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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 16, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>morning everyone and thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston it is for i'd a happy friday, everyone we made it to the end of the week. now we need to start planning the weekend and the weather has been the big story so let's check in with john trouble who has a look at what we can expect job fortunately i love saying this and whether or not to be as big of a story of the and that's a great thing because it's been so hot dangerously high. yes, dangerously hot for many areas, triple digit heat high will that don't have ac it can get very scary out there, especially in these afternoon hours when you start to get
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that house heating up. >>i'm glad to hear that so many of you have been checking on family and friends making sure everyone is good and now that we've worked our way to the bulk of the heat. we do have t light at the end of the tunnel it is still going to be a hot day ahead of us today, though so don't think we're necessarily out of the woods just yet. but we are working our way in a better direction starting today looking outside at berkeley skies, nice and clear you can see that conditions out there are still pretty fog free. here are your temperatures yesterday for your daytime highs we set more records including at the san francisco degrees same for you in at 99 redwood city 2 days in a row and 99. canfield in santa rosa also triple digits setting records in both of these areas with the oakland airport tying that record and 94 degrees. so another historically hot one yesterday and today we are going to be seeing maybe one or 2 records being broken. but i'm not anticipating in anything like what we do we did see for wednesday and thursday a 60's and 70's for
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your current temperatures for most areas in the bay fairfield at 76 pittsburgh at 71 cca another pretty warm start to this morning. we still do have a few advisories that are been extended for the central valley and even solano county those are excessive heat warnings. those heat advisories elsewhere have now expired which is just one positive sign of at least cooler weather ahead of us, i wouldn't call today cool by any means though you still have daytime highs well into the 90's but look at what you're not seeing on this 4 zone forecast. no triple digits on this map there will still be triple digits out there get some more details in the second use of a couple spots that are holding on to it but livermore no longer their 98 degrees conquered 98 for you as well the label out of the 90's and it hit back to 86. so yeah we're definitely direction that we like to see after such a hot past couple of days. temperatures really easing today slightly cooler
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70's by the coast 80's by the bay still upper 90's in the future pull digits inland, i've got more of those details still to come in your forecast back to you rob, a sounds good. thank you john now let's check in on. >>your friday morning commute. we're taking a look at the san mateo bridge a pretty good trip here on westbound 92. no problems no crashes know stalls no hot spots that i would like that started off 12 minutes to make your way over to the peninsula. we're checking the bay bridge 80 west there. it is a nice steady flow of traffic. no problems for you right now heading into san francisco. you can make this trip in an 8 minutes that is a great average from the bottom of the maze across the upper deck and over to the fremont street exit, here's the richmond sandra fell we don't have anybody rolling through the tolls right now so it's a great time to go ahead and use it 8 minutes that's a quick trip to make your way from the pay gates across the span and over to one on one. checking in on want to want to cross the golden gate icy bridge crews there on the right hand side and looks like a we are maybe just wrapping up the routine bridge work but
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nothing to worry about traffic zooming by without a delay southbound looks great which is on the left. we'll put it at 20 minutes novato to san francisco will check more bridges and freeways coming up in just a bit. happening tomorrow getting around may require some extra time and a little patience too bart will start preparing tracks between our and our repairing tracks between rent and walnut creek and the work is expected to lead to major delays kron four's gayle ong on has that story. this regular bart rider gives this advice about the bar weekend slowdown that begins august 17th. >>well, most these people are pretty savvy but writers i think it's important to know that there will be delays and to just be patient. >>the transit agency plans to rebuild its railway by replacing nearly 50 year-old track components the project funded by voter approved measure rr was shut down stations between walnut creek enter into until october. david marshall is thankful the closure is not happening during weekday rush hour.
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>>it would be terrible if art not working during the weekdays because i would never want to drive to work again. >>hart says weekday travel is unchanged, but getting around on the weekend expect delays of 15 minutes or more. there will be a free bus bridge for anyone traveling from walnut creek to ring dot and vice versa my wife and i we actually go to the city for like >>little care that they hold there and in the embarcadero. >>few seconds now i'm going to not be able to for 6 weeks. >>as for the roads highway 24 will close 2 eastbound lanes near the lafayette station and oak hill road. >>we might just end up not doing anything out in san francisco at least our bar double that is. however i probably would drive but not to san francisco, it's too busy. >>bart working with caltrans says this is the best way to make room for a 265 ton crane. that is essential for all the heavy lifting. >>that is going to be a
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significant impact the traffic so we want motorists to know that they need to be using alternatives to get around on that weekend. >>and no one wants to drive in right guard officials say they are doubling down on cleaning those platforms. the stairs, the concourses at the san francisco stations to they posted this video of their overnight crew hard at work hours scrubbing the platform at the civic center station. they also say that all for a bar to downtown san francisco stations will get overnight cleanings on a weekly basis. well to the south bay no crews spent the day battling wildfires check out this video this is a brush fire in san jose. it broke out yesterday evening on scottsville drive near thompson creek. so the fire grew to about an acre before crews are able to get it under control. the good news is no homes or structures were threatened that nobody was injured. a fast-moving fire death threatened some homes in another part of the south bay in san jose the fire broke out at santa teresa boulevard and bailey that fire
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burned 75 acres and is now 80% contained. and one point the fire is burning on both sides of santa teresa boulevard crews were able to stop it from spreading. well the north bay doctor is facing murder charges after investigators say that he over prescribe pain pills to patients, 72 year-old doctor thomas keller, he's a neurosurgeon in santa rosa. he's accused of causing the deaths of at least 5 patients. so investigators say the he signed off on anywhere from a 180 to 300 powerful painkillers per scrip shuns to his patients. authorities say he did this while ignoring warnings from pharmacies and also insurance companies. so he gave out these prescriptions for a six-year period foot from 2011. all the way up until 2017. it's growing criticism this morning over the release of a homeless man seen on camera attacking a woman in san francisco. the
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city's police officers association is now calling on the judge to release that man to be reassigned to traffic court. mayor breed is also weighing in on the case kron four's dan kerman has the latest. >>the early sunday morning attack of a san francisco woman and the subsequent arrest of a homeless man this taken a back seat to what happened after he was charged. despite calls from the da and a pre trial public safety assessment tool, not to release 25 year-old austin vincent pending his next court hearing, san francisco superior court judge christine van aken decided to release vincent and place him an assertive case management in a tweet the victim demanded answers from governor gavin newsome saying recall judge christine van aken she is not fit for this job and is putting all of our lives in danger. the victim also went after san francisco's mayor tweeting which city will keep its residents safe and protected from drug-addicted mentally ill criminals. most certainly not sf led by london
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breed. >>i think the judge unfortunately made a real mistake. but thursday mayor breed said she thinks the judge made the wrong decision. >>and vinson should be in a mental health facility, not back in the streets. >>this is a problem and a i'm not very happy with what happened which makes our job harder to to protect people when we have more folks who are in this kind of situation who are released back to the public. >>in a statement, the public defender said mister vincent has no prior violent offenses nor any previous are outstanding warrants by all accounts this appears to have been a young man having a mental health crisis. the judge made the sound decision to release mr. vincent under the restrictive conditions of assertive case management in order to provide him the services he needs. >>sort of case management is our highest level of supervision, david moore offo with the pretrial diversion project says. >>he can't go into specifics of what vin since treatment plant is but spoke in general
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terms. >>its outpatient treatment housing, mental health treatment. counseling. any other tight security based programs to help meet their needs. now originally been son wasn't due back in court until september 12th. >>but now we're hearing he will be back in court this friday. a special pre hearing conference was just schedule. we don't know if that's due to the public outcry. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>on the kron 4 morning news for the first time since a wildfire distort their community. paradise high school students are back in class they emotional return is coming up next. also after the break how you can keep cool and enjoy some fun in the sun for free. that's the key word we like free 5th >>here's a peek at temperatures around the bay area today a little bit cooler than yesterday. so you don't see the triple digits on the math right. but it is still going to be warm to hot. so we are tracking your forecast. john trimble has everything john trimble has everything you
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>>welcome back will happening today families in san francisco can cool off. at one of several city pools at a place to be so today all 7 san francisco recreation and park department polls will be open to everyone for free you love free balbo a cough and martin luther king junior and north beach polls are all opening free slams from noon until 4. so free swims at hamilton pool will be from noon until 3.30 mission polled noon till 3 and then again 6 to 7.30 and stop a pool from noon until 4 and then again in the evening from 6.30 until 08:30pm that is a great way to cool off so for people who are not in san francisco. find a friend maybe a family member and say hey you know i miss you so for the got to the uber to like you miss them and you want to go over and visit the site don't
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you have a pool. we should go hop in. that's a better way to better way do it. do that way. >>you know 5 to 4 always other options and it's still going to be hot when today so it's definitelstill get data plan on a beach to you and to the beach yesterday euan graham i saw some great photos so that's another option, a is another beautiful out yesterday we actually a little breeze at the beach wednesday that breeze wasn't there so much and it really actually help to cool things off at least make it feel kind of cool that the ocean and it's free and it's the key word right there for me and rob it especially a look at outside this morning. we do have conditions, nice clear and a fog free again for the 3rd morning in a row we are looking at nice fog free conditions down in the south bay as far as what you can see at least. our cameras are not cooperating, so usually in c berkeley there which just take my word for it is also nice and clear this morning so
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conditions overall pretty good to start the day you don't have any fog they'll be encountering nothing that's going to slow you down on the roads beside some traffic of we do have any issues there robin i'll tell you about that excessive heat warnings in this pink area those will continue today for solano county not really much else in the bay area though we're starting to la lax on the heat the in the department just a little bit. >>it's still going to be a hot day don't get me wrong and she's not going to be quite as hot as where we have been no more 80's in san francisco. now it's back to the 70's and financial miss and districts even seen some 60's and sunset mission districts our maria districts as well as alcatraz a return of a few more 60's as well on the coastline that includes specific at 69 daly city today, 72 degrees. some 70's from san bruno up to brisbane well millbrae and burlingame in the 80's looking further south on the peninsula, you hold on to the 90's today for woodside as well as mountain view but
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elsewhere return of some upper 80's which is nice to see. south bay. 90's continue but sonny bill barely even their 90 degrees, san jose from a 99 yesterday only 94 today that's a noticeable drop in temperatures and you can expect even cooler weather to come tri valley also out of the triple digits, livermore down to 98 dublin at 95 kind of sad when you're talking about upper 90's has been a good thing but you know what no triple digits on this map at least and we'll take it danville walnut creek and conquer teach 98 while oakland at 82 degrees berkeley at an i 78, here's a couple of your triple digits said do linger again, it's just a couple of them now, pittsburgh in vacaville at 100 today fairfield at 97 and then a little bit further to the west petaluma and santa rosa also still in the 90's at 93 degrees. each so your average inland daytime highs today, they're still upper 90's for a lot of areas. but tomorrow and sunday look at the difference a full 10 degrees cooler on
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average come saturday and sunday, even cooler yet do expect a few more clouds come the weekend and temperatures to remain seasonable on into monday and tuesday before we warm into next week but not nearly as hot as what we just experienced this week. robin all right we're looking forward to that relief from the heat let's check in on traffic. >>there's the golden gate we have bridge crews wrapping up their normal work northbound of the right hand side traffic getting by without a delay. so that's what we like to see 21 minutes nevado to san francisco oakland to san francisco. we're checking out a there's a minor weight in your cash lanes here on the left and right hand side couple a cash lanes open and it's only 8 minutes so a great trip so far from the bottom of the maze through the tolls across the upper deck. it's just wide open all the way through downtown san francisco, 92 east bay to the peninsula get ripped from hayward to send the tail is doing just fine more cars on the road but no problems 11 minutes to make it over to one
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on one richmond sandra fell all is well delay free hot spot free 8 minutes. that's quick that's perfect for the pay gates out a one on one within the next hour, it's not going to be so nice so if you do have to work today. we have some driving to do. >>get on out there now while it's nice and quiet because you know it's going to start picking up soon we're checking more freeways and drive times and they look good highway 4 is in great condition through contra costa county 6.80 smooth such a code to danville i don't see any problems for the nimitz in or one on one so from the south bay to the peninsula. >>a quick 26 minutes from san jose to menlo park. new this morning in better news repairs to the crumbling concrete on the richmond sandra fell bridge are finally complete. so caltrans crews happy place 31 expansion joints on the upper deck. the repairs started back in february after a failed join cause several pieces of concrete to fall right on top of the cars. next year caltrans will continue the project will replace 30 joints on the lower deck of
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the bridge. and in the coming weeks caltrans will be straightening a portion of the bridge is still trusts which was damaged by a large truck. back to school for hundreds of students who lost their homes and their town to a raging wildfire thursday was the first day back for students in paradise since the camp fire. the key gonzales was at the emotional reunion for students, parents and teachers. >>one school bus travel to for ville a half hour drive south to pick up students displaced as parents a mostly watch until the very last. >>our kids oh my gosh, this amazing to see them go back to school that day. amazing you. >>paradise campuses families excitedly poured reunion for many. >>children and staff. >>and parents alike are you robert for jeff marquez, the
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former longtime principal came out of protests. >>we will not allow the campfire to define who they are to dictate their future. they're returning here to pursue their hopes and dreams and they are the strongest. most resilient most passionate and committed group young people that that i have worked with for 40 years paradise highs now combined into to school. >>grades 7 through 12 as far as the student population estimate the district is it quite sure yet given how many times families have moved over the last 9 months of those good. >>you know are back home to give >>the first day of class can simply be described as powerful a bittersweet reminding residents of what once was, but also reinforcing hope to rebuild. >>we all have jobs to for jobs out do the job. >>in seem school. so that's one good thing. >>well that was vicki gonzales reporting for us this morning.
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still ahead on the crime. governor gavin newsome and mayor london breed they meet with people who struggle with the cost of living in the bay area. what the state and city are doing to try and curb the housing crisis. and it's going to be another hot day all across the bay area we will have some triple digits just not as many as yesterday so we're starting to cool it down a little bit. john triple will check your forecast after the break, here's a little sneak peek at some temperatures 92 for antioch 76 in welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news, it's time to check in on your entertainment headlines and reaches another big milestone. >>david daniel has that story and more in this morning's hollywood minute.
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>>disney has gone where no studio has gone before toy story 4 has topped billion at the worldwide box office, the 5th disney film to do so this year, the others in reverse chronological order. the lion king aladdin avengers endgame and captain marvel. >>maybe i people just prefer to see me kissing boys gabrielle union is heading back to the big screen. according to the hollywood reporter the actress will star in and produce a romantic comedy about an african american woman who starts dating an asian american man, no word yet on who will star opposite union in the interracial romcom. posthumous honor for stanley the marvel legend who died last year is set to be inducted into the visual effects societies. hall of fame. he previously received the group's lifetime achievement award walt disney and stanley kubrick will also be inducted posthumously at a special reception in october in hollywood. i'm david daniel.
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>>and before we go a little peek outside checking in on the bay bridge of minor weights in the cash lanes w welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning news, happy friday. >>and we are looking forward to the weekend but also looking forward to some cooling temperatures. i know it's not going to beat rask sickly different today. but if we just take off a few each day, i'm happy with that yeah she the few >>i believe eventually are back to the 80's before you know, it's remember the such a nice you know what it is looking like an a weekend full of 80's actually so really we're not wasting a lot of time getting there. >>yesterday was a hot one, but it was a beautiful start to the morning. this picture right here was of the moon set over san francisco sent in by michael devine yesterday morning speaking of yesterday. there's


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