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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 16, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>because we'll see a little relief from the and i'm james fletcher yet not much but a little and a little goes a long way when you're talking about hot temperatures like this. before we get that forecast that we've got robin with an eye on the roads and the bay it's looking pretty good so far you know a lot of folks take friday off also not as many cars on the road. we'll check in on the bridge are these the rest a a. another hot one today so we're not quite out of the woods yet but you see the light at the end of the tunnel down it's right there. we are working our way into what will be a very comfortable weekend. today, not as hot as yesterday was so we're starting to work our way down that downhill eventually going to be seeing temperatures really comfortable come tomorrow as far as this morning goes skies are nice and clear you can see under some nice moonlight we're looking pretty good across the bay from berkeley right temperatures in the 60's currently is your getting outside a good chance to get
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out there and enjoy a nice calm start your morning. calm and cool before we do eventually see some hot weather this afternoon hot enough for excessive heat warnings to continue up in solano county as well as central valley solano county are only spots still holding on to those triple digits most of us falling back into the 90's now which is still hot. but a more reasonable range of hot livermore in concord each 98 today nap at 93 santa rosa that same number while san jose in morgan hill each at 94 today, pushing through the day we'll work our way out of those 60's where most of us are right now already in the low 80's by noon see going to feel that warmth already by the time you're taking your lunch break and then into the afternoon later on 70's and 80's as well as 90's for inland spots. i'm not talking 90's for the rest of the weekend though those details still to come. robin, thank you john a busy commute on the san mateo bridge. we see a lot of traffic right now leaving hayward. >>heading over to the peninsula there it is all all
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the brake lights on the flat section so be prepared. you're going to be sitting in sync commute traffic but it's not bad and it's still holding at 13 minutes to make it over to one on one the bay bridge traffic 80 west that is stacked up as well the drive to san francisco will be slow from west grand and up the incline 14 minutes off to fremont street and we'll head over to highway for because i just got word of a new crash in pittsburgh. this is westbound for and bailey, so this is near the bart station we have 3 lanes blocked. emergency crews on the way it is quickly stacking up here approaching the scene so new trouble spot for pittsburgh will check more coming up in a bit back to. thanks alot sic so too is the time and let's continue our team coverage of the heat 8 is backing off a bit still. you're going to be are in the upper 90's in the east bay which is spent is that an honor and it is kron four's will tran our human barometer out in concord this morning i should say the human thermometer though. >>this past week morning. well.
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>>good morning. james, yes, it's a little bit cooler this morning then it was 2 days ago when i was here but what's a few degrees right it still sweating and daria you even have to ask me, i know you've asked me the past couple of days, do you have short sleeves. yes, i'm starting off as on labor in a waste my time changing into t shirts later because it's been so hot that actually got up at midnight, i'm sure so many people are going to be tired at work. if you don't have air conditioning. cooling centers like this one available to you it's uncomfortable for people like us. but if you kind of weaker as far as your immune system or if you're elderly. it could be dangerous and that's why you should take advantage of the cooling centers all over the bay area this will open up at 9 o'clock this morning off a parkside drive in concord otr people not going to cooling centers but instead they're starting the day off early going out walking their dog doing their exercise before the sun gets
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right above us and that smart really starts to cook in the afternoon right. i mean yesterday as in fremont it was like one oh 4 in certain parts of fremont and then i don't have air conditioning. i know many other people don't so i got up at midnight and could not go back to bed. there are those who instead of walking early they're heading right to the beach that's available to you as well the problem is you're not alone. parking will be a problem. but once you get there it should be a little bit cooler things she should get back to normal today, right guys but let's face it what's the new norm kron 4 we pushed it on our website yesterday that july was the hottest month in the history of the world. i can attest weather is hot weather is cold. the human barometer is there for you and i'm so crazy james and area. i don't care if its a 108 degrees. i will still drink piping piping hot coffee. >>especially this hour just to wake up enou to get those bags and are tries to go away. thank you well. >>6 oh 04:00am and new this
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morning repairs are all finish to the richmond center fell bridge member was calm crumbling and some of the pieces fell down on cars. well caltrans replace 31 expansion joints on the upper deck. so that work is all done they started in february after those big hand size pieces started falling down. next year there been replaced 30 joints on the lower deck and in the coming weeks caltrans will be straightening a portion. the rich in sanfl bridge's steel truss which was damaged by a big truck. our begins repairing tracks in the east bay you up and that work is expected to lead to major delays if you're not ready for it. >>kron four's christina tetreault live at the lafayette bart station with what you need to know christina. >>these delays if you're writer can take you up to about 40 minutes delays are going to be going between right here in walnut creek to lafayette to a written desa going keep that in mind if your commute are now part is going to be doing repairs on
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their tracks up to about 50 years old and doing some other maintenance and upgrades as well we want to go to show you a map exactly where those delays are going to be taking place and where the construction is going to be taking place going take a look at this map right here on the screen as a mansion between lafayette and and woman we going. >>both directions there that starts tonight. friday at 11:00pm goes to monday morning around 05:00am does bring in a large crane which will force caltrans also take 2 lanes away on eastbound 24, we're showing that to you on this map as well near the bart station to guiding keep that in mind if you're a driver as well. the part is they're going to be having buses run between my abuts still says delays could take up to that 40 minutes as i had mentioned and if you're driving eastbound on 24. delays could be as much as 30 minutes. now as i mentioned the work is going to be starting tonight at 11:00pm and going until 05:00am in the morning and on monday we'll be talking to a lot of writers said you know the something they're going need to keep in mind when
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they're on their daily commute as well as in the future. >>well most these people are pretty savvy but writers i think it's important to know that there will be delays and to just be patient. >>my wife and i we actually go to the city for like >>little care that they hold there and in the embarcadero. >>few seconds now i'm going to not be able to for 6 weeks. >>to guiding keep these delays in mind if you are writing they won't be impacting you until late tonight. drop your weekend plans to give yourself about hour with. a morning like you're in walnut creek ca teatro crime. >>thank you very much. christine a. but officials say that they are doubling down on cleaning platforms and stares and concourses at their san francisco stations you can see them doing some of the work here and overnight crew power scrubbing the platform of the civic center station. they just asked that motion. >>they say all 4 of bars downtown san francisco getting those overnight
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cleanings. >>on a weekly basis. >>just an update on that breaking news story we've been following out of lower manhattan in new york city where a subway station had to be evacuated. after reports of a suspicious device. the n y p d the bomb squad, they took a look turns out those devices appear to be pressure cookers were in fact just pressure cookers no explosives we know that pressure cookers in the past have been used as explosive devices, the boston the example that comes to mind. now there were 2 devices that were discovered in the fulton street station and we're also getting word that there may be another device that was spotted a few blocks away we're still trying to track down the details on that clarify the situation but at this point anyway. the least the 2 that were found at the fulton street station have been deemed safe. they are not a threat. >>6 oh 08:00am. a doctor is facing murder charges. investigators say that he over prescribed pain pills to patients at kron four's dan so reporting now that authorities have been looking into him for a while.
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>>doctor thomas keller is that a controversial career as a neurosurgeon just last year he was indicted for illegally distributing powerful painkillers and now state authorities have arrested him saying his overprescribing has actually killed some of his patients. a santa rosa neurosurgeon is facing second-degree murder charges after state authorities say he is responsible for killing 5 patients by giving them an obscene amount of pain pills and a first of its kind case for california. >>72 year-old doctor thomas keller who was also a pain management specialist is accused of signing off on anywhere from a 180 to 300 powerful painkillers her prescription to his patients. a complaint and sonoma county superior court alleges keller did this while ignoring warnings from pharmacies and insurance companies from october 2011 to july 2017. this follows a federal indictment from 2018 alleging keller illegally distributed opioids such as oxycodone
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fentanyl and tramadol to patients from june 2017 to july 2018. keller's last known office was on farmers lane in santa rosa people who shared offices next to him did not want to be on camera but did describe keller is a strange man and an ardent trump supporter, california attorney general xavier becerra released a statement on this latest case saying in part quote doctors take an oath to protect patients and not engage in behavior that can risk their health and safety. the opioid epidemic is destroying our communities and taking our loved ones. end quote keller is facing a series of charges, including 4 counts of murder elder abuse and 4 counts of prescribing opioids without a legitimate purpose. keller remains in sonoma county jail. he's scheduled to be in court on tuesday, reporting in santa rosa dan thorn. kron 4 >>6.10 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to hear from governor newsome and mayor london as
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they mayor london breed were illegal getting in from gavin in about what they're going to do for teachers and other people can't afford the rent the bay area. remember the first time since the wildfires destroyed their community paradise high school students are back in class. and brand-new part of the da's office in contra costa county. is it to see it does is certified as we're going to talk to the air. coming up in a minute. don't miss kohl's...
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>>feels good to say that you know what feels even better. 80's for the weekend after triple digit heat that we've had the past few days we do have relief in sight now taser in between they were still hot. but we're not as hot looking outside at a san francisco out in the distance at skies, nice and clear overhead got a nice morning
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glow over the city as well as over the south bay with some clear skies out there and looking down from the east bay to berkeley eventually out to san francisco and the golden gate bridge. if you look very close all looking nice and clear so our 3rd morning in a row that is very clear and also on the warmer side of things now we still do have excessive heat warnings for those of you in solano county from the on through fairfield vacaville pittsburgh. other spots just north of the car keen as elsewhere though we have said goodbye to our advisories and for the most part elsewhere. goodbye to the triple digits, too for san francisco working our way out of the 80's back into the 60's and 70's closer to seasonal averages, 60's and 70's as well up and down the peninsula on the pacific side and mostly 70's and 80's. once you're on the bay side of the peninsula, sure beats those 90's yesterday, although you're still close in redwood city you're not going to see a record breaker like it did the past 2 days in redwood city, south bay numbers, mostly in the low to mid 90's, no triple digits for you either and why
6:16 am
not wave goodbye to him over in the tri valley too it's still hot pleasanton and livermore very close to the century mark, but not quite getting there today. danville walnut creek and concord cooler than yesterday as one oh 6 is down to 98. oakland at 82 while berkeley at 78, there's your to century mark numbers, pittsburgh in vacaville are only 2 spots still getting there and sti under those excessive heat warnings. nevado petaluma and santa rosa low 90's for you so today into tomorrow look at this difference if you think that today is cooler than yesterday just look at saturday from 97 on average inland to 86 on average sunday we continue that nice weather and monday it starts to get a little bit warmer. we do have a warm up towards the middle to end of next week, but it's going to be nothing compared to the heat we just got through so do enjoy the forecast ahead of us. that's a look at your weather robbins got a look at traffic, how's it going out there not so good for folks out on highway for john we have a new accident and pittsburgh. this is west 4
6:17 am
right before you get to bailey as you approach the. >>pittsburgh bay point bart station injury accident here still active. it was blocking 3 lanes but they've managed to push it over to the center to buy but not without jamming up traffic. so now it is crawling in backed up heavily. we all love or to see that slow stretch right there. the antioch side looks good after the crash, it's wide open. but that puts you up to 31 minutes now antioch over to come concord so be aware of that slowdown 92 already looks a little bit better looks like we have traffic sending out a tad. the san mateo bridge 14 minutes, this is fairly normal for a friday to make your way from the nimitz over to one on one. we're checking the bay bridge traffic and lots of it cash lanes fast track lanes all stacked up spilling back be on west grand so 15 minutes and growing to make that trip into san francisco accident cleared and oakland 80 south their 23th still pretty busy out of downtown so take 5.80 it's that of the nimitz and you'll save some time back to you. >>remember the movie the
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shaggy d a actually this d a is shaggy and works in the contra costa county district attorney office. it's their newest member and his name is bare yeah, he's happy where he's trained to help little kids. >>anybody really that are going through the emotional stress of the trial and all that and we're actually joined this morning by bear here in studio and his handler says an inspector janet aaron jenna thank you so much a better thing to yes so i we know that there's not like a a qualified. >>represent people in case best a gator and there's all kinds of attorneys in the da's but why do you need a dog in the office. he brings a sense of calm that the rest of us can't kind of bring into the he gets to visit with can so our victim advocates in our office go to court with children and victims of but he just brings that extra calmness with him. sometimes a little bit of a spat destruction for the children
6:19 am
so that you know they don't feel was overwhelmed and scared because it's too much go to the court he does go to trial preliminary yeah he will go to court and he sets out a victim's feet so the jury knows that he's there he just he won't be a they're aware he's there but he's not up and making noise or i any and if you really needed to you can even file a legal brief is how did go ahead. and then to bring you guys are pictures of you want to just from him. there. good to have that so he can do you said he plays games with the kids he play of and jeans with kids and so if you date if the kid just you know is that isn't ready to go to court in a kind of working with them will play this game will play a little puzzle game. ok. i'm so basically if you want to take a leave of your turn some of those report of staying in and sometimes yes khan calling him. >>pick this storm that she won't ok darya
6:20 am
>>can i think he's he's already looking there's turn. it. something isn't doss has such a great effect on people that are going through trauma and they use them in hospitals, they use amount crime scenes that you joe you know to help with rescues and things but if they're just not around the office and that many i've not that i'm aware i mean it's possible that they are but yeah i these guys going everywhere. yeah. >>i like you said they are in hospitals and are you the one who applied to have their join the team yes so a few years ago and 2 other an assistant inspector then and the da karen dollars applied to get another dog into our office on a her name is joe joe can and they got joe joe joe joe hung around for a few years and then she retired yeah and it
6:21 am
was time for another dog, so yes, i applied to have him come into our obviously approval by our district attorney diana back once we got him in he now lives with me he goes to work with me every single day he's employed by the da's office monday through friy 8 to 5. and then sometimes emergence and any he's i mean like to get this bad, it's a big deal. >>like he lot of training right. yes, he's been training for his entire 2 years of life so he is 2 years canine companions for independence was the the agency who and then i go through a 2 week training. 2 weeks and they trained us on how to handle and if he had to he could become a search and rescue caught on to earn i don't know it i think they're specifically trained, yeah we train for that we do play a game called find mommy, yeah so i'll go hide from them in different places reward him when he finds me right he goes all over the office like he usually knows she'll go to the kitchen or on one of our other investigators offices cut the carrots are kept in his office. parents and other fat
6:22 am
carrots but seriously like especially for kids this is going to be huge because even its a scary thing and then you have like this power with you yes, so as a matter of fact a couple weeks ago we met with the little who is going to be going to court soon and so we were just going to avert war in the courtroom letter know what it was going to be like him are kind of an inside look you know and so we brought him over to hang out with her. i'm in for a second she got a little bit overwhelms and she started to cry he so leans over to grab a tissue. he turns his entire body way and just drops in front of her and from that point on his sole focus was this little girl so it's just it's amazing and you can't train that's just kind of he picks up on not a not a does. can't train not he he knows what to do when to do it that's fantastic. so far he's evenly. sarah peer support dog that you have in the a support he so he is full on service dogs and he does have public access you can go you know our
6:23 am
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try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. >>welcome back it's for us that means a lot of people going to be out and about you know one of the nice things about this week even though it's been a really hot as we haven't seen a lot of fog so you have had delays out of sfo and that continues this
6:27 am
morning. so there's your silver lining to this change of weather that we've seen maybe you do like the heat in which case you don't need that silver lining we've just been enjoying the past few days but for a lot of us spend a little too toasty 60's out there for your current temperatures for most parts of the bay antioch at 70 freeman san jose egypt, 67. now if you're dropping the kids off at the bus stop for this first friday of the school year for many kids. temperatures are in the 60's warm start but a hot afternoon ahead of us. >>criticism is growing over a decision made by san francisco judge to release a
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we roll and i am tracking some problems we have a problem on highway 4 on the nimitz and on 8 80 in 6 check them all. >>okay. >>and let's check those
6:31 am
temperatures the good news is they are starting to come down. yeah, i'll be it just a little bit. >>problematic today. still pretty hot. looking outside of the golden gate bridge, this is one of your nice spots that we've been seeing the past few days you've been enjoying the coast. i hope it now they're and temper taken in those temperatures in the 70's that the coast is offered up in the past few days and will continue to do today right now we're in the 60's for most parts of the bay area pittsburgh, san jose fremont among those spots at 67 right now oakland berkeley and the was napa all at 61. so comfortable start get that jog out of the way as the sun begins to come up now. later on today we still do have an excessive heat warning in effect for just one spot in the bay area that will be for those of you up in solano county. this is the only spot in the day that we actually are going to see triple digits today elsewhere for the most part at least we worked our way back down into the 90's conquered in livermore 98
6:32 am
degrees each still very hot, but cooler than one oh 6 which both of the city saw yesterday so day planner looks at a warm start to the morning. already toasty inland by noontime and by the afternoon ahead of us slightly cooler conditions than yesterday but by no means cool just yet 70's 80's as well as 90's for your highs. i'm talking more in your weekend forecast still to come rob. thank you john over to the bay bridge where the backup is growing a leading up to the toll plaza it's already stacked up be on west grand now it's spilling almost back. >>to the bottom of the maze. so yes, a busy trip this friday morning into san francisco. we're at 14 minutes for your average to fremont street, here's a new problem stall big rig tanker northbound 6 80 at land deaths in milpitas one lane blocked traffic backing up quickly, it's an unexpected slowdown, so it's going to be heavy back from ha said are leading up to the scene and highway for all lanes open after a crash at bailey writing before the bart station. we have 3 lanes close
6:33 am
so it's backed up the on lovers states heavy passing barred, 27 minutes now antioch over to concord still several little problems in your way make sure you leave early give yourself some extra time, so you will be late darya james. thanks a lot robin 6.32 a big story criticism continues to grow because that homeless man who attacked a woman and read her san francisco apartment building. >>he was set free yeah, he's due back in court today so for the very latest on the story, let's go to kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco, sarah. >>this story has really gained a lot of traction because people when they saw the video of the attack from surveillance footage people just became so outraged and now to find out that this homeless man who attacked a woman is roaming on the streets and tillie scored 8 this morning. people are even more mad, let's take a look at this video in case you haven't you can see the attack happening this happened in san francisco near the embarcadero was early sunday morning, one
6:34 am
woman was attacked by that almost man's 25 year-old austin been sent as she tried to get into her beale street condo consent was arrested and charged with the attack but fear turned into outrage when the san francisco superior court judge decided to release him pending his next court hearing that's this morning at 9 o'clock now criticism of that decision continues to grow by people ranging from governor gavin newsome to mayor london breed 2 previous governor. brown, so we talk with mayor breed about this and she explains why she's disappointed that this man was released. >>person is a danger. society at this time it's it's been proven and and you know it's something that needs to be addressed and it's unfortunate that with what we know is happening on our streets around people who have serious mental health issues who really need to be in a facility or something where they could get support our
6:35 am
just released back into the street. >>alvin sense, public defender has released this statement to us saying he has the man has no prior violent offenses and drug use was not noted in the police report, the attorney continued to say by all accounts this appears to have been a young man having a mental health crisis who has now been heavily charged he said after 4 days of custody, the judge made the sound decision to release been sent under conditions of assertive case management in order to provide him. the services he needs now the sf police association is calling for judge van aken to be reassigned to traffic court calling her a catastrophe of a criminal judge judge akins term and in 2020 where she is scheduled to go before voters for reelection now in terms of in cent he will be in court he supposed to be at 9 o'clock so will be inside that courtroom to provide you the very latest
6:36 am
right here on the kron 00:04am morning news for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thanks to serve that attack happened near the home allegations center that's going to be built along the embarcadero right now there are 5 active almost navigation centers in the city of san francisco in combined they're providing about 500 beds city records show more than half of the people. >>who leaves a navigation center don't wind up in permanent have housing in fact they wind up right back out on the streets. the new plan center would be built just south of the bay bridge near that water mark complex where the attack happened on sunday and several other apartment buildings are also in the area as well as a lot of tourists like to travel area. in the east bay jury deliberations now going into their 3rd week and the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland yesterday was day 9 of the deliberations and again without a jury verdict. they are trying to decide the fate of max harris and eric l maina
6:37 am
charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the jurors have the next 3 days off for the weekend they'll resume deliberations on monday morning. >>on the peninsula police are searching for a man they say used a stolen credit card to buy thousands of dollars in goods. this is the man they're looking for a suspected of stealing a credit card from a gym locker police say he broke into a ymc locker stole the victim's wallet and then use that card to rack up more than $4,000 in electronics if you know who this person is let police know. meanwhile police in the p to say this woman tried to steal a car from a honda dealership it happened in the south or at the south bay honda dealership on thompson street officers say they saw 24 year-old shea rt aga driving a white honda insight through another dealership next door. police say the woman initially stole a blue honda insight from the lot but hit a curb then got out and that's when she stole the white honda, but officers at that point were able to stop.
6:38 am
>>relive drivers are urging lawmakers to consider a measure that would expand benefits to ride share workers but not all all of the drivers are on board with this proposal. the bill would redefine many independent contractors like uber and lyft drivers as employees. instead of contractors opponents of the bill are worried that that reclassification could clash with other state laws that could keep over and live from offering drivers the flexibility that they get now. >>the flexibility allows me to be a mother allows me to work full time we should see changes we should see protection for the drivers we should see some benefits we should see a lot of things that companies can do for the drivers but without having to change from employee to independent contractor. >>with a month left him as the legislation lawmakers have said that it's likely going to be the go into negotiations on into next year this bill. 06:30am and affordable housing was a topic of discussion with
6:39 am
san francisco mayor london breed and california governor gavin newsome yeah, the 2 of 4 together in san francisco, the governor there to meet with teachers and first responders that are struggling. >>to actually live in the city in which they teeth expensive com forcefully to call has more. >>sitting next to governor gavin newsome and san francisco mayor london breed, joe fazio talks about how he's feared for years that he be forced to leave his hometown or even worse moved from the bay area all because of the high cost to buy a house that so many friends. >>and co-workers leave syria killed 2 as far as i know. you. >>work was is a san francisco firefighter and earned a respectable salary, but that doesn't guarantee ownership in the bay area he applied for a down payment assistance loan from the mayor's office of housing and community development and 3 months ago. he moved into his house is unfortunate.
6:40 am
>>folks that want to stay chance. i looked out as did cheryl lou teacher at starr king elementary school who benefited from the combination of a down payment assistance loan. >>and another loan through the city's teacher next door program. she just moved into a condo in the outer mission district you just >>pushing for a day to keep trying when they get lucky and these programs are competitive not everyone gets chosen. >>the board of supervisors recently passed a $600 bond measure for the november ballot to create more affordable housing including money specifically for educators. this year, the governor also signed into the state budget a one 0.7 $5 billion investment to create new housing the california dream is in real peril. if we don't address the housing. >>prices making sure that they're easy ways for them to sister resources is critical too making sure that our city
6:41 am
remains. >>first the governor says a lack of supply is also a major hurdle. he believes city should consider relaxing some zoning ordinances to inspire more building in san francisco felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, a major employer in the south bay announces job cuts will tell you how many cisco employees now are facing layoffs and then for the first time since wildfire destroyed their community paradise high school students are back in class will ticketed their emotional return. and we're also keeping you cool as best we can here is where it dealing with extreme heat, we'll talk about some of the fun freeways to stay cool. here's a look at the temperatures by the way 98 incompetent livermore which on any normal day would be extremely hot and it is it's just not as hot as it was yesterday. thankfully
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>>but still far yeah upper 90's we're still going to need some ac that's for sure a nice escape from the heat will be a good idea if you do have some a free time this afternoon to enjoy your friday start to the weekend looking outside of san francisco sher's a beautiful start to the morning. another clear one with a nice glow over the horizon as the sun begins to come up over san jose as well looking out the bay itself from berkeley hills looking really good so skies are nice and clear that sir first to a factor today the seconds will be temperatures that are hot, but not as hot as yesterday you're seeing that reflected in advisories. heat advisories for most of the bay has expired as of th point we are still seeing an excessive heat warning though in effect for solano county that is going to remain in effect. as we make our way into the evening tonight howard around 10:00pm so we do expect hot weather still hot enough that you want to plan
6:46 am
some indoor activities and hopefully sometime in the ac later on today, 60's and 70's for your highs in san francisco, as well as up and down the coastline of the pacific. and you are looking at temperatures right along the bay shore of the peninsula, mostly back into the 80's now a lot of the same areas as you remember yesterday were well up into the 90's that's not so much the case today. redwood city at 89 degrees yesterday, you said the second daytime high record in a row here at 99 not a phone number to be talking about but definitely some relief today, san jose morgan hill saratoga in campbell all 94, no triple digits for the tri valley that's a nice change livermore you're still at 98 has also will be danville walnut creek in concord but each of these cities were at one oh 6 yesterday, so yeah that 98 comparatively not as bad vacaville in pittsburgh or 2 spots still holding on to the century mark while elsewhere in the bay 90's still very common. although stinson beach in point raise a nice escape that 6970 degrees from today
6:47 am
into tomorrow and even more noticeable cooldown taking us down into the 80's for your inland ties, 60's and 70's by the coast and a by monday temperatures work their way back up words and wednesday and thursday of next week will be some of the hottest of your forecast ahead, but not as hot as the past couple of days have been that's a look at your forecast robin, i know it's friday but you're talking about a few problems on the road out there. yes we had so many issues all of a sudden, but they are gone that is good and i'm back to tracking the bridges, let's head over to the richmond sandra fell. >>going to take a look at 5 the westbound which is getting been having a bit crowded back from castro. so we're looking at 11 minutes from the tolls out to one o one that's completely normal. the bay bridge traffic lots of it it's spilling back at just about to the bottom of the maze, not quite there. but almost there so from that point through the tolls up the incline but overall this is a good friday morning commute into san francisco at 13 minutes off to fremont street. we had a stalled big ridge here northbound 6 80 at land s and milpitas it cleared traffic
6:48 am
already looking better still a bit sluggish excuse me but it's already picking up in improving their for the northbound direction highway for recovering from a crash right across from the pittsburgh bay point bart station, 25 minutes from antioch to concord traffic already improving after we have 3 lanes blocked. when you get over to 6.80 it's nice 13 minutes from highway 4 to danville james. all right. thank you robin 6. >>at that time hundreds of students in paradise that lost their homes to the camp fire. are back in the classroom this morning. vicki gonzales has the emotional reunion now for students parents and the teachers too. >>one school bus travel to for ville a half hour drive south to pick up students displaced as parents a mostly watch until the very end. >>oh my gosh, this a azing to see them go back to school that day. amazing that.
6:49 am
>>paradise campuses families excitedly port is a reunion for many. >>children and staff. >>and parents alike are you robert for jeff marquez, the former longtime principal came out of protests. >>will not allow the campfire to define who they are to dictate their future. they're returning here to pursue their hopes and dreams and they are the strongest. most resilient most passionate and committed group young people that that i have worked with for 40 years paradise highs now combined into to school. >>grades 7 through 12 as far as the student population estimate the district is it quite sure yet given how many times families have moved over the last 9 months. those good. >>you know are back home to give >>the first day of class can simply be described as powerful a bittersweet reminding residents of what once was, but also reinforcing hope to rebuild.
6:50 am
>>we all have jobs different jobs out. do the job. in seem school. so that's one good thing. >>nascar driver our junior and his family are fine and after a fiery plane crash. that happened in east tennessee and yeah, it looks bag that's the wreckage. this is where earnhardt junior and his family his wife and their baby were in that plane. a small private jet to crash. on the runway. it plowed through a fence. so it looks like a street everybody on board made it out ok, no serious injuries. yes and they're investigating crash right now. i'm glad everybody is all right. police in san francisco are calling on the company to cut ties with the us customs and border protection and with ice more than 700 employees signed a petition to publicly urged google not to provide any technical services to those federal agencies until
6:51 am
they could stop engaging in human rights abuses. >>at 6.15 nearly 500 people in the bay area are about to lose their jobs cisco announced it's laying off employees at its san jose and milpitas offices. the layoff notices were filed on july 30th and they're going to take enough take effect at the end of the month. there will be 396 layoffs at the san jose office and 90 layoffs in the milpitas office most of those roles are software engineers. the company says it's working with those laid-off employees to hopefully relocate them throughout the company. and here's a quick check of the markets this morning, it's been a server rocky week so far but on this final trading day it looks like the dow is positive by 150 points will keep watching where they go next. coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news. we're going to have a representative from part. >>here in the studio and also from caltrans to talking about this weekend's closure the road work on 24 how it's going to impact you if you're trying to get around. we'll get more
6:52 am
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>>welcome back almost 7 o'clock on this friday morning, sure feels nice to say that here is your look outside at a san francisco this out in the distance but berkeley there in the foreground you can actually see that shadow of the berkeley hills moving just a little bit as we progress or way through the start of the day today obviously has been a hot week behind us and also the first week of school for many students now today, it's still going to be a hot one you're going want to prep those kids for just how hot it will be this afternoon but asked for your bus stop forecast this morning in the low 60's for most areas, so comfortable start to the day. back to you guys. thank you john so happening today families in san francisco can cool off at one of several city pools looks like fun right. >>today we've got all 7 san francisco. parks and rec pools
6:56 am
open to everyone for free which is great. we've got about boa kaufman martin luther king junior and north beach pools are going to be offering free swim from noon until 4. and then free swims at hamilton pool will be from noon to 3.30 mission pool will offer from noon to 3 and then again at 6 to 7.30 and then the south a pool from noon until 4 and then once again from 6.30 until 08:30pm so maybe the kids are at back to school yet you've got a free afternoon. the ports free. but it can stay cool. coming up the next hour of the kron 00:04am morning news, a growing controversy after a homeless man who was seen attacking a woman is released back on the streets that person is now due back in court this morning. we'll have the very latest and a bay area doctor now being charged with the death of 5 patients over a six-year period will tell you when investigators say he did.
6:57 am
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>>that's on a friday i'm darya james fletcher yes friday, normally wait. >>let out a nice side but the white the brow this morning, on the warm side just about everywhere will talk about those temperatures any hot spots before we get to the hot temps lee had some hot spots they are out of the way i'm tracking residual delays and the bridges they are pretty packed right now. >>at least we're not going to be in the hundreds, no triple digits for most areas, there's 2 spots holding on to a. >>so we're kind of still holding our breath for tomorrow, we have to really breathe that sigh relief say it's all over. >>as for today, our working our way working our way in the right direction looking outside at the golden gate bridge, plenty of sunshine to be seen it's been a really nice. a week at the coast skies are going to remain clear out there again today and if you need to escape that heat the coast is definitely good option to do so


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