inside his home with several hostages. and after almost 8 hours. the suspect was finally in custody. what began as officers serving a narcotics warrant turned into a chaotic shootout inside the suspect's home, officers diving out of windows and doors to escape there are 6 police officers who was strucby gunfire. >>thankfully, all of them are in stable condition. they were struck. throughout their body. one officer sustained a gunshot wound a graze wound to his head. >>all were later released from the hospital 5 people were trapped and swat was able to rescue them during the firefight. a couple
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>>philadelphia's mayor spoke during the ordeal blasting the federal government for not being more proactive on gun control our officers deserve to be protected, they don't deserve to be shot at by a guy for hours. >>with an unlimited supply of weapons and unlimited supply bullets. so it's disgusting and we got to do something about what we need to do something about it quickly. >>in philadelphia, i'm whitney wild. >>coming up after the break a homeless man who was arrested for attacking a woman in front of her apartment building in san francisco is back on the streets again this morning. now the victim says she's scare for her own safety. and this afternoon, another hot one as triple digit heat returns for much of the day your forecast ahead. >>and get ready for some slow traffic it is packed on several of our bridges, here's the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco, your backup spilling to the maze, it's there now 14 minutes and
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>>we're a team coverage this morning of the heat that just keeps on its team coverage because everyone's all talk about and part of the coverage today we really are we're all the same boat on this one even out at the coast. it's been very warm. i took my dog out ocean beach yesterday as to how to because the sandwich i was also might be really cold in here. to see out just be mindful of that even if you're out the coast, but inland 3 you really feel on it. if you're out the coast you're going to be catching a break compared to our inland areas which will be back in the triple digits today, i'm looking at the golden gate bridge conditions are crystal clear as the sun begins to rise out in the horizon. now as the sun comes up you will see temperatures really starting to boost a mostly after 10 to 11:00am so enjoy your morning hours we're off to a mild start and a good chance to get some stuff out of the way before that he does
6:17 am
kick into gear, the east bay right now looking pretty good there's a man in the distance right there and you can actually see the golden gate bridge. if you look really close. well out there along the coastline. so conditions, nice and clear they're going to stay that way throughout the day today, you're also going to hang on to those same advisories that we had for the day yesterday. so he watches and also excessive heat warnings continue for the vast majority of the bay area today and temperatures just as hot if not a little bit hotter than they were yesterday upper 70's along the pacific shoreline with 80's and mission in financial districts today, upper 70's in daly city and half moon bay for a second day in the row. while burlingame southward on the peninsula along the bay all in the 90's woodside at 99 palo alto a 91 today, south bay very similar numbers to yesterday, san jose broke a record yesterday you'll be back to 97 today, free might union city and hayward also in the 90's with triple digits from the tri valley on up through danville walnut creek in concord each at one oh 6
6:18 am
oakland 86 while san leandro back up to 90 today, triple digit heat extends for another day for much of the north bay with money shovel a home napa hanging on to the 90's but in some cases getting very close to 100 degrees for another day to day now tomorrow we're going to start to see temperatures working in the right direction which is cooler but still going to be hot saturday and sunday at those are your days to plan outdoor activities back to average and much more comfortable. rob. >>all right. thank you john traffic, not so comfortable right now never find right sitting in this look at his back up on the san mateo bridge we're checking out the drive was found which is officially at a crawl before the toll plaza on the flat section continuing over to the high rise, so make sure you leave extra early because you're going to have to sit in this back up here the 19 minutes and growing to make it off to one on one. we're checking the bay bridge traffic and it's quiet right now so no problems to worry about into san francisco. carpooling is great cash lanes and fast track lanes all
6:19 am
stacked up. and yes it does feel back to the bottom of the maze so 15 minutes and growing to make it and that that's considered pretty good. now leaving san francisco heading to the peninsula on south one oh one. you are going to be stuck in all of this traffic it started out with a stall charter the bus at the south san francisco exit that was followed by a five-car crash which is still working not too far from candlestick so it's stacked up from 3rd. all the way into brisbane in the northbound looking lose will back up often on to be prepare for that to 37 west at matilda as you approach sonny bill accident still working here that has traffic slow westbound as you approach one on one. so you're looking at 9 minutes and growing from 8.80 over to one on one. we'll check more slow downs coming up james. >>thank you very much robin in the south bay people in san jose say the homelessness problem is getting worse in fact many of them feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. we have an example here legally shopping carts are blocking. kiley boulevard since march
6:20 am
that woman there has been pushing them all around the area now they're all parked in front of a local 7.11. and after multiple attempts to work with the city to clean up the streets. we talked to resident who picked up and moved to los gatos. >>in national news, a 13 year-old boy is recovering from serious head injuries after he was body-slammed for not taking his hat off during the national anthem. >>he has happened in montana and a lawyer for the man who attacked the boy says that his client may have done it because of comments made by president trump scott mclean has the story. >>it's hard to find a more beautiful setting than superior montana but on august 30 was the site of a very ugly incident. according to the police affidavit 39 year-old army veteran curt brockway picked up a 13 year-old boy by his throat and slammed him on to the ground. all because he was wearing a hat during the national anthem at the county rodeo. the boy had a fractured skull a concussion and was even bleeding out of his ears
6:21 am
brockway's alleged actions seemed impossible to explain. but his lawyer lance jasper tried anyways and you have a person that doesn't have much of a life. >>they only have what scored of he's is corey's a veteran and and so he's going to listen to ever. he identifies with. >>president trump has had tough criticism for recent high-profile protests during the national anthem, you have to stand proudly for the national anthem. >>we shouldn't be playing you shouldn't be there maybe you shouldn't be in country. thth >>jasper thinks his client took messages like these to heart. >>but what makes you think though that he's being influenced by the white house specifically and not just sort a blind patriotism, simply boils down to that his statements he understood that everybody is to observe. the national anthem. >>the incident quickly became a lightning rod jasper has the hate mail to prove this. >>attorney of lance jasper
6:22 am
were that the integrity honor and patriotism in a draft, the idea that that kind of behavior is actually not patriotic. >>that being a disabled veteran it's not an excuse for assaulting people the jasper says other messages have been threatening. >>what's missing amongst all the outrage is context. veterans affairs diagnosed curt brockway with a traumatic brain injury after he suffered a car accident in 2001, while enlisted in the army. his lawyer says in some ways his cognitive abilities. a 3rd grade level which he can't read the legal documents in this no has to be explained to him. his lawyer also says he struggles with impulse control and trey typical of people with similar brain injuries. >>does he understand that he's done something wrong here. yes. don't know that because he feels terrible for the little boy. >>brockway has pleaded not guilty the psychological exam will be held before he goes to trial. he'll be under house arrest until pat.
6:23 am
>>time now 6 22 and the big story is the heat we've got team coverage all morning long about where we're going to see temperatures out in the east bay for sure as you can see on the map concord n livermore a 105 106. rance was the easiest decion ever.
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>>the week after this massive fire tore through an east oakland warehouse, some businesses and artists are just starting to try to cope and recover from what they lost one artist lost a majority of his tools and also our work that he says would have been valued at anywhere from $50,000 to a $100,000. and he says the biggest loss is the atmosphere of the space that it provided to the community. >>my loss is one thing but the knife know all these people who like work so hard in their business and i start to really the fight for them. great deal of grief that i feel we have just knowing what people are going to.
6:27 am
>>oakland's fire department is investigating and they say they should be releasing some new information soon. >>contra costa county firefighters. you just put out a fire that ignited in brentwood will have det
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>>and we want to reset with weather and traffic for you if you're just waking up or if you slept at all. and we've got team coverage are the roads roads are pretty slow this morning out check the bay bridge san mateo bridge. i have a crash, sean to 37 so pretty active right now. >>and today with the hottest day of the week is that right yeah for a lot of areas today is going to be only one to 2 degrees. so i think we can share it with yesterday there pretty alike one another. that for sure and hard enough to break records. all across the bay area yesterday and that's again to be the same today looking outside at mount diablo crystal clear skies
6:31 am
overhead starting to get that glow on the horizon as the sun begins to come up. sunshine that's going to warm us on up into the afternoon so get outside and enjoy this morning. what we are still looking at temperatures in the 60's and 70's were they hung out on all night long in fact areas like pittsburgh. we're in the 80's all the way up into the early as you are maybe getting out of bed few hours ago conquered in dublin each in the mid 60's right now berkeley in pittsford themselves in the 70's while to run in san francisco also showing a range of 60's. so it's a mild start what will still be a hot day with heat advisories and excessive heat warnings in the same sponsors yesterday extending through tonight at 08:00pm and it's easy to see why when you take a look at our temperatures today which will again rise into the triple digits for many inland spots and 90's for many areas right along the bay yesterday redwood city got up to 99 degrees that was enough to break a record sfo oakland moffett field all these areas
6:32 am
also breaking records yesterday. us in san jose up to 98 yesterday another record breaker a lot to name can't name them all because so many of us were historically hot yesterday, 60's and 70's for your morning temperatures again enjoy those temperatures while they last by noontime today our inland areas are back into the 90's and by the afternoon. it 70's 80's, 90's and triple digits for your highs. more on your forecast still to come. robert checking in on 92, pretty busy in both directions eastbound looks like we have a traffic break so. >>it's getting crowded coming into hayward westbound nothing reported but it's a mess just crawling from the nimitz through the tolls on the flat section. all the way over to the high all right so you have crowding on both sides this morning but still nothing official reported by chp you just need to leave extra are early if you have to sit in that back up same story here for the drive into san francisco leave early because it's slow from the maze are averaging about 14 minutes off to fremont street and then we
6:33 am
have this motorcycle accident as you work your way into sunnyvale its to 37 west that matilda i talked about this earlier we have emergency crews on scene and i'm just getting word that they have the 2 left lanes blocked and chp decided to go ahead and issue a special traffic alert so it's getting worse with the backup already spilling all the way beyond great america so be prepared for that we'll check more slow downs coming up darya and james thanks a lot. 33 east bay firefighters worked through the night put out a brush fire that burned in brentwood. yes, scary for a time because how hot it was. >>the crews who are preparing for another day of extreme heat. the course increased fire danger that's the worry kron 4 sarah stinson live in brentwood now with more on that sir. >>line here at east bay contra costa county fire station where firefighters are back now from battling that fire they contain did. 20 acres take a look at some of the video we have and you can see the smoke coming out of it and then also a glow because they
6:34 am
were fighting and at night were continuing to put it out throughout the morning hours. crews spent several hours of putting out little hot spots in the burn area on vasco and marsh creek road. no homes were in fact id as this is a rural area near highway 4 and to the communities of byron and brent would know recently we have seen multiple fires. ignite in the bay area along freeways, especially because there's so much dry grass vegetation and with the heat we're experiencing today. fire dangers only going to get worse now at some point going to be 106 degrees in the brentwood area. those triple digits yesterday and a lot of cities in the bay area actually saw triple digit temperatures so fire crews will be on standby in every county making sure they're ready to respond to any wildfire that may spark up. now as we head into yet another fire season, it's super important for you to have a plan with your loved ones and your co-workers about
6:35 am
evacuating where will you go how we get say to a safe spot. also you want to have a go bag bag is stuff they would need in terms of an emergency things you would need for a couple days if you had to leave your home or your business and you want to make sure you have everything from water blanket you name it put that stuff in a go bag and have it ready because you never know when a wildfire is going to ignite in your area and then you know how long run be evacuated. so it's always good to be prepared. especially since we're seeing such high heat. those numbers are going up especially here in the east bay for now live in front what sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you sarah. 6.35 right now. homeless man who attacked a woman outside her san francisco condo he's back on the street now yeah, the attack was all captured on the security camera video from the lobby and we showed that to you yesterday. but now the case is raising more questions about a homeless shelter this being built right next to where this occurred kron four's dan kerman has the
6:36 am
details. i am. >>imprisoned in my own house. >>wednesday, a spokesman for the san francisco district attorney's office tweeted they charged mister vincent with false imprisonment attempted robbery and 2 counts of battery. he was arraigned yesterday in entered a plea of not guilty. prosecutors expressed concern about his release. ultimately the court released him an assertive case management in other words he's free. but most regularly check in with a caseworker before he returns to court next month. >>there is nothing to protect me right now aside from a court ruling that says he needs to stay away from me. what is preventing him from hurting others. i don't know. >>the da's office says they asked the court not to release vincent, but the judge did so anyway, and the victim says by doing so the court has put everyone in danger. >>what kind of a message does it send to others that are.
6:37 am
thinking about doing something wrong if they can get away with it so easily ironically the attack occurred at the watermark condominium complex which sits adjacent. e the city nd whwh is building a new homeless navigation center. i think it was entirely predictable. wallace lee chairs the group opposed to building the navigation center at this location. he's not buying the city's claims that navigation centers don't lead to an increase in crime in fact we talked to say that. >>we believe that that increase in crime when a car and with the only thing we're wrong about was how soon it would have been the navigation center not slated to open until late december of this year in the meantime the suspect due back in court on september 12. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well the release of the suspect in that attack is also not sitting well with neighbors and workers nearby one neighbor says that she was threatened by a homeless man with a knife just last month. >>so experience here some a
6:38 am
victim in building not a good some of us liked that pays scott case, good. we keep boston man like somebody got in my mind up. >>sunday's attack happened right next door to where the homeless navigation centers being built. it's expected to open at the end of december and as you might imagine a lot of the residents in the area are opposed to it as for the building where the attack happened a guard will now be on patrol during the overnight hours every night for at least the next 2 weeks. >>jurors in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire trial will deliberate again today for their 9th day trying to decide the fate of max harris and derrick, alamein a who are on trial for 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. yesterday the jurors spent time listening to the court reporter read back the testimony from 2 prosecution witnesses and one defense witness in harris's defense team says they see that as a positive sign. >>or at least picking up from selling jurors that. they want
6:39 am
what's best for him. the other day there. they're smiling at a son to be comfortable and happy with. all of the interactions with all the attorneys and that just shows us that. mister harris is in good hands. >>and as for the lead attorney for al maina they say they believe the jury is very close to making a decision we will keep you a quote posted here on kron 4 let you know immediately when the verdict comes in. >>has been cited after having his semiautomatic firearms stolen from his car. that's f happened at a shopping center parking lot in oakland, a thief stole a loaded magazine. and the jacket with official fbi markings on it and the fbi said that they found that firearm but they did not mention anything about the other items. in the south bay cleanup is underway right now at a cemetery in santa clara this is that story we first told you about earlier this week. the overgrowth and weeds had a number of families spending hours. finding their loved ones to start because they were just grown over. crews were back enough trucks to are backing in trucks to
6:40 am
mission city memorial park yesterday this started mowing and trimming all around the grave sites you can see some of that work here. this is their second day of maintenance work. the city of santa clara said that it has 3 full-time grounds maintenance crew members and they're planning on hiring 2 more this month. >>40 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news lawmakers say they don't trust p g to handle deciding when they're going to shut off the power in the event of high fire danger and one bay area mayor is especially concerned about people's safety. >>and another hot one today just as hot if not even hotter than yesterday's temperatures into the triple digits, right there. more details in your forecast to come and the traffic just a slow are looking at a backup here on 80 spilling back. >>and to the oakland maze so be prepared for a lot of slow traffic into
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
>>6.43 hotter than that.
6:44 am
>>expressions were but it's hard to for other than this. sometimes it just feels that way in the tin roof, yeah. >>a lot of ways you could describe the heat out there. yeah as i was walking the sand dog on sandy beach and that's that's the new one is going to china. >>for the fan, you know when you just lay like you have still a really like are you going to just keep it cool because has been hard to exactly it is tough, especially when you don't have that ac with so many of us in the bay area tell. >>you want to get to a cool spot, maybe some ice cream maybe go to the mall movie theater always are going on the ice cream is going to guys just go for a popsicle yeah are you to be more it gets triple digit know is kind real cow. it's not science people
6:45 am
look at what you need to do you're definitely doing that for some of you that might involve heading out to the coast such as at the golden gate bridge but don't expect it to be chilly out there by any means it will still be upper 70's around the golden gate which as you can see a beautiful start to the morning a little on the breezy side but not too bad a down in san jose conditions, nice and clear as well record breaker for you yesterday bethel island, one of those spots at a lot of you might be heading out on the boat today if you are doing so well do expect temperatures out there well into the triple digits. nice sunrise though, and temperatures right now in the 70's so good morning to get outside search those legs get a run and walk the dog just enjoy some comfortable temperatures before they do skewed upwards later on today, plenty of sunshine as you've seen the start your morning and we do still have the same advisories in the same exact areas that they were yesterday so in these peach colors right here you are seeing. heat advisories that will extend on
6:46 am
03:00pm tonight and then for solano county from the on into the central valley, excessive heat warnings again in effect today much like yesterday so what's it looking like exactly where you're out the well for san francisco, it's a range of mid 70's to low 80's, the hottest areas as you would expect. on towards the bay side of the peninsula upper 70's again for half moon bay in daly city today mon tara one of our only spot holding on to the 60's burlingame southe're on the peninsula you'll be looking at temperatures in a range of low to upper 90's for woodside that means 99 degrees. redwood city. you get 99 yesterday that broke a record for you, south bay numbers in the 90's to triple digits. and that's that same range of numbers, you're actually going to feel into the east bay this afternoon tri valley exceptionally hot pleasanton at one oh 6 danville walnut creek in concord each also at one oh 6 today with oakland berkeley and richmond in the 80's oakland, you broke a record yesterday as also did the airport in oakland. well a
6:47 am
whole benicia and napa in the 90's. well elsewhere in this part of your 4 zone forecast. it's triple digits again petaluma and santa rosa, each 97, but 20 degrees cooler if you head out to point rays in stinson beach warm up, but i'm more comfortable than those upper 90's come friday, temperatures start to cool down it is still hot though, so don't think it's going to be a cool start to the weekend. it will be pretty cool come saturday and sunday comparatively though 6070's and 80's for your average inland daytime highs and out towards the coast. some a cloudier skies even so a nice a bitter leaf to look forward to after such hot weather yesterday and today. robin. well, the traffic is not so nice on to 37 check out this new hot spot. it is westbound at matilda avenue. >>several cars and a motorcyclist involved here at one point we had all lanes blocked now it's the 2 left lanes and a sig alert has been issued by chp so this is going to be a tough spot to 37 west backed up all almost to the
6:48 am
nimitz coming out to milpitas and you're just stuck in traffic. all the way up to the scene so be prepared for that and leave a little early that's going to bump you up to 44 minutes and growing from milpitas to sonny bill because of that crash. now barton bridge not so bad 60 minutes that is normal to cross the bay and make it over to the peninsula. it's not a pretty sight. i about some peeping over the east bay hills there you can hardly see the traffic but it's fair and it's stacked up from the maze so the usual grind for this time of morning into san francisco, backed up on to all connectors completely normal at 15 minutes to fremont street, golden gate looks good smooth traffic here no problems from the north bay to san francisco will put it at 21 minutes nevado to the tolls residual delays on one oh one we had so many problems we had a stall charter bus we had a multi vehicle accident. so still a bit heavy from 3rd street approaching brisbane but it is getting much much better and then a really quick peak at 17 we had a crash at lark want to
6:49 am
bear creek 38 minutes and growing from santa cruz into los gatos states. >>state lawmakers grilled pgd on how the utility plans to handle public safety power shut off when there's a serious risk. wildfires. a senate committee held a hearing to find out exactly how the power shut off could affect first responders and people who need constant power source, maybe people with medical equipment. san jose mayor sam liccardo told those senators that he's worried about the influx of 911 calls that they would receive during these blackouts and some lawmakers said they just honestly have trouble trusting pga name as utility goes through bankruptcy now because of its role in devastating wildfires. >>i also don't buy the argument that p as an investor owned utility that is responsible to it. shareholders about its just focus just on the safety and it's not a bell. pga news bottom line. >>the genie officials say that safety is the company's priority and that it's working to improve transparency
6:50 am
issues. the lawmakers are hoping the power shut offs are just a temporary measure. >>6.49 and in the north bay, the sonoma county sheriff's office released body cam footage from a police shooting that happened on august first on west 9th street in santa rosa. the deputy responding to parts of a shifter at a nearby macy's and that was a shoplifter jumped in the deputy's car. and then you can see the window shatter that is when the deputy opened fire. that man also had a knife and had cut someone with that knife this was saul seen as a threat to the officers life and that's why he opened fire. the man is identified as 42 year-old brad in of minnesota. he survived the shooting and now faces charges. >>and we also have to check the big board this morning as we're keeping an eye on the markets yesterday we saw an 800 point slide the worst trading day of the year so far as worries over a global recession, a renewed fears among traders on wall street
6:51 am
right now it looks like we've been kind of mixed started positive, get the little negative one point now where 40 points to the good side. traders are finding a little bit of hope and optimism. we heard today from chinese negotiators. they're working with the trump administration over trade and tariff issues. they're hoping they said that the us can meet china halfway and maybe find a solution and just that statement alone is sort of giving some positivity to the trading that we're seeing on wall street today, so we'll keep an eye on number see where they go. in the meantime we do have to head to a quick break but as we go a reminder it's going to be hot today be prepared make sure the kids are braced for it as they head off to school today, a 105 expected in livermore one oh 6 in concord with triple digits along a lot of our inland valley locations will be right back. lowe's knows you're the powerhouse who does it right.
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it's tsleep numberbiggest sale360 smart bed.n the you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the 360 sleep number limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time. >>welcome back 6.54 getting close to 07:00am and plenty of
6:55 am
sunshine out there already is we see the sun grow little higher the horizon. besides just a couple of spots at the coast. we are fog free this morning. a record temperatures this was yesterday and you saw triple digit heat in santa rosa and napa napa tying a former record. and santa rosa actually exceeding it to redwood city oakland, san jose moffett field and then these other areas to all shattering records yesterday oakland's there for getting up to 94. same number for san francisco's airport. canfield all the way up to a 100 degrees now today we've still got those triple digits in the forecast and in some cases even a little bit warmer than yesterday's temperatures were for livermore that means 105 degrees this afternoon in for concord 106 rob. >>thank you john traffic extra slow right now because of a hot spot and sunnyvale we're checking out this injury accident to 37 west at matilda here 2 left lanes are closed. so that's putting more pressure on to 37 and it's backed up to 8.80 coming out to milpitas so the 2 left
6:56 am
lanes are closed. a singular issued by chp you're looking at maybe 30 minutes and growing from 8.80 to one oh one. we'll check more slow downs coming up james. >>thank you robin coming up the next hour get ready for delays on mark this weekend we're going to have kron four's will tran standing by live with the report on what you can expect how much more. we'll have to add on to your trip. and it's going to be hot today of course talking about it all morning and all yesterday all week really today probably the hottest day of the week with temperatures getting up to about a 106 in concord along the creek john trouble with your full forecast to let us know when we might find some relief on the horizon. stay tuned, we'll be right back. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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frankly, you're missing out. uh...
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the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow? >>good morning and thanks for joining us on. i'm darya folsom that out fletcher we'll
7:00 am
talk more about the heat and half a second here and when we might have maybe a cool down on them rise in any hot spots before we get to that. yeah couple of problems i have a major crash on highway 17. the santa cruz mountains and one of 2.37 involving a motorcyclist so 2 big trouble spots right i have that little will unit working overtime and action and i said it to 72 and i swear didn't go off meaning. >>it was still. trying to call my road even when you got up this morning. >>we have i think a lot of people are in that same poll last ght probably go to bed taken off one blanket and then yeah, there's no more like get outside this morning. we do have crystal clear skies over mount diablo one of the spots that is going to be back up into the triple digits for a mother day today. >>it is comfortable out there this morning though you're most comfortable time of day is usually right around sunrise. on these particularly hot days so


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